52 Club Years Archive - Wildland Firefighter Foundation (2023)

Thanks to all the members who have been with us since the start of the 52 Club in 2004!

If we have inadvertently left your name off our lists, please drop us an email and let us know. We don’t want to miss anyone.

For those of you who donate to the Foundation through the Combined Federal Campaign and United Way, thank you! We appreciate your support. We know many of you would like to count that contribution as a 52 Club membership, however, by the time your donation reaches us, it is anonymous and we don’t know who you are! Please get us a copy of your CFC receipt and we’ll be sure you are added to the 52 Club list and receive your items. Want to Become a Lifetime Member?

When some of you came across John Fidler’s name (listed as a Lifetime Member)on the membership list a few years ago, you started asking “how can I become a lifetime member?” Well, we here at the Foundation sat and talked about that for a bit, trying to figure out a way to give folks this opportunity. As the story goes with John, in 2005, he donated 34 year’s worth of “back” memberships. I know, many of you are shaking your heads saying “no way will I make it 34 years!” Well, we’ve decided that many of you can make it 25 years (if you limit the shenanigans!), so we’re offering “lifetime” memberships at 25 years – that’s $1,300. We’ll even arrange for you to have a certain membership number on the list if you want (although, some of the numbers are already taken). Become a lifetime member today and help continue to build the 52 Club legacy!

Joining the 52 Club is your “Power of One” opportunity. This Foundation is supported by individuals. We do not receive government money – we are here because hundreds of you choose to support each other. We are simply the funnel of the wildland community to the families of firefighters who are seriously injured or are killed in the line of duty.

  • My name is Emily and I recently had an accident involving a chainsaw on the fireline. I can never express how wonderful it was to wake up in the hospital to hear that my mom was on the way and to have her by my side through the whole ordeal. Knowing that there are people like you out there allows us to all sleep better at night. My recovery is coming along very quickly, and after I get the stitches removed tomorrow, I hope to be released by the doctor and put back to work! Thank you once again for all of your help. Your support has made all the difference in the world!
    Emily G.
  • I just wanted to say THANK YOU. Thank you for all that you do for the families who are suffering a tragic loss, thank you for putting your heart into an organization that supports all of these families, and thank you for all of the help you have given to my family. I know that you have spent a great deal of time over the past several years providing support to my parents and helping them through the unfortunate politics of my brothers situation. Losing someone is hard enough, but having to justify the legitimacy of the situation and defend him to an agency he lost his life for, is absolutely horrifying. As you know, our family is still struggling with this.Through this entire ordeal, YOU are the one person who my parents have felt was on our side; always keeping my brothers honor and our families best interest in mind. Your support and guidance has been appreciated more than you will ever know. When you lose someone close to you, you already have a million questions of grief in your mind, the last thing you want is other people questioning the loss, or its worth. You have never judged, you have just been there. For whatever questions my parents have, or whatever they have needed, you are always there, and I thank you for that.
  • Much has been spoken of the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots who lost their lives on June 30, 2013 on the Yarnell Hill Fire. Memorial services were held. Official reports have been filed. This essay is one firefighter’s attempt to creatively describe his thoughts and sentiments of what he observed as a result of this tragedy. It is not an official record, and it is subject to the confines of memory and personal interpretation. It is written as tribute to the 19 hotshots and to those who mourn their loss. May we always carry an added measure of dedication in our hearts toward all worthy causes as we remember the ultimate price they paid.
    Morgan Jacobsen Range Tech, BLM Eastern Montana-Dakotas District
  • August 14, 2006, will forever be a date etched in my heart. My husband, Casey, was injured when he was riding passenger in a heavy fire engine and the truck rolled 3/4 of a turn. Casey sustained several fractures to his pelvis and had to be life-flighted. Through the healing power of prayer and the miraculous work of his surgeon and physical therapists, he was able to come back this season at 100% and return to the fire line. Vicki, we cannot thank you enough for all your love and support through this past year. My heart is overwhelmed with such gratitude for you and this Foundation. I truly cannot express how much you mean to Casey and I. My family would like to thank you and all your staff for your hard work and never-ending love that you provide our firefighters and their families each and every day. God bless you and your staff, and again, thank you.
    Michelle B.
  • The Gift :: I have a gift, I did not want this gift; it meant suffering and pain. The pain came because of love, A love which had manifested itself in a child. The child brought its love to me and and asked for my love. Sometimes I did not understand this. Sometimes I did not appreciate it. Sometimes I was too busy to listen quietly to this love. But the love persisted; it was always there. One day the child died. The love remained. This time the love came in other forms. This time there were memories; there was sadness and anguish. And unbelievable pain. One day a stranger said, “I understand,” and did. You see, the stranger had also been this way. We talked a cried together. The stranger became my friend as no other had. My friend said, “I am always here,” and was. One day I lifted my head. I noticed another grieving, gray and drawn with pain. I approached and spoke. I touched and comforted. I said “I will walk with you,” and did. I also had the gift.(Written by Joe Lawley Co-founder of the Compassionate Friends)
    Kathy Brinkley Mother of Levi Brinkley, Fallen Firefighter-1994 Storm King
  • I wish to express my support for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation and their mission of support for the Wildland fire community. The Wildland Firefighter Foundation has supported our crew in the past during a time of need. They were truly unbelievable in how they supported our crew and family of our fallen firefighter. We have worked to raise funds for the Foundation and will continue to support the Wildland Firefighter Foundation in any way possible. Their mission is one that is without equal in our community and definitely needed to support our efforts.
    Patrick Morgan Superintendent, Arrowhead Hot Shots
  • I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me and my family. You have no idea, or maybe you do, the importance of having family in the room when you wake from surgery. I was lucky enough to wake and find both my parents, and the boyfriend I love dearly, there with me. There was nothing more I could have asked for during the scary and painful days after my accident. I thank you for your support, sincerely. As soon as I am able, I will come and visit in person – walking. As people have asked what they can do to help me, I have asked them to start a collection for your foundation. I hope they do and I promise I will contribute all I can, for as long as I am able. You make such a difference. I appreciate everything – your phone calls – everything. I am getting better each day and hope to be walking by Christmastime. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Sara B.
  • It’s been 2 years today since we found out that Jerry would never come home again. Sometimes it seems like it just happened and other times it seems like he’s been gone a really long time. He lives in our hearts now and his spirit is with me every day. I will never stop talking to him. When I get really lonely for him I just reflect on all the memories, good and bad. All of you have helped me so much. You have all become a part of my life, I feel like there are people out there who truly understand and care. I go to your web site probably 2 or 3 times a day even if nothing there has changed. It keeps me connected to the “fire world”. It helps me to realize how respected our firefighters are. It helps me know that there are so many other people out there that share a loss and have to deal with it from now on. I will never be able to thank the foundation properly for all that you give us, all us us…the survivors… God Bless you all.
    Lynn & Jake
  • To have the Wildland Firefighter Foundation in existence is comforting to us as Hotshots. We have had friends and coworkers lose lives on and off of the fire line and to know that the Wildland Firefighter Foundation is out there and takes care of all of us and our families. The Palomar Hotshots have raised funds for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, knowing that if any of us ever need help the Wildland Firefighter Foundation will be there. It is for those that we do not know, that we do not work with that we raise money for. It is worth great pride and honor that we put our name on this foundation.
    Stan Hill Superintendent, Palomar Hotshots
  • Burk Minor, Public relations with the WFF contacted me the day after the incident, offering help to family of the injured jumper. This nonprofit organization stepped in and has paid, or offered to pay, for plane tickets, motels, car rental and food for the family. Burk’s generous and tireless efforts have helped make the family’s stay in a strange city, under a stressful situation, a bit more tolerable.
  • My girlfriend had a smokejumping accident in New Mexico resulting in multiple broken bones. The WFF contacted us immediately after Sara’s accident and offered assistance of every kind. The WFF assured us that they would make sure Sara was receiving the best care possible, and they followed up on it. They also offered financial assistance and assured us they would help in every way possible. Just knowing they were there to help and knowing we did not have to worry about financial issues was a big relief. They took care of problems before they became an issue and guided us through our misfortune. Their level of involvement was beyond professional. They called at the appropriate times with useful information and support. They helped me as a federal employee with my absence from work and guided my employers on how to effectively support me. It is very obvious they have helped other families in times of need and they do their job well. I cannot thank them enough. I urge everyone to become a member of the 52 club. The WFF is an outstanding, non-profit organization. They provide exceptional support and the best piece of mind possible when firefighters are in need of assistance. I strongly encourage you to become a member so the WFF can continue to help firefighters in times of need. I sincerely want to thank the Wildland Firefighter Foundation for all their support.
    Ben K.

A buck a week to help a buddy. It’s that easy. Be a part of the “Compassion that spreads like wildfire.”

Every summer we hear the news that makes us heartsick: wildland firefighters die in the line of duty. They are killed in burnovers, vehicle accidents, helicopters, tanker crashes and heart attacks. Their lives touch many family members, friends, and co-workers. Survivors are left to struggle with incomprehensible loss and the financial burden that comes from fatalities and injuries.

Who will help them after their firefighter has paid the ultimate price? The light at the end of that tunnel is the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. It takes your help to keep doing this good work. Since the Foundation was formed, we have given away more than 1.5 million dollars in emergency grants to injured firefighters and families of fallen firefighters.

Almost everyone can afford to donate just $1 per week for a year. That is $52 for an annual donation. Challenge your buddies, friends, family, and communities to join in. You’ll get a pin and a helmet sticker, but what you really get is knowing that we’ll be there when things go bad for our firefighters.

Join the 52 Club individually or have your company or organization listed as a Gold Member when at least 75% of all its employees enroll.

JUST A NOTE: We send out a mass mailing per year to as many 52 club members as we can. If you get this mailer, please disregard if you’ve already paid you current years membership. If you pay your 52 club through the website you will automatically be set up for recurring each year.

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  • 10 Lifetime Memberships (3 listed)

    Michael Vejar – CloudCasters, Inc.
    Paul Davis-ID
    Chris Fogle-IHO Fogle Family & IMO BDF Engine 57

    9 Lifetime Memberships (1 listed)

    8 Lifetime Memberships (2 listed)

    Paul Davis-ID
    Scott Ernest-WA

    7 Lifetime Memberships (1 listed)

    6 Lifetime Memberships (1 listed)

    4 Lifetime Memberships (2 listed)

    Chad Stewart-CO USDA Forest Svc R2/Grand Mesa/Umcp[ahgre&Gunnison NF
    David Vanderpool_IHO All Wildland Firefighters -past & present

    3 Lifetime Memberships (3 listed)

    Judy Palmer, AZ
    Mike Smith, CO

    2 Lifetime Memberships (18 listed)

    Geoff Wilford, CA
    Amanda McAdams, Intermountain Region, UT
    Robert Palmer, OR
    John Cataldo,Yellowstone NP, WY (formerly Ukonom Hotshots)
    Rex Luttrell, Nevada BLM
    James Isaacs, Boone Fire Department, SC
    Jamie Atkins, In Memory of Rob Browning, SC
    Bill Arsenault, ID
    Nolene Hollifield – 2009/2014 – In Memory of Monica Zajanc – Krassel
    Bobby Bloodworth FMO MO/IA Park Group
    James Isaacs, Boone Fire Department, SC
    Jon Hernandez-IHO Ray Rubio, Mark Hentze & the rest of the Smokejumper Bro's who never made it home.
    Carr Rieger-CA Heartlake Handcrew
    Kenneth Maestas-Sawtooth IR Crew
    Cameron Chambers-T21A
    Carl Joyce-CO
    Matthew Johnson-CO
    Trudy Schunck-In memory of Ryan Flegal and Elizabeth "Liza" Denitto

    Lifetime Members (228 listed)

    John Fidler, Missoula Rural Fire Dept, MT (First Lifetime Member!)
    Dr. Mellie Corriel, CA
    Stephen Myers, USFS Retired-CA
    Jim Ott, USFS Retired-CA
    Rick Dunlap, IDJim Felix, The Supply Cache, CO
    Diane Felix, The Supply Cache, CO
    In Memory of Thomas Walton Hambly
    Dick Spiess, CO
    Fred Baldwin, PA-C WYKen Brinkley, In Memory of Levi, OR
    Susanne Steele, In Memory of David Steele, OR
    Paul Steele, In Memory of David Steele, OR
    Bill Goodman, USFS Fremont Winema NF, OR Isaac Siegel, Los Padres Hotshots, CA
    Daryl Stockdale, MT
    Terry Swinscoe, UT
    Ken Kemptner, FSCAJim Saveland, CO
    LeAnn Beery, AZ State Forestry
    Cathy Hutton, WY
    Cliff Hutton, WY
    Roger W Murray, CA Steve Williams, WY
    Helen Graham, AZ
    Dewey Rebbe, Gila Hotshots
    Robb D Beery, Retired FD, AZ
    Dale Ball, La Canada Fundraiser, CA
    Betty Ashe, CA
    Rocky D Beery, USFS
    Tony Duprey, Los Padres Hotshots
    Joe Brinkley, McCall Smokejumper, ID
    Mark Gerwe, CA
    Bodie Shaw, ID Shawna Legarza, FMO, CO
    Karla Luttrell, Nevada BLM R1 Forest Service Jamie Atkins, In Memory of Rob Browning, SC
    Lee Nelson, MN
    In Memory of Edward D. Waggy
    In Memory of Mark Cooper
    George Pond, CA
    Will Steiner, In memory of Todd Tompkins
    Deb Strickland, AK
    Syndy Zerr, NPS – Lava Beds National Park
    Bob Schober, AK, SJ 3400
    Lori Greeno, In Memory of John, CA
    Nick Lauria, CO
    Darlene Hall, California Incident Management Team 4, Chester, CA
    Drew Dingmann, ID
    “Scott Campbell, FMO-Asst. Fire Marshal, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, CO
    Donald Brian Lehoux 1st, ME
    Mary K. Sprague (Salyer) – In Memory of Ken Salyer
    Gilbert A. Romero Jr., NM
    #74 LTC Paul Hannemann, TX
    Craig Lodge – Rocky Mountain Wildland
    Melanie Fullman – US Forest Service Honor Guard, WY
    Ian Valley – US Forest Service, ID
    Martie Hale – CIIMT4- US Forest Service, CA Bill Arsenault, ID
    Mitzi Classay – “In Loving Memory of Deon Classay”
    Sasha Ernst – NPS Cumberland Gap Wildland Fire Module
    Darren Holt – Digby’s Fire Support, Visalia, CA
    Dennis Cross – Cross Connections- In Honor of Everyone That Stands The Watch
    Thomas Stevens, CA
    Raymond Bahn – In Memory of my brother Fredrico – PO Bahn & Sons, CA
    Lance Robinson, WY
    Kevin Hopf, AZ
    David Moravek – El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Wildland Fire Crew, CO
    Rachel Betz, CO
    Zuri Betz, CO
    Steven Ipswitch, FMO Standing Rock Agency, SD
    Lee-Ann Freire – In Honor of the Shoshone National Forest Crews and the Wyoming Hotshots Timothy Garity, GA
    Michele Tanzi – R5 ENF – Retired USFS Battalion Chief – In Memory of all Wildland Fire Fatalities
    Jeb Backe – In Memory of Granite Mountain IHC
    Lane Lamoreaux – McCall Smokejumper – In Honor of Pete Dutchick & In Memory of Joe Philpott
    Stephen Blystone – El Paso County Wildland Crew, CO
    Patrick Lingley, In Memory of Eric Marsh & Honor of Granite Mountain IHC
    Joe Krizanic, WA
    Stephen J. Abbott, CA
    Chad Stewart, NM “Thx for the great service the WFF provides! I continue to be impressed!”
    Rigo Castro, Forest Service Captain, CNF
    Steve Gage, ID
    Ben Garthwait, UT
    Mike Cobb, Black Forest Fire Dept.
    Bruce Lodge, CA -in memory of Eva Schieke 9/12/04
    Jeb Pronto – Tahoe NF, CA
    Danielle Armantrout- In Honor of all that have lost their life protecting us
    Jon A. Sullivan- Sullivan Motors, AZ
    Evan Karp, AK
    Brandon Fischer -North Zone Fire Mgmt Crew 1 P A Ruble, WY
    Brian Bock, UT
    Liz Kinney, OR
    Geoff Wilford -Incident Management Training Consortium LLC, CA
    Judy Palmer, AZ
    Kim Soper, UT
    Susan Buckley “In honor of the all of the firefighters who fought the Beaver Creek Fire, ID”
    Debbie Janney- “For Our Friends”
    Tom Janney- Janney Aviation
    Jeff Prevey, SC
    Fred Vogel, CA “In Honor of the crews who saved our home in the Wood River Valley”
    Bryan Banister 2009 – VNC Crew 11 & 12 – Ventura, CA
    Stuart Bishop, AZ
    Dicky Blair -Arrowhead IHC 81-84 -IMO Dan Holmes
    Stacee Ester-Highlands Fire Dept-In Memory of GM IHC
    Ralph Moran, OH
    Tyler Bentley, WA
    Marshall Brown, WA
    Linda Berkey- Retired CO BLM
    Robert Houseman – IMO Mark Morgan & Curtis Jessen, NC Forest Service
    Travis Chamberlain, ID
    Dennis Baldridge-CA
    Our Brothers of E57
    Pamela Franco – In Memory of our beloved son Stephen Ray Franco
    Michael Franco-In memory of my brother Stephen Franco-You will be on the fire line with me
    Marcia Cooper – In Loving Memory of Mark Cooper
    Janet Palmer – In Memory of Andy Palmer
    Melinda L. Maggio – In Memory of Luke Sheehy
    David Barrowclough – In Memory of Scott Norris
    Jim Norris – In Memory of Scott Norris
    Darrell Willis – In Memory of Granite Mountain Hotshots
    Mary Ann Hopf, AZ
    Jesse Brookens – Redlands Fire Department (BDF-48, BDF-47, BDF-3…
    Lori Giuliani Patterson – In Memory of Billy Carson Patterson
    Anne Connor – IMO Retired AK Fire Service – John F. Greene
    Ian Smith – Midewin IHC
    Dirch Foreman, AZ – IHO Bear Jaw Crew3, Highland Fire Dept. IMO – Granite Mtn IHC
    Bobby Bloodworth – In Honor of Kevin Keel
    Michael Cunningham, WA – Boeing
    Crystal Wright Sherrard, SC
    Brothers Our Hearts Our Family
    Taylor Olsen – Alta IHC
    Dick Hentze – In Memory of Mark Hentze
    Leon Ben Jr-BIA, AZ- IMO Anthony Polk
    Dana Gleason, MT
    Meredith Hollowell, DC – USFS
    Shelby Erickson-AZ-Bear Jaw Fire & Fuels
    Randy Herrin, OR- IHO Randy Herrin, Retired BLM
    Jackie Johnston-Schoell-CA
    David Peters-NV
    Jerry Wheeless-KY
    Erik Hillard-CA
    Paul Curtis-CA
    Sheldon Beebe – In Memory of Justin Beebe
    Betsy Beebe – In Memory of Justin Beebe
    Robert Hawkins – IHO the Hawkins Family -In Memory of Will Hawkins
    Jacob Nester – Cross Fit Durango – IMO Granite Mountain
    Danettte Bialous – OR – IHO Storm King
    Katy Gray – OR
    Gordon Wells – NM
    Richard Marston – CA
    Jay Miler – WY
    John E. Davis – VT
    Gary Jarvis – MS
    Isaac Naylor – CA
    Sunshuri Littlebuck – Naylor – CA
    Kelsea Ochs – CA
    Autumn Branson – CA
    David Branson – CA
    Don Draper – OR
    Tom Harbour-AZ
    E T Collinsworth 111-AZ
    Bonnie Acker-VT
    Brett Davidson-CA Retired Patrol Officer-ABC Team 2
    Aaron Ludwig-CA
    Kathy Gage-ID
    Edward Rammrath-TX
    Roy Zaki-CA Erg International Team & Reps
    Daniel Felix-CA
    Ronald Marley-CA Shasta College
    Todd Klimas-Walker Fire AZ
    David Derum-CA CAl Fire IMT-4
    Craig Perkins-CA Bakersfield Fire Dept Retired
    Christopher Grigg-AL Retired USFS
    Mark Galvin-NV Krassel Helitack
    Mike Law-OR
    Eddy Harris-TX Big Country Task Force
    Denton Bungarz-CA
    Dustee Martinet-IMO Krassel Helitack Crew
    Josh Fulton-OR Vegas 777
    Wildland Firefighter Apprentice Foundational 10 and Core 80 Academies IHO Justin Beebe
    Gerald Holmes-MS
    John Webber
    Cynthia Nelson-MN Viva enim mortuorum in memoria vivorum est posita
    Patrick Dotson-CA CIIMT4
    Michael Aklforque-CA CIIMT4
    Adam Altergott-SD Altergott Forestry, LLC
    Jesse Scofield-CA Team Zulu
    Kristen Davis-CA Capstone Fire & Safety Management
    Denise Blankenship-VA Wahington Office Fire & Aviation Mgmt
    Jerry Disney-CA USFS Retired
    Lisa Allen-ID
    Shuana Teeter-OK
    Steve Teeter-OK
    Jim Saveland-CO
    Leon Crandall-UT
    Tom Merritt-WA
    Christy Merritt-WA
    Donald Clarke-CA IHO Brian Ward & Sara Diggs
    Shawn Turner-PA
    Ich Stewart
    David Ronsen-Bridger Fire
    Lisa Baril-WY
    Matthew Britt-Redmond Smokejumpers
    Deana Harms-MT
    Patty Brookins-AZ
    Joy Collura- Arizona Desert Walker
    Jonathan Sinclair-CO
    Steve Parrish, IC Southern Area Red Team
    Paul Stevens-Southern Area Red Team Type 1 IMT
    Mike "Hoss" Hostetler-WY
    Ian Garthwait-Northern Colorado Helitack
    Chad Stewart-USDA Forest Svc,R2,Grand Mesa Uncompahgre & Gunnison NF's CO
    Kevin Michalak-CO
    Patty Grantham
    Mary LaMoy-ID
    Patrick Moore-Mesa Hotshots
    Joey DeMartino
    Dylan Ghan IHO Slide Mountain Handcrew
    Joseph Black-CO
    Michael Strawhun-Retired FS LPF ANF SRF
    Robert Davidson-USFS/GPNF/WADNR/CWICC/Dispatcher-Aircraft Bob
    Rhys Louis-IL
    George Zoffman-CA
    Nathan Leising-IHO Crew of Airtanker 130 Steve Wass/Craig Labare & Mike Davis
    Bradford Chervin-IHO Chervin Family & IMO Jon-Alec Chervin
    Richard DeLong-Challis Helitack
    Marcia DeLong-NY
    Richard DeLOng Jr-NY
    Craig Elkins-IMO Taylor Forrest Elkins
    Andrew Parsons-MT
    Bill Bergmann-IHO Firefigjhters on the Cerro Pelado Fire
    Chief Howard Johnson
    Martha Johnson-IMO Allen Johnson
    Christopher Long-Arrowhead Hotshots
    Robert H. Macgregor, OR
    Nelda St Clair-Critical Incident Concepts, LLC

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    2022 Gold Members (14 listed)

    True North
    County of Nevada
    Whitegrass Fire Suppression
    Prineville Hotshots
    San Juan Hotshots
    ZigZag IHC
    Entiat IHC
    Fire Dawg Green Inc
    Klamath Hotshots
    Lone Peak Hotshots
    Midewin IHC
    Ventura County Prof FF Assoc.
    Consolidated Fire Dist of Nevada
    Arrowhead IHC

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    2022 Annual Members (1183 listed)

    Arthur Mindlin-NJ
    Paul Balfour-WA
    Jacob Cicairos-Grass Lake E-378
    Mitchell LaMonte-TX
    Andrew Jones-OH
    Christopher Franek-NJ Forest Fire
    Deanna Lewis -MT
    David Wischer-WA
    Peter Kubiak-GA
    Paul Talbot-MN
    Gerry Day-WA
    Samuel Wu-CA
    Galen Young-AZ
    Allison Throop-MT
    Peter Noble-UT
    Matthew Schutty-OR
    Flipper Phipps-NJ
    Edward Phipps-NJ
    Karen Varney-MA
    Victor Bradford-CO
    Roberta Bradford-CO
    Paul Frick-PA
    Alyx Fier-WA
    Megan Impson-MN
    Bruce Edmonson-CA
    Jenna Scott-CA
    Eric Sirrine-WI
    Gregg Goodland-CO
    Emily Nemore-ID
    Michael VanGorder-CA
    Christine Funderburk-NPS
    Ethan Green-MI
    Matthew Dillon-MO
    Renzo Reginato-CA
    Louis Goldsmith-OR
    Steve Sjotvedt-CA
    Roger Attwell-GA
    John Bitzberger-ID
    Don Will-CA
    Vance Hazelton-WI
    Brian Jenkins-MN
    Dawn Jenkins-MN
    Kayla Jenkins-MN
    Randall Rogers-MO
    Eric Weber-NJ
    Jenifer Hochstrasser-AZ
    Rob Martin-AZ
    Connie Rasmussen-MN
    Mark Johnson-USFS
    Kyle Behrens-AZ
    Cathy Hutton-WY
    Cliff Hutton-WY
    Kane Steinbruecker-ID
    Rebekah Luedtke-WI
    Frank Rice-Southern Nevada District BLM
    Andy Lyon-Lakspur (CO) Fire Protection District
    Kyle Andree-MI
    Kendall Vondriska-NV
    Mark Hopkins-FL
    Hunter Bell-MN
    Leanard Garcia-Retired BLM
    James brown-ID
    Wesley Odom-AZ
    Chad Pickering-MT
    Susan Seber-IMO Brian Lee
    Richard Sparks-WI
    Bodie Ronk-ID
    Deborah Patton-NM
    Dale Wine-TN
    Trevor Smathers-USFS-CA-CNF
    Frank Heilman-OR
    Hayden Hoelscher-WY
    Jim Gumm-TX
    Kenny Chapman-OR
    George LoCascio-Mormon Lake Hotshots
    Paul Dahlen-CA
    Dana Dahlen-CA
    Alicia Hone-UT
    David Arnauckas-CA
    Richard "Twig" Stanger-Black Hills Wind & Fire
    Jane Postma-MT
    Elizabeth Kurpies-OK
    Chuck Thompson-WY State Forestry Division
    Donald Bowen-Lava Beds National Monument
    Cynthia Hogg-NM
    Jeff Hogg-NM
    Ashley Sites-MT
    Josh Brinkley-IMO Levi
    Linda Oneal-WA
    David Blatz-MN
    Lance Christensen-Ridgeway Fire
    Kim Kufta-CA
    Kelly Le-VA
    Corey Langehennig-AR
    Brett Ortland-ID
    Kelsey Peters-SD
    Paul Roose-MT
    Jenna Roose-MT
    Kyle Avesing-MN
    Alexander Boukidis-Fulton Hotshots/4-Rio Brovo IHC/H-520 Sierra Rappel
    Owen Reed-NC
    Greg McAlpine-CA
    Nicole Moore-TX
    Vickie Hulsizer-WA
    Kris Cunio-WY
    Brenda Ward-NV
    Richard Sheets-CA
    Mary Newquist-OR
    Gary Anderson-NV
    Sandra Miller-MN
    Eddie Taylor-WY
    Kevin Bonicky-PA
    Mike Dolan-NV
    Gerald Campbell-NV
    Richard Burgess-CA
    Andrew Wong-CA
    Brian Austin-DC
    Linda Austin-CO
    Harold Gemmell-MT
    Courtney McGee-NV
    Geordie Beck-Coconino NF
    Emily Hewitt-Kaniksu WFM
    Kyle Servedio-TN
    Kaleb Cowan-WY
    Jeffrey Taylor-Salt Lake 1
    Scotty Mason-CA
    Barry Burt-NV
    Alex Rolstad-OR
    Tanner Mawhinney-WA
    Robert White-Snohomish County Fire District #22, Getchell Fire
    Jay Rideout-WA
    Gage Otto-IN
    Charmaine Delmatier-AZ
    Robert White-Snohomish County Fire District #22 Getchell Fire
    Nicole Vaillant-OR
    Jeff Crawford-OR
    Dallas Koller-Butte County Resource & Conservation District
    Richard Williamson-CA
    Jeremy Hawkins-ID-CTF North Zone
    Landan Nielsen-WI
    Kyle Tolosano-CA
    Curtis Coots-USFS Mendocino NF Fire Chief
    Matthew Ledford-Boise Hotshots
    Mickey Fearn-ID
    Thomas Leuschen-WA
    John Meek-CO
    Elizabeth Bunzendahl-KY
    Steve Ellis-CO
    Eric Shelton-MT
    Larry Smith-KY
    Josh Bardwell-TX
    Nate Winkler-MI
    Rita Wears-CA
    Jace Scheckla-CA
    Austin Barnum-Douglas-OR
    William Ham-USFS
    Rebecca Jones-MI
    Jason Emhoff-WA
    James Ulmaniec-WI
    Bob Lattin-WA
    Brandon Dunham-Anchor Point Media
    Levi Dunham-Anchor Point Media
    Cody Cox-CO
    Scott Swanson-CO
    Anthony Walkosak-MT
    Samantha Cunningham-KY
    Mark Pellerito-NOAA National Weather Service Incident Meterologists
    Barry Callenberger-ID
    Nathan Johnson-WY
    Kimberly Johnson-WY
    Emily Barker-MI
    Rosemary Barker-MI
    Elizabeth Bauer-Great Falls Interagency Dispatch
    Christine Belge-MD
    Ben Guild-CA
    Rocky Seigal-San Marcos Pass VFD
    Kyle Armstrong-LPF E-315
    Christopher Feather-WA
    Land Huegel-Bonneville IHC
    Chase Wallin-Price Valley Rappellers
    Camille Klimek-MN
    Kyle Hermiston-UT
    Chris Rankin-WY
    Andy Vasquez-CA
    Brian Schroeder-IL
    Josh Bryant-LA
    Margaret Rodeffer-AZ
    Rachel Wirt-WA
    Henry Li-OR
    Tad Morelock-CA
    Jared Peppers-CA
    Kurt Kause-MT
    Jordan Wilde-Maitta-ID
    Austin Mohler-ID
    Neil Barringer-CA
    Lucas Mayfield-MT
    Trisha Wardlow-OR
    Wally Ochoa-OR
    Phillip Christie-ID
    Sara Diggs-CA
    Andrew Cockerham-WI
    Alex Rhea-Firestorm C3
    Duffy Dufresne-WA

    Matthew Wright-TX
    William Webb-CA
    Andy Zimmerman-MT
    Biddy Simet-MT
    Adam Pahl-AZ
    Tara Bulter-CA
    Evans Kuo-GB Team 1
    Hope Kuo-GB Team 1
    Jeffrey Surber-GB Team 1
    Mary Nicholson-GB Team 1
    Jake Morse-USFS
    Eric Johnson SRF E-312
    Cherie Ausgotharp - GB Team 4
    Mike Melton-GB Team 4
    Steve Shaw-GB Team 4
    Andy Zimmerman-MT
    William Webb-CA
    Jacob Kovolisky-OH
    Justin Cowger-WY
    Benjamin Powell-MT
    Clayton Gardner-CA
    Anthony Piscopo-GB Team 4
    Garrett Kirpach-GB Team 4
    Aaron Woodham Kootenai National Forest
    Nicholas Jeros-GB Team 4
    Gisele Aubin-GB Team 4
    David Wilkins-WY
    Nicholas Noriega-CT
    Richard Hammer-OR
    Allison Lund-GB Team 4
    Julia Lauch-ID Team 1 Type 3
    Jon Slatore-UT
    Justin Peterson-UT
    Michael Johnston-GB Team 7
    Isaac Powning-GB Team 1
    Eric Platz-GB Team7
    Forrest Behm-GB Team 6
    Doug Petray-GB Team 7
    Rich Harvey-GB Team 1
    Christine Brown-GB Team 4
    Kevin Brown-GB Team 4
    Janan Sharp-TN
    Tamara Minnock-GB Team 7
    Tim Beck- TX
    Dianna Mechem- ID
    Michael Dettori- GB Team 1
    Michael Dudley- GB Team 1
    Dan Brown-GB Team 4
    Julian Lucarelli-ID
    Richard Nicholson-CA
    Dianna Micham-ID
    Tim Beck-TX
    Thomas Taylor--ID
    Anthony Beauchaine-GB Team 4
    Ken Kerr-IMO Megan Kerr
    Phillip Chi-OR
    Terry O'Conner-MN
    Demetrius Purdie-Williams-GB Team 3
    Jeff Sanocki-GB Team 2
    Rylan Lynam-Teton Helitack
    Jennifer Stevens-GB Team 1
    Mark Adams-AZ
    Brett Waters-GB Team 3
    Darren Neuman- Minnesota DNR
    Cindy Bergen-NH
    Katie Petray-GB Team, 7
    Michael Leach-OR
    Ryan Johnson-Blue Ridge IHC
    David Johnson-Skyline Scoffold
    Scott Romuk-CA
    Clay Stephens-GB Team 4
    Chris Boldman-GB Team 1
    Sara Martinez-CA
    Joseph Rogan-GB Team 2
    Victor Carrillo-CA
    Anthony Sigona-CA
    Kimberly Flanders-GB Team 7
    Mackenzie Goltz-MI
    Randy Turrill-GB Team 7
    Wendy Markham-GB NV Team 3
    Steve Dodds-GB Team 1
    James Hyatt-MA
    Jason M Althouse-BLM E-4337
    Kay Shurtz-GB Team 1
    Gabe Mulhum-GB Team 1
    Jessica Wade-GB Team 1
    Paul Gaychay-GB Team 1
    Michael Ferris-GB Team 1
    Robert Burdick-GB NV Team 3
    Larry Edwards-MT
    Johnny Carl-Ashville IHC
    Milena Rockwood-GB Team 1
    Nate Siermers-GB Team 4
    Michael Ferris-GB Team 1
    Robert Burdick-GB NV Team 3
    Jeremy Robertson-GB Team 1
    Caleb Miller-Crew 83 Naches Rd OKA-WEn NF
    James Hyatt=MA
    Jason Althhouse-BLM E-4337
    Kay Shurtz-GB Team 1
    Brian Livingston-ID
    Cassandra Fleckienstein-OR
    Kenneth Kremensky-CA
    Mark Wesseldine-Platte Canyon Fire CO
    Alyssa Krissen-Leadore E681
    Ian Satterfield-GB Team 1
    Talon Kajawa-WI
    Michael Purdy-CA
    Paul Oltrogge-AZ
    Mark Oetzmann-MT
    Rob Frisk-GB Team 5
    James Tracy Connelly-GB Team 4
    Wes Lathen-GB Team 4
    Irene Burkholder-GB Team 1
    Jason Braunstein-GB Team 1
    Eric Petitta-VA
    Jan Amen-TX
    Debbie Stoorza-NY
    Dan Stoozra-NY
    Delbert Etter-GB Team 1
    Brian Eldredge-GB Team 1
    Slade Sanborn-GB NV Team 3
    Kate Olson-GB Team 1
    Ari Holt-GB Team 1
    Brandon Hansen-GB NV Team 3
    Cliff McClure-GB Team 1
    Jeremy Kiesling-GB Team 6
    Gina Knudson-GB Team 4
    Buddy Jacob-GB Team 4
    Julie Osterkamp-GB Team 4
    Taylor Greyson, GB Team 1
    Matthew Aoki-CA
    Lacey Vaughn-WA State DNR Logistics
    Jan Amen-TX
    Brian Eldredge-GB Team 1
    Stefanie Johnston-GB Team 2
    Erica Rhoades-GB Team 7
    Erick Rodriguez-GB Team 7
    Amy Baumer-GB Team 7
    Jeff Hunterman-GB Team 7
    Rue Rhoades-GB Team 7
    Quincy Chung-GB Team 7
    Austin Catlin-Gb Team 7
    Jason Minnock-GB Team 7
    Todd Murray-GB Team 3
    Angella Catlin-GB Team 7
    Aidan Catlin-GB Team 7
    Kaili McCray-GB Team 1
    Mike Van Hemelryck-GB TEam 1
    Bradley Milam-GB NV Team 3
    Clint Coates-GB Team 4
    Tim Dulhanty-GB Team 6
    Heather Johnston-GB Team 7
    Mike McGee-GB Team 1
    Kimberly Smolt-GB Team 5
    Ken Loda-GB Team 3
    Tracie Santos-GB Team 3
    Tony DeMasters-GB Team 2
    Alec Catlin-GB IM Team 7
    Robyn Fitzgerald-GB IMT5
    Ernest Ortiz-GB Team 1
    Robert Cruz-GB Team 2
    Rose Henderson-GB Team 3
    Keith Suttles-The Nature Conservancy
    West Phillips-GB TEam 7
    Jeff Hill-GB TEam 6
    Laurie Pillers-GB Team 5
    Erik Newll-GB NV Team 4
    Daniel Betts-GB Team 3
    Juan Delgado-GB Team 6
    Tomas Gonzalez-BLM
    Kurtis Robins-GB Team 1
    Mathew Filbert-GB Team 4
    Frances Wilson-GB Team 3
    Terre Pearson-Ramirez-GB Team 7
    Deb Flowers- GB Team 6
    Judy May-GB Team 2
    David Scott - Plumas Helitack
    Aryn Hayden-GB Team 3
    John Hillenbrand-NV
    Jill Hillenbrand-NV
    Kevin Henry-GB Team 1
    Bryan Hansen-GB Team 6
    Tobin Kelley-GB Team 1
    Shawn Feldner-GB Team 1
    Bruce Hicks-GB TEam 2
    Jacob Keogh-NV Team 4 Type 3
    The Minnock Boo's-GB Team 7
    Garland Shaw-GB Team 4
    Philip Taylor-VA
    Patrick Peralta-AZ
    James McNeill-CA
    Jans Carlson-SD
    Doug Bright-OR
    Matthew Evans-WA
    Jacqueline Materne-CA
    Thomas Kaman-ID
    Riva Duncan-OR
    Jenn Shelton-MT Flathead Banquet 52 Club
    Brady Thompson-Flathead Banquet 52 Club
    Cecilia Byrd-Rinck-Flathead Banquet 52 Club
    Charles McCubbins-Flathead Banquet 52 Club
    Bernie Bornong-GB Team 6
    Sarah Whetzel-Flathead Banquet 52 Club
    Debrah Maxwell-Flathead Banquet 52 Club
    Vivian Dorr-Flathead Banquet 52 Club
    Daniel Riggsbee-NC
    Michelle Surratt-MT
    Susan Stewart- AR
    Roman Watson-MO
    Dave Taylor-CA Teams 4 and 2
    Art Etter-GB Team 1
    Roman Watson-MO
    Dave Taylor-CA Teams 4 @ 2
    Steven Chaffin-CA
    Jeff Barnes-MT
    Jared Speer-NV
    Ryan Bell-NV
    Jerry Hurley-CA
    Steven Smith-Flathead Banquet 52 Club
    Cori McCartney-Flathead Banquet 52 Club
    Dennis Page-CO
    Ross Fielder-or
    Kenny Griffin-NC Forest Service
    Jenna Wilke-UT
    Jenn Knutson-WA
    Nick Robatcek-ID
    Adam Kahler-OR
    Tyler Rowland-MS
    Luella Dickerson-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Sarah Thorson-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Bill Waits-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Debby Murdough-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Kristen Donelson-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Rolene Mesa-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Rebecca Dolan-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Heather Fitzpatrick-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Katelynn Bowen-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Trisha Skerjanec-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Dana Reid-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Joann Frioli-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Erika Lennox-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Saren Whitney-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop-IHO Michael Whitney Jr
    Barbara Haxby-AK Green Team FSC
    Cassandra Fleckenstein-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Krissy Mitchell-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Shannon Rand-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Danielle Lacroix-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    :inzy Scott-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Douglas Caffee-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Mary Ellen Reyna-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Linda Domingos-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Judy Morgan-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Rebecca Slick-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Melissa Swain-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Jessica McAloon-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Mary Gaiser-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Heidi Stephens-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Megan Fair-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Pamela Meyer-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Karen Gamble-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Tana Frank-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Paula Winningham-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Kimberly Irons-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Roxanne Hershey-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Sherry Kessel-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Cindy Wedekind-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Richard HIlstein-Angeles Fire Patrol Captain
    Wendy Zoodsma-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Lori Price-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Melissa Hartwood-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Barbara Eddy-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Robert Lazarian-CA
    Glenda Lindsay-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Austin Clark-Angeles Helitack
    Sheila Walker-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Brenda Matlock-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Christy Graham-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Morgan Meserth-ID
    Jeremy Alexander-ID
    Morgan Meserth-ID
    Preston Osland-MN
    Rachel Calderwood-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Bonnie Amarat-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Michelle Leonard-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Veronika Klukas-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Elka Erikson-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Matt Tellessen-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Susan Marie Smith-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Michelle Stephens- Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Theresa Morris-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Matt Robertson-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Crystle Carpenter-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Mariah Morris-Titus-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Nathan Stampke-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Jerilee Johnson-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Rosalind Sorrell-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Patricia Huddlestum-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Linzi Smith-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Carolyn Hudson-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Jada Altman-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Cari Provencher-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Tony Beltran-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Delfina Lupe-Wilson-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Shelley Polacek-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    James Reed-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Lena Rux-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Erin Woodard-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Paula McQuestion-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Yiqiang Gu-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Edmund Howick-Salmon Heli-Rappellers
    Catherine Keyse-Sweet-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Paul Kanton-IMO Chris Kanton
    Mary Kanton-IMO Chris Kanton
    CL Page-KS
    Larry Gooding IMO-Joe Thurston
    Laurel Peterson-IMO Joe Thurston
    Burton Peterson-IMO Joe Thurston
    Gayemarie Ekker-IMO Joe Thurston
    Jacob Munson-Decker-Washed Up Silver State/Midnight Sun
    Charles Early-WA Dept of Natural Resources
    Randy Anderson-ID
    Sam Unterbach-Eldorado Hotshots
    Thomas Horn-CO
    Alex Benitez-CA
    Shelley Kluz-Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Caleb Hicks-Prineville Hotshots
    Jason McGillvray--Prineville Hotshots
    Brendan O'Reilly--Prineville Hotshots
    Ryan Weber--Prineville Hotshots
    Tyler Lawson--Prineville Hotshots
    Sam Weston--Prineville Hotshots
    Aaron Rubenstein--Prineville Hotshots
    Addison Krueger--Prineville Hotshots
    Tim Simmons--Prineville Hotshots
    Logan Collins--Prineville Hotshots
    Marina Titova-Prineville Hotshots
    Grace Ferguson-Prineville Hotshots
    Tessa Shepard-Prineville Hotshots
    Jesse Ayres-Prineville Hotshots
    Riley Bonnett-Prineville Hotshots
    Cory Mason-Prineville Hotshots
    Nate Tye-Prineville Hotshots
    Clayton Farnsworth-Prineville Hotshots
    Todd Woodward-Prineville Hotshots
    Chris Marabetta-St Joe Ranger District
    Erik Mandeen-UT
    Ronald Cole-CA
    Angela Peterson-OR
    Rodger Ozburn-WV Division of Forestry
    Jill Jones- NEWICC Dispatch Pacific NW Incident Business Workshop
    Tom Schoenfelder-WA DNR SES
    Lewis Brown NV
    Tessa Chicks-WA
    Kimberly Mushrush-Eugene Dispatch
    Holly Huston-NPS
    Michelle Renfro-Rogue Valley Interagency Communication Center
    Lisa Smyth-Rogue Valley Dispatch
    Joe Faruzzi-CA
    Brian Okarski-Columbine Fire Module San Juan NF
    Christopher Ghan-Project Wild-Pacific Crest Trail Hike
    Christopher Ham-TX
    Keith Hawk-RI
    Joel Pomeroy-OR
    Daniel Paladino-Columbine RD San Juan NF
    Nate Christiansen-Columbine Rd San Juan NF
    Dustin Morris-TX
    Hunter Loncarich-CO
    Scott Mayer-AZ
    Josh Davidson-Salmon Hell Rappellers
    John DePew-MAD Fire USFS
    Robert Riley-CA
    Missy Hone-UT
    Cody St Clair-Hart NWRC-E542
    Dave Nalle-IHO Kimiko Nalle
    Amy Corris-IHO Kimiko Nalle
    Clayton Rizzi-Columbine Ranger District
    Kira Gilman-WY
    Ray Burpo-MN
    Andrew Johnson-Payson IHC/UC Berkeley
    Whitney Gomez-CA
    Al Stover-CO
    Skyler Lofgren-AZ
    Robert Baldanzi-CA
    Benjamin Beamer-Prineville IHC 1990-91
    Richard Bartkowiak-USFS
    Tristan Metzner-Az
    Kate Zajanc-ID
    Rachael Hansen-USFS
    James Whiteside-CIIMT4
    Chris Adamcik-MT
    Jacob Lansing-CA
    Zachary Hartshorn-WY
    Derek Wittenberg-USFS Madison Ranger District
    Gavin Mitchell-OR
    Mason Dungy-CA
    Karen Hack-OR
    Scott Sylvester-ID
    Marcia Smith-NH
    Scott Ernest-WA
    Casey Judd-ID
    Bill Yemma-USDA Forest Service Forester
    Angela Yemma - BLM Range Management Spec
    Erica Husse-BLM Wyoming
    Zachary Moran-OR
    Keith O'Loughlin-MI
    Juan Arriaga - Mountains & Recreations Conservation Authority Crew 3
    Matt Hubaud-Middle Fork Ranger District E-454
    Peter Morrone-SQD 8 Columbine Rd
    Alec Lane-CA
    Calvin Miller-GA
    Karl Cook-ID
    Todd Like-CO
    Carol Daviscourt-OR
    James Siano-OR
    Jeremy Schuler-Teton Hellitack
    Tyler Hoest-Columbine Ranger District SJNF
    Dean Murray-Columbine Ranger District Region 2
    Ian Brovner-Washington State DNR, Omak
    Lovey Howell-Lovey's Adventures
    Richard B Ochoa Jr-OR
    Jocelyn Shoemaker-Teton Helitack
    Quinn Robinson-PA
    Paula Chambless-TX
    Benjamin Wagner-OR
    Kyle McCabe-CA
    Dave Kannas-SD
    Brady Bowers-Orbic Air
    Limberly Lightley-OR
    Laura Backlund-WA
    Brendon Banwell-CA
    Josh Wilson-CA Smokejumper
    Dileep Bobba-Redding Smokejumper
    Todd Sexton-ID
    Kenneth Musial-WI
    Nancy Donaldson-TX
    Vera Buric-Greyback Forestry
    John Plisga-Boise Smokejumper
    Kevin Devine-MT
    Julian Esquivel-NC
    Michelle Ellis-HI
    Kristina Christian-MI
    Robert Holmes-Lane Fire Authority
    Aidan Mazur-WI
    Michael Woods-WY
    Erin Dahl Teton Helitack
    Ward Willis-CO
    Meg Hart-VA
    Jean Seymour-ID
    Allan Nichols-Teton Helitack
    Warren Baxter-Columbine Ranger District
    Ashley Ting - Columbine Ranger District
    Luke Dunn-Columbine Ranger District
    Michael Summers-USFS
    Fred Davis-WA
    Tyler Kuhn - ND
    Matt LIngenfelter-CO
    James Lewis-MO
    Anne Irvine-Irvine Ondrey Engineering
    Matthew Potts-MS
    Bill Connors-Boise Chamber
    Steve Peterson-ID
    Jonathan Hoyt-WA
    Roan Allen-ID
    Edward Klemencic-CA
    Josiane Valette-San Juan Hotshots
    Richie Bisaccia-San Juan Hotshots
    Preston Hovenkamp-San Juan Hotshots
    Justin Hughes-San Juan Hotshots
    Collin Harris-San Juan Hotshots
    Roland Tice-San Juan Hotshots
    Tanner Desrosiers-San Juan Hotshots
    Kevin Carroll-San Juan Hotshots
    Elijah Boulton-San Juan Hotshots
    Chase Dittrich-San Juan Hotshots
    Lane Franklin-San Juan Hotshots
    Chris Ives-San Juan Hotshots
    Sarah Barry-San Juan Hotshots
    Alaina Dochylo-San Juan Hotshots
    Charles Thelemann-San Juan Hotshots
    David Ryaayer-San Juan Hotshots
    Gavin Stroud-San Juan Hotshots
    Onica Milne-San Juan Hotshots
    Josh Morris-San Juan Hotshots
    Keith Bedonie-San Juan Hotshots
    Scott McCreary-San Juan Hotshots
    Jon Wegener-San Juan Hotshots
    Justin Griorno-San Juan Hotshots
    Devin Parks-ZigZag IHC
    Sandra Sperry-ZigZag IHC
    Chad Core-ZigZag IHC
    WEsley Confair-ZigZag IHC
    Jessica Johnson-ZigZag IHC
    Cody Chiverton-ZigZag IHC
    Jake Keithly-ZigZag IHC
    Donny Torres-ZigZag IHC
    Aaron Oxford-ZigZag IHC
    Jack England-ZigZag IHC
    Kayla Fahlenkamp-ZigZag IHC
    Abram Cardwell-ZigZag IHC
    James Burke-ZigZag IHC
    Dustin Davis-ZigZag IHC
    Carson Kelly-ZigZag IHC
    Noah Baker-ZigZag IHC
    Noah Estes-ZigZag IHC
    Cole Kelly-ZigZag IHC
    Sophie King-ZigZag IHC
    Mackenzie Brooks-ZigZag IHC
    Joseph McRaith-ZigZag IHC
    Evans Schmedtic-ZigZag IHC
    Christopher Stash-ZigZag IHC
    Michael Bobic-ZigZag IHC
    Jason Stork-E-575/Lakeview District BLM
    Drew Horning-Black Kettle National Grasslands
    John McFarlane-MT
    Andrew Marienberg-MT
    Barbara O'Coy-CA
    Anne Slovisky-WY
    Scott Carlton-ID
    Joe Rose-MHF E-321
    Jason Bushmaker-MN
    David Tamowski-UT
    Sirena Fugitt-TX
    John Fugitt-TX
    James Brumfield-Truckee Meadows Fire
    Brielle Stander-WY
    Mitch Holliday-Vale Hotshots
    Drew Maxwell-Globe IHC
    Tabitha Maxwell-Globe IHC
    Cole Skinner-Redding Smokejumpers
    Kyle Cashman-OR
    Todd Haines-NM
    Wendy Powell-CO
    Fred Reiutz-MT
    Elizabeth Winters-WY
    Tim Brewer-Grayback Forestry
    Michael Cody-Texas Fire Resources
    Peggy Setter-CO
    Susan Bissell-AK
    Michael Graham-OR
    Laura Spellman-CA
    Brenda Peterson-Plan B Feed Store
    Bradley Taylor-AR
    Jared Rosoff-NV
    Stephanie Suko-MT
    John Diebel-Wyoming Hotshots 74&75, MI
    Karen Brent-GA
    Akeem Farr-Grizzly Firefighters Inc
    Eric Hooper-LA County Fire Patrol 91
    Drew Augustyn-MN
    Kayleigh Mill-WA
    Mariah Heye-AZ
    Lisa Davis-OR
    Hannah Coolidge-Entiat IHC
    Brian Bojanwski-Ential IHC
    Joseph Koffel-Entiat IHC
    Cameron Strecker-Entiat IHC
    Mikhal Snovel-Entiat IHC
    Jack Wilson-Entiat IHC
    Daniel Pickard-Entiat IHC
    Patrick Chism-Entiat IHC
    James Schweter-Entiat IHC
    Brian Strobel-Entiat IHC
    Luke Campbell-Entiat IHC
    Bryce Horness-Entiat IHC
    Benjamin Drake-Entiat IHC
    Linda Kearns-NM
    Noah Simpson-CO
    Lisle Ford-Del Rosa Hotshots
    JT Sohr-HITW Fire
    Forrester White-Klamath Hotshots
    Seth Daniels-Klamath Hotshots
    Johnny Whittemore-Klamath Hotshots
    Reed Williams - Klamath Hotshots
    Karli Lawrence-Klamath Hotshots
    Blake Littleton-Klamath Hotshots
    Dylan Easterling-Klamath Hotshots
    Sean Murphy-Klamath Hotshots
    Alicia Dickerson-Klamath Hotshots
    Eric Doty-Klamath Hotshots
    Gared Cosgrave-Klamath Hotshots
    Andrew Zink-Klamath Hotshots
    Kenai Kauffman-Klamath Hotshots
    Quy Tran-Klamath Hotshots
    Alex Gonzales-Klamath Hotshots
    Hector Torres Jr-Klamath Hotshots
    Michael Palmer-MN DNR Cambridge
    Bradley Ray-Bieber Helitack
    Kelland Wilf-WA
    Andres Perez-Breckenridge IHC
    Eddy Rosales-USFS
    Matthew Pippin-UT
    Sam Magnifico-OR
    Casey Creamer-CA
    Glenda Torres-CO
    Ethan Daley-Zion National Park
    Laurence Nanke-IMO Mark Nanke
    Lois Nanke-IMO Mark Nanke
    Alex Fallon-MT
    Joshua Hutchinson-AZ
    Ramon Maldonado-CA
    Garrett Hires-CA
    Cynthia Robertson-Delaware Forestry Wildfire
    Rachael Barry - MT
    Thaddeus Labrum-Snake River Hotshots
    Ross Dunn-Naches Ranger District USFS
    Karl Kecman-CO
    Brock Benton-County of Nevada
    Nicole Long-County of Nevada
    Patrick Mason-County of Nevada
    Jared McElhannon-County of Nevada
    Kevin Menet-County of Nevada
    Phillip Nunnink-County of Nevada
    Adam Ross-County of Nevada
    James Smith-County of Nevada
    Pat Sullivan-County of Nevada
    Robert Tellam-County of Nevada
    Branden Wilson-County of Nevada
    Johnny Cain-TX
    Andrew Minor-CA
    Gerald Opitz-CO
    Dalton Loveless-UT
    Kellie Stover-CO
    Kyle Sever-ID
    Tyler Heye-AZ
    Bryn Giambona-ny
    Lance Roberts-ID
    Joshua Dilick-UT
    Bill Mergel-OR
    Katie Mergel-OR
    Raymond Gonzales-CA
    Rhyen Johnson-CA
    Colton Edezey-USFS
    Cindy Petrich-USFS
    Cory Waters-NC
    Steven NIcholson-WY
    Marshall Dvorin-CA
    Barbara Nelson-AZ
    Alexander Groll-Salmon Heli-Rappellers
    Andrew Brown-3R Fire Colville NF
    Andrew White-NV
    Mark Terri Alexander-WI
    Rikki Luebke-MT
    Jake Lueck-WI
    Craig Smith-OR
    Steven Gundersen-MT
    Jackie Berenyl-MT
    Dmarie Gallegos-Trijullo-NM
    Jordan Byram-ID-NCF-RRRD
    Kat Williams-SC
    Tyler Webb-CO
    Tanner Webb-CO
    Joany Smith-NM
    Lori Mathiesen-CA
    Jessica Shepherd-CA
    Julian Wearing-MT
    Justin Roach-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Cody Smart-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Cyrus Symonds-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Jared Mahoney-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Joshua Felts-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Brett Branion-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Justin Zedwick-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Tyler Debbel-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Jasper Amir-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Ryan Kroll-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Alejandro Ocotlan-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Brad Mahoney-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Ryan Stanicek-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Chris Mancini-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Kelly Norris-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Adam Phelps-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Christian Berninger-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Matthew Jarvis-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Eleanor Tansley-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Oscar Rodriguez-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Ken Woods-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Jaycob Adams-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Jerry Hoffman-Midewin IHC
    Michael Bittner-Midewin IHC
    Dave Gones-Midewin IHC
    Lydia Rumachik-Midewin IHC
    Jason Hunt-Midewin IHC
    Sean Moreno-Midewin IHC
    Michael Scharenbrock-Midewin IHC
    Jason Leeper-Midewin IHC
    Cody Micheel-Midewin IHC
    Derek Brinks-Midewin IHC
    Lucas Hight-Midewin IHC
    Charley Rassmussen-Midewin IHC
    Ben Friedman-Midewin IHC
    Adam Rivard-Midewin IHC
    Theresa Fennell-Midewin IHC
    Jackson Johnson-Midewin IHC
    Matt Schipps-Midewin IHC
    Erin McNicholas-Midewin IHC
    Seth Morris-Midewin IHC
    Baeliegh Barr-Midewin IHC
    Connor Solms-Midewin IHC
    Vicki Lynch-CA
    Derrick Charpentier-o
    Nadia Plascencia-OR
    Jen Neppl-National Forests in Mississippi
    Michael Stewart-USFS
    Spencer Young - Gila IHC
    Curtis Palmer-WA
    Cheri Monsen-CO
    R Lloyd Bittner-ID
    Lars Filson-OR
    Chris Blaschka-Wilson-USFS
    Trevor Larimer-USFS-ID-NCF-LPRD
    Will Creeden-ID
    Dominic Zanzucchi-Grand Canyon Helitack
    Von Mason-CA
    Brennan O'Connor-MT
    Brian Bogdanoff-WY
    Michael Nelson-Los Padres Hotshots
    Jose Vasquez-Los Padres Hotshots
    Mason Lafond-Los Padres Hotshots
    Ryan McCarty-Los Padres Hotshots
    Justin Johnson-Los Padres Hotshots
    Jacob Alvarez-Los Padres Hotshots
    Jacob Alvarez-Los Padres Hotshots
    Ryan McCarty-Los Padres Hotshots
    John Martinez-Los Padres Hotshots
    Aaron Deninger-Apalachicola NF
    Eric Schweitzer-Missoula Airtanker Base
    Ben Elkind-Redmond Smokerjumpers
    David Neydlin-CA
    Edward Brooks-UT
    Blake Creagan, WY
    Neil Leifker-AZ
    Udel Mendoza-WA
    Glen Stein-ID
    Ben Thayer-IMO Granite Mountain Hotshots
    Patty Thayer-IMO Granite Mountain Hotshots
    Rich Misner-AZ
    Thomas Machowicz-AZ
    Geoff Whatcoff-UT
    Daniel Sparrow-NV
    Benjamin Myles-OR
    Lafe Sackett-NM
    Jon Volosin-AZ
    Terra Fondriest-AR
    Tim Fondriest-Buffalo National River
    Jeremy DeJong-San Bernardino Engine 15
    Jonathan Clanin Eldorado National Forest Fire Prevention Team
    Russell Thrun-Hop Canyon Fire LLC
    Jessica Morman-ID
    Taylor Delgado-CA
    Joshua Remp-CA
    Kristin Ray-OR
    Daniel Chan-CA
    Andre Evans-CA
    Anthony Kemm-Santa Ynez Flight Crew-Helicopter 528
    Frank Garcia-CA
    Jonathan Harris-CA
    Miguel Provencio-CA
    Robert FEmmer-Co
    Patrick Lorenz-AZ
    Jessica Braun-MT
    Monte Kirby-Oregon Department of Forestry, LaGrande Unit
    Philip Blagg-Express Ways: The Road to New Solutions
    Paul Cano-2MCFire Inc
    Karen Meeker-CO
    Russ Meeker-CO
    Aaron McDowell-Santiam River Handcrew
    Maxwell Pfau-Arrowhead IHC
    Jose Vizcarra-Arrowhead IHC
    Elijah Cunningham-Arrowhead IHC
    David Lockwood-Arrowhead IHC
    Andrew Vogl-Arrowhead IHC
    Ivan Alcala-Arrowhead IHC
    Brett Moore-Arrowhead IHC
    Eric Galvan-Arrowhead IHC
    Tyson Moya-Arrowhead IHC
    David Allen Jr-Arrowhead IHC
    Ian McGinnis-Arrowhead IHC
    Amanda Carden-Arrowhead IHC
    Julio Campos-Arrowhead IHC
    Hector Barajas-Arrowhead IHC
    Thomas Chavez-Arrowhead IHC
    Emilio Arjon-Arrowhead IHC
    Benjamin Lyttle-Arrowhead Hotshots
    James MacTaggart-Patrol 21 Inyo National Forest
    Martha Mowry-IHO Michael Burnham
    Zachary Skerl-OH
    Diane Schmidt-PA
    Jake Harper-CA
    Michael Ultreras-Ca
    Grif Cochran-WY
    Ethan Ritschard-AZ
    William Vore-WY
    Kyle Cappa-CFD#1 Crew 30
    Jeremy DeJong-San Bernardino Engine 15
    Terra Fondriest-AR
    Tim Fondriest-Buffalo National River
    Jon Volosin-AZ
    Benjamin Myles-OR
    Daniel Sparrow-NV
    Geoff Whatcoff-UT
    Thomas Machowicz-AZ
    Rich Misner-AZ
    David Neydlin-CA
    Jonathan Clanin-Eldorado National Forest Fire Prevention Team
    Miller Bailey-CA
    Erin Bailey-CA
    Alder Bailey-CA
    Matthew Brickner-IL
    Russell Thrun-Hop Canyon Fire LLC
    Aaron McDowell-Santiam River Handcrew
    Russ Meeker-CO
    Karen Meeker-CO
    Paul Cano-2MC Fire Inc
    Philip Blagg-Express Ways-The Road of new Solutions
    Monte Kirby-Oregon Department of Forestry-LaGrande Unit
    Jessica Braun-MT
    Miguel Provencio-CA
    Robert Femmer-CO
    Patrick Lorenz-AZ
    Anthony Kemm-Santa Ynez Flight Crew Helicopter 528
    Frank Garcia-CA
    Jonathan Harris-CA
    Andre Evans-CA
    Daniel Chan-CA
    Joshua Remp-CA
    Taylor Delgado-CA
    Jessica Morman-ID
    Buck Kneifl-WI
    Austin Lee-NV
    Jason Notz-NV
    Dana Olofson-MN
    Cullen Sartor-TX
    Dee Townsend-WA
    Jill Short-NV
    Lydia Raderschadt-SD
    Sean Donaldson-NM
    Bernard Bornong-WY
    Joanne Bornong-WY
    Michael Whitaker-OR
    Zane Parker-OR
    Nicholas Borrelli-NY
    Jenifer Perry-CA
    Grant Moss-NV
    Tobias Hutchens-AZ
    David Warner
    Greg Vollhaber-Minnesota DNR Forestry
    Jason Nez-AZ
    Harold Reynolds-TX
    Creed Pendleton-Deschutes NF
    Glendee Osborne-CA
    Geraldine Herbert-ID
    Bridget Harrison-VA
    Judith Dyess-AZ
    Terry Dyess-Az
    Kevin Throop-WI
    Christopher Banuelos-NV
    Hugh Fairfield-Smith-CO
    Davis Oatway-UT
    Andrew Gilsdorf-Teton Helitack
    Katherina von Beroldingen-Redding IHC
    Donna Piechura-AZ
    Dan Fiorito-OR
    Rylee McCauley-WA
    Wesley Sultemeier-FL
    Connor Fallon-NV
    Carol Henson-UT
    Ken Henson-UT
    Bre Orcasitas-The Evolving Nomad
    Sam Sommers-CA
    Valerie Legg-CA
    Benjamin Newburn-CA
    Alex Cho-USFS
    Janet Evans-UT
    Steve Evans-UT
    David Updike-USFS
    Emily Webb-USFS
    Ian Webb-ID
    Justin Abell-ID
    David Vitwar-CO
    Emil Picchi-CIIMT4
    Tony Doty-Doty Solutions LLC
    Jackson Pearson-WV
    Kyle West-Sawtooth IHC
    Nicolas Hoisington-Sawtooth IHC
    Ricky Jackson-Sawtooth IHC
    Chase Potter - Sawtooth IHC
    Cole Stein-Sawtooth IHC
    Justin MItmoen-WI
    Michael Scharenbrock-ID
    Bradley Washa-UT
    Joey Gonzales-CA
    Jerick Domingues-CA
    Hogan Massingham-USFWS San Diego E8331
    Cordell Taylor-CO
    Bret Tegeler
    Michael Shaw-ID
    Dick Huber-Ashley National Forest
    Connor Beach-OR
    Ryan Reese-CO
    Scott Havel-OR
    Dennis Swoope-CA
    Jon Bower-CO
    Amy Burgess-FL
    Shawn Jackson-AZ
    Shardul Raval-GA
    Nathan Goodrich-OR
    Alex Pena-CA
    Alison Richards-CO
    Mary Wells-NV
    David Brown - NMSF Ret
    Jacob Pargas-NV
    Dean Rasmussen-NE
    Justin Smith-UT
    Nicolas Garcia-Cid-E-612
    Carolyn Winkler-OR
    David Dukart-CA
    Linda Andrews-VA
    Brian Dompierre-AZ
    Natalie Broce-VA
    Diane Travis-AZ
    Rick VanderVoet-WY
    Timothy Chavez-CA
    Kim Sheridan-AZ
    Evan Sterling-AK
    Taylor Bradley-Idaho Falls District
    Dennis Swope-CA
    Stacie Cicairos-IMO Thomas Marovich
    Sonie Wirth-Wa
    John Wirth-Entiat Hotshots
    Simon Vickers-TX
    Martin Rodriguez-CA
    Lauren Davis-CA
    Robert Garcia-CA
    Jennifer Kruse-NM
    Jason Simmons-ID
    Erick Gacia-Entiat Hotshots
    Jason Spanjar-Entiat Hotshots
    Thomas Hughes - Entiat Hotshots
    Case Crutcher-Entiat Hotshots
    Sarah Goodnow-Entiat Hotshots
    Gary Bone-CO
    Jerry Olson-CA-SQF-E343 Kernville
    Phillip Dye-CA
    Taiga Rohrer-UT
    Michael Wood-MT
    Lynda Alberico-CA
    Owen Johnson-MT
    Dean McAlister-Az
    Paul Valeri-CA
    Jace Washburn-Missoula Smokejumpers
    Ryan Conway-Mesa Hotshots
    Evan O'Connor-Wyoming IHC
    Rita Verdugo-OR
    Susanna Liday-NV
    Laurie Forni-CA
    Don Smith-HI
    Charles Phenix-OR
    Amy Keithly-WA
    Pamela Sachs-WI
    James Lerke-KY
    Brandon Jensen-UT
    Greg Gamertselder
    Mark Smith-CA
    Shannon Smith-CA
    Wade DeBraal-OR
    Brice Molitor-MT
    Peggy Miller-MD
    Ted Hebrard-Blacktimber Wildland Services
    Sue Stevenson-CA
    Tim Lee-NE
    Jordan Wade-CA
    Jennifer Harris-WA
    Alejandro Lopez-CA
    Raquel Sosnowski-WA

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    2021 Gold Members (38 listed)

    Trinity Hotshots
    Ventura County Prof FF Association
    Consolidated Fire Dist. County of Nevada
    San Juan Hotshots
    Whitegrass Fire Suppression
    Breckenridge Hotshots
    ZigZag IHC
    Wolf Creek IHC
    Ruby Mountain IHC
    Lone Peak Hotshots
    McCall Smokejumpers
    Teton Helitack Crew
    Prineville Hotshots
    Baker River Hotshots
    Ahtantum Type 2-1A Handcrew
    Yosemite Helitack
    Rogue River IHC
    Sawtooth IHC
    Gila IHC
    Craig Hotshots
    Middle Fork Ranger District
    Grey Wildland Inc
    Midewin Hotshots
    Logan IHC
    Lewis & Clark Hotshots
    Alta IHC
    Redmond Hotshots
    Phoenix Crew 1
    Entiat Hotshots
    Black Mesa Hotshots
    Redding IHC
    Fire Dawg Green, Inc
    N Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District-Incline Brush 15
    Rifle Peak Handcrew
    Lassen IHC
    Bear Divide Hotshots
    Salmon River Hotshots
    Volcanic National Park Fire Mgmt

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    2021 Annual Members (2057 listed)

    Kevin Argueta-Ayala-SD
    David Arnauckaus-CA
    Emily Barker-ID
    Rosemary Barker-ID
    David Barker-ID
    Cheryl Bauer-MT
    Elizabeth Bauer-MT
    Jeffrey Brown-IA
    Arthur S. Mindlin - NJ
    Paul Craven-WV
    Gerry Day-WA
    Sean Depp-AZ
    Joshua Dillick-UT
    Sandy Dunbar-OR
    Sayre Gabriel
    Don Edwards-CA
    Justin Gagnon-CA
    Eric Gottlieb-OK
    Dianne Hansson-OH
    Steve Hatting-MI
    Andrew Joes-OH
    Mitchell LaMonte-TX
    Deanna Lewis-MT
    David Lowe-WI
    Peter Noble-MO
    Glendee Ane Osborne-CA
    Steven Otoupalik-OR
    Steve Peterson-ID
    Edward Phipps-NJ
    Flipper Phipps
    Judy Rama-NE
    Jim Saveland-CO
    Matthew Schutty-OR
    James Stockie-TX
    Paul Talbot-MN
    Rick VanderVot-WY
    Christie Wiley-TX
    David Wischer-WA
    Bonnie Wood-ID
    Forrest Gale-OR
    Bruce Edmonson-CA
    Eric Sirrine-WI
    Greg Goodland-CO
    Alyx Fier
    Jacqueline LeClair
    Deanne Seeger
    Rich Stanger-SD BH Wind & Fire
    Angela Yemma-CO
    Bill Yemma-CO
    Dale Weir-WA
    Emily Nemore-ID
    Megan Impson-MN USFS
    Jenna Scott-CA
    Alicia Hone-UT
    Joel Shennum-CA
    Ethan Green-MI
    Renzo REginato-CA Trabuco Crew 1
    Matthew Dillon-MO
    Jose Baeza-PR
    Glen Kinder-KY
    Steve Sjotvedt-CA
    Louis Goldsmith-OR
    Roger Attwell-GA
    John Bitzberger-ID
    Larry Edwards-MT
    Vance Hazelton-WI
    Nancy Cosgrove-CO
    Kyle Behrens-AZ
    Don Will-CA
    Penny Salazar-CO
    Steve Wilson-CA
    Eric Weber-NJ
    Randall Rogers-MO
    Brian Jenkins-MN
    Dawn Jenkins-MN
    Kayla Jenkins-MN
    Cathy Hutton-WY
    Cliff Hutton-WY
    Michele Russell-NV
    Tristan Dias-Trinity Hotshots
    Jason Ballard-Trinity Hotshots
    Harrison Kale-Trinity Hotshots
    Joe Schwedhelm-Trinity Hotshots
    Kyle Diesner-Trinity Hotshots
    Stewart Parsons-Trinity Hotshots
    Ryan Neely-Trinity Hotshots
    Stu Francis-Trinity Hotshots
    Jalen Mathes-Trinity Hotshots
    Christopher Gomez-Trinity Hotshots
    Jake Ueda-Trinity Hotshots
    Austin Bogart-Trinity Hotshots
    Walker Ransom-Trinity Hotshots
    Stephen Lyter-Trinity Hotshots
    Samuel Stone-Trinity Hotshots
    Juan Carrasco-Trinity Hotshots
    Hunter Bell-MN
    James Brown-ID-BOF-E441
    Wesley Odom-AZ Surprise Fire-Medical
    Chad Pickering-MT
    Mark Hopkins-FL
    Kendall Vondriska-NV
    Kyle Andree-MI
    Rebekah Luedtke-WI
    Kyle Behrens-AZ
    Matt Martens-WA Kennewick Union FF L1296
    Bodie Ronk-ID NIFC-CISM
    Richard Sparks-WI
    Deborah Patton-NM
    Ernest Patton-NM
    Paul Dahlen-CA
    Dana Dahlen-CA
    Jeffrey Wendland-SD
    Eric Hughes-CO
    Frank Heilman-OR
    Jim Gumm-TX
    Hayden Hoelscher-WY
    Cynthia Hogg-NM
    Jeff Hogg-NM
    Linda Oneal-WA
    David Blatz-MN USFWS Litchfield District
    Kyle Avesing-MN USFWS Morris WMD
    Kim Kufta-CA
    Nelda St. Clair-NV Firemind
    Kelly Mai Trang Le-VA
    Linda Austi-CO
    John Caffin-GA
    Kasey Peters-Altergott Forestry LLC
    Robert MacGregor-Angell Job Corps CCC Camp Crew
    Nicole Moore-TX
    Jacob Cicairos-USFS Klamath NF Goosenest Rd E-378 IMO David Ruhl
    Stacie Cicairos-USFS Klamath NF Goosenest Rd E-77 IMO TJ Marovich & David Ruhl
    Greg McAlpine-CA
    Jenna Roose-MT
    Paul Roose-MT
    Georgie Beck-AZ
    Sandra Miller-N USDA Forest Service
    Eddie Taylor-WY AFMO Bridger-Teton NF
    Kevin Bonicky-PA Alpine IHC
    Mark Newquist-OR
    Jeremy Surprenant-IL
    Gary Anderson-NV
    Miranda Stuart-FL
    David Belanger-NH
    Harold Gemmell-MT
    Brian Austin-DC Logan IHC
    Andrew Wong-CA
    Richard Burgess-ca USDA Forest Service
    Gerald Campbell-NV East Fork Fire
    Mike Dolan-NV
    Miranda Stuart-FL
    Dave Belanger-NH
    Scotty Mason-CA
    Barry Burt-NV
    Charmaine Delmatier-WA
    Landan Nielsen-WI
    Joe Eguen-NV
    Tyler Mundy-NV
    Kyle Tolosano-CA
    Gage Otto-IN
    John Meek-CO
    Mickey Fearn- ID Bureau of Land Management Engine 3461
    Kyle Cashman-OR
    Gayemarie Ekker-UT
    Laurel Peterson-UT
    Eric Shelton-MT
    Larry Smith-KY
    Josh Bardwell-TX
    Sharon Taube-UT
    Nate Winkler-MI Michigan DNR
    Jack Wilson-CT USFS
    Jace Scheckla-CA Plumas Hotshots
    Austin Barum-Douglas-OR
    Susan Seber-ID
    Matthew Schell-WI
    Titto Rios-CA
    Jason Emhoff-WA Naches Fire Mgmt USFS
    James Ulmaniec-Wisconsin Division of Forestry
    Paul Iannizzotto-FL
    Paul Frick-PA
    Eric Swarts-CA
    Matthew Turner-NH
    Forrester Throckmorton-ID Retired Engine 431
    Cody Cox- C0 Platte Canyon Fire Dept.
    Samantha Cuningham-KY
    Chris Rankin-WY
    Brandon Duncan-NV Anchor Point Podcast
    Bob Lattin-WA
    Levi Dunham-Baby Anchor Point
    Christine Belge-MD Flaming Gorge Module
    Christopher Feather-WA
    Land Huegel-UT Bonneville IHC
    Carmille Klimek-MN
    Danielle Yox-AZ
    Kyle Hermiston-UT
    Cody St Clair-Or US Fish & Wildlife
    Chase Wallin-Ut Price Valley Rappellers
    Brian Schroeder- MO Mark Twain Helitack
    Margaret Rodeffer-AZ
    Tad Morelock-CA
    Jared Peppers-CA Camino Interagency Command Center
    Austin Mohler-ID Shellley-Firth Fire District
    Lucas Mayfield-MT
    Wally Ochoa -OR
    Trisha Wardlow-OR
    Sara Diggs-CA Iron Mountain C26
    Phillip Christie-ID
    Andrew Cockerham-WI USFS
    Neil Dresser-CA
    Matthew Wright-Texas A&M Forest Service
    Duffy Dufresne-WA
    Tara Butler-CA Big Bear Hot Shots
    Lynn Lockwood-CO
    William Webb-CA
    Andy Zimmerman-MT
    Kurt Kause-MT
    Carl Klug-NV
    Shane Freeman-State of Utah
    Andrea Cox USFS
    Jacob Kovolisky-OH
    Justin Cowger-WY
    Clayton Gardner-CA
    Shaun Holguin-Act of Nature
    Brenda Fitzsimons-ID
    Dianna Mecham-Bureau of Land Management
    Benjamin Powell-MT
    Nicholas Jeros-ID
    David Wilkins-WY
    Thomas Taylor GBK Cache Supply Office
    Atlas Iaccino-MI
    Timothy Beck-TX
    Julian Lucarelli-Cascade WFM
    Glenn Sundstrom-CA
    Richard Nicholson-CA
    Josh Bryant-LA
    Anthony Sigona-CA
    Victor Carrillo-CA
    Cindy Bergen-NH
    Robert Payne-CA
    Scott Romuk-CA
    Sara Martinez-CA
    Casey Judd-ID
    Phillip Chi-OR
    Kendall Jewett- Retired CA-STF
    Matt Teele-Prescott Hotshots
    Mark Wesseldine-CO
    James Hyatt-MA
    Jason Althouse-AZ
    Kenneth Kremensky-Barona Fire dept
    Justin Gilbert-ID
    Cassandra Fleckenstein-OR
    Michael Purdy-CA
    Mark Oetzmann-MT
    Paul Oltrogge-AZ
    Tina Greenhalgh-UT
    Kevin Greenhalgh-UT
    Shawn Priddy-IL
    Sandy Cameron - ID
    Julie Quigley-Fire Dawg Green Inc
    Alan Stovall-Fire Dawg Green Inc
    Brian Stovall-Fire Dawg Green Inc
    Dustin Leventon-Fire Dawg Green Inc
    Cody Leventon-Fire Dawg Green Inc
    Eric Petitta-NPS
    Jan Amen-TX
    Daniel Stoorza-NY
    Debra Stoorza-NY
    Michelle Surratt-MT
    Brent LaFazio-Smith River IHC
    Jack Ivers-OR
    Peter Dutchick-CA
    James McNeill-M&M Truck Repair
    Jans Carlson-Rapid City Fire Department
    Riva Duncan-OR
    Jacqueline Materne-CA
    Thomas Kaman-ID
    Jillian Hillenbrand-NV
    John Hillenbrand-NV
    David Taylor-CA
    Conrad Stielau-CA
    Chris O'Brien-WA
    Ich Stewart-AR
    Roman Watson-MO
    Jared Speer-NV
    Jerry Hurley-CA
    Ryan Bell-Humboldt-Toiyabe NF
    Jenna Wilke-UT
    Ross Fielder-OR
    Dennis Page-CO
    Ben Strobel-KS
    Tyler Rowland-MS
    Joshua Dilick-UT
    Nicolas Garcia-Cid-ID
    Adam Kahler-OR
    Anthony Walkosak-AZ
    Donald Bowen-BNP
    Thomas Horn-CO
    Alex Benitez-CA
    Erik Mandee-North Summit Fire District
    Victorino Preciado-NV
    Lewis Brown-NV
    Thomas Schoenfelder-WA
    Scott Ernest-WA
    Joel Pomeroy-OR
    Stephen Yakel-OR
    Tom Allbright-San Juan Hotshots
    Scott McCreary-San Juan Hotshots
    Josh Morris-San Juan Hotshots
    Chris Ives-San Juan Hotshots
    Sarah Berry-San Juan Hotshots
    Jon Wegener-San Juan Hotshots
    Justin Gioro-San Juan Hotshots
    Chase Dittrich-San Juan Hotshots
    Charles Thelemann-San Juan Hotshots
    David Draayer-San Juan Hotshots
    Randall Ausdran-San Juan Hotshots
    Tanner Derosiers-San Juan Hotshots
    Jared Harris-San Juan Hotshots
    Alaina Dochylo-San Juan Hotshots
    Eli Boulton-San Juan Hotshots
    Lane Franklin-San Juan Hotshots
    Keith Bedonie-San Juan Hotshots
    Phil Martinez-San Juan Hotshots
    Gavin Stroud-San Juan Hotshots
    Onica Milne-San Juan Hotshots
    Tinaya Monroe-Whitegrass Fire Suppression
    Chase Smith-Whitegrass Fire Suppression
    Sheldon Carlson-Whitegrass Fire Suppression
    Anthony Kicking Woman-Whitegrass Fire Suppression
    Kristel Johnson-USFS
    Christopher Ham Texas A&M Forest Service Taskforce 6
    Nancy Taylor-VA
    Jason Althouse-AZ
    Dustin Morris-TX
    Hunter Loncarich-CO
    Missy Hone-Utah County Fire
    Robert Riley,CA
    Alan Mazur-WI
    Andrew Johnson-Payson Hotshots & UC Berkeley
    Joseph Bell-FL
    Phillip Taylor-VA
    Ray Burpo-MN
    Mark Walls-CA
    Kellie Stover-CO
    Scott McCochie-WY
    Robert Baldzani-CA
    Benjamin Beamer-OR
    Skyler Lofgren-AZ
    David Zuares-BLM SMJ
    David Scott-CA
    Kate Zajanc-ID
    Chris Adamcik-MT
    Jacob Lansing-CA
    Randy Anderson-ID
    Zachary Hartshorn-High Desert Helitack
    Scott Sylvester-ID
    Karen Hack-OR R5 Packers
    Mason Dungy-CA
    Marcia Sith-NH
    Brian Donnelly-CA
    Gavin Mitchell-OR Crew 31
    Mark Swan-CO
    Lynn Swan-CO
    Frank Heilman lll-GA
    Dawn Heilman-GA
    Keith O'Loughlin-USDA Forest Service
    Zachary Moran-OR FWF
    Ryan Lobre-Breckenridge Hotshots
    Corey Correa-Breckenridge Hotshots
    Joel Masi-Breckenridge Hotshots
    David Blake-Breckenridge Hotshots
    Riley Sheldon-Breckenridge Hotshots
    Ben Carlson-Breckenridge Hotshots
    Jayson McDonald-Breckenridge Hotshots
    Cristian Miranda-Breckenridge Hotshots
    Andres Perez-Breckenridge Hotshots
    Nathan Marsino-Breckenridge Hotshots
    Alejandro Alberto-Breckenridge Hotshots
    Dustin Baird-Breckenridge Hotshots
    Raul Ramirez-Breckenridge Hotshots
    Cameron Aguilar-Breckenridge Hotshots
    Logan Babajko-Breckenridge Hotshots
    Scott Jones-Breckenridge Hotshots
    Eva Zhou-Breckenridge Hotshots
    Moises Ramos-Breckenridge Hotshots
    Calvin Miller-GA
    Alec Lane-CA
    Kendal Bortisser-Cal Fire San Diego (Retired)
    Lucy Ferrier-Ca
    Randy Anderson-ID
    Brandon Banwell-CA
    Laura Backlund-Retired Forest Service & NWIMT 13 Team
    Dave Kannas-SD
    Kyle McCabe-CA
    Paula Chambless-TX
    Quinn Robinson-PA
    Kimberly Lightley-OR
    Sandra Sperry-ZigZag IHC
    William McKinney-ZigZag IHC
    Cody Chiverton-ZigZag IHC
    Devin Parks-ZigZag IHC
    Michael Bobic-ZigZag IHC
    Wesley Confair-ZigZag IHC
    Jessica Johnson-ZigZag IHC
    Abram Cardwell-ZigZag IHC
    Donny Torres-ZigZag IHC
    Tyler Greenberg-ZigZag IHC
    George Stimson-ZigZag IHC
    Natalie Carpenter-ZigZag IHC
    Shane Gallagher-ZigZag IHC
    MIchelle Yurick-ZigZag IHC
    Carson Kelly-ZigZag IHC
    Shane Neevel-ZigZag IHC
    Richard Andrews-ZigZag IHC
    James Burke-ZigZag IHC
    Dustin Davis-ZigZag IHC
    McKayla Fahlenkamp-ZigZag IHC
    Ashley Micklewright-ZigZag IHC
    Aaron Oxford-ZigZag IHC
    Todd Like-CO
    Carol Daviscourt-OR
    James Siano-OR
    Peggie Cathie-CA
    Kevin Barroga-Wolf Creek IHC
    Mason Murphy-Wolf Creek IHC
    Ryan Willardson-Wolf Creek IHC
    Andrew Moya-Wolf Creek IHC
    Garrett Mackenzie-Wolf Creek IHC
    Adrian Lopez-Wolf Creek IHC
    Adam Armijo-Wolf Creek IHC
    Bryton Gee-Wolf Creek IHC
    Eduardo Caballero-Wolf Creek IHC
    Ross Berkovitz-Wolf Creek IHC
    Van Morris-Wolf Creek IHC
    Christopher Combs-Wolf Creek IHC
    Jered Halverson-Wolf Creek IHC
    Daniel Farmer-Wolf Creek IHC
    Fabian Garza-Wolf Creek IHC
    Lars Olson-Wolf Creek IHC
    Cameron Stichfield-Wolf Creek IHC
    Jake Garate-Wolf Creek IHC
    Forest Gale-Wolf Creek IHC
    Nancy Donaldson-TX
    Todd Sexton-ID
    Kenneth Musial-WI
    Dave Kannas-SD
    Matt Lingenfelter-CO
    Kristina Christian-MI
    Julian Esquivel-NC
    Colin Toth-MI
    Michelle Ellis-HI
    Eric Taplin-Krassel Short-Haul
    Kevin Devine-Montana DNRC Helitack
    Sara Diggs-CA
    Adam Parks-Ruby Mountain IHC
    Adam Johnson-Ruby Mountain IHC
    Thomas Sestak-Ruby Mountain IHC
    Joseph Lorenz-Ruby Mountain IHC
    Tyler Parkin-Ruby Mountain IHC
    Devin Spillett-Ruby Mountain IHC
    Monika Kawski-Ruby Mountain IHC
    Daniel Vasquez-Ruby Mountain IHC
    Connor Hopkins-Ruby Mountain IHC
    Ethan Osnes-Ruby Mountain IHC
    Nick Macalle-Ruby Mountain IHC
    Steven Evers-Ruby Mountain IHC
    Joshua Castro-Ruby Mountain IHC
    Jacob Patri-Ruby Mountain IHC
    Will Alston-Ruby Mountain IHC
    Steven McCall-Ruby Mountain IHC
    Tyler Mollenberg-Ruby Mountain IHC
    Justin Zabala-Ruby Mountain IHC
    Chase Maness-Ruby Mountain IHC
    Morgan Moe-Ruby Mountain IHC
    Tyler Zabala-Ruby Mountain IHC
    Destiny Chapman-CO
    Rita Wears-CA
    Kimberly Hale-TX
    Michael Woods, WY
    Jean Seymour-ID
    Ward Willis-CO
    Meg Hart-IHO Tim Hart
    James Lewis-Lucky Peak Rappel Crew
    Fred Davis-WA
    Tyler Kuhn-ND
    Matthew Potts-USFS
    Roan Allen-ID
    Edward Klemencic-CA
    Brett Brannin-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Matthew Jarvis-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Justin Roach-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Shayne Ward-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Jasper Amir-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Cole St Martin-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Haile Hehn-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Alejandro Ocotlan-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Christian Berninger-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Luke Evans-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Joe Woods-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Kelly Norris-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Oscar Rodriguez-Machorro-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Eleanor Tansley-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Ryan Kroll-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Joshua Felts-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Jeremey White-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Mitchell O'Brien-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Justin Zedwick-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Barbara O'Coy-CA
    Anne Slovisky-Shoshone NF NZ
    Andrew Marienberg-MT
    Brandon Becker-ID
    Greg Sanders-VA
    John McFarlane-MT
    David Tamowski-UT
    Elizabeth Winters-Teton WFM
    Fred Reiutz-Montana DNRC Helitack
    Wendy Powell-CO
    Todd Haines-NM
    Brad Ray-Bieber Helitack
    Kelland Wilf-WA
    JT Belton-McCall Smokejumpers
    Dan Booth-McCall Smokejumpers
    Sean Cronin-McCall Smokejumpers
    Todd Franzen-McCall Smokejumpers
    Nathan Giles-McCall Smokejumpers
    Jess Gilky-McCall Smokejumpers
    Zach Glover-McCall Smokejumpers
    Steven Gonzalez-McCall Smokejumpers
    Todd Haynes-McCall Smokejumpers
    Garrett Hudson-McCall Smokejumpers
    Adam Humbach-McCall Smokejumpers
    Matt Ingram-McCall Smokejumpers
    Bronson Kimberling-McCall Smokejumpers
    Michael Kolb-McCall Smokejumpers
    Colin Lanigan-McCall Smokejumpers
    Luis Moraga-McCall Smokejumpers
    Brent Morrison-McCall Smokejumpers
    Tobin Orient-McCall Smokejumpers
    Philip Reid-McCall Smokejumpers
    Patrick Romportl-McCall Smokejumpers
    Kurt Ryan-McCall Smokejumpers
    Brent Sawyer-McCall Smokejumpers
    Jeff Schricker-McCall Smokejumpers
    Keith Suemnick-McCall Smokejumpers
    Dave Turpen-McCall Smokejumpers
    Damian Withen-McCall Smokejumpers
    Grant Cooper-McCall Smokejumpers
    Matt Summerfield-McCall Smokejumpers
    Heather Larrone-McCall Smokejumpers
    Jordan Silver-McCall Smokejumpers
    Kyle Esparza-McCall Smokejumpers
    Javier Lara-CA
    Alex Fallon-MT
    Ramon Maldonado-Grayback Forestry
    Garrett Hires-CA
    Chris Marabetta-ID
    Matthew Pippin-UT
    Andres Perez-CA
    Eddy Rosales-USFS
    Samuel Magnifico-Snake River Hotshots
    Casey Creamer-CA
    Glenda Torres-CO
    Ethan Daley-MI
    Karl kecman-CO-SIF E-682
    Nathan Christiansen-CO
    Dan Kurth-Idaho City E-431
    Tammy Knight-Gibbons-AZ
    Robert Cole-Ca
    Brad Ray Bieber Helitack
    JT Sohr HITW Fire
    Lisle Ford-Del Rosa Hotshots/Treeline Safety Services
    John Diebel-MI
    Deane Gower-ME
    Lisa Davis-OR
    Mariah Heye-AZ
    Drew Augustyn-MN
    Kayleigh Mill-WA
    Benjamin Drake-WA
    Johnny Cain-TX
    Dominic Munoz-BDF Engine 330
    Gerald Opitz-CO
    Andrew Minor-CA
    Dalton Loveless-UT
    Rachael Barry-Price Valley Rappellers
    Matt Lancaster-Teton Helitack
    Jeb Quinn-Teton Helitack
    Mary lee-Teton Helitack
    Kara Pankratz-Teton Helitack
    Lidiana Soto Morales-Teton Helitack
    Rachel Helmerichs-Teton Helitack
    EJ Brooks-Teton Helitack
    Ryan Souto-Teton Helitack
    Jocelyn Shoemake-Teton Helitack
    Andrew Gilsdorf-Teton Helitack
    Jeremy Schuler-Teton Helitack
    Richard Sheets-CA
    Matthew Aoki Los Padres Hotshots
    David Backhaus-Prineville Hotshots
    Logan Collins-Prineville Hotshots
    Emily Eska-Prineville Hotshots
    Clayton Farnsworth-Prineville Hotshots
    Andrew Gomez-Prineville Hotshots
    Caleb Hicks-Prineville Hotshots
    Josh Hill-Prineville Hotshots
    Lane Keaffaber-Prineville Hotshots
    Tyler Lawson-Prineville Hotshots
    Matt Manago-Prineville Hotshots
    Cory Mason-Prineville Hotshots
    Jason McGillvray-Prineville Hotshots
    Brendan O'Reilly-Prineville Hotshots
    Jeanna Romano-Prineville Hotshots
    Sadler Schwartz-Prineville Hotshots
    Tessa Shepard-Prineville Hotshots
    Tim Simmons-Prineville Hotshots
    Marina Titova-Prineville Hotshots
    Ryan Webber-Prineville Hotshots
    Lane Williams-Prineville Hotshots
    Todd Woodward-Prineville Hotshots
    Al Stover-NPS
    Kyle Sever-Salmon Challis NF Fire
    Alexander Groll-Salmon Helirappellers
    Tyler Heye-Prescott Engine 933
    Bryn Giambona-USFS
    Marshall Dvorin-CA
    David Karcher-AZ
    Benjamin Drake-WA
    Steve Nicholson-WY
    Rhyen Johnson-CA
    Raymond Gonzales-CA
    Katie Mergel-OR
    Bill Mergel-OR
    Andrew White-NV
    Mark Terri Alexander-WI
    Rikki Luebke-Seeley Lake Fire Crew
    Sam Olsen--Baker River Hotshots
    Julius Jacobsen--Baker River Hotshots
    Al Hernandez--Baker River Hotshots
    Michaela Meyers--Baker River Hotshots
    Ethan Scott--Baker River Hotshots
    Ben Pratt--Baker River Hotshots
    Lance Barava--Baker River Hotshots
    Gary Chicks--Baker River Hotshots
    Nat Grainger--Baker River Hotshots
    Jackie Scott--Baker River Hotshots
    Johnny Brady--Baker River Hotshots
    Ben Hannon--Baker River Hotshots
    Ty Ruijiters--Baker River Hotshots
    Keith Kaneshiro--Baker River Hotshots
    Luke Evans--Baker River Hotshots
    Jeff Kinder--Baker River Hotshots
    Josh Mazzoni--Baker River Hotshots
    Tim Judd--Baker River Hotshots
    Jake Stone--Baker River Hotshots
    Nick Mattson--Baker River Hotshots
    Gary Bone-CO
    Virinda Boyle-ID
    James Boyle-OR
    DMarie Gallegos-Trijullo-NM
    Steven Gundersen-MT
    Jackie Berenyl-MT
    Cory Waters-NC
    Benjamin Reece-NC
    Hannah Coolidge-MD
    Jenifer Hochstrasser-AZ
    Robert Martin-AZ
    Tristian Adkins-OR USFWS Sheldon-Hart
    Rodger Ozburn-WV
    Scott Havel-OR
    Julian Wearing-MT
    Jessica Shepherd-CA
    Lori Mathiesen-CA
    Joany Smith-Western Pilot Services
    R Lloyd Bittner-ID
    Cherie Monsen-CO
    Curtis Palmer-WA
    Jason Leeper-Ahtantum Type 2-1A Handcrew
    Robby Dyer-Ahtantum Type 2-1A Handcrew
    Robert Haringa-Ahtantum Type 2-1A Handcrew
    Ben Erhart-Ahtantum Type 2-1A Handcrew
    Alexander Schroeder-Ahtantum Type 2-1A Handcrew
    Mason Garcea-Ahtantum Type 2-1A Handcrew
    Louis Sarkes-Ahtantum Type 2-1A Handcrew
    Rebekah McCormick-Ahtantum Type 2-1A Handcrew
    Adam Messing-Ahtantum Type 2-1A Handcrew
    Oleg Ziolkowski-Ahtantum Type 2-1A Handcrew
    Wyatt Hillemann-Ahtantum Type 2-1A Handcrew
    Brandon Valadez-Ahtantum Type 2-1A Handcrew
    Shawn Durham-Ahtantum Type 2-1A Handcrew
    Alex Mirageas-Ahtantum Type 2-1A Handcrew
    Patrick Maynard-Ahtantum Type 2-1A Handcrew
    Emily Smith-Ahtantum Type 2-1A Handcrew
    Spencer Ward-Ahtantum Type 2-1A Handcrew
    Taylor McMarrow-Ahtantum Type 2-1A Handcrew
    Zach Fuecker-Ahtantum Type 2-1A Handcrew
    Kyle Fazio-Ahtantum Type 2-1A Handcrew
    Von Mason-CA
    Brennan O'Connor-MT
    Brian Bogdanoff-WY
    Nadia Plascencia-OR
    Derrick Charpentier-DFPC
    Jen Neppl-ms
    Laurie Lehman-Welter-ID
    Buffy Bandley-CA
    Neil Leifker-AZ
    Edward Brooks-UT
    Blake Creagan-WY
    Dana Virnig-ID
    Christopher Vincent-Redmond Hotshots
    Jordan Gulley-Redmond Hotshots
    Gabe Mason-Redmond Hotshots
    Dave Varon-Redmond Hotshots
    Kekai Obrey-Redmond Hotshots
    John Kearney-Redmond Hotshots
    Kelli Anne Ricks-Redmond Hotshots
    Benjamin Wagner-Redmond Hotshots
    Ty Patteron-Redmond Hotshots
    Gregory Husted-Redmond Hotshots
    Jake Boyd-Redmond Hotshots
    Michael Robinson-Redmond Hotshots
    Emerson Cogburn-Redmond Hotshots
    Kristin Ray-USFS Prairie City
    Teresa North-Bitterroot Hotshots
    Taylor Bradley-KS
    Thomas Machowicz-Az
    Geoff Whatcoff-UT
    David Neydlin-CA
    Rich Misner-AZ
    Daniel Sparrow - Southern Nevada
    Jason Bahruth-ID
    Dan Fiorito-OR
    Andrew Davenport-Yosemite Helitack
    Heather Wonenberg-Yosemite Helitack
    Paul Beisner-Yosemite Helitack
    Conor Cappe-Yosemite Helitack
    Andrew Shouse-Yosemite Helitack
    Shane Dyer-Yosemite Helitack
    Page Adam-Yosemite Helitack
    Michael Jamison-Yosemite Helitack
    Diane Schmidt-PA
    Martha Mowry-NM
    Zach Skerl-Oh
    Michael Ultreras-CA
    Jake Harper-Crane Valley IHC
    James Schweter-Entiat IHC
    Mikhal Snovel-Entiat IHC
    Nicolas Borrelli-Entiat IHC
    Bryce Horness-Entiat IHC
    Joseph Koffel-Entiat IHC
    Cameron Strecker-Ential IHC
    Jason Bushmaker-MN
    Jenifer Perry-Canada
    Grant Moss-NV
    David Douglas-OR
    Buck Kneifl-WI
    Austin Lee-NV
    Preston Osland-MN
    Jill Short-NV
    Patrick Warker-ID
    Dee Townsend-WA
    Cullen Sartor-TX
    Christopher White-WA
    Dana Olofson-MN
    Jason Notz-NV
    Bill Mitchell-CA
    Jessica Braun-Firebread Management
    Jessica Morman-ID
    David Olvera-CA
    Taylor Delgado-CA
    Ramiro Guerrero-CA
    Daniel Chan-CA
    Andre Evans-CA
    Anthony Kemm-Santa Ynez Flight Crew Helicopter 528
    Frank Garcia-CA
    Jonathan Harris-CA
    Miguel Provencio-CA
    Robert Femmer-CO
    Patrick Lorenz-AZ
    Sean Donaldson-NM
    Margoth Dunson-USFS
    Mike Miller-Westwood Fire
    mark Raderschadt-SD
    Michael Whitaker-Prineville BLM Grass alley GS E-422 E-621
    Matthew Brickner-IL
    Ethan Ritschard-Crew 7-1
    Grif Cochran-WY
    William Vore-WY
    Lauren Baccetti-Eck-CA
    Aaron Schuh-Rogue River IHC
    Michael Ingman--Rogue River IHC
    KC Koogler-Rogue River IHC
    Jeremiah Jacks--Rogue River IHC
    Jacob Maughan-Rogue River IHC
    Sarah Welsh-Rogue River IHC
    Austin Smith-Rogue River IHC
    Daniel Guilfoyle--Rogue River IHC
    Ian Cleek-Rogue River IHC
    Derek Rottenberg-Rogue River IHC
    Gleen Felix-Rogue River IHC
    Jakob Markwardt-Rogue River IHC
    Lance Vaelli-Rogue River IHC
    Connor Harkey-Rogue River IHC
    Nate Scully-Rogue River IHC
    Joe Kendall-Rogue River IHC
    Emma Ahlrichs-Rogue River IHC
    Alden Durrant-Rogue River IHC
    Mathew Tollifson-Rogue River IHC
    Jackson Ingram-Rogue River IHC
    Esteban Villalpando-Rogue River IHC
    Anthony Gonzalez-Centennial 1A Hand Crew
    Caroline Carlson-Brandon Hightower
    Hugh Fairfield-Smith Eagle Valley Wildland
    Davis Oatway-UT
    Rylan Lynam-WY
    Andrew Gilsdorf-Teton Helitack
    Michael Law-OR
    Connor Seaman-Ca
    Glendee Osborne-Ca
    Luis Angel Lozano-CA
    Geraldine Herbert-ID
    Bert Starr-MT
    Kevin Throop-Wi
    Judith Dyess-AZ
    Terry Dyess-AZ
    Christopher Banuelos-USFS
    Clint Grinsell-NV
    Bridget Harrison-VA
    Wesley Sultemeier-LA
    Carol Henson-UT
    Ken Henson-UT
    Connor Fallon-NV
    Dylan Stanley-NV
    Benjamin Newburn-CA
    Valerie Legg-CA
    Janet Evans-UT
    Steve Evans-UT
    Joshua Remp-CA
    Rylee McCauley-Dept of Natural Resources-WA State Helitack
    Sam Sommers-Golden Eagles Hotshots
    Bradley Washa-UT
    Joey Gonzales-Ca
    Erik Neece-CA
    Jerick Domingues-CA
    William Rios-Petrelli Electric
    Emil Picchi-CIIMT 4
    Tony Doty-Doty Solutions LLC
    Justin Abell-Sawtooth IHC
    Stanley Underwood-Sawtooth IHC
    Jackson Rand Pearson-Sawtooth IHC
    Kyle West-Sawtooth IHC
    Mike Scharenbrock-Sawtooth IHC
    Jeff Hill-Sawtooth IHC
    Nicolas Hoisington-Sawtooth IHC
    Ricky Jackson-Sawtooth IHC
    Chase Potter-Sawtooth IHC
    Cole Stein-Sawtooth IHC
    Alex Pena-Sawtooth IHC
    Tobiahs Shapiro-Sawtooth IHC
    Justin Mitmoen-WI
    Creed Pendleton-Deshutes NF
    Ryan Reese-CO
    Tony Pighetti-CA
    Jessica Matoy-TN
    Carter Thomas-Craig IHC
    Matthew Freed-Craig IHC
    Conrad Landis-Craig IHC
    Katherine MacLachlan-Craig IHC
    Kameron French-Craig IHC
    Cole Wilde-Craig IHC
    Chase Dixon-Craig IHC
    Emily Evans-Craig IHC
    Logan Blankenship-Craig IHC
    Katie Blankenship-Craig IHC
    Brittany Sheridan-Craig IHC
    Harry Leahy-Craig IHC
    Connor Miller-Craig IHC
    Geoffrey Harrison-Craig IHC
    Ian Ingoglia-Craig IHC
    Tobias Hutchens-AZ
    Michael Head-Gila IHC
    Wyatt Shellhorn-Gila IHC
    Scot Emery-Gila IHC
    Kevin Hashemi-Gila IHC
    Luke Brehm-Gila IHC
    Mark O'Leary-Gila IHC
    Joshua Phillips-Gila IHC
    Kellen Ayers-Gila IHC
    Graham Boyd-Gila IHC
    Manuel Garcia-Gila IHC
    Ryan Mielke-Gila IHC
    Loran Pace-Gila IHC
    Erick Passmore-Gila IHC
    Shawn Strain-Gila IHC
    Thomas Bolke-Gila IHC
    Tyler Curry-Gila IHC
    Zachary Langston-Gila IHC
    Zachary Anderson-Gila IHC
    Tyler Vance-Gila IHC
    Connor Beach-Williamette E441
    Ronan Barrett-Middle Fork Ranger District
    Angela Benefiel-Middle Fork Ranger District
    Raymond Perrault-Middle Fork Ranger District
    Alyssa Dawson-Middle Fork Ranger District
    Jake Warden-Grey Wildland Inc
    Jennifer Racicot-Grey Wildland Inc
    Jerry Racicot-Grey Wildland Inc
    Jon Woods-Grey Wildland Inc
    Ryan Witter-Wasatch Showdown
    Alison Richards-USFS
    Nathan Goodrich-OR
    Shawn Jackson-AZ
    Amy Burgess-FL
    Jon Bower-CO
    Vicki Lynch-CA
    Bryce Holbrook-WA
    Rob Pottenger-First Thought Mountain
    Tom Pierce-MT
    Dean Rasmussen-NE
    Charles Phenix-OR
    Justin Smith-UT
    Michael Wilson-CA
    Damon Carson-Hull-Strozyk-CO
    Kevin Elliott-CA
    Michael Shaw-ID
    David Herrand-NV
    Doug Denlinger-OR
    Tara Denlinger-OR
    Mary Wells-Sierra Front Dispatch Center Ad
    Tim McElwee-AZ
    Debra McElwee-AZ
    Sean Depp-Az
    Jerry Hoffman-Midewin Hotshots
    Mike Bittner-Midewin Hotshots
    Dave Gones-Midewin Hotshots
    Jake Lueck-Midewin Hotshots
    Connor Solms-Midewin Hotshots
    Jason Hunt-Midewin Hotshots
    Brian Peterson-Midewin Hotshots
    Justin Sparks-Midewin Hotshots
    Joe Mintzer-Midewin Hotshots
    Alonzo Webb-Midewin Hotshots
    Joey Inskeep-Midewin Hotshots
    Mary Jones-Midewin Hotshots
    Seth Morris-Midewin Hotshots
    Cody Micheel-Midewin Hotshots
    Adam Rivard-Midewin Hotshots
    Lauren Zack-Midewin Hotshots
    Jennifer Inserra
    Alina Rosales
    Baeleigh Barr-Midewin Hotshots
    Robert Garcia -CA
    Richard Hammer-OR
    Lauren Davis-CA
    Martin Rodriguez-CA
    Ryan Conway-AZ
    Evan Sterling-BLM Alaska Fire
    Kyle Johnson-WY
    Kim Sheridian-Az
    Timothy Chavez-CA
    Rick VanderVoet-WY
    Diane Travis-AZ
    Natalie Broce-VA
    Brian Dompierre-AZ
    Linda Andrew-VA
    David Dukart-CA
    Carolyn Winkler-OR
    Julian Robinson-Mt
    Phillip Dye-Prometheus Fire Consulting LLC
    Lynda Alberico-CA
    Michael Wood-MT
    Taiga Rohrer-UT
    Dean McAlister-Az
    Owen Johnson-MT
    Jennifer Kruse-NM
    Andrea Drinkhouse-AK
    Rita Verdugo-OR
    Brett Ostler-State of UT (FFSL) State FMO
    James Lerke-KY
    Pamela Sachs-WI
    Amy Keithly-WA
    Don Smith-HI
    Laurie Forni-CA
    Susanna Liday-NV
    Paul Valeri-ANF E25
    Luke Campbell-Etiat Hotshots
    Brandon Jensen-USFS/Fire Prevention Specialist
    Brice Molitor-MT
    Wade DeBraal-OR
    Greg Gamertsfelder-UT
    Hunter Dolyak-Idaho City
    Raquel Sosnowski-Wa
    Alejandro Lopez-CA
    Jennifer Harris-WA
    Jordan Wade-CA
    Tom Lee-NE
    Sue Stevenson-Ca
    Ted Hebrand-AZ
    Peggy Miller-MD
    Jose Acosta-ID
    Jennifer Wells-Ca
    Andrew Pohlman-CO
    Jeremy Rux-OR
    Marlene Hovorka-NM
    Bea Day
    Shannon Smith-CA
    Mark Smith-CA
    Robert Arthur-AZ DFFM/SWA Team 2
    Peter Buist-AK
    Randi Jandt-OR
    Doug Lawton-NV
    Christopher Surgenor-MT
    Curtis Coots-CA
    Janet Dodson-OR
    Travis Lowe-LaGrande OFD
    Marcelo Andrade-NV
    Michael Esparza-CA
    Sarah Peterson-NV
    Jim Carland-CO
    Elizabeth Lockwood-OR
    Frank Sadlon-BLM
    Jason Simmons BLM
    Howard Watts-NV
    Austin Barry-CA
    Jonathan Brooks-UT
    David Borero-CA
    Bert Strom-ID
    Andrew Bailey-ID
    Derrick Smith-OR
    Richie Sessler-CA
    Robert Kavinsky-CO
    Pat Bishop-ID
    Erin Capuchino-CA
    Armando Pino-CA
    Shawn Adams-UT
    Bruce Suenram-Fire Logistics Inc
    Erik Berke-CO
    Jeff Wenger-CA
    Janice Lewis-CA
    Natalie Kelly-CA
    Richard Reposa-CA
    Sam Harrel-AK
    Brent Martindale-ID IMO Jake Martindale
    Kristine Martindale-ID-IMO Jake Martindale
    Richard Reposa-CA
    Justin Shervino-Big Hill Helitack
    Bill Devino-NH
    Steven Chaffin-Big Hill Helitack
    Jonathan Ellis-NJ
    David States-ID
    Corrie Smith-ID
    Scott Haas-CO
    Sarah Synowiec-CO
    Chad McPeak-USFS
    Nancy Picaco-Ortega-CA
    Jon Houf-AZ
    Joseph Pintaudi-OR
    Rayco Wood-CO
    Adam Young-WA
    Douglas Stuart-CA
    Dan Manry-CA
    Connor Miller-MI
    Rachael Dillavou-Livingston-OR
    Clay Templin-AZ
    Lyndon Talbott-CA
    Troy Sears-CA
    Alicia Pharr-CA
    Isaac Crabbe-OR
    Cade Wilkey-ID
    Elizabeth Kurpies-OK
    Margaret Rodeffer-AZ
    Michael Crites-CA
    Raymond Crowe-AK
    Douglas Suerig-CO
    Bridgette Cuffe-AZ
    Blaine Loar-UT
    Travis McConnell-CO
    Anders Hendrickson-CO
    Wende Wilding-UT
    Brian Anderson-ID
    Scott Rasmussen-NV
    Brittany Sheridan-CO
    Austin Lee-NV
    Casey Dunn-CA
    Scott Livengood-CO
    Skyler Nilsen-CA
    Mark Johnson-CA
    Gayle Sorenson-UT
    Timothy Williams-CA
    Kalee Dennert-FWS
    Jacob Saldana-CA
    Kyle Smith-SC
    Brett Ortland-ID
    Chris Marlor-BLM
    Marianne Baumberger-MT
    William Zekas-ID
    Carl Doaty-SD
    Christopher Fry-CA
    Paul Carmichael-NV
    Jason Johnston-CA
    TJ Flanagan-MT
    Donna Tong-CA
    Lindsey Negherbon-OR
    Gregory Smith-FL
    Tamara Dierks-SD
    Nicholas Kostechko-CA
    Christopher Clervi-CO
    Christine Edison-CA
    Owen Reed-NC
    Anett Young-WA
    Patrick Sawyer-Big Hill Helitack
    Gordon Kitzelman-UT
    Mikell Newton-OR
    Monty Messenger-CA
    Ryan Wade-AZ
    Jamie Wade-AZ
    Katherine Schmidt-CA
    Brian Drinville-NM
    Wyatt Ostler-UT
    Kory Davis-Logan IHC
    Mike Ellefson-Logan IHC
    Jordan Hanson-Logan IHC
    Michael Schnur-Logan IHC
    Hank Shepard-Logan IHC
    Dalton Carter-Logan IHC
    Sam Wasserman-Logan IHC
    Harrison Raine-Logan IHC
    Patrick Sullivan-Logan IHC
    Robert Mitchell-Logan IHC
    Henry Sollitt-Logan IHC
    Katrina Mohr-Logan IHC
    Ryan Baker-Logan IHC
    Brian Austin-Logan IHC
    Franky Chavez-NM
    Sharma Chavez-NM
    Bill Kornrumph-NM
    Daniel Pickard-Entiat Hotshots
    Taylor Stowell-Entiat Hotshots
    Noah Simpson-Entiat Hotshots
    Thomas Hughes-Entiat Hotshots
    Sarah Goodnow-Entiat Hotshots
    Jason Spanjer-Entiat Hotshots
    Erick Garcia-Entiat Hotshots
    Luke Campbell-Entiat Hotshots
    Jason russell-Entiat Hotshots
    Brandon Magee-Entiat Hotshots
    Pat Chism-Entiat Hotshots
    Nick Yoney-Entiat Hotshots
    Catherine Lee-OR
    Frank Hunter-Redmond Smokejumpers
    Kyle Joanis-NV
    Bonnie Weyandt-TX
    Andrew Peterson-CA
    Charles Spencer-Ca
    Ted Adams-OR
    William Knudsen-Lewis & Clark Hotshots
    Nick Wydra-Lewis & Clark Hotshots
    Joe Schwedhelm-Lewis & Clark Hotshots
    Joseph Andersen-Lewis & Clark Hotshots
    Kristopher George-Lewis & Clark Hotshots
    Henry Cummins-Lewis & Clark Hotshots
    Andrew Gillette-Lewis & Clark Hotshots
    Patrick Valentine-Lewis & Clark Hotshots
    Michael Zimmer-Lewis & Clark Hotshots
    Brian Yaeger-Lewis & Clark Hotshots
    Jacob Bennett-Lewis & Clark Hotshots
    Logan Bosak-Lewis & Clark Hotshots
    Reid Farnes-Lewis & Clark Hotshots
    Amanda Figliola-Lewis & Clark Hotshots
    Henry McEvoy-Lewis & Clark Hotshots
    Christopher McMaster-Lewis & Clark Hotshots
    John Mills-Lewis & Clark Hotshots
    Edward Scheidler-Lewis & Clark Hotshots
    Jonathan Schmidt-Lewis & Clark Hotshots
    Garrett Steerman-Lewis & Clark Hotshots
    Julian Robinson-Lewis & Clark Hotshots
    Samantha Lamers-Superior National Forest
    Kaylene Raftis-Wenatchee River Initial Attack
    Annie Lutes-AZ
    Sarah Schelling-NV
    Tina Ledger-UT
    Todd Baumer-ID
    Keith Hawk-FL
    Tyrus Okinishi-Alta IHC
    Kevin Tso-Alta IHC
    Kenneth Whipple-Alta IHC
    Austin Wilson-Alta IHC
    Zach Lambros-Alta IHC
    Cory Brown-Alta IHC
    Josh Boeder-Alta IHC
    Jesse Trembly-Alta IHC
    Kristopher Formica-Alta IHC
    Laken Alles-Alta IHC
    Isaiah Ford-Alta IHC
    Tyler Carruth-Alta IHC
    Michele Krueger First Strike Environmental Co
    Robert Krueger-First Strike Environmental Co
    Trevor Krueger-First Strike Environmental Co
    Rance Marquez-Az
    Michael Rudolph
    Kenneth Ual-TX
    Connor O'Neil-TX
    Steve Foster-TX
    Ruben Torres-TX
    Martin Ward-NV
    Miller Bailey-CA
    Erin Banwell-CA
    Alder Bailey-CA
    Frank Simmons-VA
    Emma Bergin-OR
    Ty Nuanes-AZ
    Shane David-CA
    Ryan Fadeley-Kootenai Rappel Crew
    Gage Moore- Targhee Regulars
    Jose Contreras- Targhee Regulars
    Brian Milligan- Targhee Regulars
    Shawn Lewis- Targhee Regulars
    Eli Steinberg- Targhee Regulars
    Garret Henry- Targhee Regulars
    Patrick Donovan -Pacific Oasis Inc
    Carrie Bowers-CA
    Kari Acklin-MO
    Geoffrey Melly-WA
    Finn Scott Neff-ID
    Casey Glines-SD
    Marisa Carney-OR
    Robert Serrato-CA
    Jeremy Gottfried-OR
    Mike Burnham-NM
    Cameron Balog-ME
    Dan Snow-CIIMT 4
    Jane Arteaga-Retired BLM
    Kelly Watts-UT
    Brian Esch-NV
    Mark Brown-CO
    Brian Keating-CO
    Adele Gotts-CA
    Kyle Clemans-Wa
    Eric Taplin-ID
    Don Weaver-AZ
    Christopher Fry-CA
    Tobin Kelley-ID
    Kimberly Valentine-OR
    Miranda Stuart-National Park Service
    Lee Boyle-NM
    Richard Lillard-MD
    Rocky Siegel-San Marcus Pass UFD
    Rocky Gilbert-Tonto National Forest
    Jonathan Hoyt-WA State DNR (Ret)
    Kevin Janes-CA
    Scott Parsons-CA
    Caitlin Nagorka-WI
    Alex Romero-CA
    Kimberley Soule-UT
    Troy Thomas-
    Cordell Taylor-CO
    Nicole Dennison-UT
    Cody Mandeville-NV
    Don Copeland-IL Imo tim Hart
    Claire Veseth-ID
    Kove Roose-CA
    Zacharie Fansler-CA
    Kathi Bailey-OR
    Sean Harris-WA
    Laura Mayer-OR
    Chris Weaver-ID
    Malcolm Douglas-MT
    Lindsay Compton-OR
    Jake Keithly-Silver City Hotshots
    Pam Keithly-WA
    Bryan Keithly-WA
    Amber Rowe-ID
    Linda Mahoney-CO
    Mark Rousseau-ME
    Christopher Barrett-AZ
    Michael McManus-ID
    Jay Balagna-CA
    Matthew Bowers-ID
    Brian Gales-OR
    Tyrel Matthews-CO
    Bill Neckels-WA
    Jeff Brooks-CA
    Patrick Johnson-UT
    Toby Leon-AZ
    Megan Nolte-MT
    Timothy Donohoe-MI
    Sheila McConnell-ID
    Zachary Hartshorn-WY
    Sterling Hill-ID
    Michael Linchan-OR
    Chad Stilson-UT
    Wm R Blackie Blackburn-CA
    Hannah Snowslide-ID
    Robert Aversano-Cal Poly
    Natalie Noble-WA
    Jessica Whitney-CO
    Josh Tibbetts-UT
    Adam Tinker-CA
    J Duff-CO
    Jennifer Zbyszewski-WA
    Zoe Sumrall-VA
    Denise Baker-CO
    Dawn Sanchez-CO
    Andrea Matos-MT
    David Stancil-Globe IHC
    Rocco Snart-CO
    Jessica Hollinger-CA
    Rebecca Roller-CO
    Kristen Miller-CA
    Sarah Westendorf-CO
    Manuel Canela-CA
    Rocky Gilbert Tonto National Forest
    Jonathan Hoyt-WA State DNR (ret)
    Kevin Janes-CA
    Scott Parsons-CA
    Caitlin Nagorka-WI
    Alex Romero-CA
    Mike Weihman-CA
    Dennis Cullen-CA
    Hunter Stanley-KY
    Robert Cota - USFS
    Jeffrey Gallivan-Phoenix Crew 1
    Clint Kelley-Phoenix Crew 1
    Jeremy Simoneau-Phoenix Crew 1
    Geraldo Diaz-Phoenix Crew 1
    Travis Doolittle-Phoenix Crew 1
    Max Block-Phoenix Crew 1
    Arisman Viera Phoenix Crew 1
    Doug Williams-Phoenix Crew 1
    Tyler Spicer Phoenix Crew 1
    Jackson Wheat-Phoenix Crew 1
    Jessica Drew-Phoenix Crew 1
    Kurt Lehner-Phoenix Crew 1
    Chase Smith-Phoenix Crew 1
    Robert Knoch-UT
    Daniella Zimmerman-CA
    Seth Bond-MT
    Lynne Howard-USFS
    Leslie Mclaughlin-CA
    Paula James-NW Team 13
    Bernie Jesik-Retired Pueblo FD CO
    Andrew Vogl-CA
    Beth McClanahan-OR
    Justin Vernon-OR
    Kristin Garrison-CO
    Sarah Jamison-BOF E412
    Alexis Martin-ID
    Nick Garcia-Cal Fire
    Elizabeth Kurpies-OK
    Ryan Cloud-WA
    Paul Mintier-CO
    William Matney-Pleasant Valley Hotshots
    Robert Macdonald-ID
    Graham Baker-OR
    Chuck Borg-OR
    Evan Franklin-AK
    Brian Woodbeck-CA
    Jeremy Falkenau-VA
    Debby Benjamin-OR
    Jon Slatore-Unified Fire Authority
    Rosie Mueller-WA
    Megan Painter-Salmon Helirappellers
    Lars Filson-OR
    Ian Powers-MA
    Bruce Short-CO
    REbecca Rose-WA
    Hector Vargas-Mesa Hotshots
    Rocky Garduno-Mesa Hotshots
    Joel Coursey-Mesa Hotshots
    Zach Jalbert-Mesa Hotshots
    Alex Gama-Mesa Hotshots
    Robert Duran-Mesa Hotshots
    Adam Murray-Mesa Hotshots
    Nikola Lazic-Mesa Hotshots
    Austin Mich-Mesa Hotshots
    Ian Dobberstein-Mesa Hotshots
    Jeffrey Philbin-Mesa Hotshots
    Kallyn Rapp-Mesa Hotshots
    Dennis Davis-Mesa Hotshots
    Paulicia Larsen-CO
    Isaac Fink-Grangeville Helitack
    Patrick Mann-Mann's Clean Up Service Inc
    Bradley Medvin-CA Correctional Center Fire dept
    Lauren Casey-Alta Hotshots
    Tim Mclaskey-CA
    Kenneth Watkins-NM
    Robert Withers-NV
    Parker Lucas-OR
    Rebecca Ladnier-MS
    Twilla Keefe-UT
    Quentin Ford-AZ
    Wesely Schroeder-CA
    David Parker-FL
    Eric Gottlieb-OK
    Carl Schaefer-CA
    Michael Kelly-ID
    Debbie Kelly-ID
    Teague Walsh-Teton Helitack
    Carole Ferguson-MA
    Tessah Behlings-WI
    Kirk Will-CO
    Arlene Perea-NM
    Linda Holliday-MN
    SEan Gast-Summit WFM Crew 3/Stanislaus NF
    Daniel Lopez-CA
    Justin Perdew-OR
    Dana King-WA
    Danielle Shedden-NV
    Kenneth Shedden-NV
    Mark Brehl-AZ
    Van Jones-CA
    Anthony Duke-Rosati--Bonneville Hotshots
    Tom Schaff-AK
    John DePew Mad Fire BSSp
    Jim Payne-AZ
    Royce Kenton-AZ
    Russell Thurn-NM
    Katherine LaVoie-MA
    Bill Shields-WY
    Samuel Gilvarg-MA
    John Yerger-AZ
    Dana Ensminger-CA
    Michael Billgren-CA
    John Schimek-WA
    James Milichichi-OR
    Walter Jensen-CA
    Dale Overman-HIDerek Jackson-CO
    Ashley Connolly-CO
    Frederick Goenner-TX
    Judy Shields-WY
    Jon Janelle-NH
    Dougas Thomas NV
    Peter Henderson-CO
    Diane Hansson-OH
    Robert Burrus-NM
    Rocky McWilliams-WY
    Aldo Menjivar-Ventura County Fire Dept
    Tyler Sendrak-CA
    Austin Dane-MN
    Daniel riggsbee-NC
    Kymberlee Martinez-NM
    James Fischer-ID
    Lacey England-MT
    John Pavlik-CO
    Bryan Ware-Beulah Fire Protection district
    Meg Trebon-WA
    Leslie Fager-OR
    Cody Lambert-TX
    Liv Madelene Elfstrom-VA
    Brian McCreary-OR
    Tom Schultz-ID
    Heathern Appelhof-Outdoorcareers.Net, LLC
    Clinton Gould-CA
    Henry Hickerson-CO
    Bevin Protas-AK
    Kameron Zale-AZ
    William Aschoff-CA
    Rick Lancaster-OR
    Randy Johnson-WA
    David Verona-AZ
    Deborah Traver-OR
    Kaysie Thomas-ID
    Kristen Honig-NM
    Kat Gonzales-NV
    Greg Liddicoat-NV
    Mark Karr-CA
    Richard Bartkowiak-OR
    Sara Watson-IL
    Joshua Woodbridge-SMRD
    Jesse Nield-ID
    Garrett Pitsenbarger-UT
    Jeremy Erickson
    Mark Adams-Blue Ridge
    James Williams-ID
    Matt Woodwick-MN
    Raymond Wilson-CA
    Brett Story-AZ
    Ollie Bucolo-Marble Mountain WFM
    Kevin Koch-CA
    Janice Koch-CA
    Stacey Evans-UT
    Michael Chau-CA
    Craig Ericson-CA
    Joseph Van domelen-OR
    Mark Fiege-MT
    Cristian Lopez-CA
    Mark Marcum-Thompson Springs Special Service Fire District
    Ryan Jones-NV
    Ryan Allen-ID
    Christopher Wescott-AZ
    William Lee-Az
    Daniel Porras-Foot in the Black
    Cooper Horton-Bitteroot Hotshots
    Corey Langehennig-Buffalo River WFM
    Mason Quick-Last Chance Helitack
    Sam Ghazi-CA
    Erica Husse-WY
    Margaret Lawson-OR
    Jacob Conklin-MT
    Kay Sorensen-MN
    Larae Guillory-Rivers Division
    Vance Andersen-BLM
    Stephen Clifford-CA
    Blake Wallrich-TN
    Kenny Parlsey-OR
    Andrew Addey-Sawtooth
    Clarence Holt-WA
    Patricia Robinson-CA
    Hans Rudolf-OR
    Sean Benson-CO
    Dan Santantonio-VA
    Mark Haines-WY
    Chase Smith-AZ
    Anastasia Campbell-AZ
    Ron Brewer-CA
    Steven Markason-WY
    Harrod Pickell-TN
    Thomas Guttmacher-RI
    Sonia Wirth-WA
    John Wirth-WA
    Dennis Finnegan-CO
    Norm Tindell-TX
    Frank "Pancho" Azua-Black Mesa Hotshots
    Thomas Kelley-Black Mesa Hotshots
    Jake Florence-Black Mesa Hotshots
    Tanner Purtill-Black Mesa Hotshots
    Christian Pittaro-Black Mesa Hotshots
    Lane bentley-Black Mesa Hotshots
    Christian Ibarra-Black Mesa Hotshots
    Gordon Emerson-Black Mesa Hotshots
    Kurt Cebula-Black Mesa Hotshots
    Andre Cubillas-Black Mesa Hotshots
    Henry Ferendo-Black Mesa Hotshots
    Shawn Horton-Black Mesa Hotshots
    Alec Tulsky-Black Mesa Hotshots
    Christopher O'Neill-Black Mesa Hotshots
    Gregory Blust-Black Mesa Hotshots
    Jordan Pariga-Black Mesa Hotshots
    Joshua Peabody-Black Mesa Hotshots
    Mike Glinski-Black Mesa Hotshots
    Ryan Stone-MI
    Mia Muldoon Roddy-CO
    Casey Bennett-CO
    Kenyon Shephard-CO
    Julian Caballero-CO
    Ryan rudolf-OR
    Chuck Cross-OR
    George Gomola-CT
    Eric Hadden-CA
    Larry Alvarado-CA
    Sarrah Steele-ID
    Stephen Worley-Madison RD Fire E-662
    Shawn Kantor-FL
    Lorenzo Castillo-Ca
    Nicolas Olalla-CO
    Eric Paul-CO
    Chris Meeker-Az
    Kevin LoGiudice-FL
    Robert Griffith-CIIMT4
    Emilio Arjon-Arrowhead IHC
    Sam Smith--Arrowhead IHC
    Pedro Venegas--Arrowhead IHC
    Joshua Phillips--Arrowhead IHC
    Eric Galavan--Arrowhead IHC
    Zach Leavitt--Arrowhead IHC
    Julio Campos--Arrowhead IHC
    Tyson Moya--Arrowhead IHC
    Ian McGinnis--Arrowhead IHC
    Roberto Naranjo--Arrowhead IHC
    Eric Miller-OR
    Andrew Nordquist-USFS
    Daniel Fuller-CO
    Chance Stewart-UT
    Melanie Stevens-AZ
    George Geissler-Wa
    Marsha Banta-CA
    Aron Levin-CA
    Jennifer Hill-UT
    Cameron Dupriest-IHO Dupriest Family
    Seth Greene-Ca
    Chaz Evert-NE
    Maximillian Wahlberg-OR
    Erin Lally-MT
    George Solano-ID
    Dakota Randall-Redding IHC
    Kira Miller-Redding IHC
    Justus-Ownbey-Redding IHC
    Brandon Chacon-Redding IHC
    Michael Petty-Redding IHC
    Zoe Hane-Redding IHC
    Sarah Curran-Redding IHC
    Kareena Tulloch-Redding IHC
    Malia Ortiz-Redding IHC
    Calum Gil-Redding IHC
    Peter Sullivan-Redding IHC
    Rob Lazarian-Redding IHC
    Michael Cagle-Redding IHC
    Dylan Ferreira-Redding IHC
    RJ Reierson-Redding IHC
    Evan Arnold-Redding IHC
    Chris Graves-Redding IHC
    Dan Mallia-Redding IHC
    Michael Peckman-Redding IHC
    John Case-AZ
    David Reid-CO
    Michael Davis-WA
    Lisa Davis-WA
    Sarah Richards-ID
    Brad Richards-ID
    Betty McQuirk-ID
    George Chappell-UT
    Linda Chappell-UT
    Hugh Vallely-AZ PNF
    Jesse Trudeau-Region 5
    Sean Moreno-CA
    Heath Gerber-Montana DNRC Training & Safety
    Scott Owen-NWimt 13
    Barbara Kelly-TX
    John Worsley-Klamath IHC
    Alex Gonzales-Klamath IHC
    Seth Daniels-Klamath IHC
    Eric Doty-Klamath Hotshots
    Eric Ritzau-Klamath Hotshots
    Parker Hansen-Klamath Hotshots
    Alicia Dickerson-Klamath Hotshots
    Josh Pargas-TN
    Michael Harris-CAl Fire
    Eric Panebaker-CO
    Kevin Pabinquit-CA
    Zach Smith-MT
    Dave Serna-CA
    Steven Stroud-Boise SMJ
    William Buring-Firestorm Crew 7
    Shane McDonald-ID
    Brendan Elkins-MT
    Pamela Crouch-IL
    Kyle Titus- Entiat crew 52
    Taylor Farrington-HTF Engine 315
    Brian Haugen-AK
    Julie Lutz-WY
    Teresa Frick-NC
    Max Barragan-CA
    Pat Lacienski-NC
    Patti Rollie-UT
    Larry Shaw-VA
    Jacob Keogh-NV
    Cody Hamilton E-326 CNF-TRD
    Joanie Lawrence-OR
    Maria Maragni-OR
    Luke Huntington-Crew 52, CRD
    Eddy Harris-TX
    Pedro Rodriquez-Texas A&M Forest Service
    Matthew Spanos-CA
    Kyle Jones-Ca
    Adam Park-Ca
    Mike Vetti-CIIMT4
    Joshua Thompson-Ca
    Kian Akhavein-Ca
    Melissa Brandt-ID
    Andrew Shippenhoute-CA
    Dominic Munoz-CA
    Jennifer Armstrong-Ca
    Chris Manzanares-ID
    Jeanette Wendler-WA
    Frank Weaver-MN
    Greg Jackson-NV
    Dylan Ghan-N Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District-Incline Brush 15
    Treyton Northrup-N Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District-Incline Brush 15
    Maxwell Laurca-N Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District-Incline Brush 15
    Charles Faulks-N Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District-Incline Brush 15
    Zayae Swindells-N Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District-Incline Brush 15
    Rowan Bennett-N Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District-Incline Brush 15
    Gerald Scott-USFS
    Elizabeth Guess-CO
    Sylas Kalyan-CO
    John Kern-FL
    Tyson Felicilda-ID
    Steven Kimbley-TX
    Clint Mitchell-CO
    Gary Handschug-WA
    Christian Wooster-Black Mountain Hotshots
    Larry Pingel-Inyo National Forest-Chief 1
    Lisa Slepetski-AK
    Sara Billings-Forest Service Honor Guard
    Erika Reed-Norway
    Weston Gaulp-CA
    Joaquin Gutierrez-NM
    Andrew Holtmeyer-UT
    Derek Kristal-UT
    Jake Cagle-CA
    Jose Trujillo-NM
    Chris Mursu-US Fish & Wildlife Service
    Duke Atalay-NY
    Jon Skeels-J Skeels Consulting LLC
    Bradley Duncan-NM
    Jacob Tilton-CA
    Jay Starzynski-CO
    Jeff Ellis-Rifle Peak Handcrew
    Carson Tomicic-Rifle Peak Handcrew
    David Curtis-Rifle Peak Handcrew
    Kyle Nickels-Rifle Peak Handcrew
    Matt Cousin-Rifle Peak Handcrew
    Nick Olson-Rifle Peak Handcrew
    Wilder Sherwood-Rifle Peak Handcrew
    Tyler Nott-Rifle Peak Handcrew
    Colton Schafer-Rifle Peak Handcrew
    Lane Bennett-Rifle Peak Handcrew
    Eric Rasmussen-Rifle Peak Handcrew
    Connor Edick-Rifle Peak Handcrew
    Conall Gaffney-Rifle Peak Handcrew
    KC Meyer-Rifle Peak Handcrew
    Richard Stock-Rifle Peak Handcrew
    Justin McKendry-Rifle Peak Handcrew
    Samuel Huettinger-Rifle Peak Handcrew
    Colton Huber-Rifle Peak Handcrew
    Trevor Murray-Rifle Peak Handcrew
    John Sanders-Rifle Peak Handcrew
    Jouvon Edison-Rifle Peak Handcrew
    Gavin Kelley-Caruthers-Rifle Peak Handcrew
    Margrete Bjorsen-ID
    Andrew Perez-Lassen IHC
    Krystjan Stocks-Lassen IHC
    Zach Saitone-Lassen IHC
    Charlie Kessler-Lassen IHC
    Rob Anderson-Lassen IHC
    Chase MacDonald-Lassen IHC
    Raymond Walsh-Lassen IHC
    Roberto Bravo-Ramerez-Lassen IHC
    Saileng Kong-Lassen IHC
    Diego Rivera-Lassen IHC
    Collyn Stone-Lassen IHC
    Manuel Faustino-Lassen IHC
    Brock Harmon-Lassen IHC
    Kevin Rogers-Lassen IHC
    Zane Obourke-Lassen IHC
    Jake Hernandez-Lassen IHC
    John Mears-Lassen IHC
    Brett Matthews-Lassen IHC
    Leland Ratcliff-Lassen IHC
    Allen Schultze-Lassen IHC
    Zachary Hawkins-MT
    Kathleen Carter-IL
    Micha Booze-AK
    Richard Medici-Brinkman-CA
    Michelle Lane-WY
    Garland Shaw-MT
    John Caroon-OR
    Evan Beach-CA
    Susan Zimmer-CO
    Deanna Riker-MN
    Logan Smith-USFS
    Karen Bontrager-MI
    Jonathan Bontrager-MI
    Sean Murphy-Klamath Hotshots
    Benjamin Nelson-Klamath Hotshots
    Dan Carroll-Ca
    Kathy Carroll-Ca
    Chris Mork-MT
    Brian Johnson-MA
    Stevee Alletag-ID
    Jacob Portillo-Bear Divide Hotshots
    Steven Santeliz-Bear Divide Hotshots
    Angel Magdaleno-Bear Divide Hotshots
    Gerardo Moreno-Bear Divide Hotshots
    Julian Blas-Bear Divide Hotshots
    Avery Cook-Bear Divide Hotshots
    Travis Tate-Bear Divide Hotshots
    Julian Richardson-Bear Divide Hotshots
    Andy Salazar-Bear Divide Hotshots
    Francisco Victorino Jr-Bear Divide Hotshots
    Migual Ramos-Bear Divide Hotshots
    Diego Reynoso-Bear Divide Hotshots
    Jake Galbo-Bear Divide Hotshots
    William Venegas-Bear Divide Hotshots
    Leonard Erentreich-Bear Divide Hotshots
    Tyler Brankin-Bear Divide Hotshots
    GAbriel Romero-Bear Divide Hotshots
    Derek Madrigal-Bear Divide Hotshots
    Josh Thomas-Bear Divide Hotshots
    Brian Anderson-Bear Divide Hotshots
    Camille Cloyd-TX IMO Andy Verdugo
    David Brown-Az
    Tracy Dott-CA
    Jay McCarrell lll-CA
    Bethany Dubia-CA
    Jason Sare-Yakima Wildfire Services/E5
    Breanna Truelove-Klamath Hotshots
    Ross Nelson-CA
    Philip Blagg-FL
    Lindsay Dallison-CA
    Samuel Martinez-CA
    Forrester White-Klamath Hotshots
    Lisa Kemper-NV IHO our fallen in 2021
    Mason Range-NM
    Jim Shirley-CA
    Eric Wilcoxon-CA
    Amos Holmes-MT
    Linda David-WA
    Larry David-WA
    Frank Davis-OR
    Joan Marett-AZ
    Dean Mcgirr-OR
    Samuel Wyckoff-WA
    Cody Stacher-Salmon River Hotshots
    David Ortega-Salmon River Hotshots
    Tim Felton-Salmon River Hotshots
    Brandon Gobbi-Salmon River Hotshots
    Aiden Dennison-Salmon River Hotshots
    Rebecca Brown-Salmon River Hotshots
    Clinton Bolden-Salmon River Hotshots
    Miah Jenk-Salmon River Hotshots
    Jason Gosin-Salmon River Hotshots
    David Lyons-Salmon River Hotshots
    Michael Hoffberg-Salmon River Hotshots
    Ryan Mutchnick-Salmon River Hotshots
    Hector Torres-Salmon River Hotshots
    Taylor Head-Salmon River Hotshots
    John Ivers-Salmon River Hotshots
    Patrick Grimes-Salmon River Hotshots
    Jered Fletes-Salmon River Hotshots
    George Correa-Salmon River Hotshots
    Kelsey LOfdahl-Salmon River Hotshots
    Mike Klimek-Volcanic National Park Fire Mgmt
    Dan Ostmann-Volcanic National Park Fire Mgmt
    Anna Mateljak-Volcanic National Park Fire Mgmt
    Varvara Fedorova-Volcanic National Park Fire Mgmt
    Kevin Kidd-Volcanic National Park Fire Mgmt
    Alex Christopher-Volcanic National Park Fire Mgmt
    Brian Ortiz-Volcanic National Park Fire Mgmt
    Michael Pettigrew-Volcanic National Park Fire Mgmt
    John Huxley-Volcanic National Park Fire Mgmt
    Jason Tucker-Volcanic National Park Fire Mgmt
    Karen Maas-CA IHO Timothy Crenshaw
    Jacob Wahler-CA
    Aaron Strobel-KY
    Edward Coughlin lll-WA
    Steve Klosterman-CA
    Jim Klosterman-CA
    Jody Smith-MI
    Alleyn Friedrich-LA
    Veronica McCabe-Howell-UT
    Ryan Williams-USFWS MN Valley NWR
    Michael Ferris-OR
    Jeff Knepp-CA
    Debra Lopez-UT
    Jeff Burch-CA
    Brian Blatney-Florida Forest Service
    Gino Reginato-CA
    Scott Gorman-CA
    Jessica Westbrook-OH
    Ross Schnitzler-CA
    Stephen Schulz-CA
    Tracy Fifarek-MN
    Edward Anderson-VA
    Colleen Hagler-MT
    Michael Kennard-CA
    Stanley Steele-OR
    Corey Zander-CA
    William Bondshu-CAL OES Fire & Rescue
    Brittany Kunz-Co
    Andrew Duran-CA
    Corey Auger-E-644 UT Division of Forestry Fire & State Lands
    Kevin Smyth-Klamath IHC
    Will Sharp-CA IHO Caleb Kupersmith
    Matthew Michaliszyn-AZ
    Rush Smith-Osceola NF
    Sarah Machado-CA
    Matt Hubaud-OR
    Kit Bailey-Cal OES Fire & Rescue
    Katherine Solorio-AZ
    Nolin Page, Boise BLM
    Lydia Raderschadt-Black Hills Helitack
    Jesse Kiene-OR
    John Postlewaite-ID
    Julianne Thomson-CA
    Jack Fry-CA
    Lathe Evans-AZ
    Justin Brown-NV
    Savanna Brooks-CA
    Paul Swedhin-CO
    Javi Ruiz -CA SQF Patrol 44 Greenhorn Summit
    Galen Diemer-Bonneville IHC
    Ray Grimes Jr-NJ
    Mark Hnat-NV
    Larry Nickey-WA
    Erin Ruhl-SD
    Christopher Tomlin-Bald Mtn Helitack
    Matt Muller=Bald Mtn Helitack
    Peter Ramer-Bald Mtn Helitack
    Jason Barnhart-Bald Mtn Helitack
    Lew Meyer-Bald Mtn Helitack
    Peter Murray-Bald Mtn Helitack
    Emily Chandler-Bald Mtn Helitack
    Aaron Silva-Bald Mtn Helitack
    Brian Miracle-OR
    Andrew Auld-NV
    James Johnstone -CA
    Keng Lee-CA
    Randy Unkovich-CA
    Stephanie Koh-NV
    Tim Crenshaw-Firestorm Wildland Fire Suppression
    Dawn Lemcke-AZ
    Paul Gross-Catamount Crew
    Colin Switzer-CA
    Tyler Herdman-ID
    Bruce Forgea-ID
    Nathan Urness-CA
    Lauren Iverson-CA
    Ryan McFarland-CA
    Mitchell LaMonte-Texas A&M Forest Service
    Sanjuanita Gomez-OR
    Curtis Matthews-CA
    Andrew Custing-Florida Forest Service
    Jason Overocker-ID
    Ben Rock-MT
    Bert Smith-NM
    Samantha Nichols-SD
    Aaron McDowell-OR
    Greg Bartin-NPS-Zion and the Utah Parks Group
    Tyn Sauter-WI
    Rick Vollick-MA
    Garrett Watson-CA
    Tori Newburn-WA
    Tiffany Jones-TX
    Stan Mitchem-WY
    Jameson Springer-CA
    Jessica Ballard-Letting Love in
    Skyler Lofgren-AZ
    David Gier-Carbon County Fire Wardens Office
    Matthew Franklin-AL
    Daniel Vasquez-Forestry Tech
    Steve Vasquez- Realtor
    Lidia Vasquez-Caretaker
    Desnise Vasquez-Teacher
    Matthew Brown-CA
    Steven Roberts-IL
    Norman Rooker-NV
    Marsi Woody-ID
    Ken Wolff
    John Lueck
    Charlyn Smith-USFS
    Ashley Sites-MT
    Stacee Sadler-AL
    Cody Whitney-USFWS Montana Fire Zone
    Terry Fourtner-KC Fourtner Craigmountain-IMO KC Fourtner
    Kenneth Fourtner-KC Fourtner Craigmountain-IMo KC Fourtner
    Anna Payne-CA
    Gina Troy
    Steven Mueller-CO
    Jeannie Mueller-CO
    Jose Baeza-PR
    Neal Hitchcock-ID
    Joel Shennum-CA
    Mary Huels-Wa
    William Connors-Boise Chamber of Commerce
    Vaness Glynn-Linaris-CA
    Patrick Oakley-MI
    William Jolly- Missoula Fire Sciences Lab
    Aaron Mielke-MN DNR Forestry
    Elaine White-NJ
    Denis Kirkley-AZ
    Michael Anderson-AZ
    Ann Anderson-AZ
    Clark McCreedy-Eastern Area Type 11 ICMT
    Robert Bell-WA
    Donald Fregulia-CA
    Susie Heisey-GA
    Andy Heisey-GA
    Elizabeth Skelly-CA
    Elise Roberts-TX
    Robert Kerschner-NJ
    LIsa Kerschner-NJ
    Cade Kerschner-NJ
    Ryan Gaughran-NJ
    Jason Gaughran-NJ
    Brena Azzoto-VA
    Brian Morris-WA
    Paul Craver-WV
    Vince Carver-GA
    Joshua Koelsch-MN
    Patrick Murray-MD
    Tony Doubek-MN
    Kevin Elliott-USFS retired
    Max MIchael Detrick-CA
    Jeffrey Wendland-SD
    Dustin Kuhn-San Diego Fire Dept
    Michael Meryhew-CO
    Samuel Crenshaw-CA
    Eric Kurtz-MT
    Tamara Klindt-TX
    Indre Semogas-WA
    Peter Semogas-WA
    Zachory Huff-CA
    Anna Ross-WY
    Daniel Lyon-MT
    John Wroblewski-CO
    Daniel O'Connor-USF San Diego
    Eric Resler-WA
    Travis Whitney-CO
    Steven Douglas-CO
    Eric Fransted-ID
    James Archbeault-WA
    Georgia Thompson-UT
    Derek Caston-WI
    Robert Klindworth-WA
    Shawn Baker-Stanislaus Hotshots (retired)
    Rebecca Johnson-Stanislaus National Forest
    Lewis Meyers-WA
    Dave Soldavini-CA
    David Vitwar-CO
    Ernie Smith-Grayback Forestry
    Stanton Florea-ID IMO Tim Hart
    Rachel Granberg-Wa
    Ben Martin-MN
    Amy VanNorthwick-CO
    Tyler Kulla Grand Teton National park
    Melissa Schwarz-AK
    Kim Albea-WY
    James JOhnson-MN
    Justin Hroch-CO
    Edward Haffy-NJ
    Thomas Haffy-NJ
    Robert Heiar-CA
    Megan Sherman-AZ
    Joseph Rinaldi-MT
    Ishmael Messer-CA
    Dyland Hillyer-IA
    Kaitlin Bergez-MT
    Allan Kesner-CA
    Joan Mueller-IL
    Adam Lind-CA
    Matthew Hurd-MD
    Yanu Gallimore-OR
    JD Bowman-UT
    Jeremy Kolaks-IN
    Darrell Willis-AZ IMO Granite mountain
    Judy Willis-AZ IMO Granite Mountain
    Jennifer Rabuck-WI
    Jim Saveland-CO
    Kimberly Valentine-OR
    Barry Reid-MD
    Christie Wiley-TX
    Russell Leggett-AR
    Denis Moran-CO
    Genevieve Hitchcock-TX
    Vicki Bartter-CO
    Glenn Bartter-CO
    Joseph Koehler-WI
    Sandy Dunbar-IMO Doug Dunbar
    Sayre Gabriel-IMO Doug Dunbar
    Hector Madrid-NM
    Karin Madrid-Nm
    Bill Allen-IMO Jeff Allen
    Diz Allen-IMO Jeff Allen
    Joseph Lara-NM Smokey Bear Rd

