5 Best Grain Mills & Flour Grinders [Reviewed August 2022] (2023)

Here are my three of my favorites for home use

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  • Here are my three of my favorites for home use
  • KoMo Classic
  • NutriMill Classic High-Speed Grain/Flour with Mini Seed/Coffee Mill
  • Wondermill (110V) with Bean Attachment Combo

Imagine your breakfast without bread. Imagine a weekend without pizza! Life would become something similar to this had there not been the grain mills or flour mills to grind the wheat and other such grains to produce flour. Not only our favorite foods but also our everyday staple foods would not have been possible to make if these toolswere not present.

Spoiler these are the top 3

PictureNameBrand Price
5 Best Grain Mills & Flour Grinders [Reviewed August 2022] (1)KoMo Classic KoMo $$$
5 Best Grain Mills & Flour Grinders [Reviewed August 2022] (2)NutriMill Classic High-Speed with Mini Seed/Coffee Mill NutriMill$$$
5 Best Grain Mills & Flour Grinders [Reviewed August 2022] (3)Wondermill with Added Small Grains and Bean Attachment ComboWondermill$$$

The importance of these toolsare huge in our lives, but it’s not easy to buy the right one that will serve your purpose. So here is the key to identifying the right one for you:

  • Select the right type: There are four different types of grinders: flour, the hand cranked burr (if you are likely to grind occasionally), stand mixer attachment, electric impact grill and electric stone. The electric versions doeshelp in grinding with lesser effort and complete your task within a lesser amount of time.
  • The Specific Parameters: Look at the amount of flour that your chosen typecan produce within a particular time.
  • The Nature of Operation: Check whether the equipmentgets overheated with regular use or remains cool. Also, consider the convenience of operation and the ease of maintenance.
  • The Coarseness of the Grain: The degree of fineness of the grains should also be considered while selecting one that suits you.

Let us have a look at what my top picks are and my favorites ?

KoMo Classic

5 Best Grain Mills & Flour Grinders [Reviewed August 2022] (4)

It is a sturdyproduct well built with a clean design that can serve your needs for years. Its simple and compact structure is the key to its popularity among the buyers. It helps in an efficient grinding of whole grains, thanks to the solid construction and finger-jointed corners.

You can grind a variety of grains such as hard wheat, soft wheat, wheat berriesand oats groats using this classic grind mill. One great feature of this oneis its versatility. Another smart technical feature is its auto shut-down option which makes it turn off whenever you overlay things on it.

You can use it before your baking jobs or even for making pasta and noodles. Besides, you can make pancakes, wheat flour, waffles, grain cereals, pie crusts and similar stuffs at ease, using the organic and pure flour that can be obtained from this tool. Great forwhole grain, milled, cereal, grain flour and other sorts.

It’s quite easy to operate and can thus be used by amateurs too. One important factor that is not in favor of this productis its price. It’s a bit too expensive for some and is thus not affordable for everyone. But it’s also a one that will last, worth noting. Also, you cannot grind the nuts and oilseeds using it.

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5 Best Grain Mills & Flour Grinders [Reviewed August 2022] (5)Still, the features that it offers make it worth its value.

Technical Features:

  • It has a 360watt motor and works at a speed of 110 volts.
  • The milling rate is 8-9oz/minute.
  • The dimensions are 8.5 x 7.8 x 13.5 inches.


  • The clean design is a sure advantage among the users.
  • The auto shut-down option is a great technical feature to look at.
  • It’s solid and sturdy.
  • easy to operate.
  • convenient to clean and maintain.


  • The price tag may not be suitable for everyone.
  • It cannot grind nuts, oilseeds, lentils, dry beans, herbs, flax, sesame, pop corn and other fibrous materials.

Some users have been so pleased to buy this one and have sharedtheir positiveexperiences. It has received a high rating in general,which is agreat signal for its quality! The users have been highly impressed by the soft and fluffy flour yielded by the machine. They are happy to observe the utilization of the money spent.

