10 Most Watched Categories of YouTube Videos 2022 (2023)

YouTube is known for providing us with everything from tutorials, latest music, mindless entertainment, free education and so much more. It’s such a regularly used app that most of us can find the icon for YouTube on our phone’s menu without having to look.

A lot of us have signed up to get a notification when a channel we subscribed to has released a new video. YouTube has effectively cemented itself as a part of our digital lives. The channel which was initially designed to be a dating site has now become one of the most viewed apps in the world. Stats show that 45% people use YouTube on a daily basis, in fact it’s more widely watched than cable television.

YouTube started as an American video-sharing website based in San Bruno, California. The popularity of YouTube was increasing when in November 2005, famous Brazilian football player Ronaldinho featured in an advertisement for Nike and became the first video to reach one million views.

Although initially the most-viewed videos were viral videos, such as “Evolution of Dance” and “Charlie Bit My Finger”, it progressed to being increasingly related to music videos. In 2009, Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” was the most watched and since then, every video that has topped the “most-viewed YouTube videos” list has been a music video.

But beyond knowing it’s one of the most popular, free, and international, not a lot of people actually comprehend just how influential YouTube is, nor do they understand the wide reach it has for someone looking for an audience.

YouTube, as we all know, has become increasingly littered with influencers churning out content. But what kind of content is best? And what content will ensure a good number of views?

If you have plans of being a YouTube content creator then luckily for you, here is a curated list of contents that will give you an idea of the type of content that is most popular on YouTube so that you can make your videos with the perfect strategy.

#1 Music video

Music videos are always the most popular content on YouTube. It’s probably the only platform where all new music videos are released and available at your fingertips.

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Most musicians have their own channels on YouTube on which they upload the music videos of their latest album and then it’s a race against time to rack up the most number of views.

Several popular musicians have videos that can boast of literally billions views, which is no mean feat. The secret to this is not only a loyal set of fans waiting for the bell icon to notify them of their favorite releases, but also an excellent quality of content since even a re-watch is counted as view.

Unless you’re in the creative field or musically inclined, this isn’t necessarily the form of content for you.

#2 How-to (Tutorial)

10 Most Watched Categories of YouTube Videos 2022 (1)

Let’s just all admit that we’ve all been there. Every single one of us with a phone has checked out how to perform a task on YouTube, be it how to make a gift card or how to cook gazpacho or applying a winged eyeliner.

How-to videos are basically educational videos that give YouTube viewers a visual step-by-step course on how to accomplish a particular task.

This is always a popular one since humans are curious souls by nature and it’s always a good idea to cater to that. Pick up a project you’re passionate about and give your viewers a visual guide to doing it as well.

#3 “Top” list

This is a favorite pick of a lot of influencers these days. Several of their videos are all about their preferred categories, like makeup or maybe dinner recipes.

A lot of educationally oriented channels will provide their favorite picks of colleges or courses. Travel influencers show their top picks of travel destinations which cater to different needs like budget or solo journeys or traveling with friends or kids.

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There’s just something about lists that make human beings go, “hmm, i must watch this accumulation of another person’s interests.” Honestly you cannot go wrong with “top” lists since it’s all about everyone’s individual preference – you are lauded for being you.

#4 Commentary

A commentary video is basically a video where someone expressestheir thoughts or opinions on a particular topic. It’s like a monologue that is often funny and sarcastic or sometimes of the informative kind.

There are several popular rant videos where they bash something in an aggressive tone and if that is something that you vibe with, then this is the category for you.

There is another side to this in which people talk of their business or current events or educate the public on a certain topic. Sometimes they talk of their own experiences in a field which can help you in your journey in the said field.

There are several ways to adopt this form of content and the choice is up to you. Either way, it gets several views.

#5 Educational

Most students know that YouTube is the The platform to check out for the easiest source of educational information on a topic.

Several teachers upload videos of them teaching with the help of a blackboard or sometimes animation with a voiceover. They help simplify concepts to their ever grateful students across the globe.

The topics can range from English verbs to medical school topics such liver cirrhosis. There’s no end to what a teacher can teach to the students who are ever curious, ever in need of help.

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This form of content is arguably one of the best in YouTube.

#6 Comedy

10 Most Watched Categories of YouTube Videos 2022 (2)

Have you ever come back home after a long day at the office just jonesing for a distraction to get you out of your funk? It’s not always possible to just walk into an open night hoping for a comedian to cheer you up. It’s far easier to find them on YouTube, while you’re huddled up on the couch with a plate of your comfort food.

Laughter is the best medicine and if you have an inkling of a funny bone then this just may be your forte. People enjoy a good sense of humor. But in an increasingly aware world, it’s imperative to be careful of what you make fun of. It’s always wise to be sensitive and make sure not to hurt sentiments with your brand of content.

#7 Reaction and Challenge Videos

Reaction videos are the type of content which shows people reacting to something they’re watching – like movies, or music videos or a speech. It’s very similar to commentary type of videos except here, there’s an emphasis on your physical reaction.

It’s true. People will watch anything.

However if you’re someone who’s expressive and has a unique perspective then the world just might be better for it.

#8 Docuseries

Docuseries are a form of content which is like reality television but with an emphasis on the grounded in reality part. They’re a series of videos which follow one particular event or subject. It could be of any category be it nature or business.

This type of content offers their viewers a behind-the-scenes kind of a story. It’s informative and since these are short videos, it adheres to the time span of an increasingly restless audience. However, creating a docuseries is not an easy task. It requires hours of research because it’s whole attraction is its accuracy in the portrayal of its subject.

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ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. These are an emerging brand of popular videos that capture the aesthetic or pleasing sounds of everyday experiences. For e.g., scratching, breathing, whispering, writing or crinkling of paper among other things.

Just like gaming videos, these are extremely niche and not really something that every content creator can do. It appeals to the specific senses of people and you would need an uncanny ability to reproduce that for a good following.

#10 Interview

Last but not the least, interviews are one of the most widely watched YouTube content.

Bearing strong resemblance to a Q&A, interviews can be highly engaging YouTube content whose basis is a conversation or dialogue. Interviewers can pick a wide variety of people from their friends, to subject experts and even celebrities. It doesn’t just depend on the popularity of the interviewee. But also depends on the charisma of the interviewer and how relatable the questions are.


Exploring the world of YouTube is certainly a topic of in depth analysis. Catering to the ever changing needs and desires of the human population is certainly not an easy task. The entertainment industry is constantly ramping up their game to meet the demands of the market.

So the next time you log onto YouTube to upload or share a video, do keep in mind the interests of the people and this top list of the most watched videos.

Uploading in YouTube doesn’t just put your content out in the world. In fact remember that you are working with a website that has fullyinfiltrated the deepest parts of our society and has changed it forever. It’s one of the most popular platforms in the world and your content has to match up to its reputation to ever see the light of the day.

In short, remember that every time you watch a video on YouTube, know that you are being a participant of a truly global movement. A movement that is unquestionably changing the world more than it already has.

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