    (Video) Julio Betancourt - Wildland Fire in a Changing World: A Personal Retrospective

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    2020 Gold Members (28 listed)

    Redding IHC
    Gila Hotshots
    San Juan Hotshots
    Phoenix Crew
    Breckenridge IHC
    Midewin IHC
    Santa Ynez Flight Crew Helicopter 528
    Rogue River IHC
    Kaweah WFM
    Arrowhead IHC
    Lone Peak Hotshots
    Ventura County Prof FF
    Nevada County Fire District
    Crew 51 Middle Fork (FS)
    Baker River IHC
    Prineville IHC
    Montecito Firefighters Association
    Black Mesa IHC
    Teton Helitack
    Globe IHC
    Entiat Hotshots
    Craig Hotshots
    Zephyr Fire Crew
    Big Hill Helitack
    Klamath Hotshots
    Bear Divide IHC
    Salmon River Hotshots
    Lassen Volcanic National Park

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    2020 Annual Members (2012 listed)

    Jeff Clark-AZ
    Mindy Clark-AZ
    Craig Weaver-ID
    Ken Kerr-CO
    Linda Kerr-CO
    Marcia Smith-NH FS Retired
    Steve Plevel-AZ
    Charles (Les) Page-KS
    Zachary Lyon-NV
    Stacy Fenton-OR
    Mary Fenton-OR
    Paul Craven-WV
    Angela Bealka-MN
    Dave Soldavini-CA
    Gerald Campbell-East Fork Fire
    Alicia Hone-UT
    Paul Frick-PA
    Paul Talbot-MN
    Deanna Lewis-MT
    David Wischer-WA
    Gerry Day-WA
    Peter Noble-MO
    Andrew Jones-OH
    Mitchell LaMonte-TX
    John Oliver-VA
    Adam Gilgamesh-Gary-NV
    Edward Phipps-NJ NJFFS
    Forrest Gale-OR
    Rodger Ozburn-WV Division of Forestry
    Cliff Hutton-WY
    Cathy Hutton-WY
    Gregg Goodland-CO
    Sandy Dunbar-OR
    Arthur Mindlin
    Victoria Harry
    Jose Baeza-PR
    Robert Andrews-OR
    Rocky Siegel-CA
    Emily Nemore-ID
    Alex Fier
    Jacqueline LeClair
    Deanna Seeger
    Lisa Kemper-CA
    Hunter Bell
    Melissa Swain
    Matthew Dillon-MO
    Ethan Green-MI
    Roger Attwell-GA
    Louis Goldsmith-OR C-501 Crescent OR
    Corey Zander-CA Cal OES Fire & Rescue
    Jeremy Robertson-UT Unified Fire Authority of Greater Salt Lake
    Andy Lyon-CO
    Sean O'Malley-AZ Grangeville Smokejumpers
    Don Will-CA
    Kyle Behrens-AZ
    John Bitzberger-ID Boise National Forest E-413
    Penny Salazar-CO
    Randall Rogers-MO
    Eric Weber-NJ
    Matt Martens-WA IHO Kennewick Union FF L1296
    Stacie Cicairos- USFS Klamath NF Goosenest RD Eng 77 IMO TJ Marovich & David Ruhl
    Jacob Cicairos- USFS Klamath NF Goosenest RD E-378 IMO David Ruhl
    Steve Wilson-CA USFS Retired
    Kendall Vondriska-CA
    Mark Hopkins-FL Florida Forest Service, BFC
    Chad Pickering-MT
    Richard Stanger-SD Deadwood Fire Dept
    Bruce Edmonson-CA
    Karen Hayden-CA
    Brett Ortland-ID
    Matthew Schutty-OR Siskyou Rappellers-USFS
    Devin Jurs-ID
    Dianne Verdugo-CA
    Richard Sparks-WI
    Paul Dahlen-CA
    Dana Dahlen-CA
    Phillip Christie-DB Jet
    Deborah Patton-NM Bandelier National Monument
    Ernest Patton-NM
    Hayden Hoelscher-WY E-421 Bridger-Teton NF
    Jesse Kiene-OR Medford Crew 10
    MM Cragin-CA
    LM Cragin-CA
    Casey Judd-ID
    Kathleen Rahn-WI IHO Brenton Rahn
    Erick Stahlin-AK
    Dana Reid
    Aaron Grove-NV
    Charles Fischer
    Linda Oneal-WA
    Frank Heilman-OR
    Ryan Hughes-CO White River NF
    Jeffrey Wendland-SD Hot Springs Vol Fire Dept/Wind & Fire MC Black Hills
    Heather Griffin-TN-USFS
    Aaron Pedersen-OR USDA FS
    Timothy Hill-AZ USFS
    Martin Hutten-AK USFS
    Marty Gmelin-CO Stanislaus NF
    Nick Peters-GA USFS
    Mark Wesseldine
    Tyler Rowland-MS
    Jeremy Alexander-ID
    Morgan Meserth-ID
    Mark Swan-CO
    Lynn Swan-CO
    Shane Freeman-UT State of UT, Div. Of Forestry Fire & State Lands
    Epsilon Sigma Alpha-CO
    Dan Mallia-CA Redding IHC
    Chris Graves-Redding IHC
    Tyler Harris-Redding IHC
    Jerry Hurley-CA
    Evan Arnold-Redding IHC
    RJ Reierson-Redding IHC
    Dalton Aguayo-Redding IHC
    Nicholas Connor-Redding IHC
    Alicia Dickerson-Redding IHC
    Dylan Ferreira-Redding IHC
    Jacob Kovolisky-Redding IHC
    Rikki Luebke-Redding IHC
    Oscar Martinez-Redding IHC
    Jared Moreno-Redding IHC
    Telli Morford-Redding IHC
    Mayra Nava-Redding IHC
    Joshua O'Coy-Redding IHC
    Daniel Robinson-Redding IHC
    Kayla Wills-Redding IHC
    Shane Wise-Redding IHC
    Charles Early-MT
    Anthony Montes-WA Globe IHC
    Jenna Wilke-UT
    Dennis Page-CO USFS
    Anchor Point Media-NV
    Ross Fielder-OR
    Lindsay Rae Silvia-VT Green Mountain & Finger lakes NF
    Jodine Barnes-WA
    Michelle Surratt-MT
    Cody Lee-CA-Lompoc City Fire
    Chris O'Brien-WA
    Conrad Stielau-ID Boise National Forest
    David Taylor-CA
    Anders Hendrickson-CO
    Michael Purdy-CA USFS Retired
    Paul Oltrogge-AZ City of Flagstaff Fire Dept.
    Mark Oetzmann-MT Gallatin Rappellers
    Brian Austin-DC
    Nicholas Brackins-CA Sacramento Nation Wildlife REfuge E
    Gayemarie Ekker
    Laurel Peterson
    Lynn Lockwood
    Andy Zimmerman
    Sean Depp
    Sandy Cameron
    William Webb
    Jacob Kovolisky
    'Justin Cowger
    Christopher Little
    Clayton Gardner
    Benjamin Powell
    Act of Nature
    David Wilkins
    Nicholas Jeros
    Glenn Sundstrom
    Richard Nicholson
    Timothy Beck
    Brian Dompierre
    Sara Martinez
    Scott Romuk
    David Blatz-MN
    Justin Gagnon-CA
    Chris Schow-CA
    Lathe Evans-AZ
    Nicole Moore-TX
    Jacobs Creek Fire Crew
    John McAndrew 111-NJ Forest Fire Service
    Joseph Brown-TX
    Jeffrey Brown-IA
    Paul Roose-MT
    Jenna Roose-MT
    Greg McAlpine-CA
    Larry Edwards-MT
    Gary Anderson-NV
    Mark Newquist-OR
    Kris Cunio-WY
    Cassandra Fleckenstein-OR
    Brenda Ward-NV
    Michael Kane-AZ-FTA Dispatcher/Firefighter
    Ryan Brokaw-AZ
    Vickie Hulsizer-WA
    Aaron Steele-CA
    Jill Thomas-ID
    Andrew Wong-CA
    Charmaine Delmatier-WA US Federal Regulars (USFS & BLM) & Private Hotshot
    Harold Gemmell-MT
    Scotty Mason-KY
    Barry Burt-NV
    Nicole Vaillant-OR
    Jeff Crawford-OR
    Zach Moran-OR USFS
    Lewis Brown_NV
    Tom Schoenfelder-WA
    Thomas Horn-CO
    Joel Pomeroy-OR
    Steve Peterson-ID
    Tyler Mundy-CA
    Kyle Tolosano-CA USFS REgion 5 REgional Aviation Group
    Michael Dolan-NV
    Elizabeth Bauer-MT
    James Payne-AZ
    John Meek-CO El Paso County Sheriff's Office, Wildland Fire
    Landan Nielsen-Wisconsin DNR
    Bonnie Wood-ID
    Mike Harvey-CO
    Josh Bardwell-TX
    Eric Shelton-MT
    Larry Smith-KY
    Rita Wears-CA USFS-retired
    Dan Anerino-OH Wayne National Forest
    R Lloyd Bittner-ID Cal Fire retired
    Julius Hostetler-AZ
    Linda Austin-CO
    Kim Martin-UT USDF Forest Service
    Austin Barnum-Douglas-OR Santiam River
    Matthew Schell-WI USFS
    Jason Emhoff-WA Naches Fire Management USFS
    Paul Iannizzotto-FL
    Conor McGee-MA
    Holly McKinney-WY
    Adam Altergott-SD Altergott Forestry, LLC
    Jeremiah Haddix-SC Savannah River Site
    Richard Renouf-ID
    Julie Renouf-ID
    Chris Rankin-WY
    Kyle Kerstiens
    Jeffrey Buscher-CA
    Bob Lattin-WA Colville NF
    Christine Belge-MD Flaming Gorge Module
    Laura Guillory-CA Elk Mountain Hotshots
    Shawn Priddy-IL
    Karen Castellon-CA
    Daniel Stoorza-NY ADK Bean to Coffee
    Debra Stoorza-NY ADK Bean to Coffee
    Jan Amen-TX Etoile Volunteer Fire Dept.
    Benjamin Powell-MT
    John Hillenbrand-NV
    Jill Hillenbrand-NV
    Jennifer Peterson-OR
    Jacqueline Materne-CA STF WFM Crew 2
    Thomas Kaman-ID Salmon Air Base
    Antonio Muniz Vargas-CA Arrowhead IHC
    Christopher Feather-WA
    Buck Kneifl-WI
    Kurt Kause-MT
    Maudie Colvin-CO
    Danielle Yox-AZ Tonto Engine 12-37
    Kyle Hermiston-MT
    Margaret Rodeffer-AZ
    Anne Rock-MA
    Spencer Johnston-ID
    Stefanie JOhnston-ID
    Donald Bowen-CA
    Keith Hawk-FL
    Peter Morrone-NV Olympic Wildland Fire Module
    Don Edwards-CA
    Philip Taylor-VA
    Nancy Taylor-VA-KingPeak WFM
    Jason Althouse-AZ
    Dustin Morris-TX
    Hunter Loncarich-CO Smokey Bear IHC
    Robert Riley-CA
    Nick Holschbach-NC
    Mark Walls=CA
    Kellie Stover-CO Forest Service
    Scott McConchie-WY HDD Helitack
    Patrick Johnson-UT
    Benjamin Beamer-OR
    Anthony Huegel-ID
    Alex Benitez-CA
    David Scott-CA
    Robert Baldanzi-CA Big Hill Helitack
    Skyler Lofgren-AZ Flagstaff Fire Dept.
    Kevin Knauth-ID USFS (NIMO) & District Ranger
    Terry Knauth-ID
    Alec Lane-CA
    Kate Zajanc-ID
    Chris Adamcik-MT
    Jacob Lansing-CA
    Nancy Donaldson-TX
    Mason Dungy-CA Independence Helitack
    Brian Donnelly-CA
    Scott Sylvester-ID
    Keith Bedonie-CO San Juan Hotshots
    Tom Allbright-San Juan Hotshots
    Scott McCreary-San Juan Hotshots
    Josh Morris-San Juan Hotshots
    Chris Ives-San Juan Hotshots
    Sarah Barry-San Juan Hotshots
    Sean Hosier-San Juan Hotshots
    Hannah Ohlson-San Juan Hotshots
    David Draayer-San Juan Hotshots
    Justin Giorno-San Juan Hotshots
    Katy Tuckerman-San Juan Hotshots
    Phil Martinez-San Juan Hotshots
    Charles Thelemann-San Juan Hotshots
    Chase Dittrich-San Juan Hotshots
    Joseph Delmaro-San Juan Hotshots
    Brett Clement-San Juan Hotshots
    Randall Ausdran-San Juan Hotshots
    Gavin Stroud-San Juan Hotshots
    Ben Atoniowicz-San Juan Hotshots
    Alaina Dochylo-San Juan Hotshots
    Brendon Banwell-CA Ukonom IHC
    Randy Anderson-ID
    Nicholi Darkus-CA
    Lucy Ferrier-CA
    Michael Head- Gila Hotshots
    Wyatt Shellhorn- Gila Hotshots
    Scot Emery-Gila Hotshots
    Kevin Hashemi-Gila Hotshots
    Luke Brehm-Gila Hotshots
    Mark O'Leary-Gila Hotshots
    Joshua Phillips- Gila Hotshots
    Daniel Guilfoyle-Gila Hotshots
    Kellen Ayers-Gila Hotshots
    Graham Boyd-Gila Hotshots
    Manuel Garcia -Gila Hotshots
    Jason Harper-Gila Hotshots
    Ryan Mielke-Gila Hotshots
    Loran Pace-Gila Hotshots
    Erick Passmore-Gila Hotshots
    Clara Rabenau- Gila Hotshots
    Shawn Strain-Gila Hotshots
    Jeremiah Torres-Gila Hotshots
    Eric Sinton-Gila Hotshots
    Calvin Miller-GA
    Michelle Ellis-HI
    Sara Diggs-CA
    Colin Toth-MI
    Kristina Christian-MI
    Todd Sexton-ID Salmon Heli-Rappellers
    Kenneth Musial-WI Midewin IHC
    Todd Like-CO
    David McConnell-OR
    Peggie Cathie-CA
    Carol Daviscourt-OR
    Jimmy Siano-OR
    Paula Chambless-TX IMO Ron Chambless
    Quinn Robinson-PA
    Isaac Coy-ID
    Phillip Taylor-VA
    Lonnie DelVillar-WA
    Dave Kannas-NH
    Kyle McCabe-CA
    Kevin Knauth-ID
    Terri Knauth-ID
    Julian Esquivel-NC-Davidson River Initial Attack
    Kimberly Hale-TX
    Bradley Gordon-MT
    Cora Miller-MA
    Michael Woods-WY
    Richard Andrews-Zigzag IHC
    Michael Bobic-Zigzag IHC
    Natalie Carpenter-Zigzag IHC
    Cody Chiverton-Zigzag IHC
    Grace Debusschere-Zigzag IHC
    Xavier Frank-Zigzag IHC
    Shane Gallagher-Zigzag IHC
    Tyler Greenberg-Zigzag IHC
    Jessica Johnson-Zigzag IHC
    Tim Leadabrand-Zigzag IHC
    Memo Marquez-Zigzag IHC
    Will McKinney-Zigzag IHC
    Devin Parks-Zigzag IHC
    Ian Rodgers-Zigzag IHC
    David Schaad-Zigzag IHC
    Sandra Sperry-Zigzag IHC
    Chris Stash-Zigzag IHC
    George Stimson-Zigzag IHC
    Michelle Yurick-Zigzag IHC
    James Meissner-Zigzag IHC
    Jean Seymour-ID
    Ward Willis-CO
    Nathan Gubbels-ID Snake River IHC
    Tyler Kuhn-ND
    Roan Allen-ID Wenatchee River C-74
    Edward Klemencic-CA Smith River IHC
    John McFarlane-MT Missoula Helitack
    Brandon Becker-ID Boise Helitack
    Andrew Marienberg-MT
    Gregory Sanders-VA
    Sirena Fugitt-TX NIMO
    John Fugitt-TX Texas Forest Service
    Brock Tamowski-UT UWF E-421
    Todd Haines-NM
    Bradley Taylor-AR
    Kyle Cashman-OR
    Ron Dole-CA
    Laura Spellman-CA
    Kayleigh Mill-WA Entiat IHC
    Benjamin Drake-WA Entiat IHC
    Jared Rosoff-NV BLM Winnemucca E2315
    Plan B Store-ID
    Tim Brewer-Grayback Forestry
    Deane Gower-ME
    Jeffrey Gallivan-Phoenix Crew
    Clint Kelley-Phoenix Crew
    Pedro Mongarro Jr- Phoenix Crew
    Richard Borunda-Phoenix Crew
    Jeremy Simoneau-Phoenix Crew
    Shane Cooper-Phoenix Crew
    Chase Smith-Phoenix Crew
    Dominic Barela-Phoenix Crew
    Gerardo Diaz-Phoenix Crew
    Darrick Walters-Phoenix Crew
    Daniella Kona-Phoenix Crew
    Robert Berthold-Phoenix Crew
    Douglas Williams-Phoenix Crew
    Lindsay Aschbrenner-Phoenix Crew
    Michael Morano-Phoenix Crew
    John Herbig-Phoenix Crew
    Kenneth Parra-Phoenix Crew
    Tristen Edwards-Phoenix Crew
    Matthew Gottzinger-Phoenix Crew
    Benjamin Thompson-Phoenix Crew
    Ron Cole-CA
    Bradley Ray-NV
    Andres Perez-CA
    Chris Marabetta-Red River Ranger District
    Matt Pippin-UT E2436 BLM UT WDD
    Casey Creamer-CA
    Glenda Torres-CO
    Alex Fallon-MT Bitterroot Hotshots
    Ethan Daley-Ut Zion National Park
    Victor Beas-CA San Bernardino Air Tanker Base
    Garrett Hires-WY Teton Helitack
    Tammy Knight Gibbons-AZ ID Panhandle, Helena Smokey Bear & Blue Ridge
    Sam Magnifico-OR Snake River Hotshots
    Ryan Bell-NV
    Andrew Minor-CA
    Gerald Opitz-CO Craig IHC
    Dalton Loveless-OR Engine 330 Deschutes National Forest
    Nate Christiansen-CO
    Jerry Hoffman-Midewin IHC
    Joe Kaufman-Midewin IHC
    Taylor Griffin-MIdewin IHC
    Mike Bittner-Midewin IHC
    David Gones-Midewin IHC
    Kenny Musial-Midewin IHC
    Jake Lueck-Midewin IHC
    Brian Peterson -MIdewin IHC
    Jason Hunt-Midewin IHC
    Justin Sparks-Midewin IHC
    Samantha Lamers-Midewin IHC
    Alex Stauber-MIdewin IHC
    Isaac Hopkins-MIdewin IHC
    Andrew Stish-Midewin IHC
    Joey Inskeep-Midewin IHC
    Joe Mintzer-Midewin IHC
    Jason Leeper-Midewin IHC
    Alonzo Webb-MIdewin IHC
    Josh Miller-ID
    Marshall Dvorin-CA Oxnard Fire
    Benjamin Drake-WA
    Steve Nicholson-WY
    Eric Gottlieb-OK
    David Karcher-AZ
    Rhyen Johnson-CA
    Raymond Gonzales-CA
    Bill Mergel -OR (Retired USFS)
    Katie Mergel-OR R6 Contract Operations
    Jackie Berenyi-MT
    Steven Gundersen-MT
    DMarie Gallegos-Trujillo NM
    Missy Hone-UT
    Andrew White-NV
    Katherine LaVoie-NM Santa Fe Hotshots
    Michelle Lane-WY
    Hannah Coolidge-WA
    Benjamin Reece-NC
    Julian Wearing-MT
    Jessica Shepherd-CA
    Lori Mathiesen-CA
    Scott Havel-OR Lakeview BLM
    Curtis Palmer-WA
    Cheri Monsen-CO
    Laurie Lehman-Welter-ID
    John Diebel-MI Wyoming Hot Shots 74&7, MI
    JoLynn Lords-OR
    Jan Neppl-MS National Forests in MS
    Rachel Helmerichs-WY Teton Interagency Helitack
    Nadia Plascencia-OR
    Vicki Lynch-CA
    Derrick Charpentier-CO
    Brennan O'Connor-MT
    Brian Bogdanoff-WY Teton Helitack
    Kyle Diesner-CA Trinity Hot Shots
    Ryan Campbell-WY Teton Helitack
    Buffy Bandley-CA
    Neil Leifker-AZ
    Rick Misner-AZ Retired Heber Hotshots
    Matt Brown-CA Bridgeport Ranger District
    David Neydin-CA
    Thomas Machowicz-AZ
    Porter Banner-UT
    Geoff Whatcott-UT
    Patrick Lorenz-AZ
    David Femmer-CO Timberline Fire Protection District
    Taylor Delgado-CA Santa Ynez Flight Crew Helicopter 528
    Miguel Provencio-CA Santa Ynez Flight Crew Helicopter 528
    Jonathan Harris-CA Santa Ynez Flight Crew Helicopter 528
    Frank Garcia-CA Santa Ynez Flight Crew Helicopter 528
    Andrew FAyram-CA Santa Ynez Flight Crew Helicopter 528
    Jeffrey Bastanchury-CA Santa Ynez Flight Crew Helicopter 528
    Anthony Kemm-CA Santa Ynez Flight Crew Helicopter 528
    Daniel Chan-CA Santa Ynez Flight Crew Helicopter 528
    Andre Evans-CA Santa Ynez Flight Crew Helicopter 528
    Ramiro Guerrero-CA Santa Ynez Flight Crew Helicopter 528
    Erik Neece-Santa Ynez Flight Crew Helicopter 528
    Joey Gonzales-Santa Ynez Flight Crew Helicopter 528
    Jerick Domingues-CA Santa Ynez Flight Crew Helicopter 528
    Blake Creagan-WY MRF E621
    Edward Brooks-Teton Helitack
    Bryce Holbrook-WA C2C Wildfire Inc
    Joshua Remp-CA
    David Olvera-CA
    Jessica Morman-ID
    Geoffrey Melly-WA
    Christopher White-WA Sarguaro Wildland Fire Module
    Cullen Sartor-TX Texas Parks & Wildlife
    Dee Townsend-WA
    Patrick Warker-ID
    Jill Short-NV
    Dana Olofson-MN
    Wade DeBraal-OR
    Martha Mowry-NM
    Diane Schmidt-PA
    Zachary Skerl-OH
    Jason Bushmaker-Mn DNR-Forestry
    David Douglas-OR
    Jesse Kiene-OR
    Jenifer Perry-Canada
    Sean Donaldson-NM Mark Raderschadt-SD
    Matthew Brickner-IL
    Drew Augustyn-MI
    Jason Notz-NV Las Vegas Helitack
    Bill Mitfchell-CA
    Andrew Fayram-CA
    John Diebel-MI
    Jared Rosoff-NV
    Jason Heinz-WA
    William Vore-WY Teton Interagency Helitack
    Lauren Baccetti Eck IHo Steven Eck Diamond Mountain Hotshots
    Don Damann-CA
    Drew Lunny-OR Umatilla NF Type 2 1A Crew
    Max Levy-WA Umatilla NF Type 2 1A Crew
    Jorge Guerrero-Umatilla NF Type 2 1A Crew
    Brian Livingston-Umatilla NF Type 2 1A Crew
    Andrew Swanson-Umatilla NF Type 2 1A Crew
    Greyson Jaracz-Umatilla NF Type 2 1A Crew
    Kip Turner-Umatilla NF Type 2 1A Crew
    Chase Hughes-Umatilla NF Type 2 1A Crew
    Norene Norris-AZ
    Corey Correa-Breckenridge IHC
    Ryan Lobre-Breckenridge IHC
    Joel Masi-Breckenridge IHC
    David Blake-Breckenridge IHC
    Eric Wallace-Breckenridge IHC
    Riley Sheldon-Breckenridge IHC
    Ben Carlson-Breckenridge IHC
    Marc Estrada-Breckenridge IHC
    Jayson McDonald-Breckenridge IHC
    Raul Ramirez-Breckenridge IHC
    Nathan Marsino-Breckenridge IHC
    Troy Brown-Breckenridge IHC
    Andrew Perez-Breckenridge IHC
    Katelyn Wallace-Breckenridge IHC
    Christopher Mueller-Breckenridge IHC
    Cristian Miranda-Breckenridge IHC
    Dustin Baird-Breckenridge IHC
    Alejandro Alberto-Breckenridge IHC
    Karen Brent-GA
    Phil Gilmore-MA
    Veronica Mard-MA
    Jason Nez-AZ Grand Canyon Fire & Aviation
    Jackie Timmerman-TX
    Lora Trout-WY Teton Helitack
    Acacia England-Sawtooth National Forest
    Michael Whitaker-OR Prineville BLM Engine 422
    Aaron Schuh-Rogue River IHC
    Jacob Maughan-Rogue River IHC
    Derek Rottenberg-Rogue River IHC
    Jeremiah Jacks-Rogue River IHC
    Nicholas Prado-Rogue River IHC
    Mitchell Glenn-Rogue River IHC
    Sara Welsh-Rogue River IHC
    Adam Wold-Rogue River IHC
    Stuart Bell-Rogue River IHC
    Michael Ingman-Rogue River IHC
    Jacob Green-Rogue River IHC
    Austin Smith-Rogue River IHC
    Lance Vaelli-Rogue River IHC
    Marc Trautman-Rogue River IHC
    Kathryn Kaonis-Rogue River IHC
    Dillon Vadhams-Rogue River IHC
    Derek Schmidt-Rogue River IHC
    KC Koogler-Rogue River IHC
    Linda Kearns-NM
    Hugh Fairfield-Smith-CO
    Peggy Setter-CO
    Davis Oatway-UT
    William Martin-ID
    Michelle Surratt-MT
    Rylan Lynam-WY Teton Interagency Helitack
    Andrew Gilsdorf-WY Teton Interagency Helitack
    Terry Dyess-AZ USDA Forest Service (retired)
    Judith Dyess-AZ Southwest IMT2
    Cory Brown-UT
    Janet Evans-UT
    Steve Evans-UT
    Dylan Stanley-NV ENOP Winnemucca
    Glendee Ane Osborne-CA
    Geri Herbert-ID
    Kurt Mattocks-AZ
    Jocelyn Shoemake-WY Teton Helitack
    Michael Santistevan-ID
    Luis Angel Lozano-CA
    Connor Seaman-CA
    Charles Tatton-TX
    Alex Fallon-NV
    Valerie Legg-CA
    Sandra Rich-CA
    Benjamin Newman-CA
    Grant Moss-OH
    J Bradley Washa-UT Utah BLM
    Christina Stanley-ID
    Curtis Stanley-ID (Retired)
    Tony Pighetti-CA XSB REgional Peer Support Team
    Dean Rasmussen-NE
    Andrew Johnson-UT
    Ryan Reese-CO
    Jon Bower-CO
    Paul Sever-ID
    Tony Pighetti-CA
    Paul Anderes-OR
    Peter D'Aquanni-NM
    Ross Garlapow-CA Kaweah WFM
    Elliot Nauert-NC Kaweah WFM
    Ben Leppert-CA Kaweah WFM
    Duncan Gilbert-CA Kaweah WFM
    Ivan Alcala-NC Kaweah WFM
    Stephen Powers-PA
    Rachael Hansen-ID
    Matthew Aoki-CA
    Maura Franklin-Arrowhead IHC
    Julio Campos-Arrowhead IHC
    Jeremy Loyd-Arrowhead IHC
    Jordon Worthington-Arrowhead IHC
    Eric Galvan-Arrowhead IHC
    Guillero Munguia-Arrowhead IHC
    Roberto Naranjo-Arrowhead IHC
    Amanda Holtz-Arrowhead IHC
    Thomas Chavez-Arrowhead IHC
    Andrew Vogl-Arrowhead IHC
    Keylan Liles-Arrowhead IHC
    James Crumbaker-Arrowhead IHC
    David Lockwood-Arrowhead IHC
    Isaias Garcia-Arrowhead IHC
    Joshua Phillips-Arrowhead IHC
    Tyson Moya-Arrowhead IHC
    Ian McGinnis-Arrowhead IHC
    Zachary Leavitt-Arrowhead IHC
    Pedro Vnegas-Arrowhead IHC
    Pedro Rigueroa-Arrowhead IHC
    Cameron Escobedo-CA Arrowhead IHC
    James Jaquet-ID
    James Johnston-ID
    Steve Prescott-ID
    Michael Jackson-AZ Phoenix BLM Fire & Aviation
    Ich Stewart-AR
    William Rios-CA
    Isaiah Cotroneo-AZ
    David Herrand-NV
    Douglas Denlinger Smith River Hotshots
    Tara Denlinger Smith River Hotshots
    Charles Phenix-Phenix Cosulting & Education
    Justin Smith-UT
    Mike Wilson-CA
    Damon Carson-Hull-CA
    Kevin Elliott-CA Los Padres National Forest
    Nathan Goodrich-OR Wallowa Whitman NF
    Amy Burgess-CT
    Shardul Raval-GA
    Manuel Canela-CA-ANF E-326
    Brian Matoy-TN
    Gerald Campbell-NV East Fork Fire Protection District
    Jim Rich-OR
    Charles Borg-OR
    Brian Fritsen-OR
    Linda David-WA
    Larry David-WA
    James Meredith-AR
    James Archambeault-WA
    Lauren Davis-CA
    Andy Vasquez-CA
    Martin Rodriguez-CA OC Santiago Fire Crew
    Ryan Conway-AZ Mesa Hotshots
    Maria Daw-NM
    Jeremias Olson-CA
    Owen Johnson-MT
    Dean McAlisster-AZ
    Lynda Alberico-CA
    Mike Wood-MT
    Taiga Rohrer-UT
    Rick VanderVoet-WY
    Kyle Johnson-Teton Interagency Helitack
    Cyndie Hogg-NM Retired NICC/SWCC
    Jeff Hogg-NM REtired Region 3
    Jacob Pargas-NV
    Natalie Broce
    David Gones-MO
    Kim Sheridan-AZ IMO BJ Boatman
    Julian Robinson-MT
    David Dukart-CA
    Diane Travis-AZ
    Tim Chavez-CA Cal Fire Riverside
    Linda Andrews-VA
    Brian Dompierre-AZ
    Raquel Sosnowski-WA
    Alejandro Lopez-CA LPF Engine 374
    Jennifer Harris-WA USFS
    Jordan Wade-CA Plumas Hotshots
    Tee Lee-NE E-611 NE-NBF
    Ted Hebrard IHO Blacktimber Wildland Services
    Sue Stevenson-IMO Mindy Stevenson
    Peggy Miller-MD
    Clint Mendenhall-MT Trapper Creek Fire
    Brett Ostler-UT State FMO Utah FFSL
    Andrew Pohlman-CO
    Jennifer Wells-CA
    Brent Crosland-UT
    Tobias Hutchens-AZ
    Barbara Clark-CO
    Sylvia Montanio IHO Montanio Design
    Cody Newton IHO Stumptown Build, LLC
    Mark Boche-WI
    Pete Stewart-NM USFS REtired
    Bonnie Wood-ID
    Ken Kerr-CO IMO Megan Kerr
    Linda Kerr-CO IMO Megan Kerr
    Clint Robbins-AZ
    Luke Holden-NM Sandia Helitack
    Leon Schindell-NV
    Lynn Eisberg-CA
    Nancy Sewell-NV
    Craig Perkins-CA
    Frank Weaver-MN
    Karen Kieborz-SD Forest Service
    Cathy Taylor-OR
    Jeff Farrington-CA
    Cheryl Molis-ID
    Reg Phillips-WY
    Aline Phillips-WY
    Mark Haines-WY
    John Finley-NV
    Deborah Finley-NV
    Robert Bennett-CA
    Robert Hazen-NJ
    Gordon Paladijczuk-OR
    Robert Tinker-CA
    Donna Richey Martin-IN
    Robert Gates-CA
    Kathleen Kreyns-CA
    Brandi Hecker-WY
    Paul Kanton-CA IMO Chris Kanton
    Mary Kanton-CA IMO Chris Kanton
    Rex Reed-WA
    Steve Douglas-CO
    Scott Ernest-WA
    Eric Krueger-OR
    Kathryn Robatcek-MN
    Jeff Robatcek-MN
    Nick Robatcek-MN
    Joe Hartman-MO
    Vinson Johnson-ID
    Marv Kelso-OR
    Gary Bone-CO
    Dan Kinney-OR
    Will Woods-ID IHO Woods FAmily
    Veronica McCabe-Howell-UT GBCC
    Solarz-OR Pat Rick Environmental
    Marilyn Olson-ID
    Gordon Herring-WY
    Gene Lonning-WA
    Steve Prescott-ID
    Tom Johnston-ID
    Jim Jaquet-ID
    Pat Bishop-Gooding Fire District
    Sarah Peterson-NV
    Andrew Bailey-ID Wildland Fire Manageent RDA
    Bert Strom-ID
    Richie Sessler-CA
    Erin Capuchino-CA
    Robert Kavinsky-CO
    David Borero-CA Del Rosa Hotshots
    Howard Watts III-NV
    Jonathan Brooks-UT
    Austin Barry-CA
    Michael Esparza-CA Cal OES Fire & Rescue
    Elizabeth Lockwood-OR
    Jim Carland-CO
    Sherry Ward-ID
    Erin O'Loughlin-MT
    Nathaniel Whittemore-MA
    Timothy Bartlett-NV
    Kenneth Nelson-CA
    Larry Hettinger-AZ
    Ken Paul-OR State of Jefferson Fire Management
    Joseph Sigona-CA
    David Hampton-OR
    Mary Jo Hampton-OR
    Mitchell Lane-AZ
    Jim Lawrence-CO
    Brice Molitor-MT
    Eric Rogers-NC
    Victoria Harry-WY
    Geri Belt-NY
    Harold Reynolds-TX
    Bryan Swift-CO
    Lori Lancaster-WY
    Andrew Pohlman-CO
    Jennifer Wells-CA
    Shawn Adams-UT Squad 2-1 Dixie National Forest
    Bruce Suenram-MT Fire Logistics, Inc
    Erik Berke-CO
    Jeff Wenger-CA
    Janice Lewis-CA
    Armando Pina-CA Palomar Hotshots
    Bea Day-PDX NIMO
    Peter Buist-Alaska T-1 IMT
    Randi Jandt-OR
    Marlena Hovorka-NM
    Janet Dodson-OR
    Curtis Coots-CA
    Christopher Surgenor-MT
    Diane Hansson-OH Boise Smokejumpers
    Doug Lawton-NV
    Carolyn Higgins-CA CIIMT-4
    Richard Pfilf-NV
    Donna Lamb-NV
    Shawn Adams-UT Squad 2-1 Dixie National Forest
    Bruce Suenram-MT Fire Logistics Inc
    Erik Berke-CO
    Jeff Wenger-CA
    Janice Lewis-CA
    Armando Pina-CA Palomar Hotshots
    Richard Hartigan-AZ
    Ed DeCarlo-NV
    Cathy Mallea-OR
    Caroline Miller-TX
    Thomas Hooten-CA Edison Forestry IMO Jim Payne
    Walter Roth-MI
    Carol Roth-MI
    Betty McQuirk-ID
    Karen Hoffman-OR IMO Lawrence Hoffman
    Steven Rhea-OR Heppner Fire Dept
    Rick Barton-CO
    Noel Livingston-OR USFS
    Buck Wickham-AZ
    Sally Browning-NC USFS
    Alan Colwell-KY
    Robert Bell-WA
    Dr Jeffrey Brown-IA
    Col Joseph Brown-TX
    Robert Curl-ID
    Pam Keithly-WA
    Amy Keithly Deschutes NF Newberry Division
    Caleb Hicks Prineville Hot Shots
    Jake Keithly Silver City Hot Shots
    Charles Page-KS
    William Cirone-FL Florida Forestry Service
    Sandra Cironer-FL NJ Forest Fire Service
    Doug Anderson-MN DNR Forestry (retired)
    Daniel Skinner-CA
    Maria Skinner-CA
    Judy Rama-NE
    Doris Jenson-OR
    Donna Deaton-Deaton Investigations LLC
    Brian Lyttle-CA
    Sylvia Lyttle-CA
    Debbie Ekwall-TX
    Peter To USDA Forest Service
    Sherry Dunning-Dunning Enterprises Inc
    Bob Hammer-FL
    Larry Decker-OR
    Dr Faith Duncan-AK Forest Service
    Carole Wilson-OH
    Steve Meyer-OR
    Sal Bonilla-CA
    Steven Ross-CA
    Mike Ladd-CA
    Barney Hopf-AZ
    Chris Stover-SD USFS
    Stephen Marsar-NY Battalion Chief FDNY
    Richard Small-SD
    Steve Ellis-CO
    Christina Bartlett-ID C-PTPA
    Heidi Schewel-AZ USDA Forest Service
    Kim Kufta-CA
    Marilyn Cockbell-CA
    Catherine Hibbard-MA
    Rick Vollick-MA
    Ludie Bond-FL Forest Service
    Mary Colton-CA
    David Johnson-WA
    Jarred Johnson-WA
    Jeremy Johnson-WA
    Robert Eisele-CA
    Tom Zimmerman-ID
    David States-ID
    Corrie Smith-ID
    Terry Tilford-CA Andrew Jackson Palmer
    Sarah Synowiec-CO
    Scott Haas-CO
    Jonathan Ellis-NJ Forest Fire Service
    Jon Houf-AZ Globe IHC
    Nancy Picazo-Ortega-CA
    Jon Pintaudi-OR Craig IHC
    Rayce Wood-CO Peetz Volunteer Fire Dept
    Barbara Nelson-AZ
    Gordon Kitzelman-UT
    Anett Young-WA -Proud Parent
    Adam Young-WA Proud Parent
    Brian Schroeder-MO
    Connor Miller-MI Craig Hotshots
    Shane Dillavou-OR
    Troy Sears-CA
    Alicia Pharr-CA
    Clay Templin-AZ
    Isaac Crabbe-OR
    Lyndon Talbott-CA
    David Zuares-ID
    Jeff Hammes-ID
    Kathryn Weiss-ID
    Kathryn Furr-WA Okanogan-Wenatchee NF
    Chris Furr-Wa Okanogan-Wenatchee NF
    Charles Gibbs-CA
    Buddy Boggess-MT Rl Forest Service
    Debbie Boggess-MT
    Norman Pope-CA
    Cathy Slover-IL
    Brian Randolph-ID
    Brenda Crull-IN
    Samuel Larry-AL
    Glen Coley-NC Forest Service
    Matthew Aoki-CA
    Rachael Hansen-ID
    Donna Tong-CA
    Kimberly Drake-ID Fire Prevention USFS
    Brian Anderson-ID USFS
    Scott Rasmussen-NV NDF REtired
    Gayle Sorenson-Fishlake National Forest
    Wende Wilding-Fishlake National Forest
    Brittany Sheridan-CO Craig IHC
    Skyler Nilsen-CA
    Kevin Conley-VA
    Scott Livengood-CO
    Casey Dunn-CA
    Dustin Hallam-CA
    Mark Johnson-CA
    Timothy Williams-CA
    Austin Lee-NV
    Kameron French-CO Craig IHC
    Shawn Allois-CA
    Stuart Rodeffer-AZ
    Reecca Lefor-CA
    Blaine Loar-UT
    Bridgette Cuffe-AZ
    Douglas Suerig-UT
    RAymond Crowe-AK
    Travis Mcconnell-CO
    Michael Crites-CA
    Cody Hunter-OR Redmond Smokejumpers
    Amy Baumer-ID
    Jason Johnston-CA
    William Zekas-Ca
    Paul Carmichael-NDF Eastern Sierra
    Marianne Baumberger-NR IMT #7
    Owen Reed-NC
    Christine Edison-CA
    Christopher Clervi-CO
    Nicholas Kostechko lV-CA
    Tamara Dierks-SD
    Gregory Smith-FL
    Lindsey Negherbon-OR
    Patricia Stewart-FL
    Anastasia Baker-SD
    Frank Davis-OR USFS
    Sean O'Malley-NY FDNY
    Tim Bailey-HI Hawaii NPS Wildland Fire Crew
    Kim Cash-WI
    Kathleen Sachse-CA
    Mike Hallisey-ID USFS
    Jeremy Bergbower-MT Missoula Rural Fire Dist.
    Duane Vasten-CO
    Jonathan Mann-CA
    Terry Brumfield-MT
    Donelle Dizney-CA
    Shane Tosse-T USFS
    Gregg Smith-CA
    Darrell Ralston-CA
    Nicholas Readinger-PA
    Walter Southwick-CA
    Sherrill Story-CA
    Jonathan Hoyt-WA
    Christian Berninger-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Brett Branin-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Kadell Deason-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Justin Roach--Lone Peak Hotshots
    Matthew Jarvis-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Shayne Nicolas Ward-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Jasper Amir-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Daniel Sullivan-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Cole Brandan St Martin-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Hailemichael Richard Hehn-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Alejandro Ocotlan-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Oscar Rodriguez Machorro-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Vance Ronald Broomhall-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Kelly McLaughlin Norris-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Joseph Stephen Woods-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Kensuke Woods-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Jaycob Adams-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Jett Grey Cloud-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Ryan Dean-Lone Peak Hotshots
    Ricky Cox-NM
    Jake Horan-Crew 51 Middle Fork (FS)
    Wes Wentworth-Crew 51 Middle Fork (FS)
    Mario Ruiz-Crew 51 Middle Fork (FS)
    Jesus Saraz-Crew 51 Middle Fork (FS)
    Dillon Wallace-Crew 51 Middle Fork (FS)
    Grace Van Ness-Crew 51 Middle Fork (FS)
    Tiffany Olsen-Crew 51 Middle Fork (FS)
    Amanda Johnson-Crew 51 Middle Fork (FS)
    Jeremiah Bridges-Crew 51 Middle Fork (FS)
    Scott Holt-Crew 51 Middle Fork (FS)
    Collin Harris-Crew 51 Middle Fork (FS)
    Derrick Cano-Crew 51 Middle Fork (FS)
    Brice Chrisman-Crew 51 Middle Fork (FS)
    Cole Deaver-Crew 51 Middle Fork (FS)
    Joseph Lerdal-Crew 51 Middle Fork (FS)
    Anton Jedra-Crew 51 Middle Fork (FS)
    Daniel Cano-Crew 51 Middle Fork (FS)
    Nicolas Thong-Crew 51 Middle Fork (FS)
    Mikell Newton-OR
    Rachael Dillavou-OR
    Monty Messenger-CA
    Brian Drinville-NM
    Jamie Wade-AZ
    Ryan Wade-AZ
    Katherine Schmidt-CA
    Adam Smith-VA
    Michael Shaw-ID
    Barbara Eddy-OR
    Mike Davis-GA USFS
    Richard Mangan-MT Blackbull Wildfire Services LLC
    Thomas Leuschen-WA
    Cheryl Marquis-CA
    Michele Stefanides-PA
    Fred Houston-UT
    John Benson-CO Boulder Mountain Fire Prot Dist.
    Karen Varney-MA
    Trent Dunn-WY-SHF-WA
    Mary Huels-WA
    Eileen Milligan-NV
    Adam Cook-USDA Forest Service
    Crystal Cook-MN
    Gunthar Dambro-WY
    Karen Smith-CO
    Norman Gettings-WY
    Shawn Gettings-WY
    Betsie Gettings-WY
    Bob Lesch-IL
    George Zoffman-CA
    Dana Strahan-CA
    Kristine Strahan-CA
    Gary Humphrey-CA
    Kyle Johnson-OR Forest Service
    Holly Werner-CA IHO John Holt Werner
    Tina Ledger-UT
    Bonnie Weyandt-TX
    Ted Adams-OR
    Vanessa Glynn-Linaris-AZ
    Charles Spencer-CA
    Andrew Peterson-CA
    Kyle Joanis-NV
    Wyatt Ostler-UT Naphi Fire Dept
    Jeffrey Singer-CO
    Natalie Bradley-CA
    Amanda Carden-CA
    Thomas Ross-AZ Mesa IHC
    Adam Murray-AZ Mesa IHC
    Joseph Mahlau-AZ Mesa IHC
    Kelly Rapp-WA Mesa IHC
    Tyler Chesarek-Mesa IHC
    Robert Duran-AZ Mesa IHC
    Denny Davis-AZ Mesa IHC
    Ian Dobberstein-AZ Mesa IHC
    Ty Nuanes-Mesa IHC
    Emily Pecilunas-AZ
    Vic Brown-AZ
    Rance Marquez-AZ
    Shane David-CA
    Emma Bergin-OR
    Jayson Walker-NV BLM
    Kurt Ranta Baker River IHC
    Gary Chicks-Baker River IHC
    Tim Judd-Baker River IHC
    Sam Olsen-Baker River IHC
    Julius Jacobsen-Baker River IHC
    Ben Hannon-Baker River IHC
    Alex Hernandez-Baker River IHC
    Nat Grainger-Baker River IHC
    Steven Brady-Baker River IHC
    Kelsey McLean-Baker River IHC
    Nick Mattson-Baker River IHC
    Paul Pratt-Baker River IHC
    Jeff Kinder-Baker River IHC
    Luke Evans-Baker River IHC
    Ryan Schmitt-Baker River IHC
    Ava Hiller-Baker River IHC
    Tyler Ruijters-Baker River IHC
    Michaela Meyers-Baker River IHC
    Oliver Janders-Baker River IHC
    Lance Barajas-Baker River IHC
    Kyle Dewey-Baker River IHC
    Kari Acklin-MO
    Carrie Bowers-CA
    Benjamin Thayer-Granite Mt Hotshots
    Patty Thayer-CA SAn Bernardino Local 935 Cory Norton
    Michelle Spence-CO
    Casey Glines-SD Wildland Fire Division
    Tim Dedrick-OR Tim's Firewise Thinning & Fuel Reduction LLC
    Marisa Carney-OR-Patrol 22
    Robert Serrato-CA
    Mike Burnham-NM
    Cameron Balog-ME
    Jeremy Gottfried-Central Oregon Rappellers
    Finn Scott-Neff-Ukonom IHC
    Sam Coulter-Butte Jefferson
    Cody Kennedy-MN USFWS
    Ryan Williams-MN USFWS
    Tyler Carruth-UT
    Kelly Watts-UT
    Mark Brown-AZ
    Brian Esch-NV
    Ben Gotts-CA ElDorado
    Brian Keating-CO
    Michells Ellis-HI
    Trent Vonderheit-ID
    Don Weaver-AZ
    Kyle Clemans-WA Entiat IHC
    Lauretta Campbell-ID
    Chris Fry-CA ANF BC33
    Kim Valentine-OR Burns Interagency Fire Zone
    Tobin Kelley-ID Bridger-Teton National Forest
    Eric Taplin-ID
    Victor Bohnen-Alta Hotshots
    Matt Ziegler--Alta Hotshots
    Jeremy Sullivan--Alta Hotshots
    Ashten Buhler--Alta Hotshots
    Isaiah Ford--Alta Hotshots
    Austin Wilson--Alta Hotshots
    Cory Brown-Alta Hotshots
    Jesse Treably-Alta Hotshots
    Josh Boeder--Alta Hotshots
    Zach Lambros-Alta Hotshots
    Taylor Ford-Alta Hotshots
    Michael Alcorn-CA
    Peter Irvine-VA
    Joseph Cresto-UT
    Zach Peterson-ID USFS
    Keith Smith-WA
    Amy Louise Smith-WA
    Robert Palmer-WA
    Robert Weber-CA Private Contractor Cal Fire
    Donna McCain-CA CDF
    Robert Krueger-OR First Strike Envinormental
    Trevor Krueger-OR First Strike Envinormental
    Michelle Krueger-OR First Strike Envinormental
    Lynn Barclay-CO
    Richard Lillard-MD Maryland Forest Service (retired)
    Jesse Rodrigue-NV Hawken Components
    Lee Boyle-NM MCCall Smokejumpers (retired)
    Caitlin Nagorka-WI USFWS St Croix WMD
    Scott Parsons-CA CIIMT-4
    Kevin Janes-CA CIIMT-4
    Alex Romero-CA
    Mike Weihman-CA
    Dennis Cullen-CA
    Hunter Stanley-KY Hawesville, KY Volunteer Fire Dept
    Shawn Turner-PA
    Brendan O'Reilly-Prineville IHC
    Clayton Farnsworth-Prineville IHC
    Lane Keaffaber-Prineville IHC
    Joshua HIll-Prineville IHC
    Lane Williams-Prineville IHC
    Andrew Gomez-Prineville IHC
    Calvin Anderson-Prineville IHC
    David Backhaus-Prineville IHC
    Sadler Schwartz-Prineville IHC
    Clinton Lane-Prineville IHC
    Cory Mason-Prineville IHC
    Zachary Weinberg-Prineville IHC
    William Streff-Prineville IHC
    Jeanna Romano-Prineville IHC
    Eric Kennedy-Prineville IHC
    Riane Young-Prineville IHC
    Jason McGillivray-Prineville IHC
    Terra Perkins-Prineville IHC
    Timothy Simmons-Prineville IHC
    Caleb Hicks-Prineville IHC
    Joshua Ross-Prineville IHC
    Kevin Benedict-Prineville IHC
    Matthew Manago-Prineville IHC
    Suzanne Alcorn
    Amaya Jorge
    Kathi Bailey
    Denise Baker
    Christopher Barrett
    Blackie Blackburn
    Josh Boeder
    Victor Bohnen
    Jeff Brooks
    Mark Brown
    Ashten Buhler
    Lauretta Campbell
    Manuel Canela
    Tyler Carruth
    Kyle Clemans
    Joseph Cresto
    J Duff
    Anthony Duke-Rosati
    Michelle Ellis
    Dana Ensminger
    Kay Esterbrook
    Zacharie Fansler
    Taylor Ford
    Christopher Fry
    Beth Giacobassi
    Samuel Gilvarg
    Adele Gotts
    Sean Harris
    Zachary Hartshorn
    Sterling Hill
    Jessica Hollinger
    Lee Hughes
    Peter Irvine
    Brian Keating
    Tobin Kelley
    Cody Kennedy
    Zach Lambros
    Bob Larsen
    Toby Leon
    Michael Linehan
    Linda Mahoney
    Laura Mayer
    Sheila McConnell
    Michael McManus
    Kristen Miller
    Natalie Noble
    Megan Nolte
    Thomas Ortiz
    Zach Peterson
    Rebecca Roller
    Kove Roose
    Mark Rousseau
    Amber Rowe
    Julia Ruthford
    Bill Shields
    Judy Shields
    Sam Smith
    Chad Stilson
    Matthew Street
    Jeremey Sullivan
    Zoe Sumrall
    Eric Taplin
    John Thompson
    Josh Tibbetts
    Adam Tinker
    Jesse Trenbly
    Kimberly Valentine
    John Watson
    Kelly Watts
    Don Weaver
    Sarah Westendorf
    Jessica Whitney
    Ryan Williams
    Darrell Willis
    Austin Wilson
    Kevin Winter
    John Yerger
    Jennifer Zbyszewski
    Matthew Ziegler
    Daniel Arnold Montecito FF Assoc.
    Loren Bass Montecito FF Assoc.
    Brandon Bennewate Montecito FF Assoc.
    Garet Blake Montecito FF Assoc.
    Aaron Briner-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Alex Broumand -Montecito FF Assoc.
    Scott Chapman-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Steve Cochran-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Shaun Davis-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Travis Ederer-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Scott Edwards-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Nic Elmquist-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Nick Eubank-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Kevin French-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Robert Galbraith-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Lucas Grant-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Ben Hauser-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Kurt Hickman-Montecito FF Assoc.
    David Johnson-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Maeve Juarez-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Eric Klemonwicz-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Ryland McCracken-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Leslie Mueller-Montecito FF Assoc.
    David Neels-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Keith Powell-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Andy Rupp-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Evan Skei-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Dana St Oegger-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Jennifer Taylor-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Kevin Taylor-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Jeff Villarreal-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Rodney Walkup-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Shawn Whilt-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Alan Widling-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Billy Wrenn-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Jordan Zeitsoff-Montecito FF Assoc.
    Thomas Todrank-ID IMO Caleb Hamm & Ron Chambless
    Dr Karen McPeak-ID IMO Caleb Hamm & Ron Chambless
    Steven Anderson
    Debby Benjamin
    Seth Bond
    James Boyle
    Ruth Boyle
    Elizabeth Bunzendahl
    William Buring
    Chris Castellon
    Daniel Casto
    Ryan Cloud
    Ashley Connolly
    Janet Evans
    Steve Evans
    Ryan Flemke
    Evan Franklin
    Nick Garcia
    Frederick Goenner
    Chip Hickman
    Derek Jackson
    Sarah Jamison
    Jon Janelle
    Walter Jensen
    Elizabeth Kurpies
    Mike Law
    Robert Macdonald
    William Matney
    Leslie McLaughlin
    James Milichichi
    Paul Mintier
    Dale Overman
    Megan Painter
    Debra Pieper
    Dave Pieper
    John Shimek
    Brian Woodbeck
    Jennifer Ziegler
    Rebecca Rose-WA
    Alexis Martin-ID
    Tessah Behlings
    Doreen Blaker
    Robert Burrus
    Martha Campbell
    Al Clarkson
    John Courtright
    Tyrell Davis
    Gayemarie Ekker
    Laurel Peterson
    Kathryn Ellsworth
    Lorrie Evans
    Dan Fiorito
    Quentin Ford
    Dave Garrison
    Gregory Gibbons
    Lynn Good
    Kathy Hall
    Carol Henson
    Dick Hodge
    Linda Holliday
    Twilla Keefe
    Michael Kelly
    Dana King
    Rebecca Ladnier
    Daniel Lopez
    Parker Lucas
    Patrick Mann
    Jacqueline Mattison
    Tim Mclaskey
    Rocky McWilliams
    Bradley Medvin
    Brendan Mullen
    Teresa North
    David Parker
    Justin Perdew
    Arlene Perea
    Daniel Riggsbee
    Carl Schaefer
    Wesley Schroeder
    William Schuster
    Tyler Sendrak
    Kenneth Shedden
    Mark Sturdivant
    Dan Sullivan
    Claire Veseth
    Chad Ward
    Kenneth Watkins
    Katherine Withers
    Hunter Dolyak
    Randy Johnson
    Rick Lancaster
    Anthony Stanaro
    Kaysie Thomas
    Deborah Traver
    David Verona
    Paul Vosburg
    Richard Bartkowiak
    Elizabeth Bauer
    Jon Bontrager
    Karen Bontrager
    William Boutillier
    Michael Chau
    Liv Elfstrom
    Lacey England
    Craig Ericson
    Stacey Evans
    Leslie Fager
    Mark Fiege
    James Fischer
    Daniel Porras-Foot in the Black
    Sam Ghazi
    Kat Gonzales
    Cklinton Gould
    Kate Hale
    Joe Heredia
    Henry Hickerson
    Brian Jenkins
    Maegan Jennings
    Mark Karr
    Janice Koch
    Cody Lambert
    William Lee
    Darcie Lewis
    Cristian Lopez
    Kathryn Louden
    Thomas Marchant
    Mark Marcum
    Kymberlee Martinez
    Brian McCreary
    Douglas Ottosen
    Heather Appelhof-Outdoorcreers, LLC
    John Pavlik
    Bevin Protas
    Jordan Richardson
    Lena Rux
    Tom Schultz
    Patrick Skaggs
    Sean Snyder
    Brett Story
    Tony Thurnau
    Meg Trebon
    Joseph VanDomelen
    Sara Watson
    James Williams
    Raymond Wilson
    Matt Woodwick
    Kameron Zale
    Ryan Bollinger-Entiat Hotshots
    Luke Campbell-Entiat Hotshots
    Colton Carr-Entiat Hotshots
    Pat Chrism-Entiat Hotshots
    Ian Cleek-Entiat Hotshots
    Samuel Fisher-Entiat Hotshots
    Erick Garcia-Entiat Hotshots
    Sarah Goodnow-Entiat Hotshots
    Thomas Hughes-Entiat Hotshots
    Ian McCord-Entiat Hotshots
    Daniel Pickard-Entiat Hotshots
    Jason Russell-Entiat Hotshots
    Noah Simpson-Entiat Hotshots
    Jason Spanjer-Entiat Hotshots
    Nick Yoney-Entiat Hotshots
    Donald Zander-Entiat Hotshots
    Mason Quick Last Chance Helitack
    Cooper Horton-MT Bitteroot Hotshots
    William Lee-AZ
    Miller Bailey-CA IHO Bailey Family
    Erin Banwell-Ca IHO Bailey Family
    Alder Bailey-CA IHO Bailey Family
    William Meeker-WI IHO Christopher Meeker
    Ceryl Orgas-WI IHO Christopher Meeker
    Larry Alvarado
    Vance Andersen
    Jason Bahruth
    Steven Baran
    Casey Bennett
    Sean Benson
    Ron Brewer
    Linda Brooks
    Julian Caballero
    Anastasia Campbell
    Stephen Clifford
    Jacob Conklin
    Churck Cross
    Patrick Dotson
    Andrea Drinkhouse
    Dennis Finnegan
    Sirena Fugitt
    John Fugitt
    George Gomola
    Eric Hadden
    Erica Husse
    Margaret Lawson
    Steven Markason
    William Meeker
    Shane Nelson-CA
    Thomas Guttmacher
    Nicolas Olalla
    Juan Bautista Pacific Coast Contracting Inc
    Kenny Parsley
    Linda Perkins
    Jarrod Pickell
    Patricia Robinson
    Mia Muldoon Roddy
    Hans Rudolf
    Ryan Rudolf
    Eric Schweitzer
    Kenyon Shephard
    Rita Simpson
    Sarrah Steele
    Nicholas STrohmeyer
    Robin Thompson
    Dianne Verdugo
    Blake Wallrich
    John Wirth
    Fernando Zepeda Garcia
    Dave Scott IMO Paul Chamerlain
    Steven Baran-ID
    Robin Thompson-VA
    Dianne Verdugo-CA
    Daniel Fuller-CO
    Maximillan Wahlberg-OR
    Chance Stewart-UT
    Emily Johnson-UT
    Keith Haskins-FL
    Eric Paul-CO
    Mia Muldoon Roddy-CO
    Nicolas Olalla-CO
    Robert Griffith-CA
    Kevin LoGiudice-FL
    Christopher Meeker-AZ
    Lorenzo Castillo-CA E-375 LPF
    Shawn Kantor-FL
    Douglas Stuart-CA Oxnard Fire Dept
    Keith Haskins-FL
    George Geissler
    George Solano
    Melanie Stevens
    Marsha Banta-CA
    Linda Brooks-ID
    Rick Dunlap ID
    Ellen Dunlap-ID
    Shane Kelly-NV BLM
    Michelle Kelly-CO
    Cody Platz-OR Big State Wildfire
    John HIll-UT
    Aron Levin-CA CIIMT 4
    Stephen Worley-MT Madison Fire Crew
    George Geissler-WA WA Dept of Natural Resources State Forester
    Melanie Stevens-AZ
    George Solano-CA
    Cameron Dupriest-WA
    Ronald Budzitowski-CO Longmont Fire Dept
    Destiny Chapman-CO
    Pedro Rodriguez-TX
    David LaChapelle-ID Palette National Forest
    Seth Greene-CA USFS Calaveras WFM
    Cody Blair-OR
    Erin Lally-MT
    Logan Blankenship-Craig IHC
    Katie Blankenship
    Christopher Lookwood-Craig IHC
    Chase Dixon-Craig IHC
    Spencer Holub-Craig IHC
    Gerald Bear Opitz-Craig IHC
    Brittany Sheridan-Craig IHC
    Ned Smith-Craig IHC
    Taylor Leonard-Craig IHC
    Rob Rydberg-Craig IHC
    John Yerger-Craig IHC
    Harry Leahy-Craig IHC
    Joe Pintaudi-Craig IHC
    Connor Miller-Craig IHC
    Alexander Villarreal-Craig IHC
    Michael Barrett-Craig IHC
    Brandon Bennett-Craig IHC
    Tim Knippel-Craig IHC
    Jordon DeValois-Craig IHC
    Kameron French-Craig IHC
    Kevin Arguela Ayala-SD
    Joe Jozefiak-UT Weber Basin
    Heath Gerber-MT MT DNRC
    Brenda Bowen-CO
    Dawn Sameshima-AZ
    Ben Sameshima-AZ
    Dan Manry-CA
    Sarah Richards-ID
    Brad Richards-ID
    David Reid-CO Wildfire Training Solutions
    Lisa Davis-WA
    Michael Davis-WA Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest
    Jesse Trudeau-CA Region 5
    Sean Moreno-IN Hoosier National Forest
    David Arnauckas-CA
    Eric Panebaker-CO
    Kevin Pabinquit-CA Inyo Hotshots
    Lisa Gowe-WI
    Christian Wooster-CA Black Mountain Hotshots
    Armando Ceja-CA
    Shane McDonald-ID
    Brendan Elkins-MT
    Julie Lutz-WY
    Taylor Farrington-CA HTF Engine 315
    Brian Haugen-AK -FWS
    Teresa Frick-NC
    Adam Bovia-OH USFS
    Kate David-Zephyr Fire Crew
    Josh Wesson-Zephyr Fire Crew
    Walker Plaut-Zephyr Fire Crew
    Mark Waite-Zephyr Fire Crew
    Joshua Brandon Curry-Zephyr Fire Crew
    Kenan Hart-Zephyr Fire Crew
    Michael Wicks-Zephyr Fire Crew
    Conner Bradley-Zephyr Fire Crew
    Rafael Garcia-Zephyr Fire Crew
    Nathaniel Braun-Zephyr Fire Crew
    Dylan Torgerson-Zephyr Fire Crew
    Mike Monaghan-Zephyr Fire Crew
    Rpry McCarthy-Zephyr Fire Crew
    Nathan Margeson-Zephyr Fire Crew
    Ace Nossrat-Zephyr Fire Crew
    Toiresa Frazier-ID IMO Ricky Fulton
    Larry Shaw-VA
    Patti Rollie-UT
    Maria Maragni-OR
    Joanie Lawrence-OR
    Eddy Harris-TX
    Kyle Jones-CA
    Matthew Spanos-CA
    David McChristian-WA Crew 301 Sullivan Lake
    Wesley Sultemeier-LA
    Erika Reed-Oslo City Fire Dept Norway
    Kian Akhavein-CA
    Joshua Thompson-CA
    Dominic Munoz-CA San Bernardino Tanker Base
    Andrew Shippelhoute-Ca
    Jennifer Armstrong-CA CIIMT4
    Eric Nagel-AZ
    Chris Manzanares-ID USFS
    Anthony Kontz-AZ Prescott IHC
    Dana Hooker-WA
    David Smallman-CO Pike IHC
    Megan Smallman-CO
    Luke Smallman-CO
    Adam Smallman-CO
    Christina Strelova-OR
    Christopher Low-CA USFS
    Clint Mitchell-CO
    Sylas Kalyan-CO Rocky Mountain Fire
    Steven Kimbley-TX
    John Kern-FL
    Tyson Felicilda-ID USFS
    Weston Gaul-CA Sequoia NF E-47
    Mark Stoker-CA Los Padres National Forest Engine 17
    Saskia Stoker-CA
    Sara Billings-OR Forest Service Honor Guard
    Lisa Slepetski-AK Chugach NF IMO Ian Pohowsky, Taylor Elkins & Charlie Morton
    Kenneth Raichart-CA
    Joaquin Gutierrez-NM Las Cruces BLM
    Jamison Brandenburg-TX
    Derek Kristal-UT
    Bee Tivald-ID
    Scott Tivald-ID
    Gerald Scott-OH
    Jose Trujillo-NM
    Jake Cagle-CA CIIMT4
    Christina Bennnett-Ca Rifle Peak Hand Crew N Lake Tahoe
    Jacob Tilton-CA
    Bradley Duncan-NM
    Andrew Holtmeyer-SD
    Jay Starzynski-CO Denver Health Paramedics
    Andrea Matos-MT
    Jon Skeets-CO
    Duke Atalay-NY
    Kate Morris-CA USFS
    Jess Braun-MT First Step Buyers
    Marcus Cornwell-NM
    Richard Hammer-OR
    Cheryl Bright-ID
    Richard Brinkman-CA
    Micha Booze-AK
    Garland Shaw-MT
    John Caroon-OR
    Susan Zimmer-CO
    Evan Beach-CA Heartlake Handcrew
    Deanna Riker-MN
    Chris Mork-MT
    Brian Johnson-MA
    Kathy Carroll-CA IMO Chris Carroll
    Dan Carroll-CA IMO Chris Carroll
    Steve Alletag-ID
    Andrew Zink-Klamath IHC
    Kevin Smyth-Klamath IHC
    Kyle Ownsbey-Klamath IHC
    John Worsley-Klamath IHC
    Brenna Truelove-Klamath IHC
    Seth Daniels-Klamath IHC
    Adam Park-Klamath IHC
    Matthew Jones-Klamath IHC
    Thomas Goetz-Klamath IHC
    Brian Yip-Klamath IHC
    Alex Gonzales-Klamath IHC
    Max Hoover-Mason-Klamath IHC
    Phillip Hurtado-Klamath IHC
    Andres Rengifo-Klamath IHC
    Tylan Zavalla-Klamath IHC
    Ty Schwinghammer-Klamath IHC
    Minhcao Quy Tran-Klamath IHC
    Elias Daw-Klamath IHC
    Bradley Brandt-Klamath IHC
    Cade Parker-Klamath IHC
    Thea Shirley-CA
    Bethany Dubia-CA
    Jay McCarrell lll-CA AIG-Wildfire
    Tracy Dott-CA Los Padres NF
    Al Crouch-ID BLM
    Herman Wendell-CA Plumas NF
    Debbie Wendell-CA
    James Krenkel-CA Fort Hunter Liggett Fire Dept
    Ross Nelson-CA Orange Counnty Fire Authority
    Amos Holmes-MN
    Philip Blagg-FL NV Division of Forestry/Jarbidge
    John Yerger-AZ Craig Hotshots
    Lindsay Dallison-CA USFS Enf E353
    Samuel Martinez-CA CNF E-328 Case Springs
    Mason Range-NM Pinos Altos VFD
    Katie Sauerbrey-OR
    Scotty Mason-KY USFS Honor Guard
    Eric Wilcoxon-CA Inyo Hotshots
    Sharon Clark-NJ
    Joe Carvelho-ID USFS Retired
    Judy Carvelho-ID
    Francisco Victorino Jr-Bear Divide IHC
    Julian Richardson--Bear Divide IHC
    Diego Reynoso-Bear Divide IHC
    Stephan Steele-Bear Divide IHC
    Ryan Lee-Bear Divide IHC
    Juan Diego--Bear Divide IHC
    Brian Anderson-Bear Divide IHC
    Arehn Avamessian-Bear Divide IHC
    Joshua Thomas-Bear Divide IHC
    Derek Bonner--Bear Divide IHC
    Miguel Ramos-Bear Divide IHC
    Gabriel Romero-Bear Divide IHC
    Jake Galibo-Bear Divide IHC
    Natalie Estrada-Bear Divide IHC
    Andy Salazar-Bear Divide IHC
    Travis Tate-Bear Divide IHC
    John King-Bear Divide IHC
    Derek Madrigal-Bear Divide IHC
    Tyler Brankin-Bear Divide IHC
    Leonard Erentreich-Bear Divide IHC
    William Venegas-Bear Divide IHC
    Daniel Lojero-Bear Divide IHC
    Jim Klosterman-CA IHO Klosterman FAmily
    Steve Klosterman-CA LP-E335
    Aaron Strobel-KY USFS Honor Guard
    Edward Coughlin lll-WA
    Ryan Muttchnzck-Salmon River Hotshots
    Kelsey Lofdahl-Salmon River Hotshots
    George Correa-Salmon River Hotshots
    Cody Stacher-Salmon River Hotshots
    Jered Fletes-Salmon River Hotshots
    Patrick Grimes-Salmon River Hotshots
    Tyler Grenvik-Salmon River Hotshots
    Hector Torres--Salmon River Hotshots
    Taylor Head-Salmon River Hotshots
    Austin Morales-Salmon River Hotshots
    Liana Lucier-Salmon River Hotshots
    Katy VonBeroldingen-Salmon River Hotshots
    Cory Burginger-Salmon River Hotshots
    Jason Gosin-Salmon River Hotshots
    Miah Jenk-Salmon River Hotshots
    Gabriela Gonez-Wint-Salmon River Hotshots
    Davin Lyons-Salmon River Hotshots
    Michael Hoggberg-Salmon River Hotshots
    Rudy Sandoval-UT
    Justin Vernon-OR
    Jeff Knepp-CA Los Padres NF
    Michael Ferris-OR USFS
    Jeff Burch-CA
    Debra Lopez-UT
    Michael Kennard-CA
    Colleen Hagler-MT
    Edward Anderson-VA
    Jessica Westbrook-OH
    Ross Schnitzler-CA
    Stephen Schulz-CA
    Gino Reginato-CA
    Scott Gorman-CA
    Andrew Duran-CA
    Stanley Steele-OR
    Corey Zander-CA
    William Bondshu-CA
    Brittany Kunz-CO
    Daniel Bastion-NM
    Will Sharp-CA
    Matthew Michaliszyn-AZ
    Ryan Allen-ID
    Frank Auza-Black Mesa IHC
    Thomas Kelley-Black Mesa IHC
    Jon Catron-Black Mesa IHC
    Nate Dierking-Black Mesa IHC
    Jake Florence-Black Mesa IHC
    Tanner Purtill-Black Mesa IHC
    Mitch Lane-Black Mesa IHC
    Gordon Emerson-Black Mesa IHC
    Joe Short-Black Mesa IHC
    Joshua Peabody-Black Mesa IHC
    Bryce Hawley-Jones-Black Mesa IHC
    Trevor Chamberlain-Black Mesa IHC
    Leo O'Neill-Black Mesa IHC
    Alec Tulsky-Black Mesa IHC
    Colton Kootnz-Black Mesa IHC
    Curtis Cebula-Black Mesa IHC
    Greg Blust-Black Mesa IHC
    Michael Glinski-Black Mesa IHC
    Jack Miklya-Black Mesa IHC
    Luis Soto-Black Mesa IHC
    Kit Bailey-CA Cal OES Fire & REscue
    Katherine Solorio-AZ
    Jack Fry-CA
    Julianne Thomson-CA
    Jen Rabuck-WI
    Lindsey Curtin-VA
    Henry Delvalle-FL
    Lydia Raderschadt-SD Black Hills Helitack
    Phillip Dye-Ca
    Ray Grimes Jr-NJ Forest Fire
    Erin Rush-SD
    Larry Nickey-WA
    Mark Hnat-NV
    James Johnstone-CA
    Brian Miracle-OR
    Keng Lee-CA
    Randy Unkovich-CA
    Stephanie Koh
    Ben Sameshima-AZ
    James Johnstone-CA
    Brian Miracle-OR
    Keng Lee-CA
    Randy Unkovich-CA
    Stephanie Koh-NV
    Sarah Machado-CA
    Bert Smith-NM
    Lauren Iverson-Ca
    Tyler Herdman-ID
    Greg Lowdermilk-NV
    Matthew Franklin-AL
    Daniel Vasquez-CA Forestry Techanian
    Steve Vasquez-Ca
    Lidia Vasquez-CA
    Denise Vasquez-CA
    Greg Bartin-UT-ZIP & NPS Wildland Fire Honor Guard
    Tyler WEbb-CO
    Jameson Springer-CA Sierra Hotshots
    Garrett Watson-CA Santiam River Handcrew
    Tori Newburn-WA
    Steven Roberts-IL
    Justin Gilbert-ID
    Mike Crawley-NV
    Stacee Sadler-UT
    Ashley Sites-MT
    Phillip Chi-OR
    Dan Brown-ID
    Marsi Woody-ID
    Ken Wolff-WI
    John Lueck-WI
    Norman Rooker-NV
    Jonathan White-NJ
    Denis Kirkley-AZ
    Derek Casbon-WI
    Michael Anderson-AZ
    Ann Anderson-AZ
    Brena Azzoto-VA E2163
    Brian Morris-WA
    Leiann Small-MS
    Janet Palmer-WA
    Kenneth Nelson-AZ
    Stephen Hatting-MI
    Donald Fregulia-CA
    Patrick Murray-MD
    Anthony Cerqueira-CO
    Dave Scott-MT
    Vince Carver-NC
    Paul Craven-WV
    Joshue Koelsch-MN DNR
    Steven Teeter-WI
    Zoella Teeter-WI
    Adriane Morabito-WI
    Cameron Teeter-WI
    Stella Teeter-WI
    Robert Kerschner-NJ
    Lisa Kerschner-NJ
    Cade Kerschner-NJ
    Ryan Kerschner-NJ
    Jason Gaughran-NJ
    Elise Roberts-TX
    Shane David-WA
    Elizabeth Skelly-CA Sequoia NF E323
    Jared Burchett-TX
    Samuel Crenshaw-CA
    Michael Meryhew-LA Calcasieu Ranger District
    Eric Kurtz-MT
    Galen Diemer-CA Bonneville IHC
    Anna Ross-WY
    Zachory Huff-CA -TNF-342/ARHS
    Varvara Fedorova Lassen Volcanic National Park
    Nick Borrelli-Lassen Volcanic National Park
    Anna Metaljak-Lassen Volcanic National Park
    Grant Gifford-Lassen Volcanic National Park
    Davin Williams-Lassen Volcanic National Park
    Mike Klimek-Lassen Volcanic National Park
    John Wroblewski-CO
    Sage Torrez-CA
    Eric Resler-WA Spokane County Fire District 4
    Travis Whitney-CO
    Brian Jenkins-MN
    David Vitwar-CO
    Dave Soldavini-CA
    Kim Albea-WY FS
    Melissa Schwarz-AK
    Benjamin Martin-Mn Entiat IA
    Rachel Granberg-WA
    Edward Haffy-NJ
    Thomas Haffy-nj
    Yanu Gallimore-OR
    James Johnson-MN
    Dianna Mecham-ID
    Robert Heiar-CA
    Meghan Sherman-AZ
    Stanton Florea-ID
    Bill Allen-ID IMO Jeff Allen
    Diz Allen-ID IMO Jeff Allen
    Jerremy Kolaks-IN
    Jarid Bowman-UT
    Dan Santantonio-NM
    Joseph Rinaldi-MT
    Charles Tobias-CA
    Ishmael Messer-CA
    Dylan Hillyer-IA Trillium Woodorks
    Brian Faith-CO Grand Lake Fire Protection Wildland Division
    Pete Kubiak-GA USFWS/USFS Southern Region
    Allan Kesner-CA
    Joan Mueller-IL
    Adam LInd-CA San Diego City Fire Dept
    Allison Throop-MT
    Karen Norton-CA
    Vicki Bartter-CO
    Glen Bartter-CO
    Geevieve Hitchcock-TX
    Denis Moran-CO
    Russell Leggett-AR
    Therese Oakley-MI Salmon Helirepellers
    Joseph Lara-NM

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    2019 Gold Members (35 listed)

    Ventura County Prof FF
    Midewin IHC
    Zig Zag Hotshots
    Lone Peak IHC
    Prineville IHC
    San Juan Hotshots
    DB Jet
    Horseshoe Meadow Hotshots
    Yosemite Helitack H551
    Entiat Hotshots
    Breckenridge IHC
    Gila IHC
    Kaweah WFM
    Rogue River IHC
    Dromedary Peak Handcrew
    El Dorado IHC
    Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    Heartlake Handcrew
    Alta IHC
    Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    First Strike Environmental Co
    Baker River Hotshots
    Redding IHC
    Black Mesa IHC
    Bald Mountain Helitack
    Arrowhead Hotshots
    Klamath IHC
    Lassen IHC
    Phoenix Crew 1
    Fulton IHC
    Monticito Firefighter's Association
    Bear Divide IHC
    Trinity Hotshots
    Lassen Volcanic National Park