A section ofusers are a bit unhappy since they could not produce oilseeds, lentils, and herbs using it, though. But the negative feedback users have said is ignorable as compared to the large number of positive experiences.

Summary: The KoMo Classicis a classic standard typethat uses a simple yet clean design for grinding the stuffeffectively and is a useful one to look for, at its price range. It helps in a speedy grinding and allows you to select from a variety of cereals and grains (provided they are not oily).

It’s slightly expensive as compared to the others of its category. You can buy it if the price is not a huge factor for you and in case you do not intend to grind oily stuff using it. But its a quality one definitely.

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NutriMill Classic High-Speed Grain/Flour with Mini Seed/Coffee Mill

5 Best Grain Mills & Flour Grinders [Reviewed August 2022] (6)

Here comes the multi-purpose productfrom Lequip which can grind both cereals and grains and coffee seeds quite effectively. It looks sleek and stylish and can thus be a great addition to your kitchen or store-room. It has a huge capacity of 20 cup bowl and can mill an equivalent amount of flour within just five minutes.

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The use of advanced technological features like an improved texture control, stronger milling heads and Force Flow technology makes it a unique choice within its price range. It helps in reducing noise and improved cooling and also has a greater durability as compared to the other productsof its type.

You can grind rice, wheat or com- whichever you need, in no time. Operating this thing is easy since you hardly need to put in any effort after you have installed it correctly. One admirable feature about this toolis it does not get overheated even though it operates at a very fast speed.

You may also use it to processa variety of nuts and seeds. This is a unique future to look at compared to what otherproducts of its category can do.

The noise produced is not as much as a vacuum cleaner; but it is not as low as a washing machine, either.

The disadvantage with this one is with its controls, particularly the feed rate knobs which do not allow you to get downthe finest quality productand makes it a bit coarse.

Overall, it is a versatile toolwithin your budget and can be used in a very easy way to bake your favorites within a very short time.


  • The appropriate size, shape and weight of the productmake it suitable for daily use.
  • The flour is not overheated during the grinding process and is of a normal temperature unlike the other commonly used grinders of the day.
  • It has some of the latest technological features that make it unique among the others of its type.
  • It can be used to processa variety of materials including the oily seeds and grains.
  • It can grind an equivalent of 20 cup bowls within five minutes and can thus help in a speedy grinding.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It has an in-built coffee mill so that you can grind coffee seeds too.
  • dishwasher safe, and you don’t need to worry about its cleaning process.


  • can bea bit loud in its operation.
  • It’s a bit difficult to operate the feed rate knob.
  • The flour produced is a bit coarse and not very fine in texture.
  • It is not really easy to attach or detach the plastic lid.

This multi purpose all in one type of dealis a great productfrom Lequip using which the users have been able to grind wheat, whole wheatand other cereals conveniently and effortlessly. However, some of them have been irritated by the loud noise produced by it and the relatively coarse structure of the flour. But the positives on thisgrinder as well as its ability to processcoffee beans have been highly appreciated by the users, and they have thus given it a rating of a good high rating.

Summary: Thisis a great toolthat comes with some amazing features and helps in grinding a variety of grains and seeds. What you will love about is that it grinds even the oily stuffs at ease. With all its features and advantages, it’s a unique product to look at; though a few users might argue that the grinder produces a loud sound during its operation. This, however, is not a big deal since more or less all grinders will produce noise while operating.

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Wondermill (110V) with Bean Attachment Combo

5 Best Grain Mills & Flour Grinders [Reviewed August 2022] (7)

It is one of the cleanest mills, flour millthat is easy to use and can grind the grains easily and effectively. Grinding flour through this onedoes not involve any gumming, jamming and glazing. The productis versatile in nature and helps in grinding beans of all sizes and shapes.