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    2019 Annual Members (1801 listed)

    Mark Witham – CA
    Larry Decker –
    Kevin Janes – CA
    Steven Gundersen – Pioneer Peak IHCJeff Clark-AZ
    Richard Sparks-WI
    Mindy Clark-AZ
    Adrian Grayshield-ID
    Lorenzo Miranda Jr-CA
    Scott Rasmussen-NV
    Chris Mork-MT Montana Helitack
    Steven Otoupalik-OR
    Bert Strom-ID
    Bonnie Wood-ID
    Conrad McCloskey-IL
    Paul Balfour-WA
    Tyler Mundy-CA
    Paul Craven-WV
    Brett Ortland-ID
    Greg Sander-VA
    Stan Mitchem-WY
    Sandy Dunbar-OR
    Paul Talbot-MN
    Justin Lynch-KY
    Peter Noble-MO Kins Peak WFM
    Andrew Jones-OH
    Adam Gray-NV Winnemucca BLM
    Steve Shuck-SD
    Forest Gale-OR
    Tara Haack
    Jacqueline LeClair
    Deane Seeger
    Alyx Fier
    Paul Frick-PA
    David Mergorden-CO
    Jenna Scott-CA Marble Mountain Chocolates
    Francis Franco-OR
    Emily Nemore-ID
    Casey Judd-ID
    Christina Stanley-ID
    Ethan Green-MI USFS Fall River Ranger District
    Matthew Dillon-MO Mark Twain National Forest
    Edward Phipps-NJ NJFFS
    Flipper-NJ A21 NJFFS
    Bruce Edmonson-CA
    Travis Ganong-CA
    Derek Ganong-CA
    Gerry Day-WA
    Kyle Behrens-AZ USFS Tonto National Forest
    Randall Rogers-MO Memorial Run-CEI
    Eric Weber-NJ NJFFS
    Arthur Mindlin-NJ
    Greg McAlpine-CA
    Paul Dahlen-CA Travis AFB Fire Department
    Dana Dahlen-CA Vacaville Fire Prot District Fire Belles
    Les Page-KS
    Matt Martens-WA Kennewick Union FF’s
    Tamara Dierks-SD SD Wildland Fire
    Jorge Amaya-AZ
    Andrew Lyon-CO
    Richard Renouf-ID
    Julie Renouf-ID
    Linda Austin-CO
    Craig Weaver-ID
    Gregg Goodland-CO
    Darren Tracey-ID
    David Blatz-MN US Fish & Wildlife Service
    Jennifer Bardwell-TX
    Corey Langehennig-AR
    Mark Twain Helitack Crew
    Brian Schroeder-IL
    Don Will -CA IMO Vern Will
    Richard Burgess-CA
    Kim Kufta-CA
    Robert Hazen-NJ NJ Forest Fire Service
    Jeff Buscher-Ca
    Paul Roose-MT
    Jenna Roose-MT
    Larry Edwards-MT
    Greg Emerson-NV
    John McAndrew 111 NJ NJ Forest Fire Service
    Andrew Buyers-UT Unity Wastach Cache
    Rocky Siegel-CA San Marcos Pass VFD
    Vickie Hulsizer-WA
    Mark Newquist-OR
    Cassandra Fleckenstein-OR Vale BLM Distrist Dispatch
    Ryan Brokaw-AZ Tucson Helitack
    Jeanette Wendler-WI
    Cathy Mallea-OR
    Josh Shroyer-WY Flamingtree Solutions LLC
    Tammy Shroyer-WY-Flamingtree Solutions LLC
    Aaron Steele-CA USFS
    Jose Baeza-PR
    Allen Tennant-AZ
    Scotty Mason-CA USFS P-660
    Jacob Cicairos-OR Mt Hebron E-77
    Stacie Cicairos-OR Mt Hebron E-76
    James Harter-WA K&L Fire
    Andrew Wong-CA
    Harold Gemmell-MT
    Elizabeth Bauer-MT Great Falls Dispatch
    Michael Dolan-NV
    Eric Shelton-MT GAC Smokejumpers
    Cheryl Molis-ID
    Neil Dresser-CA
    Steve Peterson-ID
    Josh Bardwell-TX Texas Forest Service
    Larry Smith-KY Southern Area Red Team
    Greg Jackson-NV
    Peter Goetzinger-UT
    Paul Iannizzotto-FL FDNY IMT PIO Retired
    Holly McKinney-WY
    Mike Patten-MT
    Bill Yemma-CO
    Angela Yemma-CO
    Bradford & Lori Chervin-CT IMO Jon-Alec Chervin
    Christina Szabados-CO IMO Jon-Alec Chervin
    Eliana Chervin-NC IMO Jon-Alec Chervin
    Keith Hawk-FL
    Richard Sheets-USFS
    Mark Johnson-El Dorado NF
    Terri Jenkins-USFS
    Scott Norris-BLM
    Christopher Feather -WA
    Matt Schutty-OR USFS Siskiyou Rappel Crew, OR
    Zachary Lyon-UT
    Peter Fromgerz-NV
    Kurt Kause-MT
    Donna Kreiensieck-Retired USFS
    Clay Stephens-ID
    Osvaldo Hernandez-CA
    Kyle Hermiston-Mt Lobo IHC
    Stacy Fenton-OR
    Mark Fenton-OR
    Penny Salazar-CO Santa Fe Hotshots
    Todd Woodward-CA
    Emily Barker-ID
    Rosemary Barker-MI
    David Barker-MI
    Margaret Rodeffer-AZ
    Seth Greene-CA
    Brenton Holt-FL
    Marshall Dvorin-CA Oxnard Fire
    Lucas Mayfield-OR Mystery Ranch Backpacks
    Wally Ochoa
    Trisha Wardlow-OR Williamette National Forest Engine 413
    Justin Cowger-WY Laramie Fire Dept
    Paul Kanton-CA IMO Chris Kanton
    Mary Kanton-CA IMO Chris Kanton
    Christopher Little-CA
    Jacob Kovolisky-OH USFS
    David Nelson-CA
    Alison Reed-MI
    Nanci Curtis Retired USFS
    David Lowe Prairie Hawk Restorations
    Peter Cecil-CFA Australia
    Glenn Sundstrom-CA Tahoe National Forest
    Richard Nicholson-CA
    David Wilkins-WY USFS Bridger-Teton NF
    Michael DiCristina-CO DFPC Eng #3111
    Tim Beck-TX Texas Interagency Helitack
    Brian Dompierre-AZ
    Sara Martinez-TN
    Charlotte Tarashanti-AZ
    Brian Fritsen-OR
    Andy Rothleutner-WY IMO Megan Kerr
    Anthony Sigona-CA USDA Forest Service Eldorado NF
    Skyler Nilsen-CA Six Rivers NF Engine 351
    Josh Bryant-LA USFS Kisatchie National Forest
    Victor Carrillo-CA MFRD Crew 501
    James Hyatt-MA Massachusetts Interagency Wildfire Crew
    Anders Henrickson-CO
    Kathleen Rahn-WI IHO Brenton Rahn
    Kevin Curfman-WA
    Steve Douglas-CO Beulah Fire Protection & Ambulance District
    Shawn Priddy-IL
    Eric Krueger-OR
    Michael Purdy-CA CA KNF Retired
    Sarah Edwards-CA
    Karen Castellon-CA Marauders Inyo Crew 4
    Daniel Stoorza-NY
    Debra Stoorza-NY
    Jim Flook-Nv MV IMT3 Team 4
    Tyler Turnbull-CA
    Donald Bowen-CA
    Benoit Powell-MT
    Jodine Barnes-WA WA Dept of natural Resources, Wildfire Division
    Brian Gorman-SC
    Ryan McPherson-AK
    Justin Smith-UT
    Patrick Gladics-ID BLM Elko Helitack
    Eric Tilden-ID Elko Helitack
    Marinda Rogers-Gardner-WY
    Jaisy Scott-CA
    David Taylor-CA CIIMT Team 2/4 Alum
    Cathy Hutton-WY
    Cliff Hutton-WY
    Mike Harvey-CO
    Marian Kadota-CA
    Phillip Christie-ID DB Jet
    Charles Early-MT Missoula National Helitack
    Jerry Hurley -CA
    Richard Stanger-SD
    Robert Arthur-AZ
    Jenna Wilke-UT IHC Bonneville
    Dan Buckley-ID IHO Lucky Peak
    Monika Kawski-NV Ruby Mountain IHC IMO David Gray
    Lisa Bearg-ID
    Dennis Page-CO USDA FS
    Sam Magnifico-OR
    Nicolas Garcia-Cid-CA
    Morgan Meserth-ID Lucky Peak Rappel Crew
    Jeremy Alexander-ID Price Valley Rappellers
    Adam Kahler-OR Central Oregon Rappellers
    Joe Hallmeyer-CA
    Barbara Hallmeyer-CA
    Peggie Cathie-CA
    Laurie Peterson-UT IMO Joe Thurston
    Gayemarie Ekker-UT IMO Joe Thurston
    Jo Ann Singley-CO Epsilon Sigma Alpha
    Jose Acosta-ID
    Leliah Mojarrab-NM Great Northern Handcrew
    Mark Wesseldine-CO Platte Canyon Fire
    Dustin Hallam-CA Horseshoe Meadow Hotshot
    Thomas Horn-CO Colorado DFPC Modeule 11
    Andrew Livingston-OR USFS E311
    Thomas Schoenfelder-WA IHO Daniel Lyons
    Sean Collins-CA CIIMT 4
    Kerry Greene-CA CIIMT 4
    Tad Morelock-CA CIIMT 5
    Jesse Morelock-CA Bitterroot Hotshots
    Christian Pittaro-SD Tatanka Hotshots
    Elise Hansen-NV CA PNF
    Richard Hammer-OR
    Veronica McCabe-Howell-UT
    Jason Althouse-Az
    Sue North-NY
    Dustin Morris-TX
    Michael Froelich-KY
    Robert Riley-CA
    Nick Holschbach-NC National Forests in NC Croatan
    Patrick Johnson-UT SZ Manti-La-Sal NF
    Philip Taylor-VA Redding Hotshots'
    Greg Ely-CA
    Evan Batson-UT USFS UT-MLF Engine 641
    Benjamin Beamer-OR Prineville Hotshots 90-91
    Alex Benitez-CA USFS Trabuco Station E326
    David Scott-CA Plumas Helitack
    Tony Huegel-ID Backcountry Byways LLC
    Chris Adamcik-MT -USFS
    Jacob Lansing-CA Tahoe NF
    Brian Donnelly-CA TNF Patrol 33
    Marcia Smith-NH
    Peter To-PA
    Gabriel Dommershausen-OR
    Scott Sylvester-ID Forest Service
    Megan Heffentrager-CA
    Paula Chambless-TX
    Alec Lane-CA USFS Retired
    Randy Anderson-ID Snake River IHC
    Riley Pilgrim-UT
    Michael Dugan-ID
    Joan Grimm-VA
    Jerry Hoffman-IL Midewin IHC
    Logan Blankenship-IL Midewin IHC
    Joe Kaufmann-MN Midewin IHC
    Taylor Griffin -Midewin IHC
    Hillary Griffin
    Mike Bittner-MN Midewin IHC
    Kenny Musial-WI Midewin IHC
    Dave Gones-MO Midewin IHC
    Anna Sivill-IL Midewin IHC
    Jason Hunt-IL Midewin IHC
    Connor Solms-IL Midewin IHC
    Tony Thurnau-Il Midewin IHC
    Hunter Loncarich-CO Midewin IHC
    Craig Cochran-IL Midewin IHC
    Cheyanne Quigley-IL Midewin IHC
    Austin Wood-IL Midewin IHC
    Robbie Helgason-IL Midewin IHC
    Sam Lamers-Il Midewin IHC
    Noah Magen-IL Midewin IHC
    Alex Stauber-IL Midewin IHC
    Jake Lueck-IL Midewin IHC
    Justin Sparks-IL Midewin IHC
    Alina Rosales-IL
    Nicholi Darkus-CA CA-LPF
    Lucy Ferrier-CA H-530
    John Plisga-ID Snake River IHC
    Calvin Miller-GA
    Quinn Robinson-PA Nittany Wildland Firefighters Inc
    Lori Mathiesen-CA
    Isaac Coy-ID Snake River IHC
    Phillip Taylor Redding Hotshots
    Jimmy Siano-OR Smith River IHC
    Carol Daviscourt-OR Siuslaw National Forest
    Dave Kannas-ND
    Daniel Saucedo Jr Los Padres Hotshots
    Michael Woods-WY USDA Shoeshone National Forest
    Kimberly Hale-TX
    Bradley Gordon-UT Logan IHC
    Cora Miller-MA Logan IHC
    Sara Diggs-CA ENF
    Tyler Sendrak-CA
    Jean Seymour-ID IHO Seymour Family
    Tyler Kuhn-ND BKF Hell Canyon Ranger District
    Fred David-WA
    Jennifer Peterson-OR
    Tim McElwee-AZ IMO Granite Mountain IHC
    Debra McElwee-AZ IMO Granite Mountain IHC
    Arthur Cherry-LA Redmond Jumpers
    Ryan Conway AZ Mesa Hotshots
    Greg Sanders-VA Southern Area Blue Team IMT1
    Andrew Marienberg-MT
    Kyle Cashman-OR
    Belinda Plummer-CA
    James Meisner-Zig Zag Hotshots
    Devin Parks-Zig Zag Hotshots
    Ian Rodgers-Zig Zag Hotshots
    David Schaad-Zig Zag Hotshots
    Chris Stash-Zig Zag Hotshots
    Memo Marquez-Zig Zag Hotshots
    Kevin Schmitz-Zig Zag Hotshots
    Tim Leaderbrand-Zig Zag Hotshots
    Amanda Monthei-Zig Zag Hotshots
    Will McKinney-Zig Zag Hotshots
    Sandra Sperry-Zig Zag Hotshots
    Tom Carvajal-Zig Zag Hotshots
    Tully St George-Zig Zag Hotshots
    Nick Terry-Zig Zag Hotshots
    Xavier Frank-Zig Zag Hotshots
    Lidiana Soto-Zig Zag Hotshots
    Tyler Greenburg-Zig Zag Hotshots
    Julian Strodel-Zig Zag Hotshots
    Todd Haines-NM New Mexico State Forestry
    Bradley Taylor-AR USFS AR OZF
    Mitchell Hanson-Lone Peak IHC
    Christian Berninger-Lone Peak IHC
    Terry Michaelis-Lone Peak IHC
    Brett Branin-Lone Peak IHC
    Haile Hehn-Lone Peak IHC
    Jasper Amir-Lone Peak IHC
    Devon Dubay-Lone Peak IHC
    Cole St Martin-Lone Peak IHC
    Shayne Ward-Lone Peak IHC
    Matthew Jarvis-Lone Peak IHC
    Ross Cooper-Lone Peak IHC
    Daniel Sullivan-Lone Peak IHC
    Oscar Rodriquez-Lone Peak IHC
    Vance Broomhall-Lone Peak IHC
    Austin Walters-Lone Peak IHC
    Kyler Bagley-Lone Peak IHC
    Joe Woods-Lone Peak IHC
    Joel Pomeroy-OR
    Laura Spellman-CA USFS
    Kellie Stover-Co Forest Service
    Brenda Peterson-ID Plan B Store
    Clayton Farnsworth Prineville IHC
    Sadler Schwartz Prineville IHC
    Brendan O'Reilly Prineville IHC
    Dallas Buck Prineville IHC
    Rylee Wood Prineville IHC
    Caleb Hicks Prineville IHC
    Riane Young Prineville IHC
    Garrett Shephard Prineville IHC
    Spencer Wilson Prineville IHC
    Lane Williams Prineville IHC
    William Sevey Prineville IHC
    Jake Reed Union IHC
    Lorena Ochoa _OR
    Ramon Maldonado-CA Grayback Forestry
    Tim Brewer-OR Grayback Forestry
    Drew Augustyn -MI HMF
    Ron Cole-CA
    Deane Gower -ME
    Will Barr-OR Union IHC
    Kathy Robatcek-MN
    Dorothy Kimble-MN
    John Dieble-MI Wyoming Hotshots 74&75
    Anne Rock-MA
    John Pickard-WA
    Scott McCreary San Juan Hotshots
    Keith Bedonie San Juan Hotshots
    Josh Morris San Juan Hotshots
    Chris Ives San Juan Hotshots
    Sarah Barry San Juan Hotshots
    Tyler Hoest San Juan Hotshots
    Sean Hosier San Juan Hotshots
    David Draayer San Juan Hotshots
    Eric Stoorza San Juan Hotshots
    Justin Giorno San Juan Hotshots
    Zach Spencer San Juan Hotshots
    Jonathan Wegener San Juan Hotshots
    Tyler Moylan San Juan Hotshots
    Charles Thelemann San Juan Hotshots
    Chase Dittrich San Juan Hotshots
    Bradley Ray-NV Bieber Helitack Live Like Luke
    Andres Perez-CA Breckenridge Hotshots
    Steven Chaffin-CA
    Glenda Torres-CO Front Range Fire & Aviation Mgmt Unit
    Alexis Fallon-MT
    Casey Creamer-CA Big Hill Helitack
    Matthew Aoki-CA
    Jason Simmons-ID Bureau of Land Management
    Margrete Bjornsen-NV
    Nate Christiansen-CO USFS
    Stephen Parker-VA DB Jet
    Jacob Morton-ID DB Jet
    David Matkowski-ID DB Jet
    Gunther Volker-ID DB Jet
    Ryan Bell-NV Humboldt-Toiyabe NF
    Andrew Minor-CA CA-CNF-TRD E324
    Cindy Wedekind-OR
    Brent Mizell-ID
    Patrick Garcia-NM
    Benjamin Drake-WA Entiat IHC
    Raymond Gonzales-CA Horseshoe Meadow Hotshots
    Robert Mendoza-CA Horseshoe Meadow Hotshots
    David Olvera-CA Horseshoe Meadow Hotshots
    Joshua Remp-CA Horseshoe Meadow Hotshots
    David Baumgardner-CA Horseshoe Meadow Hotshots
    Connor Seaman-CA Horseshoe Meadow Hotshots
    Luis Angel Lozano-CA Horseshoe Meadow Hotshots
    John Caffin-GA
    Crosby Holman-UT
    Oakley Holman-UT
    Steven Gundersen-MT
    Jackie Berenyi-MT
    Jenifer Hochstrasser-AZ
    Robert Martin-AZ
    Hannah Coolidge-WA Entiat IHC
    Benji Reece
    Jessica Shepherd-USFS Plumus Dozer 3
    Julian Wearing-MT Seeley Lake Rd
    Cheri Monsen-CO
    Curtis Palmer-WA
    Jacob Moore-CO DB Jet
    Damian Soliz-ID DB Jet
    Zeb Watts-OR
    Glen Kinder IV-KY
    Sandy Cameron-ID
    Missy Hone Utah County Fire
    Laurie Lehman-Welter-ID
    Robert Haines-CO
    Blake Creagan-WY Medicine Bow-Routt NF&Thunder Basin NG
    Vicki Lynch-CA
    Dale Wine-TN
    Derrick Charpentier-CO DFPC
    Evan Guzik-WY Teton Interagency Helitack
    Samuel Magnifico
    Buffy Bandley-CA
    Neil Leifker-AZ
    David Neydin-CA
    Timothy Williams-CA Cal Fire LMU
    Thomas Machowicz-AZ Livin In Flow
    Porter Banner-UT Unified Fire Authority
    Geoff Whatcoff-UT Unified Fire Authority
    Jessica Morman-ID
    Geoff Melly-OR Ex Malkeur Rappel Crew
    Edward Anderson-VA
    Dennis Gage-WY
    Susan Putnam-TX
    Douglas Zielnicki-ID
    Heather Wonenberg-OR Yosemite Helitack H-551
    Andrew Davenport-CA Yosemite Helitack H-551
    Ben Raybould-CA Yosemite Helitack H-551
    Sara Isokaki-CA Yosemite Helitack H-551
    Paul Beisner-CA Yosemite Helitack H-551
    Conor Cappe-CA Yosemite Helitack H-551
    Mike Jamison-CA Yosemite Helitack H-551
    Daniel Pickard-WA Entiat Hotshots
    Colton Carr-WA Entiat Hotshots
    Ian McCord-OR Entiat Hotshots
    Patrick Chism-WA Entiat Hotshots
    Luke Campbell-WA Entiat Hotshots
    Rob Poyner-WA Entiat Hotshots
    Erick Garcia-WA Entiat Hotshots
    Jonathan Melby-WA Entiat Hotshots
    Ian Cleek-WA Entiat Hotshots
    Will Allen-WA Entiat Hotshots
    Samuel Fisher-WA Entiat Hotshots
    Jason Spanjer-WA Entiat Hotshots
    Thomas Hughes-WA Entiat Hotshots
    Ryan Bollinger-WA Entiat Hotshots
    Josh Pargas-NM
    Patrick Warker-ID Colville National Forest
    Dee Townsend-WA Retired FMO NPS & USFS
    Mark Raderschadt-SD Rapid City Fire Dept
    Matthew Brickner-IL FIMC
    David Douglas-OR
    Jenifer Perry-Canada HSB Pipelines & Safety
    Grant Moss-OH
    Jesse Kiene-OR
    Martha Mowry-NM
    Diane Schmidt-PA
    Zachary Skerl-OH
    Jason Heinz-WA
    Taija Corso-WA
    Jared Rosoff-NV BLM Winnemucca
    Davis Oatway-UT
    Peggy Setter-CO
    Sean Loftis-NC
    Michelle Surratt-MT
    Hugh Fairfield-Smith-CO Greater Eagle Fire Protection District
    Bert Starr-MT
    Kevin Throop-WI
    James Robertson-CA Breckenridge IHC
    Ryan Lobre-CA Breckenridge IHC
    Corey Correa-CA Breckenridge IHC
    Joel Masi-CA Breckenridge IHC
    David Blake-CA Breckenridge IHC
    Javier Ruiz-CA Breckenridge IHC
    Sean Quezada-CA Breckenridge IHC
    Joaquin Ibarra-CA Breckenridge IHC
    Eric Wallace-CA Breckenridge IHC
    Jayson McDonald-CA Breckenridge IHC
    Nathan Marsino-CA Breckenridge IHC
    Raul Ramirez-CA Breckenridge IHC
    William Zekas-CA Breckenridge IHC
    Troy Brown-CA Breckenridge IHC
    Riley Sheldon-CA Breckenridge IHC
    Chris Mueller-CA Breckenridge IHC
    Andy Perez-CA Breckenridge IHC
    Cristian Miranda-CA Breckenridge IHC
    Katelyn Wallace-CA Breckenridge IHC
    Ryan Brooks-CA Breckenridge IHC
    Amy Masi-CA
    Jill Short-NV
    Connor Fallon-NV O'Malley & Hawkins
    Charles Tatton-TX
    Valerie Legg-CA
    Sandra Rich-CA IHO Region 5
    Ben Newburn-CA Shasta Trinity National Forest
    Ryan Reese-CO
    Dean Rasmussen-NE
    Andrew Johnson-UT Wasatch Helitack
    William Rios-CA
    Dalton Loveless-UT
    Isaiah Cotroneo-AZ
    Amy Keithly-Newberry Div on the Deschutes NF IHO the Keithly Family
    Jake Keithly-Silver City IHC
    Ich Stewart-IHO Stewart Family
    Michael Shaw-ID
    Natalie Broce-VA
    Carolyn Winkler-OR
    Wade DeBraal-OR
    Diane Travis-AZ SPOWFF
    Anne Ransom-CA Redding Distributing
    David Dukart-CA Los Padres National Forest
    Julian Robinson-MT Beartooth Fire Crew
    Galen Young-AZ
    Laurie Forni-CA USFS
    Dean McAlister-AZ
    Owen Johnson-MT
    Capt Jerry Olson-CA USFS Sequoia National Forest Engine 43
    Andrew Pohlman-CO
    Jeremy Rux-OR
    Jennifer Wellls-CA
    Jeff Campbell-NM Gila IHC
    Michael Head-NM Gila IHC
    Jason Harper-NM Gila IHC
    Adam Mendez-NM Gila IHC
    Wyatt Shellhorn-NM Gila IHC
    Daniel Guilfoyle-NM Gila IHC
    Michael Ehlinger-NM Gila IHC
    William Shecterle-NM Gila IHC
    Jeremiah Torres-NM Gila IHC
    Kadin Shain-NM Gila IHC
    Nigel Palmer-NM Gila IHC
    Averi Sherman -NM Gila IHC
    Jesue Rue-NM Gila IHC
    Rob Carew-NM Gila IHC
    Alexander Wyckoff-NM Gila IHC
    Manuel Garcia -NM Gila IHC
    Joseph Pintaudi-NM Gila IHC
    Kelci Renshaw-NM Gila IHC
    Christian Hopkins-NM Gila IHC
    Elias Mora-NM Gila IHC
    David Borero-CA
    Bonnie Wood-ID
    Tyler Anderson-OH California Smokejumper
    Christopher Surgenor-MT
    Janet Dodson-OR
    Curtis Coots-CA
    Elliot Nauert-NC Kaweah WFM
    Ross Garlapow-CA Kaweah WFM
    Pedro Ortiz-CA Kaweah WFM
    Ivan Alcala-NC Kaweah WFM
    Ben Leppert-CA Kaweah WFM
    Duncan Gilbert-CA Kaweah WFM
    Logan Marlow-CA Kaweah WFM
    Aaron Schuh-Rogue River IHC
    Michael Ingman-Rogue River IHC
    Scott Wickham-Rogue River IHC
    KC Koogler-Rogue River IHC
    Jeremiah Jacks-Rogue River IHC
    Jonathan Papich-Rogue River IHC
    Cody Chiverton-Rogue River IHC
    Jacob Maughan-Rogue River IHC
    Sarah Welsh-Rogue River IHC
    Bryan Evans-Rogue River IHC
    Richard Delong-Rogue River IHC
    Kathryn Kaonis-Rogue River IHC
    Derek Schmidt-Rogue River IHC
    Dillon Wadhams-Rogue River IHC
    Shane Taylor-Rogue River IHC
    Austin Smith-Rogue River IHC
    Andrew Cockerham-Rogue River IHC
    Taylor Leonard-Rogue River IHC
    Jacob Green-Rogue River IHC
    Nicholas Prado-Rogue River IHC
    Robert Weber-CA Private Contractor Cal Fire/Forest Svc Timber Faller
    Elizabeth Lockwood-OR
    Mike Tateishi-OR
    Jim Carland-CO
    Bryan Bird-UT
    Terri Silva-CA USFS R05
    Austin Berrigan-Ca Kern Valley Hotshots
    Jonathan Brooks-UT
    Austin Barry-CA Horseshoe Meadow Hotshots
    Miller Bailey-UT Dromedary Peak Handcrew
    Kevin Frank-UT Dromedary Peak Handcrew
    Cory Brown-ID Dromedary Peak Handcrew
    Chad Stilson-UT Dromedary Peak Handcrew
    Taylor Ford-NH Dromedary Peak Handcrew
    Jeffrey Swistowicz-WY Dromedary Peak Handcrew
    Shaylynn Earl-UT Dromedary Peak Handcrew
    Jaycob Adams-CA Dromedary Peak Handcrew
    Zachary Andregg-KS Dromedary Peak Handcrew
    Adam Miranowski-UT Dromedary Peak Handcrew
    Santos Quintanc-UT Dromedary Peak Handcrew
    Cole Stein-UT Dromedary Peak Handcrew
    Bryce Baldwin-UT Dromedary Peak Handcrew
    Gary Bone-CO
    Christopher Rollock-TX USFS
    Mariah Wieske-Ormsby-CO USFS
    Rebecca Roller-CO USFS
    Lynn Cirricione-AZ USFS
    Jason Criswell-PA USDA Forest Service
    Erin Capuchino-CA
    Adam Ayala-CA Tatanka IHC
    Bobby Kavinsky-CO Rocky Mountain Fire
    Warren Turner-CA Big Hill Helitack
    Jeff Wenger-CA
    Janice Lewis-CA
    Mike Kelly-ID
    Erik Berke-CO Federal Wildland Firefighter BLM USFS
    Corrie Smith-ID
    Nancy Picazo-Ortega-CA
    James Boyle-OR
    Shaun Gerber-MI
    Margarita Healy-ID
    Karen Brent-GA
    Courtney Wood-CA
    Lyndon Talbott-CA
    David LaChapelle-ID
    Clay Templin-AZ
    Rachael Livingston-OR
    Isaac Crabbe-OR
    Alicia Pharr-CA
    Troy Sears-CA
    Drew Derrick-CA
    Shane Dillavou-OR
    Kimberly Drake-ID
    Mark Johnson-CA
    Kevin Conley-VA
    Scott Livengood-CO
    Donna Tong-CA
    Jeremiah Mendes-OR
    Douglas Denlinger-OR Smith River Hotshots
    Sam Smith-WA Smith River Hotshots
    Brian Genrich-OR Smith River Hotshots
    Brian Twitchell-CA Smith River Hotshots
    Brent LaFazio-CA Smith River Hotshots
    John Anderson Jr-CA Smith River Hotshots
    Chris Puckett-CA Smith River Hotshots
    Lisa Davis-WA
    Mike Davis-WA
    Travis McConnell-CO
    Rebecca Lefor-CA
    Erin Cronin-CO
    Bridgette Cuffe-AZ
    Douglas Suerig-UT
    Ray Crowe-AK
    Blaine Loar-UT
    Jason Johnston-CA
    Carl Doaty-SD
    Amy Baumer-ID
    Mikell Newton-OR
    Lindsey Negherbon-OR
    Greg Smith-FL
    Nick Kostechko 1V-CA
    Chris Clervi-CO
    Claire Veseth-ID
    Patrick Titus-CA
    Dee King Raub-CA
    Thomas Cline-CA
    Brian Drinville-NM
    Katherine Schmidt-CA
    Ryan Wade-AZ
    Jamie Wade-AZ
    Joseph Piesco-CO
    Kurt Mattocks-AZ
    Kyle Joanis-NV
    Nick Johnson-CO
    Robin Cole-NC
    Dana Reid-OR
    Liz Hahnenberg-MD
    Bill Hahnenberg-MD
    Denise Blakenship-VA
    Wes Schroeder-CA
    Charles Spencer-Ca
    Vanessa Glynn-Linairis-AZ
    Ted Adams-OR
    Jennel Binsky-ID
    Bill Gage-ID
    Victor Brown-AZ
    Rance Marquez-AZ
    Sarah Huff-CA
    Nicholas Hruby-MN
    Shane David-CA
    Andrew Vogl-CA
    Kari Acklin-MO
    Mike Burnham-NM
    Cameron Balog-ME
    Doug Lawton-NV
    Luis Orozco-CA Prescott IHC
    Mikhail Lira-CA
    Kelly Watts-UT
    Mark Brown-AZ
    Brian Esch-NV
    John Miller-CA
    Kristy DeYoung
    Michelle Ellis-HI
    Trent Vonderheit-ID
    ARmando Perez-CA El Dorado IHC
    Jeffrey Wolf-CA El Dorado IHC
    Eric Johnson-CA El Dorado IHC
    Brad Edison-CA El Dorado IHC
    Kevin Cisco-CA El Dorado IHC
    Aaron Humphrey-CA El Dorado IHC
    Mark Ellsworth-CA El Dorado IHC
    Ben Strahan-CA El Dorado IHC
    Brian Ward-NV El Dorado IHC
    Julian Mautz-CA El Dorado IHC
    Drake Ussery-CA El Dorado IHC
    James Ellington-CA El Dorado IHC
    James Sedlak-CA El Dorado IHC
    Jose Pelayo-CA El Dorado IHC
    Andrew Nutt-CA El Dorado IHC
    Coy Turner-OR
    Shane Freeman-UT State of Utah div of forestry fire & state land
    Don Weaver-AZ Dept of Forestry & Fire Management
    Paul Carmichael-NV
    Shane Cochran-WA
    Eric Taplin-ID Krassel Helitack
    Caroline Carlson-ID Krassel Helitack
    Jason Schroeder-CA
    Robin Sawangwan Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    James Gallaher-Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    Trevor Bergeron-CT Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    Roger Hooper-CA Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    John Locke-CA Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    Colton Liberacki-CA Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    Nathan Rose-CA Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    Kenneth Worthington-KY Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    Thomas Lee-PA Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    Joshua Meyer-CA Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    Jaime Velasquez-CA Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    Christopher Pollock-CA Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    Brandon Guillen-TX Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    Britton Holsenger-ID Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    Kevin Henry--CA Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    Branden Fletcher-CA Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    Indy Perez-CA Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    Jordan Heatherton-VA Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    Peter Dutchick-CA Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    William Goodman-CA Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    Jorge Pacheco-CA Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    Mitch Wallen-CA Folsom Lake Veteran Crew
    Kurt Walde-CA Heartlake Handcrew
    Dalton Aguayo-CA Heartlake Handcrew
    Jake Fitzgerald-CA Heartlake Handcrew
    Evan Beach-CA Heartlake Handcrew
    Carr Rieger-CA Heartlake Handcrew
    Corey Buckley-CA Heartlake Handcrew
    Colin Ratcliff-CA Heartlake Handcrew
    Mark Gowen-CA Heartlake Handcrew
    Taylor Johnson-TX Heartlake Handcrew
    Brian Kelly-CA Heartlake Handcrew
    Dominic Ramirez-CA Heartlake Handcrew
    Lee Pao Yang-CA Heartlake Handcrew
    Isaish Ritchie-CA Heartlake Handcrew
    Vince Martino-OR Heartlake Handcrew
    Chase King-CA Heartlake Handcrew
    Eric Wilcoxon-CA Heartlake Handcrew
    braden Casdorph-CA Heartlake Handcrew
    ADrianna Weickhardt-NV Heartlake Handcrew
    Alexander Solovieff-CA Heartlake Handcrew
    Joseph Fisher-UT Alta IHC
    Tyler Carruth-UT Alta IHC
    Kevin Tsp-AZ Alta IHC
    John Boeder-WI Alta IHC
    Brennan McCleary-UT Alta IHC
    Austin Wilson-UT Alta IHC
    James Wilson-UT Alta IHC
    Matt Ziegler-UT Alta IHC
    Alfred Laurent-UT Alta IHC
    Ida Kitchen-Greenwell-UT Alta IHC
    Curtis Avery-CA Alta IHC
    Jesse Trembly-UT Alta IHC
    Galin YOung-UT Alta IHC
    Jeremy Sullivan-UT Alta IHC
    Matthew Pfeifer-ID Alta IHC
    Ida Greenwell-UT Alta IHC
    Isaiah Fort-UT Alta IHC
    Skylar Brown-MT USFS Bitterrroot NF
    Erin Lally-MT MT-R01
    Dennis Cullen-CA
    Mike Weihman-CA
    Whitney Dean-NM Silver City Hotshots
    Alex Saenz-NM
    Rebecca Rose-ID
    Raymond Perrault-OR Engine 453 Williamette
    Alyssa Dawson-OR USFS
    Mary Huels-WA AD Firefighter
    Denise Baker-CO
    Zoe Sumrall-VA
    Linda David-WA
    Larry David-WA
    Jennifer Zbyszewski-WA
    Blackie Blackburn-CA
    Sterling Hill-ID
    Michael Linehan-OR PNW Team 6
    Hans Casperson-MN
    Bee Tivald-ID
    Scott Tivald-ID
    Jim Jaquet-ID
    Laura Mayer-OR
    Sean Harris-WA
    Kathi Bailey-OR
    Andy Vasquez-CA
    Christopher Barrett-Az
    Jeremy Gottfried-OR
    Brett Low-CA
    Jolynn Lords-OR
    Katherine LaVoie-NM
    Anthony Duke-Rosati-UT
    Victor Bradford-CO IHO Trevor Bradford
    John Yerger-AZ Craig Hotshots
    Samuel Gilvarg-MA Nero Fire Effects-CACO Fire
    Todd Hill-ID Idaho Falls BLM
    Dana Ensminger-CA Sawtooth Helitack
    Jon Janelle-NH
    Jon Bower-CO
    Richard Williamson-CA
    Rachael Hansen-ID USFS
    Steve Prescott-ID
    Louisa Evers-ID
    Brian Randolph-ID
    James Johnston-ID SOFI Retired
    Robert Curl-ID
    Lance Roberts-ID
    Josh Whitman-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Jeff Ellis-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Dylan Ghan-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Clint Grinsell-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Matt Steventon-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Adrian Luquin-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    John Huff-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Jason Kiesling-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Josh Higgins-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Bodie Blakley-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Colby Brown -NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Alaxander Ghan -NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Austin Brown-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Jacob Frisch-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Garrett Schafer-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Avery Nelson-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Jesse Fry-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Nicolo Monforte-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Logan Comphel-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Matt Nuthall-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Daniel Jessop-UT
    Steven Anderson-CA IMO 52 Wildland Fire Club
    Michael Billgren-CA
    Dale Overman-OR
    Derek Jackson-CO
    Shane Ralston-MT
    Kristi Ralston-MT
    Fred Thompson-MT Helena IHC
    Megan Nolte-MT Helena IHC
    Jeff Barnes-MT
    Tobias Hutchens-AZ
    Lynne Howard-GA
    Seth Bond-MT
    Shawn Turner-PA
    Steven Jenkins-CO
    Janet Evans-UT
    Steve Evans-UT
    Carolyn Higgins-CA CIIMT 4
    Brian Woodbeck-CA
    Patrick Bishop-ID Gooding Fire District
    Josh Ward-KS
    Debby Benjamin-OR
    Jeremey Falkenau-VA
    Rita Simpson-PA
    Kristin Garrison-CO
    Sarah Jamison-ID BOF E412
    Al Clarkson-WY Blackhawks Fire Suppression Crew (Native American)
    Nick Garcia-CA Cal Fire
    Paul Mintier-CO
    William Matney-KS Pleasant Valley Hotshots Superintendent
    Robert Macdonald-ID
    Linda Chappell-UT
    George Chappell-UT
    John Platt-UT
    William Buring-CA Firestorm Fire
    Elizabeth Kurpies-OK
    Donna Spencer-AZ Firestorm
    Curtis Jensen-AZ
    John Ryan K Cloud-Wa
    Ryan Cloud-Wa
    Walter Jensen-CA
    John Finley-NV
    Deborah Finley-NV
    Jayson Walker-NV BLM
    Will Woods-ID USFS Payette NF
    Ben Barnett-OR
    Erik Wallitner-NV
    Dana King-WA MDF E64
    Owen Reed-NC
    Justin Perdew-OR
    Daniel Lopez Jr-CA
    Quentin Ford-AZ
    Rebecca Ladnier-MS DeSoto Ranger District-USDA Forest
    Danielle Shedden-NV
    Kenneth Shedden-NV
    Sherry Ward-ID
    Bryan Swift-CO
    Guntar Dambro-WY
    Richard Rusk-UT Retired USDA Forest Service
    Dave Garrison -CO
    Reg Phillips-WY
    Aline Phillips-WY
    Julie Hunter-OR Grangeville Smokejumper
    Judy Rama-NE
    Bernard Hopf-AZ Tonto NF (Retired)
    Gordon Herring-WY
    Donna Deaton-CA Deaton Investigations LLC
    Brice Molitor-MT
    Justin Vernon-OR
    Jeffrey Singer-CO NPS SEKI
    Jeremiah Bean First Strike Environmental Co
    Stephen Edwards First Strike Environmental Co
    Michele Krueger First Strike Environmental Co
    Robert Krueger First Strike Environmental Co
    Trevor Krueger First Strike Environmental Co
    Alejandro Manriquez First Strike Environmental Co
    Buck Spencer First Strike Environmental Co
    Gerald Coats First Strike Environmental Co
    Nate Mandera First Strike Environmental Co
    Dennis Fuson First Strike Environmental Co
    Linda Kearns-NM
    Parker Lucas-OR
    Twilla Keefe-UT
    Josh Dilick-UT
    Howard Watts 111-NV
    William Devino-NH IHO Jon Devino & IMO Justin Beebe
    Trish Smith-NH IHO Jon Devino & IMO Justin Beebe
    Doug Lane-NC
    Rick LaZelle-CA
    Kenneth Paul-OR
    Robert Bell-WA USFS Retired
    Brandi Hecker-WY Northern Rockies Incident Mgmt Team #7
    Mike Hallisey-ID Retited FS
    Debbie Kelly-ID
    Carl Schaefer-CA USFS
    Kathryn Ellsworth-WA Retired WIMT #2
    Eric Shane Gottlieb-OK
    Bradley Medvin-CA CDCR-Fire
    Russelll Behlings-WI
    Patrick Mann-AZ Mann's Clean Up Service Inc
    Linda Holliday-MN
    Kirk Will-CO State of CO Div of Fire Prevention & Control
    Arlene Perea-NM USFS Cibola National Forest Mountainair Ranger
    Lauren Baccetti-Eck-CA Diamond Mountain Hotshots & Dispatchers
    Kyle Warner-TX Texas A&M Forest Service
    Bodie Ronk-ID NIFC CISM
    Glendee Osborne-Ca
    Robert Withers-NV
    Annie Lutes-AZ
    Diane Hansson-OH Boise Smokejumpers
    Scott Sorensen-ID IMO Brent Witham
    Rick Vander Voet-WY
    Gordon Kitzelman-UT
    Robert Burrus-NM 10 Tanker
    Rocky McWilliams-WY Fremont County Fire Protection District
    Ray Bennett-NV
    Dan Hernandez-NM Retired Smokejumper
    Brian Lyttle-CA
    Sylvia Lyttle-CA
    Chris Castellon-CA
    Larry Thornton-OR
    Christina Strelova-OR
    Buck Wickham-AZ USFS Retired
    Dana Strahan-CA
    Kristine Strahan-CA
    Erin O'Loughlin-MT USFS Lolo NF
    Harold Reynonds-TX
    Carol Henson-Ut Retired Wildland Firefighter USFS
    Ken Henson-UT Retired Wildland Firefighter USFS
    Joe Hartman-Mo Retired USDA Forest Service
    Rex Reed-WA Retired WA IMT2
    Mark DeGregorio-CO
    Jim Lawrence-CO Retired USFS
    John Alford-CA Retired Ventura County Fire Dept
    Mary Zabinski-NM Retired Forest Service
    Brent Crosland-UT BLM
    Sean Snyder-AL
    Joaquin Gutierrez-NM Escondido Wildland Fire Module R-3
    Eduardo Villalobos-NM Escondido Wildland Fire Module R-3
    Brian Davis Jr-MD Escondido Wildland Fire Module R-3
    Noah Wilson-TN Escondido Wildland Fire Module R-3
    Tanner Mawhinney-WA
    Don Smith-CA CIIMT 12
    Alan Verona-AZ Cascade WFM ID BOF
    Randy Johnson-WA PNW3
    Rick Lancaster-OR OR MHF
    Jonathan Ellis-NJ New Jersey Forest Fire Service
    Barbara Eddy-OR
    Shawn Gettings -WY
    Betsie Gettings-WY
    Norman Gettings-WY
    Sal Bonilla Jr-CA CIIMT 4
    Kathryn Weiss-ID
    Juan Bautista-OR Pacific Coast Contracting Inc
    Richard Pfilf-NV
    Donna Lamb-NV
    Duane Vasten-CO Roarding Fork Fire Rescue
    James Meredith-AR
    Darron Williams-OR Bureau of Indian Affairs
    Doris Jenson-OR
    Richard Hartigan-AZ
    Douglass Anderson-MN MN DNR Forestry (Retired)
    Nat Whittemore-MA
    Nancy Whittemore-MA
    Sherry Dunning-ID Dunning Enterprises Inc
    Richard King-ME
    Debbie Anderson-CA
    Thomas Hooten-CA USFS Retired SCE Forestry
    Gordon Paladijczuk-OR Retired Grayback Forestry
    Marvin Kelso-OR
    Anita Kelso-OR
    Steve Rhea-OR Heppner Fire/Bruce Young Logging
    Karen Smith-CO
    Deborah Traver-OR
    Brian McCreary-OR
    Brian Austin-DC
    Henry Hickerson-CO
    Ray Kingston-AZ
    Michelle Spence-CO
    Stephen Farrington-CA
    Karen Kieborz-SD
    Fred Houston-UT
    Mary McPeck-AZ
    Robert Palmer-WA
    Scott Wilhorn-WI Wis DNR
    Lynn Eisberg-CA
    Ludie Bond-FL Florida Forest Service
    Kathleen Kreyns-CA
    Sean Depp-AZ
    Marianne Baumberger-MT Northern Rockies TEam 7
    Chris Furr-WA
    Kathryn Furr-WA Okanogan-Wenatchee NF
    Paul Solarz-OR PatRick Environmental
    Frank Davis-OR USFS Retired
    Bruce Babb-WA USFS US Fish & Wildlife Retired
    Laura Mecham-CA Truckee Hotshots
    Mark Haines-WY BLM
    Richard Small-SD
    Claudia Powell-OR
    Dan Kinney-OR Retired Forest Service
    Pamela Feld-ID
    Peter Stewart-NM USFS Retired
    Warren Villa-OR
    Biddy Simet-MT
    Kim Cash-WI
    Richard Hodge-ID
    Donna Ritchey Martin-MD
    Daniel Bastion Jr-NM USFS Retired
    Tom Schultz-ID Payette NF East Zone Fire Management
    Troy Sanders-ID
    Rick Vollick-MA USFWS Retired
    Catherine Hibbard-MA Southern Area Red Team
    Evan Carlos-CA Cal Fire Retired
    Mike Ladd-CA
    Nick Readinger-PA
    Robert Bennett-CA Retired USFS
    Sylvia Montanio-CA Montanio Design Group Inc
    Terry Brumfield-MT
    Chuck Gibbs-CA
    Brenda Crull-IN
    Bob Hammer-FL
    Jan Diamantine-OR
    Tom Diamantine-OR
    Susan Bissell-AK Alaska Fire Service
    Lacey England-MT
    John Pavlik-CO South metro Fire Rescue
    Dan Fiorito-OR
    Dan Carroll-CA
    Kathy Carroll-CA
    James Fischer-ID
    Jason Lennox-WA
    Blake Boomer-ID
    Kat Gonzales-NV
    Greg Liddicoat
    Mason Quick-MT Montana Helitack
    Liv Elfstrom-VA
    Brody Barr-TX Big Country Fire Crew Task Force
    Maegan Jennings-TX Big Country Fire Crew Task Force
    Matt Woodwick-MN DNR Aviation
    Peggy Miller-MD Mike Almas Northern Rockies IMT
    Scott Haas-CO
    Sarah Synowiec-CO
    Kristine Sigone-CA
    Jonathan Blodgett-CA USFS
    Kevin Koch-CA
    Janice Koch-CA
    Stacey Evans-UT
    Michael Chau-CA LPF Engine 373 Apache Saddle
    Jacob Tilton-CA USFS Apache Saddle Engine 373
    Craig Ericson-CA CIIMT 4
    John Case-AZ
    Rebecca Slick-WA USFS
    Dale Smith-TX
    Mike Davis-GA USFS
    Patricia Stewart-FL
    Christina Bartlett-ID C-PTPA
    Alan Colwell-KT Retired USFS
    Mary Colton-CA
    Dede Dizney-CA
    Suzanne Alcorn-CA
    Herman Wendell-CA Plumas NF
    Debbie Wendell-Ca R5-RO
    Kody Wohlers-IA
    Ed DeCarlo-NV
    Debra Pieper-ND
    David Pieper-ND
    Kathy Hall-VA USFS
    Ted Johnson-MI IHO Will Creeden
    Kenneth Nelson-CA MRCA FDRE
    Barbara Clark-CO
    Tim Bartlett-NV Retired FS
    Douglas Ottosen-WI Retired FS
    David Hampton-OR
    MaryJo Hampton-OR
    Tom Leuschen-WA
    William Lee-AZ
    Philip Bordelon-OR
    Kenneth Nelson-AZ
    Gary Humphrey-CA
    Jonathan Mann-CA
    Pamela Sachs-WI IMO David Ruhl
    Kurt Ranta-Baker River Hotshots
    Gary Chicks-Baker River Hotshots
    Tim Judd-Baker River Hotshots
    Bill David-Baker River Hotshots
    Chris Ramiskey-Baker River Hotshots
    Nat Grainger-Baker River Hotshots
    Sam Olsen-Baker River Hotshots
    Nick Mattson-Baker River Hotshots
    Jake Stone-Baker River Hotshots
    Sadie Ford-Baker River Hotshots
    Ben Hannon-Baker River Hotshots
    Kelsey McLean-Baker River Hotshots
    Al Hernandez-Baker River Hotshots
    Ava Hiller-Baker River Hotshots
    Jack Bruemmer-Baker River Hotshots
    Steven Brady-Baker River Hotshots
    Michaela Myers-Baker River Hotshots
    Sonya Kaufman-Baker River Hotshots
    Oliver Janders-Baker River Hotshots
    Ty Ruijters-Baker River Hotshots
    Kristel Johnson-CA USFS
    Pete Buist-AK
    Tamara Meier-FL
    Robert Dunn Beaverhead Deer-Lodge NF USFS
    Randy Gilbert-MT Beaverhead Deer-Lodge NF USFS
    Stephen Worley Beaverhead Deer-Lodge NF USFS
    Michael Meryhew Beaverhead Deer-Lodge NF USFS
    Gavin Kearns Beaverhead Deer-Lodge NF USFS
    Quinn Edwards Beaverhead Deer-Lodge NF USFS
    Sage Nitzel Beaverhead Deer-Lodge NF USFS
    Caroline Geiger Beaverhead Deer-Lodge NF USFS
    Evan Sullivan Beaverhead Deer-Lodge NF USFS
    Helen Duran Beaverhead Deer-Lodge NF USFS
    Faith Duncan-AK
    Scott Parsons-CA CIIMT 4
    Andrea Drinkhouse-AK
    Jon Skeels-CO
    Stephen Clifford-CA
    Beth Giacobassi-WI
    Jason Bahruth-ID Payette NF East Zone
    Morgan Thomsen-ID IHO Trent Vonderheit
    Patricia Robinson-CA Cal Fire
    Thomas Lauchian-CA USFS
    Eric Rogers-NC Ebbs Chapel FD
    Darrell Ralston-CA Retired Ventura County Fire
    Barry Callenberger-ID
    Adam Cook-MN USDA Forest Service
    James Duzak-CA McCall Smokejumpers
    Lori Lancaster-WY
    Tom Lancaster-WY
    Scott Vail-CA Retired FS
    Sirena Fugitt-TX USFS/Nimo
    John Fugitt-TX Texas Forest Service
    David Degennaro-UT
    Jarrod Pickell-TN
    Steven Markason-WY IMO Mike Lewis
    Kathleen Donahue-CO
    Vance Andersen-ID BLM
    Ron Brewer-CA
    Dennis Finnegan-CO Station 10 South Park Ranger District
    Sarrah Steele-WA USFS
    Larry Alvarado-CA
    Robert Griffith-CA
    Clint Green-CA
    Kevin LoGiudice-FL Big Cypress National Preserve
    Geraldine Belt-NY
    Ryan Allen-ID
    Camille Cloyd-CA IMO Captain Andy Verdugo
    Samuel Larry-AL NPS Retired
    Bob Larsen-VA Albemarie County Fire & Rescue
    Lee Hughes-UT
    Alex Rasmuusen-SD
    Dana Carter-NM
    Henry Benham-NV USFS Retired
    Robert Eisele-CA
    Phillip Spor-OR
    Dean Clark-CO
    Cody Dems-IMO Len Dems
    William Mayer-WY NPS Grand Teton NF
    Cathy Slover-IL USDA Forest Service
    Lynn Good-NJ NJFFS
    Mike Lewis - IL
    Zachory Huff-CA USFS TNF Engine 342
    Dan Mallia-CA Redding IHC
    Tyler Harris-CA Redding IHC
    Chris Graves-CA Redding IHC
    Nick Brewer-CA Redding IHC
    Isaac Obst-CA Redding IHC
    Dakota Allen-CA Redding IHC
    Joseph Bain-CA Redding IHC
    Michael Cagle-CA Redding IHC
    Julie Campbell-CA Redding IHC
    Andrew Edens-CA Redding IHC
    Stephani Kopfman-CA Redding IHC
    Sean Moreno-CA Redding IHC
    Daniel Robinson-CA Redding IHC
    Patrick Larkin-CA Redding IHC
    Shelby Leung-CA Redding IHC
    Teresa Lincoln-CA Redding IHC
    Jonathan Lindquist-CA Redding IHC
    Amanda O'Connell-CA Redding IHC
    Philip Taylor-CA Redding IHC
    Courtney Wismer-CA Redding IHC
    Jared Moreno-CA Redding IHC
    Kelly Jensen-OR
    Jamie Tyson-UT
    Kenny Frick-NC
    Kevin Winter-CA
    Chris Meeker-AZ Coronado National Forest
    Sheila McConnell-ID
    Clint Mendenhall-MT Trap Fire
    Max Wahlberg-OR USFS
    Kate Morris-CA USFS
    Daniel Fuller-CO Pike National Forest
    Jimmy Flanagan-WA
    Mary Flanagan-WA
    Keira Flanagan-WA
    James Flanagan-WA
    Aylana Flanagan-WA
    John Benson-Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District
    Jennifer Ziegler-NE
    Karen Varney-MA
    Kyle Johnson-USFS
    Mike Eveler-WA
    Jody Eveler-WA
    Cheryl Orgas-IHO Christopher Meeker
    William Meeker-IHO Christopher Meeker
    Darby Frank-WY
    Matt Muller-Bald Mountain Helitack
    Andrew Brennan-Bald Mountain Helitack
    Blaine Coyle-Bald Mountain Helitack
    Jason Barnhart-Bald Mountain Helitack
    Nathaniel Prunetti-Bald Mountain Helitack
    Aaron Silva-Bald Mountain Helitack
    Andrew Orellana-Bald Mountain Helitack
    William Eckstein-Bald Mountain Helitack
    Andrew Nessi-Bald Mountain Helitack
    Shane Nelson-Bald Mountain Helitack
    Joshua Cari-Bald Mountain Helitack
    Jonathan Nelson-Bald Mountain Helitack
    Melanie Stevens-AZ Mesa IHC
    Destiny Chapman-CO
    Pedro Rodriguez-TX BCTF1
    Rick Barton-CO
    Kay Esterbrook -CO Epsilon Sigma Alpha-CO
    Marty Christensen-MN
    John Thompson-MT
    Timothy Chavez-CA Cal Fire Riverside
    Cody Blair-OR McKenzie River Ranger District
    Steve Plevel-AZ
    Pamela Crouch-IL
    Cynthia Hogg-NM
    Jeffrey Hogg-NM
    Jennifer Brown-NV
    Michael Gillespie Jr-AZ
    Jan J Palecek-CA CIIMT 4/USFS-SMF
    Marin Stark-MT USFS
    Judy Hallisey-WA
    Joshua Tracy-CA Elk Mountain
    Armando Ceja-CA Elk Mountain
    Guillermo "Willie" Munguia-Arrowhead Hotshots
    Andrew Vogl-Arrowhead Hotshots
    Eric Galvan-Arrowhead Hotshots
    Maura Franklin-Arrowhead Hotshots
    Julio Campos-Arrowhead Hotshots
    Zachery Leavitt-Arrowhead Hotshots
    Matthew Dunagan-Arrowhead Hotshots
    Isaias Garcia-Arrowhead Hotshots
    Jordan Robinson-Arrowhead Hotshots
    Jeremy Loyd-Arrowhead Hotshots
    Tyson Moya-Arrowhead Hotshots
    Thomas Chavez-Arrowhead Hotshots
    Natalie Noble-Arrowhead Hotshots
    Joe Suarez-Arrowhead Hotshots
    Devin Beedle-Arrowhead Hotshots
    Ian McGinnis-Arrowhead Hotshots
    Colton Rubio-Arrowhead Hotshots
    Jeff Hammes-ID
    Ricky Cox NM BLM Las Cruces
    Leon Schindell-NV
    Norman Pope-CA Cool Mule Inc
    Marshall Kulp-UT
    Leslie Hunter-NC
    Sarah Peterson-NV
    Julie Lutz-WY
    Butch Shaw-VA Central Zone Fire/GW-Jeff NF
    Clint Grinsell-NV
    Joanie Lawrence-OR
    Dick Mangan-MT Blackbull Wildfire Services LLC
    Ralph Scarpino-CT
    Robert Tinker Jr-CA
    Greg Smith-CA
    Sean O'Malley-NY FDNY
    Lurena Sylva-ID
    Daniel Skinner-CA
    Maria Skinner-CA
    George Zoffman-CA Cal Fire Retired
    Sara "Sally" Browning-NC USFS Atlanta NIMO
    Carole Wilson-OH
    Kathleen Sachse-CA
    Jeremy Bergbower-MT
    Brendan Mullen-MT Central Mt Helitack
    William Cirone-FL
    Sandra Cirone-FL
    Eddy Harris-TX
    Andrew Zink-Klamath IHC
    Kevin Smyth-Klamath IHC
    Breanna Truelove-Klamath IHC
    John Worsley-Klamath IHC
    Seth Daniels-Klamath IHC
    Tylan Zavalla-Klamath IHC
    Andrew Rengifo-Klamath IHC
    Kiyontai Wilson-Klamath IHC
    Zac Fansier-Klamath IHC
    Brian Yip-Klamath IHC
    Alex Gonzales-Klamath IHC
    Andy Tompkins-Klamath IHC
    Adam Park-Klamath IHC
    Matthew Jones-Klamath IHC
    Thomas Goetz-Klamath IHC
    Phillip Hurtado-Klamath IHC
    Mathew LOre-Klamath IHC
    Max Hoover-Mason-Klamath IHC
    Jack England-Klamath IHC
    Bradly Brandt-Klamath IHC
    Victor Jimenez-Klamath IHC
    Rolando Rincon-Klamath IHC
    Walter Roth-MI
    Carol Roth-MI
    James Williams-ID
    Rudy Blancas-CA Mendocino IHC
    Oscar Knudtson-NC
    Maria Maragni-OR
    Matthew Spanos-Ca Mendocino National Forest
    Joshua Thompson-CA USFS
    Kyle Jones-CA Mendocino IHC
    Kian Akhavein-CA Mendocino IHC
    Andrew Shippelhoute-CA Mendocino IHC
    Robert Osborne-MN
    Steven Kimbley-TX Texas Parks & Wildlife
    Tracy Fifarek-MN USDA Forest Service
    Jamison Eugene Brandenburg-TX
    Bill Schuster-MN
    Allen Schutlza-Lassen IHC
    Brett Matthews-Lassen IHC
    Fernando Estrada-Lassen IHC
    John Mears-Lassen IHC
    Brandon Borden-Lassen IHC
    Jacob Hernandez-Lassen IHC
    Zane O'Bourke-Lassen IHC
    Kurt Merino-Lassen IHC
    Tyler Medders-Lassen IHC
    Josh Wydler-Lassen IHC
    Nik Edwards-Lassen IHC
    Jay Wilder-Lassen IHC
    Brock Harmon-Lassen IHC
    Adam Carrillo-Lassen IHC
    Manuel Faustino-Lassen IHC
    Matthew Campbell-Lassen IHC
    Michael McCloskey-Lassen IHC
    Gabe Akimoff-Lassen IHC
    Diego Rivera-Lassen IHC
    James Brown-ID USDA FS, Boise NF
    Jeffrey Gallivan-Phoenix Crew1
    Clint Kelley-Phoenix Crew1
    Terrance House-Phoenix Crew1
    Richard Borunda-Phoenix Crew1
    Jeremy Simoneau-Phoenix Crew1
    Pedro Mungarro-Phoenix Crew1
    Krista Countryman-Phoenix Crew1
    Dominic Barela-Phoenix Crew1
    Geraldo Diaz-Phoenix Crew1
    Shane Cooper-Phoenix Crew1
    Daniella Kona-Phoenix Crew1
    Douglas Williams-Phoenix Crew1
    Chase Smith-Phoenix Crew1
    Nicole Pavent-Phoenix Crew1
    Tucker Thein-Phoenix Crew1
    Robert Berthold-Phoenix Crew1
    Darrick Walters-Phoenix Crew1
    Bradley Osborn-AZ Phoenix Crew 1
    Sergio DeLeon-TX USFS
    Jose Trujillo-NM Carson NF East Zone
    Gerald Scott-OH
    Leanard Garcia-UT Retired BLM
    Gary Handschug-WA
    Ben Jacobs-CA NPS-CA State Parks
    Jonathan Hoyt-WA
    Angie (Andrea) Matos-MT
    Dan Sullivan-AZ
    Kristi Sullivan-AZ USDA Forest Svc
    Andrew Holtmeyer-SD BKF-CB
    Bradley Duncan-NM
    Marcus Cornwell-NM Silver City IHC
    Chris Mursu-SD USFWDS Region 3 Fire Management
    Cheryl Bright-ID
    Joel Shennum-CA CA team #11
    Micah Booze-AK
    Richard Medici-Brinkman-CA
    Michael Santistevan-ID
    Michele Stefanides-PA
    Garland Shaw-MT
    Jared Peak-UT Uinta Wasdatch Cache NF
    Brian Keating-CO
    Deanna Lynn Riker-MN
    Georgia Knight-CO Epsilon Sigma Alpha
    Brian Johnson-MA
    Martha Campbell-NV
    Holly Werner-CA IMO John Holt Werner
    Charley Burns-WA DNR
    Justin Cottrell-TX Texas A&m Forest Service
    Toby Leon-AZ
    Donna McCain-CA Cal Fire Retired
    Josh Acosta-CA Fulton IHC
    Greg Cole-CA Fulton IHC
    Gilbert Hoffman-CA Fulton IHC
    Zach Cogswell-CA Fulton IHC
    Josh Bull-CA Fulton IHC
    Trevor Long-CA Fulton IHC
    David Ceballos-CA Fulton IHC
    Michael Turowski-CA Fulton IHC
    John Kiess-CA Fulton IHC
    Michael Robles-CA Fulton IHC
    Rafael Sencion-CA Fulton IHC
    Jacob Sencion-CA Fulton IHC
    Zeib Witt-CA Fulton IHC
    Nicholas Costa-CA Fulton IHC
    Bryan Lang-CA Fulton IHC
    Greg Franco-CA Fulton IHC
    Jesse Kiess-CA Fulton IHC
    Elias Salas-CA Fulton IHC
    Abraham Arevalo-CA Fulton IHC
    Falcon Atwell-CA Fulton IHC
    Steven Teeter-WI USFS
    Adriane Morabito-WI
    Cameron Teeter-WI
    Zoella Teeter-WI
    Steve Timboe-CA LA County Fire Dept
    Jim Shirley IHO Jesse Shirley
    Karen Bontrager-MI
    Jon Bontrager-MI
    Bruce Suenram-MT Fire Logistics Inc
    Ada Takacs-MI
    Dean Mcgirr-OR
    Cali Frankovic-CO IHO Caleb Meyer Craig IHC
    Joe Carvelho-ID
    Judy Carvelho-ID
    Dan Zajanc-ID
    Edward Coughlin 111-WA
    Shaun Holquin-CA actofnaturegear.com
    Pat Orland-CA IMO Fire Captain Bob Ortland
    Sherrill Story-CA IMO Michael Lewis
    Susan Johns-AZ IMO Michael Johns
    Eric Nagel-AZ
    Bridget Phillips-So. Idaho Dispatch
    Nick Castro-AZ
    Debra Lopez-UT
    Jeff Burch-CA CIIMT 4
    Ruby Sandoval-UT
    Eileen AMilligan-NV
    Arehn Avanessian-Bear Divide IHC
    John Thomas -Bear Divide IHC
    Kyle Thomas Ford-Bear Divide IHC
    Daniel Lojero-Bear Divide IHC
    Matt aLeber-Bear Divide IHC
    Derek Madrigal-Bear Divide IHC
    Tyler Brankin-Bear Divide IHC
    Eduardo Cerna-Bear Divide IHC
    Edgar Magana-Bear Divide IHC
    Brian Anderson-Bear Divide IHC
    Eulalia Rendon-Bear Divide IHC
    Raphael Panoyotis-Bear Divide IHC
    Derek Bonner-Bear Divide IHC
    Matthew Driscoll-Bear Divide IHC
    Jake Galbo-Bear Divide IHC
    Leonard Erentreich-Bear Divide IHC
    Diego Reynoso-Bear Divide IHC
    Francisco Reyes Figueroa-Bear Divide IHC
    Stephan Steele-Bear Divide IHC
    Juan Diego Mesones-Bear Divide IHC
    Matthew Brown-CA
    Pam Urban-MA IHO Mark Urban
    Michael Kennard-CA
    Donald May-MA
    Colleen Hagler-MT
    Matt Pontes-CA
    Scott Gorman-CA
    Gino Reginato-CA
    Chris Rogalla-CA
    Stephen Schulz-CA
    Ross Schnitzler-CA
    Richard Lillard-MD
    Michael Michiszyn-AZ
    Will Sharp-OR
    Katherine Solorio-AZ
    Carrie Bowers-CA
    Julianne Thomson-CA
    Justin Brown-NV
    Carol Smith-MI
    Savanna Brooks-CA
    Henry Delvalle-FL Everglades Fire Engine 606
    Kelly Andersson-OR
    Lindsey Curtin-VA
    Larry Nickey-WA
    Glenn Camus-CA Heliqwest Int'l
    Heliqwest Int'l
    Hal Stevens-UT
    Kelsey Kolstad-ID USFS
    Erin Ruhl-SD
    Karen Norton-CA
    Phillip Dye-CA Prometheus Fire Consulting LLC
    Raymond Grimes Jr-NJ Forest Fire Service
    Bruce Forgea-ID
    Matthew Haupt-ID
    Mark Hnat-NV
    Andrew Auld-NV
    Brian Miracle-OR
    Dawn Lemcke-AZ
    Shelby Forgea-ID
    Dustin Zahrt
    Stefan Goehring-NV
    Tyler Herdman-ID
    Greg Lowdermilk-NV
    Mark Karr-CA
    Lizzie Guns-Canada
    Bert Smith-NM Sandia Helitack
    Lauren Nina Iverson-CA Prineville IHC
    Ryan McFarland-COFMS Prineville
    Linda Andrews-VA
    James Kujala-WI
    Curtis Matthews-CA
    Rebecca Ward-ID
    Sanjuanita Gomez-OR
    Jason Overocker-ID
    Weston Gaul-CA
    Patrick Oakley-MI
    Kristen Honig-NM
    Tiffany Jones-TX
    Nick Dulvally-CA
    Matt Rau-NM USFS
    Joshua Boehm-CA USFS
    Sarah Machado-CA
    Steven Roberts-IL CA Smokejumpers
    Dan Brown-ID
    Phillip Chi-OR USFS
    Stacee Sadler-UT USFS
    Kassidie Hynes-NV
    Ashley Sites-MT
    Cammie Glass-NV
    Fred Plessner-CA IHO Plessner Family
    Patricia Sullivan-AZ
    James Sullivan-AZ
    Lynn Roose-ID
    Robert Lesch-IL
    Steven Flaten-WI
    Tucker Flaten-WI
    Tristian Dias-CA Trinity Hotshots
    Loren Lamb- Trinity Hotshots
    Harrison Kale 111- Trinity Hotshots
    John Casteneda- Trinity Hotshots
    Ryan Neely- Trinity Hotshots
    Jordan Garrett- Trinity Hotshots
    Stephen Lyter- Trinity Hotshots
    Jason Ballard- Trinity Hotshots
    Evan Arnold- Trinity Hotshots
    Devin Vaughn- Trinity Hotshots
    Tony Moore- Trinity Hotshots
    Stu Francis- Trinity Hotshots
    Blaine Littleford- Trinity Hotshots
    Jake Ueda- Trinity Hotshots
    Steve Miller-WI
    Ellie Miller-WI
    Jaylynn Pell-UT
    Bonita Sylva-CA IMO Stanley Sylva
    Jackie Mattison-CA
    Cathy Taylor-OR
    Cynthia LIversey-NJ Forest Fire
    Stanton Florea-IMO Brian Hughes
    John Lueck -WI IHO John & Evelyn Lueck
    Ken Wolff-WI IHO Ken & Kathleen Wolff
    Marsi Woody-ID IMO KC Fourter
    Elaine White-NJ
    Joseph Lara-NM
    Mike Crawley-NV
    Kevin Elliott-CA Los Padres National Forest
    Christopher Moore-AK
    James Archambeault-WA
    Aaron McDowell-OR
    Justin Gilbert-ID
    Vernon Hadley-AZ
    Mike Anderson-AZ
    Ann Anderson-AZ
    Denis Kirkley-AZ Kaibab Helitack
    Norm Rooker-NV
    Derek Casbon-WI USFWS
    Brian Morris-WA
    Christian Wooster-CA Black Mountain Hotshots 904
    George Efinger-NJ State Fire Warden
    Felicia Probert-NM
    Hilary Gage-CO
    Paul Swedhin-CO Buena Vista Fire Dept
    Craig Perkins-CA Retired
    Michael Ringleb JR CA USFS
    Dan Santantonio-NM Mayhill Vol Fire Dept
    Bob Klindworth-WA
    Michael Ferris-OR USFS Retired
    Tamara Klindt-TX
    Robert Kerschner-NJ Fire Service Division A
    Lisa Kerschner-NJ Fire Service Division A
    Cade Kerschner-NJ Fire Service Division A
    Ryan Gaughran-NJ Fire Service Division A
    Jason Gaughran-NJ Fire Service Division A
    Cameron Meganck-CO
    Elise Roberts-TX
    Patrick Titus-Cal OES Fire & Rescue
    Michael Esparza-CA Cal OES Fire & Rescue
    Kit Bailey-CA Cal OES Fire & Rescue
    Jack Fry-CA Cal OES Fire & Rescue
    Mark Courson-CA Cal OES Fire & Rescue
    Andrea Zander-CA Cal OES Fire & Rescue
    Keng Lee-Cal OES Fire & Rescue
    Randy Unkovich-Cal OES Fire & Rescue
    Cathy Johnson-Cal OES Fire & Rescue
    Javier Lara-Cal OES Fire & Rescue
    Jeff Adams-Cal OES Fire & Rescue
    Corey Zander-CA Cal OES Fire & Rescue
    Bill Bondshu-CA Cal OES Fire & Rescue
    John Salvate-CA Cal OES Fire & Rescue
    Lawrence Collins-Cal OES Fire & Rescue
    Sage Torrez-Cal OES Fire & Rescue
    Chue Thao-Cal OES Fire & Rescue
    Charles Tobias-CAL OES Fire & Rescue
    Ishmael Messer-Cal OES Fire & Rescue
    Andrew Duran-CA
    Stanley Steele-OR
    Andy Heisey-GA
    Susie Heisey-GA
    Donald Fregulia-CA
    Dave Scott-NE USFS
    Vince Carver-GA
    Anthony Cerqueira-CO
    Patrick Murray-MD
    Jared Burchett-TX Wichita Falls Fire Dept
    Emma Berry-CA
    Sam Wu-CA
    Dale Brown-CA
    Lynda Brown-CA
    David Arnauckas-CA
    Frank Heilman-GA
    Dawn Heilman-GA
    John Wroblewski-CO
    Georgia Thompson-UT IMO Joe Thurston
    Juan Zepada-FL
    Tara Butler-CA Big Bear Hotshots
    Gerald Perry-AZ
    Angela Bealka-MN
    Sheryl Solberg-AZ
    Jillian Bohrer-OR Wildland Kombucha
    Allison Throop-MT
    Travis Whitney-CO
    Brian Jenkins-MN USFS Superior
    Tex Rex-ID
    Michael Rex-ID
    Wayne Helm-COBen Martin-MN
    Bern Anderes-OR
    Martin Maricle-AK
    Eric Fransted-ID
    Lewis Meyers-Wa
    Melissa Schwarz-AK
    Rachel Granberg-WA
    Edward Haffy-NJ
    Thomas Haffy-NJ
    Yanu Gallimore-OR
    James Johnson-MN
    Dianna Mecham-ID
    Michael Treshow-ID Mountain Wanderlust
    Scott Shoemaker-NV
    Linda Perkins-Ca
    Brian Blatney-Florida Forest Service
    Alicia Hone-UT
    Wilda Arlone Legner-IL
    Raymond LaManna-NY
    Meghan Sherman-Az
    Robert Heiar-CA
    Kevin Cashman-CO IMO Rick Wheeler
    Joseph Rinaldi-MT
    Heremy Kolaks-IN
    JD Bowman-UT
    Allan Kesner-CA
    David Vitwar-CO
    Michael Czaja-CO
    Jeffrey Sussman-NY Rocking Chair Foundation
    Bill Allen ID IMO Jeff Allen
    Diz Allen-ID IMO Jeff Allen
    Glen Coley-NC Forest Service
    Steve Hattling-MI
    Sandy Dunbar-OR IMO Doug Dunbar
    Joseph Koehler-WI
    Dale Weir-WA Old School Aviation
    Wyitt Williamson-MT Whitegrass Fire Suppression
    Anthony Kicking Women-MT Whitegrass Fire Suppression
    Chase Smioth-MT Whitegrass Fire Supression
    Ann Marie Allen-CA
    Anthony Kinnaman-AZ
    Glenn Bartter-CO
    Vicki Bartter-CO
    Paul Talbot-MN
    Deanna Lewis-MT
    David Wischer-WA Washington DNR&NW Team 11
    Gerry Day-WA
    Peter Noble-MO
    Andrew Jones-OH
    Mitch LaMonte-Texas A&M Forest Service
    Russell Leggett-OK
    Barbara O'Coy-CA
    Genevieve Hitchcock-TX
    Denis Moran-CO
    J Bradley Washa-UT
    Rick Dunlap-ID
    Ellen Dunlap-ID

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    2018 Gold Members (32 listed)

    Dave’s Towing
    Motecito Firefighter’s Association
    Lone Peak IHC
    Midewin IHC
    Entiat IHC
    Gila IHC
    San Juan IHC
    Zigzag IHC
    Rogue River IHC
    Yosemite Helitack
    Breckenridge IHC
    Kaweath WFM
    Baker River Hotshots
    Baldwin Forestry LLC
    Lassen IHC
    Pioneer Peak IHC
    Phoenix Crew 1
    Fulton IHC
    Silver State Hotshots
    First Strike Environmental Co
    Alta Hotshots
    McCall Smokejumpers
    Lassen Volanic National Park
    Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Lewis & Clark IHC
    Black Mesa IHC
    Modoc IHC
    Ukonom IHC
    Asheville IHC
    Bald Mtn Helitack Crew H517
    Klamath IHC
    Bear Divide IHC

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    2017 Gold Members (40 listed)

    Lakeview BLM Fire Crew
    Lone Peak IHC
    Fulton IHC
    Roosevelt IHC
    NPS Mid Atlantic Fire Management Engine 1
    Black Mesa IHC
    Flagstaff IHC
    Wolf Creek Hotshots
    Lassen Hotshots
    Great Northern Fire Crew
    Alta Hotshots
    Feather River Hotshots
    First Strike Environmental Co
    Alpine Hotshots
    USFS Bald Mtn Helitack
    Yosemite Helitack
    Entiat Hotshots
    San Juan Hotshots
    Del Rosa Hotshots
    Arrowhead IHC
    Gila IHC
    Pioneer Peak IHC
    Blue Ridge Hotshots
    Wasatch Helitack
    McCall Smokejumpers
    Rogue River IHC
    American River IHC
    Eldorado Hotshots
    Rocky Mountain National Park Fire Crew
    Idaho City IHC
    Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    Klamath Hotshots
    Bear Divide IHC
    Zig Zag IHC
    Folsom Lake IHC
    Branded Wild
    Texas Canyon IHC
    Ventura County
    Nevada County
    CloudCasters Inc

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    (Video) Twisp River Fire Remembered Introduction

    2016 Gold Members (26 listed)

    Centennial Forest Fuels Management – WY
    Roosevelt Interagency Hotshot Crew – CO
    Central Montana Helitack
    Gila Hotshots – NM
    Montecito Fire Department – CA
    Zig Zag Interagency Hotshot Crew – OR
    Rogue River IHC
    Columbine Wildland Fire Module
    Ventura County PFF
    True North
    Del Rosa Hotshots – CA
    Cloud Casters Inc. – WA
    Arrowhead IHC
    Lewis & Clark IHC-UT
    Entiat IHC-WA
    Rocky Mountain NP
    Yosemite Helitack-CA
    Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Ctr.-NV
    Lssen Hotshots
    Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    North Cascade Smokejumpers-WA
    Winema IHC-OR
    Wolf Creek IHC
    Alta Hotshots
    Chuchupate Flight Crew H-530
    Texas Canyon IHC

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    2015 Gold Members (34 listed)


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    2014 Gold Members (55 listed)

    ENGINE 324

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    2013 Gold Members (101 listed)

    Longleaf Alliance Fire Team
    Centennial Forest
    Fuels Management
    Centennial Forest Fuels Management, WY
    Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    Lone Peak IHC & Lone Peak Conservation Center, UTdaho Forest Supervisors
    Baker River IHC, WA
    Wolf Creek IHC, OR
    Eagle Lake
    Eagle Lake Hand Crew, CA “In Memory of Luke Sheehy”
    Ukonom IHC
    Los Padres IHC
    Sequoia & Kings Canyon NP- Crew 91
    Black Mesa Hotshots
    Laguna IHC
    Gila IHC
    Lewis & Clark IHC
    Prineville IHC
    American River IHC
    Twin Peaks -UT -NWS
    Twin Peaks -UT -NWS
    Blue Mtn Ranger District -Malheur NF
    R5 RAG – “In Memory of Luke Sheehy”
    Bridgeport Helitack
    Alpine IHC
    Wasatch-Cache NF Engine 411
    Wasatch-Cache NF Engine 411
    Boise BLM District – Unit A
    Boise BLM District – Unit A
    Breckenridge IHC
    Malheur Rappel Crew
    Helena Hotshots “In Memory of Granite Mtn IHC”
    Plumas Hotshots
    Redding IHC
    Angeles NF- Engine 16 “In Memory of Chris Carroll”
    Swan Valley Helitack
    Bald Mountain Helitack
    Grand Canyon NP Helitack
    Grand Canyon NP Helitack
    Inyo Crew 3
    Inyo Crew 3
    Eastern Montana Helitack
    Entiat IHC
    Arizona BLM- Phoenix District
    Arizona BLM- Colorado River District
    Arizona BLM- State Office
    Arizona BLM- Gila District
    Arizona BLM- Arizona Strip District
    Idaho City IHC
    Bonneville IHC
    Jackson IHC
    Heaps Peak Helitack
    Heaps Peak Helitack
    Arrowhead IHC
    La Grande IHC
    Texas Canyon Hotshots
    Big Hill Helitack
    Big Hill Helitack (El Dorado NF)
    Redding Smokejumpers
    Craig IHC
    Craig IHC
    Klamath IHC
    Horseshoe Meadow Hotshots
    Alta Handcrew
    Chester Fly Crew
    Dromedary Peak Fuels & Crew
    Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Mormon Lake IHC
    Los Padres NF -Engine 44
    Los Padres NF -Engine 41
    Medicine Bow-Routt NF -Engine 651
    Medicine Bow-Routt NF -Engine 651
    Cedar City IHC
    Rifle Peak Handcrew
    Goosenest RD -Klamath NF E77 & E78
    Goosenest RD -Klamath NF E77 & E78
    Lassen IHC
    Silver State IHC
    Union IHC
    Winter Rim Zone Paisley RD- Engine 431
    Winter Rim Zone Paisley RD- Engine 431
    Winter Rim Zone Paisley RD- Engine 633
    Winter Rim Zone Paisley RD- Engine 633
    First Strike Environmental Co.
    Lassen Volcanic National Park
    Lassen Volcanic National Park
    Dalton IHC
    CIIMT #4
    Del Rosa IHC
    Folsom Lake Hand Crew
    Folsom Lake Hand Crew
    Bear Divide IHC
    Keenwild Helitac
    Feather River IHC
    Carson IHC
    Diamond Fire
    Trinity IHC
    Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    Modoc IHC, CA

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    2012 Gold Members (42 listed)

    Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    Nevada County Fire District
    Lone Peak IHC
    County of Nevada
    San Juan IHC
    Gila IHC
    Los Padres IHC
    Del Rosa IHC
    Entiat IHC
    Eagle Lake Handcrew
    Eagle Lake Handcrew, CA
    Stanislaus IHC
    Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    Silver State IHC
    Feather River Hotshots, CA
    Klamath Hotshots, CA
    Rifle Peak Hand Crew
    Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Laguna Hot Shots
    Alpine Hotshots, CO
    USFS Bald Mountain Helitack, CA
    Mt. Taylor Hot Shots
    Vista Grande IHC
    Firestorm Wildland
    Lewis & Clark IHC
    Baker River IHC, WA
    Great Basin Type 2 IMT – Ourada
    Bonneville IHC
    Alta Handcrew
    Fire Dawg Green Inc.
    Chester Fly Crew
    Swan Valley Helitack
    Carson IHC
    Lassen IHC
    Arrowhead IHC
    Valyermo IHC
    First Strike Environmental, OR
    Whitegrass Fire Suppression, MT
    Modoc IHC, CA
    Breckinridge IHC, CA
    Centennial Forest Fuels Mgmt, WY

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    2018 Annual Members (1695 listed)

    Paul Sever-ID
    Jose Baeza-Puerto Rico
    Gerry Day-WA
    Tyler Sendrak-CA
    Bruce Edmonson-CA
    Paul Talbot-MN
    Rive Duncan-OR
    Ethan Green -MI
    John Pavlik-CO
    David Taylor-CA
    Peter Noble-MO
    Tom Holley-AZ
    Michael Sanchez-NM
    Jaylene Adakai-Sanchez-NM
    Kyle Behrens-AZ
    Shawn Adams-UT
    Jenna Lee Scott-CA
    Casey Judd-ID
    Robert Lesch-IL
    Jacqueline Silvrants-VA IHO Robert Silvrants
    Paul Frick-PA
    Ricky Siegel-CA
    Edward Phipps-NJ
    Hunter Bell 111-MT
    Kim Kufta-CA
    Melanie Peterson-NV
    Francis Franco-OR
    Joshua Franco-OR
    John Norton-Jensen-VA
    Karen Day-WY
    Cody McFarland-WY
    Dan Damann-CA
    Tyler Bosworth-CA
    Nancy Cosgrove-CO IHO Danny Holmes for his 40th birthday
    Galen Roesler-SD
    Michael Harnois-WI
    Paul Dahlen-CA Captain Vacaville FP
    Dana Dahlen-CA Vacaville FPD Fire Belles
    Matt Dillon-PA
    Charles Waters-AZ
    Steven Otoupalik
    Paul Balfour
    Stan Mitchem
    Tim Nutley
    David Lowe
    Deborah Traver
    Emily Barker
    Rosemary Barker
    David Barker
    Sandy K Dunbar
    Bob Klindworth
    Arthur S Mindlin
    Glen Bartter
    Tara Haack
    Jeremy Lynch
    Deane Seeger
    Alyx Fier
    Jacqueline Le Clair
    William Foster-AZ
    Julie Rhodes-TX
    Greg Emerson-NV USFS Retired
    Lance Vallares-CA
    Bill Yemma-CO USFS
    Angela Yemma-CO BLM
    Richard Silvrants-VA
    David Aranauckas-CA
    Scott Culkin-CA
    Richard Sheets-CA
    Alec Lane-CA IMO those we lost in 2017
    Jenna Roose-MT
    Paul Roose-MT
    Andrew Snutg-ID
    Logan C Williamson-MT Whitegrass Fire Suppression
    Wyitt W Williamson-MT Whitegrass Fire Suppression
    Teresa Mitchell-Mt Whitegrass Fire Suppression
    Andrienne Calfrobe-MT Whitegrass Fire Suppression
    Andrew Maryhide-MT WhitegrassFire Suppression
    Tinaya Monroe-MT Whitegrass Fire Suppression
    Kendall Reyher-SD
    Steve Peterson-ID
    Howard Hoyt-OR
    Kevin Greenhaigh-UT
    Tina Greenhaigh-UT
    Alicia Hone-UT
    Eric Weber-NJ NJ Forest Fire Service
    Don Will-CA
    Robert Silvrants-VA
    Andy Lipp-SD
    Rachel Hobbs
    Dillon Helms-CA
    Linda Austin-CO
    Eddie Taylor-USFS
    Richard Sparks-WI
    Mike Dugan-ID
    Kelsea Ochs-CA
    Christopher Guadarrama-CA
    Casey Glines-SD
    Josh Pargas-NM
    William Lee-CO
    Gelen Young-NM
    Chip Houde-AK
    Dave Kannas-MN
    Ryan Flemke-MN
    Robert Hazen-NJ
    Terri Kenkins-GA
    Jose Trufillo-NM Carson NF
    Richard Stanger-SD
    Carl Schaefer-CA
    Mike Rice-MN Chippewa National Forest
    Paul Craven WA
    Dana Bagnoli-AZ IHO Kevin, Robert & Eric
    Kellie Stover-SD
    Jonathan Barrett-AZ
    Keith Ward-NV
    Kyle Tolosano-CA
    Jarrod Zweigart-ID
    Matt Martens-WA Kennewick Firefighters Local 1296
    Paul Iannizzotto-FL 343 Never Forget FDNY IMT
    Karen Richardson-WA IHO George Carey
    Steven Shuck-SD
    Susan Seber-ID IHO Brian Lee & IMO the Granite Mtn Hotshots
    Kyle Hermiston-MT
    Harold Reynolds-TX
    Lisa Kemper-NV
    Lucas Hunkler-FL
    Spencer Robertson-OR
    Peter To-USFS Allegheny NF
    Anthony (Hollywood) Beigel -USFS Honor Guard
    Jonna Myrick-CA
    Matt Kampf-CO
    Katie Bernethy-CO
    Susan Janice-MA
    Jimmy Dodson-NC IHO NC State Parks Burn Crew
    Austin Bowling-CA
    Kay Horan-WI
    Doug Horan-WI
    James Horan-Wi
    Anastasia Horan-WI
    Daniel Pearson- Honor Guard
    Cody Weink- NPS Honor Guard
    David Celino-MA
    Brian Schroeder-IL
    Mark Twain Helitack Crew
    Barney Lyons-ID
    Sarah Wyman-NY
    Al Crouch-ID
    Gayemarie Ekker- IMO Joe “Utah” Thurston
    Laurel Peterson- IMO Joe “Utah” Thurston
    A J Huston-CA
    Terry Wallace-NV
    Katrina Jongenelen-MO
    Gilbert Becenti-CO
    Janet Herring-VA
    Rita Martin-CO Chi Kappa Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha
    Vickie Hutsizer-ID USFS
    Kenny Musial-WI
    Joseph Cook-CA
    Liz Kurpies-CA IHO of your retirement
    Alexander Sechrest-WA
    Brian Vasquez-CA USFS
    Gerald Campbell-CA Sacramento County Airport Fire
    Mark Hopkins-FL
    Tracy Milakovic-CO USFS Pike NF
    Philip DeSenze-CA
    Larry Edwards-MT
    John Derr-ID
    Brian Flynn-NV
    Scott Biddle-NV
    Jared Rosoff-NV
    David Nelson-CA
    Wende Wilding-UT
    Gayle Sorenson-UT
    Andrew Lyon-CO
    Chris Loxterman-AZ
    Mike Starr-AZ
    Don Weaver-AZ
    Sharon Taube-UT
    Brittain McNeil-ID
    David Zuares-ID
    Edward Lewis-WA Pacific Northwest Team 3
    Cathy Hutton-WY
    Cliff Hutton-WY
    Richard Davis-MI
    chloe McClantoc-CO/Denver Epsilon Council of epsilon Sigma
    Juan Ortiz-NM / Gila NF Employee Association
    Janelle Thompson-CA
    Tyler Womack-OR/Oregon Dept of Forestry
    Matt Schutty-OR / USFS Siskiyou Rappel Crew
    Travis Asmus-CA
    Sheryl Solberg-AZ
    Raeanne Thurston-AZ
    Ryan Barela-AZ
    Scott dErnest-WA
    Wes Odom-AZ/Surprise Fire Medical Dept
    Matt Engbring-AZ
    Rose Henerson/Great Basin Team 3
    Marian Kadota-CA
    Philip Chi-OR
    Jan Diamantini-OR IHO Tami Bickett
    Tom Diamantini-OR/IMO Tami Bickett
    Mike Law-OR
    Barbara Eddy-OR/USFS
    Brian Randolph-ID
    Kevin Koch-Dave’s Towing
    Angela Blakely-Dave’s Towing
    Janice Koch-Dave’s Towing
    Andrew Koch-Dave’s Towing
    Ryan Blakely-Dave’s Towing
    Brett Orland-Buck’s Bags
    Brice Molitor-MT
    Greg McAlpine-CA
    Paul Wells-NM
    Tiana Glenn-ID
    Tim McElwee-AZ IMO Sean Misner & his brothers Granite Mountain IHC
    Debra McElwee-AZ IMO Sean Misner & His brothers Granite MT IHC
    Joe F Hartman-MO
    Juan Bautista-OR Pacific Coast Contracting Inc
    John P Case-AZ
    Jim Payne-AZ
    Gale Payne-AZ
    Kenneth Reid-CO
    Kate Morris-CA
    Robert Weber-CA
    Patricia Patterson-ID
    Brett Ostler-UT
    Tyler Mundy-CA
    John Sannes 11 _OR
    Beth Sannes-OR
    Jay Rideout-WA
    Andy Vasquez-CA
    Nicholas Jeros-Wv
    Elizabeth Lynch-MT
    Jodine Barnes-WA
    Brent Renison-OR
    Dr. Jeffrey Brown-IA
    Joseph Brown-TX
    George Zoffman-CA
    Debbie Anderson-CA
    Michael Wilson-CA
    Denton Bungarz-CA
    Judith Bungarz-CA
    Kenneth Berzof-KY
    Alan Colwell-KY
    Richard Hartigan-AZ
    Erin O’loughlin-MT
    Kim Cash-WI
    Cid Morgan-MI
    Robert Bennett-CA
    Stephen J Farrington-CA
    Lew Sovocool-CO
    Dee Townsend-WA Retired NPS & USFS
    Bill Macaulay-NV
    Ryan McPherson-AK Alaska Fire Service
    Philip Bordelon-OR
    Eric Solomon -CA Tonto National Forest
    Patrick Sheridan-VA
    Wes Edwards-CA
    Shaye Edwards-CA
    Harold Gemmell-MT
    Michael Cramer-WA Westward Wildfire
    Kevin Elliott-CA Los Padres Natl Forest
    Christopher Tiedeman-CO
    Wyatt Ostler-UT
    Diane Hansson-OH
    Rex Thompson-AZ
    Samuel Wyckoff-WA
    Ian Dooley-NY
    Michael Woods-WY
    Sherry Ward-ID
    Becki Nesbitt-OR
    Gregg Smith-CA
    Carl Klug-NV
    Mark Boche-WI
    Don Edwards-CA
    Frank Weaver-MN
    Mike Lewis-IL
    Jim Jaminet-CO
    Robert Gates-CA
    Sherry Dunning-ID
    Nat Whittemore-MA
    Nancy Whittemore-MA
    Duane Vasten-CO
    Betsie Gettings-WY
    Shawn Gettings-WY
    Brenda Crull-IN
    Anne Rock-MA
    Dorothy Kimble-MN
    Steven Moore-TX
    Jason Miller-CA
    Peter Irvine-VA
    Dawn Sanchez-CO
    Brian Lyttle-CA
    Sylvia Lyttle-CA
    Carol Roth-MI
    Walter Roth-MI
    Craig Perkins-CA
    Jay Gardner-CA
    Cindy Wedekind-OR
    Eric Krueger-OR Klamath Rd Fremont-Winema NF IHO Deb Grosbusch
    Michael Johnston-ID USFS
    Sara Brown-OR USDS
    Bill Paxton-MO IHO Eastern Area IMT
    Becky Paxton-MO IHO Bill Paxton Firefighter?PIO 1 since 1990’s
    Rick LaZelle-CA
    Monty Messenger-CA
    Erin Shockley-VA
    Mary Colton-CA
    Mary McPeck-AZ
    Kevin Curfman-WA
    Ellen Dunlap-ID
    Rick Dunlap-ID
    Heidi Schewel-AZ
    Eileen Milligan-NV
    Tim Baker-MT Miles City BLM
    Mark Wesseldine-CO Platte Canyon Fire
    Zach Wesseldine-CO Klamath Hotshots
    Marcia Smith-NH
    Leigh Ann Evans-OR IMO Alan Wyatt Missionary Ridge Durango, CO
    Zachary Ellinger-NV
    Tad Morelock-CA
    Jesse Morelock-CA Happy Camp Helitack
    Shawn Turner-PA
    Jason Althouse-AZ
    Karen McPeak ID IMO Cabel Hamm
    Thomas Todrank-ID IMO Ron Chambless
    Stephen Powers-PA
    Jonathan Ellis- NJ NJ Forest Fire Service
    Peter Stewart-NM USFS
    Fred Pavlovic-NM
    Daniel Skinner-CA
    Maria Skinner-Ca
    Chris Furr-NM
    Kathryn Furr-NM
    Linda Campbell-IN
    Eric Rogers-NC
    Terese March-CA
    Chris Castellon-CA
    Sherry Story-CA
    Jo Ann Singley-CA Epsilon Sigma Alpha Foundation
    Robert Tinker-CA
    Monika Nicholson-WA BLM
    Jeremy Fenno-WA
    Matthew Brown-CA USFS
    Peter Briant-NV
    Dale Weir-WA
    Kristen Marshall-OR
    Peter Ringen-CO
    Cameron Hammitt-CO
    Mike Harvey-CO
    Jo Smith-AR
    Chris Ives-AZ
    Mike DeGrosky-MT
    Cassie Pearson-WA
    Jeffrey Crawford-OR
    Alex Fallon-NV IMO Will Hawkins & Jacob O’Malley
    Ellen Fallon-NV IMO Will Hawkins & Jacob O’Malley
    Carol Henson-UT
    Ken Henson-UT
    Stephen Wallis-CA
    Dylan Kane-OR
    Glenn Sundstrom-CA
    Michael Gillespie-AZ
    Zachory Huff-CA
    Jared Staggs-WV
    Kathy Robatcek-MI
    Stan Sutton-CA
    Geri Belt-NY
    Jayson Walker-NV
    Donna Ritchey Martin-MD
    Tucker Flaten-WI
    Steven Flaten-WI
    Dale Smith-TX
    Andy Heisey-GA
    Susie Heisey-GA
    Donald Bowen-CA
    Brian Fritsen-OR
    Rudy Sandoval-UT
    Karen Smith-CO
    Henry (Larry) Benham-NV
    Rex Reed-Wa
    Justin Gagnon-CA
    Charles Les Page-KS
    Raymond Self-AR
    Biddy Simet-MT
    Robert Eisele-CA
    Bill Mayer-WY NPS Grand Teton NP
    Mike Patten-MT USFS
    Michelle Spence-CO
    John McDaniel-KS
    Nick Robatcek-MI
    Todd Haines-NM
    Jeff Barnes-MT
    Dan Brown-ID
    Jill Thomas-ID
    Phillip Gilmore-MA
    Veronica Mard-MA
    Leon Schindell-NV
    Barbara Stewart-VA
    John Keener-WA
    Mark Oetzmann-ID Price Valley Heli-Rappellers
    Jim Ulmaniec-WI
    Bob Klages-CO BLM
    Tom Diani-NV Reno Fire Dept
    Tom Turk 11-NV
    Tony Huegel-ID
    DMarie Gallegos-Trijuillo-NM
    Christopher Feather-WA
    Matthew Salas-CA American River Hotshots
    Brian Blatney-FL
    EJ Bunzendahl-KY USFS
    Clifton Torrey Jr-MS USDA Forest Service
    Kenneth Nelson-AZ
    Louisa Evers-OR
    Dan Hernandez-NM
    Dana Strahan-CA
    Steven Markason-WY USFS
    Randy Anderson-ID Snake River IHC
    Marilyn Cockrell-CA
    Brit Rosso-AZ
    Dale Brown-CA IMO Mat Brown
    Lynda Brown-CA IMO Mat Brown
    William Sanders-ID
    Erica Husse-CO BLM
    Scott Haas-CO
    Sarah Synowiec-CO
    Jennifer Brown-NV
    Hunter Smith NJ
    Jonathan Mann-CA USFS Shasta Trinity NF
    Karen Scholl-AK
    Troy Crowe-MO
    Carl Hadler-NJ NJFFS A1 Div 1
    Nathan Goodrich-OR
    John Finley-NV
    Deborah Finley-NV
    KC Bjorsen-ID
    Brandon Dunham-NV
    Joel Pomeroy-OR
    Glade Campbell-CA
    Mary Huels-WA
    John McAndres 111-NJ
    Lori Anderson-CO
    Steven Radtke-CA
    Patrick Skaggs-OR
    Kara Skaggs-OR
    Cathy Slover-IL
    Susan Bissell-AK Alaska Fire Service
    Willie Cirone-FL Florida Forest Fire
    Sandra Cirone-FL NJFFS
    Michael Santistevan-ID
    Chad Malicki-WI
    Garland Shaw-MT
    Brenden Sullivan-CA Stanislaus NF Groveland District
    Steven Chaffin-CA Iron Mountain Hand Crew USFS
    William A Beebe-AK
    Tanner Young-NV
    Richard Dary-WI IHO Ross Dary
    Bruce Suenram-MT
    Darren O’Loughlin-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Gregory Struiksma-WA Lone Peak IHC
    Kadell Deason-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Christian Berninger-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Terry S Michaelis-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Brett Branin-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Jaspir Amir-CA Lone Peak IHC
    Justin Roach-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Matthew Jarvis-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Kevin Argueta-Ayala-WY Lone Peak IHC
    Ross Cooper-CA Lone Peak IHC
    Eliasbit Arreola-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Mitchell Hanson-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Travis Unrein-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Haile Hehn-WA Lone Peak IHC
    Shayne Ward-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Cole St Martin-MN Lone Peak IHC
    Alejendro Ocotlan-CA Lone Peak IHC
    Liam McKinley-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Preston Osland-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Daniel Sullivan Jr-AZ Lone Peak IHC
    Devon Dubay-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Oscar Rodriguez-Machorro-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Preston Ley-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Kay Esterbrook-CO
    Steven D Ellis-CO
    John Thompson-MT
    Meghan Sherman-AZ
    Peter Coors-CO
    Carrie Moore-UT
    Spencer Johnston-ID
    Stefanie Johnston-ID
    David Coors-CO
    Sirena Fugitt-TX
    John Fugitt-TX
    Cindy Cherone-CA
    Tracy Fifarek-MN
    Case Parker-MT
    Steve Meyer-OR
    Vicki Lynch-CA
    Adam Kohley-AK–BLM
    Kristi Sullivan-AZ
    Dan Sullivan-AZ
    Mike Antalosky-PA
    Angie Matos-MT
    Linden McNeilus-MN
    Bonnie Roberts-UT
    Mark Karr-CA
    Justin Fredrickson-CO
    Richard Renouf-ID
    Julie Lafferty-Dollemore-Renouf-ID
    Sarrah Steele-ID USDA
    Nate Christiansen – CO
    Greg Black-CA Kern County Fire Dept
    Mitchell Lane-TX
    Rita Simpson-PA
    Stacie Cicarios-OR
    Jacob Cicarios-OR
    Heather Woodman-CA
    Lynda Alberico-CA
    Elias Hurtado-NM
    Cheron Ferland-NM Wildlife Bio/IRIN
    Tom Wurm-MT IMO Mike Cahill
    Leliah Mojarrab-NM BLM
    Tamara Conner-UT
    Jose Acosta-ID
    Cheryl Orgas-WI IHO Christopher Meeker
    Sig Palm-WY
    Raymond Perrault-Willamete NF
    Christopher White-McKenzie River IA Crew
    Aaron McDowell-Santiam River IA Crew-IMO Dale Mendes
    Ron Brown-WY
    Peggie Cathie-CA
    Shawn Barrows-SD Rapid City Fire Dept
    Ian Larson-OR Willamette NF
    Michael Waugh-Az Willamette NF
    Brandon Eves-OR Middle Fork IA Crew
    Daniel Bark-OR Santiam River IA Crew
    Karen Hoffman-OR
    Carole Wilson-OH
    Jen Croft-VA
    Tiffany Jones-TX
    Jake Fitzgerald-CA USFS Heartlake Handcrew
    Connie Anderson-CA IMO Travis Carter GM IHC
    Jerry Westfall-CA
    Harold Reed-CA USFS
    Robert Palmer Sr-WA
    Karen Varney-MA
    James Archambeault-WA
    Thomas Hooten-CA USFS Retired
    Karen Brent-GA
    Austin Lee-NV IHO Jacob O’Malley & Will Hawkins
    Richard Nicholson-CA
    Andrew Holtmeyer-SD
    Michelle Surratt-MT
    Daniel Preston-OR
    Lee Ann Quinn-RI
    James Holcomb-VA
    Sean Dewitt-OR
    Jeremiah Mendez-OR
    Toby Leon-AZ
    Christina Bartlett-ID
    April Gasper-NV
    Gordon Ruble-WY
    Carolyn Higgins-CA CIIMT#4
    Terri Knauth NIMO
    Kevin Knauth District Ranger on Bonners Ferry Rd
    Charley Burns-WA DNR
    Kim Soule-UT
    Joshua Dilick-UT
    Scott Parsons-CA CIIMT #4
    Kim Parksons-Ca So Cal Incident Mgmt Team 3
    Benjamin Drake-WA Entiat IHC
    Raymond Grimes Jr-NJ IHO Raymond Grimes Jr
    Monika Kawski-AZ Ruby Mountain Hotshots IMO David Gray
    Joan Lawrence-OR
    Pamela Keithly-WA
    Pat Mann-AZ
    Cheryl Beauers-CO #3878 Zeta Chi Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha
    Sally Lobel-CO Theta Eta Chapter #2810 Epsilon Sigma Alpha
    Yvonne Farrell-CO Epsilon Sigma Alpha
    Georgia Knight-CO Epsilon Sigma Alpha
    Susie Morris-CO Signa RHO Chapter Epsilon Sigma Alpha #5014
    Dave Garrison-CO
    Janet Evans-UT
    Steve Evans-UT
    Dean Rasussen-NE
    Evan Schachtel-IL
    Donna McCain-CA
    Dean Clark-CO
    Cody Dems IMO Len Dems
    Geri Herbert-ID
    Ryan Seemiller-CA
    Drew Augustyn-MI
    Eric Miller-OR Prineville IHC
    Brendan O’Reilly-OR Prineville IHC
    Darcey Doyle-ID
    Doug Zimmer-WY
    Tanner Mawhinney-WA
    Pamela Werchau-AZ
    Julie Rubio-OR
    Robert Laeng-CA CIIMT 4
    Paula Chambless IMO Ronnie Chambless
    Scott Sorensen-ID
    Dennis M Costello-CA
    Logan Costello-CA
    Douglas Witham-CA
    Linda Witham-CA
    Mark Witham-CA
    Dennis Seeley Jr-NJ
    Mark DeGregorio-CO
    Van H Chanay-CO
    Michele Stefanides-PA
    Karen Grubbs-NM
    Jam Amen-TX
    Megan Thomas-LA
    Alex Benitez-CA
    Ron Cole-CA
    Larissa Grant SD
    Dustin Murray-ID
    Betty McQuirk-ID
    Jeremy Bergbower-MT
    Rick Barton-CO
    Joan Gallagher-NM
    Diane Travis-AZ
    Joel Harris-CO
    Bobby Maynes-CO
    Hayes Fredrickson-CO
    Adam Kettridge-CO
    Brandon Williams-ID
    Robert Burrus-WA
    Margrete Bjornsen-NV
    Minghua Chu-CA
    Russell Leggett-CO
    Matt Irving-CA
    Ron Ryan-FL
    Deanna Etheredge-FL
    Josh Shroyer-WY
    Tammy Shroyer-WY
    Rosanne Sullivan-IL
    Cheryl Ridlon-NM IMO Token Adams
    Jun Kinoshita-CA
    Judy Hallisey-WA
    John Kelly-CA
    Adam Ramirez-CA
    Nicole Gilbert-MT
    Denis Kirkley-AZ
    Mason Quick-MT –Montana DNRC
    Land Huegel-ID
    Peter Vidmar-CO
    Kyle Nakazawa-CA
    Jason Kjenstad-NM
    Jeff Hammes-CA
    Eric Toft-CO
    Stacey Evans-UT IHO Bonneville Hotshots
    John Courtright-ID
    Frank Davis-OR
    Ben Jacobs-CA
    Sara “Sally” Browning-NC
    Chris Wikeen-CA
    Michael Ringleb Jr-CA
    Dick Hodge-ID
    Belinda Plummer-CA
    Ty Miller-AK
    Kevin Janes-CA
    Kirk Will-CO–State of CO Div of Fire Prevention & Control
    Joseph Bell- FL
    Brian Morris-WA–Wa Dept of Natural Resources
    Arthur Cherry-LA Redmond Jumpers
    Margaret Cherry
    Anthony Cherry
    Jake Schumacher-NV BLM
    Kaylon Northington-CA
    Hugh Fairfield-Smith-CO Greater Eagle Fire Protection District
    Cory Waters-NC
    Kimberly Drake-ID
    Missy Hone-UT Wasatch Helitack
    Bradley Medvin-CA
    Erin Banwell-AZ
    Marin Stark-MT USFS
    Logan Blankenship-IL Midewin IHC
    Katie Blankenship-IL
    Jerry Hoffman-IL Midewin IHC
    Joe Kaufman-IL Midewin IHC
    Mike Bittner-Midewin IHC
    Taylor Griffin-IL Midewin IHC
    Hilary Griffin-IL
    Anna Sivill-IL Midewin IHC
    Trae Tuttle-Il Midewin IHC
    Mike Dlugos-IL Midewin IHC
    Mike Schipper-IL Midewin IHC
    Dave Gones-IL Midewin IHC
    Brian Peterson-IL Midewin IHC
    Connor Solms-IL Midewin IHC
    Jason Hunt-IL Midewin IHC
    Jenna Hunt-IL
    Shannon Kahrig-IL Midewin IHC
    Ryan Riekkoff-Il Midewin IHC
    Hunter Loncarich-Midewin IHC
    Reece Willie-Midewin IHC
    Tony Thurnau-Midewin IHC
    Jake Lueck-Midewin IHC
    Maddie Zebro-IL
    Cathy Taylor-OR
    Kendall Jewett-CA USFS
    John Watson-CO
    Miranda Stuart-FL
    Michael Veasco-CA
    James Corvino-WA
    Norene Norris-AZ
    Dale Wine-TN
    Christopher Ingram-CO
    Bradley Ray-NV Live Like Luke
    David Johnson-WA
    Jarred Johnson-WA
    Jeremy Johnson-WA
    Peter D’Aquanni-NM
    Anthony Stanaro-ID
    Jason Butler-CA BLM Folsom Lake
    Tyler Scheibenpflug-ID
    John Plisga-ID IHO Sam Magnifico
    Ben Plumb-AZ Apache Sitgreaves NF
    Shawn Adams-UT
    Cheryl Bright-ID
    Ryan Conway-AZ
    Joseph Piesco-CO
    Pam Urban-MA
    Kathy Garrison-CO Epsilon Sigma Alpha
    Luke Campbell-Wa Entiat IHC
    Ehren Phillips-WA Entiat IHC
    Jason Russell-WA Entiat IHC
    Patrick Chism-WA Entiat IHC
    Kyle Clemans-WA Entiat IHC
    Jonathan Melby-WA Entiat IHC
    Evan Smith-WA Entiat IHC
    Hannah Coolidge-MD Entiat IHC
    Kevin Farrands-WA Entiat IHC
    Ian McCord-OR Entiat IHC
    Colton Carr-WA Entiat IHC
    Taylor Phillips-WA Entiat IHC
    Rob Poyner-WA Entiat IHC
    Caleb Desmarais-WA Entiat IHC
    Michael Millie-WA Entiat IHC
    Hugo Vasquez-WA Entiat IHC
    Devin Dyler-WA Entiat IHC
    Erick Garcia-WA Entiat IHC
    Garret Zimmerman-WA Entiat IHC
    Daniel Pickard-WA Entiat IHC
    James Sweeney-NM Gila Hotshots
    Wyatt Shellhorn-NM Gila Hotshots
    Michael Head-NM Gila Hotshots
    Tyler Clare-NM Gila Hotshots
    Amy Keithly-NM Gila Hotshots
    Benjamin Liming-NM Gila Hotshots
    Jason Harper-NM Gila Hotshots
    Michael Ehlinger-NM Gila Hotshots
    Adam Mendez-NM Gila Hotshots
    Kadin Shain-NM Gila Hotshots
    Mahalia Soap-Nm Gila Hotshots
    Jeremiah Torres-Nm Gila Hotshots
    Nigel Palmer-Nm Gila Hotshots
    Paul Rivera-NM Gila Hotshots
    William Shecterie-NM Gila Hotshots
    Daniel Guilfoyle-DC Gila Hotshots
    Jeffrey Campbell-NM Gila Hotshots
    Averi Sherman-OH Gila Hotshots
    Steve Nicholso-WY
    John Meek-CO
    Steven Gundersen-MT
    Jackie Berenyi-MT
    Crosby Holman-UT
    Oakley Holman-UT
    Philip Verplancke-Il
    Michael Purdy-CA USFS CA-Knf Retired
    Marty Howes-NV
    Liz Hahnenberg-MD
    Bill Hahnenberg-MD
    Marie Johnson-MI-IHO William Creeden Southtooth NF
    Ted Johnson-MI IHO William Creeden Southtooth NF
    Aaron Badillo-ID Boise National Forest
    Tim Brewer
    Matthew Dunlap-CA
    Jenifer Hochstrasser-AZ
    Robert Martin-AZ
    Curtis Palmer-WA SNF Chief 1 Retired
    Samantha Nichols-SD
    Cheri Monsen-CO
    Sam Magnifico-OR
    Robert Haines-CO
    David Draayer-CO San Juan IHC
    Jay Godson-CO San Juan IHC
    Scott McCreary-CO San Juan IHC
    Keith Bedonie-CO San Juan IHC
    Roy Vega-CO San Juan IHC
    Jared Rogers-TN San Juan IHC
    Sarah Barry-NM San Juan IHC
    Tyler Hoest-CO San Juan IHC
    Sean Hosier-CO San Juan IHC
    Casey Gorsett-CO San Juan IHC
    Eric Stoorza-CO San Juan IHC
    Justin Giorno-CO San Juan IHC
    Zach Spencer-CO San Juan IHC
    Jackson Charrette-CO San Juan IHC
    Jon Wegener-CO San Juan IHC
    Tyler Moylan-MN San Juan IHC
    Ashley Ting-CO San Juan IHC
    Phil Martinez-RI San Juan IHC
    Charles Thelemann-CO San Juan IHC
    Chase Dittrich-CO San Juan IHC
    Jean Seymour-ID
    Laurie Welter-ID
    Gerald Perry-AZ
    Steve Prescott-ID
    Hector Madrid-NM Imagination Fabrication
    Karin Frost-Madrid-NM
    Dan Fiorito-OR
    Rees Beck-CO National Wildland Fire
    Hank Shepard-Logan IHC
    Derrick Charpentier-NWCFMU
    Tim Dedrick-Oregon Department of Forestry
    Buffy Bandley-CA
    Vance Andersen-UT
    Neil Leifker-AZ
    Jacqueline Harrell-CA
    David Neydlin-CA
    Jessica Morman-ID
    Martin McGuire-NM
    Glen Kinder IV-KY
    Devin Parks-OR Zigzag IHC
    Tom Carvajal-OR Zigzag IHC
    Marissa Krawczak-OR Zigzag IHC
    Memo Marquez-OR Zigzag IHC
    Will McKinney-OR Zigzag IHC
    Amanda Monthei-OR Zigzag IHC
    Tomas Rivero-OR Zigzag IHC
    Kevin Schmitz-OR Zigzag IHC
    Josh Schuler-OR Zigzag IHC
    David Schaad-MT Zigzag IHC
    William Sloop-OR Zigzag IHC
    Sandra Sperry-WA Zigzag IHC
    Chris Stash-OR Zigzag IHC
    Nick Terry-OR Zigzag IHC
    Adam Vanderpool-OR Zigzag IHC
    Glenda Torres-CO
    David Douglas _OR
    Jesse Kiene-OR
    Grant Moss-OH
    Zachary Skerl-OH
    Martha Mowry-NM
    Diane Schmidt-PA
    Chris Lord-ME
    Brian Gieryk-ID
    Jason Heinz-WA
    Taija Corso-WA Okanagon-Wenatchee NF
    Jill Rausch-ID
    Geoffrey Melly-WA
    Davis Oatway-UT
    Peggy Setter-CO
    Dick Mangan-MT
    Kevin Throop-WI
    Eric Peterson-MD
    Bert Starr-MT
    Samuel Larry-AL
    Erik Blankenship-UT
    Derek Schmidt-OR Rogue River IHC
    Ryder McCray-OR Rogue River IHC
    Emilee McPherson-OR Rogue River IHC
    Alex Clayton-OR Rogue River IHC
    Cody Chiverton-OR Rogue River IHC
    KC Koogler-OR Rogue River IHC
    Richard Delong-Rogue River IHC
    Ian Rodgers-OR Rogue River IHC
    Luke Mayfield-Rogue River IHC
    Michael Ingman-Rogue River IHC
    Brian Evans-Rogue River IHC
    Mac Swanson-Rogue River IHC
    Jerimiah Jacks-Rogue River IHC
    Karen Ritland-Rogue River IHC
    Adam Wold-Rogue River IHC
    Lauren Caitlin-Rogue River IHC
    John Papich-OR Rogue River IHC
    John Ingman-Rogue River IHC
    Rory Kaberline-Rogue River IHC
    Katheryn Kaonis-Rogue River IHC
    Ty Parker-NJ
    Edward Sayre-NJ
    Carolyn Winkler-OR
    Wade DeBraal-OR
    Michael Shaw-ID
    David Dukart-CA
    Matthew Aoki-CA-Los Padres IHC
    James Robertson-Breckenridge IHC
    Ryan Lobre-Breckenridge IHC
    Corey Correa-Breckenridge IHC
    Joel Masi-Breckenridge IHC
    David Blake-Breckenridge IHC
    Javi Ruiz-Breckenridge IHC
    Sean Quezada-Breckenridge IHC
    Joaquin Ibarra-Breckenridge IHC
    Eric Wallace-Breckenridge IHC
    Casey Bennett-Breckenridge IHC
    Alec Goulet-Breckenridge IHC
    Chase Fearon-Breckenridge IHC
    Troy Brown-Breckenridge IHC
    Rudy Berumen-Breckenridge IHC
    Nathan Lovewell-Breckenridge IHC
    James Lazaro-Breckenridge IHC
    Raul Ramirez-Breckenridge IHC
    Nathan Marsino-Breckenridge IHC
    Riley Sheldon-Breckenridge IHC
    Bart Kicklighter-USFS
    Julian Robinson-MT
    Gary Bone-CO
    Patrick Seger-IL
    Gary Cornell-UT
    Mitch Glenn-Tiller Ranger District Engine 25
    Jeremy Rux-OR
    Andrew Pohlman-CO
    Seth Greene-CA
    Bonnie Wood-ID
    Ryan Spies-CA-Del Rosa IHC
    David Borero-CA-Del Rosa IHC
    Jeremy Ellis-CA-Del Rosa IHC
    Christopher Surgenor-MT
    Janet Dodson-OR
    Curtis Coots-CA
    Elizabeth Lockwood-OR
    Lynn Good-NJ
    James Good-NJ
    Joann Overacker-CA
    Gregory Overacker-CA
    Mike Tateishi-OR
    Brittany Allen-OR
    Kim Carland-CO
    Greg Gamertsfelder-UT-Wasatch Helitack
    Quinn Robinson-PA
    Johnathan Brooks-UT-IHO Josh Evans
    David Gerboth-CA-CIIMT #4
    Morgan Kemple-CA
    Erin Capuchino-CA
    Jeff Hammond-AZ
    Leta Schoeller-KY
    Adam Ackerman-ID
    Dorothy Ackerman-ID
    Jackie Davis-ID
    Debbie Kelly-ID
    Michael Kelly Sr.-ID
    Janice Lewis-CA
    Jeff Wenger
    Derek Jackson-CO
    Corrie Smith-ID
    David States-CA
    Ryan Carabajal-NM
    Courtney Wood-CA
    Jeff Brooks-CA
    Douglas Stuart-CA
    Michael Laxo-CA
    Clinton Northway-AK
    Alicia Pharr-CA
    Michael Nelson-CA
    Michael Neuron-CA
    Troy Sears-CA
    Nancy Picazo-Ortega-CA
    Drew Derrick-CA-Los Padres Hot Shots
    Issac Crabbe-OR
    Shawn Allois-CA
    Chuck Borg-OR
    Tobias Hutchens-VA
    Rachael Livingston-OR
    Shane Dillavou-OR
    Clay Templin-AZ
    Joaquin Gutierrez-NM
    Jamie Talbott-CA
    David LaChapelle-ID
    Gerald Scott-OH
    Timothy & Evelyn Williams-CA
    Mark Johnson-CA
    Skyler Nilsen-CA
    Heather Wonenberg-OR-Yosemite Helitack
    Andrew Davenport-CA-Yosemite Helitack
    Jeff Pirog-CA-Yosemite Helitack
    James MacTaggart-CA-Yosemite Helitack
    Ben Raybould-CA-Yosemite Helitack
    Alaina Greene-CA-Yosemite Helitack
    Chris Creamer-CA-Yosemite Helitack
    Ryan Baker-CA-Yosemite Helitack
    Brent Rahn-MO
    Linda, Kate and George Chappell-UT
    Dona Tong-CA
    Travis McConnell-CO
    Rebecca Lefor-CA
    Erin Cronin-CO
    Kyle Titus-AZ
    Dustin Hallam-CA
    Casey Dunn-CA
    Scott Livengood-CO
    Kevin Conley-CA
    Blaine Loar-UT
    Bridgette Cuffe-AZ
    Trevor Williams-UT
    Richard Stirts Jr.-MO
    Douglas Suerig-UT
    Royce Wilber-BLM Alaska Fire Service
    Carl Doaty-Wind Cave National Park
    William Zekas-CA
    Jason Johnston-CA
    Justin & Tracy Mund-OR
    Ray Crowe-AK
    Rob Thibault-CA
    True Brown-AZ
    Thomas Cline-CA
    Jamie & Ryan Wade-AZ
    Brian Drinville-NM
    Lorraine Entner-NV
    Katherine Schmidt-CA
    Joan Drnjevic-ID
    Mark Johnson-CA
    Tamara Dierks-SD
    Nick Kostechko-CA
    Chris Clervi-CO
    Steve Timboe-CA-LA County Fire Department
    Lindsey Negherbon-OR
    Gregory Smith-FL
    Mikell Newton-OR
    John Dickerson-CO
    Bradley & Caron Johnson-AZ-USFS
    Caroline Miller-TX
    Peter Barry-CO
    Herman & Debbie Wendell-CA
    Ross Garlapow-CA-Kaweah WFM
    Elliot Nauert-NC-Kaweah WFM
    Rafael Torres-CA-Kaweah WFM
    Pedro Ortiz-CA-Kaweah WFM
    Dennis Cueva-NC-Kaweah WFM
    Jan Navalta-NC-Kaweah WFM
    Ivan Alcala-NC-Kaweah WFM
    Arlene & Eric Gregory-WY
    Michael Bryant-AZ
    Rocky Opliger-CA
    Dee King-Raub-CA
    Patrick Titus-CA
    Bill Kornrumph-NM
    Kurt Mattocks-AZ
    Ted Adams-OR
    Charles Spencer-CA
    Vaness Glynn-Linaris-AZ
    Claire & Brian Veseth-ID
    Dutch Stemike-OR
    Norm Tindell-TX-Wildfire Defense Systems
    Cynthia & Jeff Hogg-NM
    Michael Turos-NM-CIIMT#4
    Jennifer Nowdesha-CA-IHO Carr fire
    Rance Marquez-AZ
    Victor Brown-AZ
    Travis Sagebiell-TX
    Doug Lawton-NV
    Nicholas Hruby-MN
    Brent Pierson-ID
    Lakota Burwell-WA
    Cody Holmquist-OR
    Sarah Huff-CA
    Shane David-CA
    David Degennaro-UT
    John Oliver-VA
    Cameron Balog-ME
    David Merriman-CO-Arbor Scape
    Andrew Godfrey-CO-Accumed
    Aaron Mandel-CO-South Park Fire Dist.
    Grant Steelman-FL-Seminole Tribe of Florida
    Mike Burnham-NM-Silver City IHC
    Kelly Watts-UT
    Mark Brown-AZ
    Kurt Ranta-WA-Baker River Hotshots
    Gary Chicks-WA-Baker River Hotshots
    Tim Judd-WA-Baker River Hotshots
    Bill David-OR-Baker River Hotshots
    Chris K Ramiskey-OR-Baker River Hotshots
    Julius Jacobsen-WA-Baker River Hotshots
    Benjamin Hannon-WA-Baker River Hotshots
    Sam Olsen-WA-Baker River Hotshots
    Oliver Henry-WA-Baker River Hotshots
    Johnny Brady-WA-Baker River Hotshots
    Andrew McKinney-WA-Baker River Hotshots
    Alexandra Pogue-WA-Baker River Hotshots
    Chris Ashby-WA-Baker River Hotshots
    Alejandro Hernandez-WA-Baker River Hotshots
    Dylan Oliver-WA-Baker River Hotshots
    Nick Mattson-WA-Baker River Hotshots
    Sadie Ford-WA-Baker River Hotshots
    Nat Grainger-WA-Baker River Hotshots
    Kelsey McLean-WA-Baker River Hotshots
    Jake Stone-WA-Baker River Hotshots
    Dan Humphries-WA-Baker River Hotshots
    Jack Bruehmer-WA-Baker River Hotshots
    Ian Morgan-MI
    Michael VanRaden-IA
    Jason Monteith-WA
    Zoe Sumrall-VA
    Denise Baker-CO
    Tyler McAllister-UT-Twin Peaks
    Chad Stilson-UT
    Hans Casperson-MN
    Manuel Canela-CA
    Laura Mayer-OR
    Zach McHugh-MT
    Justin Brokel-UT
    Larry Weaver-North Texas Fire
    Michael Ellsworth-Retired WIMT2
    Charles Barclay-VA-Interagency Coordination
    Patrick Johnson-UT
    Jeremy Gottfried-OR
    Brett Low-CA
    Adam Smith-VA
    Michael McManus-ID
    Calvin Miller-GA
    Christopher Barrett-AZ
    Sean Harris-WA
    Kathi Bailey-OR
    John Vonk-AZ
    Anthony Duke-Rosati-UT
    Katherine LaVoie-UT
    Danielle Kona-AZ-Phoenix Crew 1
    Edgar Edmondson-AZ-Phoenix Crew 1
    Dominic Barela-AZ-Phoenix Crew 1
    Kody Wohlers-IA-Kansas Forest Service
    Marka Penner-KS-Kansas Forest Service
    Zachary Munsell-KS-Kansas Forest Service
    Brad Wagener-KS-Kansas Forest Service
    Jeff Gallivan-AZ-Phoenix Crew 1
    Clint Kelley-AZ-Phoenix Crew 1
    Tom Wilson-UT-USFS
    Doug Williams-AZ-Phoenix Crew 1
    Gerardo Diaz-AZ-Phoenix Crew 1
    Nicole Poivent-AZ-Phoenix Crew 1
    Richard Borunda-AZ-Phoenix Crew 1
    Jacob Pace-AZ-Phoenix Crew 1
    Christen Romero-AZ-Phoenix Crew 1
    Shane Cooper-AZ-Phoenix Crew 1
    David Buck-AZ-Phoenix Crew 1
    Pedro Mungario-AZ-Phoenix Crew 1
    Terrance House-AZ-Phoenix Crew 1
    Wesley Temple-AZ-Phoenix Crew 1
    Jeremy Simoneau-AZ-Phoenix Crew 1
    Krista Countryman-AZ-Phoenix Crew 1
    Caroln Cox Williams
    Brian Esch-NV
    Michael Linehan-OR
    Michelle Ellis-HI
    Trent Vonderheit-ID
    Paul Carmichael-NV
    Bill Schuster-MN-Forest MGMT-Fire/Aviation LLC
    Cammie Glass-NV
    Joan Marett-AZ
    Kathryn Weiss-ID
    Kenny Frick-NC
    Shane Cochran-WA
    Kyle Jacobson-CA
    Tapanga Almada-AZ
    Dennis Cullen-CA Retired USFS
    Blake Stratton-FL
    Mike Weihman-CA
    Rebecca Rose-ID
    Kenneth Watkins-SW Area Team 3
    Jorge Amaya-Coronado IHC
    Kevin Winter-CA
    Franky Chavez-NM
    Sharma Chavez-NM
    John Walter-AZ
    Ed McDonald-AZ
    Murray Rosengarten
    Blake Miller-TX
    Michael Norman
    William Kuamoo
    Jeff Clark-AZ
    Mindy Clark-AZ
    Jonnell Covault-CA
    Sheila Miner-CA-CIIMT4
    Wes Shroeder-CA
    Jon Janelle-NH
    James Boyle-OR
    Shane Ralston-ID
    Kristi Ralston-ID
    Josh Acosta-CA-Fulton IHC
    Greg Cole-CA-Fulton IHC
    Daniel Hammond-CA-Fulton IHC
    Jonathan Bechtel-CA-Fulton IHC
    Gibert Hoffman-CA-Fulton IHC
    Josh Bull-CA-Fulton IHC
    Michael Henson-CA-Fulton IHC
    Trevor Long-CA-Fulton IHC
    John Kiess-CA-Fulton IHC
    Michael Turowski-CA-Fulton IHC
    Nikolas Woods-CA-Fulton IHC
    Justin Speakman-CA-Fulton IHC
    Zeib Witt-CA-Fulton IHC
    Jacob Sencion-CA-Fulton IHC
    Bryan Lang-CA-Fulton IHC
    Cuahutemoc Rojo-CA-Fulton IHC
    Nicholas Costa-CA-Fulton IHC
    Rafael Sencion-CA-Fulton IHC
    Micael Robles-CA-Fulton IHC
    Brennen Medely-CA-Fulton iHC
    Gary Peterson-USDA Forest Service
    Tim Lee-NE-USFS
    Daniel Lucht-NE-USFS
    Michael Billgren-CA
    Dale Overman-OR
    Steven Anderson-CA-Liaison Team 4 CA
    Sterling Hill-ID
    Devin Jurs-ID
    Robert Macdonald-ID
    Justin Vernon-OR
    Kristin Garrison-CO
    James Williams-ID Snake River IHC
    Matthew Esposito-CA
    Lynne Howard-GA
    Josh Ward-KS
    Jeremey Falkenau-VA
    John Singsheim-CO
    Seth Bond-MT
    Debby Benjamin-OR
    Jacob Gross-MS Knoxubee National Wildlife
    Taiga Rohrer-UT
    Kevin Johnson-CA USFS
    Jon Griffin-CA USFS
    Terry Gwilliams-ND USFWS
    Edwards Plasencia
    Quentin Ford-AZ
    Kyle Kerstiens-CO USFS
    Jason Lyons-CA USFS
    Daniel Gillespie-NV North Lyon County Fire
    Timothy Myers-NV- North Lyon County Fire
    Paul Halko-ND US Fish & Wildlife Svc
    Brian Vose-ND US Fish & Wildlife Svc
    Kevin Chajka-TX Alamo Fish & Wildlife Svc
    Russell Harris-MO
    Jesse Richardson-NV North Lyon Fire Protection District
    Jeremy Human-AZ USFS
    Jacob Gross-MS US Fish & Wildlife Svc
    Marlena Hovorka-NM
    Bea Day-NM
    Ludie Bond-FL
    Michael Ferris-OR
    Sheila Mundy-OR
    Tom Reaves-NV
    Keith Smith-WA Rogue River Natl Forest
    Bryce Henderson-NV Silver State Hotshots
    Lane Wagner-NV Silver State Hotshots
    Robert Colbert-NV Silver State Hotshots
    Minneah Holdridge-NV Silver State Hotshots
    Dustin Schuetta-NV Silver State Hotshots
    Jonathan Kalb-NV Silver State Hotshots
    Quentin Dankworth-NV Silver State Hotshots
    Trevor Atwater-NV Silver State Hotshots
    Tyson Wright-NV Silver State Hotshots
    Sarah Nutsch-NV Silver State Hotshots
    Eric Ansel Shellhorn-NV Silver State Hotshots
    William Canfield-NV Silver State Hotshots
    Noel Livingston-OR
    Laura Livingston-OR
    Mary Gausen-CA
    Jeremiah Bean-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Nathan Carnes-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    David Chavez-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Gerald Coates-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Stephen Edwards-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Robert Flores-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Zander Hamilton-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Robert Humbert-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Keaton Jones-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Steven Kaus-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Kameron Krueger-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Michele Krueger-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Robert Krueger-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Trevor Krueger-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Cameron Lemke-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Christopher Littles-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Timothy Lorenz-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Daniel Maurer-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Ricky Michaels-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Joshua ikacevich-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Cody Reich-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Juan Rentena-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Melisa Sulffridge-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Riky Thompson-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Brian Wilson-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Kayce Ferguson-OR First Strike Environmental Co
    Glendee Ann Osborne-CA
    Annie Lutes-AZ
    Janet Stemson-WA Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary
    Post 1927
    Clint Mitchell-CO
    Brian Austin-DC
    Matthew Okrasinski-UT Bonneville IHC
    Henry Hickerson-VA
    Michael Kelly-MO
    Brian McCreary-OR
    Wade Snyder-UT Alta Hotshots
    Jesse Trembly-UT Alta Hotshots
    Gavin Young-UT Alta Hotshots
    Tyler Carruth-UT Alta Hotshots
    Taylor Ford-UT Alta Hotshots
    Matthew Ziegler-UT Alta Hotshots
    Eric Dickerson-UT Alta Hotshots
    Matthew Pfeifer-UT Alta Hotshots
    Bryan Slade-UT Alta Hotshots
    Jeremy Sullivan-UT Alta Hotshots
    Jesse Diyanni-UT Alta Hotshots
    Musa Abdallah-UT Alta Hotshots
    Joseph Fisher-UT Alta Hotshots
    Alan McPheeters-UT Alta Hotshots
    Miller Bailey-UT Alta Hotshots
    Dante Giacobassi-UT Alta Hotshots
    Curtis Avery-UT Alta Hotshots
    Dakota Bullock-UT Alta Hotshots
    James Wilson-UT Alta Hotshots
    Luis Ruiz-UT Alta Hotshots
    Madelene Elfstrom-VA
    Kat Gonzales-NV
    Greg Liddicoat-NV
    Nathan Giles-CO McCall Smokejumpers
    Stew Hansen-ID McCall Smokejumpers
    Todd Haynes-ID McCall Smokejumpers
    Matt Ingram-ID McCall Smokejumpers
    Colin Lanigan-ID McCall Smokejumpers
    Luis Moraga-ID McCall Smokejumpers
    Brent Morrison-ID McCall Smokejumpers
    Damon Nelson-ID McCall Smokejumpers
    Toby Orient-ID McCall Smokejumpers
    Phil Reid-ID McCall Smokejumpers
    Patrick Romportl-CO McCall Smokejumpers
    Jeff Schricker-ID McCall Smokejumpers
    Keith Suemnick-ID McCall Smokejumpers
    Dave Tellan-ID McCall Smokejumpers
    Ashley Taylor-ID McCall Smokejumpers
    Chad Dunehew-CA Lassen Volanic National Park
    Davin Williams-CA Lassen Volanic National Park
    Barner Romero-CA Lassen Volanic National Park
    Randalyn Brooks-CA Lassen Volanic National Park
    Tyler Jones-CA Lassen Volanic National Park
    Mike Klimek-CA Lassen Volanic National Park
    Grant Gifford-FL Lassen Volanic National Park
    Jeffrey Singer-CO
    Rich Daniel-ID
    Vickie Chavers-Bruso-CO
    Kevin Bonicky-PA Grant Grove Engine Station
    Jarrod Gould-AZ Grant Grove Engine Station
    Stephen Clifford-CA American River Hotshots
    Coreen Hutchinson-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Lisa Pimental-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Priscilla Peterson-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Lea Asman-Betty-CA Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch center
    Mindy Stevenson-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Ryan Gaines-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Charles Meeks-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Jess Costell0-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Jill Hartman-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Dianne Verdugo-IMO Andy Verdugo
    Luis Orozco-CA Prescott IHC
    Daarea Mayo-AZ Prescott IHC
    Ron Brewer-CA CIIMT4
    Joey Regan-CA
    Clint Green-CA Cleveland National forest engine 349
    Robert Griffith-CA CIIMT4
    Alissa Roeder-CO
    Jacqueline Mattison-CA
    Lance Roberts-ID
    Daniel Rupert-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Roger Hooper-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Jorge Pacheco-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Indy Perez-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Kyle Mendenhall-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Robin Sawangwan-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Brent Webb-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Jason Schroeder-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Peter Dutchick-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Andrew Kurzawinski-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Nate Rose-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Jaime Velasquez-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Chase Worthington-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Trevor Bergeron-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Britto Hoisinger-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    James Gallaher-MT Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Reese Barnett-TX Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Colton Liberacki-CO Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Tom Lee 111-CO Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Gerald Zorechak-MT Bitterroot Hotshots
    Adrian Grayshield-ID
    Dustin Higbee-ID
    Erin Lally-MT MT-NRK
    Matt Holstrom-Lewis & Clark IHC
    William Knudsen-Lewis & Clark IHC
    Robert Dunn-Lewis & Clark IHC
    Joe Schwedhelm-Lewis & Clark IHC
    Evan Haugan-Lewis & Clark IHC
    Sarah Valentine-Lewis & Clark IHC
    Ryan Huber-Lewis & Clark IHC
    Mike Zimmer-Lewis & Clark IHC
    Garrett Steerman-Lewis & Clark IHC
    Leif Rova-Lewis & Clark IHC
    Mark Matheny-Lewis & Clark IHC
    Brian Yaeger-Lewis & Clark IHC
    Ryan Parkinson-Lewis & Clark IHC
    Keenan Earley-Lewis & Clark IHC
    Megan Primmer-Lewis & Clark IHC
    Kenny Longville-Lewis & Clark IHC
    Connor Devore-Lewis & Clark IHC
    Jake Bennett-Lewis & Clark IHC
    Betty Kouklis-CA
    Lorenzo Miranda Jr-CA
    Scott McDonald-OR
    David Olvera-CA Horseshoe Meadow Hotshots
    Jeremy Loyd-CA Horseshoe Meadow Hotshots
    Marshall Kulp-UT Weber Basin Type 2 1A
    Tyler Heye-IL
    Mariah Jones-AZ
    Dick Rath-MT
    Tyler Vickers-CA Modoc IHC
    John Ortega-ID Boise Helitack
    Leslie Hunter-NC
    Brendon Banwell-CA
    Keith Kelly-CA Ukonom IHC
    Tyler Collins-CA Ukonom IHC
    Robert Alvarez-CA Ukonom IHC
    Nathaniel Leonard- Ukonom IHC
    Anthony Orantes-CA Ukonom IHC
    Michael Montgomery-CA Ukonom IHC
    Lorin Daly-CA Ukonom IHC
    Joel Berg-CA Ukonom IHC
    Michael Peters-CA Ukonom IHC
    Laura West-CA Ukonom IHC
    Timothy Hyatt-CA Ukonom IHC
    Anthony Goode-NC Ukonom IHC
    Daniel Viellieux-CA Ukonom IHC
    Christian Wooster-CA Black Mountain Hotshots
    Charles Cosgrove IMO Daniel Holmes
    Eddy Harris-TX
    Sarah Peterson-NV
    Clint Grinsell-NV Slide Mountain Handcrew
    William Eckstein-CA Bald Mtn Helitack Crew H517
    David Phillips-CA Bald Mtn Helitack Crew H517
    Blaine Coyle-CA Bald Mtn Helitack Crew H517
    Jason Barnhart-CA Bald Mtn Helitack Crew H517
    Andrew Nessi-CA Bald Mtn Helitack Crew H517
    Andrew Aguirre-CA Bald Mtn Helitack Crew H517
    Christy Alvarez-CA Bald Mtn Helitack Crew H517
    Brittany Davden-CA Bald Mtn Helitack Crew H517
    Kevin Alvarez-CA Bald Mtn Helitack Crew H517
    Oscar knudston-ND
    Joshua Thompson-CA Arc Dome Wildland Fire Module
    Alex Rasmuusen-SD
    Robyn Woods-CA
    Dan Snow -CA CIIMT 4
    Dana Carter
    Pamela Crouch
    Dan Bastion-NM USFS (Ret)
    James Fischer-ID
    Scott Rasmussen-NV
    Robert Osborne-MN
    Jesse Tang-Kong-MA Cascade Wildland Fire Module
    Jeffrey Brink-ID
    Ben Rock-MT
    Johnny Clem-CA Klamath IHC
    Andrew Zink-CA Klamath IHC
    John Worsley-CA Klamath IHC
    Breanna Truelove-CA Klamath IHC
    Tylan Zavalla-CA Klamath IHC
    Michael Hoffberg-CA Klamath IHC
    Taylor David-CO Klamath IHC
    Kevin Smyth-OR Klamath IHC
    Kyle Ownsbey-CA Klamath IHC
    James Matteson-CA Klamath IHC
    Zac Fansier-CA Klamath IHC
    Brian Yip-NJ Klamath IHC
    Alex Gonzales-CA Klamath IHC
    Alex Hall-CA Klamath IHC
    Andres Rengifo-CA Klamath IHC
    Isabel Guerra-AZ Klamath IHC
    Kiyontai Wilson-CA Klamath IHC
    Andrew Vogl-CA
    Jacob Pargas-NV
    Zephaniah Cunningham-USFS Boise NIMO
    William Bettencourt-CA
    Steven Teeter-USFS
    Adriane Morabito-WI
    Cameron Teeter-WI
    Zoella Teeter-WI
    Marcus Cornwell-NM Silver City Hotshots
    Kassidie Hynes-NM Rogue Candle Company
    Bradley Duncan-NM
    Alexander Shier-NM Carson IHC
    Nick Yoney-NM Carson IHC
    Emmanuel Bateson-NM Carson IHC
    Holly Werner-CA IMO John Holt Werner
    Jennifer Harris-FMO Gifford Pichot NF Zone Fire Mgmt Officer
    Josh Lange – SD Rapid City Fire Dept
    Lorrie Evans-AZ
    Brian Johnson-MA
    Danny Carroll-CA
    Kathy “Gram” Wilmarth-CA
    Kathy Carroll-CA
    Jonthon Thomas-AK
    Kathy Hall-VA USFS
    Edward Verdugo-CA IHO the marriage of Mr & Mrs Jacob Loutzenhiser
    Vinson Johnson-ID Retired FS
    Dean McGirr-OR

    (Video) CMC 75th Series – The Early Years of CMC

    Ada Takacs-MI PNW3
    Brian Anderson-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Luis Esparza-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Joshua Thomas-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Erick Martinez-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Raphael Panayotis-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Crosby Menijavar-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Derek Jade Bonner-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Matthew Hobden-Berg-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Matt Leber-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Derek Madrigal-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Kyle Ford-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Andrew Marquez-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Skylar Basil Nevoto-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Leonard Erentreich-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Francisco Reyes-Figueroa-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Edward Coughlin 111 -WA Mount Baker 1A Crew
    Gabriel Romero-CA
    Joe Henshaw–WI US Army
    Alex Sowers-CO US Navy
    Mary Dawn Kidd-CO-US Army
    Brett Clement-MO-US Marines
    Ashlee Salato-NY US Air Force
    Jake Stallman-WA US Coast Guard
    Amy Hunnewell-WI Alta Hotshots
    Bert Storm-ID
    Mary Zabinski-NM
    Neal Hitchock-ID
    Fairy Hitchock-ID
    Jimmy Flanagan-WA
    Mary Flanagan-WA
    Keira Flanagan-WA
    James Flanagan-WA
    Aylana Flanagan-WA
    Jody Smith-MI
    Marvin Kelso-OR
    Anita Kelso-OR
    Ryan Allen-ID
    Brian Blanchard-AZ USFS
    Conrad McCloskey-IL
    Shane Freeman-UT
    Janette Bell-CA
    Kelly Andersson-OR Andersson Publishing
    Nick Castro-AZ E-1235 Mesa Ranger District
    Arlene Weber-Sword-AK
    Michael Kennard-CA
    Edward Anderson-VA
    Deborah Hayman-CA IHO California Wildland Firefighters
    Jeff Burch-CA Ciimt4
    Debra Lopez-UT
    Maria Guinle-CA
    Pam Sichting-OR
    Colleen Hagler-MT
    Donald May-MA
    Gerald Campbell-CA Sacramento Airport Fire
    Scott Gorman-CA Dalton IHC
    Matt Pontes-CA
    Stephen Schulz-CA Forest Service
    Chris Rogalla-CA Rogue Candle Co
    Gino Reginato-CA USFS
    Ross Schnitzler-CA American River Hotshots
    Bryson Zacharias-CA Firestorm
    Sarah Stutler-Machado-CA
    Stanley Steele-OR Oregon Wildlife Consulting
    Andrew Duran-CA Del Rosa Hotshots
    Scottie Kiser-OH
    Erin Ruhl-SD
    Larry Nickey-WA PNW Team 13
    Mark Hnat-NV National Park Service
    Matthew Haupt-ID Boise National Forest Cascade Ranger District
    Robert Dauphinais-ID
    Lindsey Curtin-VA George Washington & Jefferson National Forests
    Justin Brown-NV USFS
    Zachary Lyon-UT
    Daris Padilla-Nm Sandia Ranger District
    Savanna Brooks-CA Lassen NF Apprentice
    Julianne Thomson-CA USFS
    John Wirth-WA
    Sonia Wirth-WA
    Will Sharp-OR Firehawk Helicopters
    William Levendis-VA Diamond Mountain IHC
    Matthew Michaliszyn-AZ
    Dawn Lemcke-AZ
    Brian Miracle-OR
    Tyler Herdman-ID
    Shelby Forgea-ID
    Greg Lowdermilk-NV TNF E73
    Lizzie Guns-BC Musselshell Helitack
    Linda Andrews-VA
    James Kujala-WI Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources
    Curtis Matthews-CA
    John Scott-CA
    Sanjuanita Gomez-OR
    Jimmy Siano-OR Smith River IHC
    Karen Postma-MT
    Weston Gaul-CA Kernville Helitack H-523
    Jason Overocker-ID
    Dale Alter-USFS
    Michael Wells-CA
    Donna Deaton-CA
    Therese Oakley-MI
    Regis Blutas-MO
    George Eflinger-NJ NJ Forest Fire Service
    Bob Klindworth-WA
    Bob Lesch-IL
    Mike Crawley-NV
    Jesse Schmidt-Boise Smokejumper
    Steve Baran-USFS Boise NF
    Ted Rex-ID
    Michael Rex-ID
    Heather Frazelle
    Shaun Buchanan
    Paul Swedhin-CO
    Eric Nagel-AZ
    Patrick Oakley-MI Salmon Heli Repellers
    Elaine White NJ
    Joseph Lara-NM
    William Matney-KS Pleasant Valley Hotshots
    Robert Kerschner-NJ NJ Forest Fire Service Division A
    Lisa Kerschner-NJ
    Cade Kerschner-NJ
    Ryan Gaughran-NJ
    Jason Gaughran-NJ
    Elise Roberts-TX
    Donald Freguila-CA District Fire Mgmt Office CA Plumas National forest
    Melissa Sartor-ID
    Vince Carver-GA
    Craig Rumsey-WY
    Gary Hobbs-WY WY State Forestry
    Mark Smith-CO
    Michael Treshow-ID Mountain Wanderlust
    Peter Lorenz-MN
    Felicia Probert-BLM Retired
    Juan Zepeda-FL Florida IHC Coordination Center
    Karen Norton-CA
    Travis Whitney-CO
    Toney Hofmeier-MT
    Eric Landreth-UT Logan IHC
    Paul Anderes-OR
    Brent Martindale-ID
    Kris Martindale-ID
    Greg Sander-VA
    Martin Maricle-AK
    Dave Soldavini-CA Lake Tahoe Basin Engine 42
    Lewis Meyers-WAMelissa Schwarz-AK
    Rachel Granberg-WA
    Edward Haffy-NJ NJ Forest Fire Service
    Thomas Haffy-NJ NJ Forest Fire Service
    Bill Shields-WY
    Yanu Gallimore-OR
    James Johnson-MN Midewin IHC
    Judy Shields-WY
    Jim Rich-OR IMO Bryan Rich
    Dianne Mecham-ID Bureau of Land Management
    Owen Reed-NC
    Kristen Honig-NM
    Marvin Jordan-WY Fremont County Fire Protection Dist.
    Robert Kittridge-Kittridge Connection Inc
    Nancy Kittridge-Kittridge Connection Inc
    Robert Heiar-CA Cleveland NF
    Sam Wu-CA
    Joseph Rinaldi-MT
    James Gannon-CA
    JD Bowman-UT Midnight Sun Hotshots
    Jeremy Kolaks-IN
    Bill Allen-ID IMO Jeff Allen
    Diz Allen-ID IMO Jeff Allen
    Sayre Gabriel-OR
    Hunter Bell-MT
    Karen Bontrager-MI
    Jon Bontrager-MI
    Carolyn Husakow-ID
    Jane Lopez-CO
    Allan Kesner-CA 101 Auto Transport
    David Vitwar-CO Co Div of Fire
    Cameron Meganck-CO
    Barbara O’Coy-CA
    Genevieve Hitchock-TX
    Glenn Barttler-CO
    Vicki Barttler-CO
    Danis Moran-CO IMO Caleb Hamm
    Gerry Day-WA
    Chris Franek-NJ NJ Forest Fire
    Anthony Kinnaman-AZ
    Ken Kerr-CO
    Linda Kerr-CO
    Justin Lynch-KY
    Ryan Reese-CO

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    2017 Annual Members (517 listed)

    Shane Cochran-ID
    Arthur Mindlin-Retired NPS & USPIS
    Alecia Hone-UT
    Brett Coghian
    Don Will-CA
    Peter Goetzifger-TX
    Chip Houde-MEX
    Matthew Dillon-PA
    Ted Frazer-MT
    Brett Coghlan
    Gerry Day-Wa
    Nathan Rabe-WA
    Alec Lane-CA
    Lisa Gowe-WI
    Monley Ankney-MT
    Adrienne Calfrobe-MT
    Leon Yellowhorse-MT
    Joseph Koehler-WI
    Bruce Edmonson-CA
    Samuel Croff-MT
    Greg McAlpine-CA
    Paul Frick-PA
    Steven Otopoulik-OR
    Andrew Buyers-UT
    Paul Talbot-MN
    Galen Roesler_SD
    Gregg Goodland-CO
    Greg Emerson-NV
    Leonard Garcia-UT
    David Arnauckas-CA
    Paul Iannizzotto-FL
    Galen Young-NM
    Jose Baeza-PR
    William Kearney-TN
    Eric Gregory-WY
    Mark Jamieson-MS
    Kyle Behrens-AZ
    Casey Albert-CO
    Edward Phipps-NJ
    Erik Filep-VA
    David Stadler-MI
    Mark Hopkins-FL
    Peter Noble-MO
    Richard Sheets-CA
    Tyler Sendrak-CA
    Jamie Leigh-Powell
    Jerod DeLay-WY
    Geoff Whatcott-Unified Fire Authority
    Edward Phipps-NJFFS Div A
    Pamela Sachs-IMO David Ruhl-WI
    Jess Estrada-Vista Grande IHC-CA
    Crystal Cook-MN
    Frank Simmons-VA
    Nikole Simmons_VA
    Luke Lopez-Del Rosa IHC-CA
    Cameron Snyder-American River IHC-CA
    Courtney Fields-IMO Jacob O’Malley-
    Greg Suszek-Florida Panther NWR-FL
    Mary McPeak-New River Valley WF-VA
    Carrie Moore-UT
    Mitch Lamonte-TX
    Kyle Hermiston-MT
    Brian Schroeder-IL
    Bruce Babb-WA
    Casey Judd-ID
    Forrest Behm-ID
    Matt Martens-WA
    Joshua Smith-CA
    Buck Kneifl-TN
    Charles (Boo) Walker-TX
    Matthew Klindt-FL
    Clifford Hutton-WY
    Danielle Shedden-ID
    Brandon Hoffman-UT
    Janet Herring-VA
    M M Tad Morelock-CA
    John McAndrew-NJ
    Patrick Sheridan-VA
    Clayton Roadhouse-CA
    Gregory Overacker-CA
    Joy Whitesell-CO
    Tina Greenhalgh-UT
    Michael Castagnola-CA
    Brett Ortland, ID
    Brent Mizzell-ID
    Sharon Smith-NV
    Brett Coghlan-Australia
    Crystal Cook-MN
    Kevin Greenhaigh-UT
    Cathy Hutton-WY
    Jeff Clark-AZ
    Mindy Clark-AZ
    Brandon Clark-AZ
    Brian Keating-C)
    Marvin Kelso-OR
    Anita Kelso-OR
    Kennewick Fire Dept-WA
    Joann Overacker-CA
    Paul Roose-MT
    Nikole Simmons-VA
    Mark Wesseldine-CO
    Zach Wesseldine-CO
    Kevin Fitzgerald-AK
    Jacob Morton-ID
    Christian Rasch-OR
    Eric Nash-OR
    Nate Lee-OR
    Mitchell Ishida-OR
    Joel Johnson-OR
    Mike Leach-OR
    Abel Harrington-OR
    Robert Serrato-CA
    Matthew Schutty-CA
    Jeremy Cox-KS
    Jared Peppers-CA
    Sally Ros-CO
    Mitch Gilchrist-CO
    Griz Green-OR
    Glenda Green-OR
    Michael Dolan-CA
    Joe Faruzzi-CA
    John Steady-WA
    Randal Johnson-CO
    Ray Bennett-NV
    Stan Mitchem-WY
    Angelica Garcia-CA
    Trent Sonderheit-ID
    Quentin Ford-AZ
    Larry Shaw-VA
    Robert Naranjo-NM
    Barry LaZelle-CA
    Craig Perkins-CA
    David Vitwar-CO
    David Cahoy-SD
    Lindsay Scaggs-CO
    Gayle Sorenson-UT
    Wende Sorenson-UT
    Travis Metzler-WY
    Walter Jansen-CA
    Linda David-CA
    Larry David -CA
    Robert Palmer-WA
    Kellie Stover-SD
    Tom Davis-CA
    Karen Richardson-WA
    Fred Bland-CA
    Shellie Krog-SD
    Ryan Pederson-WI
    Jared David Bowman-UT
    Morgan Kemple-CA
    William Devino-MA
    Trish Smith-MA
    Larry Smith-KY
    Marvin Jordan-WY
    Jason Stork-MO
    Fed Privett-GA
    Troy Crowe-MO
    Kimberly Nutt-CO
    Debbie Kelly-ID
    Mike Kelly-ID
    Jill Braunstein-WA
    Brandi Fitchett-VA
    Matthew Brown-CA
    Mary Sanford-OR
    John Oliver-AZ
    Loren Rotroff-AK
    Eileen Milligan-NV
    Susan Odell-MD
    Eric Weber-NJ
    Will Morenon-RI
    Nicole Marquart-WA
    Kaley Badger-AZ
    Michael Woods-WY
    Julia Robinson-MT
    Nancy Cosgrove-CT
    Todd Beer-OH
    Emma Brown-KS
    Stephen Clark-NY
    James Flanagan-WA
    Mary Flanagan-WA
    Keira Flanagan-WA
    Jimmy Flanagan-WA
    Aylana Flanagan-WA
    Hunter Bell 111-MT
    Tim Chavez-CA
    Steven Peterson-ID
    Harold Reynolds-TX
    Cheryl Molis-ID
    Donna Tarano-OR
    Dale Smith-TX
    Steve Olson-CA
    Kristin Ray-OR
    Matthew Schell-WI
    Brian Woodbeck-CA
    Cruz Armendáriz-CA
    Twill Keefe-AZ
    Karson Sorenson-UT
    James Bachelor-SD
    Brian Gorman-SC
    Teresa Gutierrez-WA
    Stewart Robertson-NM
    William Kennedy-CO
    Will Mitchell-CA
    Michael Josey-FL
    Barry Burt-CO
    Michael Anderson-AZ
    Ann Anderson-AZ
    Michael McHargue-CA
    Jan Amen-TX
    Kenny Musial-WI
    Chances Lesemister-AZ
    Jason McDaniel-TX
    Larry Edwards-MT
    James Corvino-WA
    Erin Thomas-CA
    Megan Holste-VA
    Kimberlee Sheets-CA
    Philip Stevens-CO
    Benjamin Powell-MT
    Rob Hinsberg-CO
    Chris Ives-AZ
    Erin O’Loughlin-MT
    Brian Ott-WY
    Gary Hobbs-WY
    Nick Koepenick-CA
    Michael Hutchins-NM
    Nicole Valiant-OR
    Travis Whitney-CO
    Barbara O’Coy-CA
    Megan Thomas-LA
    Kevin Throop-MN
    Henry Hickerson-VA
    Chris Meeker-UT
    Neil Dresser-CA
    William Sanders-ID
    Elizabeth Bunzendahl-KY
    Lynn Lockwood-CO
    Andrew Lyons-CO
    Cindy Cherone-CA
    Adam Kettridge-CO
    Keith Hawk-FL
    Lorrie Evans-AZ
    Ryan Wade-AZ
    Jamie Wade-AZ
    Taiga Rohrer-UT
    Veronica McCabe-Howell-UT
    Marcia Pfleiderer-FL
    Jonathan Nagel-CO
    Don Bowen-CA
    Tamara Dierks-SD
    Laurel Peterson-UT
    Gayemarie Ekker-UT
    Gerald Perry-AZ
    Jennifer Hebrard-AZ
    Tim McElwee-AZ
    Debra McElwee-AZ
    Stephen Marsar-NY
    Arthur Cherry-MT
    Margaret Cherry-MT
    Anthony Cherry-MT
    Bryan Hakanson-AZ
    Richard Ochoa Jr-OR
    Ava Andrews-AZ
    Jonathan Harris-CA
    Michael Purdy-CA
    Elizabeth Kurpies-CA
    Brian Page-CO
    Kevin Elliott-CA
    Eric Elephant-WI
    Carl Klug-NV
    Wade DeBraal-OR
    Kris Cinio-ID
    Dana Dahlen-CA
    Paul Dahlen-CA
    Dan Buckley-ID
    Missy Hone-UT
    Brett Idol-TX
    Steve Gibbon-TX
    Patrick Brown-TX
    Shannon Carrasco-TX
    Jeffrey Reid-TX
    Joel Pomeroy-OR
    Brenda Crull-IN
    David Wilkins-WY
    Matthew Etienne-MT
    Karl Schlitt-NE
    David Brown-AZ
    Anthony Weidner-ID
    Lorenzo Miranda Jr-CA
    David Derbes-CO
    Dan Brown-ID
    Summer Myllymaki-OR-IMO Ray Rubio
    Dillon Alexander-ID
    Jamie Stockdale-CA
    Blake Miller-TX
    Ellis Voivedich-AK
    Ruth Kohler-AZ
    David Kohler-AZ
    Rita Baysinger-CO
    Beth Melville-CA
    Robert Hazen-NJ
    Christopher Tiedeman-CO
    Laurie Pillers-ID
    Peter Fromgerz-NV
    Jimmy Siano-OR
    Marian Kadota-CA
    Jeremias Olson-CA
    Nancy Picazo-Ortega-CA
    Michael Shaw-ID
    Rick Lancaster-WY
    Kurt Kause-MT
    Richard Hughes-UT
    Blake Willick-ID
    Peggy Cathie-CA
    Alexander Hicks-CA
    Brent Rahn-MO
    Land Huegel-ID
    John Bitzberger-OR
    Brandon Skinner-ID
    Joan Olveda-CA
    Larry Hettinger-AZ
    Brennon Ellis-CO
    Ricky Cantu-CO
    Dylan Dickinson-MT
    Jake Fitzgerald-CA
    Brian Fritsen-OR
    Chip Collins-WY
    Susan Bissell-AK
    Keith Lemcke-AZ
    Sarah Naranjo-NM
    Zephaniah Cunningham-VA
    Evan Schachtel-IL
    Rebecca Warden-ID
    Dustin Hallam-CA
    Kymberlee Martinez-NM
    Molly Ryan-MT
    Charles Phenix-OR
    Sean Harris-AZ
    Nate Christiansen-CO
    Jean Seymour-ID
    Jimmy Dodson-NC
    Cassie Pearson-WA
    Brenna Hoerdeman-AK
    Ronald Cole-CA
    Karen Brent-GA
    Randy Anderson-ID
    Ross Cooper-CA Lone Peak IHC
    Alejendro Ocotlan-CA Lone Peak IHC
    Mitchell Hanson-WI Lone Peak IHC
    Kevin Argueta-Ayala-WY Lone Peak IHC
    Cole St Martin-MN Lone Peak IHC
    Matthew Jarvis-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Jaspir Amir-CA Lone Peak IHC
    Justin Roach-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Tyler Lair-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Ethan DeBauche-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Matt Specht-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Brett Branin-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Clint Kelley-AZ Lone Peak IHC
    Kadell Deason-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Gregory Struiksma-WA Lone Peak IHC
    Darren O’L:oughlin-UT Lone Peak IHC
    William Waibel-CT
    Daniel Frolich-CA
    Andy Lipp-SD
    Brian McCreary-OR
    Wesley Page-AZ
    Elaine Kohrman-NM
    Brian Matoy, TN
    Corey Benov-OR
    Phillip Martinovich-NV
    Raymond Roe-NJ
    DMarie Gallegos-Trijullo-NM
    Greg Sanders-VA
    Patricia Stewart-FL
    Becki Nesbitt-OR
    Christy Wilson-OH
    Roy Mita-CO
    David Ceballos-CA Fulton Hotshots
    Brenda Bowen-SD
    Michael Robles-CA Fulton Hotshots
    Brendon Medley-CA Fulton Hotshots
    RAfael Sencion-CA Fulton Hotshots
    Greg Franco-CA Fulton Hotshots
    Scott Russell-CA Fulton Hotshots
    Frank Reyes-CA Fulton Hotshots
    Will Morales-CA Fulton Hotshots
    Michael Turowski-CA Fulton Hotshots
    John Mello-CA Fulton Hotshots
    Justin Speakman CA Fulton Hotshots
    John Kiess-CA Fulton Hotshots
    Michael Henson-CA Fulton Hotshots
    Josh Bull-CA Fulton Hotshots
    Jonathan Bechtel-CA Fulton Hotshots
    Gilbert Hoffman-CA Fulton Hotshots
    Garey Smith-CA Fulton Hotshots
    Daniel Hammond-CA Fulton Hotshots
    Greg Cole-CA Fulton Hotshots
    Josh Acosta-CA Fulton Hotshots
    Denise Torres-FL
    Lauren Baccetti Eck-CA
    Benji Hegg-MT
    Amanda Stachowsky-ID
    Fredrick Cuthill-CA
    M Ch-MT MT Helitack
    Michael Wood-MT Lolo IHC
    Alex Nordstrom-MT Great Northern Fire Crew
    Molly West-CA
    Mary Piowaty-CA
    Matt Aoki-CA Los Padres IHC
    Kari Greer-ID
    Mike Law-OR
    Paul Mintier-CO
    Luke Kanclerz-TX
    Evan Guzik-WY
    Kevin Koch-CA
    Angela Koch-CA
    Janice Koch-CA
    Andrew Koch-CA
    Walter Roth-MI
    Carol Roth-MI
    Linda Kearns-NM
    Doreen Blaker-MI
    Josh Shroyer-WY
    Nicole Hallisey-ID
    Mike Hallisey-ID
    Josh Dominguez-ID
    Jeffrey Runck-MN
    James Lerke-KY-USFS
    Jennifer Rabuck-WI USFS
    Danette Bialous-OR
    Norene Norris AZ
    Kelley Barnes-WA
    Diane Travis-AZ
    Dylan Kane-OR Central Oregon Rappellers
    Gregory Smith-AZ
    Lathe Evans-AZ BLM
    Belinda Plummer-CA
    Ross Peckinpah-CA
    Rob Griffith-CA
    Ty Miller-AK
    Carolyn Higgins-CA
    Kevin Janes-CA
    Christopher Young-NE
    Andrew Pohlman-CO
    Jun Kinoshita-CA Yosemite National Park
    Jeff Hammes-ID
    Darrin Grant-SD Snake River IHC
    Matthew Hubaud-AK
    James Williams-OR
    Brian O’Leary-WA
    John Ortega-ID
    Caleb Smith-ID
    Anthony Sigona-CA
    Chris Clervi-CO CIIMT4
    Ericka Lans-NE
    David Neydlin-CA
    Adam Henry-NC
    Patrick Lingley-AZ
    Roxanna Fernandez-CA
    John Plisga-OH
    Rocco Snart-CO
    Andrew Holtmeyer-SD
    Margrete Bjornsen-NV
    Sarah Jamison-ID
    Drew Daily-OK
    Dustin Murray-ID
    Ryan Blakely-CA
    Anne Rock-MA
    John Diebel-MI Wyoming Hotshots
    John Kirkendall-MT
    Logan Blankenship-IL
    Katie Blankenship-IL
    Paula Chambless-TX
    Julie Rubio-OR
    Darylynn Plucker-SD IMO David Ruhl
    James Fischer-ID
    Jacob Cicairos-OR
    Mark Swan-CO
    Jennifer Brown-NV
    Samuel Magnifico-ID Snake River Hotshots
    Jordan Wade-CA
    Ricky Aispuro-CA USFS Los Padres NF
    April Gasper-NV
    Danny Buyers-WY
    Kathleen Buyers-WY
    Russell Groves-OR
    Frank Davis-OR
    Alexis Martin-ID
    Joe Cresto-UT
    Paul Balfour-WA
    Richard Rusk-UT
    Marilyn Olson-ID
    David Herrand-NV
    Buffy Bandley-CA Strawberry Fire PD
    Scott Parsons-CA
    Kolleen Bray-ID
    Keith Ward-NV
    Francisco Cortez-CA Los Padres Engine 74
    William Rios-CA
    B Drake-WA
    Victor Bradford-CO
    Chad Stilson-UT
    Sara Brown-OR
    Robert Stoldal-UT
    Sheila McConnell-ID
    Jason Johnston-CA
    Mike Riker-MN
    Deanna Riker-MN
    Kevin LoGiudice-FL
    Donna Kreiensieck-ID
    Christina Bartlett-ID
    James Johnston-ID
    Vinson Johnson-ID
    Denny Lewis-ID
    Brittain McNeil-ID
    Dale Wine-TN

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    2016 Annual Members (2382 listed)

    John Ray Alford, CA – Ventura County Pro. FF
    Aaron Arledge, CA – Ventura County Pro. FF
    Robert Aaron Ashby, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Adil M Aslam, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Marcos Aviles, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Christopher Scott Beery, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Don Richard Bell II, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Samuel Belote, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Tod Raymond Berryman, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Shannon T Black, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Christopher Sousa Botelho, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jeremy Christen Bower, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    William Loyd Breuklander, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Larry Cay Brister, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Todd Douglas Buck, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Randy Scott Burdick, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Frederick W Burris, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Kenton Fredrick Burris, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Charles Kevin Butler, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Fernando M Calderon, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Lance James Robert Campbell, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Larry Manzano Cerda, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Richard G Cervantes, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Joseph Chad Cook, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Randall Cooper, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Aaron Robert Cranage, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Nicholas J Derby, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Sean P Driscoll, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Joseph P Dullam, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Peter Duran, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Ryan Eaton, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Robert Todd Ewing, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jeremy Paul Fisher, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Mike Fuller, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Alejandro Garcia, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Brandon T Garnsey, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Thomas Glauser, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Randall Globerman, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Richard Reginald Gonzalez, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Matthew David Eugene Gurrola, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Israel T Gutierrez, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Philip Alan Hadley, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Kristin Kay Halbeisen, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Mark T Haliday, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Michael H Hansen, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Wesston Hansen, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Michael R Harding, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Brendon Hill, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jesse J Hopcus, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Chrystal Horton, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jon Stephen Jelle, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Ian Paul Johnson, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Tyler Lee Johnson, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Mark Alan Karr, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Brian S Kinsley, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Lawrence Michael Kohagen, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jason A Lafferty, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Terrence Lee Lamb, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Tanya M Lovelace, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Melvin Bruce Lovo, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Victor Tony Low, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Kevin Davis Lundgren, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Scott Macone, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Alan Scott Mandell, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Kristopher Martin, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Craig B Matthews, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jason May, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Michael Britt McDaniels, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    John Kennedy McNeil, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Ryan C McLemen, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Rodney Lewis Megil, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Kriss Melbardis, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Robert J Molina, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Gary Robert Monday, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Michael Scott Moore, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Chase Morgan, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Christopher Michael Morrow, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Martin S Myers, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Robert A Myers, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Erik T Niemann, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Brian Timothy Nix, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Eric J Norris, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jack W Nosco, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Ronald Gary Oatman, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Gary Dean Oliver, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    John L Oliveros, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Thomas H O’Malley Jr., CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Eduardo G Ornelas, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Craig William Pearson, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jesus Perez, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Russell Adam Perkinson, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Christopher Peru, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Bradley R Peters, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Dan l Petzold, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Armando Rodolfo Pina, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Nicholas Carl Pisciotta, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Garrett Prater, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    James Scott Quirarte, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Richard J Reese, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Ryan Stewart Resnick, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Brett William Reynolds, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Brendan Barrett Ripley, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Anthony Romero, CA- Ventura County Pro FF
    Tony Salas, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    William John Santino Jr., CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Charles Michael Scherrei, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Olaf John Schuett, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jeffrey S Seabrook, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Gifford Troy Sears, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Keith Lawrence Smith, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    John Gerald Spykerman, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Andrea Leigh Stanley, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    David B Stevens, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Charles A Sullenbarger, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Troy L Swichard, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Steven James Swindle, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Robert Bruce Szczepanek, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Michael B Tamez, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Gregory Graham Taylor, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Carmine J Terracciano, CA -Ventura County Pro FF
    Richard Mark Toukdarian, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Justin Townsend, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Michael James Trabbie, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Eric J Trejo, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Albert H Trevisan, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Daran George Vanden Bossche, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jerry M Vandermeulen, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Matthew James Ward, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Robert S Welsbie, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jeffrey M Whitehouse, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Joseph E Williams, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Michael Williams, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Ryan Douglas Winchester, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Steven Paul Winter, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Scott Wirz, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jeffrey Witt, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Gary Thomas Young, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Gregorio Geronico Yzaguirre, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Scott Wallace Zeller, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Stanley J Ziegler, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Dave Zimmermann, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Cheri Monsen-CO
    Paul Talbot-MN
    Dianna Mecham-ID
    Paul Craven-WA-IMO Andy Palmer
    Robert Johnson-WA
    Paul Novacek-TN
    Rocky Siegel-CA
    Terra Perkins-CA
    Gregg Goodland -CO- USFS
    Steven Davis-CA
    Dale Lewis-CO
    Gerry Day-WA
    Ryan Johnson-MN
    Arthur Minklin-NJ
    David Arnauckaus-CA
    Don Smith-ME
    Galen Roesler-SD
    Bruce Edmonson-CA
    Tyler Sendrak-CA
    M M Tad Morelock-CA
    Tom Lavagnino-OR
    Stanton Florea-CA
    Troy Crowe-CA
    Mark Tolbert-CA
    Rocco Snart-CO
    Linda Austin-CO
    Karen Siegel-CA
    Arlene Gregory-WY
    Eric Gregory-WY
    Sarah M Brown-OR
    Jim Mackensen-CA
    Blake Bishop-ID
    Andrew Brown-CO
    Cathy Hutton-WY
    Cliff Hutton-WY
    David “Buck” Seals-MT
    Gary Anderson-NV
    David Davis-CA
    Jerry Hoffman-IL
    Chad Ward-OR
    Kipp Morrill
    Tom Logozzo Sr-WA
    Clinton Goepp-CA
    Patricia Hirami-DC
    Galen Young-NM
    Paul Roose-MT
    Amy Masi-CA
    Randal Johnson-CO IMO All Who Fell-IHO All Who Serve
    Dave Kannas-MN
    Matt Schutty-MT
    Kathleen Hayden-TX
    Sonny Stiger-MT
    Larry Edwards-MT
    Kent Stanford-WA-WPEA
    Karl Schlitt-NE
    David Taylor-CA
    Brett Coghlan-Australia
    Steve Esser-SD
    Tim Healy-CO-IHO Taylor Healy
    Nathan Rabe-WA
    Jenna Roose-MT
    Christopher Mork-MT
    Peter Tucciarello-OK
    Janet Herring-VA
    John Dillon-CO
    Chuck Cosgrove-CT
    Susan Seber-AZ
    Karen Damar-MI
    Nancy Baumgartner-WI
    Kellie Carlsen-OR
    Dale Wine-TN
    Delay, Jerod-WY
    Anthony Walkosak-AZ
    Steve Olson-CA
    Darlene Hall-CA
    Diane Caughlin-ID
    Debra Estrada-CA
    Richard Sheets-CA
    Anne Dutton-ID
    Bill Dutton-ID
    David Brown-AZ
    Don Will-CA
    Matthew Dillon-PA
    Preston Glaisyer-ID
    Chip Houde-AK
    Dennis Wille-PA
    Barbara Clark-OH
    Kristopher Cunio-ID
    Ryan Green-ID
    David Lowe-WI
    Greg McAlpine-CA
    Dana Bagnoli-AZ
    Peter TO-PA
    Lathe Evans-AZ
    Steve Peterson-ID
    Matt Martens-WA
    James Corvino-WA
    Melynda Menning-SD
    Mark Menning-SD
    Michael Dugan-MT
    Kim Kufta-CA
    Kenny Musial-WI
    Barbara O’Coy-CA
    John Haskvitz-SD IMO Trampus Haskvitz
    Casey Jensen-CA
    Phillip Dye -CA
    Vickie Hulsizer-ID
    Jeffrey Buscher-CA
    William “Lewis” Kearney-TN USFS Retired
    Tyler Celio-CA IMO Michael Hallenbeck
    Jennifer Harris-WA
    Alexandria Johnson – GA
    Tristan Kiehl – CA
    Lucinda Jones – CA
    Jimmy Dodson – NC
    Conrad McCloskey – IL
    Stacie Juranits – CA
    William Ulvevadet – CA
    Jacob Cicairos – CA
    Terry Warlick – CA
    Chris Church – ID
    Charlie Fischer – UT
    Matt Racicot – IL
    James Ramirez – CO
    Denice Rice – CA
    Laurie Forni – CA
    Carolyn Winkler – OR
    Crystal Koeneman – MT
    Samuel Magnifico – UT
    Orin Hutchinson – WY
    Denis Hulbert – CA
    Kellie Stover – SD
    Ken & Linda Kerr – CO
    Adam VonEye – SD
    Jamie & Ryan Wade – AZ
    David & Rosemary Barker – CO
    Emily Barker – CO
    Dmarie Gallegos-Trujillo – NM
    Peter Noble – MO
    Johnny Ford – ID
    Brandy Petersen – SD
    Brian Schroeder – IL
    Taylor Stephens – CO
    Kathleen Lira – AZ
    Matthew Aoki – CA
    John Ortega – ID
    Mike Riker – MN
    Caleb Meyer – CO
    Kristin Hinkle – OR
    Richard Ochoa – OR
    Evan LaRocca – WA
    Zephaniah Cunningham – VA
    Tom Crews – CO
    Greg Emerson – NV
    Daniel Sadlo – CA
    Evan Schachtel – IL
    Mark Ingram – CA
    Mary Hogan – ID
    Erin Davitt – VA
    Chris Fogle – CA
    Bob Love – AZ
    John McDaniel – KS
    Bob Wise – IA
    Ron Cole – CA
    Rebound Physical Therapy – OR
    Alan Derr – CA
    Rose Henderson – NV
    Tracy Allen – NM
    Anthony Scardina – OH
    Allison Scardina – OH
    Marian Kadota – CA
    Andy Lyon – CO
    Missy Schwartz – AK
    Allen Klebenow – NV
    Eric Weber – NJ
    Robert Lattin – WA
    Ray Bennett – NV
    Stacey Saucedo – NV
    Troy Sanders – ID
    Ron Simpson – CO
    Monty Messenger – CA
    Steven Jenkins – CO
    Devon Oleachea – CA
    David Wilkins – WY
    Patrick Garcia – NM
    Mike Stewart – AZ
    Terry Mayer – NE
    Brian Williams – UT
    Don Bowen – CA
    Michael Strawhun – CA
    Kathryn Kirkpatrick – CA
    Drew Daily – OK
    Seth Weber – ID
    Marlena Hovorka – NM
    Tim McElwee – AZ
    Deb McElwee – AZ
    Ben Boche – CA
    Mark Boche – WI
    James Johnston – ID
    Cecelia Seesholtz – ID
    Sara Brown – OR
    Debbie Kelly – ID
    Mike Kelly Sr – ID
    Nick Kostechko – CA
    Patrick Brown – TX
    Leah Murray – TX
    Meredith McNeil – TX
    Jason Llewllyn – WA
    Michael Johnston – ID
    Brice Molitor – MT
    Adam Kuenkel – SD
    Nicholas Strohmeyer – ID
    Will Woods – ID
    Daniel Roberts – UT
    Misty Roberts – UT
    Jeremy Jensen – OR
    Francis Franco – OR
    Jaime Pickering – OR
    Faith Hornbek – CA
    William Lee – CA
    James Meredith – AR
    Cory Johnson – UT
    Beth Giacobassi – WI
    Tyler Mundy – CA
    Daniel Messina – CA
    John Finley – NV
    Deborah Finley – NV
    Karen Hoffman – OR
    Mary Huels – WA
    Daniel Kinney – OR
    Darylyn Sinette-Diffenbaugh – NV
    Daniel Diaz – CA
    Vinson Johnson – ID
    Arlene Perea – NM
    Tim Smith – HI
    Don Smith – CA
    Jason Penwell – WY
    Doc Smith – AZ
    Kathleen Smith – AZ
    Greg Ely – CA
    Ray Kingston – AZ
    Richard Hughes – UT
    Todd Pederson – UT
    Linda Berkey – CO
    Scott Ernest – WA
    Mike Law – OR
    Gayle P Valentine – OR
    Gordon Paladijczuk – OR
    Viki Turner – OR
    Richard Rusk – UT
    Jason Waites – ID
    Patti Patterson – ID
    Barbara Eddy – OR
    Reg Phillips – WY
    Aline Phillips – WY
    Gordon Herring – WY
    Mark Haines – WY
    Betsie Gettings – WY
    Shawn Gettings – WY
    Thomas E Smead – WY
    Harold Ryan – NJ
    Joe Hartman – KS
    Duane Vasten – CO
    David Hampton – OR
    Mary Jo Hampton – OR
    John McAndrews – NJ
    Sandy Cameron – ID
    Rick Vollick – MA
    Catherine Hibbard – MA
    Brent Crosland – UT
    Mark Sturdivant – CA
    Robert Gates – CA
    Paul Kanton – CA
    Mary Kanton – CA
    Michele Stefanides – PA
    Ray Weidenhaft – WY
    Anne Rock – MA
    Roric Padgrett – OR
    Jerry Hurley – CA
    John Meek – CO
    Ted Adams – ID
    Gene Madden – FL
    Lynda Alberico – CA
    Robert Fischer – SD
    Lynn Eisberg – CA
    Harold Reynolds – TX
    Nicholas Connolly – NH
    Jesse Estrada – CA
    Deborah Strickland – MT
    Peter Irvine – VA
    Lon Emerick – MI
    Lynn Emerick – MI
    Al Mason – OR
    Mike Josey – FL
    Stephen Farrington – CA
    Maria Skinner – CA
    Bob Hammer – FL
    Dan Hernandez – NM
    Victor Bradford – CO
    Daniel Skinner – CA
    Mike Vetti – CA
    Nat Whittemore – MA
    Jon Bower – CO
    Margaret Volkening – IL
    Brenda Crull – IN
    Evan Carlos – CA
    Jon Skeels – CO
    Jimmy Siano – CA
    Philip Jesu – CA
    Tom Pierce – CA
    Lisa Apgar – NJ
    Christopher Strobl – UT
    Clayton Roadhouse – CA
    Betsy Bankson – WA
    Scott McConchie – WY
    Amber Hanson – ID
    Kathleen Sachse – CA
    Mike Hallisey – ID
    Jose Acosta – ID
    Scott Tivald – ID
    Bee Tivald – ID
    Karen Kieborz – UT
    Bryan Swift – CO
    Leslie Thibeault – MA
    Linda Holliday – MN
    Brian Blatney – FL
    Sherri Singleton – OH
    James Ulmaniec – WI
    William Schuster – MN
    Sheryl Solberg – AZ
    Amy Duning – ID
    Ike Duning – ID
    Gus Duning – ID
    Eric Duning – ID
    Jay Wickham – SD
    Richard Small – SD
    David Killebrew – AZ
    Linda Kerns – NM
    Jonathan Randles – AR
    Peter Fromherz – NV
    Mike Crawley – NV
    Edward Hollenshead- ID
    Carl Schaefer – CA
    Brad Henry – TX
    Frankie Martinez – NM
    Robert Withers – NV
    Christopher Tiedeman – CO
    Steven Berube – NY
    Stuart Palley – CA
    Joel Shennum – CA
    Mary Colton – CA
    Diane Hansson – OH
    Shawn Orloff – MT- USFS Gallatin Rappel Crew
    Luke Holden – MT – Dillon Natl Helitack
    Georgia Knutsen – CA
    John Kelly – CA
    Joseph Brown – TX
    Sheila Miner – CA
    Brit Rosso – AZ
    Mike Lewis – IL
    Larry Eimen – CO
    David Zuares- ID – Boise Smokejumper
    Paul Solarz – OR
    Richard King – ME
    Rachael Hansen – OR
    Bill Hahnenberg – CO
    Liz Hahnenberg – CO
    Amy Livezey – MT
    Lew Sovocool – CO
    Michael Costagnola – CA
    Brittain McNeil – ID
    Jon Diamantine – OR
    Sherman Waldron – TN
    Jim Lawrence – CO
    Wendy Boyer – CA
    Dave Garrison – CO
    Douglass Anderson – MN
    Stephen Marsar – NY
    Joe Cresto – UT
    Louisa Evers – OR
    Edward Verdugo – CA
    Dee Townsend – WA
    Chuck Gibbs – CAS
    Lori Lancaster – WY
    Trent Dunn – WY
    Sylvia Montanio – CA
    Kris Karnik – IL
    Anthony Pighetti- CA
    Dirk Huber – UT
    James Whiteside – CA
    Joe Gilles – SD
    Mark Pitsenbarger – UT
    Fran McCarthy – WA
    Jason Steinmetz – VA
    Dustin Murray – ID
    Derek Bland – ID
    John Keener – WA
    Tom Tymon – MT
    David Baldwin – GA
    Buck Wickham _AZ
    John Case – AZ
    Bernard Hopf – AZ
    Fred Houston – UT
    Ryan Baker – UT
    Brian Randolph – ID
    Steve Prescott – ID
    Paul Boucher – NM
    Susan Weaver – MN
    Larry Thornton – OR
    Guntar Dambro – WY
    Doris Jenson – OR
    Clint Robbins – AZ
    Brian Lyttle – CA
    Sylvia Lyttle – CA
    Leon Schindell – NV
    Kim Cash – WI
    Patrick Skaggs – OR
    George Chesley – OR
    Kirk Biecha – OR
    Ellen Magnifico – IA
    Bonnie Acker – VT
    John Davis – VT
    Brian Page – CO
    Lawrence Crane – NM
    Sarah Evans – UT
    Steve Evans – UT
    Joanie Lawrence – OR
    Craig Masi – CA
    Natalie Broce – VA
    Cindi Shoemaker – CA
    Richard Lacasse-NM
    Steven Shuck – SD
    Dean Vendrasco – OR
    Anthony Martinez – CA
    Bryan Vergne – CA
    Carl Klug – NV
    Victoria Ogtlesby – NM
    Everell Haynes – NV
    Dede Dizney – CA
    Angie Matos – MT
    Linda Kearns – NM
    Ryan McPherson – AK
    Lee Nelson – SD
    Linda David – CA
    Larry David – CA
    John Winlow – NV
    Andy Rothleutner – WY
    Kenneth Nelson – AZ
    Shawn Turner – PA
    Ray Brugler – PA
    Malcolm McFarland – MW
    Dick Hodge – ID
    Alexis Martin – ID
    John Bellemore – OH
    Mike Antalosky – PA
    Dave Kushner – OR
    Mike Wheelock – OR
    Ralph Fegely- NV
    Richard Pfilf – NV
    Donna Lamb – NV
    EJ Bunzendahl – KY
    Marty Christensen – MN
    Scott McDonald – OR
    Ray Weiss – CA
    Robert Bell – CA
    Jay Gardner – CA
    Tim Epp – AK
    Robert Curl – ID
    Heidi Schewel – AZ
    Ruby Uribe – CA
    Patricia Sullivan – AZ
    James Sullivan – AZ
    John Courtright – ID
    Mary Mellema – ID
    Jeanne Duhem – CA
    Al Crouch – ID
    Nick Readinger – PA
    Sean Keller – NM
    Pete Buist – AK
    Robert Weber – CA
    Lewis Brown – NV
    Robert Bennett – CA
    Rich “Twig” Stanger – SD
    John Goss – CA
    Karen Smith – CO
    Paul Iannizzotto – FL
    Joa O – CA
    Kevin Michalak – CO
    Andy Lipp – SD
    Tracy Fifarek – MN
    Dan Buckley – ID
    Josh Pargas – NM
    Brandon Jensen – UT
    Daniel Lopez Jr – CA
    Minghua Chu – CA
    Tom Decker – CA
    Laura Mayer – OR
    Tim Williams – CA
    Alexander Brockett – ID
    Andrew Tate – SD
    Carolyn Higgins – CA
    Pamela Urban – MA
    Cali Frankovic – CO
    Steven Ellis – CO
    Cid Morgan – MI
    Scott Vail – CA
    Steve Murphy – CA
    Alexander Hicks – CA
    Michael Santistevan – ID
    Brian Blanchard – AZ
    Dawn Swinney – NV
    Steve Plevel – AZ
    Kristine Sigona – CA
    Phillip Martinovich – NV
    Tonja Opperman – MT
    Joshua Tracy – CA
    Rob Hinsberg – CO
    Zach Ellinger – CA
    Joanne Zuppan – NV
    Andy Vasquez – CA
    Kevin LoGiudice – FL
    Danny Buyers – WY
    Kathleen Buyers – WY
    Laura Mecham – CA
    Sig Palm – WY
    Geraldine Belt – NY
    Sal Bonilla – CA
    Scott Shoemaker – CA
    Brendan Mullen – MT
    Mark Johnson- OR
    Karen Varney- MA
    Veronica Mard- MA
    Phillip Gilmore- MA
    Debra Pieper- ND
    Dave Pieper- ND
    Suzanne Alcorn- CA
    Patricia Stewart- FL
    Joe Primm- OR
    Steve Douglas – CO
    Brian Woodbeck – CA
    Chris Bartlett – ID
    John Gebhard – ID
    Charles “Boo” Walker – TX
    Justin Gagnon – CA
    Tyler Churchill – OR
    Darby Frank – WY
    Debbie Boggess – MT
    Buddy Boggess – MT
    Terry Brumfield – MT
    John Thompson – MT
    Clay Templin – AZ
    Tim Bartlett – NV
    Bill Mitchell – CA
    Michael Gillespie – AZ
    Scott Wilhorn – WI
    Linda Campbell – IN
    Karen Scholl – AK
    Mike Fritsen – MT
    Dennis Trentham – TN
    Cathy Keener – CA
    Rodger Ozburn – WV
    Kyle Tolosano – CA
    Karen Allbright – IL
    Frances Bentley – WA
    Van Chanay – CO
    Sarah Synowiec – CO
    Scott Haas – CO
    Joan Gallagher – NM
    Greg Normand – MT
    Bradley Mayhew – CA
    Todd Haines – NM
    Glenna Tschetter – NV
    April Gasper – NV
    Heather Mc Lean – UT
    Derek Casbon – WI
    John Gebhard-ID
    Kyle Kerstiens-CO
    Thomas Todrank-ID
    Karen McPeak-ID
    Dean Clark-CO
    Josh Quinn-ID
    Brian Esch-NV
    Doc Blevins-CA
    Howard Watts 111-NV
    Keira Wattenburg-CA
    Elisa Chavez-CA
    Martha Mowry-NM
    Samantha Nichols -SD
    Robert Brunside-ID
    Michael DeBoer-CO
    Susan Bissell-AK
    Don Edwards-CA
    Mary McPeck-AZ
    Aaron Mielke-MN
    Lynn Witherspoon-OR
    Richard O’Rourke-UT
    Josh Lange-SD
    Justin Cowger-WY
    Erin Phelps-MT
    Raymond Grimes Jr-NJ
    Jason Riggins-MN
    Edwardn Phipps-NJ
    David Hahn-CA
    Larry Hettinger-AZ
    Dylan Kane-OR
    Richard Williamson-CA
    Tyler Webb-CO
    Phil Barton-NV
    Dennis Page- CO
    Alan Colwell-KY
    Autumn Branson-CA
    Dave Branson-CA
    Dale Brown-CA
    Lynda Brown-CA
    Phillip Spor-OR
    Mark Wesseldine-CO
    Zach Wesseldine-CO
    Mark Oetzmann-ID
    Judy Carvelho-ID
    Joe Carvelho-ID
    Ken Nelson-CA
    Garland Shaw-MT
    Greg Suszek-FL
    Leonard Kratzke- NY
    Sylvia Kratzke-NY
    Dale Weir-WA
    Andy Heisey-GA
    Susie Heisey-GA
    Richard Nicholson-CA
    Ed DeCarlo-NV
    Connie Anderson-CA
    Mike David-GA
    Beverly Becharas-WI
    Eric Rogers-NC
    Rita Simpson-PA
    Kyle Tucker-OR
    Charles Waters-AZ
    Cheryle Molis-ID
    Tim Daly-SD
    Shelly Daly-SD
    Nathalie Besse-NM
    Ludie A Bond-FL
    Tammy Haas-CA
    Daryl Borgman-SC
    Jaci Stimach-KS
    Brian Fritzen-OR
    Craig Pettigrew-UT
    Jesus Quiroz-CA
    Brent Anklam-CA
    Cassie Pearson-WA
    Michael Ladd-CA
    Debra Lopez-UT
    Peggy Miller-MD
    Michelle Henry-CA
    William Devino-MA
    Trish Smith-MA
    Lesley Warren-SD
    Toby Stapleton-WA
    Bryan Zayle-CO
    Jake Fitzgerald-CA
    Kevin Janes-CA
    Julia Denning-OR
    Elizabeth Bauer-MT
    Bryan Zayle-CO
    Nathanael Combrink-AZ
    Matthew Spanos-CA
    Mark Briant-NV
    Theodore Frazer-MT
    Wendy Tresouthick-IL
    Gary Humphrey-CA
    Ryan Dominguez-NV
    Francisco Dominguez-CA
    Tim Chavez-CA
    Keith Hawk-FL
    Mark Ghan-NV
    Kyle Hermiston-MT
    Carlos Barrera-CA
    Scott Parsons-CA
    Brett Ortland-ID
    Robert Wickman-MN
    Sean P O’Malley-NY
    Vicki Lynch-CA
    Darrell Ralston-CA
    James Archambeault-WA
    Renate Morledge-CA
    Luke Madden-CA
    Eric Stroud-OR
    Chris Wikeen-CA
    Joe Lehnen-VA
    Rosi Mulholland-FL
    Bob Eisele-CA
    Joel Pomeroy-OR
    Frank Davis-OR
    Francis Gericke-CA
    Phillip Cocker-CA
    Walter Southwick-CA
    Doug Miedtke-MN
    Eddie Johnson-WY
    Biddy Simet-MT
    Daniel Casto-AR
    Robert Morse-NJ
    Stan Sutton-CA
    Robert Osborne-MN
    Ann Osborne-MN
    Robert Lesch-IL
    Jason Klug-NV
    Tiphaine Barter-CO
    Linda Beaudin-CA
    Terese March-CA
    Steven Anderson-CA
    Norman Pope-CA
    Karen Brent-GA
    Steven Rhea-OR
    Paulicia Larsen-CO
    Brian O’Leary-WA
    Vance Andersen-UT
    Jeff Barnes-MT
    Melinda Maggio-CA
    James Horan-WI
    Anastasia Horan-WI
    Kay Horan-WI
    Doug Horan-WI
    Jeremias Olson-CA
    Erik Blankenship-OR
    Judy Hallisey-WA
    Pamela Werchau-AZ
    Ralph Scarpino-CT
    Vinita Shea-MT
    Philip Ver Plancke-IL
    Rosanne Sullivan-IL
    Kendall Jewett-CA
    Blake Creagan-OR
    Chris Vollero-NJ
    Kelly Perkins-CO
    Joshua Phillips-AZ
    Dean Rasmussen-NB
    Lindsay Barrowclough-AZ
    Eric Molnar-WA
    Samuel Larry-GA
    Margaret Rodeffer-AZ
    Jim Jaminet-CO
    George A Zoffman-CA
    Bruce Babb-WA
    James Mason-AR
    Matt Burrell-CT
    John Burrell-CT
    Robyn Grad-WA
    Ken Till-ID
    Roman Dobrantz-CA
    Christy Wilson-OH
    Christopher Clervi-CO
    Curtis Matthews-CA
    Johnny Carl-CA
    Kimberly Lightley-OR
    William “Blackie” Blackburn-CA
    Mark Nicoletti-FL
    Michel Keator-MT
    Anthony Stanaro-ID
    Michelle Spence-CO
    Kate Morris-CA
    Kathi May-WA
    Katherine Dias-CA
    Patrick Bouman-NY
    Travis Bailey-CO
    Josh Haen-UT
    Christopher Young-NE
    Jason Ballard-CA
    Tamara Dierks-SD
    Darcy Doyle-ID
    Mary Lou Gillis-FL
    Noel Marshall-CA
    Matthew Jaksetic-ID
    Rex Reed-WA
    Jennifer Ziegler-IN
    Mike Patten-MT
    John Caffin-GA
    Sarah Jamison-ID
    Tim Cooney-WA
    Pat Beers-WA East Pierce Fire & Rescue
    David Molina-CA Santiago Crew Orange County
    Michelle Surratt-MT
    Danette Bialous-OR
    Jason McDaniel-TX
    Eric Martinez-CA
    James Lerke-KY
    Lisa Kemper-NV
    Kymberlee Martinez-NM
    Barbara Stewart-VA
    Charlotte Viredaz-CA
    Barbara Nelson-AZ
    Thomas Grubbs-CA
    Marilyn J Olson-ID
    Kevin Koch-CA
    Angela Koch-CA
    David Herrand-NV- Retired USFS
    John H Benson-CO
    Holly Werner-CA
    Larry Timchak-MT
    Ben Jacobs- CA – Retired NPS
    Ben Morgan-FL- Retired NPS
    Tony Thaler-CA
    Carrie Thaler-CA
    Caryn Todd-CA
    Marie Johnson-MI-IHO William Creeden
    Ted Johnson-MI-IHO William Creeden
    Jenifer Hochstrasser-AZ
    Rob Martin-AZ
    Alicia Pharr-CA
    Mark Skudlarek-ID
    Warren Villa-OR
    Chris Furr-NM
    Kathryn Furr-NM Carson NF
    Karin Madrid-NM
    Hector Madrid-NM
    John Diebel-WY- Wyoming Hotshots
    Aubree Haffey-WY
    Cory Oestreich-MT
    Mike Ryan-MT
    Jen Ryan-MTMeagen Gray-MT
    Christopher Ludwig-MT
    Mark Mizak-PA
    Pierce Rannon-UT
    Margrete Bjornsen-NV
    Kelley Barnes-WA
    Laurie Pillers-ID
    John Plisga-OH
    Tiffany Jones-TX
    Elias Moreno-NM
    Brian Gorman-NV
    Gracie Moore-CO
    Anna Knuth-CA
    Kandi Bowman-UT
    Timothy Bell-CA
    Michael DeGrosky-ID-Montana DNRC
    Jim Payne-AZ
    Randy Anderson-ID
    Todd Sexton-ID
    Grant Ballton-CO
    Travis Chamberlain-ID
    Russell Proctor-VA
    Kim Parsons-CA
    Jakob Bowers-ID
    Michael Anderson-AZ
    David Meddles-CA
    Debbie Meddles-CA
    Megan Cochran-ID
    Alex Benitez-CA
    Taylor Daniels-OR
    David Pergolski-WI
    Laurel Wright-ID
    Jason Johnston-CA
    Jan Kyle-NV
    Alexa Tipppery-ID IHO Joseph Rodriguez
    Trevor Johnson-CA
    Steven Chaffin-CA Big Hill Helitack
    Ann Marie Maddox-CA
    Chris Marabetta-ID
    John Fugitt-TX
    Sirena Fugitt-TX
    Jill Short-NV
    Megan Penney-WA
    Eric Snipes-CA
    Austin Adair-CA
    Gavin Mitchell-CA
    David Blatz-MN
    Robert Bahr-MT
    Jeff Brousseau-MT
    Kristin Long-CO
    Lucian Gooden-CA
    Kyle Stump-ID Swan Valley Helitack Crew
    Eliot Pickett-AZ
    Sara Daughtery-ID
    Kevin Conant-CA IMO Samuel Paul Morrison
    Anthony Huegel-ID
    Peggy Setter-CO
    Sean Collins-CA IHO CA Interagenty Incident Mgmt Team 4
    Glenn Sundstrom-CA
    James Fischer-ID
    David Dendler-NJ
    Peggie Cathie-CA
    Diane Travis-AZ
    Christina Stanley-CA
    Curtis Stanley-CA
    Bill Woodyard-GA
    Joshua Haddock-OR
    Josh Reynolds-ID
    Dee Burke-MA
    Pamela Keithly-WA
    Erika Garvey-OR
    Caroline Miller-TX
    Haverhill Women’s Fellowship-NH
    Regis Blutas-MO
    Sarah Doering-NM
    Cathy Taylor-OR
    Nancy Sewell-CA
    Rick Barton-CO
    Mark Swan-CO
    Travis Denison-ID
    Jefferey Sussman-NY
    Patrick Mann-AZ
    Lynda Berckefeldt-WY
    Angeal Bealka-MN
    Bobbi Archdale-IL
    Austin Betts-OR
    Raymond Perrault-OR
    Aaron McDowell-OR
    Ryder McDowell-OR
    Jesus Saraz-OR
    Aaron Palfini-CA
    Tanner Eccles-OR
    Aaron Bechdolt-WI
    Natalie Kuntz-OR
    Brendan O’Reilly-OR
    Todd Woodward-CA
    Robert Mendoza-CA
    Tina Ledger-UT
    Terry McLeod-ID
    Russel Griffith-OR Santaim River Crew
    Matthew Pederson-OR Middle Fork Ranger District
    Clayton Farnsworth-OR Prineville IHC
    Shane Lanphear-WI
    Julia Ruthford-AK IHO Engine 642
    Bradley Ray-NV
    Heather Woodman-CA Iho FS Modoc Natl Forest Engine 45
    John Ward-CA USFS
    Patrick Morgan-ID USFS
    Douglas Ottosen-WI _USFS
    Gary Bone-CO
    Chris Ramiskey-OR Baker River Hotshots
    Kurt Ranta-WA Baker River Hotshots
    Rob Poyner-WA Baker River Hotshots
    Tim Judd-WA Baker River Hotshots
    Julius Jacobsen-WA Baker River Hotshots
    Josh Etringer-WA Baker River Hotshots
    Sam Olsen-WA Baker River Hotshots
    Bridgett Schwenne-WA Baker River Hotshots
    Johnny Brady-WA Baker River Hotshots
    Jim Bearman-WA Baker River Hotshots
    Oliver Henry-WA Baker River Hotshots
    Chris Mushrush-WA Baker River Hotshots
    Bill David-OR Baker River Hotshots
    Chris Ashby-WA Baker River Hotshots
    Keegun Zitkovich-WA Baker River Hotshots
    Colton Carr-WA Baker River Hotshots
    Ben Hannon-WA Baker River Hotshots
    Alexandra Pogue-BC Baker River Hotshots
    Sophia Berrey-CA Baker River Hotshots
    Cameron Balog-ME
    Devin Griles-VA
    Norene Norris-AZ
    Rand Snyder -NH
    Jay Godson-CO San Juan Hotshots
    Taylor Davis-CO
    Lance Martin-CO San Juan Hotshots
    Keith Bedonie-CO San Juan Hotshots
    Clayton Howe-CA
    Jon Cordes-Co San Juan Hotshots
    Matt Terwilliger-CO San Juan Hotshots
    John Cerven-CO San Juan Hotshots
    Tyler Hoest-CO San Juan Hotshots
    Kenneth Reid-CO San Juan Hotshots
    Scott Moore-CO San Juan Hotshots
    David Draayer-CO San Juan Hotshots
    Paul Makarewicz-CO San Juan Hotshots
    Kevin Linder-CO San Juan Hotshots
    Scott McCreary-CO San Juan Hotshots
    Sarah barry-CO San Juan Hotshots
    Rubel Aguilar-NM San Juan Hotshots
    Jared Rogers-FL San Juan Hotshots
    Robert Guerra-CA San Juan Hotshots
    Amanda Douglass-WA CWICC
    Chuck Borg-OR
    Jessie Creech-OR
    Pepe Delgrado-OR
    Ross McClure-OR
    Stephen Houch-OR
    Kyle Partnell-Steinberg-NY
    Stuart Bell-WA
    Don Daman-CA
    Wally Roth-MI IMO Roger Roth
    Carol Roth-MI IMO Roger Roth
    Spencer Johnston-ID
    Stephanie Johnston-ID
    JayLynn Pell-UT USFS
    Ray Kraemer-AK Retired DNR Forestry Alaska
    Gary Cornell-UT
    Jen Rabuck-WI USFS Chequamegon Nicolet NF West Zone Fire
    Angela Yemma-CO BLM
    Bill Yemma-CO BIA
    Robert Tinker-CA
    Karen Grubbs-NM Southwest IMT #3
    Lisa Hamilton-AZ
    Kenneth Birch-AZ
    Kevin Harper-CA
    Rafael Morales-CA
    Bonnie McAhren-CA
    Richard Hammer-OR
    Felicia Probert-NM
    Sean Harris-AZ
    Drew Augustyn-MN
    Kira Gilman-WY
    Nancy Picazo-Ortega-CA
    Karie Linn-WI
    Megan Nolte-ID
    Jeff Rondina-OR
    Keith Smith-CA Ukonom IHC
    Matthew Pippin-UT
    Camille Stevens-Rumann-CO
    Amanda Terry-CO
    Michael Ringleg Jr-CA
    Robert Laeng-CA
    Katherine Reed-CA
    Anne Burns-AK
    Richard Jojola-NM
    Joan Drnjevic-ID
    Brian Morris-WA
    Ted Docev-VA
    Benjamin Peterson-CA
    Garrett Godwin-CA
    Greg Jackson-NV
    Geoff Melly-WA
    Robert Palmer-WA IHO Andy Palmer
    David Neydlin-ID
    Hal Stevens-UT
    Nathan Goodrich-OR
    Bradley Husby-WY
    Matthew Reymann-ID
    Jared Sigler-FL
    Max Whlberg-OR
    Lorin Daly-CA
    Anthony Orantes-CA
    Gayemarie Ekker-UT
    William Cirone-FL
    Sandra Cirone-FL
    Luke Hutchinson-AZ
    Jeffrey D Campbell-NM Gila Hotshots
    Luke Brehm-CA
    James Sweeney-FL
    Mitch Lazarz-AZ
    Averi Sherman-OH
    Gabriel Romero-CA Gila Hotshots
    Michael Head-NM Gila Hotshots
    Joaquin Gutierrez-NM Gila Hotshots
    Martin McGuire-NM Gila Hotshots
    Josh Trembath-NM Gila Hotshots
    Madeline Cobb-NM Gila Hotshots
    Amy Keithly-NM Gila Hotshots
    Larisa Estrada-NM Gila Hotshots
    Daniel Guilfoyle-DC
    Matt Howard-NM
    Tyler Clare-NM
    Gerry Zorechak-NM
    Daniel Salerno-NM
    Kyle Taylor-NM
    Derrick Charpentier-CO
    Bradley Wagner-ID
    Michael Dunn-PA
    Neil Leifker-AZ
    Melinda Artz-NV
    Britney Gulick-OR
    Charley Burns-WA
    George Geissler-OK
    Jun Kinoshita-CA
    Becca Kronenbitter-CO
    Nemo Bridge Resort-MO
    Loreta Skeet-NM
    Bryan Hellet-CA
    Ryan Cloud-WA
    Gerald Westfall-CA
    Cammie Glass-NV
    Lorenzo Miranda Jr-CA
    Noah Pratt-MT
    Land M Huegal-ID Bonneville IHC
    Edward Anderson-VA
    Jessica Stewart-UT
    Tara Kurtzbein-ID
    Clay Carroll-UT Smith River IHC
    Robert Chandler-NV
    Timothy Sherwin-WY
    Randy Turrill-UT
    Linda Wadleigh-AZ
    Lafe Sackett-NM
    Adam Lind-CA
    Nic Danckwart-MN
    Jonathan Blodgett-CA
    Jamie Cope-CA
    Sabrina Cope-CA
    Garrison Hardisty-NV
    Stering Hill-ID
    Matthew Brown -CA
    Derek Jackson-CO
    Lena Rux-OR
    Jack Tatum-WY
    Jason Kiesling-CA
    Meagan Buehler-SD
    Sara Knapp-WA
    Hailey Hibbard-CO
    Glenda Mabery-AZ
    Douglas Denlinger-OR
    Jason Nez-AZ
    Jean Seymour-ID
    Joshua Mendoza-CA
    Chris Cameron-CA
    Chris Puckett-CA
    Kevin Elliott-CA
    Patrick Boy-AZ
    Debbie Anderson-CA
    Lorena Ochoa-OR
    Ricky Aispuro-CA
    Jason Kjenstad-NM
    Marin Stark-CO
    Bonnie Pascucci-MT
    Billy Trujillo-NM
    Lauren Eck-CA
    Marshall Kulp-UT
    Joel Berg-CA
    Quinn Robinson-PA
    Glenda Torres-CO
    Alissa Cordner-WA
    Chris Vaugh-AZ
    Maximo Alonzo-AZ
    Robert Duran-AZ
    Tom Machowicz-MI
    Denny Davis-AZ
    Sean Moren9-CA Mesa IHC
    Jamie Schnick-AZ
    Justine Bundy_AZ
    Christopher Wescott-CA
    Karren Haslam-UT
    Jeff Hammes-ID
    Michael Purdy-CA
    James Burke-MN
    Erica Husse-NV
    Meghan Jackson-NV
    Paige Booze-AK
    Wade DeBraal-OR
    Mark Johnson-CA
    Brent Mizell-ID
    Brian McCreary-OH
    Daniel Jessop-AZ
    Sunbear Vierra-NM
    Jenny Isserman-ID
    Chad Bullock-ID
    Morgan Meserth-ID
    Bradley Medvin-CA
    Joe Malsam-NV
    Deneen Cone-CA
    John Hillenbrand-NV
    Rance Marquez-AZ
    Blaine Tarbell-UT
    Jake Lake-CA
    Nicholas Giger-NV
    Eric Johnson-CA
    Justin Holzman-UT
    David Dukart-CA
    Robert McDonald-CA
    Justin Veron-ID
    Neal Hitchock-WA
    Christina Krogen-CA
    Stephen Klosterman-CA USFS
    Tamara Wilton-CA
    Lynne Howard-GA USFS
    Tim Daly-SD
    Shelly Daly-SD
    Diego Mendiola-OR Zig Zag IHC
    James Meisner-OR Zig Zag IHC
    Memo Merquez-OR Zig Zag IHC
    Nicholas Ovellette-NH
    Bryce Anderholder-OR Zig Zag IHC
    Spencer Braz-CA
    Eric Kingston-NH Zig Zag IHC
    Brian Flatten-OR Zig Zag IHC
    Zav Gabai-OR Zig Zag IHC
    Brad Hardesty-OR
    Tully St George -OR Zig Zag IHC
    William Sloop-OR Zig Zag IHC
    Jacob Klassen OR Zig Zag IHC
    Daniel Franco-OR Zig Zag IHC
    Alex Hernandez-OR Zig Zag IHC
    Adam Vanderpool-OR Zig Zag IHC
    Sandra Sperry-OR Zig Zag IHC
    Dietra Nters-Tremblay-HI
    John Jensen-NV
    Steve Meyer-OR
    Josh Acosta-CA Fulton IHC
    Greg Cole-CA Fulton IHC
    Daniel Hammond-CA Fulton IHC
    Travis Clendenen-CA Fulton IHC
    Garey Smith 111-CA Fulton IHC
    Joel Masi-CA Fulton IHC
    Jonathan Bechtel-CA Fulton IHC
    Elaine Calaba-CA Fulton IHC
    Josh Bull-CA Fulton IHC
    Justin Speakman-CA Fulton IHC
    John Mello-CA Fulton IHC
    Fernando Ramos-CA Fulton IHC
    Will Morales-CA Fulton IHC
    Michael Turowski-CA Fulton IHC
    Justin Long-CA Fulton IHC
    Francisco Reyes-CA Fulton IHC
    Scott Russell-CA Fulton IHC
    David Ceballos-CA Fulton IHC
    Greg Franco-CA Fulton IHC
    Gannon Peters-CA Fulton IHC
    Justin Pettit-CA Retired Fulton IHC
    Michelle Green-NV
    Mike Schultz-CO
    Christopher Ottoboni-NV
    Gerald Campbell-CA
    Jerry Hoffman-IL
    Alisha Jackson-NV
    Leah Adams-OK
    Dominic Ali-CA
    Mynda Ohs-CA
    Jeff Ohs-CA
    Anthony Sandrini-CA Vista Grande IHC
    Charles Page-KS
    Marilyn Cockrell-CA
    Bonnie Wood-ID Retired USFS & BLM
    Aaron Schuh-OR Rogue River IHC
    Devin Parks-OR Rogue River IHC
    Larry Kazakff-OR Rogue River IHC
    Michael Ingman-WA Rogue River IHC
    Luke Mayfield-OR Rogue River IHC
    Cole Siemion-OR Rogue River IHC
    KC Koogler-OR Rogue River IHC
    Mackenzie Green-OR Rogue River IHC
    Ian Garthwait-OR Rogue River IHC
    Ryder McCray-OR Rogue River IHC
    Ian Rodgers-OR Rogue River IHC
    Cody Chiverton-OR Rogue River IHC
    Clinton Lane-OR Roger River IHC
    Jacob Maughan-OR Rogue River IHC
    Daniel Ferguson-OR Rogue River IHC
    Samantha Scholz-OR Rogue River IHC
    Grif Cochran-WY Devil’s Canyon Veteran Hand Crew
    Jeff Lissick-MN Devil’s Canyon Veteran Hand Crew
    Christopher Merritt-WY Devil’s Canyon Veteran Hand Crew
    Josh Jacobs-WY Devil’s Canyon Veteran Hand Crew
    Aaron Kirby-CA Devil’s Canyon Veteran Hand Crew
    Travis Flowers-AZ Devil’s Canyon Veteran Hand Crew
    Craig Humphrey-CA Devil’s Canyon Veteran Hand Crew
    Annie Humphrey-CA
    Skyler Nilson-CA Devil’s Canyon Veteran Hand Crew
    Jeremy Gabriel-PA Devil’s Canyon Veteran Hand Crew
    David Fillmore-WY Devil’s Canyon Veteran Hand Crew
    Shawn Baca-Gallegos-NV Devil’s Canyon Veteran Hand Crew
    Stephanie Stott-OR Rogue River IHC
    John Papich-OR Rogue River IHC
    Richard Delong-OR Rogue River IHC
    Noah Metzler-OR Rogue River IHC
    Mackenzie Swanson-OR Rogue River IHC
    Nate Christiansen-CO Columbine WFM
    Britton Quinlan-CO Columbine WFM
    Russell Leggett-CO Columbine WFM
    Ellie Seitz-OH Columbine WFM
    Quito Justice-CO Columbine WFM
    Aaron Lund-CO Columbine WFM
    Ben Walsh-Mellett-CO Columbine WFM
    Kodi Leslie-NM Columbine WFM
    Patrick Wright-CO Columbine WFM
    Loren Rotroff-AK
    Cruz Armendariz-CA
    Maura-Franklin-CA Arrowhead IHC
    Joe Suarez-CA Arrowhead IHC
    Devin Beedle-WA Arrowhead IHC
    Brian Hughes-CA Arrowhead IHC
    Julio Campos-CA Arrowhead IHC
    Isais Garcia-CA Arrowhead IHC
    Brian Valle-CA Arrowhead IHC
    Dean McAlister-AZ
    Kathryn Mount-ID
    Doug Lane-NC
    Andrew Holtmeyer-Il
    Dana Strahan-CA
    Adam Ramirez-CA
    Alan Verona-AZ
    Joshua Parker-WA Entiat IHC
    Terra Fondreist-AR
    Timothy Fondreist-AR
    Kyle Joanis-NV
    Angela Kendrick-CA
    Michael Kendrick-CA
    Roberto Garcia-CA Arrowhead IHC
    Martin Rodriquez-CA
    Jordan Robinson-CA
    Guillermo Munguia-CA
    Rafael Torres-CA Arrowhead IHC
    Kyle Zottneck-CA Arrowhead IHC
    Edwin Diaz-CA
    Jared Archiega-CA Arrowhead IHC
    Manuel Baca-Salas-CA Arrowhead IHC
    Eddie Gomez-CA
    Tyson Moya- CA Arrowhead IHC
    Fabian Loera-CA Arrowhead IHC
    Angela Tom-ID Twin Falls Helitack
    Jason Notz-NV
    Cheri Monsen-CO
    Chris Adamcik-MT
    Mario Flores-CA Del Rosa IHC
    Uriel Ortega-CA Del Rosa IHC
    Pedro Marcos-CA Del Rosa IHC
    Vickie Wright-CA
    Ryan Spies-CA Del Rosa IHC
    Chris Trembly-CA Del Rosa IHC
    Tyler Jaquess-CA Del Rosa IHC
    Ulises Esparza-CA Del Rosa IHC
    Eric Nilson-UT
    Andrew Duran-CA Del Rosa IHC
    Garrett Tobin-CA Del Rosa IHC
    Zachariah Leyva-CA Del Rosa IHC
    Francois Shoumounejad-CA Del Rosa IHC
    Chad Johnston-CA Del Rosa IHC
    Coli Goodson-CA Del Rosa IHC
    Robert Lozano-CA Del Rosa IHC
    David Borero-CA Del Rosa IHC
    Walter Jensen-CA
    Erik Nelsen-CA Del Rosa IHC
    Jeremy Ellis-CA Del Rosa IHC
    Anthony Perez-NV Winnenmucca BLM
    Shane Akerson-NV
    JP Blair-CA
    William Rios-CA Los Padres NF Engine 74
    Neil Gamboa-CA Del Rosa IHC
    Eric Galvan-CA Arrowhead IHC
    Adrian Encinia-CA Arrowhead IHC
    Kathleen Kreyns-CA
    John Giller-OR
    Barbara Giller-OR
    Michael McEwen-ID
    Robert Palmer Sr-WA
    Chris Castellon-CA
    Lynn Good-NJ
    James Good-NJ
    Glenn Heitz-ID
    Casey Eager-ID
    Joseph Friedmeyer-MN
    Martin O’Toole-MI NPS Retired
    Sherrill Story-CA
    Meghan Sherman-AZ
    Adam Hofpar-CO
    Jordan Wade-CA
    Robert Macdonald-ID
    Barney Lyons-ID
    Michael Czaja-CO
    Taija Corso-WA
    Nick Egan-CA
    Karen Knight-UT
    Cheryl Dickson-AZ
    Brian White -CA
    Jessi Roland-OR
    Margaret Jordan _NM
    Patrick Lingley-AZ
    Calvin Miller-GA
    Alec Lane-CA
    Kevin Jones-WA Redmond IHC
    Brandon Dunham-OR Redmond IHC
    Sean Dewitt-OR Redmond IHC
    Creed Pendleton-OR-Redmond IHC
    Kylan Pendleton-OR
    Steven Teeter-WI
    Zoella Teeter-WI
    Cameron Teeter-WI
    Adriane Morabito-WI
    Brandon Uptegrove-OR
    George Chappell-UT
    Linda Chappell-UT
    Loren Wickstrom-ND
    Alen Riggs-UT
    Nick Becharas-WI
    Jeffery Luebbers-OR
    David Virwar-CO
    Richard Sparks-WI
    Dustin Hallam-CA
    Ryan Ross-CA
    Matthew Chambers-CA
    Robert Cordts-NM
    Taiga Roher-UT
    John Caroon-OR
    Elizabeth Skelly-SC
    David Douglas-OR
    Brad Richards-CA
    Sarah Richards-CA
    Matt Holmstrom-MT Lewis & Clark IHC
    Shane Doyle-MT Lewis & Clark IHC
    Nicholas Wyndra-MT Lewis & Clark IHC
    Jyota Smith-Howard-MT Lewis & Clark IHC
    Noah Wendland-MT Lewis & Clark IHC
    Brent Rath-MT Lewis & Clark IHC
    Wayne Bale-Rudnitski-MT Lewis & Clark IHC
    Will Steady-MT Lewis & Clark IHC
    Nathan Stone-MT Lewis & Clark IHC
    Colin Snodgrass-MT Lewis & Clark IHC
    Erik Alnes-MT Lewis & Clark IHC
    leif Rova-MT Lewis & Clark IHC
    Tyler Knauth-MT Lewis & Clark IHC
    Grady McGuire-MT Lewis & Clark IHC
    Corey Benov-MT Lewis & Clark IHC
    Robert Dunn-MT Lewis & Clark IHC
    Cody Seccombe-MT Lewis & Clark IHC
    Hunter Bell-MT Lewis & Clark IHC
    Jeffrey Hill-MT Lewis & Clark IHC
    Jacob Sweezy-MT Lewis & Clark IHC
    Michael Vinton-WA Entiat IHC
    Luke Campbell-WA Entiat IHC
    Ehren Phillips-WA Entiat IHC
    Tessa Morris-WA Entiat IHC
    Bennet Murch-WA Entiat IHC
    Devin Shannon-WA Entiat IHC
    Jason Russell-WA Entiat IHC
    Jonathan Melby-WA Entiat IHC
    Robert Johnson-WA Entiat IHC
    Henry Hornberger-WA Entiat IHC
    Daniel Pickard-WA Entiat IHC
    Chase Burgett-WA Entiat IHC
    Chelan Pauly-WA Entiat IHC
    Rafe Parsons-WA Entiat IHC
    Erik Garcia-WA Entiat IHC
    Carter Murch-WA Entiat IHC
    Riley Daniels-CA
    Stewart Richter-CA
    Robert Helar-CA
    Mary Wilmoth-TX
    Bruce Sirof-FL
    Ben Martin-MN
    Corinne Lipscomb-MN
    Tyler Harris-CA
    Michael Paul Ronffener-CA
    Drew Graham-CA
    Matthew Norden-CO
    Jenny Godwin-NV
    Martha Campbell-NV
    Patty Grantham-CA
    Emily Hewitt-ID
    David Bassler-ID
    Barbara Bassler-ID
    Edward Vahscholtz-KS
    Richard Ana-AZ
    Jarrod Zweigart-ID
    Christopher Dean-CA
    Matthew Winters-ID
    Joseph Rinaldi-CO
    Jesse Turner-MT
    Jared Rosoff-NV
    Brody Cook-NM
    Johnny Monarrez-NM
    Brandon Kelley-MI Midewin IHC
    Jake Hauser-IL Midewin IHC
    Josh Strohmeyer-IL Midewin IHC
    Shaun Trabado-IL Midewin IHC
    Logan Blankenship-IL Midewin IHC
    Colby Hill-OK
    Hilary Griffith-IL
    Ruben Pedraza-AZ
    Nick Castro-AZ
    Jeff Wilson-WI
    Jon Ott-IL
    Nathan Ochs-MI
    Michael Bittner-MN
    Brant Lindquist-WA
    Lester McDonald-NV
    Jackie Berenyi-MT
    Brian Hougan-AK
    Matthew Meyeri-CA
    Marshall Krogen-CA
    James Huston-CA
    Doug Brown-ID
    Judy Reynolds-CA USFS
    John Castenada-NV
    Mike Tateishi-NV
    Maudie Colvin-CO
    Lynn Barclay-CO Retired BLM
    Dan Bastion Jr-NM USFS Retired
    Eric Hooper-CA
    Jennifer Vejar-WA
    Aaron Vejar-Wa
    Isaac Vejar-WA
    Nick Lines-WA
    Brian Cantrell-WA
    Barry Fisher-WA
    Jeffrey Schardt-GA
    Brian Henderson-CA
    Jeff Curfman-WA
    Marcos Trego-Az
    Caleb Brown-AZ
    Gavin Quigley-AZ
    Robert Ortiz-AZ
    Alex Willie-AZ
    David Warner-AZ
    Eric True-AZ
    Clair Veseth-ID IMO Anne Veseth
    Liam Cain-WY
    Nate Barrons-UT
    Michael Doherty-WY
    Liap Ankonina-MT
    Ashten Buhler-UT
    Michael Froelich-KY
    Tina Rotenbury-AR
    Elizabeth Lynch-MT
    Linda Naill-MT
    Kymberli Hoffman-WA
    David Nelson-CA
    Bret Lewis-MT
    Loni Holt-CA
    Julian Robinson-MT IMO Justin Beebe
    Richard Roberson-ID
    Kaset Hockmuht-ID
    Bevin Protas-CO
    Zach Lyon-UT
    Brett Low-CA
    Megan Williams-UT
    Josh Winkler-UT
    Michael Boldman-OR
    Sean Peterson
    Owen Reed-NC
    Robin Reed-CA
    Christian Ramirez-ID Payette NF
    Shawn Ankeny-SD
    Milena Rockwood-UT USFS
    Susan Jacobsen-WA
    Bob Larson-VA
    Ben Iverson-ID USFS
    Jordan Hanson-UT USFS
    Dylan Aoki-HI
    Linda Oneal-WA
    Shannon Vaughan-MT
    Geoff Whatcott-UT
    Trenton Girard-AR USFS
    Maury Freemont-Smith-CO
    Marcia Smith-NH
    Andrew Schell-MT
    Daniel Matthews-AZ
    Lisa Slepetski-AK
    Devin Healy-MT
    Carl Williams-NV Tallac IHC
    Matt Lynde-CA
    Michael Shaw-ID
    Amy Baumer-ID
    Brittney Dowden-CA
    Joan Mueller-IL
    Dan Fiorito-OR
    Carter Montgomery-MT
    Keifer Huntley-SD
    Patrick Johnson-WA
    Mat Wood-Wy
    Anthony Sigona-CA
    Blaine Loar-UT
    Will McKinney-OR
    Gabriel Herrera-CA
    Erin Lally-MT
    Donovan Suko-MT USFS
    Jason Curry UT
    Matt Kampf-CO
    Steven Baran-CA Stanislaus NF
    Suzanne Starko-IL IHO Josh BuBoise
    Riley Pilgrim-UT
    Jason Hoskey-CA
    Keith Suttles-NC
    Justin Morris-CA
    Devin Jurs-ID
    Glen Stein-UT
    Zachory Huff-CA
    Herman Wendell-CT
    Debbie Wendell-CT
    Michele Lahue-NV
    Pamela Delaney-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Carolyn Craig-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Ronna Hubbard-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Coreen Hutchinson-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    John Gaffney-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Katherine Hall-ID
    Jill Hartman-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Lisa Pimental-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Jason Kost-Ca
    Sarah Peterson-NV
    Emily Echevarria-CA
    Michael Thompson-CA
    Mitchell Hanson-WI
    Tom Leuschen-WA
    Shirley Hanson-WI
    Mikell Newton-OR
    Mia Muldoon-Roddy-MI
    Lea Betty-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Juan Zepeda-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Charles Meeks-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Priscilla Peterson-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Ryan Gaines-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Kat Gonzales-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Roger Conroy-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Mindy Stevenson-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Dyilyn Knox-CA
    Andrew Davenport-CA Yosemite Helitack
    Colin McClain-IL Yosemite Helitack
    Heather Wonenberg-OR Yosemite Helitack
    Michael Wallace-AZ
    Kanerib Zale-AZ
    Chad Stilson-UT
    Judy Domingo-CA
    Elizabeth Bandley-CA
    Danny Gallagher-CA
    Lindsey Curtin-VA IMO Justin Beebe
    Eric Small-CA Yosemite Helitack
    Ryan Baker-CA Yosemite Helitack
    Lia Jigour-CA Yosemite Helitack
    Richard Shatto-Ca Yosemite Helitack
    Jeff Singer-CO Rocky Mountain NP
    Casey Holman-CO Rocky Mountain NP
    Mark Troxel-CO Rocky Mountain NP
    Aaron Holslag-AZ Rocky Mountain NP
    Paul Henning-CO Rocky Mountain NP
    Dave Gones-CO Rocky Mountain NP
    Linda Carranza Fabian -CO Rocky Mountain NP
    Jackie Schaefer-CO Rocky Mountain NP
    Jared Staggs-WV Missoula Smokejumpers
    Gary Handschug-WA
    Raymond Gilbotowski-CA
    Tim Mutley-AR
    Theresa Ott-SC Southern Area IMT Blue Team
    Paul Churchill-NC
    Cindy Schiffer-VA Southern Area IMT Blue Team
    Henry Hickerson-VA
    Karen Patterson-NC
    Andy Baker-GA
    Mark Morales-AR
    Jael Constantino-AK
    Dominic Ysaac-CA
    John Davis-VT
    Jaimme Noonchester-UT Wasatch Helitack
    Shane Ralston-MT USFS
    Kristi Ralston-ID
    Robert Angres-NV
    Allen McGuire-WA
    Elizabeth Montgomery-ID
    Corrie Smith-ID
    Daniel Fuller-CO
    Brian Logan-VA USFS
    Gary Kirpach-MT IMO Justin Beebe
    Kristina Condos-AZ USFS
    Joan Marett-AZ
    Willow Merritt-WA Teton Helitack
    Eric Levy-WY BLM
    Stephen Strate-UT Great Basin IMT Team 6
    Jeff Hill-ID Great Basin IMT Team 6
    Rosendo Alvarez-NV Black Mountin IHC
    Chad Nalicki-WI IMO David Ruhl
    Cody Blair-OR Lakeview BLM
    Eric Hagen-ID IMO Dennis McCoy
    James Chadwick-UT
    Auggie Bernardo-UT
    Judy Shields-WY
    Bill Shields-UT
    Rich Bowman-
    Zebron Watts-OR
    Paul Briggs-UT
    Dan Washington-UT
    Ismael Torres-Mexico
    Rick Sandidge-CA
    Andrew Waterbury-CA
    Thomas Marchant-CA
    Michael Torres-CA USFS
    Sarah Wetzel-OR
    John M Harris-MT USFS
    Julie Rhodes-UT
    Andrew Pohlman-CO
    Joshua Dilick-CA
    Steve Staley-ID
    Becky Jenison-ID
    Ryan Campbell-WY
    David Curtis-NV
    Jamie Caughlin-ID
    Doug Olsen-CA
    Lori Olsen-CA
    Alec Olsen-CA
    Abby Olsen-CA
    Pyper Olsen-CA
    Lexie Olsen-CA
    Becki Nesbitt-OR IMO Denny Nesbitt
    Rita Falkenhagen-CA
    Chris Beatty-FL
    Brett Story-AZ
    Eric Reed-AZ Mormon Lake IHC
    Butch Oglesby-NM
    Sheri Nelson-CA IHO Jason Miller
    Taylor Hill_OK
    Lynn Kaney-WA
    Declan Shalley-MI
    David O’Neill-OR USFS
    Glendee Osborne-CA
    Angelo Martin-PA
    Craig Weaver-ID Nez Pierce Clearwater NF
    Bert Starr-MT
    Cori Watson-OK
    Brian Achziger-CO
    Quentin Ford-AZ
    Jaime Caughlin-ID
    Benjamin Florey-AZ
    Buck Palmer-TN Cherokee IHC
    James Gruwell-CA
    Mark Loeffelbein-UT
    Miriam Nelson-CO
    Amy Skraba-AK
    Kolleen Beesley-ID
    Lawrence Ortiz-CA
    Caleb Merrill-OR
    Elizabeth Bouillette-MO
    Daniel Bradley-NV
    Mary Anderson-NV
    Wes Schroeder-CA
    Scott Fry-
    Bryan DeWolfe-CO
    Steve Howard-CO
    David Way-OR
    Whitney Wallis-OR
    Kelly Rapp-WA
    Jeffrey Finn-OH USFWS
    Jamie Barnes-CO
    Micael Bentley-WY
    Tyler Hoepker-FL
    Jonathan Brooks-UT
    Sam Mize-AZ
    Rebecca Manlove-MN
    Dana Salisbury-CA
    Nicole Marquart-WA
    Cody Hunter-OR Graingeville Smokejumpers
    Jason Peterson-AR
    Terra Rintelen-ID
    James Buck-OR
    Tobias Hutchens-VA
    Jim Gross-MT
    Yanu Gallimore-OR
    Steve Weber-WY
    Kelly Calahan-TX
    Greyson Rennels-TX
    Jason Robinson-WA
    Cynthia Hogg-NM
    Jeff Hogg-NM
    Stephen Wallis-CA
    Ed Yeager-ID
    Laura Wood-MT
    Gene Lonning-WA Retired BIA
    Rudy Sandoval-UT State of Utah Forestry Fire & State Lands
    James Copple-KS
    William Mayer-WY Yellowstone NP
    John Worsley-CA Shasta Trinity Fly Crew
    Calvin Harris-NV IMO Jacob O’Malley
    Bryce Nielsen-NE
    Nancy Martinez-NM
    Kevin Pabiunquit-CO
    Michael Linehan-OR
    Kelsey Beeler-TN IHO Andrew Frazier
    Darren O’Loughlin-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Ryan LaFontaine-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Gregory Struiksma-WA Lone Peak IHC
    Terry Michaelis-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Kadell Deason-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Clint Kelley-AZ Lone Peak IHC
    Brett Branin-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Travis Unrein-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Shane McCracken-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Jacob Blehm-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Tyler Lair-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Matt Specht-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Ty Murchison-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Nicholas Stiles-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Justin Roach-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Ethan DeBauche-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Matthew Jarvis-UT Lone Peak ihc
    Matthew Birnbaum-UT Lone Peak IHC
    Robert Yost-CT CT Interstate Fire Crew
    Michael Kronick-CT CT Interstate Fire Crew
    Taylor Farrington-CA
    Allen Schultze-CA Lassen IHC
    Brett Matthews-CA Lassen IHC
    Fernando Estrada-CA Lassen IHC
    Dane Nesbit-CA Lassen IHC
    Cris Machado-CA Lassen IHC
    Taylor Butler-CA Lassen IHC
    Kurt Merino-CA Lassen IHC
    Steffan Joss-CA Lassen IHC
    Dominic Stanaro-CA Lassen IHC
    Jake Hernandez-CA Lassen IHC
    Dane Metz-CA Lassen IHC
    Jonathan Kirshner-CA Lassen IHC
    Brandon Morton-CA Lassen IHC
    Tyler Medders-CA Lassen IHC
    Emmanuel Eddie-CA Lassen IHC
    Sarah Degner Volluchi-CA Lassen IHC
    Michael Francis-CA Lassen IHC
    Ryan Kessler-CA Lassen IHC
    Zane Cuthill-CA Lassen IHC
    Eric Darragh-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Joshua Whitman-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Ryan Blount-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Drew Thorne-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Sam Klippenstein-Nv Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Zach Parker-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Nick Dufur-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Kyle Nickles-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Carson Tomicic-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Dylan Ghan-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Bodie Blakely-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Adrian Luquin-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Mark Nolan-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Jeff Ellis-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Erik Hopper-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Clint Grinsell-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Brian Pointer-NV Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Brian Buckner-CA Shasta Lake Engnine 52
    Matthew Babikoff-OR First Strike Environmental
    Tanner Creel-OR First Strike Environmental
    Lane Eggers-OR First Strike Environmental
    Ed Foote-OR First Strike Environmental
    Zander Hamilton-OR First Strike Environmental
    Steven Kavs-OR First Strike Environmental
    Bo Lindsay-OR First Strike Environmental
    Lopez Magallon-OR First Strike Environmental
    Kyle Miller-OR First Strike Environmental
    Jack Neufeld-OR First Strike Environmental
    Gregory Ochs-OR First Strike Environmental
    Garrett Osmossen-OR First Strike Environmental
    Jeff Praitt-OR First Strike Environmental
    James Roles-OR First Strike Environmental
    Juan Renteria-OR First Strike Environmental
    Rodolfo Fernandez-NM
    Alfonso Dawes-NM
    Daniel Torrez-NM
    Nathaniel Johnson-SD
    Alex Rasmussen-SD IMO David Ruhl
    Robyn Woods-CA
    Derek Kell-OR
    Jake Reed-MI
    Matthew El Smeirat-WA
    Dawn Schur-AZ
    Cordell Taylor-KY
    Brian Jenkins-MN
    Tom Wurm-WY
    Kristin Garrison-CO
    Christopher Barrett-AZ
    John Owens-CA
    Grayson Vibe-CA
    Breanna Kahle-OR IMO Derek Reid
    Gregory Smith-FL
    Veronica McCabe-UT
    Jacob Pargas-NV
    Eric Fransted-ID
    Kevin Kelly-MI
    Michael Ferris-OR
    Jacqueline Mattiso-CA
    Paul Cerda-CO Alpine IHC
    James Champ-CO Alpine IHC
    Shawn Phillips-CO Alpine IHC
    Todd Ruzicka-CO Alpine IHC
    Dru Phillips-CO Alpine IHC
    Todd Pinkowski-CO Alpine IHC
    Aaron Klee-CO Alpine IHC
    Justin Humrichouse-CO Alpine IHC
    William Chathan-CO Alpine IHC
    Nicholas Glatt-CO Alpine IHC
    Karel Williams-CO Alpine IHC
    Nick Koukoutsakis-CO Alpine IHC
    Vidal Carrillo-CO Alpine IHC
    Miles Putnam-CO Alpine IHC
    Iain Mason-CO Alpine IHC
    Thomas Horn-CO Alpine IHC
    Matthew Pearson-CO Alpine IHC
    Jacob Vogel-CO AlpineIHC
    Roberto Gonzales-Pita-CO Alpine IHC
    Timothy Flynn-CO Alpine IHC
    Ian Murray-CO Alpine IHC
    Judy Marovich-CA
    Teri Cairns-OR
    Daniel Rasmussen-MT
    Dan Snow-CA
    Dana Carter-NM
    Peter Dutchick-CA
    Jonathan White-NJ
    Kevin McPhee-WA
    Ariane Sarzotti-CA
    Belinda Plummer-CA
    Vinnie Plummer-CA
    Jeremy Camacho-CA
    Shawn Adams-UT
    Erin Finley-WA Winema Hotshots
    Zachery Beatty-CA Winema Hotshots
    Heather Brusokas-OR Winema Hotshots
    Christopher Parker-OR Winema Hotshots
    Victor Garcia-CA Winema Hotshots
    Kody Wohlers-IA
    Reese Barnett-TX Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Nate Weldon-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Austin Kiefer-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Jason Schroeder-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Cesar Parra-CA
    Mark Walls-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Aaron Beaubier-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Tam Nguyen- CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Roger Hooper-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Jesse Campa-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Antonio Vargas-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Allen Camp-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Antonio Morales-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Robin Sawagwan-CA Folsom Lake Veterans Crew
    Christopher Moore-NY
    Jason Althouse-AZ
    Curtis McEwen-MN
    Tony Doty-CA
    Dan Quinn-NV Enginer #15 Plumas NF
    Ryan Vondriska-CA IMO Ian Howard
    Kristi Sullivan-AZ
    Dan Sullivan-AZ
    Davis Oatway-UT
    Manuel Sanchez-CA
    Clint Green-CA USFS
    Ken Kremensky-CA Barona Fire Department
    Breanna Truelove-CA USFS Klamath Hotshots
    Anthony Starkovich-WA
    Gilbert Becenti-CO
    Nathan Hallam-CO USFS
    Jeremy Cox-KS
    Nisha Van Hees-CA USFS
    Timothy Borgman-CO
    Adam Woodbeck-ID
    Chris Marson-UT USFS
    Ken Till-ID
    Thomas Blumenthal-CO
    Kathy Robatcek
    Christian Wooster-Black Mountain IHC
    Noel Livingston-OR
    Laura Livingston-OR
    Nathaniel Crompton-OR
    Danny Krutina-UT
    Cynthia Krutina-UT
    Jamie R Geerdes-CO
    Jon Bailey-ME
    Matthew Michaliszyn-AZ
    Eddy Harris-TX
    Pamela Crouch-IL
    Suzann Leininger-CA
    William Leininger-CA
    Debbie Claussen-CO
    Jim Grant-WI
    Mark Cresalia-CA
    Leland Ratcliff-CA
    Jason French-CA
    David Palacios-CA
    Shane Bender-CA
    Erik Martini-CA Feather River IHC
    Garrett Ellis-CA Feather River IHC
    Julian Fitial-CA Feather River IHC
    Michael Correia-CA
    Jose Maldonado-CA Feather River IHC
    Zach Donnelly-CA Feather River IHC
    Peter Bostrom-Ca Feather River IHC
    Bobby Honroth-CA Feather River IHC
    Zak Marasti-CA Feather River IHC
    Wade Ogletree-CA Feather River IHC
    Jason Miller-CA Feather River IHC
    Erik Jacobson-WY
    Rose Henderson-NV
    Patrick Seger-IL
    James Terry-UT
    Peter Vidmar-CO
    Denis Moran-UT
    Carrie Howard-NV
    Will Montgomery-Ca
    Carrie Bowers-CA
    Clinton Goepp-CA
    James Boyle -OR
    Weston Gaul-CA
    Daniel Sweeney-AR
    Allison Baker-ID
    Jacob Garate-Wolf Creek IHC
    Jeff Gallivan-Wolf Creek IHC
    Chad Rowland-Wolf Creek IHC
    Erin Kimsey-Wolf Creek IHC
    Dan Farmer-Wolf Creek IHC
    Luke Talcott-Wolf Creek IHC
    Shane Williams-Wolf Creek IHC
    Micah Winbigler-Wolf Creek IHC
    Justin Harris-Wolf Creek IHC
    Zack Prosser-Wolf Creek IHC
    Lars Olson-Wolf Creek IHC
    Kenny Lemmonds-Wolf Creek IHC
    Fabian Garza-Wolf Creek IHC
    Dylan Zook-Wolf Creek IHC
    Abraham Thorn -Wolf Creek IHC
    Damien Velasquez-Wolf Creek IHC
    Wade Snyder-Alta IHC
    Jesse Trembly-Alta IHC
    Jeff Priebe-Alta IHC
    Mike Cuniff-Alta IHC
    Adam Everett-Alta IHC
    Michele Russell-NV
    Luke Copeland-Chuchupate Helitack
    Corey Finneman-Chuchupate Helitack
    Matthew McGinley-Chuchupate Helitack
    Brad Corbin-Chuchupate Helitack
    Ryan Eagleson-Chuchupate Helitack
    Chris Deckelman-Chuchupate Helitack
    Ricardo Mata-Chuchupate Helitack
    Jon Marquez-Chuchupate Helitack
    Mike Wilson-CA
    Efren Balderas-CA
    Mike Jewett-Alta IHC
    Seth Spain-Alta IHC
    Kenny Cain-Alta IHC
    Matt Schutt-Alta IHC
    Tyler Carruth-Alta IHC
    Ron Allred-Alta IHC
    Cory Brown-Alta IHC
    Kelly Watts-Alta IHC
    Chris Meeker-Alta IHC
    Taylor Ford-Alta IHC
    Taylor Olsen-Alta IHC
    Alan McPheeters-Alta IHC
    Stephen Pofelski-Alta IHC
    Derek Kristal-Alta IHC
    Miller Bailey-Alta IHC
    Alex Kopelson-Alta IHC
    Ted Mason-ID
    Lyndsay Alarcon-Chuchupate Helitack
    David Smith- Chuchupate Helitack
    Sara Isozaki-Chuchupate Helitack
    Mike Alba – Chuchupate Helitack
    Sammy Benyounes-CA
    Sherri Bennett-CA CIIMT#4
    Jesson Vasey-WI
    Anders Henrickson-CO
    Reagan Corrine Lemmon-UT
    Ryan Wade-AZ
    John Fry-New River Gorge Fire Management
    Cheryl Bright-ID
    Ryan Allen-ID
    John Armstrong-Texas Canyon IHC
    Danny Breuklander-Texas Canyon IHC
    Phil Matthews-Texas Canyon IHC
    Brad Olson-Texas Canyon IHC
    Timothy Mitchell-Texas Canyon IHC
    Justine Gude-Texas Canyon IHC
    Dan Kelly-Texas Canyon IHC
    Anders Heinstedt-Texas Canyon IHC
    Brett Davis-Texas Canyon IHC
    Brian Baso-Johnson-Texas Canyon IHC
    Joseph Bunton-Texas Canyon IHC
    Ignacio Pizano-Texas Canyon IHC
    Oscar Martinez-Texas Canyon IHC
    Keith Williams-Texas Canyon IHC
    Ryan Olson-Texas Canyon IHC
    Francisco Placencia-Texas Canyon IHC
    Shaun Becker-Texas Canyon IHC
    Andrew Hemphill-Texas Canyon IHC
    Jonathan Bravo-Texas Canyon IHC
    Erik Larson-Texas Canyon IHC
    Brandon Stephenson-Texas Canyon IHC
    David Olvera-CA
    Jody Smith-MI
    Erin Ruhl-SD
    Robert Tibbett-UT
    Mariah Jones-AZ
    Tyler Heye-IL
    David Crumb-MT
    Wilda Legner-IL IHO Gilbert Cortez
    Lt Gilbert Cortez-IL
    Carr Rieger-Tallac IHC
    Mike Klimek-Lassen Volcanic National Park
    Orlando Genao-Lassen Volcanic National Park
    Davin Williams-Lassen Volcanic National Park
    Robert Nicholson-MI
    Blain Coyle-Bald Mountain Helitack
    Aaron Silva-Bald Mountain Helitack
    Matt Muller-Bald Mountain Helitack
    Stephen Rogers-Bald Mountain Helitack
    Andrew Brennan-Bald Mountain Helitack
    Jose Aranzazu-Bald Mountain Helitack
    Marco Andrade-Bald Mountain Helitack
    Naomi Rotor-Bald Mountain Helitack
    David Phillips-Bald Mountain Helitack
    Matthew Mosley-Bald Mountain Helitack
    Ajene Tarant-Bald Mountain Helitack
    Heather Good-ID
    Wes Odom-AZ
    Scott Nielson-UT-Alta IHC
    Jose Saldana-OR
    William Murray-ID
    Linda Westergard-NC
    Randall Cavigli-CA
    Josh Ingle-USFS
    Suzanne Starko-IL IHO Joshua DuBoise
    Laura Trevellyan-OR Rogue River Hotshots
    Justin Bohannan-OR USFS
    Ken Henson-UT USFS
    Carol Henson-UT
    Michael Kennard-CA
    Tandy Jenkins-CA
    Greg Bartin-UT
    Karen Bontrager-MI
    Jonathan Bontrager-MI
    Tamara Klindt-TX
    Candace Tripp-WA
    Jeremy Mantz-MO
    Amy Burgess-ME
    John Wirth-WA
    Martin Maricle-AK
    Sonia Wirth-WA
    Shane Cochran-ID
    Steve Bressler-MO
    Paul Rohs-NC
    Elizabeth Keen-FL
    Patrick Warker-ID
    Norman Rooker-NV
    Phillip Chi-OR
    James Jaworowski-CO
    Deborah Traver-OR
    Mary Greenwood-WY IHO Michael B Cahill
    Alisa Hinkle-CA
    Kenneth Boucher-OR
    Peter D’Aquanni-NM
    Benjamin Lyons-IN
    Pamela Coste-CT
    Jim Rich -OR
    Amanda Jones-NM
    Kelsey Kolstad-MN
    Eric Jackson-MN
    Kyle Tolosano-CA
    Phil Janke -OH
    Wayne Dengler-VT
    Tim Love-WA Spokane County Fire District 4
    Derrick Morris-TN
    Sandra Morris-TN
    Leslie Hunter-NC
    Cody Stancher-CA
    Paul Doyle -OR
    Brian Janes-CA Klamath Hotshots
    Johnny Clem-CA Klamath Hotshots
    Andrew Zink-CA Klamath Hotshots
    Aaron Paisley-OR Klamath Hotshots
    Seth Daniels-OR Klamath Hotshots
    Javier Garcia-OR Klamath Hotshots
    Craig Generate-OR Klamath Hotshots
    Dillon Adams-OR Klamath Hotshots
    Oscar Marrujo-OR Klamath Hotshots
    Kevin Myth-CA Klamath Hotshots
    Jonathan Cams-CA Klamath Hotshots
    Travis Harms-OR Klamath Hotshots
    Bryan Evans-Or Klamath Hotshots
    Andrew Clark-NJ Klamath Hotshots
    Paul Sweden-CO
    Brian Anderson-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Josh Thomas-CA Bear Divide IHC
    John King-Ca Bear Divide IHC
    Matt Berg-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Kyle Thomas Ford-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Manuel Gunman-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Edward Carnal-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Plussage Esparza-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Kyle Baumgartner-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Andrew Marquez-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Rosy Menial-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Gerry Hernandez-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Brad Johnson-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Rogation Beaufort-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Edward Meagan-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Eddy Castellon-CA Bear Divide IHC
    Steven Otoupalik-OR
    Bert Strom-ID
    David Bogdan-MA
    Randy Lambeth-ID IHO Melissa Sartor
    Trevor Browne-CA US Fish & Wildland Fire
    Heather Frazelle-ID
    Shaun Buchanan-ID
    Michael Rex-ID
    Ted Rex-ID
    Michael Preshow-ID
    David Caracas-CA
    Lucas Hunkler-FL
    Irv Hunkler-OH
    Cristi Hunkler-OH
    Sean Dieppe-OR
    Ben Rock-MA
    Robert Kerlchen-NJ
    Ryan Gaughran-NJ
    Jason Gaughran-NJ
    Luke Finn-CO
    Leslie Finn-CO
    Chris Finn-CO
    Shivaun Hoyl-CO
    Emmit Hoyl-CO
    Genevieve Hitchock-TX
    Michael Finney-MN
    Kim Soule-Wasatch Helitack
    Eric Landreth- USFS Logan IHC
    Bob Klindworth-WA
    John Houk-Hawaii Volcanoes NP
    Jessica Vincent
    Ryan Dinwiddle-WI
    Bill Altman-MO
    Bob Watson NPS
    Deb Patton-NM
    Dianna Mecham-ID
    Jose Trujillo-NM
    Kevin Moglia-CA
    Travis Browne
    Darrell Willis-AZ
    Judy Willis-AZ
    Cameron Meganck-CO
    Bill Allen-IMO Jeff Allen
    Diz Allen-IMO Jeff Allen
    Sandy Dunbar-IMO Doug Dunbar
    Anthony Kinnaman-SW Area Type 1 IMT/Sciacca
    Richard Brinkman-USFS
    George Efinger-NJ ForestFire
    Bill Miller
    Dannie Northington- Retired USFS
    Laurie Bisby-OR
    Mike Harvey-CO
    Ray Mockli- Retired USFS
    Rick VanderVoet-WY
    Terry Baker-OR
    Ryan Smith
    Robbin Ekman-CA
    Bob Kitttridge
    Nancy Kittridge
    Richie Sessler-Redlands Fire Dept
    Mike Rice – Walker Ranger District-Chippewa NF
    Pete Kubiak-GA
    Bradley Washa-UT
    Eric Kurtz-MT
    David Wischer-WA
    Glenn Bartter
    Daniel Riggsbee-NC
    Edward Haffy-NJ NJFFS Div A
    Pam Sichting-OR
    Willy Crippen-OR
    Renae Crippen-OR
    Stephen Fillmore-CA
    Christine Robinson-CA IMo John Greeno Bald Mountain Helitack
    Sam Wu-CA
    Jefferson Good-ID