Cleaning the grinder is easy as the excess flour can be cleared off the canister. If you are grinding small grains, you can use the Small Grain Adapter to pour it downon the hopper.

One significant disadvantage of the mill is that you cannot grind oily substances using it. As per the instruction manual, sesame seeds, dry fruits, flax seeds and coffee beans cannot be used. However, you can enjoy a beautiful, aromatic experience of grinding rice using this product. This one isa greatElectric grain mill.

Another problem with this is that it can betoo noisy and disturbs everyone around you when you are grinding flour using it. Not super loud but something worth noting.

Ignoring that, itis a powerful grinding machinethat works efficiently for years and does not leave you a reason to complain. It works fast and can bring you the desired product within minutes. To grind six cups of wheat, it will take only a minute.

Lastly, while handling it, you need to be careful that the lid is placed correctly. Otherwise, there would be chances of the flour spewing from the sides.

Technical Specifications:

  • It operates at 1-3/4 Horse Power
  • The voltage specification is 120 Volts.
  • The dimensions are 19.1×14.7×9.7 inches.


  • a versatile mill that has a convenient shape and can be used to perform some grinding tasks.
  • flawless in its task and can grind itat a superfast speed.
  • constructed using stainless steel and is perfect for producing flours.
  • It has a grain adapter included within the package.
  • If you are tired of using a mill that takes about half an hour to grind grains, this one is the solution since it can grind flours within just a few minutes.


  • Flour can spew off from the sides, make sure it’s covered all around.
  • The flour is slightly gritty and cannot be used to make pastry or pastries

The users of this product and brandhave been happy to use it and have liked its fast speed of operation. It has received high rating.

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Summary: Thisis a high-quality equipmentthat helps in grinding grains and beans of varied shapes and sizes. It grinds the grains at a very high speed and comes with a grain adapter for the purpose. However, it is a bit noisy as compared to the others and produces flour which is a bit gritty. Still, it comes in handy for grinding wheat and other grains and has a large number of positive features.

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Also here is a good video showing how it works and to use one, have a look 🙂

5 Best Grain Mills & Flour Grinders [Reviewed August 2022] (8)

My Verdict: So, these were my bestfavorite products,each of these producthas its own pros and cons and has been able to satisfy the buyers. Chose one that suits your need and budget ?

As per my opinion, the NutriMill Classic is one of my favoritessince it can grind the oily stuffs as well, unlike the other two. It also doesn’t have any such significant disadvantage that can prevent one from buying it. The few negatives that you can associate with it are nothing compared to the positives that it has to offer.

However, choices differ from person to person. You can buy any one of these onesand still be very satisfied. all these are really good products andyou can’t really go wrong!

Thanks for reading, feel free to share. 🙂

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What is the biggest flour mill in the world? ›

P.T. Bogasari Flour Mills in Indonesia is considered the world largest flour mill in the world and it has a daily capacity of over 11,650 tonnes.

What kind of mill grinds grain to flour or meal? ›

A grain mill uses a few different mechanisms to grind or crush the grain into a wide range of textured flours. These mechanisms make it so that the mill can output fine or coarse flour, meal texture, cereal grind, or cracked grain.

What grain mill should I get? ›

Simply put, if you want to have the option of a super fine flour, then a burr grinding mill is a good choice. An impact mill, although will get you fine flour, won't produce flour that is super fine. For bread making, a finer texture is useful for whole grains, as this will help give the bread a lighter texture.

What is the best mill? ›

11 Best Grain Mills
  • Wondermill Powerful Electric Grain Mill Grinder.
  • NutriMill Classic High-Speed Grain/Flour Mill.
  • Blendtec Kitchen Mill.
  • Roots & Branches Deluxe Grain Mill.
  • Chard GM-150 Grain Mill.
  • Country Living Hand Grain Mill.
  • MRbrew Malt Crusher.
  • KoMo Classic Mill.
6 days ago

Where is KoMo mill made? ›

Handmade in Austria, the KoMo Classic stone burr grain mill has special appeal to lovers of elegant design, natural materials and fine craftsmanship.