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    2015 Annual Members (2851 listed)

    Brandon Car, CO
    Bob Watson – Southern Plains Fire Group
    Edward R. Hiatt
    Christine Hiebert, OR
    Jeffrey Buscher, CA
    Don Moss, OR
    James Ott, CA – Retired USDS CIIMT1
    Susan Brown, ID – Sawtooth NF
    Michael Brown, ID – Sawtooth NF
    Gerry Day, WA
    Martin Maricle, AK – Division of Forestry
    Cathy Mallea – IMO Ronald Mallea
    Rocky Siegel, CA – San Marcos Pass Volunteer Fire Dept.
    Steve Shaw, ID
    Arthur Mindlin, NJ
    Chad Smith, SD
    Joseph Rodriguez – Medicine Bow Routt NF
    Kim Soule – Wasatch Helitack
    James McMahill, IA
    Paul Talbot, MN
    Joel D Engleson, CA – IHO Bob Schey, IMO Bob Schey
    Tyler Sendrak, CA – Inyo IHC
    Gregg Goodland, CO
    Galen Roesler, WY
    Paul Frick, PA
    Kyle Behrens, ID
    Quentin Ford, AZ
    Ben Eby, MI
    Jerod DeLay, WY – IMO Chad Plummer
    Bob Eisele, CA
    Stephen Fillmore, CA
    Paul Solarz – PatRick Corp.
    Jolynn Lords, OR
    Justin Cowger, WY
    Sara Gonzalez, TX – IMO Daddy Joe Gonzalez
    Rick Gonzalez, TX – IMO Daddy Joe Gonzalez
    Susan Seber, ID – IHO Brian Lee, IMO Granite Mtn Hotshots
    Carl Barrett, NV
    Anthony Waite, ID – IHO Price Valley Heli-Reppellers
    Rodgers Wright, AZ – IMO Don Mackey
    M M Tad Morelock, CA – CIIMT5, Los Angeles County FD
    Steven Davis, CA
    Isaac Naylor, CA – IMO Scott Newquist
    Alex Brockett – Ukonom IHC
    Chip Houde, AK – MEX
    John McAndrew III, NJ Forest Fire
    Ray Weiss, CA
    David Arnauckas, CA
    Dave Kannas, MN
    Vickie Hulsizer, ID – IHO Vickie Hulsizer
    Thomas Minadeo, CA
    Tyler Hughes, CA – IMO Granite Mountain Hotshots
    Martin Wilson, TN
    Randal Johnson, CO
    Charles Mark, ID
    Michael Bittner, MN
    Brett Coghlan, NM
    Kim Kufta, CA
    Janet Hawkins, VA
    Jarrod Zweigart, ID
    Casey Judd, ID
    Jay Wickham, SD
    Kayla Clark, WY
    Clinton Goepp, CA – BDF Engine 35
    Curtis Matthews, CA – California Smokejumper
    David LaChapelle – Payette NF
    Charles R. Waters, AZ
    Doug Ottosen – Region 9 FAM
    Tina Greenhalgh, UT
    Kevin Greenhalgh, UT
    Lane Caldwell – CalFire – In Memory of Luke Sheehy
    Doug Logan, FL
    Dee Burke – In Memory of Danny Holmes
    Dale Wine – USFS Cherokee NF, TN
    Buck Seals – Pacific SW Research Station
    Sean Depp, OR
    LG Edwards – USFS Retired
    Willie Cirone – NJ Forest Fire Service
    Dana Bagnoli – Southwest Area IMT#3 IMO Kevin, Roger & Eric
    Duane Nelson, CA
    Randy T Meyer – National Federation of Federal Employees
    Gary Brown, ID
    Rodger Ozburn, WV – WV Division of Forestry
    Evan Schachtel, IL
    Mitchell Bloxham, MT
    Les Page, KS
    Cici Chitwood – USFS Portland
    Evan Schachtel, IL
    Mitchell Bloxham, MT
    Les Page, KS
    Ryan Green – Payette NF
    George Chesley, OR
    Mike Meyers, WA – C2C Wildfire
    Kendal Wilson, AZ
    Robert Gates, CA
    Doug Brown, ID
    Michael Field, WA
    Molly Leadbetter, ID
    Jim Houghtaling, ID
    David Klimas, AZ
    Sterling Hill, ID
    Teri Cairns, OR – IMO All the Fallen of 2013
    Wende Wilding, UT – IMO Spencer Koyle
    Alec Lane, CA – IMO Clay Cutter
    Brian Dompierre, CO
    Robert L Dayton, MT
    Lew Sovocool, CO
    Shawn Faiella, MT
    Sara Brown, NM
    Brice Molitor, MT
    Erika Reed, ID
    James Farrell, ID
    Karen Kieborz, UT
    Anthony Harrell, CA – IMO Ukonom IHC Alumni
    Stacie Jurantis, CA
    Scott Meneely – Little Rockies Fire Station
    Todd Like, CO – IMO Kenny Ellyson
    James E Corvino, WA
    Dana Dahlen, CA
    Paul Dahlen, CA
    Sandy Cameron, ID
    David Zuares, ID
    Jennifer Peterson, OR
    Robin McAlpin, OR
    Jan Diamantine, OR – IMO Tami Bickett -Storm King ’94
    Thomas Diamantine, OR – IMO Tami Bickett – Storm King ’94
    Liz Kinney, OR
    Cheryl Molis, ID
    Craig Pettigrew, UT
    David Herrand, NV
    James Whiteside, CA – IMO CIIMT4
    Donelle Dizney, CA – IMO David Ray Rendek
    John Postlewaite, ID – IMO Caleb Hamm
    Michael Dugan, MT
    Roni McCabe, UT
    Carolyn Winkler, OR
    Gene Madden, FL – IMO Those who have fallen while battling wildfires
    Kenneth Stump, ID
    Alisa Hinkle, CA – IMO Granite Mountain IHC
    Richard L Roberson, ID
    Richard Pfilf, NV
    Donna Lamb, NV
    Corey Finneman, CA
    Clay Templin, AZ
    Jonathan Ellis, NJ
    Matthew Schutty, MT
    Ray Kingston, AZ
    James Fischer, CO
    Barbara Eddy, OR
    Amy Livezey, MT
    Nikki Testa, DE
    Kyle Tolosano, CA
    Garland Shaw, MT – IMO Remy Pochelon
    Matthew Caouette, AZ – Mormon lake IHC – IMO Kirk Smith
    Eric Brown, AZ – IMO Kirk Smith
    Gary Handschug, WA
    Jim Jaquet, ID
    Peter D’Aquanni, NM
    Luke Holden, NM
    Jim Lawrence, CO
    Brad Henry, TX
    Robert Gomez, CA
    Mark VonTillow, CA
    Tom Boatner, ID
    Sarah Peterson, NV
    Debra Lopez, UT – IMO Spencer Koyle
    Andy Rothleutner, WY
    Patrick Garcia, NM – IMO Lawrence Garcia
    James Archambeault, WA
    Mary Colton, CA
    Robin Wills, CA – NPS
    Guntar Dambro, WY
    Butch Shaw, VA
    Lathe Evans, AZ
    Geri Herbert, ID
    Tim Smith, HI
    Emily Barker, CO
    Rosemary Barker, MI
    David Barker, MI
    Vickie Wright, CA
    Natalie M Broce, VA
    Jason Riggins, OK
    Cruz Armendariz, CA
    Peter Willis, MN
    Jeremy Jensen, OR
    Karen Varney, MA
    Carolyn Landon, CA
    Kevin Janes, CA – CIIMT4
    Tracy Fifarek, MN
    Bryan Vergne, CA
    Andrea Drinkhouse, AK – San Juan IHC
    Russell Behlings, TX
    Paul Drasil, CA
    Thomas Hooten, CA
    Scott Parsons, CA – CIIMT4
    Kim Parsons, CA – CIIMT4
    David Wilkins, WY
    Kai Friedrichs, ID
    Michael Johnston, ID – Teton NF
    Cheryl Bright, OR
    Bee Tivald, ID
    Jon Skeels, CO
    Kristin Hinkle, OR
    Daniel Sadlo, CA
    Matthew D Stanley, CA
    Kevin Michalak, CO
    Thomas Todrank, ID
    Karen McPeak, ID
    Leigh Ann Evans, OR – IMO Alan Wyatt Missionary Ridge, CO ’02
    Gene Lonning, WA
    Evan Carlos, CA – CalFire
    Jon Bower, CO
    Michael Ladd, CA
    Gordon Herring, WY
    Albert Kellogg, CA – CIIMT4
    David Brown, AZ
    Kevin LoGiudice, FL
    Michael DeGrosky, ID
    David Taylor, CA – CIIMT4
    Jim Lewis, CA
    Laurie Pillers, ID
    Dan Kinney, OR – Retired USFS
    Tom Tymon, MT
    Bill Murphy, MT
    Rex Reed, WA – Retired WA DNR
    Joe F. Hartman, KS – Retired FS
    Bonnie Acker, VT
    Peter Stewart, NM – Retired USFS
    Paul Boucher, NM – Retired USDS FS SW Type 1
    Galen Young, NM – So Cal IMT2 $ Southwest IMT 5
    Gary Day, OR – IHO Molly Day
    Betsie Gettings, WY – Big Horn National Forest Service
    Shawn Gettings, WY
    Charles DeJong, CA
    Richard Williamson, CA – Retired USFS
    Sarah Doehring, NM – USDA FS – Grangeville Smokejumpers
    Ed DeCarlo, NV
    Leanard Garcia, UT – BLM
    Karen Smith, CO
    Gracie Moore, CO
    Marvin Kelso, OR
    Anita Kelso, OR
    Cid Morgan, NM
    Samuel Larry, GA – Retired NPS
    Frank Orr, CA – Retired Battalion Chief – CDF/CalFire
    Patrick Mann, AZ
    Ray Weidenhaft, WY – Retired Wyoming State Forestry Div.
    Michael Wheelock, OR – Grayback Forestry
    Terry Brumfield, MT – Columbus Rural Fire
    Patricia Sullivan, AZ
    Heidi Schewel, AZ
    Warren Villa, OR
    Judy Rama, NE
    Doris Jenson, OR
    John R. McDaniel, KS
    Aimee Huff, CO
    Blake Huff, OR – Blue Mountain Rappel Crew
    Eric Gottlieb, CA
    Barbara Clark, OH – IHO Ed Clark
    William Woodyard, GA
    Daniel Jessop, AZ
    Benjamin Agol, CA
    Rebecca Eide, CA
    Evan Boshell, UT – Forest Service
    Alicia Hone, UT
    Missy Hone, UT
    Carol Roth, MI – In Memory of Roger Roth
    Walter Roth, MI – In Memory of Roger Roth
    Bernard Hopf, AZ – Retired FS Tonto NF
    Kurt Bassett, SD – Tatanlea IHC
    Faith Duncan, AK – USDA FS
    Aaron Mielke, MN
    Barbara Stewart, VA – Retired NPS
    Tim Logozzo, WA – Wild Fire Service
    Tim Logozzo Jr., WA – Wild Fire Service
    Richard Renouf, ID
    Charles Palmer, MT
    Jimmy Hidalgo, CA
    Pete Soderquist, WA
    Mike Matarrese, OR
    Kimberly Drake, ID – USDA FS
    Phillip Dye, CA
    Tiphanie Webb, CO
    Gregory Titus, FL
    Jesse Dodd, CA
    Taylor Stephens, CO
    Jaci Stimach, MI
    Bob Larsen, VA
    Liz Hahnenberg, CO
    Gregg Smith, CA
    Donald Carpenter, UT
    Cheryl Carpenter, UT
    Cindy Wedekind, OR
    John Ward, CA
    Ray Bennett, NV
    Kenneth Paul, OR
    Michael Ellsworth, AZ
    Daniel Bryant, MS – USFS
    Dirk Huber, UT
    Erik Jansen, AZ
    Tim Nutley, AR – US Forest Service
    Robert Bell, CA
    Mike Law, OR
    Kate Morris, CA
    Ty Parher, NJ
    Kenneth Nelson, CA
    Louisa Evers, OR
    Wendy McCartney, CA
    Mike Josey, FL
    Pam Urban, MA – In Memory of Mark Urban
    Steve Prescott, ID
    Frances M Bentley, WA
    Thomas Leuschen, WA – Fire Vision LLC
    Kay Whitney, OR
    David Robinson, NY
    Darrell Ralston, CA – CIIMT4
    Catherine Hibbard, MA
    Benjamin Morgan, FL
    Glen Stein, UT
    Karen McPeak, ID
    Carol Carlock, NV – Forest Service
    Ranger Dorn, CA
    Jason Penwell, WY – Johnson County Fire District
    Andy Lyon, CO
    Kristine Sigona, CA
    Patrick Boy, AZ
    Jason Virtue, SD
    Kathleen Kreyns, CA
    Jamie Wade, AZ
    Ryan Wade, AZ
    Joanie Lawrence, OR
    Glenn Stubbs, AK
    Tony Doty, DC – Doty Solutions
    Bruce Suenram, MT
    Richard LaCasse, NM – IMO Sam Sanders
    Greg Watson, NV
    Reg Phillips – In Honor of the Alpine Hotshots
    Aline Phillips – In Honor of the Alpine Hotshots
    Lynn Eisberg, CA
    Sherman Waldron – NPS
    Mark Tolbert – CDF Firefighters Local 2881
    Mike Davis – USDA Forest Service
    Jeffrey Sussman, NY
    John Goss – USFS
    Kim Cash – IHO Aaron Bechdolt
    Kathy Hall – USFS GWJNF’s
    Frank Simmons – USDA Forest Service
    Nikole Swaney – The Nature Conservancy
    Mike Huber, WY
    Juan Bautista – Pacific Coast Contracting, Inc.
    Bob Hammer, FL
    Margaret Volkening, IL
    Lori Lancaster, WY
    Anne Rock, MA
    Stephen Wells – Retired USFS
    Nat Whittemore – Retired CBS TV Boston
    Darby Frank – Fremont County Fire Protection District
    Marilyn Connolly – Johnson County Emergency Management
    David Lowe, WI
    Pam Sichting, OR
    Georgia Knutsen, CA
    Tom Johnston, ID
    Patricia Patterson, ID
    Marin Stark, CO
    Philip Gilmore, MA
    Veronica Mard, MA
    Maria Skinner, CA
    Douglass Anderson, MN
    John P Case, AZ
    Elizabeth Bunzendahl, KY – US Forest Service
    Dave Kushner, OR
    Matthew B Dillon, PA – USDA Forest Service
    Roseanne Sullivan, IL
    Jared Staggs, WV – Missoula Smokejumpers
    Joel Shennum, CA – SO CAL IMT #1
    Mike Farmer, MT
    Mary Susan Weaver, MN
    Don Edward, CA
    Harold Reynolds, TX
    Jim Strain, SD
    Robert Morse, NJ – NJ FF
    Linden McNeilus, MN
    Nick Readinger, PA
    Tim Bartlett, NV – USFS
    Robert Palmer, WA – In Memory of Andy Palmer
    Robert Kerschner, NJ – NJ Forest Service Division A
    Geroge Efinger, NJ – NJ Forest Service Division A
    Eric Weber, NJ – NJ Forest Service Division A
    Jason Vonoesen, NJ – NJ Forest Service Division A
    John Carbone, NJ – NJ Forest Service Division A
    Robert Hazen, NJ – NJ Forest Service Division A
    Carl Hadler, NJ – NJ Forest Service Division A
    Lisa Apgar, NJ – NJ Forest Service Division A
    Lynn Good, NJ – NJ Forest Service Division A
    Harold Ryan, NJ – NJ Forest Service Division A
    Todd Sacchiero, NJ – NJ Forest Service Division A
    Cory Waters – So. Area Type 2 IMT Team
    Jim Good, NJ
    Kay Horan, WI – In Honor of James D. Horan
    Doug Horan, WI – In Honor of James D. Horan
    Brian Schroeder, IL
    Todd Haines, NM – New Mexico State Forestry
    Van Channay, CO
    Tracy Dott, CA
    Pamela Greenwood, CA – US Forest Service
    Cecilia Seesholtz, ID – Boise National Forest
    John R. Meek, CO
    Danny Krutina, UT
    Cynthia Krutina, UT
    Vinson Johnson, ID
    Pete Buist, AK – Retired AK Div of Forestry
    Kyle Esparza, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Billy Price, WY – In Memory of Shawn Price
    Betty Price, WY – In Memory of Shawn Price
    Jamie Barnes, CO
    John Keener, AZ
    Brenda Peterson – Erickson Air Crane
    Quinn MacLeod, CO
    Ryan B McPherson, AK
    Kevin Winter, NM
    Cassie M. Pearson, WA
    Jenifer Hochstrasser, AZ
    Robert Martin, AZ
    Thomas Decker, CA – IHO Mann Creek Jumpers
    Greg Bartin, UT – USDI-NPS-Zion Fire & Aviation Management
    Michael McDaniel, MN – In Memory of 2006 Krassel Helitack
    Nolin Page – USFS / MAF / PCRD Crew #401
    Amanda Douglass, OR
    Phillip Spor, OR
    Steve Plevel, AZ
    Jim Mackensen, CA
    Casey Allen, CA
    Chad McCall, CA
    Scott Haas, SD
    Sarah Synowiec, SD
    Lance Fickas, CA – San Diego County Fire Authority
    Randy Skelton, ID – USFS – Payette NF
    Russell Groves, OR
    James Wilson, MN
    Deanna D Williams, PA
    Donald K Bown, CA – IMO Shawn & Tom
    Trevor Johnson, CA – Ventrua County Fire Department
    Holly Carr, MT
    John Packard, WA – National Smokejumper Assoc. Board Member
    Steve Murphy, CA – USFS CIIMT4
    Joe Primm, OR
    Rick Vollick, MA – US FWS
    Vicki Plowman, WA
    Kyle Tucker, OR
    Fred Houston, UT
    Rosi Mulholland, FL
    Brit Rosso, AZ
    Lorean Hennings, AZ
    Adam Johnson, MN – Tatanka IHC
    Ann S. Osborne, MN
    Bob Osborne, MN
    Brent Crosland, UT
    Sherry Story, CA
    Michael Harnois, WI
    Jonetta Trued, AZ – TNF
    Mark Peck, MT
    Dick Mangan, MT – Blackbull Wildfire Services
    Biddy Simet, MT
    Zach Wesseldine, CO
    Mark Wesseldine, CO
    Steven D Ellis, CO
    Duane Vasten, CO
    Nicholas Parker, NY – USFS
    John Kelly, CA
    Sherry Dunning, ID
    Michael Klug, NV
    David Hampton, OR
    Mary Jo Hampton, OR
    Ryan Hopkins, PA
    Lucas Anderson, CA – Engine 37 Cleveland
    Rita Dyer, OR
    Alan Colwell, KY
    Dale Weir, WA – Erickson Air Crane
    Paul Magnifico, IA
    Ray Brugler, PA
    Mike Vetti, CA – CIIMT4
    Pat Ortland, CA – In Memory of Fire Captain Bob Ortland
    Sal Bonilla, CA – CIIMT4
    Jeffrey Alan Davis, CA – Kern County Fire Department
    Jason Waites, ID
    Mike Lewis, IL
    Dean Clark, CO – IMO Len Dem
    Mary Jean McPeak, AZ
    Frances Gericke, CA
    Gordon Paladijczuk, OR – Retired Gray Back
    Karla Hawley, CA – USFS
    Connie Anderson, CA – IMO Travis Carter
    Michael Czaja, CO – Colorado State University
    Vicki Lynch, CA
    Ryan Lynch, ID – McCall Smokejumper
    Garth Wagner, WY – Teton Helitack
    Marilyn Cockrell, CA
    Brock Benton, CA – Nevada County Fire Dist.
    Shawn Entz, CA – Nevada County Fire Dist.
    Randy Gross, CA – Nevada County Fire Dist.
    Nicole Long, CA – Nevada County Fire Dist.
    Patrick Mason, CA – Nevada County Fire Dist.
    Jared McElhannon, CA – Nevada County Fire Dist.
    Lance McKinley, CA – Nevada County Fire Dist.
    Kevin Menet, CA – Nevada County Fire Dist.
    Phill Nunnink, CA – Nevada County Fire Dist.
    Adam Ross, CA – Nevada County Fire Dist.
    Jim Smith, CA – Nevada County Fire Dist.
    Pat Sullivan, CA – Nevada County Fire Dist.
    Robert Tellam, CA – Nevada County Fire Dist.
    Stacy Kronner, CA
    Eric Kronner, CA
    Nate Raff, ID
    Charles Barclay, VA – USFS
    Matthew Kilgriff, AK – Alaska Fire Service/Galena Zone
    Danielle Sykes, Australia
    Nicholas Strohmeyer, ID – BLM
    Malcolm McFarland, ME
    Glen Coley, NC – NC Forest Service
    Joe Gilles, SD
    Kim Valentine, OR – USFS
    Kimberly Lightley, OR
    Kolleen Beesley, ID – FS
    Missy Schwatz, AK
    Howard Watts III, NV
    Jay B Rideout, WA
    William Schuster, MN
    Buffy Bandley, CA – IMO Greeno and Eva
    Dick Hentze – In Memory of Mark Hentze
    Caleb Meyer, CO
    Eric Duning, ID
    Amy Duning, ID
    Ike Duning, ID
    Gus Duning, ID
    Anthony Perez, NV
    Jennifer Brown, NV
    Diane Travis, AZ
    Lynn Barclay, CO – BLM
    Scott Vail, CA
    Michael Boone, CA – Retired Los Padres NF
    Chip Harris – North Zone Fire – USFS
    Andy Vasquez, CA
    Sean Collins, CA
    Richard O’Rourke, UT
    Glendee Osborne, NV
    Tom Zimmerman, ID
    Conrad McCloskey, IL
    Rich Weyant, PA
    Tyler Webb, CO
    Stan Mitchem, WY
    Daniel Lopez Jr., CA
    Michael Copeland, CA
    Stuart Palley, CA
    Sherry Kessel, Or – Willamette NF
    Larry Hettinger, AZ – SWIMT – Forest Service
    Ted Allison, WA
    Karl Schlitt, NE
    Peter Koerber, CA
    Dawn Koerber, CA
    Tracy Dunford, UT – Utah Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands
    Lindsey Whipple, UT
    Katelyn Anderson, CA
    Kellie Stover, SD – Forest Service
    Don Will, CA – CIIMT4
    Richard Nicholson, CA
    Gary Humphrey, CA
    Tonja Opperman, MT
    Norman Pope, CA – Cool Mule, Inc.
    Mary Huels, WA
    Leonard Kratzke, NY – In Memory of Our Beautiful Heather
    Sylvia Kratzke, NY – In Memory of Our Beautiful Heather
    Richard Hughes, UT
    Robert Weber, CA
    Henry Benham, NV – Retired USFS
    Patrick Skaggs, OR – Vale BLM
    Deborah Fogg, MI
    Jeff Hogg, NM – R-3
    Cyndie Hogg, NM – NAFRE
    Deborah Stickland, MT
    Brian Woodbeck, CA
    Chuck Gibbs, CA – Del Rosa
    Anthony Emacio – Lewis & Clark NF
    Evan Haugan – Lewis & Clark NF
    Joshua Constable, NV
    Karen Zillox, FL
    Regina Roby, KY
    Joan McCord, OR
    Laura Mecham, CA
    Whitney Casebolt, MT – IHO Brendan Mullen
    Dan Sullivan – USFS
    Kristi Sullivan – USFS
    Barbara Nelson, AZ
    Jim Thomas – California Department of Forestry
    Janine Summy, OR
    Ty Braginton, NV
    Andrew Weston, WI
    Jim Gumm – USFS – NFSNC – Croatan NF – IMO Tom Marovich
    Juan Quiroga – Blue Ridge IHC
    Don Smith,CA
    Juan Valdovinos, WA
    Justin Vernon – San Demas Technology & Development Center
    Mary Lee, CA
    Chad Machmer – ID
    Steve Wallace, CA
    Steve Douglas – Beulah Fire Protection & Ambulance District
    Mark Sturdivant – Orange County Fire Authority
    Walter Southwick – Retired CalFire
    Rita Simpson, PA
    Christopher Guadarrama, CA
    Susan Bissell, AK – Alaska Fire Service
    Steven Chaffin, CA
    Jason Westholter, MN
    Alan Klebenow, NV
    Gretchen Schneider, AZ
    JoAnn Smith, AR
    Patrick J Lingley, AZ – Sedona Fire District
    Sirena Fugitt, TX – USFS – NIMO
    John Fugitt, TX – TFS
    Jonathan Smith, NM
    Ken Kremensky, CA – Barona Fire
    Elizabeth Bauer, MT
    Joyce Roth, OR
    Kevin Klein, CA – IHO Los Padres IHC
    John Dillon, CO
    Raymond Grimes Jr., NJ – NJ Forest Fire Service
    Martin Villarreal, CA
    Robert Heisey, GA
    Karen Scholl, AK
    Miles Bond, FL
    Luis F Orellana, CA – USFS
    Amy Ham, SD
    Jeff Wenger, CA – Rancho Cucamonga Fire Department
    John Ray Alford, CA – Ventura County Pro. FF
    Aaron Arledge, CA – Ventura County Pro. FF
    Robert Aaron Ashby, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Adil M Aslam, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Marcos Aviles, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Christopher Scott Beery, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Don Richard Bell II, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Samuel Belote, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Tod Raymond Berryman, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Shannon T Black, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Christopher Sousa Botelho, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jeremy Christen Bower, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    William Loyd Breuklander, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Larry Cay Brister, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Todd Douglas Buck, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Randy Scott Burdick, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Frederick W Burris, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Kenton Fredrick Burris, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Charles Kevin Butler, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Fernando M Calderon, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Lance James Robert Campbell, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Larry Manzano Cerda, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Richard G Cervantes, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Joseph Chad Cook, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Randall Cooper, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Aaron Robert Cranage, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Nicholas J Derby, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Sean P Driscoll, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Joseph P Dullam, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Peter Duran, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Ryan Eaton, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Robert Todd Ewing, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jeremy Paul Fisher, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Mike Fuller, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Alejandro Garcia, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Brandon T Garnsey, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Thomas Glauser, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Randall Globerman, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Richard Reginald Gonzalez, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Matthew David Eugene Gurrola, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Israel T Gutierrez, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Philip Alan Hadley, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Kristin Kay Halbeisen, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Mark T Haliday, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Michael H Hansen, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Wesston Hansen, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Michael R Harding, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Brendon Hill, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jesse J Hopcus, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Chrystal Horton, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jon Stephen Jelle, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Ian Paul Johnson, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Tyler Lee Johnson, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Mark Alan Karr, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Brian S Kinsley, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Lawrence Michael Kohagen, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jason A Lafferty, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Terrence Lee Lamb, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Tanya M Lovelace, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Melvin Bruce Lovo, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Victor Tony Low, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Kevin Davis Lundgren, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Scott Macone, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Alan Scott Mandell, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Kristopher Martin, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Craig B Matthews, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jason May, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Michael Britt McDaniels, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    John Kennedy McNeil, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Ryan C McLemen, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Rodney Lewis Megil, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Kriss Melbardis, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Robert J Molina, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Gary Robert Monday, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Michael Scott Moore, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Chase Morgan, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Christopher Michael Morrow, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Martin S Myers, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Robert A Myers, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Erik T Niemann, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Brian Timothy Nix, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Eric J Norris, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jack W Nosco, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Ronald Gary Oatman, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Gary Dean Oliver, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    John L Oliveros, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Thomas H O’Malley Jr., CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Eduardo G Ornelas, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Craig William Pearson, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jesus Perez, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Russell Adam Perkinson, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Christopher Peru, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Bradley R Peters, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Dan l Petzold, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Armando Rodolfo Pina, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Nicholas Carl Pisciotta, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Garrett Prater, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    James Scott Quirarte, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Richard J Reese, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Ryan Stewart Resnick, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Brett William Reynolds, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Brendan Barrett Ripley, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Anthony Romero, CA- Ventura County Pro FF
    Tony Salas, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    William John Santino Jr., CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Charles Michael Scherrei, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Olaf John Schuett, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jeffrey S Seabrook, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Gifford Troy Sears, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Keith Lawrence Smith, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    John Gerald Spykerman, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Andrea Leigh Stanley, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    David B Stevens, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Charles A Sullenbarger, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Troy L Swichard, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Steven James Swindle, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Robert Bruce Szczepanek, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Michael B Tamez, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Gregory Graham Taylor, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Carmine J Terracciano, CA -Ventura County Pro FF
    Richard Mark Toukdarian, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Justin Townsend, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Michael James Trabbie, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Eric J Trejo, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Albert H Trevisan, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Daran George Vanden Bossche, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jerry M Vandermeulen, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Matthew James Ward, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Robert S Welsbie, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jeffrey M Whitehouse, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Joseph E Williams, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Michael Williams, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Ryan Douglas Winchester, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Steven Paul Winter, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Scott Wirz, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Jeffrey Witt, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Gary Thomas Young, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Gregorio Geronico Yzaguirre, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Scott Wallace Zeller, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Stanley J Ziegler, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Dave Zimmermann, CA – Ventura County Pro FF
    Rance Marquez, AZ – BLM
    Anthony Sigona, CA – USDA Forest Service
    Valentina Ledger, UT
    Lauren Baccetti Eck, CA
    Mark Swan, CO
    Ralph Scarpino, CT – Retired State Fire Control
    Laurie Beck, CA – Retired USFS
    John Thompson, MT – Western Montana Dist. BLM
    Linda Mahoney, CO
    Barbara Bailey, WA – Bailey Enterprises LLC
    Renee Kientz, MT
    Greg McAlpine, CA – Heartland Fire & Rescue
    Mike Antalosky, PA – Retired USFS
    Steve Dondero, WY – BLM
    Leslie Thibeault, MA
    Douglas Miedtke, MN – BIA
    Jordan Wade, CA – Plumas IHC
    Rick Barton, CO
    Dick Hodge, ID
    Willie Lowden, OR – Grayback Forestry
    Kathryn Curl, ID
    Chris Castellon, CA
    Dana L Harris, ID – East ID Interagency Fire Center
    Peggy Miller, MD
    JC McNally, CA
    Dylan Estep, ID – BLM Idaho Falls District
    Andrew Newquist, AZ – USFS
    Brian O’Leary, WA
    Chuck Borg, OR
    Derek Bland, ID – Lakeview Helitack
    Glen Stratton, NY
    Kelley Stratton, NY
    Christy Wilson, OH
    Brian Watts, ID
    Dennis Hulbert, CA
    Peter Noble, MS
    Rodger Greer, CO
    Michael Cody, TX
    Tim McElwee – IMO Sean Misner
    Debra McElwee – IMO Sean Misner
    Michael Santistevan, ID
    Joe Bocek, WY
    Mike Patten – USFS Retired
    Pete Loso – Wasatch Helitack
    Greg Suszek, FL
    Diane Hansson, OH
    Lynda Alberico, CA
    Paul Sever, Salmon Challis NF
    Brett Ortland – In memory of Bob Ortland
    Timmy Bailey – Haleakala NP
    Chris Graves, TX
    Daniel Moore, AZ
    Matthew Shaddle, ID
    Chris Schow, CA – USFS
    Peter Solin III, WY
    Dean Venderasco, OR – PNW Team 3
    Lena Rux, MT
    Steve Meyer, OR – Oregon Dept. of Forestry
    Steven Anderson, CA – CIIMT4
    Kathleen Sachse, CA
    Peter Irvine, VA – USFS
    Michelle Spence, CO
    Sheila Miner, CA – CIIMT4
    Brenda Crull, IN – In Honor of Eric Dunning
    5James Ramirez, CO – USFS Gunnison
    Kenneth Nelson, AZ
    Jason Van Atta, PA
    Lorena Ochoa, OR
    Kyle Johnson, OR
    Matthew Holte, CO
    Lani Carter, CA
    David Killebrew, AZ
    Richard Schroeder, PA
    Beth Rands-MD
    Dean Rasmussen-NB
    Marlena Hovorka, NM – Forest Service
    Matthew Hennen-MN
    Dara Wrachford-SD
    Keith Hawk, FL
    Adam Kohley – Alaska Fire Service Training
    Mike Aizpitarte – Deschutes NF Crescent Division
    Rory Hiett-AZ
    Darrell Willis-AZc
    Dan Buckley – NPS Great Basin Team #2
    Guy Keene- CO
    Denis Kirkley-AZ
    Peter Cecil – Australia
    Kathi May-WA
    Donna Kreiensieck-ID
    Brian Blatney-FL
    Luke Brittan – Bonneville IHC
    Barb Brittan – IHO Luke Brittan and Bonneville IHC
    Travis Denison, ID
    Tonya Ansel, IA
    Mark Thompson, SD
    Eric Stroud, OR
    Cheryl L Marquis, CA
    Rebecca Slick, WA – USFS
    Riva Duncan, NC – USFS
    John Mountz, OR – Prineville IHC
    Jason Bew-OH
    Nicholas Jeros-WV
    Charlotte Viredaz, CA
    Matthew Stivers, AL – Coleta Valley Fire Department
    Mary Kanton, CA – In Memory of Chris Kanton
    Paul Kanton, CA – In Memory of Chris Kanton
    Scott Wilhorn, WI
    Brad Torvar, CA
    Barbara O’Coy-CA
    Stephen Marsar-NY
    Rachel Reimer, BC – Wildfire Management Branch Lytton IA
    Dustee Martinet-ND
    Jason Ballard, CA
    Scott Ward-MT
    Christopher Spliethof – DNRC Helena Unit
    John Huston – DNRC Helena Unit
    James Meredith, AR
    Peter Briant-NV
    Daniel Messina-CA
    Anne Nielsen-KY
    Joshua Teaney-CO
    Dee Clark-WA
    Cole Clark-WA
    Russell Clark-WA
    Fred Thompson, MT – Helena IHC
    George Broyles, ID – USFS
    Aurora Saldivar, CA
    Brian Fritzen, OR
    Jacob Larson-WA
    Darleen Payne-AZ
    Linda Campbell-IN
    Linda Kearns
    Jake Cagle, CA – CIIMT4
    Ross Peckinpah, CA – CIIMT4
    Charlie Borom Thach, CA
    Glade Campbell, CA
    Earl Klinefelter-WA
    Shelby Edwards-CO
    Mark Oetzmann-ID
    Jim Payne-AZ
    Jess Neville-SC
    Morgan Meserth – Central Oregon Rappellers
    Jonathan Corona-CA
    Jay Gardner-CA
    Kathryn Furr-NM
    Chris Furr-NM
    Katherine Reed-CA
    Lynn Young-WY
    Bruce Edmonson-CA
    Sam Magnifico-UT
    Monty Messenger-CA
    Brian Drinville-NM
    Cathy Keener-CA
    Steven Rodriguez-CA
    Ludie Bond-Fl
    Steve Timboe-CA
    Alisha Jackson-NV
    AnaLise Matheson-UT
    Karen Tuscano-MT
    Tim Owen-CA
    Rita Baysinger-CO
    Kurt Schierenbeck-NM
    Michael Ringleb Jr-CA
    Joel Pomeroy-OR
    Patricia Stewart-FL
    Bodhi Jordan-AK
    Terese March-CA
    Thomas March-CA
    Clayton Howe-CA
    Angela Bealka-MN
    Boo Walker-TX
    Nicole Hallisey – NIFC
    Shannon Orr – Boise Smokejumpers
    Jim Orr, CA
    Mike Hallisey, ID
    Gerald Campbell-CA
    Cali Frankovic-CO
    Joan Drnjevic-12
    Darrell “Duffy” Dufresne-WA
    Gerald Campbell-CA
    Cali Frankovic-CO
    Joan Drnjevic-12
    Darrell “Duffy” Dufresne-WA
    Doug Lasater – Direct Source Distributing
    Vanessa Fisher-ID
    Andy Lipp-SD
    Tamara Klindt-TX
    Alexis Martin-ID
    Diane Caughlin-ID
    Gabriel Dommershausen-OR
    Vike Turner-OR
    Taylor Hill-CO
    Bradford Goshorn-OR
    Debbie Anderson-CA
    Peggie Cathie-CA
    Bill Shields-WY
    KC Bjornsen-ID
    Helen Bjorsen-ID
    Scott McConchie-WY
    Brad Weissaupt-CA
    Marty Christensen-MN
    Hector Madrid-NM
    Karen Frost-Madrid-NM
    Karen Brent-GA
    Lorenzo Miranda Jr-CA
    Cody Wienk-NE
    Daniel Pearson – NPS Honor Guard
    Jason McDaniel – NPS Honor Guard
    Rodney Monk – NPS Honor Guard
    Lisa Kemper-NV
    Brian Williams-UT
    Doug Lesch-CO
    Angie Matos-MT
    Phillip Martinovich-NV
    Nina Lesch-IL
    Dave Andreas-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    John Badaracco-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Loren Bass-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Garet Blake-Montecito Firefighters Association-CA
    Kurt Mann-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Ryland McCracken-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Alex Broumand-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Billy Wrenn-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Aaron Briner-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Sarah Untangle-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Scott Chapman-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Shaun Davis-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Travis Ederer-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Scott Edwards-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Todd Edwards-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Mike Elliott-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Ed Fuentes-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Keith Fuggles-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Bob Galbraith-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Al Gregson-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Ben Hauser-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Kurt Hickman-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Drue Holthe-Montecito Firefighter’s Associaton-CA
    Kerry Kellogg-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Eric Klemowicz-Montecito Firefighter’s Associaton-CA
    Bret Keopke-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Richard Lauritson-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Shawn Whilt-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Tom Poulos-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Keith Powell-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Pat Purguy-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Jeff Saley-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Evan Skei-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Dana St Oegger-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Jeff Villarreal-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Rodney Walkup-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Jordon Zeitsoff-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Leslie Muller-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Lucas Grant-Montecito Firefighter’s Association-CA
    Larry Heisley-CA
    Brent Mizell – Caribou Targhee Engine 611
    Loren Rotroff-AK
    Callie Crippen-OR
    Willy Crippen-OR
    Renae Crippen-OR
    Greg Vollhaber-MN
    Taylor Davis-CO
    Kelley Barnes-WA
    Stephen Wallis-CA
    Christopher Tiedeman-CO
    Steven Otoupalik-OR
    Kyle Vitetta-CO
    Connor Barkley-CO
    David Peters-ID
    Paula Chambless-TX
    Robert Bennett-CA
    Janet Evans-UT
    Steve Evans-UT
    Dee Townsend-WA
    Gary Cornell-UT
    Robert Tinker-CA
    Kathi Bailey-OR
    Joan Olveda-CA
    Robert Heair-NM
    Ray Mockli-ID
    Colton Bedke-ID
    Jason Fink-AZ
    Aaron Conti-NY
    Paul Mintier-CO
    Matthew Dunlap-CA
    Robert Boles-WA
    Dustin Murray-ID
    Darren Gunn-OR
    Andrew Vogl-CA
    Christopher Young-NE
    Kara Pankratz-ID
    Karen Wood-ID
    David Neydlin-CA
    Laurie Forni-CA
    Jeff Kline-UT
    Sherri Singleton-OH
    James Ulmaniec-WI
    Tom Pierce-CA
    Danette Bialous-OR
    Will Woods-WY
    William Marcks-CA
    Jennifer Rabuch-WI
    Scott Sorensen-CA
    Bill Kyle-NV
    Brian Lyttle-CA
    Sylvia Lyttle-CA
    Jan Mumford-NV
    Gila Hotshots-Jeffrey Campbell-NM
    Gila Hotshots-Daniel Trujillo-NM
    Gila Hotshots-Karlen Ward-NM
    Gila Hotshots-Boomer Head-NM
    Gila Hotshots-Joaquin Gutierrez-NM
    Gila Hotshots-Kyle Taylor-NM
    Gila Hotshots-Lars Snyder-NM
    Gila Hotshots-Matt Howard-NM
    Gila Hotshots-Tyler Knight-NM
    Gila Hotshots-Mitch Lazarz-NM
    Gila Hotshots-Tyler Clare-NM
    Gila Hotshots-Jose Perez-NM
    Gila Hotshots-Madeline Cobb-NM
    Gila Hotshots-Daniel Salerno-NM
    Gila Hotshots–Chris Cardenas-NM
    Gila Hotshots-Frank Moll-NM
    Gila Hotshots-Gerry Zorechak-NM
    Gila Hotshots-Amy Keithly-NM
    Christopher Banuelos-NV
    David Easton-CA
    Brad Milam-NV
    Margrete Bjornsen-NV
    Gesse Bullock-TX
    Lisa Zabala-AZ
    Martin Zabala-AZ
    John Sanfilippo-CO
    Mary Sanfilippo-CO
    Randy Anderson-ID
    Matthew Jaksetic-ID
    Edward Phipps-NJ
    Ryan McCulley-CO
    Katie McCulley-CO
    Thomas Gibson-WA
    Russell Proctor-VA
    Ryan Smith-MN
    Luis Gutierrez-CA
    Steven Shuck-SD
    Al Stover-Hot Springs, SD
    Henry Esquivel-CA
    Kellie Stover-SD
    Erik Mandeen-NJ
    Beverly Rose-NV
    Zeph Cunningham – USFS – Boise NIMO
    Nancy Donaldson-TX
    Christopher Witkus-NC
    Timothy Williams-CA
    Theresa Morris-OR
    Mark Skudlarek – Great Basin Training Center
    Jun Kinoshita-CA
    Julia Ruthford-AK
    Robert Sheehan-WA
    James Gannon-CA
    Christopher LIttle-CA
    William Blackburn-CA
    Taylor Farrington-CA
    Michelle Surratt-MT
    Beth Giacobassi – IHO Mario & Dante Giacobassi
    Jay Godson-CO-San Juan IHC
    Lance Martin-CO-San Juan IHC
    Keith Bedonie-CO-San Juan IHC
    Scott McCreary-San Juan IHC
    Jon Cordes-CO-San Juan IHC
    Nate Christiansen-CO-San Juan IHC
    Scott DeVelder-CO-San Juan IHC
    Matt Terwilliger-CO-San Juan IHC
    Tyler Hoest-CO-San Juan IHC
    Sarah Barry-NM-San Juan IHC
    David Draayer-UT-San Juan IHC
    John Cerven-CO-San Juan IHC
    Paul Makarewic-CO-San Juan IHC
    Kevin Lindner-CO-San Juan IHC
    Rubel Aguilar-NM-San Juan IHC
    Jared Rogers-FL-San Juan IHC
    Eugene Scott-ID
    Josh Acosta-Fulton IHC
    Greg Cole-CA-Fulton IHC
    Daniel Hammond-CA-Fulton IHC
    Mack Sparks-CA-Fulton IHC
    Travis Clendenen-CA-Fulton IHC
    Garey Smith-CA-Fulton IHC
    Jonathan Bechtel-CA-Fulton IHC
    Elaine Calaba-CA-Fulton IHC
    Greg Meister-CA-Fulton IHC
    Cody Eastes-CA-Fulton IHC
    Justin Speakman-CA-Fulton IHC
    Joseph Stamps-CA-Fulton IHC
    John Mello-CA-Fulton IHC
    Derek Domingo-CA-Fulton IHC
    Fred Montes-CA-Fulton IHC
    Fernando Ramos-CA-Fulton IHC
    Will Morales-CA-Fulton IHC
    Michael Turowski-CA-Fulton IHC
    Eriberto Garibay-CA-Fulton IHC
    Josh Bull-CA-Fulton IHC
    Regis Blutas-MO
    Daniel Bastion-NM
    Michael Kelly Sr-ID
    Debbie Kelly-ID
    Drew Daily-OK
    Jennifer Martin-CA
    April Gasper-NV
    Lorrie Evans-AZ
    Kristian Bruington-UT-Lone Peak IHC
    Gary Peck-UT-Lone Peak IHC
    Brett Branin-Ut-Lone Peak IHC
    Clint Kelley-AZ-Lone Peak IHC
    Justin Roach-UT-Lone Peak IHC
    Tim Casperson-MN-Lone Peak IHC
    Tommy McCullough-UT-Lone Peak IHC
    Dani Sadorf-UT-Lone Peak IHC
    Jacob Blehm-UT-Lone Peak IHC
    David Abbott-AZ-Lone Peak IHC
    Austin Postelnicu-UT-Lone Peak IHC
    Travis Unrein-UT-Lone Peak IHC
    Andrew Park-AZ-Lone Peak IHC
    Shane McCracken-UT-Lone Peak IHC
    Carroll Stewart-ID-Lone Peak IHC
    Tyler Lair-UT-Lone Peak IHC
    Darren O’Loughlin-UT-Lone Peak IHC
    Gregory Struiksma-WA-Lone Peak IHC
    Alexander Rickert-UT-Lone Peak IHC
    Ryan Lafontaine-UT-Lone Peak IHC
    Ty Murchison-MN-Lone Peak IHC
    Michael Anderson-AZ
    Katherine Schmidt-CA
    Bradley Medvin-CA
    John Strenski-TX
    Justin Lammers – Idaho Falls District BLM Eng #3461
    James Schindlbeck – Idaho Falls Crew 3453
    Allissa Corrow-MN
    Anna B Monti-NV
    Sara Browning-NC-USFS
    Peggy Setter-CO
    Shawn Orloff-MT
    Benjamin Peterson-CA-Ukonom Hotshots
    Estevan Martinez-CA
    Austin Adair-CA
    Pamela Keithly-WA
    Rick Wagner
    David Blatz-MN
    Kent Ainsworth-MS
    Jeff Rivas-CA
    Robbie Hollingsworth-MS
    Raul Raya-ID
    Jacob McClure-WY
    Wade DeBraal-OR
    Joanne Zuppan-NV
    Brian McCreary-WY
    Cammie Glass-NV
    Ryan Wilson-ID
    John Diebel-MI-Wyoming Hotshots 74 & 75
    Matthew Nichols-CA
    Andrew Brown-CO
    Adam Hofpar-CO-San Juan Hotshots
    Eric Swarts-CA
    Hannah Seminole-CO
    Arthur Cherry-MT-Price Valley Heli-Rappellers
    John Finley-NV-Elko Interagency Dispatch Center
    Deborah Finley-NV-Volunteer Lookout Association
    Mynda Ohs-CA
    Jeff Ohs-CA
    David F Johnson-WA
    Jeremy Johnson-WA
    Jarred Johnson-WA
    Keira Wattenburg-CA
    Richard Stanger-SD
    Lynne Howard-GA
    Natasha Vincent-FL
    Dana Salisbury-CA
    Lani Brown-CA
    Lynn Rittenhouse Farmer-MT
    Derrick Charpentier-CO
    Clayton Roadhouse-CA
    Amanda Morton-MT
    Taiga Rohrer-UT
    Kristin Garrison-CO
    Joseph Friedmeyer-MN
    Jose Baeza-PR
    John Potter – Rapid City Fire Department
    Stephen Farrington-CA
    Brock Benton-CA Nevada County Consolidated Fire District
    Shawn Entz-Ca Nevada County Consolidated Fire District
    5Nicole Long-CA Nevada County Consolidated Fire District
    Patrick Mason-CA Nevada County Consolidated Fire District
    Jared McElhannon-CA Nevada County Consolidated Fire District
    Lance McKinley-CA Nevada County Consolidated Fire District
    Kevin Menet-CA Nevada County Consolidated Fire District
    Phil Nunnink-CA Nevada County Consolidated Fire District
    Adam Ross-CA Nevada County Consolidated Fire District
    Jim Smith-CA Nevada County Consolidated Fire District
    Pat Sullivan-CA Nevada County Consolidated Fire District
    Robert Tellam-CA Nevada County Consolidated Fire District
    Joe Lewandowski-WI
    Jerry Hurley-CA
    Edward Anderson-VA
    Thomas Mcleod, ID – Nez Perce – Clearwater National Forest
    Karie Linn, WI
    Erika Garvey, OR
    Joshua McGee – Medicine Bow Routte C2
    Matt Woodwick-MN
    Tasha Woodwick-MN
    Matthew T Brown-CA
    Sarah Pangburn-CA
    Vera Pena-CO
    Ronald Cole-UT
    Samantha Nichols-SD
    Geoff Melly-WA
    Robert Fischer-SD
    Bill Gallagher-AZ
    Elaine Kohrman-NM
    Patrick Johnson-UT
    Matt Kampf-FL
    Eric Hooper
    Peirce Houle-CO-San Juan IHC
    Scott Moore-CO-San Juan IHC
    Kenneth Reid-CO
    Neal Hitchcock-ID
    Jeanette Grayshield-NV
    Raif Jenkins-MT
    Matthew Aoki-CA Los Padres IHC
    Ted Bernard-FL
    Fire & Iron Station 4 Motorcycle Club -FL
    Jessica Stewart, UT
    Elsa Gaule, CA
    Carl Williams, CA
    John Castaneda, NV
    Kamryn DePetro, CA – DMIHC
    Christopher Robinson, CA – Tallac IHC
    Anthony Magnetti, UT
    Russell James, UT
    Mike Crawley, NV
    Dennis Trentham, TN
    John Pell, UT – Forest Service
    Sarah Richards, CA
    Brad Richards, CA
    Harrison Bailey, ID – Idaho BLM
    Bart Hogan, ID – USFS
    Kenneth Birch
    Sean Snyder, AZ
    Jimmy V Siano, WA
    Ricky Aispuro, CA
    Kyle Crown, CA
    Kalen Questo, CA
    Sean Harris, MT
    Matt Hise, CO
    Mat Daigle, CA
    Matthew Reymann, ID – Snake River IHC
    Todd Hill, WI – Idaho Falls BLM
    Jill Rausch, ID
    Brian Milligan, ID – USFS
    Nick Ostrom – Norwood Ranger Station
    Laura Mayer, OR
    Matt Racicot, IL
    Pat Moore – Mesa IHC
    James Robbins – Mesa IHC
    Chris Vaughn – Mesa IHC
    Justine Bundy, AZ – Mesa IHC
    Cory Hill – Mesa IHC
    Robert Leslie, AZ – Mesa IHC
    Joe Schoenemann – Mesa IHC
    Ryan Conway, AZ – Mesa IHC
    Arthur Guerrero, AZ – Mesa IHC
    Adam Olson – Mesa IHC
    Anonymous – Mesa IHC
    Keith Smith – Ukonom IHC
    Jerry Hoffman, IL
    Mark Johnson, CA
    Nicholas Wassa, NV
    Bradley Kurtz, UT – Lone Peak Conservation Center
    James Grant, CA
    Carol Slack, NY – IHO Drew Slack
    Kaily Burns, NV
    Garrett L Godwin, CA – Ukonom IHC
    Eric Snipes, CA – Ukonom IHC
    Tara Kurtzbeing, ID
    Caleb Desmarais, NH – Wenatchee Valley Reppellers
    Gila NF Engine 633
    Joshua Haddock, OR
    Ricky Cox – Las Cruces BLM
    Jose Acosta, ID
    Frank Davis, OR – Suislaw NF
    Allan Hepworth, SC – USDA Forest Service
    Tamara Dierks, SD
    Ryan Witter – Wasatch Helitack
    Shawn J Turner, PA
    Christopher Hedgeman, AZ – Black Mesa IHC
    Carly Taylor, OR
    Denice Edgar, CA
    Casey Moore, ID
    Brandon Wolfe – NC Forest Service
    Mikell Newton, OR – Retired USFS
    Ryan Flemke, MN
    Amanda Shoaf, CA
    Calvin Miller, GA
    Kevin Koch, CA
    Janice Koch, CA
    Angela Koch, CA
    Andrew Koch, CA
    Tacy Stull, ID
    Clinton Gould, CA
    Frank Davis, OR – Suislaw NF
    Allan Hepworth, SC – USDA Forest Service
    Tamara Dierks, SD
    Ryan Witter – Wasatch Helitack
    Shawn J Turner, PA
    Christopher Hedgeman, AZ – Black Mesa IHC
    Carly Taylor, OR
    Denice Edgar, CA
    Casey Moore, ID
    Brandon Wolfe – NC Forest Service
    Mikell Newton, OR – Retired USFS
    Ryan Flemke, MN
    Amanda Shoaf, CA
    Calvin Miller, GA
    Kevin Koch, CA
    Janice Koch, CA
    Angela Koch, CA
    Andrew Koch, CA
    Bruce Monro, WA
    Nancy Sewell, CA
    B. Carol Swboni, AR
    Justin Schroeder, OR – Smith River IHC
    Tracy Stull, ID
    Clinton Gould, CA
    Efren Balderas – Westfalls Eng 14 – Sierra NF
    Colton White – Idaho City Engine 431
    Jared Peak – Idaho City – Engine 431
    Scotty Mason – Idaho City – Engine 431
    Skylar Neugebauer – Idaho City – Engine 431
    Andrew Bailey – USFS WFM RD&A
    Ryan Green – Idaho City – Engine 431
    Meghan Sherman, AZ
    Tobias Hutchens, VA
    Terri Jenkins, GA
    Ron Schmitt, OR – Zig Zag IHC
    Amanda Schmitt, OR – Hoodland Fire
    Jason Notz, NV – Last Vegas Helitack
    Kent Weaver, NV
    J.T. Belton Jr., ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Ahjah Boise, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Dan Booth, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Lee Boyle, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Matt Castellon, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Sean Cronin, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Todd Franzen, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Zach Freundlich, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Nate Giles, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Steven Gonzalez, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Stewart Hansen, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Todd Haynes, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    John Holovnia, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Garrett Hudson, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Adam Humbach, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Matt Ingram, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Bronson Kimberling, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Colin Lanigan, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Ryan Lynch, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Andre Mascheroni, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Brent Morrison, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Damon Nelson, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Chris Niccoli, ID -McCall Smokejumpers
    James Norvell, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Hans Ohme, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Toby Orient, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Ian Quist, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Phil Reid, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Kevan Richards, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Jarrod Sayer, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Jeff Schricker, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Keith Suemnick, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Matt Summerfield, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Ashley Taylor, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Dave Telian, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Randy Throop, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    Dustin Underhill, ID – McCall Smokejumpers
    John Henshaw, CA
    Becky Paxton, MO
    Michael Shaw, NV
    John Lamb, CA
    Glenda Torres, CO
    Kimberly Nutt, CO
    Shaeleigh Fawcett, CA
    Jeremy Stocks, CA – Ravendale Helitack
    Gregory Overacker, CA
    Joann Overacker, CA
    Shane Ralston, ID
    Kristi Ralson, ID
    Jake Cagle, CA – CIIMT4
    Miller Bailey, UT – Alta IHC
    Seth Spain, UT – Alta IHC
    Chris Meeker, UT – Alta IHC
    Seth Spain, UT
    Chris Meeker, UT – Alta IHC
    Mike Jewett, UT – Alta IHC
    Scott Nielson, UT -Alta IHC
    Taylor Olsen, CA – Alta IHC
    Jesse Trembly, UT – Alta IHC
    Jacob Ringquist, UT – Alta IHC
    Michael Cunniff, UT – Alta IHC
    Amy Hunnewell, UT – Alta IHC
    Alex Kopelson, UT – Alta IHC
    Wade Snyder, UT – Alta IHC
    Tyler Carruth, UT – Alta IHC
    Taylor Ford, UT – Alta IHC
    Adrian Bushman, UT – Alta IHC
    Rafferty Ferguson, UT – Alta IHC
    Mario Giacobassi, UT – Alta IHC
    Kelly Watts, UT – Alta IHC
    Kenney Cain, UT – Alta IHC
    Ron Allred, UT – Alta IHC
    Adam Everett, UT – Alta IHC
    Parker Doane, UT – Alta IHC
    Jeff Priebe, UT- Alta IHC
    Jeffrey Priebe, UT – Alta IHC
    Elizabeth Lynch, MT
    Parker Lucas, OR
    George A Zoffman, CA
    Geoff Whatcott, UT
    Kurt Niemi, MI
    Phillip Elliott – AFMO Arizona State Forestry
    Yolanda Elliott – Dispatch Arizona State Forestry
    Matt Dunn – Squad 11 – Uinta Wasatch Cache
    Rudy Sandoval – State of UT Forestry
    Sarah Armstrong – Wenatchee Rappellers
    Seth McKinney – Boulder County Sheriff’s Office Fire Management Pr…
    Jessica McKinney, CO
    Dean McAlister, AZ
    Jason Johnston, CA
    John Abell, CA
    Samantha Dedrick, OR – IHO Matt Aoki
    Janelle Thompson, CA – Forest Service
    William Devino, MA
    Trish Smith, MA
    William Rios, CA – Los Padres NF – Engine 74
    Debbie Wendell, CT
    Herman Wendell, CT
    Dan Santantonio, NM
    Kevin Michalak, CO
    Yvonne Michel, CA
    Don Doten, SD – USFS Black Hills NF
    Scott Singletary, FL – Florida Forest Service
    Jess Gilkey, CA
    Shawn Ankeny, SD
    Philip Jesu, CA
    Raquel Ames, ID
    Zack Kephart, GA
    Michael Gentry, CA
    Eric Reed, AZ
    Mary Gausen, CA
    Fred Bell, OR – Eagle Cap Contracting
    Renee Maine, CO
    Mary Jane McFarlin, CA
    Linda Wadleigh, AZ
    John Caroon, OR – USFS
    Debra Pieper, ND
    Dave Pieper, ND
    Susan Odell, MD
    Owen Johnson, MT
    Brian Austin, UT – Logan IHC
    Jason Kost, CA – Tallac IHC
    Trenton Girand, AR – FS
    Tim Haas, WY – USFS Shoshone National Forest – IMO David Ruhl
    Tim Haas, WY (2016)
    Wendy Cordeiro, CA
    Krystal Schindler, OR
    Richard Hammer, OR
    Tucker Flaten, WI
    Thomas Plymale, CA
    Beth Plymale, CA
    Nick Hasty, MN
    Tim Baker, WI
    Dixie NF / Fishlake NF
    George Chappell – Richfield BLM
    John Bitzberger – Prineville IHC
    Aaron Bechdolt, WI – Prineville IHC
    Saddler Schwartz – Prineville IHC
    Brendan O’Reilly, OR – Prineville IHC
    Tanner Eccles – Prineville IHC
    Clayton Farnswoth, OR – Prineville IHC
    Todd Woodward – Prineville IHC
    Jacob Edgerly – Prineville IHC
    Edward Gonzalez – Prineville IHC
    Julia Denning – Prineville IHC
    Rylee Wood – Prineville IHC
    Gage Immoos, OR – Prineville IHC
    Steven Brown – Prineville IHC
    Calvin Cain, OR – Prineville IHC
    Dallas Buck – Prineville IHC
    Josiah Fischer, OR- Prineville IHC
    Eric Miller – Prineville IHC
    Karen Knight, NM – USDA Forest Service
    Edward Coughlin, WA – US Forest Service
    Lindsay Mielke, MN
    Adam Von Eye, SD – US Forest Service – Mystic Ranger Dist. B…
    Melanie Roose, ID
    Bob Albert, FL
    Chris Stover, SD
    Lori Jeffrey, NE
    Carol Henson, UT
    Ken Henson, UT
    Daniel Pickard, WA – Entiat IHC
    Jason Russell, WA – Entiat IHC
    Tessa Morris, WA – Entiat IHC
    Luke Campbell, WA – Entiat IHC
    Michael Vinton, OR – Entiat IHC
    52 Club Contribution – 8 YR – Josh Parker, ID – Entiat IHC
    Ben Martin, MN – Entiat IHC
    Robert Johnson, WA – Entiat IHC
    Brandon Magee, WA – Entiat IHC
    Brady Miller, WA – Entiat IHC
    Randall Blakley, WA – Entiat IHC
    Henry Hornberger, UT – Entiat IHC
    Chelan Pauly, WA – Entiat IHC
    Jonathan Melby, WA – Entiat IHC
    Ian Morgan, WA – Entiat IHC
    Ross Lindell, WA – Entiat IHC
    Chase Burgett, WA – Entiat IHC
    Matt Kennedy, WA – Entiat IHC
    Michael Thompson – WFF BOD
    Mark Courson, CA
    Allen Schultze, CA – Lassen IHC
    Fernando Estrada, CA – Lassen IHC
    Brett Matthews, CA – Lassen IHC
    Dane Nesbit, CA – Lassen IHC
    Chris Burns, CA – Lassen IHC
    Jake Hernandez, CA – Lassen IHC
    Sarah Degner-Volluchii, CA – Lassen IHC
    Charles Ebert, CA – Lassen IHC
    Emmanuel Eddie, CA – Lassen IHC
    Ben Wheeler, CA – Lassen IHC
    Brandon Fowler, CA – Lassen IHC
    Jonathan Kischner, CA – Lassen IHC
    Taylor Butler, CA – Lassen IHC
    Kurt Merino, CA – Lassen IHC
    Tyler Medders, CA – Lassen IHC
    Dane Metz, CA – Lassen IHC
    Max Kantar, CA – Lassen IHC
    Steffan Joss, CA – Lassen IHC
    David Peek, CA – Lassen IHC
    Marie Johnson, MI
    Micah Hansen – Twin Falls BLM
    Holly Miller, MI – In Memory of David Ruhl
    Corey Lewis, SD
    Travis Whitney, CO
    Rachel McGee, WY
    Kyle Varel, KS – USFS – IHO All Wildland Firefighters the families…
    Debbie Boggess, CO
    Buddy Boggess, CO
    Jackie Berenyi, CO
    Ty Gripp, SD
    Jennifer Gripp, SD
    Meagan Buehler, SD
    Randy Jacks, CO
    Isaac Wald, MT
    Trae Tuttle – Midewin IHC
    Brandon Kelley – Midewin IHC
    Michael Bittner – Midewin IHC
    Josh Strohmeyer – Midewin Ihc
    Shaun Trabado – Midewin IHC
    William Martin – Midewin IHC
    Jonathan Ott – Midewin IHC
    Gage Otto – Midewin IHC
    Melynda Menning, SD
    Mark Menning, SD
    William Briggs, CO
    Misha Andreasen, CA
    Chantalle Edmunds, IL – Spouses & Partners of Wildland Firefighters
    Michael B Davidson, ID
    Angela Rader, NV
    Margie Burrell, MI
    Harold Gemmell, MT
    Mark Haines, WY
    Kipp Morrill, CA
    Jordan Hanson, UT – USFS
    Bruce Hillman, UT
    Karen Gubbs, NM -USDA Forest Service
    Nic Elmquist, CA – USFS
    Kevin Erickson, MT
    Colin Jenkins, UT
    Rudy Barrera, CA
    Caitlyn Edwards, WY
    Greg Estandia, CA – Ventura County Fire Dept.
    Marcia Smith, NH
    Kendall Jewett, CA
    Jimmy C Bumgarner, CO
    Michael Nelsen, CA – USFS
    Sherry Ward, ID
    Steven Counts, MT
    Ryan Hughes, CO
    Melinda Artz, NV
    Tyler Churchill, OR – PatRick
    Matthew Mandel, CA
    Laurie Oliver, CO
    Glenn Sundstrom, CA
    Robert Macdonald, ID
    Ron Brown, WY
    Travis Asmus, CA
    Mackenzie Houston – Ruby Mountain IHC
    Michael Billgren, CA – SB City Fire Department
    Lorra West, CO
    Richard Ana, AZ – Dept of Interior – BLM
    Shanelle Dube, CA
    Loren Wickstrom, ND
    Katrina Jongenelen, KS
    Julianne Pereira, CA
    Bradley Ray, NV
    Kraig Carroll, ID
    Joan Mueller, IL
    Dylan Reeves, CA
    Justin Bogert, MT
    Jeb Backe, MN
    Jon Hakala, MN
    Justin Gagnon, CA – Breckenridge IHC
    Larry Bell, CO
    Cory Fischer, SD
    Kristy Lund, AZ
    Vladimir Tamashiro-Loma, VA
    Terra Fondriest, AR
    Timothy Fondriest, AR
    Drew Augustyn – Superior NF
    Faith Hornbek, CA – Pacific Southwest Region 5
    Ryan Hales – Tanker 1
    Tym Sauter, WI
    Daryll Stuart II, TN
    Chad Davis, TN
    Michael Haisten, GA
    John Stevens, OR
    Benjamin Wexler, CA
    Thomas Straub, CA – Breckenridge IHC
    Dallas Joyner, CA – Breckenridge IHC
    Merritt Cutten, CA – Breckenridge IHC
    Jayson McDonald, CA – Breckenridge IHC
    Estevan Rodriguez, CA – Breckenridge IHC
    Robert Spitzer, CA – Breckenridge IHC
    David Baumgardner, CA – Breckenridge IHC
    Corey Burmeister, CA – Breckenridge IHC
    Nathan Herron, CA – Breckenridge IHC
    Brant Machado, CA – Breckenridge IHC
    Marc Eyherabide, CA – Breckenridge IHC
    Corey Correa, CA – Breckenridge IHC
    Lynn Correa, CA
    Ricky Jones, CA – Breckenridge IHC
    Brian Randolph, ID
    Charles Hescock, OR
    Charlene Hescock, OR
    Pamela Werchau, AZ
    Clair Veseth, ID
    Laurie Lehman-Welter, ID
    Lynn Emerick, MI
    Lon Emerick, MI
    Eric Small, CA – Yosemite Helitack
    Andrew Davenport, CA – Yosemite Helitack
    Heather Wonenberg, OR – Yosemite Helitack
    Christopher Mallek, CA – Yosemite Helitack
    Katie Brandt, NV – Yosemite Helitack
    Lia Jigour, CA – Yosemite Helitack
    Colin McClain, IL – Yosemite Helitack
    Amanda Dedrick, OR
    Sharon Mayfield, NV
    Alex Rasmuusen, SD – IMO Dave Ruhl
    Tallyn Donati, WY – Teton Interagency Fire
    Nate Myers, WY- Teton Interagency Fire
    Thomas Hinkel, WY – Teton Interagency Fire
    Mick Robatcek, ID – Teton Interagency Fire
    Andrew Zimmerman, WY – Teton Interagency Fire
    Doug Olsen, CA – In Honor of Taylor Olsen
    Lori Olsen, CA – In Honor of Taylor Olsen
    Pyper Olsen, CA – In Honor of Taylor Olsen
    Alec Olsen, CA – In Honor of Taylor Olsen
    Abby Olsen, CA – In Honor of Taylor Olsen
    Jeff Duvall, CA
    Daniel Meaders – BLM – Idaho Falls District
    William Creeden – Sawtooth NF
    Candace Schmidle, CA
    Martin Ward, ID – Idaho City E-431
    Michael Castagnola, CA
    Chad Malicki, WI
    Heather Good, ID
    Jefferson Good, ID
    Cristian Lopez, CA
    Deneen Cone, CA
    Amanda Cone, CA
    JoAnn Fites-Kaufman, CA – USFS, R5 Regional Office
    Steve Klosterman, CA
    Sylvia Montanio, CA
    Gregory Poncin, MY
    Eddie Estrada, CA
    James Buchanan, OH
    Brandon Everett, UT – USFS
    Avalynn Everett, UT
    Kevin Frank – Dromedary Fuels
    Jesse Diyanni – Dromedary Fuels
    Cameron Sessor – Dromedary Fuels
    Lukas Besendorfer – Dromedary Fuels
    James Carnation – Dromedary Fuels
    Ulises Resendez – Dromedary Fuels
    Eric Dickerson – Dromedary Fuels
    Megan Woodward – Dromedary Fuels
    Thayne Stockman- Dromedary Fuels
    Ashten Buhler- Dromedary Fuels
    Chad Stilson – Dromedary Fuels
    Ely Peterson – Dromedary Fuels
    Blaine Loar – Dromedary Fuels
    Tyler McAllister – Dromedary Fuels
    Austin Catlin – Idaho Falls BLM
    Angella Catlin, ID
    Aidan Catlin, ID
    Alec Catlin, ID
    Martha Mowry – IHO Michael Burnham
    Rick Kurner – IHO Derek Yonker
    Lorean Hennings-AZ
    Connie Lane, AZ
    Todd Abel, AZ
    Rocky Gilbert, AZ
    Patty Brookins, AZ
    Richard Miller-AZ
    Mike Hansen, UT – Wastach Helitack
    Vanessa Sears, GA – Wastach Helitack
    Joseph Skibiel – Wasatch Helitack
    Joseph Jozefiak, UT – Wastach Helitack
    Kaleb Krogen, UT – Engine 633 Kaibab NF
    James Stone, ID
    Brendan Mullen, MT – IMO Steve Cobbs, Brandan Ricks
    Devin Healy, MT
    Gilbert Garcia, CA – In Honor of Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia, CA – Engine 25
    Eric Nilson, UT
    True Brown, AZ – USFS
    Ryan Hall, CA
    Douglas Colaprete, ID
    Michael Starkovich, WA
    Wendy Powell, CA
    Raymond Perrault, OR
    Justin Humrichouse, CO
    Cody Blair, OR – BLM
    Christina Bartlett, ID
    Timothy Bradley, MT
    Michael Kane, AZ
    Sara Sink, WA
    Ashley Kizer, NV
    Janelle Shannahan, ID
    Ryan Shannahan, ID
    Dana Strahan, CA
    Brian Morris, WA
    Dede Orr, UT
    Kaley Badger, AZ
    Eriberto Negrete, WA – Entiat IHC
    Daniel O’Connor, CA
    Justin Moss, WA – Blue Mountain Fire Dist.
    Raleigh Coppin, WA
    Jeff Barnes, MT
    Dan Morford, IN
    Jim Topoleski, CA – Redlands Fire
    Barbara Blackwood, WA
    Aaron Kim, NV – USFS
    Jessica Mervyn, OR
    Andrew Braun, NM
    Yanu Gallimore, OR
    Aaron McDowell, OR
    Jamie Phillips, CA
    Benjamin Hannon, WA
    Rachael Livingston, OR
    David Nelson, CA – USFS
    James Finch, AK
    Krysta Finch, AK
    Lynn Kaney, WA
    Dana Carlson, MN
    Zachary Lyon, CT
    Creed Pendleton, OR
    Kylan Pendleton, OR
    Kaylon Northington, CA
    Jack Kauffman, VA
    Chris Bartlett, ID
    Sally Lemley, WA
    Meryll Pereira, CA
    Dr. Steven I Skurow, CA – IHO Bradley Medvine
    Marlene E. Skurow, CA – IHO Bradley Medvine
    Kathleen Abrell, IN
    Adam Ziegler, SD
    Linda Naill, MT
    Renee Jack, OR
    Julie Landreth, AZ
    Bob Willis, WA
    Chad James, WA
    David Fleer, CA – Mint Cinema
    Deborah Traver, OR
    Roy Boots, SD
    Bonnie McAhren, CA
    Adam Buechley, OR
    Nancy Buechley, OR
    Benjamin Winkler, CO
    Kenneth Boucher, OR
    Mark Johnson, OR – USFS
    Stephanie Breuklander, CA
    Chad Pickering, MT
    Eric Urlacher, WY
    Megan Fogarty, NV
    JoAnn Hope, WA
    Maria Ann Maragni, OR
    Tyler Estes, WA
    Benjamin Watkins, NC
    Ethan Gia – City of Flagstaff Wildland Crew
    Gabriel Ramirez, UT
    Jeanne Duhem – USFS – El Dorado NF
    Bradley Johnson – USFS
    Gary Hawkins, KY
    Lisa Hawkins, KY
    Corey Wagner, MI
    Lester McDonald, NV
    Carrie Bowers, CA
    Amy Skraba, AK
    Michael Valenti, MA
    George KariorisUSFS Siuslaw NF ODNRA
    Chris Clervi, CO – IIMT4
    Lindsay Silvia-OR
    Ayikwei Perry-MS
    Richard Jojola, NM
    Natalie Friddle, WA
    Charles Bolt, MS
    Karson Sorenson, UT
    Minchua Chu, CA
    Linda Oneal, WA
    Jarid Bowman, UT
    Todd Elliott, CA
    Rachel Smith, OR
    Donna Winter, WA
    Justin Spurrier, AK
    Toby Stapleton, WA – USFS
    Tamara Burns, CA
    Paul Anderes, OR
    Edward Bartunek, IL
    John Bisso, ID
    Shawn Yeager, FL
    Ian Garthwait, OR
    Mary Lou Gillis, FL
    Holly Foreman, AZ
    David Dukart, CA – Los Padres National Forest
    Eddy Harris, TX
    Robert Griffith, CA – USDA Forest Service CIIMT4
    Anthony Starkovich, WA
    Jacob Conklin – Silver City IHC
    Lee Waldron – Santa Barbara City Fire
    Andrew Pohlman, CO – Eagle River Fire Protection Dist.
    Matthew Simmons, CA
    Nicole Bresnahan, ND
    Amanda Lucas-Rice-OR
    Dennis Yauch-AZ
    Ashley May-Klick-MN
    Mike Klick-MN
    Kristel Johnson-CA
    Bryce Burkholder-MT-Zig Zag IHC
    Dani Goodson-SD-Zig Zag IHC
    Alex Hernandez-Ca-Zig Zag IHC
    James Meisner-OR-Zig Zag IHC
    Jeremy Gancarz, MI – Michigan Crew
    Edward Langford, MI – Michigan Crew
    William Sloop-OR-Zig Zag IHC
    Shane Williams-WA-Zig Zag IHC
    Daniel Franco-Or-Zig Zag IHC
    Jacob Klaasen-OR-Zig Zag IHC
    Alex Luedeker-OR-Zig Zag IHC
    Craig Smith-OR-Zig Zag Hotshots
    Sandra Sperry-WA-Zig Zag IHC
    Noel Livingston-OR
    Laura Livingston-OR
    Weston Gaul-CA
    Adam White, ID
    Bennett Nelson, MN
    Cody McFarland-WY
    Courtney McFarland-WY
    Timothy Brewer, OR – Grayback Forestry Merlin OR
    Peter Vidmar, TX – Texas A&M Forest Service
    Max Wahlberg, OR
    Douglas Denlinger, OR – Smith River IHC
    Matthew Yonker, CA
    Patrick Button, WA
    Hannah Dewey, WA
    Matthew Holmstrom, MT – Lewis and Clark IHC
    William Knudsen, MT – Lewis & Clark IHC
    Nick Wydra, MT – Lewis and Clark IHC
    Matthew Heaney, MT – Lewis and Clark IHC
    Jyota Smith-Howard, MT – Lewis and Clark IHC
    Brent Rath, MT – Lewis and Clark IHC
    Noah Wendland, MT – Lewis and Clark IHC
    Jeffery Hill, MT – Lewis and Clark IHC
    William Steady, MT – Lewis and Clark IHC
    Jared Trilling, MT – Lewis and Clark IHC
    Erik Alnes, MT – Lewis and Clark IHC
    Jerrod Anklam, MT – Lewis and Clark IHC
    Wayne Bale-Rudnitski, MT – Lewis and Clark IHC
    Hunter Bell, MT – Lewis and Clark IHC
    Corey Benov, MT – Lewis and Clark IHC
    Robert Dunn, MT – Lewis and Clark IHC
    Christine Hutchinson, MT – Lewis and Clark IHC
    Grady McGuire, MT – Lewis and Clark IHC
    Nathan Stone, MT – Lewis and Clark IHC
    Daniel Sullivan, MT – Lewis and Clark IHC
    Stephen Latham, MT – Lewis and Clark IHC
    Sam Mize, CO
    Tye Potts, OR
    Gerald Perry, AZ
    Jon Holmes, NV – Ely BLM
    Effie Dickenson, TX
    Ardina Areitio-NV
    Lester Abbott, NV
    Kevin McPhee, WA
    Vance Andersen, UT – BLM
    Connie Stickel, NE
    Daniel Lowell, CO
    Steven Simas, ID
    Jim Stout – Casa Grande Fire Department
    Blaine Coyle – Bald Mountain Helitack
    William Venegas – Bald Mountain Helitack
    Daniel Adorn – Bald Mountain Helitack
    Daniel Lojero – Bald Mountain Helitack
    Andrew Brennan – Bald Mountain Helitack
    Marco Andrade – Bald Mountain Helitack
    Benjamin Sizemore – Bald Mountain Helitack
    Richard Miotti – Bald Mountain Helitack
    David Phillips – Bald Mountain Helitack
    David Shields – Bald Mountain Helitack
    Jessica Reeves – Bald Mountain Helitack
    Ajene Tarrant – Bald Mountain Helitack
    Matt Muller – Bald Mountain Helitack
    Dean Estes – Bald Mountain Helitack
    Aaron Silva – Bald Mountain Helitack
    Chris Lords – Folsom Lake Hand Crew
    Matt Page – Kansas Engine 62
    Kody Wohlers – Engine 62
    Ryan Blackstar – OK
    Austin Kiefer – Folsom Lake Hand Crew
    Brent Webb – Folsom Lake Hand Crew
    Nathaniel Weldon – Folsom Lake Hand Crew
    Shayne O’Connell – Folsom Lake Hand Crew
    Ian Dooley – Alaska Smokejumpers & Folsom Lake Hand Crew
    Jason Schroeder – Folsom Lake Hand Crew
    Peter Dutchick – Folsom Lake Hand Crew
    Jason Nez, AZ
    Rene Almodovar, CA
    John Pavlik, CO – Rocky Mountain Fire Dept.
    Corbet Sandvick, MT
    Kristen Mitchell, WA
    Joy Small, CA
    Jason Monteith, WA
    Tom Buckner, CA
    Toni McCauley, WA
    Crystal Abatzoglou, ID
    Matthew Edminston, CA
    Carol Swanson, CA
    Dick Swanson, CA
    Katy Gray, OR
    Curtis Bosket, MT
    Jordan Reyes, OR
    Jeff Rondina, OR
    Chad Ward, OR
    David Duryea, OR
    Kevin Foster, OR
    Mitchell Lachapelle, OR
    Hans Redinger, WA
    Scottie Kiser, OH
    James Mari, MT
    Mat Wood, WY
    Robyn Woods, CA
    Asia Bridges, OR
    Tim Daly, SD
    Rob Chambers, OR
    Sheryl Wampler, CA
    Karin Youngberg, WA
    Lee Nelson, SD
    Eric Hannah, CA
    Zach Ellinger, CA
    Nicole Gilbert, MT
    Heidi Johnson, WA
    Gabriel Mesina, NV
    Teddie Anzaldo, CA
    Brian Jenkins, MN
    Jim Ott, CA – Retired CIIMT1
    Rhonda Zierden, FL
    Neil Zierden, FL
    Dennis Hackett, FL
    Robyn Grad, WA
    Arthur Eisberg, CA
    Thomas Marchant, CA – CIIMT4
    William Mayer, WY – National Park Service
    Gary Apple, TX
    Eric Hagen, ID
    Sarah Saaloos, AK – Pacific Northwest IMT2
    Josh Shroyer, WY
    James Boyle-OR
    Chris Barth-CO
    Daniel Casto
    Jack Powell-CA
    James Ferguson-TN
    Justin Tenney, NV – Zephyr Crew
    Brody Zink, NV – Zephry Crew
    Scott Naylor – Zephyr Fire Crew
    Cody Carter- Zephyr Fire Crew
    Jeff Buscher-CA
    Meghan McKindles, AZ
    Ryan Barela – Tonto NF Engine#17
    Meghan McKindles, AZ
    Clint Green, CA
    George Nolte, CA
    Andrew Beam, OR
    Jennifer Wells, CA – USFS CIIMT4
    Rocky Opliger, CA – CIIMT4
    Bryan Hakanson, AZ
    Linda Stagemeyer, WY
    David Bogdan, MA
    Freddy Hill, CA
    Jeff Hammes-IDB29B3B2:B137
    Caleb Merrill, OR
    Brian Phillips-Ut
    Cassey Mccaul-UT
    Johnny Ford-ID
    Kari Christman-UT
    John Van Mannekes, CA – CIIMT4
    Anastaisa Campbell, AZ
    Sheila McConnell, ID
    Quincy Zeman, NV
    Walter Jensen, CA
    Eric Metzger, Or
    Eric Levy, WY – BLM
    Tamara Wilton, CA
    David Morton, CA
    Taija Corso, WA – Okanogan-Wenatchee NF Fire Management
    Jeremy Kolaks, IN
    Christoph Tomford, CO
    Nicole Marquart, WA – SPofWFF
    Yolanda Barnett, OR
    Thomas Reaves, NV – CIIMT4
    Jonnel Covault, OR
    Michael Linehan, OR
    Jason White, SD
    Joanne Anderson, ID
    Chris Barrett, AZ – CIIMT4
    Rich Blatz, MI
    Joe English – Tahoe NF – Patrol 62
    Mary Reedy, SD
    James Brumfield, NV – Grangeville Smokejumpers
    Doug Ross, CA – Keenwild Helitack
    Daniel Sepulveda, CA – Keenwild Helitack
    Ryan Quesnel, CA – Keenwild Helitack
    Ryan Carver, CA – Keenwild Helitack
    Mike Valasco, CA – Keenwild Helitack
    Darrell Arellano, CA – Keenwild Helitack
    Darren Stanford, CA – Keenwild Helitack
    Chris Trembly, CA – Keenwild Helitack
    Craig Zimmerman, CA – CIIMT4
    Michael Norton, CA
    Richard Rusk, UT
    Eric Williams, CA – CIIMT4
    Nick Becharas, WI
    Nancy Von Eye, SD
    Austin Dane, MN
    Bryan Christensen, UT
    Kristin Dobberstein, MT
    Gayle Valentine, OR
    Brandon Oetken, OR
    JD Bauman, MT
    Evan Burks, CO
    Jason Winbigler, CA – CIIMT4
    Mark Ratekin, CA – CIIMT4
    Nate Butterfield, CO
    Linda David, CA
    Larry David, CA
    Jayson Walker, NV – Ely Helitack
    Melissa Borden, PA
    Tony Stanaro – IHO Grayback Forestry
    Jason Kjenstad – New Mexico CIF Engine 623 – In Memory of All Fall…
    David Duffy – Pennsylvania Wildland Fire Crew
    Dalynn Parks, NE – Soldier Creek IHC
    Shawn Erskine – Great Basin Fire
    David Grass, UT – Great Basin Fire
    Tyler Erskine, UT – Great Basin Fire
    Rocky McWilliams, WY – Fremont County Fire Dist.
    Matt Spurlock-NM
    Joseph Sigle-NM
    Adam Crichton-NV-Ardome WFM
    Brian Pratt- ID
    Sean Kinney-NV
    Eric Darragh-NV
    Daniel Bradley-NV
    Ryan Blount-CA
    Jeff Ellis-NV
    Sam Klippenstein-NV
    Kyle Neckels-NV
    Josh Hershey-NV
    Elvis Morales-NV
    Jayden Gubler-AZ
    Jacqueline Mattison-CA
    Chris Ahnlund- NV
    Timothy Leslie, AZ
    Maura Laverty, OR
    Glenda Mabery, AZ
    Everell Hayes, NV
    Judy Evans, MS
    Jessica Davidson, CO
    Ed Yeager, ID
    Matthew Whitney, IL
    Henry Hasselhan, NJ
    Lee Saddler, OR
    Nate Cordova – Smokey Bear Eng 611
    Sean Keller – Smokey Bear Engine 611
    Katherine Withers, NV – Arc Dome
    Matt Irving – Arc Dome Fire
    Damon Benson – Arc Dome Fire
    Josh Williams, NV – Arc Dome
    Susan Greenleaf – Arc Dome Fire
    Eric Hopper, NV – Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Josh Whitman – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    Sylvester Gobert, NV – Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Zach Parker – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    Nick Dufur, NV – Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Carson Tomicic – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    Adrian Luquin – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    Mark Nolan – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    Ryan Dominguez, NV – Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Dylan Ghan – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    Treyton Northup, NV – Slide Mountain Hand Crew
    Tom Machowicz, MI – Pony Spings
    Dakota O’Brien – Southern Nevada Fire Crew
    Tristan Fryer -Southern Nevada Fire Crew
    Joseph Lords – Southern Nevada Fire Crew
    Kenny Fruend -Southern Nevada Fire Crew
    Liam Cain – Blacktooth Fire Module
    Kyle Joanis – BLM Carson City District
    Christian Wooster-CA
    John Caffin-GA
    Ty Miller-AK-CIIMT4
    Carolyn Higgins-CA-CIIMT4
    Mark Mott-CA-CIIMT4
    Theresa Grasmick-NV
    Matthew Davis, CO
    Darcey Baker, SD
    Travis Baker, UT
    David Gerboth-CA
    J.R. Calkins, NM – Gila NF
    Deborah Calkins, NM – Western NM University
    Michael Calkins, NM – IHO J.R. Calkins
    Christopher Calkins, NM – IHO J.R. Calkins
    Elizabeth Ernst-MI
    Tambi Gustafson-CO
    Dana Carter-NM
    Brian Rhodes-CA-CIIMT4
    Lyle Koegler-CA-CIIMT4
    Kevin Murray-CA-CIIMT4
    Belinda Plummer-CA-CIIMT4
    Vinnie Plummber-CA-CIIMT4
    Jay Miller, WY – USFS
    Richard Small, SD
    Sam Gibbson, ID
    Jake Morton – DB Jet
    Matthew Babikoff, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Spencer Berlier, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Brandon Blair, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Dennis Bourn, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Jason Campbell, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Marc Chavez, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    William Chorba, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Gerald Coats, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Robert Collins, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Jonathan Doyle, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Lane Eggers, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Edward Foote, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Shane Gederos, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Zander Hamilton, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Bo Lindsay, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Armando Magallon Lopez, CA – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Heath Marlow, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Kyle Miller, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Kevin Muetzel, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Garrett Osmossen, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Daniel Phillips, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Jeff Praitt, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Juan Renteria, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    James Rudle, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    William Suow, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Wallace Wall, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Dale Warden, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Misty Warren, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Douglas Haley, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Eric Hoolahan, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Robert Humbert, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Frank Lawrence, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Mark Maxwell, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Gregory Ochs, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Russty Ortiz, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Cody Reich, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Nathaniel Schouten, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Russell Smith, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    William Tounsend, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Nathan Halstead, WA – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Shelby Friend, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Joshua Mikacevich, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Steven Kavs, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Patrick McDonald, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Ryan Johnson, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Matthew Pence, OR – First Strike Environmental Co.
    Michelle Green, NV
    Jeremy Walla, SD – Whispering Pines VFD
    Paul Carmichael, NV – Nevada Division of Forestry
    Robert Burgess, IN
    Lance Kohl-AZ-Bear Jaw Fire & Fuels
    David Warner-AZ-Bear Jaw Fire & Fuels
    Carl Nelson-AZ-Bear Jaw Type 2
    August Foreman – Bear Jaw Fire & Fuels
    Greg Ely-CA
    Robert Bottom-NV
    Lane Bentley_AZ
    Ann Kinney-NV
    Tyler Mundy-CA
    Jeromy Schmidt-MN
    Tom Turk-NV
    Bill Alleman-MN
    Chad Stover-VA
    Mary Wells-NV
    Dave Gesser-AZ
    John Houk
    Alexander Hicks, CA
    Grayson Beckley – Kabob NF Eng #314
    Jonson Curry, AZ – Engine 314
    Brett Story – Pitman Valley Helitack
    Mario Orozco, AZ – Engine 314
    Stephen Newcomer, AZ – Engine 314
    Peter Coors, VA – Miller Coors
    Steve Cawsey, CA
    Samuel Bruner – Wyoming State BLM
    Bob Wise, IA
    Fran McCarthy, WA
    Brian Bolser, NM – Eng 301
    Spencer Johnston, ID
    Stephanie Spencer, ID
    Jason Butcher – USDA Superior NF
    Kelsey Kolstad – USFS
    David Kohler – SW IMT Team 1
    Ruth Kohler – SW IMT Team 3
    Matthew Tampio-MN
    Colby Middlebrooks-CA
    Katie Walker-NV
    Amanda Mahoney-CO
    Bridget Doherty-CA
    Bob Doherty-CA
    Ian Rodgers-OR
    Theresa Contreras-WA
    Christopher Dean-CA
    Stefan Coehring, CA
    Jon Bontrager, ID
    Teresa Juarez, CA
    Cory Brown-UT
    Michael Bowling, ID
    Richard Halsey, CA
    Joe Suarez-CA-Arrowhead IHC
    Paul Cerda, CO – Alpine IHC
    James Champ, CO – Alpine IHC
    Shawn Phillips, CO – Alpine IHC
    Todd Ruzicka, NE – Alpine IHC
    John Dillon, CO – Alpine IHC
    Rafael Torres-CA-Arrowhead IHC
    Dru Phillips, CO – Alpine IHC
    Guillermo Munguia-CA-Arrowhead IHC
    Todd Pinkowski, CO – Alpine IHC
    Fabian Loera-CA Arrowhead IHC
    Roberto Garcia-Ca-Arrowhead IHC
    Isaias Garcia-CA-Arrowhead IHC
    Tyler Hurst-CA-Arrowhead IHC
    Dallas Koller-CA-Arrowhead IHC
    Crystal Hansen-CA-Arrowhead IHC
    Thomas Chavez-CA-Arrowhead IHC
    Brady Adams-ID-Arrowhead IHC
    Jared Archniega-CA-Arrowhead IHC
    Francisco Plasencia-CA
    Brian Hughes-CA-Arrowhead-IHC
    Adrian Encinia-CA-Arrowhead IHC
    Manuel Baca-Salas-CA-Arrowhead IHC
    Aaron Klee, CO – Alpine IHC
    Julio Campos-CA-Arrowhead IHC
    Justin Humrichouse, CO – Alpine IHC
    Hunter Smith, CO – Alpine IHC
    William Chatham, CO – Alpine IHC
    Gerhett VomSteeg, CO – Alpine IHC
    Nicholas Lewandowski, CO – Alpine IHC
    Michael Lazorchak, CO – Alpine IHC
    Vidal Carrillo, CO – Alpine IHC
    Alexander Cuevas-CA Arrowhead IHC
    Nicholas Glatt, CO – Alpine IHC
    Tyler Cypher, CO – Alpine IHC
    Ralph Guccione, CO – Alpine IHC
    Eric Galvan-CA-Arrowhead IHC
    Nick Koukoutsakis, CO – Alpine IHC
    Karel Williams, CO – Alpine IHC
    Kenyon Shephard, UT – Alpine IHC
    Sam Robinson, CO – Alpine IHC
    Jacob Keogh-UT
    Joseph Malsam, NV – Battle Mountain BLM
    Coal Dils- Battle Mountain District Engine 6411
    Peter Fromgerz, NV- BLM
    Connor Gardai, UT
    Sarah Jamison, ID – Crew 3 – Idaho City
    Jim Rich – In Memory of Bryan Rich
    Shane Pfeiffer, CO – NW Colorado FMU
    Zach Leyva – Del Rosa IHC
    Shawn O’Connell-AZ
    Marshall Kulp, IN – Teton Interagency
    David Purcell-CA-NPS Point Reyes
    Don Pyrah, MT
    Patrick Bishop, ID – Gooding Rural Fire Dist.
    Sam Scorso-OR-NPS Point Reyes
    Roman Watson, OK
    Jeremiah Hanks-CA-NPS Point Reyes
    Scott Wilcox-AZ-NPS Point Reyes
    Larry Smith, KY
    Pablo Esquivel-CA-NPS Port Reyes
    Malachi Mata-CA-NPS Point Reyes
    Gary Kemp, NM
    Caroyle Lane-Kemp, NM
    Holly Largent-CA-NPS Point Reyes
    Joe Strange, NV
    Nicholas Welsh-CA-NPS Point Reyes
    Jacob Pargas-CA-NPS Point Reyes
    Kevin Klain-CA-NPS Point Reyes
    Margo Ward, CT
    Beth Mahill-NM
    John Nutt-NM
    Cordell Taylor-KY
    Marinda Rogers-Gard, WY – Teton Interagency
    Jedidiah Barnes, WY – Teton Interagency
    Joel Brose, WA – Baker River IHC
    Ryan Gillian, WA – Baker River IHC
    Alexandra Pogue, BC – Baker River IHC
    Keegun Zitkovich, WA
    Ehren Phillips, WA – Baker River IHC
    Colton Carr, WA – Baker River IHC
    Tim Judd, WA – Baker River IHC
    Johnny Brady, WA – Baker River IHC
    Chris Ashby, OR – Baker River IHC
    Bridgett Schwenne, OR – Baker River IHC
    Dylan Oliver, WA – Baker River IHC
    Jacob Stanford, WA – Baker River IHC
    Sam Olsen, WA – Baker River IHC
    Gary Chicks, WA – Baker River IHC
    Christopher Mushrush, WA – Baker River IHC
    Julius Jacobsen, WA – Baker River IHC
    Jon Gin, WA – Baker River IHC
    Chris Ramiskey, OR – Baker River IHC
    Danny Buyers, WY – IHO Andy Buyers
    Kathleen Buyers, WY – IHO Andy Buyers
    Christopher Strobl, UT
    Stefanie Kohl, IL
    Lance Roberts, ID
    Dennis Terry, NV
    Isaiah Ortega, CA
    David Baldwin, GA
    Dan Williams, WI
    Shawn Barrows, SD – Rapid City Fire Department
    Tom O’Connell, CA – CIIMT4
    Jonathan White, NJ
    Evan Beach, CA
    Patrick Titus, CA – CIIMT4
    Michael Purdy, CA – In Memory of David Erickson
    Gary Bone, CO
    Tyler Hecht, NV
    Shawn Whitley, TX
    Dan Fiorito-OR
    William Bettencourt, CA
    Tamara Stadel, SD – IMO Dave Ruhl
    Gordon Kitzelman, CA
    Cara McDermott, CA
    Jeff Burch, CA
    Kelly Vaughn, CA
    Keith Suttles, NC
    David Wischer, WA – IMO Andrew Zajac
    Bradley Washa, UT
    Eric Ward, KS – Kansas Forest Service Fire
    Tammy Haas, CA – IHO Johnny Lee Clem
    Brenda Steady, WA – IMO Rick Wheeler
    Shirley Copp, AZ – IHO Russell C. Copp Jr.
    Ian McCord, OR – Blue Ridge IHC
    Robert Klages, CA – IMO David Ruhl
    James Huston, CA – Laguna IHC
    Jason Hartman, KS
    Barbara Landreth, ID – IHO Eric Landreth
    Lucas Dixon, ID
    Rob Griffith, CA
    Skyler Nielsen-CA
    Josh Reynolds-ID
    Paul Swedhin-CO
    Tim Memmer, CA-Smith River Hotshots
    Kelsey, Lofdahl, CA-Smith River Hotshots
    Matthew Pearson, CA – Rocky Mountain Module
    Oscar Luna, CA – Rocky Mountain Module
    Jeffrey Singer, CA – Rocky Mountain Module
    Forrest Gale – CA- Smith River Hotshots
    Christopher Kopek, MO – Rocky Mountain Module
    Casey Holman, CO – Rocky Mountain Module
    Aaron Holslag, AZ – Rocky Mountain Module
    Brian Twitchell-CA-Smith River Hotshots
    Derek Yonker-CA Smith River Hotshots
    Shane Blair-CA-Smith River Hotshots
    Roberto Silva-CA-Smith River Hotshots
    Stephen Dubie-CA-Smith River Hotshots
    Jesse May-CA-Smith River Hotshots
    Chris Painter-CA-Smith River Hotshots
    Edwin Baxter-CA-Smith River Hotshots
    Clay Carroll-CA-Smith River Hotshots
    Kody Kibby-CA-Smith River Hotshots
    Zachary Rollins-CA-Smith River Hotshots
    Warren Baxter-CA-Smith River Hotshots
    Travis Calka, CA – CIIMT4
    John Kraushaar, CA – CIIMT4
    Tim Daly, SD
    Ronald Walls, CA – CIIMT4
    Alexandria Johnson, GA
    Kit Bailey, CA – CIIMT4
    Drew Graham, CA – CIIMT4
    Dan Snow, CA – CIIMT4
    Mitchel Diehl, CA – CIIMT4
    Sam Wilbanks, CA – CIIMT4
    Alicia Sanchez, CA – CIIMT4
    Kerry Koskela, CA – CIIMT4
    Johnny Clem-CA-Klamath IHC
    Andrew Zink-CA-Klamath IHC
    Kevin Smyth-CA-Klamath IHC
    Brian Janes-OR-Klamath IHC
    KC Koogler-OR-Klamath IHC
    Jonathan McAmis-CA-Klamath IHC
    Brenna Truelove-CA-Klamath IHC
    Erik Gill-CA-Klamath IHC
    Jeremiah Herrin-CA-Klamath IHC
    Connor Allen-CA-Klamath IHC
    Alfredo Sanchez-Lopez-CA-Klamath IHC
    Michael Leung-CA-Klamath IHC
    Andrew Hemphill-CA-Klamath IHC
    Justin Sieger-MI-Klamath IHC
    Bryan Evans-OR-Klamath IHC
    Travis Harons-OR-Klamath IHC
    Gregory Soto-NJ-Klamath IHC
    Robert Daffern-CA-Klamath IHC
    Andrew Clark-NJ-Klamath IHC
    Anthony Kinnaman-AZ
    Pamela Franco-ID
    Anthony Orantes, CA – Ukonom IHC
    John Schumacher, CA – Ukonom IHC
    Josh Behlings, SD – IMO Dave Ruhl, Rich Wheeler, and Token A…
    Brent Rahn, MO
    Robert Daniels-CA-Feather River IHC
    Jason Miller-Ca-Feather River IHC
    Mark Cresalia-CA-Feather River IHC
    Leland Ratcliff-CA-Feather River IHC
    Bradley Fry-CA-Feather River IHC
    Jason French-CA-Feather River IHC
    Wade Ogletree-CA-Feather River IHC
    Shane Bender-CA-Feather River IHC
    Bobby Davis-Ca-Feather River IHC
    Zane O’Bourke-Feather River IHC
    Tommy Molohon-CA-Feather River IHC
    Addison Dwyer-CA-Feather River IHC
    Tory Gwinn-CA-Feather River IHC
    Steve Ocampo-CA-Feather River IHC
    Andrew Munn-CA-Feather River IHC
    Garrett Ellis-CA-Feather River IHC
    Brandon Salzman-CA-Feather River IHC
    Hugo Godina-CA-Feather River IHC
    Uriel Ortega, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    Alan Marquez-CA-Feather River IHC
    Garrett Tobin, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    Roberto Larios-Ochoa, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    Cole Vanetti-CA-Feather River IHC
    Gary Avila, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    Ryan Spies, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    Omar Alvarez, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    Pedro Marcos, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    Priscilla Peterson-CA- Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Arturo Lozano, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    Martha Campbell-NV Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    Luke Lopez, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    Neil Gamboa, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    Jill Hartman-NV-Sierrra Front IDC
    Coreen Hutchinson-NV- Sierra Front IDC
    Robert Lozano, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    Jeremy Ellis, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    Roger Conroy-NV-Sierra Front IDC
    Matthew Marshall, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    Ryan Gaines-NV-Sierra Front IDC
    Travis O’Leary, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    Mindy Stevenson-NV-Sierra Front IDC
    Erik Nelsen, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    David Borero, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    Ronna Hubbard-NV-Sierra Front IDC
    Kat Gonzales-NV-Sierra Front IDC
    Juan Zepeda-CA-Sierra Front IDC
    Heidi Esh, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    Robert Velsquez, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    Joseph Rinaldi, ID – IHO Northern Colorado Helitack
    Keith Halloran-AZ
    Breanna Jambor, AK
    Frank Auza-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Jimmy Riggs-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Steve Fairbank-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Perry Breitenstein-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Matt Sigg-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Cristian Pittaro-AZ-Mesa Black IHC
    Jake Florence-ID-Black Mesa IHC
    Sean Hosier-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Chris Wescott-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Josh Schuler-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Cameron Pumphrey-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Mike Trubman-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Terrance House-AZ-Mesa Black IHC
    Luke Johnson-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Allen Tennant-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Douglas Kanesky-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Matt Hutchison-AZ-Black River IHC
    Brent Mizell-ID
    Terri Knauth-ID
    Kevin Knauth-ID
    Tyler Knauth-ID
    Frank Auza-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Jimmy Riggs-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Steve Fairbank-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Perry Breitenstein-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Matt Sigg-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Cristian Pittaro-AZ-Mesa Black IHC
    Jake Florence-ID-Black Mesa IHC
    Sean Hosier-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Chris Wescott-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Josh Schuler-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Cameron Pumphrey-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Mike Trubman-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Terrance House-AZ-Mesa Black IHC
    Luke Johnson-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Allen Tennant-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Douglas Kanesky-AZ-Black Mesa IHC
    Matt Hutchison-AZ-Black River IHC
    Brent Mizell-ID
    Terri Knauth-ID
    Kevin Knauth-ID
    Tyler Knauth-ID
    Kim Marquez, OR – IHO Sean Marquez
    Stacey Leichliter, CO – IHO Tom Barter & Tiphanie Webb’s We…
    Daniel Farmer, OR – Wolf Creek IHC
    Micah Windbigler, OR – Wolf Creek IHC
    Erin Kimsey, CA – Wolf Creek IHC
    Matthew Burrell, CT – Wolf Creek IHC
    Zack Prosser, OR – Wolf Creek IHC
    Lars Olson, CO – Wolf Creek IHC
    Kenny Lemmonds, OR – Wolf Creek IHC
    Dylan Zook, OR – Wolf Creek IHC
    Jacob Garate, OR – Wolf Creek IHC
    Jeffrey Gallivan, OR – Wolf Creek IHC
    Scott Barnes, NV – Wolf Creek IHC
    Angel Garcia, CA – Wolf Creek IHC
    Fabian Garza, CA – Wolf Creek IHC
    Jered Halverson, WA – Wolf Creek IHC
    Richard Lizano, CA – Wolf Creek IHC
    Andrew Marifian, CA – Wolf Creek IHC
    Ryan Oswald, OR – Wolf Creek IHC
    Stephanie Rogers, OR – Wolf Creek IHC
    Eric Stoorza, CO – Wolf Creek IHC
    Patrick Feliz-UT
    Gary Cardoza, OR – IMO Kyle Pattee
    Jeffry Meyerholz, OR – IMO Carl Ireland
    Chelsea Michael, CA
    Chris Boyer, CA – Silver State IHC
    Andrew Evans, KS – Silver State IHC
    Robert Mandeville, NV – Silver State IHC
    Lane Wagner, NV – Silver State IHC
    Justin HIlliard, MO – Silver State IHC
    Minneah Holdridge, OR – Silver State IHC
    Chris Dumont, CA – Silver State IHC
    Casey Bedell, NV – Silver State IHC
    Kyle Essary, CA – Silver State IHC
    Quentin Dankworth, NV – Silver State IHC
    Cody Mandville, NV – Silver State IHC
    Thomas French, NM
    James Copple, KS – IHO BDF Engine 57
    Timothy Borgman, CO
    Carole Wilson-OH
    Charley Brown-CA
    Robby Gillespie-CA
    Joshua Strahan-CA
    Kyle McKeand-CA
    Keith Ward-NV
    Roy Carl-CA
    Brad STewart-Ca
    Alex Shipp-CA
    Ted Sneed-UT
    Shellie Krog-SD
    Aaron Humphrey – El Dorado IHC
    Marc Ellsworth, CA – Eldroado IHC
    Kyle Morris, CA – Eldorado IHC
    Josh Tracy – Elk Mountain IHC
    Clifton Torrey-MS
    Tristan Kiehl, CA – Ukonom IHC
    Steven Teeter, WI – WI-CNF
    Ron Sartain, CA
    Teresa Schow, CA
    Meg Gallagher-ID
    Lewis Bowman-NV
    Carl Schaefer-CA
    Joaquin Parrino-CA
    Sharon Taube – Southwest IMT #3
    Tera Moore-MT
    Sammy Old Chief-MT
    Mariah Whiteglass-MT
    Tamara Birdsbill-MT
    Christopher Moore-NY
    Samuel Croff-MT
    Jeff Giesler-NV
    Sonny Newman-NV
    Dave Rubins-NV
    Matthew Sorrells-OR-First Strike Environmental Co
    Daniel Winkler-OR-First Strike Environmental Co
    Charles Brabender-OR-First Strike Environmental Co
    Jack Anderson-OR-First Strike Environmental Co
    Bryan Baker-OR-First Strike Environmental Co
    Zachary Collier-OR-First Strike Environmental Co
    Ryan Cyhert-OR-First Strike Environmental Co
    Mary Mercer-OR-First Strike Environmental Co
    William Chobra-OR-First Strike Environmental Co
    Melisa Sulffridge-OR-First Strike Environmental Co
    James Roles-OR-First Strike Environmental Co
    Steven Sonora, ID
    Bradley Pigg, MS Forestry Commission
    Jan Amen-TX
    Jameson Springer-CA
    Louis Quezada-CA
    Mary Vander Sluis-MI
    Bill Beebe-AR
    Kevin Salcido-CA
    Ron Brewer-CA Team 4
    Derrick Morris-TN
    Sandra M Smith-TN
    Ben Jacobs-CA
    Adam Cook-MN
    Beverly Becharas-WI
    Jaime Ponce de Leon-NM IMO Token Adams
    James P Mattingly-NE IMO Dude Fire Fallen
    Toby Chamberlain-OR IMO William Bart Singley
    David Tamowski-UT
    John Wirth-WA
    Sonia Wirth-WA
    Tyson Navarro-CA
    EJ Brooks-UT
    Donald Bergstrand-CO
    Carrie Thaler-CA
    Tony Thaler-CA
    Jimmy Flanagan-WA
    Mary Flanagan-WA
    Keira Flanagan-WA
    James Flanagan-WA
    Aylana Flanagan-WA
    Koreena Haynes-WA
    Richard Burgess-CA
    Luke Finn-CO
    Mike Dolan-CA
    Mike Klimek-Ca/Lassen Volcanic National Park Fire Management
    Orlando Genao-FL-Lassen Volcanic National Park Fire Mangement
    Jason Tucker-CA-Lassen Volcanic National Park Fire Management
    Detric Wade-Ca-Lassen Volcanic Natl Park
    Davin Williams-CA Lassen Volcanic Natl Park
    Martin Maricle-AK
    Melanie Gobea-OR
    John Armstrong-CA-Texas Canyon IHC
    Danny Breuklander-CA-Texas Canyon IHC
    Keith Garcia-CA-Texas Canyon IHC
    Phil Matthews-CA-Texas Canyon IHC
    Tim Mitchell-CA-Texas Canyon IHC
    Dan Kelly-Ca-Texas Canyon IHC
    Nestor Paredes-CA-Texas Canyon IHC
    Eric Larson-CA-Texas Canyon IHC
    Ryan Olson-Ca-Texas Canyon IHC
    Brett Davis-Ca-Texas Canyon IHC
    Jonathan Bravo-CA-Texas Canyon IHC
    Oscar Martinez-CA-Texan Canyon IHC
    Freddit Hernandez-CA-Texas Canyon IHC
    Keith Williams-CA -Texas Canyon IHC
    Brian Baso-Johnson-CA-Texas Canyon IHC
    Josh Thomas-CA-Texas Canyon IHC
    Brad Olson-CA-Texas Canyon IHC
    Mark DeGregorio-CO
    H J Wills-OR
    Colton Stenger-AK
    Dan Holsapple-CA
    Brian Eady-NM
    Brita West-AK
    Matthew Hubaud-AK
    Kenneth Stoops-WA
    Ryan Allen-ID
    Edward Haffy-NJ
    Stephen Fillmore-CA
    Jody Smith – USFS
    Michael Treshow-ID
    Jennifer Hinckley-FL
    Anthony Pighetti-CA
    Denis Moran-UT
    Randall Cavigli – Arroyo Grande Helicopter 527
    Jason Field- FL
    Richard Brinkman-CA
    Zoella Teeter, WI
    Adriane Morabito, WI
    Cameron Teeter, WI
    Kevin Moglia-CA
    Jose Baeza-PR
    Logan Nelson-CA
    Glen Bartter-CO
    Patricia Boucher-GA
    Rick LaZelle-CA
    Sandie Shields-CA
    Leslie Finn-CO
    Christopher Finn-CO
    Shivaun Hoyl-CO
    Emmit Hoyl-CO
    Lee Pyke-OR-Central Oregon Rappellers
    Patrick McPhee-OR-Central Oregon Rappellers
    Brian Carter-CA
    Terry Storey-MN
    Wiley Carr-AK
    Amanda Carr-AK
    Christopher Carr-AK
    Roger Curtis-CA
    Ben Rock-MT
    Dalton Aguayo-CA
    Hans Casperson-MN
    Laila Liernesch-OR
    Bert Strom-ID
    Phil Janke-OH
    Jon Houf-AZ-IMO Mike Cahill
    Lawrence Gibson-CA-IHO Emily Gibson
    Keating, Brian-CO
    Jenkins, Tandy-CA
    Rasmussen, Daniel-MT
    Robertson, Stewart-NM
    Laurie, James-CA
    Houston, Alexandria-MI
    Weaver, Elmer-NY
    Bell, Janette-CA
    Meganck, Cameron-CO
    Church, Chris-ID
    Corral, Jessica-CA
    Johnson, James-MN
    Johnson, Christine-MN
    VanderVoet, Rick-WY
    Rahn, Kathleen-WI
    Breininger, Todd-PA
    Molina, Haley-CA
    Allen, Diz-ID
    Allen, Bill-ID
    Florea, Stanton-CA
    Charrette, Ted-MA
    Charrette, Annie-MA
    Crowe, Troy-MO
    Grant, Kevin-CA
    Vinzant, Katie-CA
    Rice, Mike-MN
    Frick, Paul-PA
    Klindworth, Bob-WA
    Cockrell, Marilyn-CA
    Dunbar, Sandy-OR
    Lyons, Benjamin-IN
    Kurtz, Eric-MT
    Kurtz, Vivian-MT
    Kennard, Michael-CA
    Boynton, Jason-CA
    Brunson, Barry-WA
    Brunson, Judy-WA
    Kittridge, Robert-CO
    Kittridge, Nancy-CO
    Behrens, Kyle-MT
    Kathleen Hayden-TX
    Sonny Stiger-MT

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    2014 Annual Members (3068 listed)

    1 Mark Tolbert, CA
    2 Rex Thompson, CA
    3 Kyle Tolosano – Shasta Trinity Fly Crew
    4 Mike Sulffridge – Diamond Fire
    5 Rick Sulffridge – Diamond Fire
    6 Billy Smith – Diamond Fire
    7 Wes Wickman – Diamond Fire
    8 Jonathan Alvarez – Diamond Fire
    9 Jim Ott – Retired FS CIIMT #1
    10 Mike Matarrese, OR
    11 Wesley Edwards, CA
    12 John Ray Alford – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    13 Aaron J Arledge – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    14 Robert Aaron Ashby – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    15 Adil M Aslam – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    16 Marcos Aviles – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    17 Christopher Scott Beery – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    18 Don Richard Bell II – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    19 Samuel Belote – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    20 Tod Raymond Berryman – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    21 Shannon T. Black – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    22 Christopher Sousa Botelho – Ventura County Pro. FF’s
    23 Jeremy Christen Bower – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    24 William Loyd Breuklander – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    25 Larry Cay Brister – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    26 Todd Douglas Buck – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    27 Randy Scott Burdick – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    28 Frederick W Burris – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    29 Kenton Fredrick Burris – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    30 Charles Kevin Butler – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    31 Fernando M. Calderon – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    32 Larry Manzano Cerda – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    33 Richard G Cervantes – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    34 Joseph Chad Cook – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    35 Aaron Robert Cranage – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    36 Hector Becerra Cruz – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    37 Nicholas J. Derby – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    38 Sean P. Driscoll – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    39 Joseph P Dullam – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    40 Peter Duran – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    41 William C Elder – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    42 Robert Todd Ewing – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    43 Mike Fuller – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    44 Alejandro Garcia – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    45 Brandon T Garnsey – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    46 Thomas A Glauser – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    47 Randall A Globerman – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    48 Richard Reginald Gonzales – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    49 Cynthia Marie Gordon – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    50 Matthew David Eugene Gurrola – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    51 Israel T Gutierrez – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    52 Philip Alan Hadley – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    53 Mark T Haliday – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    54 Michael H Hansen – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    55 Michael R. Harding – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    56 Jesse J. Hopcus – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    57 Chrystal Horton – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    58 Jon Stephen Jelle – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    59 Ian Paul Johnson – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    60 Mark Alan Karr – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    61 Brian S Kinsley – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    62 Lawrence Michael Kohagen – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    63 Jason A. Lafferty – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    64 Terrence Lee Lamb – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    65 Tanya M Lovelace – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    66 Melvin Bruce Lovo – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    67 Victor Tony Low – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    68 Scott Macone – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    69 Allan Scott Mandell – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    70 Craig B Matthews – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    71 Michael Britt Mc Daniels – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    72 John Kennedy Mc Neil – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    73 Ryan C McLemen – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    74 Rodney Lewis Megli – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    75 Kriss Melbardis – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    76 Gary Robert Monday – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    77 Michael Scott Moore – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    78 Chase Morgan – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    79 Christopher Morrow – Ventura County Prof. FF’s
    80 Martin S. Myers – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    81 Robert A Myers – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    82 Erik T Niemann – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    83 Brian Timothy Nix – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    84 Eric J Norris – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    85 Jack W Nosco – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    86 Thomas H. O’Malley Jr. – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    87 Ronald Gary Oatman – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    88 Gary Dean Oliver – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    89 John L Oliveros – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    90 Eduardo G Ornelas – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    91 Craig William Pearson – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    92 Russell Adam Perkinson – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    93 Christopher Peru – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    94 Brad Peters – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    95 Dan L Petzold – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    96 Armando Pina – Ventura County Pro. FF’s
    97 Nicholas Carl Pisciotta – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    98 Garrett Prater – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    99 James Scott Quirarte – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    100 Cary Rake – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    101 Darrell Anthony Ralston – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    102 Richard J Reese – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    103 Ryan Resnick – Ventura County Pro. FF’s
    104 Brett William Reynolds – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    105 William R Reynolds – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    106 Brendan Ripley – Ventura County Pro. FF’s
    107 Anthony Romero – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    108 Tony Salas – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    109 William John Santino Jr. – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    110 Charles Michael Scherrei – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    111 Olaf John Schuett – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    112 Jeffrey S. Seabrook – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    113 Gifford Troy Sears – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    114 Keith Lawrence Smith – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    115 John Gerald Spykerman – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    116 Andrea Leigh Stanley – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    117 David B Stevens – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    118 Charles A Sullenbarger – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    119 Danny Lee Swenson – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    120 Troy L Swickard – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    121 Steven James Swindle – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    122 Robert Bruce Szczepanek – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    123 Michael B. Tamez – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    124 Gregory Graham Taylor – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    125 Carmine J Terracciano – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    126 Gregory W. Thaxton – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    127 Ronald W Topolinski – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    128 Richard Mark Toukdarian – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    129 Michael James Trabbie – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    130 Eric J Trejo – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    131 Albert H Trevisan – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    132 Bertrand Melville Van Auker – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    133 Daran George Vanden Bossche – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    134 Jerry M Vandermeulen – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    135 Samuel R. Villavicencio – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    136 Matthew James Ward – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    137 Robert S Welsbie – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    138 Jeffrey M Whitehouse – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    139 Michael Steven Wickham – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    140 Joseph E. Williams – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    141 Michael Williams – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    142 Steven Paul Winter – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    143 Scott Wirz – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    144 Jeffery A Witt – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    145 Gary Thomas Young – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    146 Gregorio Geroncio Yzaguirre – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    147 Scott Wallace Zeller – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    148 Stanley J Ziegler – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    149 Dave Zimmermann – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    150 Albert Kellogg, CA – CIIMT4
    151 Carl Klug, NV
    152 Richard Sheets, CA
    153 Chip Houde, MEX
    154 Buck Seals – Pacific SW Research Station
    155 Rocky Siegle – San Marcos VFD, CA
    156 Blake Campbell – In Memory Of the Granite Mountain 19
    157 Steve Otoupalik – PNW Team 3
    158 John Thomas – Alaska BLM
    159 Joseph Lara – Sierra NF
    160 Nicholas Parker, NY
    161 Scott Halladay – IMO All Fallen Fighters
    162 Barry Lazelle, CA
    163 Charles Waters, AZ
    164 Matthew Newman, CO
    165 Ashley Harris – IMO Mike Schweitzer
    166 Robert Madden, OR
    167 George Switz – In honor of the Switz Family
    168 Justin Reyes, CA
    169 Lynn Sheehy – IMO Luke Sheehy
    170 Dianna Mecham, ID
    171 Kevin Grant, CA
    172 Todd Sacchiero – IMO Jeff Scheuerer
    173 Paul Koehler, WI
    174 Sam Daugherty, VA
    175 Karen Bontrager – IHO Jackson Hotshot Crew
    176 Glenn Bartter, CO
    177 Wade Steady – IMO All Fallen Firefighters
    178 Jesse Estrada – Vista Grande IHC
    179 Robert Houseman – IMO Mark Morgan & Curtis Jessen, NC Forest Service
    180 Neil Kornze -IMO Mark Urban
    181 Christine Robinson – IMO John Greeno
    182 Carolyn Landon, CA
    183 Galen Roesler, WY
    184 Steven Davis, CA
    185 Justin Cowger – IMO Granite Mountain IHC
    186 Edward Phipps, NJ
    187 James McMahill – IMO Kirk A Smith
    188 Thomas Ledbetter, VA
    189 Matt Schutty, MT
    190 Kyle Behrens, ID
    191 Frank Simmons, VA
    192 Nikole Swaney, VA
    193 Brian E Bolser, NM
    194 Bonnie Bolser – IMO Token Adams
    195 Bob Wilken – Longleaf Alliance
    196 Steve Bennett-Longleaf Alliance
    197 Karen Zillox-Longleaf Alliance
    198 Donna Vassallo-Longleaf Alliance
    199 Randy Tate-Longleaf Alliance
    200 Susan Wilken-Longleaf Alliance
    201 Michael Dugan, MT
    202 Gregg Goodland, CO
    203 Dale Wine, TN
    204 Dennis Hulbert, CA
    205 Alec Lane – IMO Larry Fresquez CA-STF
    206 Ryan Johnson, MN
    207 Steve Tome, MN
    208 Quentin Ford, AZ
    209 Vickie Hulsizer, ID
    210 Andrew Brown, IMO Brothers and Sisters
    211 Blake Ford, UT
    212 Denis Moran – IMO Caleb Hamm
    213 Ryan Myers – USFS, CA
    214 Tom Lavagnino, OR
    215 Kyle Bedell, FL
    216 Todd Pulvermacher, WI
    217 Paul Talbot, MN
    218 Tor Stetson-Lee-Madison WI
    219 Mark Courson, CA
    220 Rodgers Wright – In Memory of Don Mackey
    221 Janet Hawkins, VA
    222 Greg Emerson – USFS
    223 Lewis Kearney (Retired), TN
    224 Don Will, CA – CIMMT4
    225 Chad Smith, SD
    226 Rich Bolton, CA
    227 Albert Kellogg-, CA
    228 Vera Pena, CO
    229 Eric Gregory – Centennial Forest Fuels
    230 Arlene Gregory – Centennial Forest Fuels
    231 Linda Beaudin, CA
    232 Larry Edwards, MT
    233 Laurie Forni, CA
    234 William McMaster, ID
    235 Dave Kannas, WI
    236 Daniel Robinson, CO
    237 Gerry Perry, AZ
    238 Jerod DeLay – USFS, WY
    239 Andrew Judkins, CO
    240 Jeff Wenger – So Cal IMT #3
    241 Gerald Perry, AZ
    242 Linda Austin, CO
    243 Denny Bungarz – Retired USFS
    244 Judy Bungarz – Retired USFS
    245 Retired LA County Camp 14
    246 Greg Titus – St Marks NWR
    247 Galen Young, NM
    248 Peggy Miller, MD
    249 Jason Barnhart – Scott Valley Fly Crew
    250 Todd Klimas, AZ
    251 Jason Penwell – Johnson County Fire Department
    252 Ken Cruz, CA
    253 Susan Gannon, CA
    254 Ryan Roche, FL
    255 Robert Heisey- Woodbine, Ga
    256 Randy Skelton-Id
    257 Robert Kerschner-NJ
    258 Robert Schwiesow-WA
    259 Norm Rooker-CO
    261 Daniel Moore-AZ
    262 Marlena Hovorka – USFS
    263 Jenna Roose, MT
    264 Russell Behlings-Hell Canyon RD Fire-IMO Trampus Haskvitz
    265 Saul Labanauskas – Brothers Fire LLC
    266 David Lowe – Prairie Hawk Restoration
    267 Joseph Berto, OR
    268 Jan Amen – Texas A & M Forest Service
    269 Richard O’Rourke – Bonneville IHC
    270 Randal Johnson – Larkspur Fire Protection District
    271 Cliff Hutton, WY
    272 Cathy Hutton, WY
    273 David Arnauckas – IMO Granite Mountain IHC
    274 Bob Kittridge, CO
    275 Nancy Kittridge, CO
    276 Kim Kufta, CA
    277 Steve Peterson, ID
    278 Mike Jensen – USFS
    279 Brandi Browning, NIFC
    280 Richard Stewart – In Memory of Willie Flores
    281 Evan Guzik, WY
    282 Pam Sichting, OR
    283 Kristin Hinkle, OR
    284 Tandy Jenkins, CA
    285 Shelby Caldwell- IMO Luke Sheehy
    286 Lane Caldwell-IMO Luke Sheehy
    287 Wende Wilding- IMO Spencer Koyle
    288 Gayle Sorenson- IMO Spencer Koyle
    289 Paul Mintier, CO
    290 Lynna Snow, CA
    291 Bryan Vergne, CNF Engine 338
    292 Ryan Edmonson – LPF Engine 372
    293 Cameron Smith – Sled Springs Rappel Crew
    294 Britney Gulick – Prairie City Ranger District
    295 Paul Kanton – In Memory of Chris Kanton
    296 Mary Kanton – In Memory of Chris Kanton
    297 Peter To – USFS Allegheny NF
    298 Jason Kjenstad – Shasta Trinity NF
    299 Jamie L Wade, AZ
    300 Ryan Wade, AZ
    302 Justin Haley – Los Padres NF Ozena Engine 372
    303 Kevin A Moglia, CA
    304 Roman S Dobratz, CA
    305 Matthew B Dillon, PA
    306 Philip Cocker, CA – CIIMT 4
    307 Erick Stahlin, CO – Routt Zone Fire Management
    308 Tom Knight – Battle Born Helitack
    309 Jim Scott – Battle Born Helitack
    310 Rick Thielmann – Battle Born Helitack
    311 Zach Simms – Battle Born Helitack
    312 Darren Vega – Battle Born Helitack
    313 Anders Boyd – Battle Born Helitack
    314 Kirby Tichenor – Battle Born Helitack
    315 Logan Norkdyke – Battle Born Helitack
    316 Chanse Hundwardsen – Battle Born Helitack
    317 Nick Zuccarini – Battle Born Helitack
    318 Aaron Reynolds, NV
    319 Julian Angres
    320 August Isernhagen, NV
    321 Vanessa Paynewardsen, NV
    322 Casey Angres, NV
    323 Stacey Saucedo, NV
    324 Krysta Isernhagen, NV
    325 Craig Pettigrew – Retired Forester
    326 Jeffrey Gallivan -Wolf Creek IHC
    327 Cheryl Molis, ID
    328 Dean Rhynes, Retired BDF, CA
    329 Marlene Rhynes, BDF, CA
    330 Alison Rhynes – San Bernadino, CA
    331 52 Club Contribution – New Member
    332 Paul L. Frick, PA
    333 Casey Judd, ID
    334 Jay Wickham, SD
    335 Shirley Blood – In Memory of Richard Blood
    336 Jess C Neville, SC
    337 Ryan B. McPherson, AK
    338 Lucas Kolding, AZ
    339 Mark Von Tillow, CA
    340 Cody L St Clair, OR
    341 Daniel Saldo TNF
    342 Mike Johns, AUSA
    343 Clinton Goepp – BDF Engine 35
    344 Kimberley Soule, UT
    345 Paul Roose, MT
    346 2013 Membership – Robert Dauphinais – Grand Canyon Helitac…
    347 2014 Membership – Robert Dauphinais – Grand Canyon Helitack NPS
    348 Brian Fritsen, OR
    349 William T Rios, CA
    350 Wesley Wilkins, CA – IMO John Greeno
    351 Lathe Evans, AZ
    352 Michael Ellsworth, AZ
    353 Shane Freeman – State of Utah
    354 Chris Graves – Reno FD
    355 Connie Anderson – IMO Travis Carter
    356 James”Fire” Mason – Southern Area Type 2 IMT
    357 David Wergen, OR
    358 Brad Amaral – Nevada County Fire District
    359 Darlene Bennett – Nevada County Fire District
    360 Brock Benton – Nevada County Fire District
    361 Shawn Entz – Nevada County Fire District
    362 Randy Gross – Nevada County Fire District
    363 Helen Henthorn – Nevada County Fire District
    364 Nicole Long – Nevada County Fire District
    365 Patrick Mason – Nevada County Fire District
    366 Jared McElhannon – Nevada County Fire District
    367 Lance McKinley – Nevada County Fire District
    368 Phil Nunnink – Nevada County Fire District
    369 David Ray – Nevada County Fire District
    370 Adam Ross – Nevada County Fire District
    371 Jim Smith – Nevada County Fire District
    372 Robert Tellam – Nevada County Fire District
    373 Pat Sullivan – Nevada County Fire District
    374 Kevin Menet – Nevada County Fire District
    375 Cathy Taylor, OR
    376 Larry Green – Michigan Forest Management DNR
    377 Dean Elsen, MS
    378 Dutch Walker – Elgin VFD – Chaplain
    379 Phil Lemaster – Almanor Crew 1 – IHO All Fallen
    380 Clay Stephens, NV
    381 Raleigh J Coppin, CA
    382 Dawn A Johnson, NV – IMO 2013 Fire Season
    383 Thomas Diamantine, OR
    384 Marian Kadota, CA
    385 Eric Weber – NJFFS – IMO Jeffrey Scheuerer
    386 Robert Chapman, IL
    387 Scott Meneely – Little Rockies Fire Station, MT
    388 Richard Nicholson, CA
    389 Justin I Brown – Salmon Heli – Rappellers
    390 Gavin R Mitchell, CA
    391 P Stan Mitchem, WY
    392 Kevin J Michalak, CO
    393 Delina Burke, NH – IMO Daniel Holmes
    394 Royce Wilbur – Denali NP & Preserve
    395 Matt Holmes, NH – IMO Daniel Holmes
    396 Matt Holmes – IMO Danny Holmes
    397 Robert Macdonald, CO
    398 Justin Vernon, MT
    399 Eric Brown, AZ
    400 Jeff Clark Infinity Fire Communications, LLC
    401 Mindy Clark Infinity Fire Communications, LLC
    402 Peter Cecil – CFA – Australia
    403 Jamey Kreun, AZ
    404 Kenneth M Chapman, OR – IMO Vern Shindele
    405 Eric C Nilson, UT
    406 Michael Pickett, AZ – IHO Eric Marsh – IMO Wade Parker
    407 David Brown, AZ – IHO Everyone I’ve Fought Fire With.
    408 Troy Sanders – Wolf Creek IHC
    409 Dan Buckley – NPS – Great Basin Team #2 (Harvey)
    410 Donna Kreiensieck – NIFC
    411 Erika Reed, ID
    412 Andrew W Barrey, OR
    413 Alexandria N Lehman, WA
    414 Betty Price – IMO Shawn Price
    415 Bill Price – IMO Shawn Price
    416 Tyler L. Johnson – Ventura County Fire Protection District Handcrew
    417 Wesston Hanse – Ventura County Fire Protection District Handcrew
    418 Eloy Zepeda – Ventura County Fire Protection District Handcrew
    419 Randall Cooper – Ventura County Fire Protection District Handcrew
    420 Robert Molina – Ventura County Fire Protection District Handcrew
    421 Kris Martin – Ventura County Fire Protection District Handcrew
    422 Lance Campbell – Ventura County Fire Protection District Handcrew
    423 Kyle Morrell – Ventura County Fire Protection District Handcrew
    424 Daniel Palmer – Ventura County Fire Protection District Handcrew
    425 Trevor Lima – Ventura County Fire Protection District Handcrew
    426 Jacob Schaeffer – Ventura County Fire Protection District Handcrew
    427 Chad Meehan – Ventura County Fire Protection District Handcrew
    428 Tyler Ripley – Ventura County Fire Protection District Handcrew
    429 Kris Vandermuelen – Ventura County Fire Protection District Handcrew
    430 Albert Gonzales – Ventura County Fire Protection District Handcrew
    431 Victor Hernandez – Ventura County Fire Protection District Handcrew
    432 Justin Townsend – Ventura County Fire Protection District Handcrew
    433 Brendon Hill – Ventura County Fire Protection District Handcrew
    434 Barbara Eddy, OR
    435 Michael Bournazian, WY
    436 Jeremy Hamilton, PA
    437 Matthew Mateo, CO
    438 Erik Blankenship, OR
    439 Carolyn Winkler, OR
    440 Andrew Pohlman, CO
    441 Joanie Lawrence, OR
    442 Charles Sweet, CO
    443 Michael E Carico, AZ – IHO – ALL, IMO – ALL
    444 Elizabeth Turner, Co
    445 Rachel Livingston, OR
    446 Lew Sovocool, CO
    447 Lawrence Crane – Albuquerque Zone Type 3 Team
    448 Josh Shroyer, MO
    449 Laurie Pillers, ID
    450 Garland Shaw, MT
    451 Brian Dompierre, CO
    452 Jared Buchett, TX
    453 Dawn Sells, OR
    454 David B Herrand, NV
    455 Loren Wickstrom, ND
    456 Keith A Ward, NV
    457 Alexis T Martin, ID
    458 Katherine Reed – USFS – Klamath NF
    459 Carl Barrett – Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch
    460 Sean Barrett, NV
    461 Nikki Thummel, IA
    462 Brad Weisshaupt, CA – CIMMT
    463 Jonetta Trued, AZ
    464 Autumn Branson – North Zone Fallers, Inc.
    465 David Branson – North Zone Fallers, Inc.
    466 Barry Green, AZ – IHO Barry Green, IMO Barry Green
    467 Jessica Bryers, MT
    468 Jack Knight, CA
    469 Daniel Guse, CA
    470 William Miller, CO
    471 Ruben Griego, UT
    472 Edward Brooks, UT
    473 Jared Buchett, TX
    474 Westley Shook – Great Basin IMT #7
    475 Jamie Barnes, CO – IHO Jamie Barnes
    476 James Fischer, CO
    477 John Bitzbeger, OR
    478 James Coleman, AZ
    479 Diane Hansson, OH – IHO Arrowhead Hotshots
    480 Michael DeGrosky, ID
    481 Patrick Lingley – Sedona Fire Distict
    482 Paul Iannizzotto, IHO – FDNY IMO – The Boston Jakes
    483 Kai Kincheloe – Sedona Fire District – Race Across America
    484 Debra Schweizer – INYO National Forest
    485 Benjamin Plumb, AZ
    486 Joseph Scholz, NM
    487 Nicholas Jeros, CA
    488 Bryan Thompson, UT
    489 Tracy Dunford, UT
    490 Abraham Philipson – IHO – Nations Fallen IMO- Floridas Fallen
    491 Kevin Eck – IMO Diamond Mountain Hotshots
    492 Ian Smith, MI
    493 Wade DeBraal, OR
    494 Scott Parsons – California Interagency Incident Managment Team # 4
    495 Kim Parsons – California Interagency Incident Management Team # 4 – IMO Granite Mtn IHC
    496 Quinn MacLeod, CO
    497 Jaeda Santos, NMc
    498 Larry Hettinger, AZ
    499 James Grant, CA
    500 Joe Mazzeo, MA
    501 Mark Skudlarek – Boise Smokejumpers
    502 Josh Haney, ID
    503 Donna Haney, ID
    504 Eydith Haney, ID
    505 Kyle Jacobsen – High Desert WY
    506 Kellie Carlsen, OR
    507 Todd Petersen, OR
    508 Gordon Paladijczuk, OR
    509 Ray Weidenhaft, WY
    510 Gregg Smith, CA
    511 Randy Ostman, WA
    512 Gordon Herring, WY
    513 Jeff Kline, UT
    514 Joe Cresto, UT
    515 Frances Bentley, WA
    516 Nancy Taylor, MT
    517 Charles Page, KS
    518 James & Wendy Jaquet, ID
    519 Patrick Skaggs, OR
    520 James Payne
    521 Bonnie Wood, ID
    522 Michael Santistevan, ID
    523 Doris Jenson, OR
    524 Mary Colton, CA
    525 Glade Campbell, CA
    526 Karen Smith
    527 Alan Colwell, KY
    528 Sal Bonilla, CA – CIIMT4
    529 Margaret Gallgher, GA
    530 Kathleen Sachse, CA
    531 Jan Palecek, CA
    532 Marvin Kelso, OR
    533 Anita Kelso, OR
    534 Wendy Joslin, OR
    535 Laurel Simos, ID
    536 Dan Kinney
    537 Steve Prescott, ID
    538 Gary Day – IHO Molly Day
    539 Kathi May, WA
    540 Steve Douglas, CO
    541 Jim Jaminet, Co
    542 David Zuares, ID
    543 Sandy Cameron, ID
    544 Karn McPeak, ID
    545 Thomas Todrank, ID
    546 Janine Summy, OR
    547 Constance Morris, CA
    548 Chris Ditmore, OR
    549 Zoe Ditmore, OR
    550 Mary Lou Koch, CO
    551 Peter Geotzinger – USFS
    552 Michael Ladd, CA
    553 William Murphy, MT
    554 Josh Taylor, WY
    555 Duane Vasten, CO
    556 Sherry Dunning, ID
    557 Reg Phillips, WY
    558 Aline Phillips, WY
    559 Nancy Nehl, WY
    560 Jerry Walker – Johnson County Fire Dist. #1
    561 Mark Boche – USFS – R9
    562 Patrick Mann, AZ
    563 Kyle Tucker, OR
    564 David Rama, NE
    565 Linden McNeilus, MN
    566 Michael Farmer, MT
    567 Tim Nutley – USFS
    568 Steven Ipswitch – Standing Rock Agency
    569 Frank & Susan Weaver, MN
    570 John Townsend – Former La Grande IHC
    571 Patricia Sullivan, AZ
    572 James Sullivan, AZ
    573 Tom Tymon, MT
    574 Barbara Stewart
    575 David Hampton, OR
    576 Mary Jo Hampton, OR
    577 George Becknell, TX
    578 Francesca Lamanna, NY
    579 Marjorie Tilden, VT – IMO Michael Rushworth
    580 William Woodyard, GA
    581 Laura Mecham, CA
    582 Barbara O’Coy, CA
    583 Alice Forbes – Retired USDA – FS
    584 Marie Mitchell, CA – IMO Paul Mitchell – FDNY – LODD 09/11/01
    585 Robert Gates – Ontario Airport Fire
    586 Dennis Kirkley – Kaibab Helitack, Kaibab NF
    587 Erik Solberg, AZ
    588 Jill Carter, MT
    589 Peter Stewart, NM
    590 Tim Logozzo – Wild Fire Service, WA
    591 Time Logozzo Jr – Wild Fire Services, WA
    592 William Blackburn, CA
    593 Larry Helsley – Weaverville Volunteer FD
    594 Rodger Ozburn – WV Division of Forestry
    595 John Bellemore – Southern Area Red Team
    596 Willy Seeley, NJ
    597 Jay Miller – USFS
    598 Thomas Leuschen – Fire Vision LLC
    599 Richard Rusk – USFS Retired
    600 Tina Ledger, UT
    601 Randy Anderson, ID
    602 Louisa Evers – BLM
    603 Larry Thornton – PatRick
    604 John Davis, VT
    605 Glen Coley – NC Forest Service
    606 Debbie Anderson, CA
    607 Bill Miller – PatRick
    608 Bob Hammer, FL
    609 Stephen Powers, PA
    610 James Cherry – National Smokejumper Association – Board of Directors
    611 Larry Lufkin – National Smokejumper Association – Board of Directors
    612 Charles Sheley – National Smokejumper Association – Board of Directors
    613 John McDaniel – National Smokejumper Association – Board of Directors
    614 Tom Boatner – National Smokejumper Association – Board of Directors
    615 Roger Savage – National Smokejumper Association – Board of Directors
    616 Leo Cromwell – National Smokejumper Association – Board of Directors
    617 Robert Dayton – National Smokejumper Association – Board of Directors
    618 Guy Hurlbutt – National Smokejumper Association – Board of Directors
    619 John Marker – National Smokejumper Association – Board of Directors
    620 Mike Overby – National Smokejumper Association – Board of Directors
    621 Charlotte Larson – National Smokejumper Association – Board of Directors
    622 Hiram (Doc) Smith – National Smokejumper Association – Board of Directors
    623 John Packard – National Smokejumper Association – Board of Directors
    624 Gary Baker – National Smokejumper Association – Board of Dir…
    625 Richard Pfilf, NV
    626 Fred Cooper – National Smokejumper Association – Board of Di…
    627 Joel Shennum – SO. CAL IMT # 1
    628 Rick Wagner, ID
    629 Luke Brittan – IHO Bonneville IHC
    630 Douglas Maguire, CO
    631 David Kempton, AZ
    632 Kenneth Stump – IMO Loren E. Hill
    633 Monica Testa, DE
    634 William M. Smith, OR
    635 Charles Bolt, MS
    636 Darby Frank – IHO Matt Bowers
    637 Steve Plevel, AZ
    638 Jun Kinoshita – Yosemite National Park
    639 Howard Watts, NV
    640 Paul M Ratcliff, WA
    641 Daniel Srednick, CA
    642 John L Ward, CA
    643 Lori Lancaster, WY
    644 Evan Carlos, CA
    645 Betise Gettings, WY
    646 Shawn Gettings – USFS
    647 Richard King, ME
    648 David Dendler – NJ Forest Fire
    649 Rick Barton, CO
    650 Terry Warlick – Gunnison R.D.
    651 Rodolfo Uribe – USFS
    652 Jim Brown, CA
    653 Steven Meyer – Oregon Dept. of Forestry
    654 Gary Handschug, WA
    655 Mark Peck – MT DNRC
    656 Mike Patten, MT
    657 Ben Morgan – Retired NPS
    658 Mark Sturdivant – O.C. Fire Authority
    659 John Goss – NPS
    660 James Marett – Rocky Mountain IMT 1
    661 Joan Marett – Rocky Mountain IMT 1
    662 Buck Wickham – Retired USFS – OSC on Southwest IMT #4
    663 Martin Cole – AD Forest Service
    664 Brit Rosso – NPS
    665 Mark Blankensop, NV
    666 Ted Adams, WY
    667 Amy Livezey, MT
    668 Eric Rogers – Buncombe County
    669 Bill & Rebecca Mitchell, CA
    670 Carol Henson – Retired USFS
    671 Ken Henson – USFS
    672 Johnny Ford – BLM NIFC
    673 Dave Garrison, Co
    674 Cindy & Stan Wedekind, OR
    675 Joseph Rodriguez – Routt NF, CO
    676 Glen Stein, UT
    677 C.D. – IMO Mike Boyd, BLM, NV
    678 C.D. – IMO Matt Cannon, BLM, AK
    679 C.D. – IMO Brian Ruffing, Flathead NF
    680 C.D. – IMO Phillip Conner, LV Helitack
    681 Roni McCabe, UT
    682 Tyler Sendrak, CA
    683 Ray Kingston, AZ
    684 Marcus Wolf, CA
    685 Sarah Doehring – Grangeville Smokejumpers
    686 Michele Mavor – BLM
    687 Jason Waites, ID
    688 Martha Mowry, NM
    689 Benjamin Adams, WY
    690 Michael Walton – In Memory of Chris MacKenzie
    691 Jon Bower, CO
    692 David Killebrew, AZ
    693 Nikole Swaney – IHO Frank Simmons, VA
    694 Brandi Dee, ID
    695 Sherri Singleton – IHO John Schumacher, OH
    696 Kate Morris, CA
    697 Catherine Zajanc – IMO Monica Zajanc, ID
    698 Adam J Kohley, AK
    699 Van H Chanay, CO
    700 Brian Blatney, FL
    701 Tim Epp, AK
    702 Tim Hamff, TX
    703 Clayton Howe – IMO Steven Parker, CA
    704 Ben Eby, MI
    705 Paige Boyer – CIIMT4, CA
    706 Kevin Iabella – IMO Mark T. Urban, CO
    707 Christopher Moore, CA
    708 Jerry Hurley, CA
    709 Pamela J Vilhauer, CA
    710 Tim Williams, CA
    711 Alisa Hinkle – IMO Granite Mountain Hotshots, CA
    712 Nicholas Duvally – California Interagency IMT #4, USFSD Type 1
    713 Peter Willis, MN
    714 Mark Thompson, SD
    715 Kristy Blackburn, CA
    716 Susan Bissell, AK
    717 Elizabeth Bandley – IMO Greeno & Eva, CA
    718 Andy Lipp – Rapid City Fire Dept., SD
    719 Sandra Hoffman, WA
    720 Rebecca B Paxton – IHO Bill Paxton, MO
    721 Brian Watson, WA
    722 Stephen Wells – Retired Forest Service, SC
    723 Paulicia Larsen – Rocky Mountain Area IMT #2 Team A
    724 Judith Cunningham, CA
    725 Lenore & Robert Will, CA
    726 Gary & Janet Humphrey, CA
    727 John P. Case, AZ
    728 Swan P. O’Malley – FDNY IMT
    729 Nat Whittemore, MA
    730 Nancy Whittemore, MA
    731 Ginny Emery, MT
    732 Leslie Thibeault, MA
    733 Joseph Brown, TX
    734 Connelly Pumping Service, LLC
    735 Kathryn & Robert Curl, ID
    736 Joe Primm, OR
    737 Michell & Will Spence, CO
    738 Richard Hodge, ID
    739 Ray & Kathryn Weiss, CA
    740 Brian Woodbeck, CA
    741 Rite Simpson, PA
    742 Mike Antalosky – Retired USFS
    743 Paul Boucher – SW Area Type 1 Team 1
    744 Steven D. Ellis, CO
    745 Lynda Berckefeldt – Wyoming State Forestry Division
    746 Sandy Knowles, OR
    747 Terence P O’Connor – MNA/MNA Helitack
    748 James Ramirez – FS – Gunnison
    749 Richard Schroeder, PA
    750 Rita Baysinger – SO Park City FPD
    751 Lynn Eisberg, CA
    752 Eddie Johnson, WY
    753 David F. Johnson, WA
    754 Jarred R. Johnson, WA
    755 Jeremy D. Johnson, WA
    756 Jeffrey & Susan Sussman – Rocking Chair Foundation, NY
    757 Harold Reynolds, TX
    758 Patrick Seger, IL
    759 David Robinson, NY
    760 Rosi Mulholland, FL
    761 Peter Fromherz – US Forest Service (Helitack)
    762 Barbara Nelson, AZ
    763 Luke Holden – Kooskia R.D., USFS
    764 Everell G. Hayes – I.M.T.C.
    765 Robert Weber – FEOS & Cal Fire, CA
    766 Rex Reed – WA Team #2
    767 Steven Ross, CA
    768 Faith Duncan – Forest Service, AK
    769 Bernard Hopf – Retired USFS
    770 John Fry – NPS / Shenandoan N.P.
    771 Schafer – Kinnaman – Southwest Area Type 1 IMT/Sciacca
    772 Matthew Beccaria – Firestorm Wildland Fire Suppression, CA
    773 Gregory L Overacker – Retired USFS/Cal Fire
    774 Joan Overacker, CA
    775 Warren Villa, OR
    776 Thomas Hooten – Retired USFS
    777 Clint Robbins, AZ
    778 Curtis Hummel – L.A. County Fire Dept., CA
    779 Evan Boshell – Forest Service, UT
    780 Doug Miedtke – MN DNR Division of Forestry, MN
    781 George A. Zoffman – Retired Cal Fire
    782 Robert Morse – NJ FFS
    783 William Windom, WA
    784 Richard Sinkovitz – IMO Daniel Holmes, CA
    785 Donald M Forsyth – IMO Kevin Woyjeck
    786 Mary Flynn, CO
    787 Sirena Fugitt, TX
    788 John Fugitt, TX
    789 Anne Rock, MA
    790 George Broyles, ID
    791 Kristine J Sigona – IHO Anthony Sigona, CA
    792 Karl Schlitt, NE
    793 Glenn Miller, OR
    794 David LaChapelle, ID
    795 Chris Wikeen – Chester Fire
    796 KC Bjornsen, ID
    797 John Courtright, ID
    798 Mary Mellema, ID
    799 Catherine J Hibbard – Southern Area Red Team
    800 Suzanne & Michael Alcorn, CA
    801 Karen Hoffman, OR
    802 Robert Palmer, WA
    803 Scott & Bee Trivald
    804 Michael Crawley, NV
    805 Gene Madden – USFS – NIMO
    806 Nick Readinger, PA
    807 Tamara Conner – USFS
    808 Sandra Smith-Morris, TN
    809 Derrick Morris, TN
    810 John & Jo Ann Keener, WA
    811 Robert & Lynn Kimsey, CA
    812 Steve Timboe – LA County Fire Dept.
    813 Laurie Beck – Retired USFS
    814 Paul Drasil, CA
    815 Jay Gardner – LA County Fire
    816 Ben Jacobs – National Park Service
    817 Kathleen N. Hayden, WY
    818 Tommy Lyttle – In Memory of Mike Lyttle
    819 Glenn Dietz – Shasta Trinity Flycrew – IMO Mike Lyttle
    820 Ray Kraemer – Retired State Forestry, AK
    821 Kay Horan – In Honor of James Horan
    822 Steve & Janet Evans, UT
    823 Gary C Schonne – IMO Granite Mtn HS
    824 Kellie Stover, SD
    825 Jeff Surber, NV
    826 David O’Neil – Manti-LaSal National Forest
    827 Jon Skeels – Retired USFS
    828 Ron Dobyns, NV
    829 Walter Roth – In Memory of Roger Roth
    830 Carol Roth – In Memory of Roger Roth
    831 Charles Gibbs – Del Rosa, CA
    832 Scott & Vicky Vail – CA IMT4
    833 Steve Hatting – USFS
    834 Pete Buist, AK
    835 Donelle Lee Dizney, CA
    836 Chris Furr – Carson National Forest
    837 Kathryn Furr – Carson National Forest
    838 Greg Nordyke – Groom Creek F. Dist.
    839 Kevin LoGiudice – DOI NPS Big Cypless NP
    840 Ty Parker, NJ
    841 Michael Coltrane, CA
    842 Jesse Bassett, UT
    843 Brad Amaral – Nevada County Fire District
    844 Brock Benton – Nevada County Fire District.
    845 Shawn Entz – Nevada County Fire District
    846 Randy Gross – Nevada County Fire District
    847 Helen Henthorn – Nevada County Fire District
    848 Nicole Long – Nevada County Fire District
    849 Patrick Mason – Nevada County Fire District
    850 Jared McElhannon – Nevada County Fire District
    851 Lane McKinley – Nevada County Fire District
    852 Kevin Menet – Nevada County Fire District
    853 Phil Nunnink – Nevada County Fire District
    854 Adam Ross – Nevada County Fire District
    855 Jim Smith – Nevada County Fire District
    856 Pat Sullivan – Nevada County Fire District
    857 Robert Tellam – Nevada County Fire District
    858 Ben Agol – USFS ENF
    859 Royal Burnett, CA
    860 Karen Varney, MA
    861 Leigh Stewart – IMO GMIHC
    862 Josh Oak, CO
    863 Kari Greer – Fire Photographer
    864 Gary Todd, CA
    865 Jonathan Ellis, NJ
    866 Al Mason, OR
    867 Michael McDaniel – In Memory of 2006 Krassel Helitack
    868 Matthew J. Wills, OR
    869 David L Weibel – IHO Nathan Rabe
    870 Melanie A Peterson – IHO Smokejumpers, NV
    871 Donald K Bowen – IHO Shawn and Tom
    872 Jason Ballard – IMO Michael Lyttle
    873 Raymond R. McCauley, AZ
    874 Lorenzo Miranda Jr, CA
    875 Michael W Cody, TX
    876 Gabriel Vera, CO
    877 Jayleen Lineback, CO
    878 Richard W. Gorden, FL
    879 Kermit Johansson – CA Interagency Management Team 4 Rocky Opplinger IC
    880 Sarah Peterson – BLM
    881 Jake Fitzgerald – USFS
    882 Scott Wilhorn – Wis DNR
    883 Walter Southwick – Cal Fire / Retired
    884 James Ulmaniec – Wisconsin DNR
    885 Tom Zimmerman
    886 Travis Braten, WY
    887 John Meek – IHO Granite Mountain Hotshots
    888 Margrete R. Bjornsen – IMO Robert L. Bjornsen
    889 Martin O’Toole, MI
    890 Dick Mangan – Blackbull Wildfire Services
    891 Russel Simmons – Rocky Mountain Type 1 IMT
    892 Dorothy Simmons, KS
    893 Bruce Suenram – MT DNRC
    894 EJ Bunzendahl – USFS
    895 Mike Wheelock – Grayback Forestry
    896 Peter Solin III – IMO Kevin Woyjeck
    897 Patrick Boy, AZ
    898 Taj Sulahria, NV
    899 Sandra Foss, NH
    900 Joe F. Hartman – Retired USDA Forest Service
    901 Nicholas Strohmeyer – BLM – Alaska Fire Service
    902 Biddy Simet – Glacier National Park
    903 Pacific Coast Contracting, Inc., OR
    904 Virginia Horton – Bureau of Land Mgnt
    905 Kendall Jewett, CA
    906 52 Club – 11 YEAR
    907 Patrick Morgan, ID
    908 Catherine Moran, OH
    909 Julianne Couvrette – IHO Daniel Pereira
    910 Garrett Austin – IMO Mike Schweitzer
    911 Elizabeth R. Kinney, OR
    912 Alan T. Crouch – Vale BLM
    913 Karla Hawley – FS
    914 Vinson Johnson, ID
    915 Edward DeCarlo – NAFSR
    916 Paul Sever, ID
    917 Brett Ortland – In Memory of Robert Ortland
    918 Jeff & Cecilia Hammond, AZ
    919 Marina Childs, SC
    920 Gary Jury Jr., CA
    921 Jose Baeza, PR
    922 Anthony Clements, CO
    923 Angela M Bealka – MN DNR
    924 Anthony & Kim Clements, CO
    925 Anthony Sigona, CA
    926 Guy Keene, CO
    927 Megan Williams – IHC – In Memory of Vic Olsen
    928 Kathleen Rahn, WI
    929 Florence J Brown, AZ
    930 Edward Haffy – IMO Thomas Haffy III NJFFS
    931 Edward Haffy – NJFFS
    932 Marilyn Cockrell – IMO Paul Cockrell
    933 John Thompson – BLM – Butte
    934 Suzanne Alcorn, CA
    935 Marry K Malneritch & Phillip J. Dye, CA
    936 Ryan Cormier – USFS
    937 Morgan Thomsen – Engine 461
    938 Jason D. Llewellyn, WA
    939 Carl Schaefer, CA
    940 Leon & Joan Schindell, NV
    941 Paula Stringham, AZ
    942 Deidre Ater – USFS Wildland Firefighter, ID
    943 Steve Counts – VA Dept of Forestry
    944 Toby Cook – USFS
    945 Lea Betty, CA
    946 Roseanne Sullivan, IL
    947 David E Carr, AK
    948 Jason Virtue, SD
    949 Jason Virtue, SD
    950 Shayne Ward, UT
    951 Travis E Whitney, CO
    952 Patrick Durland – Stone Creek Fire LLC
    953 Scott MacDonald – Retired USFS, OR
    954 Tracy Tophooven – Us Forest Service
    955 Gina Owens, OR
    956 Dan Gustafson – Carson City BLM
    957 Kris Bruington – Lone Peak IHC
    958 Bret Branin – Lone Peak IHC
    959 Greg Struiksma – Lone Peak IHC
    960 Adam Price – Lone Peak IHC
    961 Zachary Beerman – Lone Peak IHC
    962 Tim Casperson – Lone Peak IHC
    963 Kadell Deason – Lone Peak IHC
    964 Benjamin Potash – Long Peak IHC
    965 Jonathan Troy Novotny – Lone Peak IHC
    966 Zach Thomas – Lone Peak IHC
    967 Steve Michaelis – Lone Peak IHC
    968 Rayn Lafontaine – Lone Peak IHC
    969 Tom Mccullough – Lone Peak IHC
    970 David Abbott – Lone Peak IHC
    971 Jacob Blehm – Lone Peak IHC
    972 Travis M Unrein – Lone Peak IHC
    973 Alexander Rickert – Lone Peak IHC
    974 Shane McCracken – Lone Peak IHC
    975 Christopher Dallas – Lone Peak IHC
    976 Tyler Lair – Lone Peak IHC
    977 Darren O’Loughlin – Lone Peak IHC
    978 Matt Specht – Lone Peak IHC
    979 Gary Peck – Lone Peak IHC
    980 Preston Ley – Lone Peak IHC
    981 Derek Shoun – IMO The Yarnell 19
    982 Arthur Cherry – Price Valley Helirappeller
    983 Michael Law, OR
    984 Kenneth Nelson – M.R.C.A. Fire
    985 Jaime Caughlin – IMO All Fallen Firefighters
    986 Arthur Mindlin, NJ
    987 Jen Croft -FMO Okanogan Wenatchee Tonasket RD, WA IHO The Pocket Chicken
    988 Raymond Grimes Jr., NJ
    989 Alan & Kathleen Kelso, WA
    990 Dirk & Mary Jane Huber, UT
    991 Lance Fickas, CA
    992 Cameron Balog, NM
    993 Chris Castellon, CA
    994 Shealeigh Fawcett – IHO Los Padres NF
    995 Brittney M Deadmond – IMO Brett Stearns
    996 New Member – Sarah E Johnson, MN
    997 Nate Raff – IMO Quinn Raff
    998 Danell Doyle, CO
    999 Dallas Joyner, CA
    1000 Michael Copeland, CA
    1001 Eric Ward, KS
    1002 Joan Drnjevic, ID
    1003 Ryan Vice – US Fish & Wildlife Service, Texas Midcoast NWRC
    1004 Chantalle Edmunds, IL
    1005 Sara Browning – USFS Atlanta NIMO
    1006 Jessica E. Vincent – USFS
    1007 Dale Weir – Erickson Air Crane
    1008 James Archambeault, WA
    1009 Clayton Roadhouse – LA County Fire
    1010 Regis Blutas, MO
    1011 Susan Matthews – National Forest in Florida
    1012 Richard J Hughes, UT
    1013 Skylar C Brown, MT
    1014 Gary Kemp, NM
    1015 James Farrell, ID
    1016 Darrell Ralston, CA – CIIMT4
    1017 Paul Wells – IHO Gordon Wells
    1018 Walter Ray Mockli – IHO Ernie Johnson, IMO Monica Zajanc
    1019 Mark Oetzmann – Price Valley Heli-Rappellers
    1020 Kristy Lund – IMO Don Mackey
    1021 Michael Strawhun, CA
    1022 Kathryn Kirkpatrick
    1023 Robert Lattin, WA
    1024 Charlotte Viredaz, CA
    1025 Sherrill Story, CA
    1026 Travis Denison – Payette NF
    1027 Pete Duncan – IHO Krs Evans
    1028 Summer Myllymaki, OR
    1029 Kai Friedrichs, ID
    1030 Michael Johnston – USFS Bridget – Teton NF
    1031 Derek Bland – Vale IHC
    1032 John T Haskvitz – IMO Trampus Haskvitz
    1033 Alexander Hicks, CA
    1034 Luke Madden – Forest Service
    1035 Eddy Harris – IHO Elise LeBlanc
    1036 Brian McCreary, OH
    1037 Molly Dulmage – IMO Andrew Ashcraft & GMIHC
    1038 Stan Sutton – Retired Orc Fire Dozer Operator
    1039 Claudia Powell, OR
    1040 Pedro Villa, MI
    1041 Eric Miller – Wolf Creek IHC
    1042 Cameron Stinchfield – Wolf Creek IHC
    1043 Jeromy Wilson – Wolf Creek IHC
    1044 Juan Castaneda – Wolf Creek IHC
    1045 Scott Barnes – Wolf Creek IHC
    1046 Caleb Hicks – Wolf Creek IHC
    1047 Jered Halverson – Wolf Creek IHC
    1048 Jessica Olson – Wolf Creek IHC
    1049 Micah Windbigler – Wolf Creek IHC
    1050 Daniel Farmer – Wolf Creek IHC
    1051 Stephanie Rogers – Wolf Creek IHC
    1052 Richard Lizano – Wolf Creek IHC
    1053 Abra Zobel – IHO Balcones Canyon lands Fire Use Module
    1054 Shannon K Agner – IMO Anne Veseth
    1055 Leesa A Johnson – IHO Nicholas Bohnstedt
    1056 Valerie Gill, ID
    1057 Christina Boyer, MT
    1058 Patrick Garcia – IHO Patrick Garcia, IMO Lawrence Garcia
    1059 Diane Travis, AZ
    1060 Mary Lou Gillis – IHO Matty P
    1061 Joseph T Bogdan, CA
    1062 Derrick P Holdstock, TX
    1063 Travis Martin – IHO Grayback Forestry, IMO Grayback Forestry
    1064 Tracy Fifarek, MN
    1065 Randall M Johnson, WA
    1066 Andre Ruoti – IHO Wildland Firefighter Foundation
    1067 Lindsay Brown, AZ
    1068 Rowdy Muir, WY
    1069 Linda Mahoney, Co
    1070 Helen Bjornsen, ID
    1071 Alice Forbes – IMO Richard “Dick” Henry
    1072 Matthew Shaddle – Payette NF, ID
    1073 Mayhill Fire Department – IMO Beth Mahill
    1074 Timothy Chavez – Cal Fire, CA
    1075 Monty Messenger, CA
    1076 Suzy Walton, CA
    1077 Peter D’Aquanni, NM
    1078 Mary Jean McPeak, AZ
    1079 Richard Gonzalez, CA
    1080 Harriet Stump, ID
    1081 Klayton S Rogge – IMO Chad Plummer
    1082 Alisha Jackson, NV
    1083 Keira V Wattenburg – IHO Luke Sheehy, IMO Luke Sheehy
    1084 Lisa Slepetski, AK
    1085 Keith Smith, CA
    1086 Larry Sutton – USFS
    1087 Renee Reese, WY
    1088 Steve Reese, WY
    1089 Philip Ketel – USFS
    1090 Matthew Kilgriff, AK
    1091 John Huston – MT DNRC
    1092 Lakota Burwell – IMO Monica Zajanc
    1093 Peter J Noble, Mo
    1094 Heidi Schewel – USDA Forest Service
    1095 Sanpete County Fire District
    1096 Rudy Sandoval – Utah DNR
    1097 David Brower, CO
    1098 Zach Wesseldine – Platte Canyon Fire Crew
    1099 Mark Wesseldine, CO
    1100 Robert Tinker Jr, CA
    1101 Lindsay Barrowclough, AZ
    1102 “Safety Don” – IMO Shane Grove & Chad Plummer
    1103 Devin Healy, MT
    1104 Kyle Busby – IMO BDF Engine 57
    1105 Justen Johansen – IHO Brita West
    1106 Melinda L Maggio – IHO & IMO Joey Maggio’s
    1107 Dawn Salley, NC
    1108 JD Hendley – IHO All First Responders, IMO All First Responders
    1109 Stanton Florea – In Memory of Granite Mountain IHC
    1110 Earl Hellman – Idaho Heatseeker & Kodiak
    1111 Lisa Kemper_ Paradise Valley, Nv
    1112 Jack Kirkendall-Hamilton,mt
    1113 Jack & Gwen Wilson-Boise, Id
    1114 Dan Carroll- In Memory of Chris Carroll
    1115 Kathy Gram Wilmarth- In Memory of Chris Carroll
    1116 Kathy Carroll- In Memory of Chris Carroll
    1117 Chad Carroll- In Memory of Chris Carroll
    1118 Jessica Carroll- In Memory of Chris Carroll
    1119 Evie Carroll (IMO Uncle Chris (Carroll)
    1120 Paula Chambless – In Memory of Ronnie Chambless
    1121 Darrell Dufresne, WA
    1122 Shane Dillavou – USFS Burnt Powder Fire Zone
    1123 Rylan Lynam, WY
    1124 Maegan Maughan – IMO Joshua Sause Thornock
    1125 Mitchell Burgard, MT
    1126 Bonnie Kalb, NV
    1127 Jennifer Brown, NV
    1128 Matthew Nickle, ID
    1129 James Hagan, CA
    1130 Joel Pomeroy, OR
    1131 Deanna Baxman – Cal Fire
    1132 Cid Harmon Morgan – USFS
    1133 Gracie Moore – USDA Forest Service
    1134 Michael Ringleb – Patrol 43 – Stanislaus NF
    1135 Penny S Salazar – IHO Patrick Nelson – Ukonom IHC
    1136 Jerry Gamroth, NV
    1137 Christine Johnson – IHO Michael J Bittner
    1138 James Johnson – IHO Michael Bittner
    1139 Christopher C Young – IMO The Granite Mountain Hotshots
    1140 Christy Bullard – IHO ALL, IMO ALL
    1141 Missy Schwarz, AK
    1142 Kim Valentine, OR
    1143 Sandy Stayton, CA
    1144 Eric Stayton, CA
    1145 Robert N Griffith Jr – Type 1 IMT Team 4 IC rocky Oplinger
    1146 Robert Bahr – AD Air Attack
    1147 Rance Marquez – BLM Arizona Fire & Aviation Organization
    1148 Dennis Trentham, TN
    1149 Marty Christensen – Retired FS
    1150 Tim Troxel, SD
    1151 Tara L Haack, WA
    1152 Noelle Kastning, WA
    1153 Jeremy Lynch, WA
    1154 Deane M Seeger, WA
    1155 Alyx Fier, WA
    1156 Rasy Sim, WA
    1157 William Crapser, WY
    1158 Kenneth (KC) Birch – BLM, Helicopter Manager Weaver Mountain Helitack Wickenbur…
    1159 Trevor Johnson – Ventura County Fire Department
    1160 Cody Joy – Cal Fire
    1161 Kyle Nakazawa – Atascadero City Fire Dept
    1162 Hamdi Sedehi, CA
    1163 Allan Kesner, CA
    1164 Patricia Eder – IMO Mike Breeggemann
    1165 Pamela Greenwood – IHO All Who Serve, IMO All We Have Lost
    1166 Billy J Trujillo, NM
    1167 Erin Cronin, CO
    1168 Sean P Gallagher, FL
    1169 Jason Johnston, CA
    1170 Tonya Diaz, AZ
    1171 Manuel Villegas, CA
    1172 Jeremy Alexander – IHO Price Valley Heli-Rappellers
    1173 Ben St Pierre, UT
    1174 John P Sluski – IHO Patrick Sluski
    1175 Patrick G Wright – IHO Wildland Firefighters, IMO All the Fa…
    1176 Kyle Lyman – IMO Marc Mullenix
    1177 Ronald Alan Cole, UT
    1178 Zachary Lyon, CT
    1179 Dylan Kane – Snake River IHC
    1180 Samuel L Magnifico, ID
    1181 Sarah E Synowiec, SD
    1182 Scott E Haas – IMO Granite Mountain Hotshots
    1183 Marty Christensen, MN
    1184 Ryan Hopkins – Cherokee IHC
    1185 Samuel Larry – National Park Service
    1186 Michael McEwen, ID
    1187 Sylvia Kratzke – In Memory of Our Beautiful Heather
    1188 Leonard Kratzke – In Memory of Our Beautiful Heather
    1189 Paul Dahlen, CA
    1190 Dana Dahlen, CA
    1191 Kevin Thissell – FS
    1192 Sherman Edward Waldron – Big Bend NP Fire
    1193 Chris Jackson, CA
    1194 Land M Huegel – Snake River Hotshots
    1195 Alexander Brockett, ID
    1196 Gabriel Ramirez Jr – IMO Kevin Woyjeck
    1197 Aaron Kendall, CA
    1198 Dustin Murray, ID
    1199 Cathy Keener, CA
    1200 Geri Herbert, ID
    1201 Carrie K Furr, WI
    1202 Elizabeth Bankson – IMO Andrew Palmer
    1203 Twilla Keefe – IHO Jason Keefe, IMO Granite Mountain 19
    1204 Andrew Vogl, CA
    1205 Chris Casey, VT
    1206 Kenneth Bochniak, ID
    1207 Chris Clervi – CA Interagency Incident Management Team 4 – IHO Chris Clervi, CI…
    1208 Robert Palmer – IMO Andy Palmer
    1209 John H Winlow, NV
    1210 Todd Bates
    1211 Bradley Washa, UT
    1212 George Kochman, PA
    1213 Yanu Gallimore, OR
    1214 Russell Proctor
    1215 Calvin L Miller, GA
    1216 William Weaver – In Honor of Elmer Weaver
    1217 John Fuchsluger – In Honor of Elmer Weaver
    1218 Ray Brugler, PA
    1219 Katherine Dias, CA
    1220 Jess Wills, CA
    1221 Leah Wills, CA
    1222 Robert Bell – USFS
    1223 Ellen Dunlap, ID
    1224 Nancy Sewell, CA
    1225 Jenifer J Hochstrasser, AZ
    1226 Rob Martin, AZ
    1227 John Diebel, Wyoming Hot Shots 74 & 75, MI
    1228 Stephen Klosterman – USFS
    1229 Kim A. Cash
    1230 Carrie Thaler, CA
    1231 Tony Thaler, CA
    1232 Lynn Young, WY
    1233 Wendy McCartney, CA
    1234 Taiga Rohrer – Zion NP FMO
    1235 Dirk Rogers, UT
    1236 Jim Lawrence, CO
    1237 Mark Swan, CO
    1238 Nicholas Peters, OK
    1239 Dan Friend, ID
    1240 Tom Schultz, ID
    1241 Matthew Hennen, MN
    1242 Deneen J Cone, CA
    1243 Jeffrey Campbell – Gila IHC
    1244 Jose Perez Frank Moll Erin Hogan-Freemole Mari Knowles Arturo Rios E…
    1245 Christopher Schumacher – Gila IHC
    1246 Gabriel Romero – Gila IHC
    1247 Jose Perez – Gila IHC
    1248 Luke Brahma – Gila IHC
    1249 Frank Moll – Gila IHC
    1250 Ryan Flemke – Gila IHC
    1251 Christopher White – Gila IHC
    1252 Erin Hogan-Freemole -Gila IHC
    1253 Steven Knight – Gila IHC
    1254 Mari Knowles – Gila IHC
    1255 Tyler Claire – Gila IHC
    1256 Chance Traub – Gila IHC
    1257 Arturo Rios – Gila IHC
    1258 Marshall Kulp – Gila IHC
    1259 Elias Moreno – Gila IHC
    1260 David Silva – Gila IHC
    1261 Boomer Head – Gila IHC
    1262 Oliver Bossert – Gila IHC
    1263 Jay Godson – San Juan IHC
    1264 Lance Martin – San Juan IHC
    1265 Keith Bedonie – San Juan IHC
    1266 Scott McCreary – San Juan IHC
    1267 Jon Cordes – San Juan IHC
    1268 Nate Christiansen – San Juan IHC
    1269 Scott DeVelder – San Juan IHC
    1270 Ryan Corman – San Juan IHC
    1271 Andrea Drinkhouse – San Juan IHC
    1272 Martha Schoppe – San Juan IHC
    1273 Zack Freundlich – San Juan IHC
    1274 Lisa Elenz – WFMRD&A
    1275 Walter Chan – San Juan IHC
    1276 Sarah Barry – San Juan IHC
    1277 Cole Inghram – San Juan IHC
    1278 David Draayer – San Juan IHC
    1279 Roy Vega – San Juan IHC
    1280 Matthew Schilling – San Juan IHC
    1281 Jeff Fitzwater – San Juan IHC
    1282 Kevin Lindner – San Juan IHC
    1283 Jared Rogers – San Juan IHC
    1284 Angela Kendrick – Spouses & Partners of Wildland Firefighters
    1285 Michael Kendrick – Los Padres NF Engine 335
    1290 Amy Skraba, AK
    1291 Michael Shaw, ID
    1292 Steven P Shuck, SD
    1293 John Pell, USFS
    1294 Zack Kephart – Engine Capt.
    1295 Tom Knight – NDF – Battle Born Helitack
    1296 Jim Scott – NDF – Battle Born Helitack
    1297 Rick Thielmann – NDF – Battle Born Helitack
    1298 Zach Simms – NDF – Battle Born Helitack
    1299 Darren Vega – NDF – Battle Born Helitack
    1300 Anders Boyd – NDF -Battle Born Helitack
    1301 Kirby Tichenor – NDF – Battle Born Helitack
    1302 Logan Nordyke – NDF- Battle Born Helitack
    1303 Chanse Hundwardsen – NDF – Battle Born Helitack
    1304 Nick Zuccarini – NDF – Battle Born Helitack
    1305 Aaron Reynolds – NDF – Battle Born Helitack
    1306 Julian Angres – NDF – Battle Born Helitack
    1307 August Isernhagan – NDF -Battle Born Helitack
    1308 Eric Darrah – NDF – Battle Born Helitack
    1309 John Schreiber – NDF – Battle Born Helitack
    1310 Elliot Arnold – NDF – Battle Born Helitack
    1311 Scott Naylor – NDF – Battle Born Helitack
    1312 Brett Taylor – NDF – Battle Born Helitack
    1313 Vanesssa Paynewardsen, NV
    1314 Casey Angres, NV
    1315 Stacey Saucedo, NV
    1316 Krysta Isernhagen, NV
    1317 Matthew Stivers – IHO John Stivers
    1318 David Taylor – IHO CAIIMT4
    1319 Jason Vanatta – IHO Jason Van Atta, IMO Mike Lewis
    1320 Justin Jager, AZ
    1321 Elizabeth Hartenstine – Ret. CA-BDF
    1322 Dean Rasmussen, NE
    1323 Robert W Trodahl – IHO Chief Bob Trodahl, IMO Prescott Hot Shot Crew
    1324 Lorra L West – RMT LLC – IMO Brett Stearns & Scott Norris
    1325 Marie Johnson – IHO William Creeden
    1326 Ten Johnson – IHO William Creeden
    1327 Mark Johnson, CA
    1328 Gregory Poncin – In Memory of Pam and Meghan Okon
    1329 Angela Tom, CO
    1330 Kristin Garrison, CO
    1331 Brian G Ambrose, CA
    1332 Bradley Medvin – IMO Luke Sheehy
    1333 Matthew D Stanley, CA
    1334 Mark Pater, AZ
    1335 Steve Hartenstine – Ret. CA-BDF
    1336 Brian P Bogdanoff, CA
    1337 Bradley G Ray – IMO Luke Sheehy – Live Like Luke! LJ:06.10.13
    1338 Larry Alheim – In Memory of Pam & Meghan Okon
    1339 Ryan Wilson – BLM
    1340 John W Ortega, ID
    1341 Jason Clapp – IMO All Firefighters
    1342 Marfelia Alvarez – IHO All The Brave Men and Women, IMO All …
    1343 Connie Lane – Forest Service
    1344 Dona Rutherford – BLM/SWIMT – Sciacca
    1345 Fred Bell,OR
    1346 Jason McDermott – CalFire
    1347 Justin Haynes – Prescott NF Fire Prevention
    1348 Doug Lasater – Direct Source Distributing
    1349 Peter Briant, Reno Fire Department
    1350 Robert Burnside, ID
    1351 David J Roy, ID
    1352 Al Stover, NPS
    1353 David Yowell, Jr., CO
    1354 Kyle Kerstiens, CO
    1355 Matthew Reyman – Snake River Hotshot Crew
    1356 Michael Purdy – IMO David Erickson
    1357 John Alcorn – El Paso County Sheriffs Office Wildland Fire Crew
    1358 Rebecca Pilkerton, WA
    1359 Rebecca Eide, MN
    1360 Benjamin Morse – Snake River Hotshots
    1361 Ray Quintanar
    1362 Devin Heath, ID
    1363 Jason Westholter, MN
    1364 Michael Anderson – IMO Granite Mtn Hotshots
    1365 Taylor Stephens, CO
    1366 Peter Freire – IMO Granite Mtn. IHC
    1367 Dominick Tristan, NV
    1368 David Haston – USFS NIFC
    1369 Mark Brown – IHO Jeffrey Brown, IMO Robert Sallee
    1370 Dana Skelly, OR
    1371 Ken Kerr, CO
    1372 Linda Kerr, CO
    1373 Anthony Starkovich – IMO Starky
    1374 Penny Myers – Fire Prevention
    1375 Kyle Smith – Southern Area Type 2 IMT
    1376 Caleb Fredrickson, OR
    1377 Peggy Setter, CO
    1378 Laurie Lehman-Welter – IHO Wll WFFs and their Families, IMO …
    1379 Nolin Page – Boise BLM
    1380 Kolleen Beesley, ID
    1381 Jerry Hoffman – IMO Al Toepke
    1382 Caroline Miller, AZ
    1383 Michael McGirr, OR
    1384 Jim Brown, OR
    1385 Robert C Osborne, MN
    1386 Cristian Lopez, CA
    1387 Gordon Davis, AZ
    1388 Michelle Surratt, MT
    1389 James Huston – Laguna IHC
    1390 Diane Caughlin, ID
    1391 Glendee Osborne, NV
    1392 Chris A Chiverton – Retired USFS Battalion Chief – IHO Cody …
    1393 Darin E Toy, OR
    1394 Matt Daigle – FEO 23, Shasta-Trinity National Forest
    1395 Scott Brooks – IHO Perry, IMO Travis Turbyfill
    1396 Melanie McDaniels, UT
    1397 Toby Stapleton – Umatilla National Forest, Pomeroy Ranger Di…
    1398 Eli Freitas, WA
    1400 Jody Engar – IHO Gordy Cox
    1401 Gordy Cox – IHO LaFawnda
    1402 Matt Aoki – Los Padres IHC
    1403 Eli Freitas, WA
    1404 Mike Seymour, CA
    1405 Breanne D Tillman, CA
    1406 Brian Wandell – Snake River Hotshot
    1407 Dave Andreas – Montecito Fire
    1408 John Badaracco – Montecito Fire
    1409 Loren Bass – Montecito Fire
    1410 Aaron Briner – Montecito Fire
    1411 Alex Broumand – Montecito Fire
    1412 Scott Chapman – Montecito Fire
    1413 Travis Ederer – Montecito Fire
    1414 Todd Edwards – Montecito Fire
    1415 Mike Elliot – Montecito Fire
    1416 Ed Fuentes – Montecito Fire
    1417 Keith Fuggles – Montecito Fire
    1418 Al Gregson – Montecito Fire
    1419 Kurt Hickman – Montecito Fire
    1420 Drue Holthe – Montecito Fire
    1421 Eric Klemowicz – Montecito Fire
    1422 Bret Koepk – Montecito Fire
    1423 Richard Lauritson – Montecito Fire
    1424 Greg Lopez – Montecito Fire
    1425 Kurt Mann – Montecito Fire
    1426 Glen McLeod – Montecito Fire
    1427 Tom Poulos – Montecito Fire
    1428 Keith Powell – Montecito Fire
    1429 Jeff Saley – Montecito Fire
    1430 Evan Skei – Montecito Fire
    1431 Jeff Villarreal – Montecito Fire
    1432 Rodney Walkup – Montecito Fire
    1433 Pat Purguy – Montecito Fire
    1434 Jordan Zeitsoff – Montecito Fire
    1435 Ben Hauser – Montecito Fire
    1436 Dana St Oegger – Montecito Fire
    1437 Mike Nelson – Montecito Fire
    1438 Brandon Bennewate – Montecito Fire
    1439 Garet Blake – Montecito Fire
    1440 Sarah Bumanglag – Montecito Fire
    1441 Shaun Davis – Montecito Fire
    1442 Scott Edwards – Montecito Fire
    1443 Bob Galbraith – Montecito Fire
    1444 Ryland McCracken – Montecito Fire
    1445 Tom Pierce – Pierce Fire Investigations
    1446 Ryan Allen, ID
    1447 Abby Bolt – CIIMT #4
    1448 Brett A Taylor, CA
    1449 Steven P Fischer, ID
    1450 Jereth Phelps – Boise IHC
    1451 Seth Weber – Price Valley Heli-Rapellers
    1452 Bill Macaulay, NV
    1453 Matt Pippin – IHO Kent Pippin, IMO Peiter Swanson
    1454 Adam Tinker – IMO BDF ENG. 57
    1455 Nicole Simon – IHO My friends and Family, IMO The Fallen
    1456 Erik Mandeen, NJ
    1457 Derrick Charpentier – North West Colorado Fire Management Unit
    1458 Tim Hasselmann – North West Colorado Fire Management Unit
    1459 Zachary Taylor – North West Colorado Fire Management Unit
    1460 Joey Shepard – North West Colorado Fire Management Unit
    1461 Paul Black – North West Colorado Fire Management Unit
    1462 Kyle Lewis – North West Colorado Fire Management Unit
    1463 Marica Pilkington, MT
    1464 John M Strenski – IMO Gregory Mack Simmons
    1465 Roy Boots, SD
    1466 Todd J McDivitt, CA
    1467 Justin W Moon – IHO Granite Mountain 19, IMO Storm King 14
    1468 Geoffrey Melly – IMO GMIHC
    1469 Neal Hitchcock, ID
    1470 Tyler McCowan – Boise District BLM
    1471 Clayton Rizzi – Columbine Ranger District – San Juan NF Engine 682
    1472 Thane Shetler – Entiat IHC
    1473 Edy Montalvo – Entiat IHC
    1474 Bob Johnson – Entiat IHC
    1475 Ben Martin – Entiat IHC
    1476 Anthony Allabastro Entiat IHC
    1477 Jacob Larson – Entiat IHC
    1478 Ian Morgan – Entiat IHC
    1479 Daniel Pickard – Entiat IHC
    1480 Taija Corso – Entiat IHC
    1481 Kyle Nelson – Entiat IHC
    1482 Ross Lindell – Entiat IHC
    1483 Ross Lindell – Entiat IHC
    1484 Eriberto Negrete – Entiat IHC
    1485 Randall Blakley – Entiat IHC
    1486 Josh Parker – Entiat IHC
    1487 Jeff Paulissen – Entiat IHC
    1488 Ryan Bullock – Entiat IHC
    1489 Matt Kennedy – Entiat IHC
    1490 Marshall Dvorin – IHO Our Fallen Brothers, IMO Kevin Woyjeck
    1491 Roberto A. Arias Jr., CA
    1492 Jennifer Ziegler, IN
    1493 David Blatz, MN
    1494 Kenneth Watkins, NM
    1495 John P Maroni – IHO Michael Ross
    1496 Larae N Guillory, OR – IHO Prineville Hotshots
    1497 Brian Bradbury, OR
    1498 Heather Good, ID
    1499 Claire L Hawks – IHO Lorra West, Tyler West, Lindsey B., IMO…
    1500 Jona Ensley, WA – IMO Granite Mountain IHC
    1501 Kenton Martin, NM – IHO Wildland Firefighters
    1502 Luke G Hutchinson, AZ – IHO Yarnell 1yr
    1504 JayLynn Pell, UT
    1505 Hope S Kuo, ID
    1506 Michael Czaja – Colorado State University
    1507 Dan Sullivan – USFS
    1508 Kristi Sullivan – Prescott Dispatch Center
    1509 David Zortman – Tatanka IHC
    1510 Allison Lund – Boise Hotshots
    1511 Morgan Meserth – Boise Hotshots
    1512 Darren Mathis – BLM Arizona State Office
    1513 Henry Benham – Retired USFS
    1514 Kyle R. Kingston, CO – Zig Zag Hotshots
    1515 Matthew K Saiget, OR – Zig Zag Hotshots
    1516 Zev Gabai, OR – Zig Zag Hotshots
    1517 Brian Flatten – Zig Zag Hotshots
    1518 James Meisner – Zig Zag Hotshots
    1519 Dani Goodson – Zig Zag Hotshots
    1520 Eric Franta – Zig Zag Hotshots
    1521 Collin McCalin – Zig Zag Hotshots
    1522 Cathy Lomeli – Zig Zag Hotshots
    1523 Levi Gaudreault – Zig Zag Hotshots
    1524 Sandra Sperry – Zig Zag Hotshots
    1525 Jacob Klaassen – Zig Zag Hotshots
    1526 Shane Williams – Zig Zag Hotshots
    1527 Neil Gleason – Zig Zag Hotshots
    1528 Adam Ebrahim, CA – Los Padres IHC
    1529 Frank McCarthy – IHO Los Angeles County Fire, IMO Q, Hall, Woyjeck, Elkins
    1530 Roark S Paschall – IHO All fallen WL Firefighters, IMO All fallen WL Firefighters
    1531 Jordan Keller, UT
    1532 Allen Schultze, CA – IHO Lassen IHC
    1533 Amia Curry, FL
    1534 Donald G Weaver, AZ – IMO Dustin DeFord
    1535 Brent Waler, OH
    1536 Michael Vega, CO – IMO Granite Mtn. IHC
    1537 Keith Hawk, FL
    1538 Amy Ham, SD
    1539 Caleb Meyer, CO – IHO Craig BLM, IMO Brett Stearns
    1540 Cameron Snyder, CA – American River Hotshots
    1541 Adam Leyba, CA- American River Hotshots
    1542 Nathan Cowell, CA – American River Hotshots
    1543 Doug Nessler, CA – American River Hotshots
    1544 Ryan Hall, CA – American River Hotshots
    1545 Tony Nessler, CA – American River Hotshots
    1546 Joshua Hynie, CA – American River Hotshots
    1547 Matthew Brown, CA – American River Hotshots
    1548 Josh Nuckolls, CA – American River Hotshots
    1549 Brandon Haislet, CA – American River Hotshots
    1550 Meredith Hollowell – American River Hotshots
    1551 Terry Lim, CA – American River Hotshots
    1552 Matthew Radtke, CA – American River Hotshots
    1553 Jeremy Haverson, CA – American River Hotshots
    1554 William Bakker, CA – American River Hotshots
    1555 Gabe Struchen, CA – American River Hotshots
    1556 Alex Donaldson, CA – American River Hotshots
    1557 Ben Strahan, CA – American River Hotshots
    1558 Sean Hoover, CA – American River Hotshots
    1559 James Murphy, CA – American River Hotshots
    1560 Bruce Hart, CA – American River Hotshots
    1561 Riva Duncan – USFS
    1562 Edward Anderson, VA
    1563 Tomas Liogys, NJ
    1564 Glenda Torres, CO
    1565 Sean R. Powell, OR – IMO Spencer Coyle
    1566 Brandyn Harvey, OR
    1567 Victoria Harry, WY
    1568 Jeremy Jensen, OR – Prineville IHC
    1569 Chris Witherspoon – Prineville IHC
    1570 Tanner Eccles – Prineville IHC
    1571 Aaron Bechdolt – Prineville IHC
    1572 Kelli Hochmuht, OR – Prineville IHC
    1573 Sadler Schwartz – Prineville IHC
    1574 John Mountz, OR – Prineville IHC
    1575 DJ Caughlin – Prineville IHC
    1576 Jesus Calvillo, CA – Prineville IHC
    1577 Natalie Kuntz, OR – Prineville IHC
    1578 Brendan O’Reilly – Prineville IHC
    1579 Michael Watson, OR – Prineville IHC
    1580 Heath Faulk – Prineville IHC
    1581 Logan Bass, OR Prineville IHC
    1582 Coty R. Mabry, CA – IMO Granite Mountain
    1583 Amber Hanson, ID – IHO Gila Hotshots
    1584 Meredith L. Anello, MI – IHO Wildland Firefighters, IMO All Who Have Paid The Ultimate Sacrifice
    1585 Roberto Vazquez, CA – IHO Fallen Firefighters, IMO Fallen Firefighters, Chris Carrol
    1586 Bruce Edmunson, CA
    1587 Chris Woods, CA – Los Padres IHC
    1588 William Wrenn, CA – Los Padres IHC
    1589 Steve Cochran, CA – Los Pardres IHC
    1590 Kelly Russell – Gila NF
    1591 Lance Roberts – US Fish & Wildlife
    1592 Paul Balfour, WA
    1593 Patti A. Patterson, ID
    1594 Kraig R. Howe, ID
    1595 Dennis Coughlin, CA – IHO Zachary Coughlin
    1596 Austin Lee, NV – IMO All The Fallen
    1597 John Karell, CA
    1598 Laura Kelley, CA
    1599 Eric O’Connor, SD
    1600 Glenda Mabery, AZ – IMO Granite Mt. Hotshots
    1601 Ryan Gillian, WA – Baker River IHC – IMO Ryan T. Flegal
    1602 Brice Molitor, MT
    1603 Richard Roberson, ID
    1604 Justin Gagnon – Breckenridge IHC
    1605 Sarah Brown – In Honor of Benjamin Brown
    1606 Christina Krogen – IHO Kaleb & Marshall Krogen
    1607 Daniel Jessop, AZ – IMO My brothers and sisters
    1608 Christina Marquart, CO – IMO Fallen Firefighters
    1609 Phillip J Graeve, ID
    1610 Daniel Roberts, UT
    1611 Nicole Hallisey – NIFC
    1612 Shannon Orr, ID
    1613 Jim Orr, CA
    1614 Mike Hallisey, ID
    1615 Ed Sherman, CA
    1616 Todd Haines, NM
    1617 Jon Griffin, CA – Lakeview Helitack – IHO All who lost someone, IMO Granite Mountain IHC
    1618 John K Caroon, OR – IHO John Caroon
    1619 Jason M Nez, AZ
    1620 Stacy L Smith, UT
    1621 Allen Marquart, CA – IHO Christina Marquart
    1622 Michael Hoye, AZ
    1623 Sally Pendleton, OR
    1624 Scott Dehnisch, VA – IHO All the Men and Women Still on the line
    1625 Keith Halloran, AZ
    1626 Luis F. Orellana, CA
    1627 Malcolm McFarland, ME
    1628 Edward Verdugo, CA – IMO Storm King MT CO and Their Families
    1629 Pamela McDonald, ID
    1630 Dave McDonald
    1631 Chris Hedgeman, AZ – IHO Granite Mountain IHC
    1632 Anica Verona, SC – IHO All our Heroes!
    1633 Todd Sexton, UT
    1634 Patrick O. Ruiz, CA
    1635 Cherie N Ausgotharp, UT
    1636 Paul Magnifico, IA
    1637 Bradley Johnson, AZ – IMO Jesse Steed/Clayton Whitted
    1638 Misty McCollin, UT – IMO Spencer Koyle
    1639 Christopher Secakuku, UT – IHO BIA Wildland FFT’S IMO Antho…
    1640 Jacob Tignac, NV
    1641 Alan Lloyd, NV
    1642 John Schumacher, OH – Ukonom IHC
    1643 Benjamin Peterson, CA – Ukonom IHC
    1644 Erik A Ducharme, VT – Ukonom IHC
    1645 Taylor Farrington, CA
    1646 Rudy Sandoval, UT
    1647 Michael Shaw, NV
    1648 Roland Shaw, NV
    1649 Shalice Brockett, AZ – IHO Christopher Loxterman, IMO GMHS 19
    1650 Anthony Harrell, CA
    1651 Richard L. Vollick, MA
    1652 Barney Lyons, ID
    1653 Nolan Bussey, CA
    1654 Kane C. Edwards, CA
    1655 Jonathan Solorio, CA – IHO Little Tujunga Hotshots
    1656 Kathryn B. Hart, CA – IHO Bruce W. Hart
    1657 Nolan Bussey, CA
    1658 Kane C. Edwards, CA
    1659 Jonathan Solorio, CA – IHO Little Tujunga Hotshots
    1660 Kathryn B. Hart, CA – IHO Bruce W. Hart
    1661 Gary Bone, CO
    1662 Gary Cornell, UT
    1663 Jill Hambly – IHO Rex Hambly & Suzy Walton
    1664 Greg Thomas, CA – El Cariso Hotshot
    1665 Lorrie Evans, AZ
    1666 Keith Pugh, CA – Lakeview Helitack
    1667 Kasey Hochmuht, OR – Lakeview Helitack
    1668 Payton Hamilton, OR – Lakeview Helitack
    1669 Jim Mackensen, CA
    1670 Jimmy V. Siano, WA – Ukonom IHC
    1671 Mitchell D. Glenn, MI – Ukonom IHC
    1672 Garrett L Godwin, CA – Ukonom IHC
    1673 Eric C. Johnson, CA – Ukonom IHC
    1674 Joel Berg, CA – Ukonom IHC
    1675 Heron C. Hilbach-Barger, CA – Ukonom IHC
    1676 Tristan H. Kiehl, CA – Ukonom IHC
    1677 Jesse A. Dodd, CA – Ukonom IHC
    1678 Brandy Petersen, SD
    1679 Bryan R. Durkin, OR – IHO Oregon Dept. of Forestry Firefighters
    1680 Don Damann, CA
    1681 Jesse Moreng, CO
    1682 Lee Cox – Salmon Helirappellers
    1683 Matt Fredericks – Breckenridge IHC
    1684 Thomas Straub – Breckenridge IHC
    1685 Beau Bishop, NV – Silver State IHC
    1686 Dustin Schuetta, NV – Silver State IHC
    1687 Justin Shine, NV – Silver State IHC
    1688 Casey Bedell, NV – Silver State IHC
    1689 Kevin Kelly, NV – Silver State IHC
    1690 Heidi Kelly, NV – Silver State IHC
    1691 Chris Ahnlund, NV – Silver State IHC
    1692 Chris Dumont, NV – Silver State IHC
    1693 Jonathan Kalb, NV – Silver State IHC
    1694 Lane Wagner, NV – Silver State IHC
    1695 Jake Keogh, NV – Silver State IHC
    1696 Nicholi Mackewicz, CA
    1697 Timothy J. Downham, WY
    1698 Michael Thompson, CA – IMO Granite Mountain Hotshots
    1699 Kyle Essary, CA
    1700 Maria Gillespie, AZ
    1701 Fred Houston, UT
    1702 Daniel Cannon, OR
    1703 Camille Trujillo, UT – IHO PlanesNV Minden
    1704 Sara Boehringer, MI – IHO Sara Boehringer
    1705 Tobias Hutchens, VA – IHO Salmon River Hotshots, IMO Michael Schwitzer
    1706 Jill Rausch, ID – IHO Jill Rausch
    1707 Carlie Falk, UT
    1708 Lynn Rittenhouse, MO – IHO Ty Livezey
    1709 Barbara Clark, OH – IHO Ed Clark
    1710 Ryan Barela, AZ – IHO Wildland Fire Friends
    1711 Jay C Brand, WA – IMO The Thirty Mile Fire Victims, Washington
    1712 Deb Patton, NM
    1713 Michael Haisten, GA
    1714 Josh Bardwell, TX – IMO Token Adams
    1715 Glenn Sundstrom, CA
    1716 Megan Nolte, ID
    1717 Randy Harry, WY
    1718 Tim Rich, OR
    1719 Randy Turrill – Color Country District – BLM
    1720 Scott Hansen – Shasta Trinity FlyCrew
    1721 John C Worsley III – Shasta Trinity Fly Crew
    1722 Beverly Rose, NV
    1723 Amanda Shoaf, CA
    1724 Nicole Vasquez, CA – IHO Andy Vasquez, CA
    1725 Felix Cunningham, CA
    1726 Richard Hammer, OR – IMO Matthew Hammer
    1727 Andres Orozco Jaramillo, OR
    1728 Megan Cochran, ID – IMO Emilie Law and Jake Fredrickson
    1729 Adam Cellicion, NM – Zuni IHC
    1730 Clybert Peyketewa, NM – Zuni IHC
    1731 Geraldine Chino, AZ – Zuni IHC
    1732 Jason Antono, NM – Zuni IHC
    1733 Jarrick Bobelu – Zuni IHC
    1734 Corwin Yamutewa, NM – Zuni IHC
    1735 Warren Bowannie, NM – Zuni IHC
    1736 Todd Etsate, NM – Zuni IHC
    1737 Shaunna Lomayesva, AZ – Zuni IHC
    1738 Marc Natacha, NM – Zuni IHC
    1739 Chad Nastacio, NM – Zuni IHC
    1740 Rickey Booqua, NM – Zuni IHC
    1741 Lamar Lasiloo, NM – Zuni IHC
    1742 Lisa Latone, NM – Zuni IHC
    1743 Cory L Chavez, NM – Zuni IHC
    1744 Brandon C Tsuthlikai, NM – Zuni IHC
    1745 Murray Hannaweeka, NM – Zuni IHC
    1746 Joseph Gia Jr, NM – Zuni IHC
    1747 Karl Delange, UT – USFS Engine 421 Plelasant Grove IA
    1748 Thomas Dunn – Reno FD
    1749 Faren Graham – Fire Dawg
    1750 Erika Rauk – Fire Dawg
    1751 Brian Stovall – Fire Dawg
    1752 Becky Quigley – Fire Dawg
    1753 Cody Leventon – Fire Dawg
    1754 Dustin Leventon – Fire Dawg
    1755 Alan Stovall – Fire Dawg
    1756 Julie Quigley – Fire Dawg
    1757 Jamie Leflet – Fire Dawg
    1758 Dave McDonald, ID
    1759 Branden C. Johnson, CA
    1760 Alicia Sisneros, UT
    1761 Jeremy Sisneros, UT
    1762 Jeanette Graysheild, NV – IHO Adrian Graysheild
    1763 Joseph Chastain, GA
    1764 Tara Kurtzbein, ID
    1765 Brian Oberhaus – Big Hill Helitack
    1766 Ryan Elliott, NV
    1767 Ian Garthwait, UT – Wasatch Helitack
    1768 Nick Garcia, CA – IMO Luke Sheehy
    1769 Amy Masi, CA – IMO Granite Mountain Hotshots
    1770 Scott Haney, UT – IHO All – IMO Fallen
    1771 Cody McFarland – WY BTF #411
    1772 Courtney McFarland, WY
    1773 Adam White – WY BTF #411
    1774 Bonnie Roberts, UT
    1775 New Member – Benjamin Alfieri, ID
    1776 Josh Teaney, CO – Bonneville IHC
    1777 Jared Bell, AZ – Bonneville IHC
    1778 Christian Besuiuger, UT – Bonneville IHC
    1779 Bruce Hillman, UT – Bonneville IHC
    1780 Mason Dickens, NV – Bonneville IHC
    1781 Matthew Okrasinski, WI – Bonneville IHC
    1782 Jeffrey Brink, ID – Bonneville IHC
    1783 Nick Hillman, UT – Bonneville IHC
    1784 Benjamin Gira, IL – Bonneville IHC
    1785 New Member – Clayton Cherome, CA – Bonneville IHC
    1786 Nathan Wierwille, CO
    1787 Brandon Wolfe, NC
    1788 Ranbir Lally, CA – IMO Mike Kelly
    1789 Brandon Caro, CA – IMO WoJo
    1790 Gretchen Schneider, AZ
    1791 William Creeden, MI
    1792 Steven Anderson, CA – CIIMT4
    1793 Dee King Raub, CA – CIIMT4
    1794 Jake Cagle, CA -CIIMT4
    1795 David Gerboth, CA – CIIMT4
    1796 Matthew Eister, CA – CIIMT4
    1797 Ronald J Walls, CA – CIIMT4
    1798 Ross Peckinpah, CA – CIIMT4 – IHO Frank Gruhot – IMO Marla Peckinpah
    1799 Michael Chapman, CA – CIIMT4
    1800 Michael Hoose, CA CIIMT4
    1801 Mark Ratekin, CA – CIIMT4
    1802 Kathryn A Donely-Strickler, CO – IHO Cody and Kyle Kuester
    1803 Dan Morford – NPS – Fire Management
    1804 Kris Kazian – Sedona Fire
    1805 Marcus Cornwell – Silver City IHC
    1806 Pedro Valenzuela – Silver City IHC
    1807 Lucas Mayfield – Silver City IHC
    1808 Raymond Perrault, NM – Silver City IHC
    1809 Jacob Conklin, WA – Silver City IHC
    1810 Darcy McDaniel – Silver City IHC
    1811 Chris Ives – Silver City IHC
    1812 Clayton Gardner, CA
    1813 Robert Bennett – Retired USFS
    1814 Cammie Glass, NV
    1815 Robin Wills – NPS
    1816 Brett Story, AZ
    1817 David Chung, AZ
    1818 Eddie Benavides, AZ
    1819 Cory Geisler, OR
    1820 Danette Bialous – In Memory of Doug Dunbar
    1821 Ryan O’Connor – Coconino NF – Engine 486
    1822 Mark Adams – Mormon Lake IHC
    1823 Dave Kahler – Mormon Lake IHC
    1824 Ian White, AZ Mormon Lake IHC
    1825 Corey Wilson – Mormon Lake IHC
    1826 Jessy Tennent, AZ – Mormon Lake IHC
    1827 Tyler Stegemoller – Mormon Lake IHC
    1828 Andrew Saldana – Mormon Lake IHC
    1829 Jessie Valencia, AZ – Mormon Lake IHC
    1830 Nick Ragland-Johnsen – Mormon Lake IHC
    1831 Doug Falconi – Mormon Lake IHC
    1832 Eric Reed, AZ – Mormon Lake IHC
    1833 Nicole Herrera – Mormon Lake IHC
    1834 Jordan Alessi, AZ – Mormon Lake IHC
    1835 Samuel Crabtree – Mormon Lake IHC
    1836 Ruben Pedraza – Mormon Lake IHC
    1837 Matthew Ortiz – Mormon Lake IHC
    1838 Kyle Suborned – Mormon Lake IHC
    1839 Jamie Taucher, AZ – Mormon Lake IHC
    1840 Matt Caouette – Mormon Lake IHC
    1841 Andrew Patterson – Mormon Lake IHC
    1842 Josh Cabral – Red Rock Engine 462
    1843 Courtney Wyatt – IMO Lee Shepard, Mark Mullinix, Joe Philpott, Mark Urban & Kev…
    1844 Brad Chandler, UT – Lone Peak Engine 1668
    1845 Nyles Burch, CA
    1846 Colton Wright, UT
    1847 Peter Vidmar, CO – Colorado State
    1848 Rachele Oman, UT Flaming Gorge
    1849 Kanaan Neally, UT Flaming Gorge
    1850 Killian Malone – Flaming Gorge WFM
    1851 Tim Culbreth – Flaming Gorge WFM
    1852 Kory Davis- Kings Peak WFM
    1853 Jamie Tyson – Kings Peak WFM
    1854 Nate Jillson – Kings Peak WFM
    1855 Jeff Hammes, ID
    1856 Greg Fryer – Cedar City IHC
    1857 Brian Burbridge – Cedar City IHC
    1858 Turner J Shawn, PA
    1859 Jared Speer, NV
    1860 Ryan Cloud, WA
    1861 Delmar Gorsline – Winnemucca BLM
    1862 Joseph Malsam – Battle Mountain BLM
    1863 Jacob Rochester – Battle Mountain BLM
    1864 Cory Ball – Blue Ridge IHC
    1865 Ian McCord, OR – Blue Ridge IHC
    1866 Erik Jansen, AZ – Blue Ridge IHC
    1867 Kyle Clemans, WA – Blue Ridge IHC
    1868 Juan Quiroga, AZ – Blue Ridge IHC
    1869 Rory Hiettte, AZ – Blue Ridge IHC
    1870 Juan Bright – Blue Ridge IHC
    1871 Travis Fuller – Blue Ridge IHC
    1872 Brian Frisby, AZ – Blue Ridge IHC
    1873 Todd Abel – Southwest IMT
    1874 Michael Bittner, Midewin, IHC
    1875 Julie Rhodes, TX – Midewin IHC
    1876 Alex Gomez – Midewin IHC
    1877 Mary Jones, IL – Midewin IHC
    1878 Brandon Kelley – Midewin IHC
    1879 Luke Garcia, IL – Midewin IHC
    1880 Shaun Trabado – Midewin IHC
    1881 Joseph Kaufmann, MN – Midewin IHC
    1882 Michael Zuspann – Midewin IHC
    1883 Edward Langford, MI – Midewin IHC
    1884 Ian Smith – Midewin IHC
    1885 Joshua Strohmeyer – Midewin IHC
    1886 John Hein – Midewin IHC
    1887 Phillip Vinson – Kaibab Helitack
    1888 Terri Creeden – IHO Will Creeden, MI
    1889 Elizabeth Bauer, CA – IMO Those Who Sacrificed For Others
    1890 Linda Chappell, UT
    1891 George Chappell, UT
    1892 Jim Gubbels – USFS
    1893 Shane Ralston, ID
    1894 Kristi Ralston, ID
    1895 Ted Rex, ID
    1896 William Lee, AZ – Engine 933
    1897 Jeff Hammond, AZ – Engine 933
    1898 James Harlan, CA – Breckenridge IHC
    1899 Robert Spitzer, CA – Breckenridge IHC
    1900 Erik Barnes, IL
    1901 Loretta Duke, CA
    1902 Jason McDaniel – Southern Plains Fire Group
    1903 Bob Watson – Southern Plains Fire Group
    1904 Cole Inghram, CO – San Juan IHC
    1905 John Platt – Logan IHC
    1906 Tamara L. Dierks, SD
    1907 Benjamin M Winkler, AZ
    1908 Missy Hone, UT
    1909 Daryl Borgman – In Memory of Celeste “Cece” Borgman
    1910 Mike Norton, CA
    1911 Arthur Eisberg II – Arrowhead IHC Alumni
    1912 Bert Starr – USFS Montana
    1913 Cameron Kirkham, UT – USFS Squad 8-1 SFRD
    1914 Greg Ventorini, PA – Rocky Mtn National Park
    1915 Abby French, CO – Boulder County
    1916 Ryan Todd, CO – Boulder Clear Creek RD
    1917 David Grote, CO – USFS
    1918 Matt Holmstrom – Lewis & Clark IHC
    1919 Stephen Latham – Lewis & Clark IHC
    1920 Benjamin Suratt – Lewis & Clark IHC
    1921 Nick Wydra – Lewis & Clark IHC
    1922 Noah Wendland – Lewis & Clark IHC
    1923 Brent Rath – Lewis & Clark IHC
    1924 Greg Normand – Lewis & Clark IHC
    1925 Jerod Anklam – Lewis & Clark IHC
    1926 Ryle Benke – Lewis & Clark IHC
    1927 Daniel Sullivan – Lewis & Clark IHC
    1928 Rae Fitzpatrick – Lewis & Clark IHC
    1929 Jyota Smith-Howard – Lewis & Clark IHC
    1930 David McCarville – Lewis & Clark IHC
    1931 Lindsey Whipple, UT – USQD 8-1 UWF
    1932 Geoffrey Whatcott, UT – Lone Peak Eng 1667
    1933 Gavin Young, UT – Squad 8-1 SFRD
    1934 Jeff Hatch SW IMT#3
    1935 Karen Josi, OR – Josi Fire Control
    1936 Stuart Palley, CA – IMO Granite Mountain Hotshots
    1937 Jonathan McAmis, CA – Unkonom IHC
    1938 Estevan A. Martinez, NM – Ukonom IHC
    1939 Justin A. Sansone, CA – Ukonom IHC
    1940 Rene Almodovar, CA – Ukonom IHC
    1941 Austin Adair, CA – Ukonom IHC
    1942 Eric S. Snipes, CA – Ukonom IHC
    1943 Jana Peterson, OR
    1944 John Dillon, CO
    1945 Garret Henry, UT – Engine 671 – Logan, UT
    1946 Andrew Gore, CA – Cedar City IHC
    1947 Tasha Thompson, UT – Cedar City IHC
    1948 Angela Kendrick, CA – Spouses & Partners of Wildland Firefighters
    1949 Michael Kendrick, CA – Los Padres NF Engine 335
    1950 Nicholas Connolly, NH – Fish and Wildlife
    1951 Christopher Guadarrama, CA – IMO Pedro Pineda
    1953 Shannon Solis, CA – IHO Wildland Firefighters
    1954 David M. Ramirez, OR – IHO Redding Hotshots
    1955 Michael S. Ferris, OR
    1956 JT Sohr, OR – Engine E-3631
    1957 Jeanne Houston, CO – IHO
    1958 Mary Anderson, NV – IHO All Firefighters, IMO Ted McBride
    1959 Becky Jenison, ID
    1960 William Foster, NY
    1961 Bob Allbee, WA
    1962 Jessica D. Wilson, CA – IHO Ray Wilson
    1963 Tyler B Mundy, CA
    1964 Douglas Arthur Gillum, MA
    1965 Jake Trevino, MT – Mendocino Engine 42
    1966 Carl M. Nelson, AZ – Bear Jaw Type 2 IA
    1967 Phillip Elliott – Arizona State Forestry
    1968 Lance Kohl – Bear Jaw Fire & Fuels
    1969 Kristin Mandolini, CA – IMO Engine 57
    1970 Lacey M. England, MT
    1971 Kip M. VandeWater, CA – IHO Mark Davis IMO Steve Zinn
    1972 Steven Moore – Lost Fine Fire Crew
    1973 Shane T. Cochran, ID – IMO All the Fallen
    1974 Sunbear Vierra, NM
    1975 Lisa Warren, CA – IHO Javan Warren
    1976 Richard F. Ana, AZ
    1977 New Member – Maria Ann Maragni, OR
    1978 Jesse J McKillop, NV
    1979 Walter Biernat Jr., CO – IHO Gannett Glacier
    1980 Tim Henagin, OR – IHO Iron 44
    1981 Linda Racicot, IL – IHO Matt Racicot
    1982 Kristopher J Cunio, CO
    1983 Michael A. Botsford, CA – IMO Bill Wilder
    1984 Danny Nelson, CA – IHO Brian Nelson
    1985 Glen Kinder IV, KY
    1986 Michael Cahill, WY
    1987 D Brock Tamowski, UT – IMO All We Have Lost
    1988 Dee Townsend, WA – IHO Mathow Valley Community, IMO Doug Dunbar
    1989 Matthew Bossed – Angeles NF Patrol 21
    1990 Scott M Burke, MA – IMO Danny Holmes
    1991 Liam Cain, WY
    1992 Angela Schmitt – Minnesota Four
    1993 Carolyn Higgins – CIIMT #4
    1994 Rocky Opliger – CIIMT #4
    1995 Sig Palm – CIIMT#4
    1996 Karen Brent, GA
    1997 Michael Vetti – CIIMT #4
    1998 John Kelton, CA – Folsom Lake Handcrew
    1999 Luis Mendoza, CA – Folsom Lake Handcrew
    2000 Gerald Campbell, CA – Folsom Lake Handcrew
    2001 Jason Schroeder, CA – Folsom Lake Handcrew
    2002 Gerald Campbell, NV – Folsom Lake Handcrew
    2003 Brandon Williams, ID – Folsom Lake Handcrew
    2004 Raymond Machuca, CA – Folsom Lake Handcrew
    2005 Brent Webb, CA – Folsom Lake Handcrew
    2006 Cole Casey, CA – Folsom Lake Handcrew
    2007 Roger Hooper, CA – Folsom Lake Handcrew
    2008 Lorenzo Serrato, CA – Folsom Lake Handcrew
    2009 Neil Sundberg, CA – Folsom Lake Handcrew
    2010 Jason Butler, CA – Folsom Lake Handcrew
    2011 Kyle Mendenhall, CA – Folsom Lake Handcrew
    2012 Matt Lynde, CA – Folsom Lake Handcrew
    2013 Edward R. Hiatt, UT – CWC
    2014 Zane O’Bourke, CA – Globe IHC
    2015 Jamie Schnick, OR – Globe IHC
    2016 Dane Sjoden, MT – Globe IHC
    2017 Roy Miller, AZ – Globe IHC
    2018 Candice Kurtosky, AZ – Globe IHC
    2019 Ricardo Romero, AZ – Globe IHC
    2020 Chris Lozterman, AZ – Globe IHC
    2021 Reed Steele, UT – Globe IHC
    2022 David Staneil, AZ – Globe IHC
    2023 True Brown, AZ – Globe IHC
    2024 Michael Ryan McCoy, AZ – Globe IHC
    2025 Thomas Gallo, AZ – Globe IHC
    2026 Keeyoul Cha, AZ – Globe IHC
    2027 Clint W Kelley, AZ – Globe IHC
    2028 Patrick Spanjers, MN – Globe IHC
    2029 Jack Pock, AZ – Globe IHC
    2030 Grant Coor, CA – Globe IHC
    2031 Kyle Titus, AZ – Globe IHC
    2032 William Smith, AZ -Globe IHC
    2033 Casey Goldsmith, MN – Globe IHC
    2034 Eric Gottstein, AZ – Globe IHC
    2035 Frederick Phillips, AZ – Globe IHC
    2036 Amanda Stachowsky, ID – Logan IHC
    2037 Eric Goddard, MT – Logan IHC
    2038 Brian Gillespie, ID – Logan IHC
    2039 J D Hill, ID – Logan IHC
    2040 Chad Machmer, ID – Logan IHC
    2041 Ryan Baker, UT
    2042 Brian Austin, UT – Logan IHC
    2043 Dalynn Parks, NE – Solider Creek Type 2 IA
    2044 Chris Vincent, WY – Wind Cave National Park
    2045 Chris Vincent, WY – Wind Cave National Park – (2015)
    2046 Mitchell Goodman, WA
    2047 Kevin McPhee, WA
    2048 Adam Fortman, CA
    2049 Ryan Larrinaga, CA – IMO Granite Mountain Hotshots
    2050 Jesus Rue, NM – Smokey Bear IHC
    2051 Matthew Neal, NM – Smokey Bear IHC
    2052 Trevor Larimer, NM – Smokey Bear IHC
    2053 John Crane, NM – Smokey Bear IHC
    2054 Jared M Wilson, NM – Smokey Bear IHC
    2055 Garrett Nutting, NM – Smokey Bear IHC
    2056 Luke Wilson, NM – Smokey Bear IHC
    2057 Errick Kimbrell, NM – Smokey Bear IHC
    2058 Nate Delacerda, NM – Smokey Bear IHC
    2059 Matthew Mueller, NM – Smokey Bear IHC
    2060 Peter Ringen, CO
    2061 Patricia K. Burke, ID
    2062 Stuart Rodeffer, AZ
    2063 Ryan Whiteaker, NM
    2064 Lorean Hennings, AZ
    2065 Colter Stewart, ID – Boise NF
    2066 Sam Dufurrena, ID – Boise NF
    2067 Chris M Benefield, OR – IHO Lonnie Williams, IMO Tom Fogata
    2068 Jakub Slovacek, CA – IMO Kevin Woyjeck
    2069 Nathan Goodrich, OR
    2070 Susan W. Campisano, AZ
    2071 Debra Pieper, ND
    2072 David Pieper, ND
    2073 Earl Klinefelter, WA
    2074 Sean Erskine, UT – Great Basin Fire
    2075 Vaughn Robbins, UT -Great Basin Fire
    2076 Tyler Erskine, UT – Great Basin Fire
    2077 Robert Whyte, UT – Great Basin Fire
    2078 Viki J Turner, OR – IHO Toby Chamberlain
    2079 Elizabeth S. Delph, WA – IMO Krassel Helitack and LO 2006
    2080 Amanda Douglass, OR
    2081 Rachel M Calderwood, AK – IHO Zack Horner
    2082 Karie R. Linn, WI
    2083 Maximillian Wahlberg, OR
    2084 Brad A Richards, CA
    2085 Sarah Richards, CA
    2086 Rick Sorenson, ID
    2087 Annie Prout-Garcia, CA
    2088 Brent Pierson, ID
    2089 Jenny Turner, WY – IMO KSL 5EV
    2090 Barry Burt, NV – IHO Jay and Jamie Wright, IMO Mark Urban
    2091 Ludie A Bond, FL
    2092 Brian Diemer, CA – IHO CIIMT4
    2093 Nicholas Noriega, AZ – IMO Granite Mountain IHC
    2094 Keith Kelly, CA – Ashley National Forest
    2095 Thomas Lauchlan, CA – Ashley National Forest
    2096 Amy Ando – Sawtooth NF – Engine 641
    2097 Thomas French, NM – Reg 3 Forest Service
    2098 Charles Van Gorden, MA – IMO Daniel Holmes
    2099 Jeremias Olson, CA
    2100 Payton Hampton, UT – IHO Lone Peak Engine 1668, IMO Casey Ha…
    2101 Kent Weaver, NV
    2102 Jarred L Gordon, SC – IHO Arrowhead IHC, IMO Dan Holmes
    2103 Matthew Jaksetic, ID
    2104 Chelsea M Welter, ID – IHO Ryan and Chelsea Welter
    2105 Steve Lowry, OR – IHO Amelia Lowry, IMO Fallen Brothers & Si…
    2106 Jeffrey S Liday, ID – IHO Granite Mountain, IMO All
    2107 Steven Berube, NY – IMO Granite Mountain Hotshots
    2108 Derek Casbon – USFWS
    2109 Andrea Tomassi – Finish Line Towing
    2110 Dino Tomassi Sr. – Finish Line Towing
    2111 Ron Nicoletta – Finish Line Towing
    2112 Stephanie Gibson – Finish Line Towing
    2113 Dino Tomassi Jr. – Finish Line Towing
    2114 Michael Hyasj – Finish Line Towing
    2115 David Augusto – Finish Line Towing
    2116 Brandon Tani- Finish Line Towing
    2117 Scott Krunic – Finish Line Towing
    2118 Thomas Sheeder Sr. – Finish Line Towing
    2119 Katie Hayes – Finish Line Towing
    2120 Erika Foeller – Finish Line Towing
    2121 Matthew Pearson, CO – Rocky Mountain Wildfire Module
    2122 Aaron J Holslag, CO – Rocky Mountain Wildfire Module
    2123 Aaron Lund, CO – Rocky Mountain Wildfire Module
    2124 Brian Faith, CO – Rocky Mountain Wildfire Module
    2125 Jeffrey Singer, CO – Rocky Mountain Wildfire Module
    2126 John T. Huff, CO – Rocky Mountain Wildfire Module
    2127 Adam Kern, CO – Rocky Mountain Wildfire Module
    2128 San Bernardino N.F. Engineer 12
    2129 Raymundo Archuleta, NM – IMO Granite Mountain IHC
    2130 Meghan Sherman, AZ
    2131 Jamie R. Geerdes, CO
    2132 Marcus Gardner, UT – Lone Peak Engine 1668
    2133 Jack Anderson, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2134 Matthew Babikoff, OR – First Strike Environmental CO
    2135 Bryan Baker, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2136 Spencer Berlier, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2137 Brandon Blair, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2138 Dennis Bourn, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2139 Anthony Brinsfield, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2140 Jason Campbell, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2141 Marc Chavez, OR -First Strike Environmental Co
    2142 William Chorba, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2143 Gerald Coats, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2144 Jonathan Doyle, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2145 Shane Gederos, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2146 Zander Hamilton, OR – First Strike Environmental CO
    2147 Blake Hayden, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2148 Samuel Hayter, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2149 Joshua Hernandez, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2150 Robert Hoag, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2151 Eric Hoolahan, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2152 Robert Humbert, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2153 Ryan Johnson, OR – First Stike Environmental Co
    2154 Frank K Lawrence, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2155 Travis Lively, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2156 Zachariah L McFadden, OR – First Strike Environmental CO
    2157 Justin McGauley, OR -First Strike Environmental Co
    2158 Russty Ortiz, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2159 Matthew Pence, OR – First Strike Environmental CO
    2160 Jeff Puitt, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2161 Cody Reich, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2162 James Reich, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2163 Juan Renteria, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2164 James Roles, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2165 Nathaniel Schouten, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2166 Don Scriven, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2167 Kristopher Smith, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2168 Russell Smith, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2169 Colton Lee Sulffridge, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2170 Wallace Wall, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2171 Dale Warden, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2172 Lance Watson, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2173 Sabastian Weinhold, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2174 Kyle Haney, OR – First Strike Environmental Co
    2175 Lane Egger, OR
    2176 Nathan Wasserman – Stay Horse Fire Crew – Apache Sitgreaves
    2177 Keith Suttles – MAFFS Crew
    2178 Jennifer Hinckley, FL – IMO Michael Bradsher, Apalachicola National Forest
    2179 Christopher, Rokosh, IL
    2180 Hal Stevens, UT
    2181 Mike Weiham, CA – IHO Rancho Adobe Firefighters
    2182 Sean Harris, MT
    2183 Landon W. Nill, MT
    2184 Robert J Tibbett, CA
    2185 Ryan Witter – Wasatch Helitack
    2186 Mary Huels, USFS AD
    2187 Art Filice – CalFire San Luis Obispo Unit
    2188 Dana Magnolia – Southwest Area IMT#3 IMO Kevin, Roger & Eric
    2189 Heath Barker – Gila NF Engine 633
    2190 Pat Lowe – Gila NF AD
    2191 Sharon Taube – Southwest IMT #3
    2192 Tim Durby – Southwest IMT #3
    2193 Don Howard – Southwest IMT #3
    2194 Jim Cooley – Southwest IMT#3
    2195 Kevin Dodds – Southwest IMT#1
    2196 Gloria McCabe – Southwest IMT #3
    2197 Arlene Perea – Southwest IMT #3
    2198 Charles Shaffer – Southwest IMT #3
    2199 Kevin Winter – Southwest IMT #3
    2200 Richard Hartigan – Southwest IMT #3
    2201 TJ Giron – Southwest IMT #3
    2202 Ana Parada – Southwest IMT #3
    2203 Karen Grubbs – Southwest IMT #3
    2204 Steve Cannon – Southwest IMT #3
    2205 Troy Lutrick – Southwest IMT #3
    2206 Kari Gromatzky – Southwest IMT #3
    2207 Ben Fisk – Southwest IMT #3
    2208 Mark Openshaw – Southwest IMT #3
    2209 Bryan Christensen, UT – Delta Fire Dept.
    2210 James L Riggs, AZ
    2211 Jonathon Arndt, UT – Lone Peak Engine 1668
    2212 Nicholas Hordynski, CA – IMO Christopher MacKenzie
    2213 Robert Heiar, NM – IMO Token Adams, Granite Mountain IHC
    2214 Tricia Maki, CA – CIIMT4
    2215 Glen Maki, CA – CIIMT4
    2216 John Mullowney – Summitt & Pacific Coast
    2217 Joe Cameron – Elko District Midas BLM Guard Station
    2218 Christopher Park – ENA Crew
    2219 Dillon Alexander, NM – IHO Fallen Wildland Firefighters
    2220 Michael Franke-Rose, MI – IHO & IMO of Andrew Palmer
    2221 Danika Couts, NV
    2222 Jodine Barnes, WA – IHO WAIMT #2
    2223 David Helmricks, OR
    2224 Shanna Burke, MA – IMO Danny Holmes
    2225 Zachary Hartshorn, WY
    2226 Katie Knuth, CA
    2227 Ruby Burks, CA
    2228 Benjamin J. Krupski, ID
    2229 James E Corvino, WA
    2230 Robert Sanville, MA – IMO Dan Holmes
    2231 Chris Glode – BLM NV
    2232 Kevin Koch, CA
    2233 Janice Koch, CA
    2234 Angela Koch, CA
    2235 Andrew Koch, CA
    2236 Bryan Swift, CO
    2237 Kimberly M. Nutt, CO – IHO Scott Nutt
    2238 Michael Gonzales – New Mexico Veteran FF Crew
    2239 Stefan Conkle – New Mexico Veteran FF Crew
    2240 Kevin Langhus, MT
    2241 Spencer Johnston, ID
    2242 Terry Tilford, UT
    2243 Chuck Cosgrove – IMO Danny Holmes
    2244 Camden Bumpus, IL
    2245 Kim Bumpus, IL
    2246 Cheri Campbell – LaGrande Fire Cache – USFS
    2247 David Reilly – LaGrande Fire Cache – USFS
    2248 Pamala Werchau, AZ
    2249 Mary Colton , CA
    2250 Bruce Hart – American River IHC
    2251 Nicole Vaillant, OR
    2252 Edward Fransted, MT
    2253 Anne Dutton, ID
    2254 Cory Dutton, ID
    2255 Michael W Wengert, WY
    2256 Casey Arnett, NM – Farmington BLM
    2257 Jason Anderson, UT – Squad 81 Spanish Fork UT
    2258 Eric Harris, CA – Engineer on Pozo Engine 31 of Los Padres
    2259 Linda Naill, MT
    2260 Steven Lawson, WI
    2261 Brooks R. Austin, CA – IHO Tallac Hotshots
    2262 Christina K Anabel, NY
    2263 Michael Linehan, OR
    2264 Kaari Carpenter, VA – IHO All Our Fallen
    2265 Miranda Stuart – NIFC NPS
    2266 Trent Dunn – WY SHF WA
    2267 Claire Veseth – IMO Anne Veseth
    2268 Doug Olsen – IHO Taylor Olsen
    2269 Lori Olsen – IHO Taylor Olsen
    2270 Alec Olsen – IHO Taylor Olsen
    2271 Abby Olsen – IHO Taylor Olsen
    2272 Pyper Olsen – IHO Taylor Olsen
    2273 Taylor Olsen – Alta IHC
    2274 Wade Snyder – Alta IHC
    2275 Scott Nielson – Alta IHC
    2276 Jesse Trebly – Alta IHC
    2277 Jeff Priebe – Alta IHC
    2278 Mike Cunniff – Alta IHC
    2279 Adam Everett – Alta IHC
    2280 Mike Jewett – Alta IHC
    2281 Mario Giacobassi – Alta IHC
    2282 Seth Spain – Alta IHC
    2283 Tyler Carruth – Alta IHC
    2284 Miller Bailey – Alta IHC
    2285 Cory Brown – Alta IHC
    2286 Taylor Ford – Alta IHC
    2287 Amy Hunnewell – Alta IHC
    2288 Kenney Cain – Alta IHC
    2289 Chris Meeker – Alta IHC
    2290 Adrian Bushman – Alta IHC
    2291 Sam Ness – Alta IHC
    2292 Kenyon Shephard – Alta IHC
    2293 Kelly Watts – Alta IHC
    2294 Ron Allred – Alta IHC
    2295 RB Ferguson – Alta IHC
    2296 Tom O’Connell – CAIIMT#4
    2297 Dennis Strange – BLM FMO – Spokane, WA
    2298 Nicholas Strange, WA
    2299 Christopher Strange, WA
    2300 William Strange, WA
    2301 Lora Strange, WA
    2302 Phillip Strange, WA
    2303 John Van Mannekes, CA – CIIMT4
    2304 Jack Tatum, WY
    2305 Cody Tatum, WY
    2306 Eric Williams, CA – CIIMT4
    2307 Derek Jackson, CO
    2308 Mark Mott, CA – CIIMT4
    2309 James Whiteside, CA – CIIMT4
    2310 Jeremy Camacho, CA – CIIMT4
    2311 Adam Sanders – Breckenridge IHC
    2312 Dylan Johnston – Breckenridge IHC
    2313 Merritt Cutten – Breckenridge IHC
    2314 Geoffrey Gillespie – Breckenridge IHC
    2315 Travis Joyner – Breckenridge IHC
    2316 Estevan Rodriguez – Breckenridge IHC
    2317 Corey Chorea – Breckenridge IHC
    2318 Michael Martin – Breckenridge IHC
    2319 Ricky Jones – Breckenridge IHC
    2320 Richard Burgess – Breckenridge IHC
    2321 Brant Machado – Breckenridge IHC
    2322 Riley Daniels – Breckenridge IHC
    2323 Gina Bald, UT – CIIMT4
    2324 Frank Mosbacher, CA – CIIMT4
    2325 Sean Collins, CA – CIIMT4
    2326 Beth Lopez, CA
    2327 John Kraushaar, CA – CIIMT4 – IMO Dan Holmes
    2328 Mitchel Diehl, CA – CIIMT4
    2329 Rachel Corkill, CA – IMO Smiley
    2330 Kevin Janes, CA – CIIMT4
    2331 Owen Johnson, MT
    2332 Jennifer Riley, CA – IHO Nick Riley
    2333 Jody Prummer, OR – IMO David Liston
    2334 Jason Cain, NV
    2335 Sara K Quaglia, MA – IMO Mark Urban
    2336 Kari R. Christman, UT
    2337 Jacob Budd, WY – IHO Tatanka IHC, IMO Granite Mtn. IHC
    2338 Karis Berrian, AK
    2339 Jamie Gruwell, CA – IHO James Gruwell
    2340 James Gruwell, CA – IHO James Gruwell
    2341 Hector Hernandez, CA – IMO All That Have Passed
    2342 JT Belton – McCall Smokejumper
    2343 Jazz Beyuka – McCall Smokejumper
    2344 Ramona Beyuka – McCall Smokejumper
    2345 Steve Berman – McCall Smokejumper
    2346 Ahjah Boise – McCall Smokejumper
    2347 Dan Booth – McCall Smokejumper
    2348 Rob Brennecke- McCall Smokejumper
    2349 Matt Castellon – McCall Smokejumper
    2350 Kevin Chargois – McCall Smokejumper
    2351 Bob Charley – McCall Smokejumper
    2352 Jake Class – McCall Smokejumper
    2353 Brandon Corbitt – McCall Smokejumper
    2354 Ben Covault – McCall Smokejumper
    2355 Sam Cox – McCall Smokejumper
    2356 Sean Cronin – McCall Smokejumper
    2357 Casey Czinski – McCall Smokejumper
    2358 Adam Dealaman – McCall Smokejumper
    2359 Lucas Dixon – McCall Smokejumper
    2360 Eric Duning – McCall Smokejumper
    2361 Travis Dotson – McCall Smokejumper
    2362 Kyle Esparza – McCall Smokejumper
    2363 Todd Franzen – McCall Smokejumper
    2364 Matt Galyardt – McCall Smokejumper
    2365 Ryan Garber – McCall Smokejumper
    2366 Nate Giles – McCall Smokejumper
    2367 Steve Gonzales – McCall Smokejumper
    2368 Stew Hansen – McCall Smokejumper
    2369 Andrew Harris – McCall Smokejumper
    2370 Todd Haynes – McCall Smokejumper
    2371 Jared Hendee – McCall Smokejumper
    2372 Derek Hoban – McCall Smokejumper
    2373 John Holovnia – McCall Smokejumper
    2374 Garrett Hudson – McCall Smokejumper
    2375 Adam Humbach – McCall Smokejumper
    2376 Matt Ingram – McCall Smokejumper
    2377 Bronson Kimberling – McCall Smokejumper
    2378 Mike Kolb – McCall Smokejumper
    2379 Colin Lanigan – McCall Smokejumper
    2380 Ryan Lynch – McCall Smokejumper
    2381 Andre Mascheroni – McCall Smokejumper
    2382 Jake Mikovitz – McCall Smokejumper
    2383 Taro Moraga – McCall Smokejumper
    2384 Brent Morrison – McCall Smokejumper
    2385 Damon Nelson – McCall Smokejumper
    2386 Chris Niccoli – McCall Smokejumper
    2387 James Norvell – McCall Smokejumper
    2388 Hans Ohme – McCall Smokejumper
    2389 Toby Orient – McCall Smokejumper
    2390 Ian Quist – McCall Smokejumper
    2391 Phil Reid – McCall Smokejumper
    2392 Kevan Richards – McCall Smokejumper
    2393 Pat Romportl – McCall Smokejumper
    2394 Kurt Ryan – McCall Smokejumper
    2395 Brent Sawyer – McCall Smokejumper
    2396 Jarred Sayer – McCall Smokejumper
    2397 Jeff Schricker – McCall Smokejumper
    2398 Keith Suemnick – McCall Smokejumper
    2399 Matt Summerfield – McCall Smokejumper
    2400 Dave Telian – McCall Smokejumper
    2401 Justin Aleshire – PatRick Environmental
    2402 Devin Jurs – PatRick Environmental
    2403 Shannon Cowen, CA – USFS-STF
    2404 Fred Pavlovic, NM
    2405 Robert Laeng, CA
    2406 Charles Meeks – Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    2407 Ryan Gaines – Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    2408 Mindy Stevenson – Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    2409 Kat Gonzales – Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    2410 Juan Zepeda – Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    2411 Roger Conroy – Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    2412 Jill Hartman – Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    2413 Gabriel Mesina, NV
    2414 Elizabeth Ernst, MI
    2415 Claude March, NV
    2416 Clint Green, CA
    2417 Teddie Anzaldo, CA
    2418 Jesson Vasey, WY
    2419 Lisa Ballentine, CA
    2420 Richard Berni, CA
    2421 Bill Slosson, WA
    2422 Richard Rochowiak, MI
    2423 Juan Montes, CA
    2424 Carol Slack, NY
    2425 David Vitwar, CO – IHO Rocky Mt. Type 1 Team
    2426 Lynn Kaney, WA
    2427 Christopher B Barrett, AZ – CIIMT4
    2428 Ceth Hodson, CA
    2429 Christine Hiebert, OR
    2430 Matthew Peacock, CA
    2431 Charles Veavea, AS – Arrowhead IHC
    2432 Rafael Torres, CA – Arrowhead IHC
    2433 Ramon Godinez, CA – Arrowhead IHC
    2434 Weston Gaul, CA – Arrowhead IHC
    2435 Tyler Hurst, CA – Arrowhead IHC
    2436 Roberto Garcia, CA – Arrowhead IHC
    2437 Guillermo Munguia, CA – Arrowhead IHC
    2438 Adrian Encinia, CA – Arrowhead IHC
    2439 Manuel Baca, CA
    2440 Isaias Garcia, CA – Arrowhead IHC
    2441 Nathaniel Weldon, CA – Arrowhhead IHC
    2442 Blake T Johnson, WI – Arrowhead IHC
    2443 Ross Mathewson, CA – Arrowhead IHC
    2444 Jesse Schmidt, CA – Arrowhead IHC
    2445 Josh Miller, CA – Arrowhead IHC
    2446 Joe Suarez, CA – Arrowhead IHC
    2447 Taylor Noles, CA – Arrowhead IHC
    2448 Randy Cavigli, CA – Arrowhead IHC
    2449 Andrea Zelcer, CA – Arrowhead IHC
    2450 Fran McCarthy, WA
    2451 Melinda Bowcut, UT
    2452 Hal Stoker, UT – Great Basin IHC
    2453 Frank Auza, AZ – Black Mesa IHC
    2454 James L Riggs, AZ – Black Mesa IHC
    2455 Steven Fairbank, AZ – Black Mesa IHC
    2456 Perry Breitenstien, AZ – Black Mesa IHC
    2457 Jake Florence, Black Mesa IHC
    2458 Matt Sigg, AZ – Black Mesa IHC
    2459 Dan Norskog, Black Mesa IHC
    2460 Terrance House, AZ – Black Mesa IHC
    2461 Chris Wescott, AZ – Black Mesa IHC
    2462 Steve Dale, AZ – Black Mesa IHC
    2463 Sam Mize, AZ – Black Mesa IHC
    2464 Matthew Ziegler, AZ – Black Mesa IHC
    2465 Allen Tennant, AZ – Black Mesa IHC
    2466 Tyler Ware, AZ – Black Mesa IHC
    2467 Jonathan Catron, AZ – Black Mesa IHC
    2468 Adam Courtney, AZ – Black Mesa IHC
    2469 Kohl Pelts, AZ – Black Mesa IHC
    2470 Josh Schuler, AZ – Black Mesa IHC
    2471 Rocky Gilbert, AZ
    2472 Carol Adam, PA
    2473 Jason Klug, NV
    2474 Jefferson Gauyan, CA
    2475 Jeff Hogg, AZ
    2476 Cynthia H Hogg, AZ
    2477 Sheila Miner – CIIMT #4
    2478 Judy Carvelho, ID
    2479 Joe Carvelho, ID
    2480 Robert Sommer, CA
    2481 Daniel Casto – USFS
    2482 Paul Cerda, CO – Alpine IHC
    2483 James Champ, CO – Alpine IHC
    2484 Mark Mendonca, CO – Alpine IHC
    2485 Shawn Phillips, CO – Alpine IHC
    2486 Tom Dillon, CO – Alpine IHC
    2487 Dru Phillips, CO – Alpine IHC
    2488 Todd Pinkowski, CO – Alpine IHC
    2489 Todd Ruzicka, CO – Alpine IHC
    2490 Aaron Klee, Co – Alpine IHC
    2491 Hunter Smith, CO – Alpine IHC
    2492 Bryan LoMascolo, CO – Alpine IHC
    2493 William Chatham, CO – Alpine IHC
    2494 New Member – Greg Vigneaux, CO – Alpine IHC
    2495 Gerhett VomSteeg, CO – Alpine IHC
    2496 Justin Humrichouse, CO -Alpine IHC
    2497 Nicholas Lewandowski, CO – Alpine IHC
    2498 Emile Legendre, CO – Alpine IHC
    2499 Michael Lazorchak, CO -Alpine IHC
    2500 Vidal Carrillo, CO – Alpine IHC
    2501 Mark Wilson, MT
    2502 Alex S Arrigoni, OR – First Strike Environmental
    2503 Daniel Cook, OR – First Strike Environmental
    2504 Ryan Cyphert, OR – First Strike Environmental
    2505 Richard Haney, OR – First Strike Environmental
    2506 Joshua Harding, OR – First Stirke Environmental
    2507 Christopher Henderson, OR – First Strike Environmental
    2508 Jeffrey Hoopes, OR – First Strike Environmental
    2509 Joseph Opanez, OR – First Strike Environmental
    2510 Corbin J Parise, OR – First Strike Environmental
    2511 Brian Walter, OR – First Strike Environmental
    2512 Erin Davitt, CO
    2513 Theresa Grasmick, NV
    2514 Dana Carter, NM
    2515 Brian Rhodes, CA – CIIMT4
    2516 Thomas Marchant, CA – CIIMT4
    2517 Dan Snow, CA – CIIMT4
    2518 Loni Holt, CA
    2519 Lyle T Koegler, CA – CIIMT
    2520 Alicia Sanchez, CA – CIIMT4
    2521 Liv Weston, WA
    2522 Vicki Wilson, CA – CIIMT4
    2523 Kevin Murray, CA – CIIMT4
    2524 Sherri Bennett, CA -CIIMT4
    2525 Kerry Koskela, CA – CIIMT4
    2526 Clare Delaney, MT – CIIMT4
    2527 Belinda Plummer, CA – CIIMT4
    2528 Vinnie Plummer, CA – CIIMT4
    2529 Trudy Klegstad, ID – IMO Ryan Flegal & Liza Denitto
    2530 Leigh Stewart, AZ
    2531 Caitlyn Miller, WY
    2532 Richard Sessler, CA
    2533 Clarance Holt, WA – Spokane Tribe BIA
    2534 Brandon Alicea, CA
    2535 Trae Holliday, WY
    2536 Jeffrey N Crawford, OR
    2537 Christopher Villa, CA – IMO All Fallen Wildland Firefighters
    2538 Teresa Miller, CA – Redding IHC
    2539 Whitney A Murphy, CO – Redding IHC
    2540 Charles Barber, CA – Redding IHC
    2541 Adan Ramirez, CA – Redding IHC
    2542 Lyndon Talbott, NV – Redding IHC
    2543 Cruz Armendariz, CA – Redding IHC
    2544 Troy Russell, CA – Redding IHC
    2545 Laura Barney, CA – Redding IHC
    2546 Wil Fleenor, CA – Redding IHC
    2547 Richard Lillard, MD – Maryland Forest Service – Regional Fire Manager
    2548 Chelsea C Michael, CA
    2549 Bryce C Nielsen, NE
    2550 Doreen Blaker, MI
    2551 Christopher F Stefanides, PA
    2552 Anthony Walkosak – USFS – IMO Granite Mountain IHC
    2553 Taylor Schenk, WI
    2554 Denise Warnken- IMO Randy Lynn
    2555 Bill Alleman – Bonneville IHC – IMO Caleb Hamm
    2556 Joshua Barnes, CA
    2557 John Prendergast – USFS
    2558 Jonny Brooks – Wasatch Helitack – IMO Granite Mountain IHC
    2559 Alicia Hone, UT
    2560 Pam Urban – IMO Mark Urban
    2561 Larry Eimen – El Paso County (CO) Sheriff’s Wildland Crew
    2563 Emily Barker – San Juan IHC
    2564 Bevin Protas, CO
    2565 Angel Preciado, CA – Laguna IHC – IMO Juan Estrada
    2566 Chris Talbot, CA – Laguna IHC
    2567 Luke Tinker, CA – Laguna IHC
    2568 Roman Vondriska, OR – IHO Ryan Vondriska
    2569 Eric Hooper, CA – Arroyo Grande IHC – USFS
    2570 Scott Price – Ventura County Fire Dept
    2571 Mikell Newton, OR
    2572 Barbara Giller, OR
    2573 Ava B Campagna, NV
    2574 Aryn Hayden – Cherokee IHC
    2575 Brent Foltz – Cherokee IHC
    2576 Jared Staggs – Cherokee IHC
    2577 Buck Palmer – Cherokee IHC
    2578 Jason Martindale – Cherokee IHC
    2579 Alex Plascencia, OR – IHO Richard Wally Ochoa Jr.
    2580 Steven Teeter, WI
    2581 Zoella Teeter, WI
    2582 Adriane Morabito, WI
    2583 John Giller, OR
    2584 Debbie Ekwall, CA
    2585 Jeffrey Buscher, CA
    2586 Herman Wendell, CT
    2587 Debbie Wendell, CT
    2588 Dan Gosnell, CA
    2589 Rick Cowell, CA – CIIMT4
    2590 Travis Calka, CA – CIIMT4
    2591 Daniel Montoya, CA – CIIMT4
    2592 Steven Baran, CA – CIIMT4
    2593 Jesson Vasey, WY
    2594 Kevin Conant, CA
    2595 Jeremy Surprenant – Winema IHC
    2596 Ezekiel Ordaz – Winema IHC
    2597 Brandon McBride – Winema IHC
    2598 Hunter Sexton – Winema IHC
    2599 David Dukart, CA – Los Padres National Forest – IHO Those that are still stompi…
    2600 Erin Finley, WA – Winema IHC
    2601 Keith L Fields, OR
    2602 Kaleb Krogen – Engine 633 Kaibab NF
    2603 John Wirth, WA
    2604 Steve Robles – Dalton IHC
    2605 Scott Gorman – Dalton IHC
    2606 John Crouch – Dalton IHC
    2607 Joseph Darling – Dalton IHC
    2608 Steven Gutierrez – Dalton IHC
    2609 Alejandro Hernandez – Dalton IHC
    2610 Efron Jauregui – Dalton IHC
    2611 Carlos Flores – Dalton IHC
    2612 Roberto Sibrian – Dalton IHC
    2613 Gerald Davis – Dalton IHC
    2614 Kevin Moran – Dalton IHC
    2615 Anthony Powers- Dalton IHC
    2616 Rachel Powers, CA
    2617 Lance Aguilar – Dalton IHC
    2618 Jon Lester – Dalton IHC
    2619 Perry Rhodes – Dalton IHC
    2620 Matt Hidalgo – Dalton IHC
    2621 Louis Quezada – Dalton IHC
    2622 Ryan Walker – Dalton IHC
    2623 Pedro Cervantes – Dalton IHC
    2624 Matthew Schell – Dalton IHC
    2625 John Stein – Dalton IHC
    2626 Rachel Powers, CA
    2627 Matthew Preston Rowlls, GA
    2628 Cali Frankovic, CO – IHO Caleb Meyer
    2629 Christina Stanley, CA – IHO Curt Stanley
    2630 Curt Stanley, CA
    2631 Stephen W. Clark II
    2632 Peter Dybing, CO
    2633 Timothy Brewer, OR – Grayback Forestry – IHO Iron 44 – IMO Steve Renno
    2634 John Gomez, CA
    2635 Roman Watson, OK
    2636 Debra Lopez, UT – IMO Spencer Koyle
    2637 Mary L Day, CA
    2638 Bill Gabbert, SD – Wildfire Today/FireAviation
    2639 Sean Cox, AZ
    2640 Jonathan White, NJ – IHO Elaine White
    2641 Neil Gamboa, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    2642 David Borero, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    2643 Uriel Ortega, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    2644 Dustin Blair, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    2645 Robert J Velasquez, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    2646 Heidi Esh, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    2647 Collin Borden, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    2648 Sierra Brown, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    2649 Erik Nelsen, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    2650 Cody Smith, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    2651 Gary Avila, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    2652 Travis O’Leary, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    2653 Art Lozano, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    2654 Pedro Marcos, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    2655 Omar Alvarez, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    2656 Luke Lopez, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    2657 Roberto Larios-Ochoa, CA – Del Rosa IHC
    2658 James Brumfield, NV – Grangeville Smokejumpers
    2659 Asher Hart, CA – Chester Fly Crew
    2660 Arturo Rodriguez, CA – USFS
    2661 Eric Gandolfi, CA – USFS
    2662 John Armstrong, CA – Texas Canyon IHC
    2663 Danny Breuklander, CA – Texas Canyon IHC
    2664 Josh Thomas, CA – Texas Canyon IHC
    2665 Phil Matthews, CA – Texas Canyon IHC
    2666 Timothy Mitchell, CA – Texas Canyon IHC
    2667 Michael Jarnot, CA – Texas Canyon IHC
    2668 Brett Davis, CA – Texas Canyon IHC
    2669 Joseph Medina, CA – Texas Canyon IHC
    2670 Joseph Bunton, CA – Texas Canyon IHC
    2671 Ignacio Pizano, CA – Texas Canyon IHC
    2672 Jordan Rojales, CA -Texas Canyon IHC
    2673 Kris Krosskove, CA – Texas Canyon IHC
    2674 Nestor Paredes, CA – Texas Canyon IHC
    2675 Freddie Hernandez, CA – Texas Canyon IHC
    2676 Joaquin Solorio, CA – Texas Canyon IHC
    2677 Jonathan Bravo, CA – Texas Canyon IHC
    2678 Eric Larson, CA – Texas Canyon IHC
    2679 Keith Garcia, CA – Texas Canyon IHC
    2680 Brad Olson, CA – Texas Canyon IHC
    2681 Anders Heinstedt, CA – Texas Canyon IHC
    2682 Chris Schow, CA – Stanislaus NF
    2683 Cory Rice – Peppermint Helitack
    2684 Guadalupe Basaldua – Peppermint Helitack
    2685 Trevor Drake – Peppermint Helitack
    2686 Matt Dickson – Peppermint Helitack
    2687 Eddie Estrada – Peppermint Helitack
    2688 Aaron Smith, CA
    2689 Douglas Denlinger, OR
    2690 Charlotte Kurner, CA – IHO Derek Yonker – Smith River IHC
    2691 Carrie Bowers, CA
    2692 Joshua Lambert, UT
    2693 Joseph Lavelle, CA
    2694 Don Moss, OR
    2695 Benjamin Miltz, CA – Bald Mtn Helitack
    2696 Joshua Wilson, CA – Bald Mtn Helitack
    2697 Matt Muller, CA – Bald Mtn Helitack
    2698 Blaine Coyle, CA – Bald Mtn Helitack
    2699 Rane Joseph, CA – Bald Mtn Helitack
    2700 Joe Ziganto, CA – Bald Mtn Helitack
    2701 William Venegas, CA – Bald Mtn Helitack
    2702 Sam Stein, CA – Bald Mtn Helitack
    2703 Daniel Lojero, CA – Bald Mtn Helitack
    2704 Erik Lint, CA – Bald Mtn Helitack
    2705 Matt Silliman, CA – Bald Mtn Helitack
    2706 Aaron Silva, CA – Bald Mtn Helitack
    2707 Dean Estes, CA – Bald Mtn Helitack
    2708 Christian Wooster – Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District
    2709 Christian Wooster, NV
    2710 Gabe Carr – Boise Helitack
    2711 Jacob Krasinski, PA
    2712 Matt Conklin, CA
    2713 Daniel J Fuller, CO
    2714 Anthony Hernandez, OR
    2715 Reyes Romero – Great Basin Smokejumpers
    2716 George Geissler, OK
    2717 Tom Ludka, PA
    2718 Dan Dinneen – CalFire
    2719 Holly Werner, CA
    2720 Mike Klimek, CA – Lassen Volcanic NP Fire & Aviation Management
    2721 Christina Jones, CA – Lassen Volcanic NP Fire & Aviation Management
    2722 Orlando Genao, FL – Lassen Volcanic NP Fire & Aviation Management
    2723 Lucas Hunkler, OH – Lassen Volcanic NP Fire & Aviation Management
    2724 Jason Tucker, CA – Lassen Volcanic NP Fire & Aviation Manage…
    2725 Carlos Alvarez, CA – Lassen Volcanic NP Fire & Aviation Mana…
    2726 Davin Williams, CA – Lassen Volcanic NP Fire & Aviation Mana…
    2727 Orlando Genao, CA – Lassen Volcanic NP Fire & Aviation Management
    2728 Bryan Ramas – Lassen Volcanic NP Fire & Aviation Management …
    2729 Nathan D Bruns, CA – Lassen Volcanic NP Fire & Aviation Mana…
    2730 Brandon Uptegrove, OR
    2731 Nicole Marquart, WA – IHO Spouses & Partners of Wildland Fir…
    2732 Robert Palmer, WA
    2733 Micah Booze, NV
    2734 Philip Jesu, CA – Feather River IHC
    2735 Shane Bender, CA – Feather River IHC
    2736 Robert Daniels, CA – Feather River IHC
    2737 Jason Miller, CA – Feather River IHC
    2738 Leland Ratcliff, CA – Feather River IHC
    2739 Wade Ogletree, CA – Feather River IHC
    2740 Jason French, CA – Feather River IHC
    2741 Andrew Munn, CA – Feather River IHC
    2742 Alex Shipp, CA – Feather River IHC
    2743 Bobby Davis, CA – Feather River IHC
    2744 Mark Cresalia, CA – Feather River IHC
    2745 Brandon Salzman, CA – Feather River IHC
    2746 Joshua Poteet, CA – Feather River IHC
    2747 Steve Ocampo, CA – Feather River IHC
    2748 Jason Johnson, CA – Feather River IHC
    2749 Ruben Alvidrez, CA – Feather River IHC
    2750 Bradley Fry, CA – Feather River IHC
    2751 Andres Moreno, CA – Feather River IHC
    2752 Jordan Hillock, UT – Custer Mtn Wildland Fire Module
    2753 Chris Mursu, SD
    2754 Ernest Hartley, NH IHO Dana Hartley
    2755 Enrique Pulido, IN
    2756 Jesse Thomas, CO
    2757 David Varon, OR
    2758 Marin Stark, CO
    2759 Andrew McNicoll, CA
    2760 Reuben Brand, CA – Inyo IHC – IHO All Wildland Firefighters
    2761 Nicholas Stelljes, CA – Inyo NF
    2762 Dusty Citron, WY – Fremont CO Fire Protection Dist.
    2763 Rocky McWilliams, WY – Fremont County Fire Protection Dist.
    2764 Kirk C Blecha, OR
    2765 Josh Hagerty, NV – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    2766 Clayton Keith, NV – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    2767 Adam Campbell, NV – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    2768 Zachary J Parker, NV – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    2769 Cody Nelson, NV – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    2770 Pablo Esquivel, NV – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    2771 Mark Zaski, NV – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    2772 Sam Klippenstein, NV – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    2773 Ryan Blount, CA – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    2774 Taran Madison, NV – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    2775 Joshua Whitman, NV – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    2776 Shane Moore, NV – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    2777 Jacob Pargas, NV – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    2778 Garrett Strawn, NV – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    2779 Katie MacLachlan, CA – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    2780 Tyler Mollenberg, NV – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    2781 Nicholas Welsh, NV – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    2782 Derek Chavez, NV – Slide Mountain Handcrew
    2783 Kyle Betty, CA – Lassen IHC
    2784 Brett Matthews, CA – Lassen IHC
    2785 Nolan Colvin, CA – Lassen IHC
    2786 Dane Nesbit, CA – Lassen IHC
    2787 Chris Burns, CA – Lassen IHC
    2788 David Peek, CA – Lassen IHC
    2789 Karl Briggs, CA – Lassen IHC
    2790 Steffan Joss, CA – Lassen IHC
    2791 Justin Calvert, CA – Lassen IHC
    2792 Charles Ebert, CA – Lassen IHC
    2793 Brandon Fowler, CA – Lassen IHC
    2794 Kurt Merino, CA – Lassen IHC
    2795 Jacob Hernandez, CA – Lassen IHC
    2796 Jonathan Kirshner, CA – Lassen IHC
    2797 Sarah Degner-Volluchii, CA – Lassen IHC
    2798 Zane Cuthill, CA – Lassen IHC
    2799 Fernando Estrada, CA – Lassen IHC
    2800 Victoria Oglesby, NM – IHO Butch Oglesby
    2801 Deborah DeBlois-Stewart, MA – IHO Michael J DeBlois
    2802 David Ruhl, SD
    2803 Alejandro Tijerino, CA – Inyo IHC
    2804 Brent Anklam, CA – Inyo IHC
    2805 Kevin O’Hara, CA – Inyo IHC – IHO Inyo IHC – IMO Inyo IHC
    2806 Leo Archibeque, CA – Inyo IHC
    2807 Miguel Alba, CA – Inyo IHC
    2808 Anibal Gutierrez, CA – Inyo IHC
    2809 Laura Dunkman, IL
    2810 Tim May, CA
    2811 Kathryn Osborne, OR
    2812 Eric Neitzel, AZ – Fireground Communications LLC
    2813 Brian Genrich, OR – Diamond Fire Medford Oregon
    2814 Justin Schroeder, OR – Smith River IHC – IHO Granite Mountai…
    2815 Christopher Mork, MT – IHO All
    2816 Donald McLaughlin, CA – IHO Teddy Hall & Arnie Q – IMO Stati…
    2817 Patrick Clark, CA – Inyo IHC
    2818 Ashley M Letscher, CA
    2819 Devin Parks, OR – Rogue River IHC
    2820 Norene Norris, AZ – IHO Rob Browning
    2821 Dalton Loveless, UT – IMO Granite Mountain IHC
    2822 Jacqueline Harrell, CA
    2823 David McIlrath, IA
    2824 Paul Solarz, OR
    2825 Lorena Ochoa, OR – IHO Wally Ochoa
    2826 Adam Cook, MN
    2827 Phillip Spor, OR
    2828 David Phillips, CA – IHO Bald Mtn Helitack
    2829 Frances Gericke, CA
    2830 Lance Rosen, CA – Inyo IHC
    2831 Ben Raybould, CA -Inyo IHC
    2832 Glen Tingley, CA – Inyo IHC
    2833 David Straw, OR – Inyo IHC
    2834 Juan Caudillo Jr, CA – Inyo IHC
    2835 Zachary Beatty, CA – Inyo IHC
    2836 Steven Chaffin, CA – Big Hill Helitack
    2837 Rose Henderson, NV
    2838 Greggory Boydston, CA
    2839 Mike Josey, FL
    2840 John Thomas, AK
    2841 Jim Powell, CA
    2842 Larry Grubbs, FL
    2843 Mason F Dungy, CA
    2844 Scott D Halladay, CO
    2845 Lara K Hannon, ID
    2846 Elli Becker, MT – Helena IHC
    2847 Will Menning, MT – Helena IHC
    2848 Dan Oldenburg, MT – Helena IHC
    2849 Jose Gonzales, CA – Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    2850 Juan Andrade, CA – Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    2851 Julio C Campos, CA – Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    2852 Roberto Castillo, CA – Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    2853 Raymond Gonzales, CA – Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    2854 Jose A Gutierrez, CA – Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    2855 Dustin Hallam, CA – Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    2856 Tanner Javaux, CA – Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    2857 Marshall Krogen, CA – Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    2858 Eddie Lashinski, CA – Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    2859 Jeremy Loyd, CA – Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    2860 Keith Orsaba, CA – Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    2861 Samuel Ramirez, CA – Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    2862 Frank Romero, CA – Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    2863 Ryan Ross, CA – Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    2864 Patrick Schaeper, CA – Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    2865 Raul Tapia, CA – Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    2866 Jose Torres, CA – Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    2867 Dalton Workman, CA – Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    2868 New Member – Mary Zabinski, NM
    2869 Linda Kearns, NM
    2870 Johnny Clem, CA – Klamath IHC
    2871 Kevin Smyth, CA – Klamath IHC
    2872 Breanna Truelove, CA – Klamath IHC
    2873 Paul Klinefelter, CA – Klamath IHC
    2874 Michael Lueng, CA – Klamath IHC
    2875 Chase E Jones, IL – Klamath IHC
    2876 Andrew Zink, CA – Klamath IHC
    2877 Cody Stacher, CA – Klamath IHC
    2878 John Brodbeck, CA – Klamath IHC
    2879 Sam Martin, CA – Klamath IHC
    2880 Jack Madison, OR – Klamath IHC
    2881 Dan Joseph Jr, CA – Klamath IHC
    2882 Jeremiah Herrian, CA – Klamath IHC
    2883 Justin Sieger, MI – Klamath IHC
    2884 Connor Allen, CA – Klamath IHC
    2885 Alfredo Sanchez-Lopez, CA – Klamath IHC
    2886 Andrew Hemphill, CA – Klamath IHC
    2887 Kyle Martinez, CA – Klamath IHC
    2888 Erik Gill, CA – Klamath IHC
    2889 Willie Almand, CA – Modoc IHC
    2890 Josh Osteen, CA – Modoc IHC
    2891 Jesse F Plummer, CA – Modoc IHC
    2892 Ben Lippert, CA – Modoc IHC
    2893 Jason Treat, CA – Modoc IHC
    2894 Wes Wentworth, CA – Modoc IHC
    2895 Sylvester Ruis, CA – Modoc IHC
    2896 Andrew Peterson, CA – Modoc IHC
    2897 Aaron Jordan, CA – Modoc IHC
    2898 David Alarcon, CA – Modoc IHC
    2899 James Hogan, CA – Modoc IHC
    2900 Ethan Monie, CA – Modoc IHC
    2901 Sam Stout, CA – Modoc IHC
    2902 Juan Gonzalez, CA – Modoc IHC
    2903 Ryan Ingraldi, CA – Modoc IHC
    2904 Brandon Brown, CA – Modoc IHC
    2905 Juan Perez, CA – Modoc IHC
    2906 Phillip Grimaldo, CA – Modoc IHC
    2907 Jesson Vesey, WY
    2908 Noel Livingston, OR
    2909 Jennifer Peterson, OR
    2910 Denis Moran, UT – IMO Caleb Hamm
    2911 Grace & Voytek Miezal, IL
    2912 Grace and Voytek Miezal, IL
    2913 Richard Williamson, CA
    2914 Russell L Groves, OR
    2915 Todd Breininger, PA
    2916 Brenda Crull, IN – IHO Eric Duning
    2917 Christina Ferner, CO
    2918 Karen M Bontrager, MI
    2919 Brian Keating, CO
    2920 Wesley Odom, AZ – Surprise Fire-Medical Dept. Wildland Team
    2921 Jon Bontrager, MI
    2922 Brenton Weist, CA
    2923 Ario Mohajeri, CA
    2924 Brian R Wolgamott, MT
    2925 Julia Denning, OR
    2926 Alex Denys, MA
    2927 Richard Brinkman, CA – USFS
    2928 Michael J Monaghan, CA – IHO The 19
    2929 Meagan Buehler, Black Hills National Forest, SD
    2930 William Levendis, VA – IHO Diamond Mountain IHC
    2931 Janos Czaban, WY
    2932 Mark Meyers, CA – IHO World Trade Centers Rescue Works CATF-…
    2933 Ryan Johnson, MN
    2934 Charles Hescock, OR
    2935 Charlene Hescock, OR
    2936 Jody Smith – USFS – John Day, OR
    2937 Walter Ten Brinke – Mendocino IHC
    2938 Kyle Jones – Mendocino IHC
    2939 Susan Brown, ID – Sawtooth National Forest
    2940 Michael Brown, ID – Sawtooth National Forest
    2941 Michelle Roulier, CA
    2942 Lindsay Dallison, CO
    2943 Chuck Christman, OR
    2944 Greg Sanders, VA
    2945 Joanne Sanders, VA
    2946 Daniel Cleveland, OR
    2947 Rayfield Dilonardo, CA
    2948 Ben Rock, MT
    2949 Christian Pittaro, CA
    2950 Neil Kornze, DC – IMO Mark Urban
    2951 Gene Lonning, WA
    2952 Michael Thompson, AZ – IHO Brendan McDonough – IHO Granite Mtn IHC
    2953 William Edwards, CO
    2954 Bradley Taylor, AR
    2955 Jesson Vasey, WY
    2956 Patrick Coe, ID
    2957 Brian M Anderson, CA – Bear Divide IHC
    2958 John King, CA – Bear Divide IHC
    2959 Kyle Baumgartner, CA – Bear Divide IHC
    2960 Crosby Manjivar, CA – Bear Divide IHC
    2961 Kyle Ford, CA – Bear Divide IHC
    2962 Hector Cerna, CA – Bear Divide IHC
    2963 Eduardo Cerna, CA – Bear Divide IHC
    2964 Alvin Nguyen, CA – Bear Divide IHC
    2965 Ray Medina, CA – Bear Divide IHC
    2966 Andrew Marquez, CA – Bear Divide IHC
    2967 Gerry Hernandez, CA – Bear Divide IHC
    2968 Ariel Vela, CA – Bear Divide IHC
    2969 Brian Anderson, CA -Bear Divide IHC
    2970 Emmanuel Guzman, CA – Bear Divide IHC
    2971 Armando Garcilazo, CA – Bear Divide IHC
    2972 Gerry Day, WA
    2973 Jason Gaughran, NJ
    2974 Ryan Gaughran, NJ
    2975 Jade Bowlby, NJ
    2976 Jenna Skwirut, NJ
    2977 Kevin Stazo, NJ
    2978 Eliza Stazo, NJ
    2979 Jason Gaughran, NJ
    2980 Ryan Gaughran, NJ
    2981 Jade Bowlby, NJ
    2982 Jenna Skwirut, NJ
    2983 Kevin Stazo, NJ
    2984 Eliza Stazo, NJ
    2985 Paul Gellerstedt, NC – IMO Jimmy Halliburton
    2986 Norm Rooker, CO
    2987 James Fischer, CO
    2988 Steve G Wilson, CA – IHO Cleveland NF, IMO John Scanion
    2989 Eric Molnar, WA – IMO Aaron Olds
    2990 Felicia J Probert, NM – IMO Richard Franklin
    2991 Michael T Davidson, CA – IMO USFS BDF Engine 57
    2992 Michele Stefanides, PA
    2993 Anastasia R Campbell, AZ
    2994 Barbara Mathewson, KS
    2995 Lynda Alberico, CA
    2996 William P Devino, MA – IHO Jonathan Devino
    2997 Tom Holley, AZ
    2998 Misty Whitehurst, CA – USFS Plumas
    2999 Elmer Weaver, NY
    3000 Kevin Quinn, RI
    3001 Tandy Jenkins, CA – IHO Tandy Jenkins
    3002 Eric Kurtz, MT
    3003 Kevin Knauth, ID
    3004 Terri Knauth, ID
    3005 Tyler Knauth, ID
    3006 Barbara Stolzenburg, WA
    3007 Thomas C LaDou, CO
    3008 Cathy Mallea – In Memory of Ronald Mallea
    3009 Ken Nelson, AZ
    3010 Robert A Wickman, MN
    3011 Susan Seber, ID – IHO Brian Lee, IMO Granite Mtn IHC
    3012 Ted Rex, ID
    3013 Michael Rex, CA
    3014 Heather Frazelle
    3015 Shaun Buchanan
    3016 Megan Cooke, MT – IHO All of our firefighters, IMO All of ou…
    3017 Kristen Marshall, OR
    3018 Robert Nicholson, MI
    3019 Shelly McFarland, ID
    3020 Lynn Robinson, ID
    3021 Shelly McFarland, ID
    3022 Lynn Robinson, ID
    3023 Tanya Soans, TX
    3024 Michael Rice, MN – Walker Ranger District
    3025 John Fry, PA – NPS – News River Gorge N.R.
    3026 Bill Allen, ID – IMO Jeff Allen
    3027 Diz Allen, ID – IMO Jeff Allen
    3028 Ryan Allen, ID – IMO Jeff Allen
    3029 Donna Tarrant, OR
    3030 Craig Weaver – Powell Ranger District
    3031 Shardul Raval, GA
    3032 Benjamin Lyons, IN
    3033 Sandy Dunbar, OR – IMO Doug Dunbar
    3034 Sandy Dunbar, OR – IMO Dane Bialoas
    3035 Michael Treshow, ID – Mountain Wanderlust
    3036 Brock Benton, CA
    3037 Shawn Entz, CA
    3038 Randy Gross, CA
    3039 Nicole Long, CA
    3040 Patrick Mason, CA
    3041 Jared McElhannon, CA
    3042 Lance McKinley, CA
    3043 Kevin Menet, CA
    3044 Phil Nunnink, CA
    3045 Adam Ross, CA
    3046 Jim Smith, CA
    3047 Pat Sullivan, CA
    3048 Robert Tellam, CA
    3049 Ashelyn Holm, WA
    3050 Andrew Buyers, UT
    3051 Stefanie D Johnston, ID – IHO Spencer Johnston
    3052 Kyle Kerstiens, CO
    3053 John Kelly, CA
    3054 Dianna Mecham, ID
    3055 Christine Robinson, CA – IMO John Greeno
    3056 Ralph Robinson, CA – IMO John Greeno
    3057 Bruce Edmonson, CA
    3058 Cherie Klein, CA
    3059 Rick Gonzalez, TX – IMO Daddy Joe Gonzalez
    3060 Samuel Croff, MT – Whitegrass Fire Suppression
    3061 Damion Whitegrass, MT – Whitegrass Fire Suppression
    3062 Judy Hallisey, KY
    3063 Barry Brunson, KY
    3064 Judy Hallisey, KY
    3065 Sara Gonzalez, TX – IMO Daddy Joe Gonzalez
    3066 Kevin Grant, CA
    3067 Ted Mead, MT
    3068 Guy Lewis, CA
    3069 Nancy L Kittridge, CO
    3070 Paul Ries, OR
    3071 Bob Kittridge, CO
    3072 Judith Allegra, CA – IMO Firefighter Chris Carroll
    3073 Gena Fowlkes, CA
    3074 Glenn Bartter, CO
    3075 Emily Gilson, UT
    3076 Rocky Siegel, CA – San Marcos Pass Volunteer Fire Dept.
    3077 Cici Chitwood, USDS Portland
    3078 Wende Wilding, UT – IMO Spencer Koyle