How much flour will a pound of wheat make? ›

1 pound of wheat = 3 cups of flour

Heavenly Homemaker's Club Members: Access your homepage and all your fantastic resources here!

Can I use a Vitamix as a grain mill? ›

If you want to grind grain in your Vitamix machine, then you need one of these, a dry container. It comes with a different blade, a dry blade, specifically for grinding grain into flour and kneading dough.

Where is the largest flour mill in the US? ›

NONE. North Dakota Mill and Elevator Association in Grand Forks, North Dakota, is the largest mill in the United States, by capacity. Its combined wheat and durum capacity is 52,500 cwts.

Who produces the most flour in the US? ›

Kansas was ranked as the first leading wheat production state with about 363 million bushels produced in 2021. North Dakota was the leading state in 2020, with about 312.5 million bushels produced. Wheat is the second most important grain that is cultivated in the United States, following only corn.

Where does America get its flour? ›

Top trading partners (import of "Wheat or meslin flour.") of USA in 2020: Canada with a share of 54% (110 million US$) India with a share of 21% (43 million US$) Italy with a share of 10.2% (20 million US$)

Is milling your own flour worth it? ›

The benefit of using freshly milled flour is the higher nutritional content and better flavor. Using freshly milled flour, regardless of if you've bought it, or milled it yourself at home takes a bit of getting used to.

How did pioneers grind wheat? ›

Before the advent of the grist mill, settlers had to grind their grain by hand using a mortar ( deep bowl) and a pestle (a heavy club) or a quern ( two round stones placed on top of one another). Both were, of course, time consuming and not particularly effective.

Where is Nutrimill made? ›

Quality made, in Germany, to mill even the hardest of grains. Quickly mill all non-oily grains and legumes.

What is the difference between Mockmill 100 and 200? ›

A: The most significant difference is that both the Mockmill 100 and 200 mill considerably finer flour than the Classic (or any other mill under $750 for that matter). The difference is quite significant. Fine flour can be achieved without having to sift out the nutritious bran.

Is it cheaper to grind your own flour? ›

Grinding Your Own Grain Is Cheaper in the Long Run

Un-ground whole grains, though, are almost always cheaper, especially if you are able to buy them in bulk. You can often find good-quality bulk grains at health food stores or possibly even from a local farmer, or you can find grains online .

How long does wheat grain last? ›

Similar to corn, the shelf life of wheat is about 8-12 years when stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. It is still important to regularly check your storage space and containers to monitor the quality of the wheat and to be sure it hasn't spoiled or been invaded by pests.

How do you store flour long term? ›

In its original paper bag, flour won't last more than 6 months. If you move it to an air-tight container, it can last 6 – 10 months. For long-term storage(over 3 months), the best method is Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers.

Is a wheat grinder worth it? ›

Depending on the type of flour you normally buy, grinding your own wheat may save you money in the long run and will give you a higher-end flour you may not Replace at the grocery store. There are also other great benefits to consider. Nutrition.

Can you use flour 2 years out of date? ›

Most packaged flours have expiration dates — also called best-by dates — printed on the bag to indicate how long they'll stay fresh. However, these labels aren't mandatory and don't denote safety. Thus, your flour may still be safe to eat even after the best-by date (9).

How do you store flour for 20 years? ›

You can leave your flour in its original bag, but for long-term storage, it's best to move it to an air-tight container that can protect against smells (flour will absorb odors) and liquids from the freezer walls.

How do you keep bugs out of flour? ›

Six natural tips to keep flour bugs away:

Vacuum the shelves, then use white vinegar, hot soapy water, or a natural cleaning spray to give it all a good wipe-down before replacing your salvaged dry food. Storing your flour, sugar, cereals, and other grains in proper storage containers helps keep the flour bugs at bay.


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