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    2013 Annual Members (3638 listed)

    1 Jim Ott, CA
    2 Tom Lavagnino, OR
    3 Kevin Thissell, OR
    4 Mark Shiery, AZ
    5 Diana Holt, AZ
    6 Rachel Shiery, AZ
    7 Randall Johnson, Larkspur FPD, CO
    8 John Armstrong, Texas Canyon IHC, CA
    9 Danny Krutina, UT
    10 Cynthia Krutina, UT
    11 Cody Lee, CA
    12 Jeffrey Buscher, CA
    13 Mike Smith, CO
    14 Lorenzo Miranda Jr., CA
    15 Robert Chapman, TN
    16 Martin Maricle, AK
    17 Gail Maricle, AK
    18 Holly Werner, CA
    19 Autumn Branson, CA
    20 Arthur Mindlin, NJ
    21 Dan Carroll “In Memory of Chris Carroll”, CA
    22 Kathy “KC” Carroll “In Memory of Chris Carroll”, CA
    23 Chad Carroll “In Memory of Chris Carroll”, CA
    24 Jessica Carroll “In Memory of Chris Carroll”, CA
    25 Katherine Wilmarth “In Memory of Chris Carroll”, CA
    26 Diana Mecham, BLM, ID
    27 Michael Treshow, ID
    28 Bob Wilken, Longleaf Alliance Fire Team, FL
    29 Steve Bennett, Longleaf Alliance Fire Team, FL
    30 Karen Zillox, Longleaf Alliance Fire Team, FL
    31 Donna Vassallo, Longleaf Alliance Fire Team, FL
    32 Brian Shuman, Longleaf Alliance Fire Team, FL
    33 Steven Davis, CA
    34 Galen Young, NM
    35 Paul Sever, ID
    36 Bob Klindworth, WA
    37 Paul Dahlen, CA
    38 Dana Dahlen, CA
    39 Michael Dugan, MT
    40 James McMahill, IA
    41 Kyle Behrens, ID -Helena IHC
    42 Dale Wine, TN
    43 Kim Valentine, OR
    44 David Loveland, TN
    45 Matthew Schutty, OR
    46 Alec Lane, CA
    47 Gregg Goodland, CO
    48 Eric Gregory, Centennial Fuels Management, WY
    49 Arlene Gregory, Centennial Fuels Management, WY
    50 Meaghan Buehler, SD
    51 Ron Recker, CA
    52 Jerod Delay, WY
    53 Randy Skelton, ID -McCall Smokejumpers
    54 Michael & Melanie Rice, MN
    55 Greg Emerson, USFS, NV
    56 Justin Cowger, WY
    57 Andrew Brown, CO
    58 Rich Bolton, CA
    59 Thomas French, NM
    60 James Hughes, CA
    61 Vera Pena, AZ
    62 Casey Judd, ID -FWFSA
    63 Michael Harnois, WI
    64 Chip Houde, MEX
    65 Ruben Griego, UT
    66 “In memory of Phillip Conner, Las Vegas Helitack”
    67 Rodolfo Uribe, CA
    68 Linda Austin, CO
    69 Mark Courson, CA
    70 Peter To, PA
    71 Pamela Franco, ID – “In Memory of Stephen Franco”
    72 John Ray Alford – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    73 Aaron J Arledge – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    74 Robert Aaron Ashby – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    75 Adil M Aslam – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    76 Marcos Aviles – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    77 Christopher Scott Beery – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    78 Don Richard Bell II – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    79 Samuel Belote – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    80 Tod Raymond Berryman – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    81 Shannon T. Black – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    82 Jeremy Christen Bower – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    83 William Loyd Breuklander – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    84 Larry Cay Brister – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    85 Todd Douglas Buck – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    86 Randy Scott Burdick – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    87 Frederick W Burris – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    88 Kenton Fredrick Burris – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    89 Charles Kevin Butler – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    90 Fernando M. Calderon – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    91 Larry Manzano Cerda – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    92 Richard G Cervantes – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    93 Joseph Chad Cook – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    94 Aaron Robert Cranage – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    95 Hector Becerra Cruz – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    96 Nicholas J. Derby – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    97 Sean P. Driscoll – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    98 Joseph P Dullam – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    99 Peter Duran – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    100 William C Elder – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    101 Robert Todd Ewing – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    102 Cindy A. Freet – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    103 Mike Fuller – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    104 Alejandro Garcia – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    105 Brandon T Garnsey – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    106 Thomas A Glauser – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    107 Randall A Globerman – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    108 Richard Reginald Gonzales – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    109 Cynthia Marie Gordon – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    110 Matthew David Eugene Gurrola – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    111 Israel T Gutierrez – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    112 Philip Alan Hadley – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    113 Mark T Haliday – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    114 Michael H Hansen – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    115 Michael R. Harding – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    116 Jesse J. Hopcus – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    117 Chrystal Horton – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    118 Jon Stephen Jelle – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    119 Ian Paul Johnson – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    120 Mark Alan Karr – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    121 Brian S Kinsley – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    122 Lawrence Michael Kohagen – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    123 Jason A. Lafferty – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    124 Terrence Lee Lamb – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    125 Ronald Wayne Lauer – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    126 Tanya M Lovelace – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    127 Melvin Bruce Lovo – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    128 Victor Tony Low – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    129 Scott Macone – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    130 Allan Scott Mandell – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    131 Craig B Matthews – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    132 Jason M. May – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    133 Michael Britt Mc Daniels – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    134 John Kennedy Mc Neil – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    135 Ryan C McLemen – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    136 Rodney Lewis Megli – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    137 Kriss Melbardis – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    138 Gary Robert Monday – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    139 Michael Scott Moore – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    140 Chase Morgan – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    141 Martin S. Myers – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    142 Robert A Myers – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    143 Erik T Niemann – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    144 Brian Timothy Nix – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    145 Eric J Norris – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    146 Jack W Nosco – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    147 Thomas H. O’Malley Jr. – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    148 Ronald Gary Oatman – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    149 Gary Dean Oliver – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    150 John L Oliveros – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    151 Eduardo G Ornelas – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    152 Craig William Pearson – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    153 Russell Adam Perkinson – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    154 Christopher Peru – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    155 Brad Peters – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    156 Dan L Petzold – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    157 Nicholas Carl Pisciotta – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    158 Garrett Prater – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    159 James Scott Quirarte – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    160 Cary Rake – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    161 Darrell Anthony Ralston – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    162 Richard J Reese – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    163 Brett William Reynolds – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    164 William R Reynolds – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    165 Anthony Romero – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    166 Tony Salas – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    167 William John Santino Jr. – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    168 Charles Michael Scherrei – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    169 Olaf John Schuett – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    170 Jeffrey S. Seabrook – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    171 Gifford Troy Sears – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    172 Keith Lawrence Smith – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    173 John Gerald Spykerman – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    174 Andrea Leigh Stanley – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    175 David B Stevens – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    176 Charles A Sullenbarger – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    177 Danny Lee Swenson – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    178 Troy L Swickard – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    179 Steven James Swindle – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    180 Robert Bruce Szczepanek – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    181 Michael B. Tamez – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    182 Gregory Graham Taylor – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    183 Carmine J Terracciano – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    184 Gregory W. Thaxton – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    185 Ronald W Topolinski – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    186 Richard Mark Toukdarian – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    187 Michael James Trabbie – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    188 Eric J Trejo – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    189 Albert H Trevisan – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    190 Bertrand Melville Van Auker – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    191 Daran George Vanden Bossche – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    192 Jerry M Vandermeulen – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    193 Samuel R. Villavicencio – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    194 Matthew James Ward – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    195 Robert S Welsbie – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    196 Jeffrey M Whitehouse – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    197 Michael Steven Wickham – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    198 Joseph E. Williams – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    199 Michael Williams – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    200 Steven Paul Winter – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    201 Scott Wirz – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    202 Jeffery A Witt – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    203 Gary Thomas Young – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    204 Gregorio Geroncio Yzaguirre – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    205 Scott Wallace Zeller – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    206 Stanley J Ziegler – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    207 Dave Zimmermann – Ventura County Pro. FFs
    208 Colin Laigan, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    209 Matt Huber, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    210 Mike Cooper, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    211 Hans Ohme, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    212 Kyle Esparza, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    213 Damon Nelson, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    214 JT Belton, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    215 Keith Suemnick, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    216 Sam Cox, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    217 Matt Ingram, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    218 Phil Reid, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    219 Pete Dutchick, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    220 Todd Haynes, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    221 Adam Humbach, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    222 Ryan Garber, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    223 Dan Booth, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    224 Jarod Sayer, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    225 Garrett Hudson, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    226 Jazz Beyuka, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    227 Clay Yazzie, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    228 Lane Lamoreaux, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    229 Kevan Richards, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    230 Shawn Denowh, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    231 Jarod Hendee, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    232 Bob Charley, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    233 Steve Bierman, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    234 Matt Castellon, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    235 Andre Mascheroni, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    236 Jeff Schricker, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    237 Brent Morrison, McCall Smokejumpers, ID
    238 Jack Sevelson, Plumas IHC, CA
    239 Rick McCauley, AZ
    240 Rocky Siegel -San Marcos Pass VFD, CA
    241 David Arnauckaus, CA
    242 Sean Marco -Lucky Bastards Motorcycle Club, ID
    243 Judith Allegra, CA
    244 Lawrence Crane, NM
    245 Cathy & Cliff Hutton, WY
    246 Chuck & Nancy Cosgrove, CT-IMO & love of Danny Holmes
    247 Michael Johns, AZ
    248 David Haston, CA
    249 Thomas Croweel, ID
    250 Kim Kufta, CA
    251 Brian Jenkins, MN
    252 Les Page, KS
    253 Kevin Fitzgerald, AK
    254 Phil Street, ID
    255 Richard Sheets, CA
    256 Tom Zimmerman, ID
    257 Jess Estrada, CA
    258 Scott Culkin, CA
    259 Galen Roesler, WY
    260 Brian Keating, UT
    261 Kelly Carlsen, Oregon Dept. of Forestry, OR
    262 Dick Smith, ID
    263 Tamara Saxton, SD
    264 Liz Kinney, Retired Forest Service, OR
    265 Danny Sadlo, CA
    266 Jan Amen, Texas Forest Service, TX
    267 Meredith Lund, New Ipswich Fire Dept., NH
    268 Tim Smith, HI
    269 Melissa Sartor, ID
    270 Gary Day, Honoring Molly Day, Stanislaus NF
    271 Paul Mintier, CO
    272 Chris Church, ID-In Memory of Kirk Smith
    273 Stephaney Church, Boise NF-In Memory of Kirk Smith
    274 Mariah Leuschen, MT
    275 “In Memory of Mike Boyd, BLM NV”
    276 “In Memory of Matt Cannon, BLM AK”
    277 “In memory of Brian Ruffing, Flathead NF”
    278 Bob & Ginny Wickman, MN
    279 Kent Weaver, ID
    280 Craig Weaver, ID
    281 Michael Allan, CA -Redding IHC
    282 Albert Kellogg, CA
    283 In Memory of Mike Boyd, BLM NV
    284 In Memory of Matt Cannon, BLM AK
    285 In memory of Brian Ruffing, Flathead NF
    286 Paul Talbot, MN
    287 Scott Parsons, CA
    288 Kim Parsons, CA
    289 Sherry Kessel, OR
    290 Daniel Moore, AZ
    291 Vince Carver, GA
    292 Nathan Rabe, Kennewick Firefighters L 1296, WA
    293 Andy Lipp, SD
    294 Ingrid Drieling, ID
    295 Amy Baumer, ID
    296 Todd Baumer, ID
    297 Bonnie Wood, ID
    298 David Brown, AZ
    299 David Wilkins, WY
    300 Rodgers Wright, AZ
    301 Dennis Hulbert, CA
    302 John Kearney, FL
    303 Barry Lee, OR
    304 Paul Kanton “In memory of Chris Kanton”
    305 Mary Kanton “In memory of Chris Kanton”
    306 Jason Kjenstad, Shasta Trinity National Forest, CA
    307 Tracy Dunford, UT
    308 Cheryl Molis, ID
    309 Matt Holmes, NH
    310 Dee Burke, NH
    311 Lisa Slepetski, AK
    312 Taiga, Rohrer, UT
    313 Jason Heinz, WA
    314 Sean Depp, AZ
    315 Steven Ipswitch, ND
    316 Tracy McGuff, CA
    317 Jana Peterson, OR
    318 Jennifer Bartley, NM
    319 Tom Holley, AZ
    320 Holly Miller, NM
    321 Mike Seymour, CA
    322 Don Moss, OR
    323 Royce Wilber, OR
    324 Royal Burnett, CA
    325 David Lowe, WI
    326 Cory Carlson, AZ
    327 Alan Kelso, WA
    328 Jay Wickham, SD
    329 Louisa Evers, OR
    330 Jeff Wenger, CA
    331 Courtney Wood, NV
    332 Larry Edwards, MT
    333 Jan Palecek, CA
    334 David Wergen, OR
    335 Mike Meyers, WA
    336 Greg Bailey, WA
    337 Sean Hendrix, OR
    338 Gary Moberly, OR
    339 Edwin Floate, OR
    340 Greg Stratton, OR
    341 William Kearney, TN
    342 Matt Boss, CA
    343 Kim Boss, CA
    344 Kathleen Hayden, WY
    345 Gerald Vyskocil, CA
    346 Mark Adams, Mormon Lake IHC, AZ
    347 Matthew Caouette, Mormon Lake IHC, AZ
    348 Steve Tome, OR
    349 Jon Skeels, CO
    350 Sharon Rose, KS
    351 Josh Shroyer, MO
    352 Michael Klug, NV
    353 Daniel Cannon, OR
    354 Ken Kerr, CO
    355 Linda Kerr, CO
    356 Helen Bjornsen, ID
    357 KC Bjornsen, ID
    358 Marian Kadota, CA
    359 Stephen M. Jenkins, ID
    360 Westley Shook, UT
    361 Geoff Hibbs, MT
    362 Bryan Karchut, SD
    363 Betty Hartenstine, CA
    364 Steven Hartenstine, CA
    365 Matthew Mateo, CO
    366 Cornelius DeJong, CA
    367 Richard Rusk, UT
    368 Sandy Cameron, ID
    369 Geri Herbert, ID
    370 In Memory of Thomas Haffy
    371 Edward Haffy, NJ
    372 Joni Bruch, WY
    373 Victor Bradford, CO
    374 Roberta Bradford, CO
    375 Robert Lattin, WA
    376 Jamie Wade, AZ
    377 Jonetta Trued, AZ
    378 Frances Bentley, WA
    379 Todd Klimas, AZ
    380 Lathe Evans, AZ
    381 Gordon Herring, WY
    382 Alan Colwell, KY
    383 Karen Trimbath, PA
    384 Craig Carter, CA
    385 Miles Bond, CO
    386 George Kochman, PA
    387 Brian Dompierre, CO
    388 Regina Roby, KY
    389 Travis Welborn, MT
    390 David Zuares, ID
    391 Carolyn Winkler, OR
    392 Nicholas Strohmeyer, AK
    393 Clayton Roadhouse, CA
    394 Gregg Smith, CA
    395 Curtis Palmer, WA
    396 Nathaniel Whittemore, MA
    397 Nancy Whittemore, MA
    398 Joe Mazzeo, MA
    399 Jeff Surber, NV
    400 Rita Dyer, OR
    401 Dawn Johnson, NV
    402 Jayleen Lineback, CO
    403 Phillip Barton, NV
    404 Tom O’Connell, CA
    405 Tony Doty, DC
    406 Juan Bautista, OR
    407 Peter Stewart, NM
    408 Bill Anderson, CO
    409 Steve Douglas, CO
    410 Robert Morse, NJ
    411 Sherill Story, In Memory of Michael Lewis
    412 Russell Oakes, AR
    413 Rowdy Muir, WY
    414 Andy Vasquez, CA
    415 Mike Farmer, MT
    416 John Case, AZ
    417 Karl, Schlitt, NE
    418 Steve Plevel, AZ
    419 Jonathan Smith, NM
    420 Phillip Dye, CA
    421 Patrick Boy, AZ
    422 Eric Nilson, UT
    423 Deb Schweizer, CA
    424 Tom Diani, NV
    425 Kristine Sigona, CA
    426 Amy Skraba, AK
    427 Peter D-Aquanni, NM
    428 Laurie Pillers, ID
    429 Alexis Martin, ID
    430 Karen Varney, MA
    431 Charles Sweet, CO
    432 Loren Wickstrom, ND
    433 Bob Will, CA
    434 Catherine Hibbard, MA
    435 Jimmy Flanagan, NV
    436 Douglass Anderson, MN
    437 Ben Morgan, FL
    438 Wendy Joslin, OR
    439 Samuel Larry, GA
    440 Janice Rushworth, In Memory of Michael B Rushworth
    441 Gary Todd, CA
    442 Buck Wickham, AZ
    443 Mike Patten, MT
    444 Shane Freeman, UT
    445 Ed DeCarlo, NV
    446 Steven D. Ellis, CO
    447 Carol Honig, NM
    448 Patricia Stewart, FL
    449 Richard Hughes, UT
    450 Kenneth Nelson, CA
    451 Sherry Dunning, ID
    452 David F Johnson, WA
    453 Jeremy D. Johnson, WA
    454 Ashley Taylor, MT
    455 Lynn Eisberg, CA
    456 Warren Villa, OR
    457 David Hampton, OR
    458 Rita Baysinger, CO
    459 Vinson Johnson, ID
    460 Leslie Thibeault, MA
    461 Mark Sturdivant, CA
    462 Bob Hammer, FL
    463 Tom Tymon, MT
    464 James Ulmaniec, WI
    465 Faith Duncan, AK
    466 Reg Phillips, WY
    467 Aline Phillips, WY
    468 Col. George Becknell, TX
    469 Louise Becknell, TX
    470 Ray Weidenhaft, WY
    471 Larry Thornton, OR
    472 Mike Crawley, NV
    473 Andrew Barrey, OR
    474 Gene Madden, FL
    475 Kerry Brisson, CA
    476 Michael Anderson, AZ
    477 Dennis Baldridge, CA
    478 Mark Jamieson, MS
    479 Erik Solberg, AZ
    480 James Payne, AZ
    481 Jay Miller, WY
    482 Richard King, ME
    483 Daniel Srednick, CA
    484 Josh Haney, ID
    485 Donna Haney, ID
    486 Eydith Haney, ID
    487 Kaleb Stronberg, WY
    488 Carl Barrett, NV
    489 Sean Barrett, NV
    490 James Ramirez, WY
    491 Tim Bartlett, NV
    492 Merrie Paladijczuk, OR
    493 Kathi May, WA
    494 Scott Vail, CA
    495 Dan Buckley, ID
    496 Ray Kingston, AZ
    497 Jun Kinoshita, CA
    498 Deb Patton, NM
    499 Rebecca Nourse, ID
    500 Marie Louise Smith, ID
    501 Kevin Greehalgh, UT
    502 Cecilia Seesholtz, ID
    503 Bill Paxton, Info Man Bill, MO
    504 Vickie Hulsizer, ID
    505 Michael Haisten, GA
    506 James Fischer, CO
    507 Leigh Ann Evans, OR
    508 Clinton Goepp, CA
    509 George Chelsey, OR
    510 Laurel Simos, ID
    511 Maria Skinner, CA
    512 Carl Nelson, KS
    513 Lori Kempton, WY
    514 Thomas Hooten, CA
    515 John Goss, CA
    516 Kip Redden, WY
    517 Angela L Yemma, CO
    518 William J Yemma, CO
    519 Malcolm McFarland, ME
    520 Walter Southwick, CA
    521 Randall Beck, CA
    522 Toby Cook, AZ
    523 Norman L Pope, CA
    524 Evan Carlos, CA
    525 Bill Mitchell “In Honor of Gavin Mitchell”
    526 Katherine Diaz, CA
    527 Debbie Ekwall, CA
    528 Mark Blankensop, NV
    529 Thomas Smith, CO
    530 Harold Reynolds, TX
    531 Dave Garrison, CO
    532 Karen Tuscano, MT
    533 Matthew Dillon, PA
    534 Jerry Westfall, CA
    535 Marie Mitchell, IMO Paul Mitchell FDNY LODD 09/11/01
    536 Charles Sundt, NM
    537 Barbara Stewart, VA
    538 Alice Forbes, CA
    539 Henry Benham, NV
    540 Spenser Johnston, ID
    541 Jack Kirkendall, MT
    542 Lewis Brown, NV
    543 Eddie Johnson, WY
    544 Ray Weiss, CA
    545 Randy Anderson, ID
    546 Patrick Skaggs, OR
    547 Judith Cunningham, CA
    548 Deneen Cone, CA
    549 Evan Schachtel, IL
    550 Ryan Roche, FL
    551 Tamara Conner, AZ
    552 Judith Nelson, AZ
    553 Ted Mead, MT
    554 John Henshaw, CA
    555 Jay Gardner, CA
    556 Kyle Jacobsen, TXX
    557 Brian Milligan, WI
    558 Greg Suszek, FL
    559 Rachael Hansen, OR
    560 Richard Pfilf, NV
    561 Donna Lamb, NV
    562 Todd Pederson, ID
    563 Brett Ortland, ID
    564 Willie Lowden, OR
    565 Al Crouch, ID
    566 Sarah Doehring, ID
    567 Bill Gabbert, SD
    568 Jake Fitzgerald, CA
    569 Shirley Blood, ID
    570 Dave Kannas, MN
    571 Etcel Gause, NV
    572 Bill Crapser, WY
    573 Nicholas Readinger, PA
    574 Dede Dizney, CA
    575 Louise Blutas, “In Memory of Thomas J Marovich Jr.”
    576 Frances Wilson, UT
    577 Stephen Davis, CA
    578 Richard Hawkins, CA
    579 Janet Palmer, WA
    580 Robert Palmer, WA
    581 Cid Morgan, NM
    582 Marvin Kelso, “In Memory of Jon Kelson”
    583 Anita Kelso “In Memory of Jon Kelso”
    584 Alicia Sisneros, UT
    585 Lance Fickas, CA
    586 Michael Wheelock, OR
    587 Jonathan Mann, CA
    588 Shawn Gettings, WY
    589 Betsie Gettings, WY
    590 Frank Groome, CO
    591 Jordan Townsend, CA
    592 Steven Nicholson, CA
    593 Peter Freire, WY
    594 Joanie Lawrence, OR
    595 Thomas Leuschen, WA
    596 Thomas Wartonick, ID
    597 Charles Mark, MT
    598 David Zortman, SD
    599 Rita Simpson, PA
    600 Greg Nordyke, AZ
    601 Don V Smith, CA
    602 Debbie Anderson, CA
    603 Kevin Curfman, WA
    604 Peggie Cathie, CA
    605 Michael Alcorn, CA
    606 Linda Kearns, NM
    607 Timothy Chavez, CA
    608 Joel Shennum, CA
    609 Mike Antalosky, PA
    610 Jose Baeza, PR
    611 Jeff Edmonds, MN
    612 Paul Boucher, NM
    613 Dirk Huber, UT
    614 Jeremiah Ford, CA
    615 Andrew Pohlman, CO
    616 Dave Robinson, NY
    617 Carol Roth – “In Memory of Roger Roth”
    618 Walter Roth – “In Memory of Roger Roth”
    619 Janet Moser, OR
    620 John Courtright, ID
    621 Mary Mellema, ID
    622 Steve Prescott, ID
    623 Paul Drasil, CA
    624 Everell Hayes, NV
    625 Michael DeGrosky, ID
    626 Billy Price, WY
    627 Betty Price, WY
    628 Jess Neville, SC
    629 Jesse Bassett, UT
    630 Steve Hatting, MI
    631 Brian Burbridge, UT -Cedar City IHC
    632 Guy Keene, CO
    633 Susan Bissell, CA
    634 Cameron Balog, NM
    635 Christopher Friar, AK
    636 Kevin LoGiudice, FL
    637 R Ranger Dorn, CA
    638 Kai Friedrichs, ID
    639 Ralph Rau, ID
    640 Sara Gonzalez, “In Memory of Jose Gonzalez”
    641 Rick Gonzalez, “In Memory of Jose Gonzalez”
    642 Mary Farnsworth, ID
    643 Sara “Sally” Browning, NC
    644 Scott McDonald, OR
    645 Rosi Mulholland, FL
    646 Larry Hettinger, AZ
    647 Debra Compton, CA
    648 Richard Schroeder, PA
    649 Cindy Wedekind, OR
    650 Rex Reed, WA
    651 Paul Solarz, OR
    652 David Varon, OR
    653 Thomas Mozer, CO
    654 William Kaage, ID
    655 Patricia Sullivan, AZ
    656 James Sullivan, AZ
    657 John Sanfilippo, CO
    658 Mary Sanfilippo, CO
    659 Bill Murphy, MT
    660 Matthew Shaddle, ID
    661 George Gerard, MT
    662 Bob Ruth, ID
    663 Vicki Plowman, WA
    664 Linden McNeilus, MN
    665 Kris Bruington, Lone Peak IHC, UT
    666 Preston Ley, Lone Peak IHC, UT
    667 Ryan Hopkins, Lone Peak IHC, UT
    668 Ryan Lafontaine, Lone Peak IHC, UT
    669 Darren O’Loughlin, Lone Peak IHC, UT
    670 Davis Oatway, Lone Peak IHC, UT
    671 Tim Casperson, Lone Peak IHC, UT
    672 Kadell Deason, Lone Peak IHC, UT
    673 Steve Michaelis, Lone Peak IHC, UT
    674 Zachary Beerman, Lone Peak IHC, UT
    675 Carlos Gonzalez, Lone Peak IHC, UT
    676 Brett Branin, Lone Peak IHC, UT
    677 Jacoven Tate, Lone Peak IHC, UT
    678 Matt Freeborn, Lone Peak IHC, UT
    679 Seth Webb, Lone Peak IHC, UT
    680 Jacob Blehm, Lone Peak IHC, UT
    681 Michael Marona, Lone Peak IHC, UT
    682 Noah Greenwald, Lone Peak IHC, UT
    683 Dallin Brown, Lone Peak IHC, UT
    684 Josue Hurtado, Lone Peak IHC, UT
    685 Rick Fowler, Lone Peak IHC, UT
    686 Sean Salinger, Lone Peak IHC, UT
    687 Matthew Snider, Lone Peak Conservation Center, UT
    688 Gary Peck, Lone Peak Conservation Center, UT
    689 Keith Lannom, ID
    690 Brit Rosso, AZ
    691 Shannon Spies, ID
    692 Don Edwards, CA
    693 Kristel Johnson, CA
    694 Dave Kushner, OR
    695 John Caffin, GA
    696 Michael Czaja, CO
    697 Brent Crosland, UT
    698 Jack Wilson, ID
    699 Gregory Watson, NV
    700 Scott Wilhorn, WI
    701 Lori Lancaster, WY
    702 Joe Hartman, KS
    703 Brad Amaral, CA
    704 Darlene Bennett, CA
    705 Brock Benton, CA
    706 Shawn Entz, CA
    707 Spencer Garrett, CA
    708 Randy Gross, CA
    709 Helen Henthorn, CA
    710 Nicole Long, CA
    711 Jared McElhannon, CA
    712 Lance McKinley, CA
    713 Kevin Menet, CA
    714 Phill Nunnink, CA
    715 David Ray, CA
    716 Adam Ray, CA
    717 Adam Ross, CA
    718 Jim Smith, CA
    719 Pat Sullivan, CA
    720 Robert Tellam, CA
    721 Patrick Mason, CA
    722 Adam Woodbeck, CA
    723 Morgan Meserth, ID
    724 Daniel Crowell, ID
    725 Donald Forsyth, CA
    726 Corey Rose, CA
    727 In Honor of Steven Eck – Diamond Mountain IHC
    728 Kathleen Kreyns, CA
    729 Peter Goetzinger, UT
    730 Bonnie Roberts, UT
    731 Kyle Tucker, OR
    732 Andy Rothleutner, WY
    733 Mark Tolbert, CA
    734 Joan Gallagher, NM
    735 David McIlrath, IA
    736 Patrick Mann, AZ
    737 Dale Weir, WA
    738 Frances Gericke, CA
    739 Dan Sullivan “In Memory of Mike Lewis – Krassel Helitack”
    740 Kristi Sullivan “In Memory of Mike Lewis – Krassel Helitack”
    741 Anthony Sigona, CA
    742 Robert Palmer, WA
    743 Summer Myllmaki, OR
    744 Derek Bland, ID
    745 Randy Johnson, WA
    746 Joan Drnjevic, ID
    747 Rick Brazell, ID
    748 Peter Briant, NV
    749 Michael Santistevan, ID
    750 Earl Hellman, ID
    751 Dave Rama, NE
    752 Jody Rama, NE
    753 Mary Flynn, CO
    754 Karen Brent, GA
    755 Heather McLean, UT
    756 Randall Ostman, WA
    757 Ryan Allen, ID
    758 Lindsay Brown, AZ
    759 Ben Jacobs, CA
    760 Mark Oetzmann, ID
    761 Margrete Bjornsen, NV
    762 Steve Counts, VA
    763 Elizabeth Bunzendahl, KY
    764 Joel Masi, CA
    765 Michael McEwen, ID
    766 Michael Wilson, CA
    767 David Dendler, NJ
    768 Peter Cecil, Australia
    769 Benjamin St Pierre, UT
    770 Carl Bartley, NM
    771 Lisa Bartley, NM
    772 Stan Mitchem, WY
    773 John Fugitt, TX
    774 Ted Adams, WY
    775 Dean Rhynes, Retired BDF, CA
    776 Marlene Rhynes, BDF, CA
    777 Alison Rhynes, CA
    778 David Taylor, CA
    779 James Archambeault, WA
    780 Michael Strawhun, CA
    781 Dylan Kane, ID
    782 Ryan Gillian, TN
    783 Kenneth Bochniak, ID
    784 Paige Boyer, CA
    785 Steve Peterson, ID
    786 Keith Smith, CA
    787 Alexander Brockett, ID
    788 Gabriel Donaldson, NV
    789 Mike Norton, CA
    790 Sandra Foss, NH
    791 Steven Teeter, MN
    792 Arthur Cherry, ID
    793 Robert Kerschner, NJ
    794 Nicholas Jeros, CA
    795 Kristy Blackburn, CA
    796 Brian Fritsen, OR
    797 Glen Stratton, NY
    798 Kelley Stratton, NY
    799 John Jensen, NV
    800 Clayton Howe, CA
    801 Charles DeJong, CA
    802 Ryan Flemke, MN -Gila IHC
    803 Wade Snyder -Alta Handcrew
    804 Scott Nielson -Alta Handcrew
    805 James Pummel -Alta Handcrew
    806 Jesse Trembly -Alta Handcrew
    807 Jeff Priebe -Alta Handcrew
    808 Mike Cunniff -Alta Handcrew
    809 Mike Jewett -Alta Handcrew
    810 Adam Everett -Alta Handcrew
    811 Matt Schutt -Alta Handcrew
    812 Mario Giacobassi -Alta Handcrew
    813 Logan Towsey -Alta Handcrew
    814 Seth Spain -Alta Handcrew
    815 Gavin Young -Alta Handcrew
    816 Kenney Cain -Alta Handcrew
    817 Amy Hunnewell -Alta Handcrew
    818 Rafferty Ferguson -Alta Handcrew
    819 Blaine Loar -Alta Handcrew
    820 Cory Brown -Alta Handcrew
    821 Ryan Kupfer -Alta Handcrew
    822 Miller Bailey -Alta Handcrew
    823 Tyler Carruth -Alta Handcrew
    824 Cindi Tonasket, WA
    825 Sirena Fugitt, TX
    826 Bill Woodyard, GA
    827 Mary Anne Sanford, OR
    828 Rex Thompson, CA
    829 Michael Bittner, MN
    830 J.Connelly-Connelly Pumping Svcs-Del Rosa Logistics
    831 Thomas Todrank, ID
    832 Karen McPeak, ID
    833 Todd Pedtersen, OR
    834 Bonnie Kalb, NV
    835 Trevor Johnson, CA
    836 Chantalle Edmunds, IL
    837 Charlotte Viredaz, CA
    838 Anthony Sandrini, CA
    839 Amy Masi, CA
    840 Jason McDaniel, TX
    841 Daniel Pearson, AZ
    842 Dave Hannibal, OR
    843 Danette Bialous, OR
    844 Daniel Matthews, AZ
    845 Cindy Matthews, AZ
    846 John Coy, NM
    847 Trudy Klegstad, “In Memory of Ryan Flegal & Liza Denitto”
    848 Tim Troxel, SD
    849 Adam Johnson, MN
    850 Ian Gibson, OR
    851 Joseph Scholz, NM
    852 Diane Caughlin, ID
    853 Sylvia Kratzke, “In Memory of my beautiful Heather”
    854 Leonard Kratzke, “In Memory of Heather J DePaolo-Johnny”
    855 Jeremy Alexander, ID
    856 Peter Irvine, VA
    857 Camden Bumpus, IL
    858 Kim Bumpus, IL
    859 Bernard Hopf, AZ
    860 Virginia Horton, CA
    861 John McKenzie, CA
    862 Joel Pomeroy, OR
    863 Kevin Haugland, CO
    864 Kip Van de Water, CA
    865 Bruce Suenram, MT
    866 Rodger Ozburn, WV
    867 Brad Borgialli, WY
    868 Barry Brunson, KY
    869 Josh Parker, ID
    870 Raymond Grimes Jr., NJ
    871 Tim Epp, AK
    872 Denis Kirkley, AZ
    873 Benjamin Plumb, AZ
    874 Marty Krepfl, CO
    875 Steven Gundersen, CT
    876 Jeffrey Brink, MI
    877 Hal Stevens, UT
    878 Bob Armitage, ID
    879 Jeff Henshaw, OR
    880 Barbara Nelson, AZ
    881 Matthew Lavingne, NH
    882 Robert Sweeney, WA
    883 Frank Weaver, MN
    884 Chris Ditmore, Type One Incident Support, OR
    885 Zoe Ditmore, Type One Incident Support, OR
    886 Kurt Ranta – Baker River IHC, WA
    887 Chris Ramiskey – Baker River IHC, WA
    888 Josh Etringer – Baker River IHC, WA
    889 Carter Thomas – Baker River IHC, WA
    890 Bryce Burkholder – Baker River IHC, WA
    891 Julius Jacobsen – Baker River IHC, WA
    892 Eric Love – Baker River IHC, WA
    893 Francesca Lamanna – Baker River IHC, WA
    894 Christopher Mushrush – Baker River IHC, WA
    895 Daniel Oldenburg – Baker River IHC, WA
    896 Sam Olsen – Baker River IHC, WA
    897 Emily Hewitt – Baker River IHC, WA
    898 Paul Rademacher – Baker River IHC, WA
    899 Tandy Jenkins, CA
    900 Tonya Ansel, San Juan IHC, IA
    901 Megan Williams – “In Memory of Vic Olsen”
    902 Jill Williams – “In Memory of Vic Olsen”
    903 James Williams – “In Memory of Vic Olsen”
    904 Don Doten, Black Hills NF, SD
    905 Nick Mink, ID
    906 Andrew Johnson, CA
    907 David Dukart, NM
    908 Michelle Surratt, MT
    909 Gerry Day, WA
    910 Jason Barnhart, AZ
    911 Missy Hone, UT
    912 David Vitwar, CO
    913 Paul Iannizzotto-FDNY Retired-Engine 55 & IMT PIO, FL
    914 Terry Warlick, CA
    915 Jan Kyle, NV
    916 Trent Dunn, WY
    917 John Gebhard, ID
    918 Bob Eisele, CA
    919 Gary Cornell, UT
    920 Mark Boche, WI
    921 Michelle Pellette, NM
    922 Matt Dutton, AK
    923 Mary Renzi, NM
    924 Tonya Ansel, IA
    925 Paul McIntyre, WA
    926 Kelly Bougher, CA
    927 Josh Oak, MO
    928 Peggy Setter, CO
    929 Bee Tivald, ID
    930 Sean O’Malley, NY
    931 Eric Miller, Wolf Creek IHC, OR
    932 Cameron Stinchfield, Wolf Creek IHC, OR
    933 Natalie Kuntz, Wolf Creek IHC, OR
    934 Jeremiah Mendez, Wolf Creek IHC, OR
    935 Juan Castaneda, Wolf Creek IHC, OR
    936 Jeffrey Gallivan, Wolf Creek IHC, OR
    937 Miles Bailey, Wolf Creek IHC, OR
    938 Chris Puckett, Wolf Creek IHC, OR
    939 Jered Halverson, Wolf Creek IHC, OR
    940 Mackenzie Green, Wolf Creek IHC, OR
    941 Victor Garcia, Wolf Creek IHC, OR
    942 Sean Dewitt, Wolf Creek IHC, OR
    943 Quinn Wolowicz, Wolf Creek IHC, OR
    944 Elizabeth Brown, Wolf Creek IHC, OR
    945 Micah Windbigler, Wolf Creek IHC, OR
    946 Daniel Farmer, Wolf Creek IHC, OR
    947 Stephanie Rogers, Wolf Creek IHC, OR
    948 Matthew Burrell, Wolf Creek IHC, OR
    949 Shane Dillavou, Wolf Creek IHC, OR
    950 Jerry Hurley, CA
    951 Tivona Trambley, CA
    952 IHO Austin McGuire-USFS-Monument Helitack, CO
    953 Leigh Stewart, AZ
    954 Sandra Smith-Morris, TN
    955 Derrick J Morris, TN
    956 Marilyn Cockrell, CA
    957 Michael Copeland, CA
    958 Dana McCormick, CA
    959 Mike Matarrese, OR
    960 Steve Shaw, ID
    961 Amanda Dedrick, Los Padres Dispatch, CA
    962 Katelyn Dedrick, Engine 661 – Rogue Siskiyou NF, OR
    963 Jessica Dedrick, Engine 351 – Deschutes NF, OR
    964 Carol Henson – Retired USFS, UT
    965 Ken Henson – USFS, UT
    966 Linda Naill, MT
    967 Dan Eiszele LNF E-14 – In Memory of Luke Sheehy
    968 Dawn Baird, CA
    969 Joseph Lara, CA
    970 Mark Skudlarek, ID
    971 Lisa Corbin, CO
    972 Sherman Waldron, TX
    973 Deana Wall, OR
    974 Wade DeBraal, OR
    975 Lea Betty, CA
    976 Scott Haas, SD
    977 Sarah Synowiec, SD
    978 Lynn Young, WY
    979 Brian Wattenburg, Lassen NF, Eagle Lake Engine 84, CA
    980 David Easton, CA
    981 Chris Schow, CA
    982 Matthew Pippin, UT
    983 Bradley Medvin – “In Memory of Luke Sheehy”
    984 Glen Kinder, KY
    985 Lindsay Dallison – “in Memory of Thomas Marovich”
    986 Zack Farmer, UT
    987 Jenifer Hochstrasser, AZ
    988 Aaron Anderson, WA
    989 John Schumacher, OH
    990 Kellie Stover, SD
    991 Deanna Baxman, CA
    992 Pete Villa, MI
    993 Erin Cronin – “IMOGordon Knight” & “IHO Roosevelt IHC”
    994 Derek Kramer, CA
    995 Robert Brown-Eagle Lake Hand Crew-IMO Luke Sheehy
    996 Joe Milligan-Eagle Lake Hand Crew-IMO Luke Sheehy
    997 Eric Kronner-Eagle Lake Hand Crew-IMO Luke Sheehy
    998 Michael West-Eagle Lake Hand Crew-IMO Luke Sheehy
    999 Nathan Parker-Eagle Lake Hand Crew-IMO Luke Sheehy
    1000 Stephen Parker-Eagle Lake Hand Crew-IMO Luke Sheehy
    1001 Colin Guizar-Eagle Lake Hand Crew-IMO Luke Sheehy
    1002 Geoff Cook-Eagle Lake Hand Crew-IMO Luke Sheehy
    1003 Josh Anderson-Eagle Lake Hand Crew-IMO Luke Sheehy
    1004 Dean Estes-Eagle Lake Hand Crew-IMO Luke Sheehy
    1005 David Peek-Eagle Lake Hand Crew-IMO Luke Sheehy
    1006 Craig Thomas-Eagle Lake Hand Crew-IMO Luke Sheehy
    1007 Kurt Merino-Eagle Lake Hand Crew-IMO Luke Sheehy
    1008 Drew Slack-Eagle Lake Hand Crew-IMO Luke Sheehy
    1009 Daniel Inglese-Eagle Lake Hand Crew-IMO Luke Sheehy
    1010 Shawn Peters-Eagle Lake Hand Crew-IMO Luke Sheehy
    1011 Alicia Pharr-Eagle Lake Hand Crew-IMO Luke Sheehy
    1012 John Ross-Eagle Lake Hand Crew-IMO Luke Sheehy
    1013 Dustin Mathews-Eagle Lake Hand Crew-IMO Luke Sheehy
    1014 Matthew Smith-Eagle Lake Hand Crew-IMO Luke Sheehy
    1015 Javan Warren, CA
    1016 Stanton Florea, CA
    1017 Richard Gonzales, CA
    1018 Tim Quigley, Redding Smokejumper IMO Luke Sheehy
    1019 Tyler De La Torre, CA -Cedar City IHC
    1020 Joseph Lara – Fresno Air Attack Base – USFS, CA
    1021 Buffy Bandley -IMO all Fallen Wildland Firefighters
    1022 Chris Orr- IMO Luke Sheehy
    1023 Susan Husari, CA
    1024 Matthew Aoki – Los Padres IHC, CA
    1025 Chris Woods – Los Padres IHC, CA
    1026 Tyler Sendrak – Los Padres IHC, CA
    1027 Chris Massanari – Los Padres IHC, CA
    1028 Rodolpho Cortez – Los Padres IHC, CA
    1029 Taylor Higbee – Los Padres IHC, CA
    1030 Chris Fourtner – Los Padres IHC, CA
    1031 Casey Pernett – Los Padres IHC, CA
    1032 Brian Bull – Los Padres IHC, CA
    1033 Robert Lopez – Los Padres IHC, CA
    1034 William Wrenn – Los Padres IHC, CA
    1035 Grant Lucas, CA -Los Padres IHC
    1036 Jered Walberg, CA -Los Padres IHC
    1037 Shane Wallace – Los Padres IHC
    1038 Shealeigh Fawcett – Los Padres IHC
    1039 Shane Martin, OR
    1040 Justin Vernon, MT
    1041 Geoffrey Melly, WA
    1042 David Carr, AK
    1043 Zachary Lyon, CT
    1044 Kristin Garrison – Colorado State Forest Service
    1045 Dean Rasmussen, NE
    1046 Kyle Goldammer – Tatanka IHC, WY
    1047 Kurt Bassett – Tatanka IHC, WY
    1048 Jacob Budd – Tatanka IHC, WY
    1049 Blake Cobb – Tatanka IHC, WY
    1050 Wade Stagemeyer – Tatanka IHC, WY
    1051 Rich Gorden, FL
    1052 Chris Kennedy – Ukonom IHC, CA
    1053 Joel Berg – Ukonom IHC, “In Memory of Luke Sheehy”
    1054 Dale Mendes – Ukonom IHC, Orleans, CA
    1055 Rene Almodovar – Ukonom IHC, Orleans, CA
    1056 Tashone Sherman Rice – Ukonom IHC, Orleans, CA
    1057 Thomas Mahan – Ukonom IHC, Orleans, CA
    1058 Benjamin Peterson – Ukonom IHC, Orleans, CA
    1059 Neil Dresser – Ukonom IHC, Orleans, CA
    1060 Duane Sherman – Ukonom IHC, Orleans, CA
    1061 William Stasiewicz – Ukonom IHC, Orleans, CA
    1062 Andrew Dorgan – Ukonom IHC, Orleans, CA
    1063 Jake Jones – Ukonom IHC, Orleans, CA
    1064 Jon Joiner – Ukonom IHC, Orleans, CA
    1065 Thomas Hawkins – Ukonom IHC, Orleans, CA
    1066 Sig Palm, CO
    1067 Barbara Eddy, OR
    1068 Liam Cain, WY
    1069 Felecia Bilz, CA
    1070 Matt Daigle – “In Memory of Luke Sheehy”
    1071 Jeff M. Power – R5 RAG, CA
    1072 Steve Silva – R5 RAG, CA
    1073 Phil Ketel – R5 RAG, CA
    1074 Sean Aidukas – R5 RAG, CA
    1075 Stan Kubota – R5 RAG, CA
    1076 David Spliethof – R5 RAG, CA
    1077 Michelle Reugebrink – R5 RAG, CA
    1078 Yolanda Saldana – R5 RAG, CA
    1079 Barbara O’Coy, CA
    1080 John Diebel, MI
    1081 Ellen Dunlap – Boise NF
    1082 David Farmer, MT
    1083 Jane Marcum – “In Memory of Caleb Hamm”
    1084 Hector Medrano, CA
    1085 Henry Hasselhan, NJ
    1086 Zack Kephart, GA
    1087 Derrick Charpentier, CO
    1088 Laura Herley, CO
    1089 David Johnson – “In Memory of Luke Sheehy”
    1090 Matthew Stivers – “In Honor of John Stivers”
    1091 Ario Mohajeri, CA
    1092 Anthony Kinnaman-Schafer-SW Area Type 1 IMT/Sciacca
    1093 Chris Ford, CA
    1094 Matthew Reymann, ID
    1095 Justin Falsie – PatRick Environmental, ID
    1096 Chris Ryan, CA
    1097 Philip Bordelon, OR
    1098 Laurence Sutton – “In Memory of Anne Veseth”
    1099 Dustin Hallam, CA
    1100 Cami Lee, UT
    1101 Martin O’Toole, MI
    1102 Dan Gustafson, NV
    1103 Dorothy Douglas, OR
    1104 Tyler McCowan, ID
    1105 Johnny Ford, ID
    1106 Brent Wolf, ID
    1107 Nolan Page, ID
    1108 Joanne Anderson, ID
    1109 Nick Yturri, ID
    1110 Troy Phelps, NV
    1111 Carlie Falk, UT
    1112 Cheryl Ridlon, NM
    1113 Elias Hurtado, NM
    1114 Nicholas Behrends, AZ
    1115 Zachary Cogswell, CA
    1116 Geoff Whatcott – “In Memory of GM 19”
    1117 Matthew Brown, CA
    1118 James Stone, ID
    1119 Brian Woodbeck, CA
    1120 Joe Bates, ID
    1121 Marie Bates, ID
    1122 Timothy Williams – “IMO Luke Sheehy & GM-IHC”
    1123 Stephen Fillmore, CA
    1124 Marlena Hovorka, NM
    1125 Kevin Cashman, CO
    1126 Paul VonKoch, ID
    1127 Hayley Grant, WA
    1128 Robert Osborne, MN
    1129 Dawn Sanchez, CO
    1130 Kyle Kerstiens, CO
    1131 Daniel Fawcett, CA
    1132 Michael Ellsworth, WA
    1133 Bryan Bird – “In Memory of GM 19”
    1134 Mike Warren, MT
    1135 Miranda Warren, MT
    1136 Craig White – “In Memory of GM 19”
    1137 Christopher Brenzel-IMO Esperanza 57 & Yarnell 19
    1138 Jami Larsen – In Memory of Bart Singley
    1139 Blake Wallrich – In Memory of Caleb Hamm
    1140 Dave Kahler -Mormon Lake IHC “In Memory of GM 19”
    1141 Sean Powell – In Honor of Spencer Koyle
    1142 Monty Messenger, CA
    1143 Brennan Baldwin – “In Memory of GM 19”
    1144 Blake Creagan, WY
    1145 Isaac Naylor – IHO and IMO All Wildland Firefighters
    1146 Mike Weihman, CA
    1147 Julie Drieling, NE
    1148 Nikki Testa, DE
    1149 Michael Dunn – “In Memory of GM 19”
    1150 Collin Brozka – “In Memory of GM 19”
    1151 Krystyn Nystrom, NM
    1152 Michael Keator – “In Memory of GM 19”
    1153 Deanna Davenport – IHO David Douglas & IMO the GM 19
    1154 Frank Simmons, VA
    1155 Nikole Swaney, VA
    1156 Tom Schultz, ID
    1157 Travis Denison, ID
    1158 Tony Johnson, AZ
    1159 Lynn Rittenhouse, MT
    1160 Brian Ayers – Rocky Mountain IMT #1
    1161 Bruce Babb, WA
    1162 Mary Ellen Miller, WA
    1163 Mark Swan, CO
    1164 Fred L. Thompson -Helena IHC
    1165 Tighe Stoyanoff -Helena IHC
    1166 Kyle Behrens -Helena IHC
    1167 Kyle Miller -Helena IHC
    1168 Teresa Anderson -Helena IHC
    1169 Daniel Theuerer -Helena IHC
    1170 Kenneth Andersen -Helena IHC
    1171 Elli Becker -Helena IHC
    1172 Benjamin Schlamb -Helena IHC
    1173 Warren Shrum -Helena IHC
    1174 Jeffrey Barker -Helena IHC
    1175 Liam Dillaway -Helena IHC
    1176 Mitch Colyer -Helena IHC
    1177 Julie Podany -Helena IHC
    1178 Jamison Bird -Helena IHC
    1179 Phillip Quigley -Helena IHC
    1180 Kelly Perkins -Helena IHC
    1181 Steven Reather -Helena IHC
    1182 Forrest Baldwin -Helena IHC
    1183 Nicholas Schreiner -Helena IHC
    1184 Paul Cerda – Alpine IHC
    1185 James Champ – Alpine IHC
    1186 Mark Mendonca – Alpine IHC
    1187 Shawn Phillips – Alpine IHC
    1188 Tom Dillon – Alpine IHC
    1189 Dru Phillips – Alpine IHC
    1190 Todd Pinkowski – Alpine IHC
    1191 Anthony Salomon – Alpine IHC
    1192 Todd Ruzicka – Alpine IHC
    1193 William Meginley – Alpine IHC
    1194 Tyler West – Alpine IHC
    1195 Craig Yonkers – Alpine IHC
    1196 Christopher Sommers – Alpine IHC
    1197 Logan Hollar, Alpine IHC
    1198 Aaron Klee – Alpine IHC
    1199 Alex Morray – Alpine IHC
    1200 Andrew Morray – Alpine IHC
    1201 Hunter Smith – Alpine IHC
    1202 William Chatham – Alpine IHC
    1203 Bryan LoMascolo – Alpine IHC
    1204 Brian Cole – Alpine IHC
    1205 Bob Johnson – Entiat IHC
    1206 Matthew Clark – Entiat IHC
    1207 Darcy McDaniel – Entiat IHC
    1208 Patrick Chism – Entiat IHC
    1209 Daniel Pickard – Entiat IHC
    1210 Ben Martin – Entiat IHC
    1211 Ian Morgan – Entiat IHC
    1212 Jeff Dimke – Entiat IHC
    1213 Eriberto Negrete – Entiat IHC
    1214 Thane Shetler – Entiat IHC
    1215 Edy Montalvo – Entiat IHC
    1216 Kyle Nelson – Entiat IHC
    1217 Taija Corso – Entiat IHC
    1218 Ross Lindell – Entiat IHC
    1219 John Peterson – Entiat IHC
    1220 Rebecca Berzof – Entiat IHC
    1221 Matt Kennedy – Entiat IHC
    1222 Roni McCabe, UT
    1223 Joy Godson – San Juan IHC
    1224 Lance Martin – San Juan IHC
    1225 Keith Bedonie – San Juan IHC
    1226 Jacob Birdsell – San Juan IHC
    1227 Nate Christiansen – San Juan IHC
    1228 Jon Cordes – San Juan IHC
    1229 Scott DeVelder – San Juan IHC
    1230 Ryan Corman – San Juan IHC
    1231 Andrea Drinkhouse – San Juan IHC
    1232 Zach Freundlich – San Juan IHC
    1233 Walter Chan – San Juan IHC
    1234 Sarah Barry – San Juan IHC
    1235 David Draayer – San Juan IHC
    1236 Kodi Leslie – San Juan IHC
    1237 Kevin Lindner – San Juan IHC
    1238 Devin Shannon – San Juan IHC
    1239 Martha Schoppe, CO
    1240 Cole Inghram, KS
    1241 Jim Gubbels – USFS Chippewa NF
    1242 Morgan Thomsen – Engine 461
    1243 Glen Tingley – Inyo Crew 3
    1244 Lance Rosen – Inyo Crew 3
    1245 Tony Thaler – Inyo Crew 3
    1246 Kevin O’Hara – Inyo Crew 3
    1247 Colton Strickland – Inyo Crew 3
    1248 Zachary Beatty – Inyo Crew 3
    1249 Michael Nye – Inyo Crew 3
    1250 Patrick Clark – Inyo Crew 3
    1251 Annibal Gutierrez – Inyo Crew 3
    1252 Matthew Hutmacher – Inyo Crew 3
    1253 Leo Archibeque – Inyo Crew 3
    1254 Michael Britton – Inyo Crew 3
    1255 James MacTaggart – Inyo Crew 3
    1256 Jonathan Solorio – Inyo Crew 3
    1257 Nicholas Stelljes – Inyo Crew 3
    1258 Brent Anklam – Inyo Crew 3
    1259 David Straw – Inyo Crew 3
    1260 Tyler Freeman – Inyo Crew 3
    1261 Evan Taylor – Inyo Crew 3
    1262 Douglas Shaw – Inyo Crew 3
    1263 Valerie Fansler, OR
    1264 Tom Patterson, CA
    1265 Lauren Kientz, MT
    1266 Derek Casbon – USFWS, WI
    1267 Jason Martindale – Eastern Montana Helitack
    1268 Shannon Myers – Eastern Montana Helitack
    1269 David Blatz – Eastern Montana Helitack
    1270 Christopher Marshall – Eastern Montana Helitack
    1271 Lance Roberts, ID
    1272 Adam Garfield, , CA
    1273 Kyle Tolosano, CA
    1274 Ronb Florence, ID
    1275 Biddy Simet, MT
    1276 Gregory Poncin, MT
    1277 Margaret Lane, NM
    1278 Tracy Tophooven, OR
    1279 Gina Owens, OR
    1280 Steve Nurse, MI
    1281 Pamala Werchau, AZ
    1282 Coene Schauman, NM
    1283 Jacueline Harrell, CA
    1284 Chris Anderson, CA
    1285 Riley Anderson, CA
    1286 Farlin Anderson, CA
    1287 Sarah Soden, CA
    1288 Mitchell Hokanson, CA
    1289 John Blumm, CA
    1290 Dan J Hernandez, NM
    1291 Kevin Harper, CA
    1292 Chris Crowder – USFS – San Bernadino NF – Engine 12
    1293 Maudie Colvin, CO
    1294 Ivory Carr, ID
    1295 Phil Young, NM
    1296 Jorge Gonzalez, NV
    1297 Anthony Knight, Australia
    1298 Bonnie Strawser, NC
    1299 Edward Brush VFD – In Memory of Luke Sheehy
    1300 Renee Reese, WY
    1301 Steve Reese, WY
    1302 John Peakes, ME
    1303 Russell Hayes, WA
    1304 Caitlin Chinn, WA
    1305 Greg Cohen, OR
    1306 Michael Danahy, ID
    1307 Joshua Diacetis, OR
    1308 Kathryn Moore, WA
    1309 Christina Voyles, ID
    1310 Sandra Sperry, WA
    1311 Jake Kennedy, WA
    1312 Josh Townsend, WA
    1313 Kip Turner, WA
    1314 John Armstrong – Texas Canyon IHC
    1315 Danny Breuklander – Texas Canyon IHC
    1316 Ignacio Pizano – Texas Canyon IHC
    1317 Jesus Palencia – Texas Canyon IHC
    1318 Dana McCormick – Texas Canyon IHC
    1319 Timothy Mitchell – Texas Canyon IHC
    1320 Freddie Hernandez – Texas Canyon IHC
    1321 Brad Olson – Texas Canyon IHC
    1322 Joaquin Solorio – Texas Canyon IHC
    1323 Nester Paredes – Texas Canyon IHC
    1324 Jeff Locke – Texas Canyon IHC
    1325 Josh Thomas – Texas Canyon IHC
    1326 Keith Garcia – Texas Canyon IHC
    1327 Phil Matthews – Texas Canyon IHC
    1328 Jordan Rojaies – Texas Canyon IHC
    1329 Aldo Menjivar – Texas Canyon IHC
    1330 Herbert Tejada – Texas Canyon IHC
    1331 Kristopher Krosskove – Texas Canyon IHC
    1332 Michael Jarnot – Texas Canyon IHC
    1333 Barbara Glatt-Fisher- IHO Nicolas Glatt, Fort Jones
    1334 Marie Johnson – In Honor of William Creeden, MI
    1335 Ted Johnson – In Honor of William Creeden, MI
    1336 Megan Penney – In Memory of the GM 19
    1337 Gary Blake, CA
    1338 Lauren Blake, CA
    1339 Chris Cromwell, ID
    1340 Bobette Rowe, AK
    1341 Ben Iverson – In Memory of Tom Marovich
    1342 Christine Hiebert, OR
    1343 Damon Carson-Hull, CA
    1344 Roy Freitas – In Memory of the GM 19
    1345 Steve Timboe – LA County Fire, CA
    1346 Christopher Guadarrama – In Memory of Pedro Pineda
    1347 Megan Macht, CO
    1348 Lyndsay Fonger – In Memory of Spencer Koyle
    1349 Robert Macdonald, CO
    1350 Gregg Kneipp, VA
    1351 Lucas Mayfield, OR
    1352 Jason Johnston – Santa Ynez Flight Crew H-528
    1353 Daniel Preston, OR
    1354 Eric Hagen – In Memory of fallen friends
    1355 Amanda Lindeman, CA
    1356 Justin Moya, CA
    1357 Aaron Mielke,MN
    1358 Dustee Martinet, WY
    1359 William Foster, NY
    1360 Michael Billgren-IHO Sally Billgren & IMO the GM 19
    1361 Kraig Carroll, ID
    1362 Tonja Opperman, MT
    1363 Ruber Contreras, CA
    1364 Travis Mabery – In Memory of the GM 19
    1365 John Gomez – Laguna IHC – In Memory of the GM 19
    1366 Kove Roose – Laguna IHC – In Memory of the GM 19
    1367 Danny Naylor – Laguna IHC – In Memory of the GM 19
    1368 Steven Roman – Laguna IHC – In Memory of the GM 19
    1369 Erin Ringer – Laguna IHC – In Memory of the GM 19
    1370 Luke Tinker – Laguna IHC – In Memory of the GM 19
    1371 Christopher Machado-Laguna IHC- IMO the GM 19
    1372 Tyler Jones – Laguna IHC – In Memory of the GM 19
    1373 James Huston – Laguna IHC – In Memory of the GM 19
    1374 Stephen Scarpitt – Laguna IHC – In Memory of the GM 19
    1375 Chris Talbot – Laguna IHC – In Memory of the GM 19
    1376 Jesse Vasquez, CA -Laguna IHC-IMO the GM 19
    1377 Ryan Lofswold – In Memory of the GM 19
    1378 Rob Shufelt, CA
    1379 Rick Nunez, SUFS-ASGS – Captain 328
    1380 Erik Christiansen, ID
    1381 Kyle Krache – In Memory of Luke Sheehy & the GM 19
    1382 Yanu Gallimore, OR
    1383 Jessica Gallimore, OR
    1384 Dan Griley – In Honor of All Wildland Firefighters
    1385 Sarah Florell-IMO those who have been injured or died LODD
    1386 Tim Vesonder-IHO those who made the ultimate sacrifice
    1387 Yvonne Michel – In Memory of GM IHC
    1388 Dianne Christiansen, IA
    1389 Jason Brooks – In Memory of the GM 19
    1390 Brian Austin, UT
    1391 Nick Koepenick – Los Padres NF
    1392 Brandi Dee – USFS – Boise IHC
    1393 Dana Peirson – In Memory of Todd & Joe Hase
    1394 Richie Sessler, CA
    1395 William Creeden, MI
    1396 Jerry Hoffman- In Memory of Alan Toepke (2004)
    1397 Glenda Mabery – In Memory of the GM 19
    1398 Anne Dutton, ID
    1399 Bill Dutton, ID
    1400 Tammy Clark – In Memory of the GM 19
    1401 Melanie Roose, ID
    1402 Tracy Dott, CA
    1403 Carlton Joseph, CA
    1404 Molly Leadbetter – In Memory of the GM 19
    1405 Christopher Fry – In Memory of the GM 19
    1406 Kevin McPhee, WA
    1407 Bruce Banke – In Memory of Kirk Smith
    1408 Ruth Johnson, OR
    1409 Eric Panebaker – In Honor of Fallen Friends & Family
    1410 Ruth Kohler – In Memory of the GM 19
    1411 Rocky Opliger, CA -CIIMT #4
    1412 Michael Hoose, CA -CIIMT #4
    1413 Ross Peckinpah, CA -CIIMT #4
    1414 Sherri Bennett – CIIMT #4
    1415 David Gerboth, CA -CIIMT #4
    1416 Kermit Johansson – CIIMT #4
    1417 Loni Holt – CIIMT 4, CA
    1418 Glen Maki – CIIMT 4, CA
    1419 Tricia Maki – CIIMT 4, CA
    1420 Brian Rhodes, CIIMT #4
    1421 Gina Bald – CIIMT #4
    1422 Eric Williams – CIIMT #4
    1423 Belinda McCandliss, CA -CIIMT #4
    1424 Dee King Raub, CA -CIIMT #4
    1425 Sean Collins, CA – CIIMT #4
    1426 Kevin Janes, CA- CIIMT #4
    1427 Steve Anderson- CIIMT #4
    1428 Carolyn Higgins – CIIMT #4
    1429 Michael Vetti – CIIMT #4
    1430 Debra Pebley – CIIMT #4
    1431 Phil Cocker – CIIMT #4
    1432 Robert Laeng – CIIMT #4
    1433 Thomas Reaves – CIIMT #4
    1434 Amy Ziegler – CIIMT #4
    1435 Jordan Alessi, AZ -Mormon Lake IHC
    1436 Andrew Saldana, CA -Mormon Lake IHC
    1437 Adam Bigalk, MN -Mormon Lake IHC
    1438 Jessie Valencia, CO –Mormon Lake IHC
    1439 Ben Mcgannon, AZ -Mormon Lake IHC
    1440 Kolleen Beesley, ID
    1441 Alicia Chavez, AZ -Mormon Lake IHC
    1442 Sherri Haley – In Honor of Steven J Wells
    1443 Michael James, AZ -Mormon Lake IHC
    1444 Brian Diemer, CA -Mormon Lake IHC
    1445 Benjamin Evans, MO -Mormon Lake IHC
    1446 Mark Johnson, CA
    1447 Corey Wilson, AZ -Mormon Lake IHC
    1448 Ruben Pedraza, AZ -Mormon Lake IHC
    1449 Miles Ellie, WY
    1450 Mark Obog, IL
    1451 Don Will, CA
    1452 Beau Kidd, WY
    1453 Mark Ratekin, CA
    1454 David Bogdan, MA
    1455 Dean Perkins, CO
    1456 Brandon Wolfe, NC
    1457 Mark Mott, CA
    1458 Logan Ladd, CA
    1459 Anthony Walkosak, AZ
    1460 William Hearn, MD
    1461 Don Card, WA
    1462 John Benson, CO
    1463 Jordan Wade, CA
    1464 John Funke
    1465 Kevin Sweeney, CA
    1466 Mark Brown, AZ
    1467 David Zarsky, CO
    1468 Jess Wills, CA
    1469 Leah Wills, CA
    1470 Michael Evers, CO
    1471 Jeffrey Kaliher, CA
    1472 Rik Mayfield, OR
    1473 Phil Graham, CO
    1474 John Ahlman, CA
    1475 Andrew Patterson, AZ -Mormon Lake IHC
    1476 Jon Hill, CO
    1477 Ian Lauer, ID
    1478 Scott Arthur, CO
    1479 Michael Thompson, CA
    1480 Skip Barber, CA
    1481 Brian Solorio, CA
    1482 Corey Buckley, CA
    1483 William Glesener, MN
    1484 Ben Rackl, CO
    1485 David LaChapelle, ID
    1486 Anthony Pighetti, CA
    1487 Bonnie Easley, UT
    1488 Sarah Becker, MN
    1489 Jeremy Gottfried, OR
    1490 Wendy Molina, AZ
    1491 James Lewis, CA
    1492 Natalie Broce, VA
    1493 Sarah Peterson – Kidd’s Type 2 Team, NV
    1494 Paula Stringham – In Memory of the GM 19
    1495 Christopher Johnson, OR
    1496 Nicholas Bohnstedt – In Memory of Nick Dreis
    1497 Chad Rice – In Honor of E-481
    1498 Gary Kirpach, MT
    1499 Eddie Taylor, UT
    1500 Beth Melville, CA
    1501 Lawrence Gorrindo – In Memory of the GM 19
    1502 Daniel Messina – In Memory of Vince Messina
    1503 Luke Snyder-Mormon Lake IHC
    1504 Matthew Ortiz-Mormon Lake IHC
    1505 Jeffrey Brown – In Memory of the GM 19
    1506 Clayton Crosby, CA
    1507 Terri Creeden – In Honor of Will Creeden
    1508 Dirk Rogers – In Memory of the GM 19
    1509 Larry Eiman, CO
    1510 John Harris, MT
    1511 Deborah Traver, UT
    1512 Cathy Keener, CA
    1513 Shaun Calvert – In Memory of the GM 19
    1514 Glendee Osborne – NV
    1515 Natalie Dovgan, CO
    1516 David Williams, UT
    1517 Angie Williams, UT
    1518 Daniel Michael, CA
    1519 Matthew Sanders-IHO co-workers, fallen brothers and sisters
    1520 Brandon Taylor – El Paso County Wildland Fire
    1521 Stryker Clark, OR
    1522 Quentin Ford, AZ
    1523 Sean Lodge- IMO all that have lost their lives LODD
    1524 Sunbear Vierra, NM
    1525 Eric Ferrell, CA
    1526 Robert Gomez, CA
    1527 Hector Basso, AZ
    1528 Jeremiah Balliett – In Memory of the GM 19
    1529 Nic DeBolt – In Memory of the GM 19
    1530 Jeremy Walters, VA
    1531 Clinton Gould, CA
    1532 Blaine Inglis – Ruby Mountain IHC
    1533 Kiera Rambur, ID -Ruby Mountain IHC
    1534 Andrew Randazzo – In Memory of the GM 19
    1535 Robert Griffin, VA
    1536 Adam Sanders -Breckenridge IHC
    1537 Matt Ball -Breckenridge IHC
    1538 Blake Abbott -Breckenridge IHC
    1539 Frank Romero –Breckenridge IHC
    1540 Greg Neely -Breckenridge IHC
    1541 Dylan Johnston -Breckenridge IHC
    1542 Geoffrey Gillespie -Breckenridge IHC
    1543 Emily Colacino -Breckenridge IHC
    1544 James Harlan -Breckenridge IHC
    1545 Mike Martinez -Breckenridge IHC
    1546 Corey Corresa -Breckenridge IHC
    1547 Brant Machado -Breckenridge IHC
    1548 Travis Joyner -Breckenridge IHC
    1549 Ricky Jones -Breckenridge IHC
    1550 Morgan Byde -Breckenridge IHC
    1551 Keegan Guillory -Breckenridge IHC
    1552 Blaine Tarbell, UT
    1553 Andrew Partipilo, CO
    1554 Blake Clark, SD
    1555 Matthew Pinion – In Memory of the GM 19
    1556 Annette Garrison, CO
    1557 Eric Fleischmann – In Memory of the GM 19
    1558 Robert Cole, UT
    1559 Elizabeth Bankson-IMO Andy Palmer-IHO Local 1984
    1560 Michael Neuron – Engine 41 LPNF
    1561 Kathe Schnick, OR
    1562 Ryan Cloud, WA
    1563 Gene Hildebrand – In Memory of the GM 19
    1564 Evan Castner – In Memory of the GM 19
    1565 Alissa Tanner – In Memory of the GM 19
    1566 Diane McDaniel, Fl
    1567 Tom Suwyn, UT
    1568 Sarah Altemus – In Memory of the GM 19
    1569 Cindie Talbot, MN
    1570 Landon McGuire-To Lost Heroes of Wildland Firefighting
    1571 Clayton Ahrendt – In Memory of the GM 19
    1572 Gabriel Vera, CO
    1573 Chris Little – Los Padres NF
    1574 David Grossman, CA
    1575 Kalen Questo – In Memory of the GM 19
    1576 Anna Anderson – In Memory of the GM 19
    1577 Brock Tamowski – USFS – Salt Lake City, UT
    1578 Kevin Klein – In Memory of the GM 19
    1579 Robert Cordell, SD
    1580 Alicia Rennels – In Honor of Greyson Rennels
    1581 Karly DeMars – In Memory of the GM 19
    1582 Lance Elmore, NM
    1583 Michael Duran – USFS BDF Station 37
    1584 Hans Redinger, WA
    1585 Sarah Brown – In Honor of Benjamin Gaston Brown
    1586 Carl Williams – In Memory of the GM 19
    1587 Murray Rosengarten, AZ
    1588 Rick Lancaster, WY
    1589 Kelly Homstad – In Memory of Brett Sterns
    1590 William Heard, CA
    1591 Carolyn Ballard, CA
    1592 Anthony Clements – In Memory of the GM 19
    1593 Linda Chappell – In Memory of all Fallen Wildland Firefighters
    1594 George Chappell – In Memory of all Fallen Wildland Firefighters
    1595 Brian Blanchard, AZ
    1596 Mark Peck, MT
    1597 James Pilsmaker, MA
    1598 Stefan Boehm, AZ
    1599 Lori Jeffrey – In Memory of the GM 19
    1600 Nicholas Giger, NV
    1601 Jeff Sanocki, AZ
    1602 Glen Stein, UT
    1603 Jay Slagowski, WY
    1604 Valerie Bishop – In Honor of Beau Bishop – Carson City IHC
    1605 Kevin Erickson, MT
    1606 William Poole, NC
    1607 Dee Townsend – In Memory of Doug Dunbar – Prineville IHC
    1608 Tessa Waterman-IHO Frank Waterman & IMO Ron Chambless
    1609 Daniel Dobyns – In Memory of the GM 19
    1610 Michelle Ellis, WA
    1611 Gordy Cox, UT
    1612 Jennifer Cleveland-In Memory of All Wildland FFs
    1613 Marcella Kearns – In Honor of Ralphie Torres
    1614 Michael Kelly, MI
    1615 Robert Pierson – In Memory of the GM 19
    1616 Amanda Mahoney – In Memory of the GM 19
    1617 Therese Buhl – MT
    1618 Glade Campbell – In Memory of the GM 19
    1619 Brett Brodersen – In Memory of the GM 19
    1620 Richard Barbeau, CO
    1621 Micah Bell, IN
    1622 Jonah Vaughan, MT
    1623 Christopher Robinson – In Memory of the GM 19
    1624 Jeff Hughes – In Memory of the GM 19
    1625 Richard Dibuo – In Memory of Sean Fleming
    1626 Gregory Sanders, VA
    1627 Joanne Sanders, VA
    1628 Margaret Freeman-In Memory of Storm King
    1629 Jeffrey Schardt-In Memory of All Wildland Firefighters
    1630 Jonathan Folger, CO
    1631 Jeff Arnberger, ID
    1632 Kirk Schmitt, CO
    1633 Richard Talley, TN
    1634 Amanda Boulton, NV
    1635 Zachary Allen, OH
    1636 Rochelle Mitchell, CA
    1637 Monica Gallegos – In Memory of the GM 19
    1638 Mary Jean McPeck – In Memory of the GM 19
    1639 Rawles Williams, AZ
    1640 Jason Curry – In Memory of the Fallen
    1641 Charles D Lucas – In Memory of the GM 19
    1642 Rocky Gilbert – In Memory of the GM 19
    1643 Teresa Lamb- In Honor Derek Lamb-In Memory of Luke
    1644 Kenneth Stump, ID
    1645 Kaitlin Lamb-In Honor Derek Lamb-In Memory of Luke
    1646 Sherri Singleton – In Honor of John Schumacher
    1647 Amber Edwards, WY
    1648 Zachary Abley, NV
    1649 Tamara Klindt, TX
    1650 Molly Goodrich in Honor of Nathan Goodrich
    1651 Sheldon Mack, MN
    1652 Trenton Girard, TN
    1653 Humberto Ramos – In Memory of BDF Engine 52
    1654 Erik Anderson – In Memory of the GM 19
    1655 Kate Fent, OR
    1656 Sarah Richards, CA
    1657 Brad Richards, CA
    1658 David Ramirez – In Memory of the GM 19
    1659 Aana Hink, WA
    1660 Misty Heaton – In Honor of Daniel Roberts
    1661 Zach Hartshorn, WY
    1662 Linda Ferguson – In Memory of the GM 19
    1663 Deanna Boojink – In Honor of Gary Helming
    1664 Matthew Radtke – American River IHC
    1665 Alexid Dodge – American River IHC
    1666 Adam Pahl – In Memory of the GM 19
    1667 William Borrie, MT
    1668 Hilary Fletcher, CO
    1669 Victor Webb, CO
    1670 Jeremy Haverson-In Honor of all that have lost their lives
    1671 Dixie Cavigli – In Memory of the GM 19
    1672 Paul Carmichael, NV
    1673 Tyler Gilliam – In Memory of the GM 19
    1674 Christopher Summers- In Memory of the GM 19
    1675 Matthew Terwilliger, CA
    1676 Luke Copeland – In Memory of All Fallen Firefighters
    1677 Paul Wells, NM
    1678 Ernest Hartley, NH
    1679 Jason Thivener, AZ
    1680 Jamie Hart, IL
    1681 William Evans, IL
    1682 Rebecca Eide, MN
    1683 Joseph Brown, TX
    1684 Constance Mehmel, WA
    1685 Eric O’Connor, SD
    1686 Erin O’Laughlin, MT
    1687 Michael Harris, UT
    1688 Bradley Schuette, CA
    1689 Charles Sutton, CA
    1690 Matthew San Miguel, CA
    1691 Charles Bolt, MS
    1692 Andrew Cullan, CO
    1693 Neil Leifker, AZ
    1694 Bart Hogan, ID
    1695 Glenn Miller, OR
    1696 Garrett Hires, CA
    1697 Dave Soldavini, CA
    1698 Nick Hasty, TX
    1699 Alex Melgar, CA
    1700 Connie Stickel, AK
    1701 Lisa Davis, WA
    1702 Cassie Robinson, CO
    1703 Serrah West, ID
    1704 Paula Thomas, MI
    1705 Judy Palmer, AZ
    1706 Lynn Correa, CA
    1707 Kevin Hoskins, OR
    1708 Megan McKinnie, MT
    1709 Eric Fuchslin, CA
    1710 Jamie Barnes, CO
    1711 Cody Wienk, NE
    1712 Robert Lawrence, CA
    1713 Brandy Petersen, SD
    1714 Eric Molnar, WA
    1715 Steven VanKirk, AZ
    1716 Colton Coon, ID
    1717 William Thomas, ID
    1718 Kenneth Watkins, NM
    1719 Richard Remington, AZ
    1720 Heather Hofstetter, TX
    1721 Frank Auza -Black Mesa IHC
    1722 Dean Whitney -Black Mesa IHC
    1723 Perry Breitenstein -Black Mesa IHC
    1724 Dan Norskog -Black Mesa IHC
    1725 Matt Sigg -Black Mesa IHC
    1726 Terrance House -Black Mesa IHC
    1727 Chuck Whitney -Black Mesa IHC
    1728 Chris Wescott -Black Mesa IHC
    1729 Steve Daly -Black Mesa IHC
    1730 Jonathan Catron -Black Mesa IHC
    1731 Sam Mize -Black Mesa IHC
    1732 Allen Tennant -Black Mesa IHC
    1733 Tyler Ware -Black Mesa IHC
    1734 Derrick Welter -Black Mesa IHC
    1735 Matthew Ziegler -Black Mesa IHC
    1736 Kevin Lindquist -Black Mesa IHC
    1737 Christopher Hedgeman, AZ -Black Mesa IHC
    1738 James Riggs, AZ -Black Mesa IHC
    1739 Jake Florence, ID -Black Mesa IHC
    1740 Steven Fairbanks, AZ -Black Mesa IHC
    1741 Charles Hill, AZ
    1742 Jimmy Bumgarner Jr., CO
    1743 Cody McFarland, WY
    1744 Jacob Pitcher, AZ
    1745 Bart Kicklighter, CA
    1746 Richard Remington, AZ
    1747 Mark Ingram -Bridgeport Helitack
    1748 Carrie Thaler -Bridgeport Helitack
    1749 Mike Wallace -Bridgeport Helitack
    1750 Erik Newell -Bridgeport Helitack
    1751 Gabe Cortelyou -Bridgeport Helitack
    1752 Karson Geissinger -Bridgeport Helitack
    1753 Keith Pugh -Bridgeport Helitack
    1754 Dave Nelson -Bridgeport Helitack
    1755 Marissa Krawczak -Bridgeport Helitack
    1756 Jamie Taucher -Bridgeport Helitack
    1757 Adam Green -Bridgeport Helitack
    1758 Todd Haines, NM
    1759 Westley Woodrome, CA
    1760 Cordell Taylor – Ashley NF Eng 431
    1761 Andres Estrada Ruiz, UT
    1762 Jaeda Santos, NM
    1763 Donald Lee, CA
    1764 Fred Bowe, CA
    1765 Thomas March, CA
    1766 Richard Hotaling, MT
    1767 Sean Harris, MT
    1768 Christie Wiley, CO
    1769 Stefanie Johnston ID
    1770 Warner Vanderheuel, MI
    1771 Barry Wiley, CO
    1772 Ted Docev, VA
    1773 Jill Bragdon, ID
    1774 Edward Anderson, VA
    1775 Amanda Thayer, UT
    1776 Eric Johnson, MN
    1777 Roark Paschall, CA
    1778 Greg Vollhaber, MN
    1779 Joel Prybylski, IA
    1780 Nikki Saleen, ID
    1781 Merrill Saleen, ID
    1782 Mike Law, OR
    1783 Wayne Kleckner, OR
    1784 Joshua Johnson – USFS, WA
    1785 Kevin Pellman – Mescalero Helitack, NM
    1786 Eric Bush – Malhuer Rappel Crew
    1787 Mike Melton, UT
    1788 Ryan Witter – Wasatch Helitack, UT
    1789 Richard Galindo III, CA
    1790 Terra Rintelen – USFS
    1791 Samuel Barnes – Twin Peaks Type 2
    1792 Ben Holmes – Twin Peaks Type 2
    1793 Adam Shingleton – Twin Peaks Type 2
    1794 Kevin Jimenez – Twin Peaks Type 2
    1795 Dylan DeMayo – Twin Peaks – Type 2
    1796 Scott Copeland, UT -Twin Peaks Type 2
    1797 Kyle Canham, UT -Twin Peaks Type 2
    1798 Tyler Finn, UT -Twin Peaks Type 2
    1799 Ryan Evans, UT -Twin Peaks Type 2
    1800 Jake Mandelko, MN -Twin Peaks Type 2
    1801 Austin Wilson, Twin Peaks Type 2
    1802 Colton Esplin, UT -Twin Peaks Type 2
    1803 Nick Paraso – Twin Peaks Type 2
    1804 Robinson Whitten, UT -Twin Peaks Type 2
    1805 Ted Sneed – Twin Peaks Type 2
    1806 Tyler Foltraver Lair – Twin Peaks Type 2
    1807 Wes Ashton – Twin Peaks Type 2
    1808 Richard Roberson, ID
    1809 Patty Baird, ID
    1810 Travis Clark – MT
    1811 Bradley Taylor, AR
    1812 Darrin Franco, mN
    1813 Jeremy Erickson, WI
    1814 Douglas Lane, NC
    1815 Regina Sharar, CA
    1816 Stephen Lee Reyes, CO
    1817 Nathan Siemers-West Desert Crew-Muscrat Station
    1818 Michael Hoye, AZ
    1819 R S McConchie, WY
    1820 Paul Ranum-West Desert Crew-Muscrat Station
    1821 Anthony Hernandez, OR
    1822 Gayle Sorenson, UT
    1823 Wende Wilding, UT
    1824 Raymond Perrault, AZ
    1825 Jonathan Bauer, SD
    1826 Cristian Lopez -Sequoia & Kings Canyon NP- Crew 91
    1827 Stacy York, CA
    1828 Jesse Thomas, CO
    1829 Skyler Lofgen, AZ
    1830 Mark Morales, AR
    1831 Becky Jenison, ID
    1832 Katherine Ball, ID
    1833 Frederick Bristow, CO
    1834 Christopher Banuelos, NV
    1835 Mark DeCaria, ID
    1836 Julie Bennett, NV
    1837 Keith Halloran, AZ
    1838 Karl Cook, IL
    1839 Denny Lewis, ID
    1840 Donna McCain, CA
    1841 John Escalera, CA
    1842 Becky Hutchinson, CA
    1843 Matthew DeLaney, MT
    1844 Brandon Nelson, OR
    1845 Carl Nelson, AZ
    1846 Jason Biggerstaff, CO
    1847 Stephanie Behrends, AZ
    1848 Aaron Betcher, MN
    1849 Jonathan Harris, CA
    1850 Glenda Torres, CO
    1851 Stephanie Margheim, WA
    1852 Matthew Petersen, NV
    1853 Jamie Geerdes, CO
    1854 Adam Fortman, CA
    1855 Frank Heilman, CA
    1856 Adam Kahler, OR
    1857 Karie Linn, WI
    1858 Rachael Livingston, OR
    1859 Derek Wheeler, CA
    1860 Brian Pontes, CA
    1861 Joel Maggio, CA
    1862 Natalie Bangalan, WA
    1863 Tim Dedrick, OR
    1864 James Burgoyne, MT
    1865 Allison Baker, ID
    1866 Lynn Kaney, WA
    1867 Jesse Schmidt, CA
    1868 Thomas Fielden, CA
    1869 Michael Quigley, OR
    1870 Michael Ladd, CA
    1871 Billy Madrid, NM
    1872 Sierra Brown, CA
    1873 David Kempton, AZ
    1874 Troy Hagan, NM
    1875 Sally Champion, NV
    1876 Greg McAlpine, CA
    1877 Ben Sitz, ID
    1878 Eliseo Durante, CA
    1879 Susan Lee, AZ
    1880 Lisa Barre, CA
    1881 Maegen Dills, NY
    1882 Todd Legler, WY
    1883 Aaron D Smythe, NM
    1884 Cheryl L Marquis, CA
    1885 Tony Mule, CO
    1886 Jamie Phillips, CA
    1887 John Thompson, MT
    1888 Edward Lewis, WA
    1889 Lenin Moreno -Dromedary Peak Fuels & Crew
    1890 Austin McBride -Dromedary Peak Fuels & Crew
    1891 Mallorie Grappendorf Dromedary Peak Fuels & Crew
    1892 Justin Morris Dromedary Peak Fuels & Crew
    1893 Taylor D Olsen Dromedary Peak Fuels & Crew
    1894 Marcus Gardner Dromedary Peak Fuels & Crew
    1895 Jeremy Morgan Dromedary Peak Fuels & Crew
    1896 David Morgan Dromedary Peak Fuels & Crew
    1897 Chris Meeker Dromedary Peak Fuels & Crew
    1898 James Carnation Dromedary Peak Fuels & Crew
    1899 Sam Ness Dromedary Peak Fuels & Crew
    1900 Lucas Besendorfer Dromedary Peak Fuels & Crew
    1901 Anthony Holman Dromedary Peak Fuels Crew
    1902 Taylor Ford Dromedary Peak Fuels & Crew
    1903 Shane Fowles Dromedary Peak Fuels & Crew
    1904 Nathan Barrons Dromedary Peak Fuels & Crew
    1905 Kevin Frank Dromedary Peak Fuels & Crew
    1906 Timothy J Miller, AZ
    1907 Samantha Wall, AZ
    1908 Edward Fransted, MT
    1909 Christy A Addey, ID
    1910 Charles Hochstrasser, RI
    1911 Jennifer Prentiss, WY
    1912 David Megorden, CO
    1913 Jon Bower, CO
    1914 Robert Merrow, AK
    1915 James Chadwick, UT
    1916 Ronald Harrison, UT
    1917 Tara Baker , CO
    1918 Kim Olson, CA
    1919 Matthew Dunlap, CA
    1920 Michael Scott, CA
    1921 Steven Otterness, CO
    1922 Ginny Ganguel, ID
    1923 Cheryl Arasim, OR
    1924 John Meek, CO
    1925 James Corvino, WA
    1926 David Brower, CO
    1927 Alvin Brown, AZ
    1928 Christopher Yzquierdo, ID
    1929 Shelby Crandall, MT
    1930 Noah Daniels, UT
    1931 Chris Lord, ME
    1932 Ethan Hill, UT -Bonneville IHC
    1933 Sarah Coughlin, CO
    1934 Shawn Faiella, MT
    1935 Kathryn Cottrell, SC
    1936 Matthew Murphy, NV
    1937 Zvard Piskulyan, CA
    1938 Kenton Martin, NM
    1939 Molly Mouser, ID
    1940 James Gruwell, CA
    1941 Juan Mota, CA
    1942 Romaldo Navarro, CA
    1943 Benjamin Clawson, CA
    1944 Andrew Lyon, CO
    1945 Anna Ivanova, CA
    1946 Matthew Marshall, CA
    1947 Wade Hendricks, MT
    1948 Gilbert Estrada, CA
    1949 Michael Gillespie, AZ
    1950 Anne Hickerson, ID
    1951 Katherine Horan, WI
    1952 Pila Mololo, ID
    1953 Constancer Morris, CA
    1954 Lorie Hildebrand, NM
    1955 Ian James, AZ
    1956 George Zoffman, CA
    1957 Daniel Felix, CA
    1958 Jonathan Brooks, CA
    1959 Aramee Hagemeier, CA
    1960 William Briggs, CO
    1961 Matthew Michaliszyn, AZ
    1962 Jonathan Welin, CA
    1963 Thomas Giesemann, AZ
    1964 Gabriel O’Keefe, AZ
    1965 Leslie Kittleman, CA
    1966 Craig Rumsey, WY
    1967 Daniel Carroll, MN
    1968 Jacob McClure, SD
    1969 Thomas Grubbs, CA
    1970 Lindsey Bradley, MT
    1971 Victoria Campbell, CO
    1972 Bruce Lodge, CA
    1973 Kimberly Drake, ID
    1974 Mario Orozco, AZ
    1975 Walter Eggers, CA
    1976 Ann Osborne, MN
    1977 Camille Klimek, CA
    1978 Amy Wyckoff, CA
    1979 Richard Ruble, NC
    1980 Stephen Clark, NY
    1981 Melanie McDaniels, UT
    1982 Kyle Titus, AZ
    1983 Lyle Pope, CA
    1984 Brian Ferrante, WA
    1985 Lani Ferrante, WA
    1986 Meghan McKindles, AZ
    1987 Joan Marett, AZ
    1988 Aaron Grove, NV
    1989 Scott Bergloff, MN
    1990 Bethany Sullivan, AZ
    1991 Jane Medici, CA
    1992 Lindsay Scaggs, CO
    1993 Suzanne Marie Michalski, CO
    1994 Peggy Childs, FL
    1995 Steven Radtke, CA
    1996 Todd Ayres, CO
    1997 Verner Holmes, CO
    1998 Ashley Blevins, ID
    1999 Katherine Johnson, UT
    2000 Colleen McKenna, UT
    2001 Gonzalo Ochoa, CA
    2002 Michael Nelsen, CA
    2003 Scott Hatch, CA
    2004 Ceaser Polk, AZ -Mormon Lake IHC
    2005 Diane Hinz, NC
    2006 Drew Daily, IN
    2007 Michael Kennard, AZ
    2008 Sharon Taube, UT
    2009 Matt Kampf, OK
    2010 Mathew Armantrout, UT
    2011 Nathanael Combrink, AZ
    2012 Patrick Raynor, NC
    2013 Kelli Kuska, OR
    2014 Evan Moore, NM
    2015 Matthew Butler, ID
    2016 Micah Edwards, ID
    2017 Berkeley Krueger, AZ
    2018 Jeanette Grayshield, NV
    2019 Wendy Cordeiro, CA
    2020 Scott Shoemaker, CA
    2021 James Burke, MN
    2022 Meghan Jackson, NV
    2023 Stan Galloway, ID “In honor of Graydon Galloway”
    2024 Ronald Booker, CA
    2025 Scott Linn, WI
    2026 Anthony Lodice, CO
    2027 Eric Toft, CO
    2028 Douglas Bliven, AZ
    2029 Martha Taylor, CO
    2030 Trevor Lewis, OR
    2031 Phillip Lockwood, WY
    2032 Troy Schaus, CO
    2033 Jeremy Boehmer AZ BLM Phoenix District
    2034 Joseph Miller AZ BLM Phoenix District
    2035 Jason Keefe AZ BLM Phoenix District
    2036 Ian Johnson AZ BLM Phoenix District
    2037 Paul Stelmack AZ BLM Phoenix District
    2038 Glen McMaster AZ BLM Phoenix District
    2039 Ken Shaver AZ BLM Phoenix District
    2040 Brian Achziger AZ BLM Phoenix District
    2041 Pete Drieling AZ BLM Phoenix District
    2042 Michael Trent AZ BLM Colorado River District
    2043 Gary Cook AZ BLM Colorado River District
    2044 Wade Reaves AZ BLM Colorado River District
    2045 Bryan McGee AZ BLM Colorado River District
    2046 Lalo Heredia AZ BLM Colorado River District
    2047 James Stewart AZ BLM Colorado River District
    2048 Steve Klauck AZ BLM Colorado River District
    2049 Richard Ana AZ BLM Colorado River District
    2050 Daniel Scott AZ BLM Colorado River District
    2051 Juan Cosojay AZ BLM Colorado River District
    2052 Carolyn Kaleugher AZ BLM Colorado River District
    2053 Fabian Gomez AZ BLM Colorado River District
    2054 Kelly Castillo BLM AZ State Office
    2055 Fritz Mueller BLM AZ State Office
    2056 Darren Mathis BLM AZ State Office
    2057 Dolores Garcia BLM AZ State Office
    2058 Jeff Brown BLM AZ State Office
    2059 Vanessa GlynnLinaris BLM AZ State Office
    2060 Kim Owczarzak BLM AZ State Office
    2061 Damon McRae BLM AZ Gila District
    2062 Dan Quintana BLM AZ Gila District
    2063 Mary Hayes BLM AZ Gila District
    2064 Mike Wilke BLM AZ Gila District
    2065 Susan Goodman BLM AZ Gila District
    2066 John Ziegler BLM AZ Gila District
    2067 Clyde England BLM AZ Gila District
    2068 Jason McClain BLM AZ Gila District
    2069 Robert Poor BLM AZ Gila District
    2070 Brian Gates BLM AZ Gila District
    2071 Andrew Atkison BLM AZ Gila District
    2072 Eric Haller BLM AZ Gila District
    2073 Brian Livingston BLM AZ Gila District
    2074 Eric Smith BLM AZ Gila District
    2075 Nicholas Lewandowski BLM AZ Gila District
    2076 Rachel Bitsch BLM AZ Gila District
    2077 Mark Rosenthal BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2078 Patrick Fleming BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2079 Thomas Lund BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2080 Shawn Jaca BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2081 Michelle Petty BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2082 Corey Wood BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2083 Clark Olds BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2084 Jason Ybright BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2085 Tyler Brown BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2086 Garrett Carr BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2087 Micah Fey BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2088 Cody Cotton BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2089 Brian Williams BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2090 Adam Pectol BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2091 Jeremy Bradley BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2092 Jamie Rogers BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2093 Cris Madrigal BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2094 Jeremy Chapman BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2095 Alan Sypphus BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2096 Devin Johnson BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2097 Ricky Nerud BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2098 David Bee BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2099 Megan Butzin BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2100 Jerry Empey BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2101 Justin Bybee BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2102 Brad Dandurand BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2103 Michael Dargatz BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2104 Troy Davis BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2105 Dustin Mathis BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2106 Adam Hyatt BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2107 Seth LaRowe BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2108 Pace Pectol BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2109 Luke Seelhoff BLM AZ AZ Strip District
    2110 Bryan Bracken, UT- BLM Arizona Fire Strip
    2111 Cory Johnson, UT BLM AZ Fire Strip
    2112 Brian Bock, UT BLM AZ Fire Strip
    2113 Terry Swinscoe, UT BLM AZ Fire Strip
    2114 Lee Hughes, UT
    2115 Todd Calico, UT
    2116 Ron Sharpe, UT
    2117 Edward Christy, UT- BIA/Arizona Strip
    2118 Kim Soule, UT -Wasatch Helitack
    2119 EJ Brooks, UT -Wasatch Helitack
    2120 Bryan Thompson, UT -Wasatch Helitack
    2121 Scott Biddle, NV -BLM McDermitt Guard Station
    2122 Michael Hoon, CA -BLM, Engine 3648
    2123 Bob Tinker, CA -Cal Fire
    2124 David Moran, FL -USFWS- Merritt Island NWR
    2125 Robert Alanso, CA
    2126 Fed Privett, GA -USFWS
    2127 Brent Higbee, ID
    2128 Samuel St Louis, SCSCFC
    2129 Amy Rothballer, ID -USFS
    2130 Stephen Percy, ID -Idaho City IHC
    2131 Jeff Lissick, MN -Idaho City IHC
    2132 Spencer Roedel, ID -Idaho City IHC
    2133 Andre Worman, ID -USFS
    2134 Todd Wanner, ID -Idaho City IHC
    2135 Simon Thurfine, ID -Idaho City IHC
    2136 Randy Lamb, ID -Idaho City IHC
    2137 Brian Brennan, CO
    2138 Grif Cochran, ID -Idaho City IHC
    2139 Ben Eby, ID -Idaho City IHC
    2140 Anthony Gholson, ID -Idaho City IHC
    2141 Brian Cardoza, ID -Idaho City IHC
    2142 Darryl Kuehl, CA -Idaho City IHC
    2143 Steve Traverso, ID -Idaho City IHC
    2144 Spencer Robertson, OR -Idaho City IHC
    2145 Tyler Kennedy, ID -Idaho City IHC
    2146 Corey Farrell, ID -Idaho City IHC
    2147 Paul Gentry, ID -Idaho City IHC
    2148 Kelly SensecguaId, ID -Idaho City IHC
    2149 Bruce Hillman, UT -Bonneville IHC
    2150 Mason Dickens, NV -Bonneville IHC
    2151 Steve Gerard, UT -Bonneville IHC
    2152 Douglas Catharina, UT -Bonneville IHC
    2153 Caleb Merrill, UT -Bonneville IHC
    2154 James Brumfield, CA -Bonneville IHC
    2155 Bill Alleman, MN -Bonneville IHC
    2156 Christian Berninger, UT -Bonneville IHC
    2157 Nate Brown, CA -Plumas IHC
    2158 David Coffey, CA -Plumas IHC
    2159 Brett DeBone, CA -Plumas IHC
    2160 Jack Sevelson, CA -Plumas IHC
    2161 Mike Sherman, CA -Plumas IHC
    2162 Joel Schilling, CA -Plumas IHC
    2163 Joe McGinn, CA -Plumas IHC
    2164 Holly Orr, CA -Plumas IHC
    2165 Jeff Bell, CA -Plumas IHC
    2166 Cody Lavley, CA -Plumas IHC
    2167 Chris Flores, CA -Plumas IHC
    2168 Jourdain Flores, CA -Plumas IHC
    2169 Will Menning, MT -Plumas IHC
    2170 Jesse Frid, CA -Plumas IHC
    2171 Paul Ithurburn, CA -Plumas IHC
    2172 Mary Gausen, CA
    2173 Aaron Thompson, WY
    2174 Joseph Norris, AZ
    2175 Annie Lutes, AZ
    2176 Larry Smith, CA
    2177 Michael Wengert, WY
    2178 Valerie Merritt, MT
    2179 Tiffany Fralie, NM
    2180 Brendon Banwell, CA
    2181 Richard Nosala, CA
    2182 Elizabeth Turner, CO
    2183 Janice Lownes, CO
    2184 Randall R Lownes, CO
    2185 Brian Drinville, NM
    2186 Eric Hooper, CA
    2187 Joe Rogan, ID
    2188 Charles Ferris, CA
    2189 Calvin Miller, GA
    2190 Greg Bartin, UT
    2191 Reggie Jarvis, NV
    2192 Ryan Swaffordm TN
    2193 Ryan Cormier, CA
    2194 Jason Demas, NC
    2195 Brian Hurtuk, CO
    2196 Thomas Creeden, MI
    2197 Robert Cordts, NM
    2198 Lester Abbott, WA
    2199 Deanna Ashcraft, WY
    2200 Brandon Everett, UT
    2201 Avalynn Jeanne Everett, UT
    2202 Tori Newburn, OR
    2203 Scott Brooks, CO “In Memory of the GM IHC”
    2204 Jonathan Ellis, NJ
    2205 Sherri Trentham, TN
    2206 Van H Chanay, CO
    2207 Rance Marquez, AZ
    2208 Julie Osterkamp, UT
    2209 Bradley Christensen, CA
    2210 Charles Huack, KS
    2211 Sheldon Sanchez, GA -Jackson IHC
    2212 Matthew Mason, VA -Jackson IHC
    2213 Joshua Hampton, OK -Jackson IHC
    2214 Tony Moll, VA -Jackson IHC
    2215 Ryan Hagenah, MS -Jackson IHC
    2216 Timothy Jackson, OR -Jackson IHC
    2217 William Hudson, MS -Jackson IHC
    2218 Jonathan Garrelts, WI – Jackson IHC
    2219 Anthony Ashalintubbi, OK -Jackson IHC
    2220 Mark Clay, MS -Jackson IHC
    2221 Sean Henning, MO -Jackson IHC
    2222 Tiffany Demings, MS -Jackson IHC
    2223 Wade Irish, MN -Jackson IHC
    2224 Patrice Palmer, NV “In honor of all firefighters”
    2225 Levi Guffey, AZ -In memory of GM IHC
    2226 Daniel Youngson, NY
    2227 John Thornburg, AZ
    2228 Chris Kendall, NY
    2229 Julie Smith, AZ
    2230 Rafael Sanchez, CA
    2231 Alec McAffee, CA
    2232 David Haynie, CA “In memory of GM IHC”
    2233 Anthony Monetta, WA
    2234 Charles Hammer, WA
    2235 Trae Tuttle, NV
    2236 Jared Arciniega, CA
    2237 Eli Grooms, ID
    2238 Brian Powers, CA -Sciacca Type 1 Team
    2239 Nikke Trowbridge, AZ
    2240 Kyle Beinschroth, CA
    2241 Shane Shaughnessy, CA
    2242 Ray Bilbao, ID
    2243 Josh Teaney, CO
    2244 Dusty Addey, ID
    2245 James Playfair, ID
    2246 Allen Bittner, MN
    2247 Henry Jackson, MS BLM
    2248 Priscilla Peterson, CA
    2249 Marianne Hill, MS
    2250 Peggy Lesley, NV
    2251 Ian Garthwait,UT
    2252 Donna Breton, CA
    2253 Gary Larson WA
    2254 Nikki Thummel, IA
    2255 Kim Cash, WI
    2256 Cynthia Elliott, NM
    2257 Charles Elliott, NM
    2258 Alex Van Voorhis, UT
    2259 JJ Nolan, CA
    2260 Carolyn Kaleugher, AZ
    2261 Angela Biondich, MN
    2262 Nicholas Connolly, NH North Zone Fire Mgmt Crew 1
    2263 Matthew Scott, SD North Zone Fire Mgmt Crew 1
    2264 Jimmy Butler, CA
    2265 Ashley Rogers, NV
    2266 Justin Dombrowski, CA
    2267 Land Huegel, ID
    2268 Todd Miranda, AZ
    2269 Sean McPharlin, AZ
    2270 Tanner Sprague, SD
    2271 Cheryl Henninger, CA
    2272 Lacey England, OR
    2273 Cathleen Lowe, NM
    2274 Thomas Lauchlan, CA
    2275 Joshua Tibbetts, NV
    2276 Micah Wilcock, NV
    2277 Denise Winters, NV
    2278 Matthew Brown, CA
    2279 Mary Alice Kovac, DC
    2280 Deborah Lords, AZ
    2281 Marsha Lodner, UT
    2282 Logan Blankenship, ID
    2283 Martha Mowry, NM
    2284 Brian Ward, NV
    2285 Walter Fowler, NV
    2286 Anna Monti, NV
    2287 Patricia Reber, OR
    2288 Amy Chastain, SC
    2289 Irvin Williamson, ID
    2290 Ryan Vice, TX
    2291 Cody Rauch, NV
    2292 Yammi Ellerbroek, WA
    2293 Benjamin Wexler, CA
    2294 Steven Chaffin, CA
    2295 Matthew Norden, CO
    2296 Holly Neil, lNM
    2297 Wayne Neill, NM
    2298 Robert Kafka, CA
    2299 Steven Fischer, ID
    2300 Andrea Matos, MT
    2301 Kathleen Rahn, WI
    2302 Derek Jackson, CO
    2303 Andrew Schaal, KS
    2304 Luke Brittan, KS
    2305 Tanbir Lally, CA
    2306 Margaret Fisk, OH
    2307 Tobias Hutchens, VA
    2308 Robert Buhr, WY
    2309 Jeffrey Frimel, CO
    2310 Carissa Ward, NJ
    2311 Rocky Burrows, NM
    2312 Kelly Boyd, CO
    2313 Kevin Weaver, MT
    2314 Peter Willis, MN
    2315 Caleb Finch, NM
    2316 Nicole Finch, NM
    2317 Todd Breininger, PA
    2318 Ryan Harpster, AZ
    2319 Candice Kahler, ID
    2320 Brett Latulippe, CO
    2321 Kayla Rodriguez, CA
    2322 Annette Rockow, OR
    2323 James Dunn, ID
    2324 F Fleischman, CO
    2325 Courtney Christensen, UT
    2326 Peter Vidmar, CO
    2327 Gregory Johnson, UT
    2328 Linda Holliday, MN
    2329 James Coleman. AZ
    2330 Mark Thompson, SD
    2331 Jonathan Polansky, CA
    2332 Sheydene Murdoch, ID
    2333 John Watermolen, NV
    2334 Kymberli Hoffman, WA
    2335 Leslie O’Donnell, NH
    2336 Paul Beberg, AK
    2337 Darrin Webb, AZ
    2338 Kathryn Hall, VA
    2339 Keith Ward, NV
    2340 Bryan Swift, CO
    2341 Mary Kourieh, AZ
    2342 Amanda Callis, CA
    2343 Dean McAlister, AZ
    2344 Brian Bogdanoff, CA
    2345 Kimberley Owczarzak, NM
    2346 Timothy Felton, CO
    2347 Nicole Marshall, MT
    2348 Jeremiah Heilig, CO
    2349 Joshua Land, CA
    2350 Blain Chafin, CA
    2351 Patrick Titus, CA
    2352 Todd Like, CO
    2353 Kris Schroeder, OR
    2354 Rachel Cresto, UT
    2355 Nathan Galster, MS
    2356 Kristen Marshall, OR
    2357 Helen Czernik, NC
    2358 Bob Allbee, WA
    2359 Matthew Peacock, CA
    2360 Ryan Johnson, ID
    2361 Christopher Spliethof, MT
    2362 Marcus Hurlburt, ID
    2363 Brian O’Donnell, ID
    2364 Stacee Ester, AZ “In Memory of Granite Mountain IHC”
    2365 Mark Pater, AZ
    2366 Norm Rooker, CO
    2367 Charles Steven Webb, AZ
    2368 Tom Schaff, CO
    2369 Edward Phipps, NJ
    2370 Kuo Evans, ID
    2371 Hope Kuo, ID
    2372 Josh Lange, SD
    2373 Dan Santantonio, NM
    2374 Michael DiCristina, CO
    2375 Michele Mavor, ID
    2376 Ronald Sherer, CA
    2377 Robert Yavor, VA
    2378 Jeremy Loyd, CA
    2379 Darrin Yost, CA
    2380 William Alexander, AZ
    2381 Dana Harris, ID
    2382 Bradley Lett
    2383 Robert Boles, VA Crew 1 Plumas NF
    2384 Martha Johnson, CA
    2385 Tambi Gustafson, CO
    2386 Bob Love, AZ
    2387 Joe Ziganto, CA
    2388 Dimitri Hill, CA
    2389 Lindon Pronto, CA
    2390 Indalecio Perez, CA
    2391 Mary Johnston, IL
    2392 Stephen Graydon, CA
    2393 Steven Nicols, CA
    2394 BJ Oberhaus, CA
    2395 Mike Stelp, CA
    2396 Jesse Kingsley, CA
    2397 Gwen Rudy, CA
    2398 Kathleen Russell, CA
    2399 Randy Basilio, CA
    2400 Carl Piper, CA
    2401 Patrick Mahoney, CA
    2402 Sean Cox, CA
    2403 Dusty Pierson, ID -Payette NF
    2404 John Fell, CA
    2405 Norene Norris, AZ
    2406 Whitney Jiter, AR -Poteau Ranger District
    2407 Tim Fondriest, MN -Buffalo National River
    2408 Terra Fondriest, MN -Buffalo National River
    2409 Ryan Green, AR -Buffalo National River
    2410 RL Self, AR -Poteau Ranger District
    2411 William Seeley, NJ
    2412 Christian Mascho, MT -Gila IHC
    2413 Judy Fessenden, CA
    2414 Zachory Huff, CA
    2415 Andrew Lee, CA
    2416 Brad Pietruszka, CO
    2417 Kristina Thissell, CO -Burns Fire & Aviation
    2418 Shanna Burke, MA
    2419 Todd Abel, AZ
    2420 David Peters, ID
    2421 Jamie Tyson, UT -Kings Peak WFM
    2422 Pete Blume, CO -Rocky Mountain Type 1 IMT
    2423 Debra Blume, CO
    2424 Ryan Blume, CO
    2425 Brianna Blume, CO
    2426 Rory Blume, CO
    2427 Dennis Page, CO -Rocky Mountain Type 1 IMT
    2428 John Lee, WY -Rocky Mountain Type 1 IMT
    2429 Paul Gellerstedt, NC
    2430 Brian Mulhollen, CA -BLM Mother Lode F.O.
    2431 Charles Bolt, MS
    2432 Jermaine Kelly, MS – BLM
    2433 Steven Patterson, CA
    2434 Luke Birch, CA
    2435 Kevin Conant, CA
    2436 Jon Bontrager, MI
    2437 Gary Morgan, ID
    2438 Donovan Lund, UT -USFS
    2439 J.D. Ottman, AZ
    2440 Lynn Barclay, CO -Rocky Mountain Type 1 IMT
    2441 Cherie Sonsalla, MN
    2442 Garrett Decker, CA -USFS
    2443 Kevin Gearlds, NV -Nevada Division of Forestry
    2444 Luke Lernan, AZ
    2445 Michael Starkovich, WA
    2446 Darwin Starkovich, WA
    2447 Erin Aversano, CA
    2448 Daniel Philbin, AZ
    2449 Michael Shaw, ID
    2450 Neal Mulconrey, IN
    2451 Steven Baran, CA
    2452 Don Howard, AZ
    2453 Brianna Fredricksen, OR
    2454 Mathew Elliott, OR
    2455 Darlene Payne, AZ
    2456 Richard Cunningham, CA
    2457 Diane Hansson, OH
    2458 Juntin Mund, OR
    2459 Jarret Carle, CA
    2460 Samuel Bruner, WY
    2461 Kein Layton, ID
    2462 Kayanna Warren, CA
    2463 Kevin Moglia, CA
    2464 Rudy Sandoval, UT
    2465 Alyssa Stewart, MT
    2466 James Brown, OR
    2467 Randy Turrill, UT -Color Country District BLM
    2468 Brent Weldon, AL -Alabama ALF
    2469 John Meredith, AL -Alabama ALF
    2470 Samuel Thompson, ID
    2471 Dannie Northington, OR
    2472 Daryl Borgman, SC
    2473 Owen Johnson, MT
    2474 Kim Soper, UT
    2475 Lynn Peltier, CA
    2476 Zachary Coughlin,CA
    2477 Jessica Vincent, FL
    2478 Harold Gemmel, lMT
    2479 Amy Ham, SD
    2480 Steven Meyer, OR
    2481 Patrick Halford, WA
    2482 William Wiley, NM
    2483 Jessica Linde, SD
    2484 Carla Walden, TN
    2485 Jason Wagner, SD
    2486 Hana Collins, ID
    2487 Dennis Danzl, MN
    2488 Matthew Lisby, AZ -AZ PIMA Tribal Nations Response Team
    2489 Bevin Protas, CO -Bajo Wildfire Module
    2490 Graydon Galloway, ID
    2491 Josh Bardwell, TX
    2492 Ray Vega, CA -USFS Engine 37
    2493 Jeff Hammes, ID
    2494 Dee King Raub, CA -Santa Clara County FD
    2495 Sean Collins, CA -Kern County Fire Department
    2496 Erin Anthony, ID -In Honor of Christopher Anthony
    2497 Catherine Thompson, MN
    2498 Rudy Barrera, CA -In Memory of GM IHC
    2499 Vanessa Kobilis, CA
    2500 Joesph Whalen, NY -In Honor of Harrison Whalen
    2501 Kristi Duarte, CO
    2502 Bryan Daniels, CA
    2503 Tracy Fluckiger, WY
    2504 Susan Hawkins, TX
    2505 Casey Bridges, AK
    2506 Ariane Sarzotti, CA
    2507 Lisa Thompson, UT
    2508 Eric Weber, NJ
    2509 Chelsea Cough, CA
    2510 Pat Beers, WA
    2511 Austin Bakaly, CA
    2512 Bill L Shields, WY
    2513 David Mettam, CA
    2514 Dalton Loveless, UT
    2515 Jodine Barnes, WA
    2516 Chris Casey, VT
    2517 John Lockward, CT
    2518 Martin Campbell, ID
    2519 Brian Theiler, ID
    2520 Julia E Ruthford, WV
    2521 Cliff Tevebaugh, OR
    2522 Robert Harris, CA
    2523 Don Pyrah, MT
    2524 Michael Barry, NV
    2525 Christine Hawkins, NM
    2526 Andrew McNicoll, CA
    2527 Stephen Powers, PA
    2528 Alissa Resch, DC
    2529 Phillip Kacirek, UT
    2530 Kyle Yurkovich, UT
    2531 Scott Woods, UT
    2532 Nicole Jones, UT
    2533 Stephen Edwards, ID
    2534 Ryan Wilson, ID
    2535 Tavis Sorensen, ID
    2536 Jacqueline Link, ID
    2537 Alex Shaffer, ID
    2538 Deanna D. Williams, PA
    2539 Jannett Johnson, UT
    2540 James Holcomb, MD
    2541 Anders Heinstedt, CA
    2542 Terry Brumfield, MT
    2543 Joe Cresto, UT
    2544 Ryan Barela, WY
    2545 Justin Clarry, OR
    2546 Kyle Johnson, OR -Malheur Rappel Crew
    2547 Jessica Pfister, OR -Malheur Rappel Crew
    2548 Matthew Mills, OR -Malheur Rappel Crew
    2549 Joey Fansler, OR -Malheur Rappel Crew
    2550 Tyler Davis, OR -Malheur Rappel Crew
    2551 Thomas Parker -Malheur Rappel Crew
    2552 Winter West, AK -Malheur Rappel Crew
    2553 Ryon Reed -Malheur Rappel Crew
    2554 John OkerBlom, MN -Malheur Rappel Crew
    2555 Sarah Walton, WA -Malheur Rappel Crew
    2556 Kari Hirschberger, WA -Malheur Rappel Crew
    2557 Ryan Deford, WA -Malheur Rappel Crew
    2558 Timothy Beck, OR -Malheur Rappel Crew
    2559 Rebecca Voltin, OR –Malheur Rappel Crew
    2560 Travis Bennett, OR -Malheur Rappel Crew
    2561 Kiel Wood, LA -Malheur Rappel Crew
    2562 Bryna Ray, OR -Malheur Rappel Crew
    2563 Shawn Walters -Chester Fly Crew
    2564 Brian Rogers -Chester Fly Crew
    2565 Mike Yearwood -Chester Fly Crew
    2566 Bjorn Burgeson -Chester Fly Crew
    2567 Cyrus Galvan -Chester Fly Crew
    2568 Tyler Williams -Chester Fly Crew
    2569 Jason Pleau -Chester Fly Crew
    2570 Frank Davis, OR
    2571 Richard Brinkman -Chester Fly Crew
    2572 Jenna Peters -Chester Fly Crew
    2573 Dakota Fulks -Chester Fly Crew
    2574 Chad Lawson -Chester Fly Crew
    2575 Asher Hart -Chester Fly Crew
    2576 Andrew Reuther -Chester Fly Crew
    2577 Nich Furtado -Chester Fly Crew
    2578 Chris Fenske -Chester Fly Crew
    2579 Dan Mallia, CA “In memory of Luke Sheehy”
    2580 Scott Beckley, CA
    2581 Julia Collins, WY
    2582 Chris St. Pierre, CA
    2583 Todd Pechota, SD
    2584 Tayden Pechota, SD “In Memory of GM IHC”
    2585 Samantha Pechota, SD
    2586 Shelly Pechota, SD
    2587 Dan Gosnell, CA
    2588 Paulicia Larsen, CO
    2589 Brenda Peterson, OR -Erickson Air Crane
    2590 Jim Bussell, SD
    2591 Dary Nelson, DC -USFS
    2592 Carly Flandro, ID “In Memory of GM IHC”
    2593 Justin Hayes, AZ -USFS Prevention Tech
    2594 Cole Upton, CA -USFS Las Vegas Eng 452
    2595 Matthew Hansvick, NV -USFS Las Vegas Engine 452
    2596 Brian German, NV -USFS Las Vegas Engine #452
    2597 Aaron Strobeo, MT
    2598 Jeff Fitzwater, WA -North Cascade National Park Fire
    2599 Arthur Moore, AZ
    2600 Patrick Bageant, WA
    2601 M Stradan, CA
    2602 Dereck Bohan Boise BLM
    2603 Cinnamon Prime, TX
    2604 Richard Hammer, OR
    2605 Jim Perrow, WA
    2606 Patrick Moore, AZ -Pleasant Valley IHC
    2607 Andrew Tate, SD
    2608 Doug Miedtke, MN
    2609 Bruce English, PA
    2610 Alice Greene, OR
    2611 William Bettencourt, CA
    2612 Derek Raider, NV
    2613 Dan Fiorito, OR
    2614 Olaf Hedstrom, MT
    2615 Jim Wilson, MN
    2616 Emilio Siguenda, CA
    2617 Curt Westerman, MN
    2618 Tobias Moralez, NV -Tallac Crew 19
    2619 David Meyer, OR
    2620 Robert Fisher, SD
    2621 John Agapito, CA
    2622 Eric Garcia, CA
    2623 Scott McConchie, WY
    2624 Ron Dobyns, NV
    2625 Nancy Agnew, CO
    2626 James Glenn, ID
    2627 Debra Estrada, NV
    2628 Peter Krojewskim, FL
    2629 Bert Starr, MT
    2630 Barry Dallwig, CA
    2631 Chris Schow, CA
    2632 Brandon Clifford, ID
    2633 Kelly Clifford, ID
    2634 Christopher Clervis, CO
    2635 Josh Goldstein, AZ
    2636 Justin Boone, CO
    2637 Zack Taylor, CA
    2638 Misty Brovillette, ID
    2639 Zac Brovillette, ID
    2640 John Platt, UT
    2641 Jonathan Fischer, CA
    2642 Jim Rich, AZ “In Memory of Brian Rich”
    2643 Doug McClure, CA
    2644 John Lawton, NH
    2645 Chuck Borg, OR
    2646 Sean Snyder, WY
    2647 Jamieson Jalving, CA
    2648 Frank McCarthy, CA
    2649 Ryan Hales, TX
    2650 John Peaks, CA
    2651 Kenneth Cushman, OR
    2652 Jim Orr, CA
    2653 Shannon Orr, ID
    2654 Nicole Hallisey, ID
    2655 Mike Hallisey, ID
    2656 Chris Trudeau, UT -Swan Valley Helitack
    2657 Kyle Stump, ID -Swan Valley Helitack
    2658 Missy Schwarz, ID -Swan Valley Helitack
    2659 Joe McCann, CA
    2660 Todd Sexton, ID -Swan Valley Helitack
    2661 Mike Trobst, AZ
    2662 Nick Miller, ID -Swan Valley Helitack
    2663 Edwin Floate, OR
    2664 Tad Morelock, CA
    2665 Greg Dutton, CA
    2666 Brian Farris, CO
    2667 Fred Ashford, MS
    2668 Gretchen Lehman, AZ
    2669 Chris Greenstein, MT -Swan Valley Helitack
    2670 Ryan Borgman, NH -Swan Valley Helitack
    2671 Shaun Wathen, CA -Swan Valley Helitack
    2672 Daniel Hays, ID -Swan Valley Helitack
    2673 Casey Goss, WA -Swan Valley Helitack
    2674 Brian Humphrey, ID -Swan Valley Helitack
    2675 Valentine Vasquez, NM
    2676 Joseph Chastain, GA
    2677 Pat Kerbs, ID
    2678 Grant Camp, AR
    2679 Terry Telford, UT
    2680 Rick Wagner, ID
    2681 Liza Wilson, NV
    2682 Kellin Brown, CA -Bald Mountain Helitack
    2683 Daniel Lojero, CA -Bald Mountain Helitack
    2684 Brad Williams, CA Bald Mountain Helitack
    2685 Joe Ziganto, CA -Bald Mountain Helitack
    2686 Aaron Silva, CA -Bald Mountain Helitack
    2687 Matt Silliman, CA -Bald Mountain Helitack
    2688 Mark Sabol, CA -Bald Mountain Helitack
    2689 William Venegas, CA -Bald Mountain Helitack
    2690 Julio Ramirez, CA -Bald Mountain Helitack
    2691 Blaine Coyle, CA -Bald Mountain Helitack
    2692 David Phillips, CA -Bald Mountain Helitack
    2693 Michael Ringleb Jr., CA -Bald Mountain Helitack
    2694 Erik Lint, CA -Bald Mountain Helitack
    2695 Matt Muller, CA -Bald Mountain Helitack
    2696 Jim Funx, VA -Forest Synergy
    2697 Jose Ortega, CA
    2698 Katie Powers, OR
    2699 Dave Pieper, ND
    2700 Deb Pieper, ND
    2701 William Sanders, ID
    2702 Dean Clark, CO “In Memory of Len Dem”
    2703 Todd Woodward, CA
    2704 Blayne Brown, AZ
    2705 Jeremy Pribyl, AZ
    2706 Bethany Deblander, OR
    2707 EZ Graff, AZ
    2708 Jackie Graff, AZ
    2709 Doug Sprouse, AZ
    2710 Mike Godleske, AZ
    2711 Tom Pierce, CA “Pierce Fire Investigations, Inc.”
    2712 Brandon L. Witherspoon -Heaps Peak Helitack
    2713 Jeremy Ellis, CA
    2714 Kyle Bruinsma, CA -Heaps Peak Helitack
    2715 Kevin Eaton, CA -Heaps Peak Helitack
    2716 Michael Reynolds, CA -Heaps Peak Helitack
    2717 Kenneth Eaton, CA -Heaps Peak Helitack
    2718 Joseph Ruiz, CA -Heaps Peak Helitack
    2719 Martin Chilil, CA -Heaps Peak Helitack
    2720 Casandra Caballero, CA -Heaps Peak Helitack
    2721 Eric Gandolfi, CA -Heaps Peak Helitack
    2722 Regina Gandolfi, CA -Heaps Peak Helitack
    2723 Oscar Luna, CA -Arrowhead IHC
    2724 Andrea Zelcer, CA -Arrowhead IHC
    2725 Robert Garcia, CA -Arrowhead IHC
    2726 Randy Cavigli, CA -Arrowhead IHC
    2727 Guillermo Munguia, CA -Arrowhead IHC
    2728 Arthur Eisburg, CA -Arrowhead IHC
    2729 Richard Sinkovitz, CA -Arrowhead IHC
    2730 Paul Staley, CA -Arrowhead IHC
    2731 Maricela Navarro, CA -Arrowhead IHC
    2732 Pamela Feld, ID
    2733 Norm Tindell, TX -K&L Farms
    2734 August Campbell, CA
    2735 Lynda Alberico, CA
    2736 Diana Early, ID
    2737 Howard Watts, NV
    2738 Miranda Stuart, FL
    2739 Steve Murphy, CA
    2740 Ed Ryan, NV
    2741 Linda Domingos, OR
    2742 Erika Reed, ID
    2743 Kristin Hinklem, OR
    2744 Vincent Plummer, CA
    2745 Kate Morris, CA
    2746 Thomas Marchant, CA
    2747 Randy Magana, CA
    2748 Bradley Washa, UT
    2749 Michael Turowski, CA
    2750 Jacob Larson, WA
    2751 Michael Purdy, CA
    2752 Aaron Galvez, CA
    2753 Don Graham, CA
    2754 Luke Schutte, CO -Craig IHC
    2755 CW Portell, CO -Craig IHC
    2756 Dustin Poe, CA -Craig IHC
    2757 Seth Casebolt, CO -Craig IHC
    2758 Sara Knapp, WA -Craig IHC
    2759 Coyde Fickel, NE -Craig IHC
    2760 Tyler Dilley, CO -Craig IHC
    2761 Josh Jacobs, WY -Craig IHC
    2762 Callum Harper, CO -Craig IHC
    2763 Colin Jenkins, CO -BLM Montrose
    2764 Steven Wear, NV -Craig IHC
    2765 Spencer Holub, CO -BLM
    2766 Garrick Northup, CO -Craig IHC
    2767 Hail Lovell, CO -Craig IHC
    2768 Brian Kehoe, UT -Craig IHC
    2769 Rob Rydberg, CO -BLM
    2770 Shawn Telford, CO -Craig IHC
    2771 Eric Gillane, CA -Craig IHC
    2772 Eric Krol, CO -Craig IHC
    2773 Brett White, CO -Craig IHC
    2774 Sean Carey, CO -Craig IHC
    2775 Matthew Radtke, CA -American River IHC
    2776 Gabe Strucken, CA -American River IHC
    2777 Adam Leyba, CA -American River IHC
    2778 Doug Nessler, NV -American River IHC
    2779 Ryan Hall, CA -American River IHC
    2780 Ryan Shanebrook, CA -American River IHC
    2781 Terry Lim, CA -American River IHC
    2782 Alex Donaldson, CA -American River IHC
    2783 Trevor Halama, CA -American River IHC
    2784 Nathaniel Richmond, CA -American River IHC
    2785 Bruce W. Hart, CA -American River IHC
    2786 Ben Strahan, CA -American River IHC
    2787 Cameron L. Snyder, CA -American River IHC
    2788 Tony Nessler, NV -American River IHC
    2789 Francisco Trujillo, NV -American River IHC
    2790 Brent Webb, CA -American River IHC
    2791 Nathan Cowell, CA -American River IHC
    2792 Thomas L Buchter, CA -American River IHC
    2793 Brett Newell, CA -Redding Smokejumpers
    2794 Robert Bente, CA -Redding Smokejumpers
    2795 Brian Kvisler, WA -Redding Smokejumpers
    2796 Andrew Gruenberg, CA -Redding Smokejumpers
    2797 Robert Bent, CA -Redding Smokejumpers
    2798 Brian Viler, CA -Redding Smokejumpers
    2799 Andrew Gruenberg, CA -Redding Smokejumpers
    2800 Roberto Cervantes, OR -Redding Smokejumpers
    2801 Annette Moore, CA -Redding Smokejumpers
    2802 Curtis Matthews, CA -Redding Smokejumpers
    2803 Felipe Marquez, CA -Redding Smokejumpers
    2804 Beth Birk, CA -Redding Smokejumpers
    2805 Barbara Wysock, KY
    2806 Ethelyn Hegele, NC
    2807 Thomas Hegele, NC
    2808 Kathlyn Anderson, CA
    2809 Keith Fields, OR
    2810 Travis Chamberlain, ID
    2811 Karla Hawley, CA
    2812 Ann Espinoza -Sierra Front IDC
    2813 Norma Smokey -Sierra Front IDC
    2814 Julian Angres -Sierra Front IDC
    2815 Lisa Pimental -Sierra Front IDC
    2816 Juan Zepeda -Sierra Front IDC
    2817 Withanee Anderson -Sierra Front IDC
    2818 Roger Conroy -Sierra Front IDC
    2819 Kat Gonzales -Sierra Front IDC
    2820 Charles Meeks -Sierra Front IDC
    2821 Ryan Gaines -Sierra Front IDC
    2822 Mindy Stevenson -Sierra Front IDC
    2823 Jill Hartman -Sierra Front IDC
    2824 Andy Saindon -Sierra Front IDC
    2825 Coreen Hutchinson -Sierra Front IDC
    2826 Marcus Ortiz, OR -Prineville IHC
    2827 Joe Madden, OR -Prineville IHC
    2828 Lindsay Rae Silvia, OR -Prineville IHC
    2829 Chris Witherspoon, OR -Prineville IHC
    2830 Lane A Keaffaber, OR -Prineville IHC
    2831 Edward Coughlin III, OR -Prineville IHC
    2832 Jace Lewis, OR -Prineville IHC
    2833 Jesus Calvillo, CA -Prineville IHC
    2834 Tanner Eccles, OR -Prineville IHC
    2835 Brendan O’Reilly, OR -Prineville IHC
    2836 James Osborne, OR -Prineville IHC
    2837 Travis Stanfill, OR -Prineville IHC
    2838 Sadler Schwartz, OR -Prineville IHC
    2839 Aaron Bechdolt, OR -Prineville IHC
    2840 Heath Faulk, OR -Prineville IHC
    2841 John Mountz, OR -Prineville IHC
    2842 Michael Vinton, OR -Prineville IHC
    2843 Jeremy Jensen, OR -Prineville IHC
    2844 Chris Burford, OR -Prineville IHC
    2845 Deidre Ater, ID -CdA River RFD Crew
    2846 Tim Harrison “In Honor of the Harrison Family”
    2847 Tom Allbright -Cedar City IHC
    2848 Dave Harmon -Cedar City IHC
    2849 Trevor Pollock -Cedar City IHC
    2850 Stewart Hansen -Cedar City IHC
    2851 Robbie Colbert -Cedar City IHC
    2852 Tyler Koci -Cedar City IHC
    2853 John Hunt -Cedar City IHC
    2854 Skyler Steed -Cedar City IHC
    2855 Kirk Dewey -Cedar City IHC
    2856 Casey Schmidt -Cedar City IHC
    2857 Liam Iverson -Cedar City IHC
    2858 Jarrod Hattervig -Cedar City IHC
    2859 Tasha Thompson -Cedar City IHC
    2860 Daniel Wiborg -Cedar City IHC
    2861 Evan Deblander -Cedar City IHC
    2862 Isaac Martinez -Cedar City IHC
    2863 Melissa Lewis -Cedar City IHC
    2864 Andrew Gore -Cedar City IHC
    2865 Elijah Ramirez -Cedar City IHC
    2866 Gabe Ramirez -Cedar City IHC
    2867 Raymond Osipovich, OR
    2868 James Schinlbeck, ID
    2869 Kendell Jewett, CA
    2870 Thomas Smeed, WY
    2871 Travis Braten, WY
    2872 Vinita Shea, MT
    2873 Philip VerPlancke, IL
    2874 Rosanne Sullivan, IL
    2875 Kate Abrell, IN
    2876 Jan Bardwell, AZ
    2877 Scott Wickham -Klamath IHC
    2878 Ryan Rupert -Klamath IHC
    2879 Jonathan Brown -Klamath IHC
    2880 Alejandro Hernandez -Klamath IHC
    2881 Brian Janes -Klamath IHC
    2882 Breanna Truelove -Klamath IHC
    2883 Andy Zink -Klamath IHC
    2884 Clay Davis -Klamath IHC
    2885 Mitchell Goodman -Klamath IHC
    2886 Greggory Boydston -Klamath IHC
    2887 Alex Kosareff -Klamath IHC
    2888 Jefferson Gauyan -Klamath IHC
    2889 Jack Matteson -Klamath IHC
    2890 Carrie Bowers -Klamath IHC
    2891 Kyle Heck -Klamath IHC
    2892 Graham Baker -Klamath IHC
    2893 Johnny Clem -Klamath IHC
    2894 Paul Klinefelter -Klamath IHC
    2895 Robert J Bennett, CA
    2896 Stephen Klosterman, CA
    2897 Jim Brown, CA
    2898 Will Brooks, WY
    2899 Lisa Martin, WY -In Honor of Moab Helitack
    2900 Milt Coyle, OR -Grayback Forestry
    2901 Cliff Hutton, WY
    2902 Gill Fay, CO
    2903 Gwenan Poirier, CO
    2904 Robert Bahr, MT
    2905 Linda Mahoney, CO
    2906 Doug Ramsey, CO
    2907 Brian Blatney, FL -Florida Forest Service
    2908 Jacqueline Abell, NM
    2909 Doug Ross -Keenwild Helitack
    2910 Daniel Sepulveda -Keenwild Helitack
    2911 Daniel Diaz -Keenwild Helitack
    2912 Ryan Carver -Keenwild Helitack
    2913 Ryan Quesnel -Keenwild Helitack
    2914 Scotty Mason -Keenwild Helitack
    2915 Jael Constantino -Keenwild Helitack
    2916 Dianne Christiansen “In Honor of Nathan Christiansen”
    2917 Jon Orr, CA -Klamath NF- E77 & E78
    2918 Jason Vance, CA – Klamath NF- E77 & E78
    2919 Kyle Brown, CA -Klamath NF- E77 & E78
    2920 Roger Betancourt, CA -Klamath NF- E77 & E78
    2921 Conor M. Kay, CA -Klamath NF- E77 & E78
    2922 Derek Shoun, OR -Klamath NF- E77 & E78
    2923 Stephen C. Smith, ID
    2924 Kathleen Cornelson, ID
    2925 Grayson Smith, ID
    2926 Kellan Smith, ID
    2927 Dona Rutherford, NM
    2928 Darlene Faith, NY
    2929 Carrie Thaler, CA
    2930 Mike Davis, GA
    2931 K.C. Birch, AZ
    2932 Judy Morgan, AZ
    2933 Connie Lane, AZ
    2934 Fred Brewster -Lassen IHC
    2935 Kyle Betty -Lassen IHC
    2936 Allen Schultze -Lassen IHC
    2937 Fernando Estrada -Lassen IHC
    2938 Karl Briggs -Lassen IHC
    2939 Tristan Dias -Lassen IHC
    2940 Luke Mayne -Lassen IHC
    2941 Zane Cuthill -Lassen IHC
    2942 Dane Nesbit -Lassen IHC
    2943 Brett Mathhews -Lassen IHC
    2944 Chris Burns -Lassen IHC
    2945 Ryan Mecham -Lassen IHC
    2946 Charles Ebert -Lassen IHC
    2947 Nolan Colvin -Lassen IHC
    2948 Bobby Barton -Lassen IHC
    2949 Steffen Joss -Lassen IHC
    2950 Jake Hernandez -Lassen IHC
    2951 Jeff Goodwin -Lassen IHC
    2952 Gerald Campbell -Rifle Peak Handcrew
    2953 Josh Hagerty -Rifle Peak Handcrew
    2954 Anthony Sacci -Rifle Peak Handcrew
    2955 Brian Esch -Rifle Peak Handcrew
    2956 TJ Dowd -Rifle Peak Handcrew
    2957 John Gray -Rifle Peak Handcrew
    2958 Ryan Blount -Rifle Peak Handcrew
    2959 Kyle Colombine -Rifle Peak Handcrew
    2960 Josh Pargas -Rifle Peak Handcrew
    2961 Jacob Pargas -Rifle Peak Handcrew
    2962 Joshua Whitman -Rifle Peak Handcrew
    2963 Brayden Novello -Rifle Peak Handcrew
    2964 Daniel Bradley -Rifle Peak Handcrew
    2965 Brandon Jacobs -Rifle Peak Handcrew
    2966 Clayton Keith -Rifle Peak Handcrew
    2967 Johnny Huff -Rifle Peak Handcrew
    2968 Nicholas Welsh -Rifle Peak Handcrew
    2969 Robert Gates, CA -Ontario Airport Fire
    2970 Josh Taylor, WY -Wyoming IHC
    2971 Aren Johnson -Firestorm Team 3
    2972 Matthew Lang -Firestorm Team 3
    2973 Eric Ratledge -Firestorm Team 3
    2974 Brad Berglund -Firestorm Team 3
    2975 William Nerbonne -Firestorm Team 3
    2976 Kenneth Mitchell -Firestorm Team 3
    2977 Matteo Romano -Firestorm Team 3
    2978 Rodney Grant -Firestorm Team 3
    2979 Roy Maccutcheon -Firestorm Team 3
    2980 Christopher Lloyd -Firestorm Team 3
    2981 Steven Malloy -Firestorm Team 3
    2982 Ronald Morgan -Firestorm Team 3
    2983 Troy McNeely -Firestorm Team 3
    2984 Myron Garden -Firestorm Team 3
    2985 Zach Kline -Firestorm Team 3
    2986 Jonathan Simmons -Firestorm Team 3
    2987 James Carman -Firestorm Team 3
    2988 Richard Leach -Firestorm Team 3
    2989 Matleo Romano -Firestorm Team 3 “In Memory of the 19”
    2990 Chris Sprague -Firestorm Team 3
    2991 Gary Bone, CO
    2992 Georgia Knutsen, CA -West Almanor Fire
    2993 Kevin Kelly -Silver State IHC
    2994 Justin Cutler -Silver State IHC
    2995 Joe Powell -Silver State IHC
    2996 Jay Karle -Silver State IHC
    2997 Cody Mandeville -Silver State IHC
    2998 Dustin Schuetta -Silver State IHC
    2999 Lane Wagner -Silver State IHC
    3000 Nick Callahan -Silver State IHC
    3001 Jacob Keogh -Silver State IHC
    3002 Jon Kalb -Silver State IHC
    3003 Adam Crichton -Silver State IHC
    3004 Mike Handley -Silver State IHC
    3005 Chris Dumont -Silver State IHC
    3006 Jake Munson-Decker -Silver State IHC
    3007 Justin Shine -Silver State IHC
    3008 Tyler Ewald, -Silver State IHC
    3009 Casey Bedell -Silver State IHC
    3010 Beau Bishop -Silver State IHC
    3011 Drew Anderson -Silver State IHC
    3012 Reid Nolan -Silver State IHC
    3013 Jody Prummer -Union Interagency IHC
    3014 Eric Jorgensen -Union Interagency IHC
    3015 Brett Johnson -Union Interagency IHC
    3016 David Douglas -Union Interagency IHC
    3017 Ryan Starr -Union Interagency IHC
    3018 John Beniukiewicz -Union Interagency IHC
    3019 William Page -Union Interagency IHC
    3020 Jake Reed -Union Interagency IHC
    3021 Ellen Barlow -Union Interagency IHC
    3022 Dennis Mawhinney -Union Interagency IHC
    3023 Mathew El-Smierat -Union Interagency IHC
    3024 Shane Clifton -Union Interagency IHC
    3025 George Garcia -Union Interagency IHC
    3026 Peter Erickson -Union Interagency IHC
    3027 Lindsey Negherbon -Union Interagency IHC
    3028 Luis Escobedo -Union Interagency IHC
    3029 Mitch Byrnes -Union Interagency IHC
    3030 Dylan Goldey -Union Interagency IHC
    3031 Joe Hewitt -Union Interagency IHC
    3032 James Helstowski -Union Interagency IHC
    3033 Greg Anderson, MT- Lolo IHC
    3034 Roric Padgett -Winter Rim Zone, Paisley RD
    3035 Scott Havel -Winter Rim Zone, Paisley RD
    3036 Chaylon Shuffield -Winter Rim Zone, Paisley RD
    3037 Greg Sullivan – Winter Rim Paisley RD Engine 431
    3038 Joel Johnson – Winter Rim Paisley RD Engine 431
    3039 Arden Attig – Winter Rim Paisley RD Engine 431
    3040 Hannah O-Leary – Winter RimPaisley RD Engine 431
    3041 Ian Young – Winter RimPaisley RD Engine 431
    3042 Liz Helling – Winter Rim Paisley RD Engine 431
    3043 Guillermo Sereno – Winter Rim Paisley RD Engine 431
    3044 Mike Simmons -Winter Rim Paisley RD Engine 633
    3045 Doug Shaffer -Winter Rim Paisley RD Engine 633
    3046 Payton Hamilton -Winter Rim Paisley RD Engine 633
    3047 Oceana Morgan – Winter Rim Paisley RD Engine 633
    3048 Stephanie Sullivan – Winter Rim Zone, Paisley RD
    3049 Kari O’Leary -Winter Rim Zone, Paisley RD
    3050 Martin Cole, AZ
    3051 Bob Weber, CA Cal-Fire Timber Faller
    3052 Patty Traverse, FL
    3053 Rick Vollick, MA
    3054 Dwayne K. Pine, OR -First Strike Environmental
    3055 Alicia Hone, UT
    3056 Wayne B Adkins -First Strike Environmental
    3057 Bryan Baker -First Strike Environmental
    3058 Spencer Berlier -First Strike Environmental
    3059 William Chorba -First Strike Environmental
    3060 Ed Foote -First Strike Environmental
    3061 Anthony Galati -First Strike Environmental
    3062 Shane Gederos -First Strike Environmental
    3063 Zander Hamilton -First Strike Environmental
    3064 Robert Hoag -First Strike Environmental
    3065 Eric Hoolahan -First Strike Environmental
    3066 Chris Medford -First Strike Environmental
    3067 Russty Ortiz -First Strike Environmental
    3068 Roy Raines -First Strike Environmental
    3069 Cody Reich -First Strike Environmental
    3070 Juan Renteria -First Strike Environmental
    3071 Nathaniel L. Schouten -First Strike Environmental
    3072 Lance Watson -First Strike Environmental
    3073 Lewis Warner -First Strike Environmental
    3074 Elaine Miller -First Strike Environmental
    3075 Don Scriven -First Strike Environmental
    3076 Colton Lee Sulffridge -First Strike Environmental
    3077 Mike Climek- Lassen Volcanic NP
    3078 Cris Jones -Lassen Volcanic NP
    3079 Matt Prentiss -Lassen Volcanic NP
    3080 Orlando Genao -Lassen Volcanic NP
    3081 Adam Wymer -Lassen Volcanic NP
    3082 Lonnie Risling -Lassen Volcanic NP
    3083 Keith Bova -Lassen Volcanic NP
    3084 Garrett Pitsenbarger -Lassen Volcanic NP
    3085 Marcus McBroome -Lassen Volcanic NP
    3086 Stacy Fenton, OR
    3087 Mark Fenton, OR
    3088 Dick Hodge, ID
    3089 In Memory of Beth Mayhill -Friends of Mayhill FD
    3090 Dorothy Simmons -Rocky Mountain IMT Type 1
    3091 Russell Simmons- Rocky Mountain IMT Type 1
    3092 Katelyn Anderson, CA
    3093 Elliott Nauert – Crew 91 – Sequoia & Kings NP
    3094 Andrew Basham – Crew 91 – Sequoia & Kings NP
    3095 Pedro Gutierrez Jr. – Crew 91 – Sequoia & Kings NP
    3096 Ross Garlapow – Crew 91 – Sequoia & Kings NP
    3097 Bryan Kilcrease – Crew 91 – Sequoia & Kings NP
    3098 Jorge Montejano – Crew 91 – Sequoia & Kings NP
    3099 Pedro Ortiz – Crew 91 – Sequoia & Kings NP
    3100 Allen Welch – Crew 91 – Sequoia & Kings NP
    3101 Robert Won Yol Yi – Crew 91 – Sequoia & Kings NP
    3102 James Schindlbeck
    3103 Ilene Roth – Sanpete County Fire District #2
    3104 Paul Beberg
    3105 Lori Hawkins – Gold Beach R.D.
    3106 Randi Jandt – In Memory of Dave Jandt
    3107 Kimb Frey – OK
    3108 Kyle White – Craig IHC
    3109 Ben Krupski, ID
    3110 Marianne Baumberger, MT
    3111 Rogelio Betancourt
    3112 Shawn Fry – CA Conservation Corps- Crew Shasta 21
    3113 Richard Nicholson, CA
    3114 Ted Bernard, FL
    3115 David Kohler, AZ
    3116 Ceara Daigle, MA
    3117 Dale Snyder – In Memory of Brett Stearns
    3118 Clinton Agidius – GV Helitack USFS
    3119 Chad Nestacio – Zuni IHC- IMO Granite Mountain 19
    3120 Richard Isaacson-In memory of Garet Rasmussen
    3121 Elmer Weaver, NY
    3122 Lucas Dudley – Wasatch Helitack
    3123 Francisco Carrillo – Valyermo IHC
    3124 Contrad McCloskey, AK
    3125 Roy Leckbee, CA
    3126 Christopher Rankin, WY
    3127 Tyler Brankin – Valyermo IHC- IMO Granite Mtn 19
    3128 Jeremy Goodman – Chiloquin Oregon Engine 351
    3129 Megan Heffentrager, CA
    3130 Ryan Stone, CA
    3131 Tommy Parker – IMO Jesse Steed
    3132 Corey Wilson
    3133 Shane Morey – National Park Service
    3134 Sarah Russell – NPS GRCA Fire & Aviation
    3135 James Midyett – Rocky Mountain Type 1 IMT
    3136 Keith Pugh – Bridgeport Helitack
    3137 Erik Newell – Bridgeport Helitack
    3138 Richard Barrett – National Park Service
    3139 Barbara Clark – In Honor of Ed Clark
    3140 Laurette Gaylord, NV
    3141 Linda Holder – East Great Basin Rich Harvey IMT
    3142 Kyle Tolosano – Shasta Trinity Fly Crew
    3143 Mandy Chumley – USFS
    3144 Lisa Kemper – Winnemucca BLM
    3145 Cheri Campbell – USDA Forest Service
    3146 Brian Power – Sciacca Type 1 Team
    3147 Jeffrey Singer – Module 32- Rocky Mountain NP
    3148 William Edwards – Module 32- Rocky Mountain NP
    3149 Aaron Lund – Module 32- Rocky Mountain NP
    3150 John Hussey – Module 32- Rocky Mountain NP
    3151 Thomas Smead, JR., WY
    3152 Dan Bjorklund, CA
    3153 Kevin Moran -Dalton IHC
    3154 Scott Gorman -Dalton IHC
    3155 Branden Davis -Dalton IHC
    3156 Steve Robles -Dalton IHC
    3157 Steve Gutierrez -Dalton IHC
    3158 Jaime Martinez -Dalton IHC
    3159 Anthony Rovida -Dalton IHC
    3160 Matt Hidalgo -Dalton IHC
    3161 Ernesto Rubio -Dalton IHC
    3162 Andrew Bissell -Dalton IHC
    3163 Martin Buenrostro -Dalton IHC
    3164 John Stein -Dalton IHC
    3165 Carlos Calle -Dalton IHC
    3166 Perry Rhodes -Dalton IHC
    3167 Anthony Powers -Dalton IHC
    3168 Adam Denton -Dalton IHC
    3169 Jonathan Rios -Dalton IHC
    3170 Jorge Camps -Dalton IHC
    3171 Jon Lester -Dalton IHC
    3172 Jim Powers, CA
    3173 Sylvia Powers, CA
    3174 Tamara Powers, CA
    3175 Danielle Powers, CA
    3176 Rachel Gilbotowski, CA
    3177 Ray Gilbotowski, CA
    3178 Lisa Rosen, CA
    3179 Stefani Porter, CA
    3180 Kellie Rosenberger, CA
    3181 Alison Duprey, CA
    3182 Victor Matos, CA
    3183 Mary Reddington, CA
    3184 Neil Gamboa – Del Rosa IHC
    3185 Pedro Marcos – Del Rosa IHC
    3186 Benjamin Urista – Del Rosa IHC
    3187 Travis O’Leary – Del Rosa IHC
    3188 Cody Smith – Del Rosa IHC
    3189 Omar Alvarez – Del Rosa IHC
    3190 Arturo Lozano – Del Rosa IHC
    3191 Derek Bratsch – Del Rosa IHC
    3192 Matt Esposito – Del Rosa IHC
    3193 Gary Avila – Del Rosa IHC
    3194 Agustin Flores – Del Rosa IHC
    3195 Luke Lopez – Del Rosa IHC
    3196 Felix Cunningham – Del Rosa IHC
    3197 John Niznik – Del Rosa IHC
    3198 Uriel Oretega – Del Rosa IHC
    3199 Robert Velasquez – Del Rosa IHC
    3200 Dustin Blair – Del Rosa IHC
    3201 David Barero – Del Rosa IHC
    3202 Erik Nelsen – Del Rosa IHC
    3203 Daniel Pearson -Park Service
    3204 Matt Lynde -Folsom Lake Hand Crew
    3205 Jason Schroeder -Folsom Lake Hand Crew
    3206 Cheng Lam -Folsom Lake Hand Crew
    3207 David Wonnell -Folsom Lake Hand Crew
    3208 Neil Sundberg -Folsom Lake Hand Crew
    3209 Josh Wright -Folsom Lake Hand Crew
    3210 Cody Piper -Folsom Lake Hand Crew
    3211 Brandon Williams -Folsom Lake Hand Crew
    3212 Alexander Rapphahn -Folsom Lake Hand Crew
    3213 Jason Butler -Folsom Lake Hand Crew
    3214 Paul MCClelland -Folsom Lake Hand Crew
    3215 Andrew Buyers -UT-UWF-E421
    3216 Kurt Edwards, CA
    3217 Steven Jenkins – In Honor of Colin Jenkins
    3218 Benjamine Lyons, IN
    3219 Suzanne Flynn- Fenix Forestry, LLC
    3220 Kevin Flynn – Fenix Forestry, LLC
    3221 Lily Flynn -Jr. Firefighter- Fenix Forestry, LLC
    3222 Alex Burreece – Fenix Forestry, LLC
    3223 Peter Heiland – Fenix Forestry, LLC
    3224 Brian Anderson -Bear Divide IHC
    3225 Doug Bennick -Bear Divide IHC
    3226 Pedro Marron -Bear Divide IHC
    3227 James Robledo -Bear Divide IHC
    3228 Joel Gonzalez -Bear Divide IHC
    3229 Andrew Stewart -Bear Divide IHC
    3230 Timothy Selbrede -Bear Divide IHC
    3231 Jose Echevarria Jr. -Bear Divide IHC
    3232 Kyle Ford -Bear Divide IHC
    3233 Armando Garcilazo -Bear Divide IHC
    3234 Luis Esparza -Bear Divide IHC
    3235 Hector Cerna -Bear Divide IHC
    3236 Chadwick Pansini -Bear Divide IHC
    3237 AlvinDang Nguyen -Bear Divide IHC
    3238 Matthew Berg -Bear Divide IHC
    3239 Emmanuel Guzman -Bear Divide IHC
    3240 Chad Nosala, CA
    3241 Aaron Wexler, CA
    3242 George Efinger – IMO Granite Mountain 19
    3243 Brian Phillips, USFS- IMO Caleb Hamm
    3244 Matt Okrasinski, WI
    3245 Jesse Cottrell, ID
    3246 Alexander Hicks, CA
    3247 Anthony Martinez, CA
    3248 Melissa McDonnell, NH
    3249 Craig Zimmerman- CIIMT #4
    3250 Lana Hietala, MN
    3251 Cherie Sonsalla, MN
    3252 In Memory of Joe Philpott- Student FF Assoc. at CSU
    3253 Michael Boone, CA
    3254 Ken Kientz, MT
    3255 Karen Kieborz, UT Ashley NF
    3256 Joseph Melton, WA
    3257 Rebecca Slick, WA
    3270 Daniel Gustafson, NV
    3271 Martin O’Toole, MI
    3272 Bryan HaKanson, OR -NPS Grand Canyon Helitack
    3273 Ron Cornejo, CA
    3274 Dan Casto, KY
    3275 Bill Hayes, ID
    3276 Jo Hayes, ID
    3277 Jason Miller -Feather River IHC
    3278 Leland Ratcliff -Feather River IHC
    3279 Reuben Brand -Feather River IHC
    3280 Jason French -Feather River IHC
    3281 Shane Bender -Feather River IHC
    3282 Addison Dwyer -Feather River IHC
    3283 Michael Murray -Feather River IHC
    3284 Mark Cresalia -Feather River IHC
    3285 Bobby Davis -Feather River IHC
    3286 Philip Jesu -Feather River IHC
    3287 Pamela McDonald, ID
    3288 Margaret Volkening, IL
    3289 Richard Tinker, AZ -Border to Border Sales
    3290 Raymond Vega -USFS -Station 37, Dripping Springs
    3291 Jonathan Nosala, CA
    3292 Edward Phipps
    3293 Manuel Sanchez, CA
    3294 Robert Sheehan, WA
    3295 Fred Warneke – IMO William Howard Warneke
    3296 Bryan Quimby – Pioneer Peak IHC
    3297 Laura Backlund, WA
    3298 Ario Mohajeri -Bear Divide IHC
    3299 Deanna Lahr -Whitegrass Fire Suppression
    3300 Jonathan Heavy Runner -Whitegrass Fire Suppression
    3301 Neal Hitchcock, ID
    3302 Mary Huels -USFS AD
    3303 Joseph Arcure, NM
    3304 Eric Peterson, MD
    3305 Max Wahlberg -IMO Granite Mountain 19
    3306 Michael Sciple -In Honor of all Fallen FF
    3307 Richard Williamson, CA
    3308 Jim Davis, TX
    3309 Lorna Davis, TX
    3310 Leanard Garcia, UT
    3311 Claire Veseth – In Memory of Anne Veseth
    3312 Janette Bell, CA
    3313 Earl Klinefelter -IMO Granite Mountain 19
    3314 Tyler Mentges – IMO Granite Mountain 19
    3315 Rose Henderson – Nevada Division of Forestry
    3316 Jimmy Murray Jr., TX – IMO Caleb Hamm
    3317 Paul Balfour
    3318 David Ruhl – USFS
    3319 In Memory of Larry Anderson (USFS) – Jim Ott
    3320 Dalton Workman- Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    3321 Eddie Lashinski- Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    3322 Jose Alcantar- Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    3323 Frank Alvarez- Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    3324 Gabe Prieto- Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    3325 Marshall Krogen- Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    3326 Julio Campos- Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    3327 Ian White- Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    3328 Peter Lopez- Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    3329 Tim Murphy- Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    3330 Francisco Castellanos- Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    3331 Lupe Basaldua- Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    3332 Juan Andrede- Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    3334 Shaun Rambo- Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    3335 Tanner Javaux- Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    3336 Matt Homstrom- Lewis&Clark IHC
    3337 Willie Knudsen- Lewis&Clark IHC
    3338 Dave McCarville- Lewis&Clark IHC
    3339 John Holovnia- Lewis&Clark IHC
    3340 Nick Wydra- Lewis&Clark IHC
    3341 Andi Colsen- Lewis&Clark IHC
    3342 Ben Suratt- Lewis&Clark IHC
    3343 Jyota Smith-Howard- Lewis&Clark IHC
    3344 Tony Allabastro- Lewis&Clark IHC
    3345 Brent Rath- Lewis&Clark IHC
    3346 Jace Lundquist- Lewis& Clark IHC
    3347 Greg Normand- Lewis&Clark IHC
    3348 Dan Kurth- Lewis&Clark IHC
    3349 Ben O’ Connor- Lewis&Clark IHC
    3350 Anthony Magnetti- Lewis&Clark IHC
    3351 Tyson Lucier- Lewis&Clark IHC
    3352 Joe Medina- Lewis&Clark IHC
    3353 Sean McCormick- Lewis&Clark IHC
    3354 Stephan Latham- Lewis&Clark IHC
    3355 Stephan Natho- Lewis&Clark IHC
    3356 Sara Billings- Lewis&Clark IHC
    3357 Michael Allan- Redding IHC
    3358 Daneil Madvig- Redding IHC
    3359 Dan Mallia- Redding IHC
    3360 Manuel Vargas Lopez- Redding IHC
    3361 Lisa Smith-Redding IHC
    3362 Brian Pratt- Redding IHC
    3363 Aryn Hayden- Redding IHC
    3364 Amanda Dominguez Shaw- Redding IHC
    3365 Shawn Zickefoose- Redding IHC
    3366 Matthew Ray Gazman- Redding IHC
    3367 Kyle Mikolajczyk- Redding IHC
    3368 Brian Buchner- Redding IHC
    3369 Patrick Bell- Redding IHC
    3370 Mark Pitsenbarer, UT
    3371 William Moody, WA
    3372 Pat Ortland, CA
    3373 Doug Brown, ID
    3374 Kevin Riggs- Carson IHC
    3375 Lindsay Barrowclough- Carson IHC
    3376 Michael Coltrame- Carson IHC
    3377 Garrett Hanson- Carson IHC
    3378 Jeffrey Lucero- Carson IHC
    3379 Marinha Santos- Carson IHC
    3380 Matthew Bergmann- Carson IHC
    3381 Carly Hubbard- Carson IHC
    3382 Mike Sulffridge- Diamond Fire
    3383 Rick Sulffridge- Diamond Fire
    3384 Wes Wickman- Diamond Fire
    3385 Billy Smith- Diamond Fire
    3386 Johnathan Alvarez- Diamond Fire
    3387 Tiphaine Webb, CO
    3388 Walter Jr Biernat, CO
    3389 Jessica Huntoon, IMO Iron 44
    3390 Leslie Hunter, NC
    3391 John Davis, VT
    3392 James Ott- Retired FS CIIMT #1
    3393 Timothy McElwee- IMO Sean Misner
    3394 Debra McElwee- IMO Sean Misner
    3395 Jody M Smith, OR
    3396 Jarrod Zweigart, ID
    3397 Steffen Fuller- Angeles NF- E 31
    3398 Bryant Rivas Angeles NF- E 31
    3399 Robert Bisby- Angeles NF- E 31
    3400 Evan Jones- Angeles NF- E 31
    3401 Paul Brady- Angeles NF- E 31
    3402 Erik Larson- Angeles NF- E 31
    3403 Johnny Summers- Angeles NF- E 31
    3404 Ross Dary, WI
    3405 Jordan Hillock, UT
    3406 Charles Barclay, VA
    3407 Brian Torres- Florida Forest Service
    3408 Lee T Cox- IMO Iron 44
    3409 Jonathan White “In Honor Of Elaine White”
    3410 Shardul Raval, GA
    3411 Roric Padgett, OR
    3412 William Jr Meginley
    3413 Tyler West, CO
    3414 Craig Yonkers
    3415 Chris Sommers, NH
    3416 Logan Hollar, WV
    3417 Aaron Klee
    3418 Alex Morray
    3419 Andrew Morray
    3420 Hunter Smith
    3421 William Chatham
    3422 Bryan LoMascolo
    3423 Brian Cole
    3424 Brandon Culley
    3425 Eric Bush
    3426 Ryan Deford
    3427 Lennis Herburger
    3428 Jeremy McIntosh
    3429 Jeff Meyerholz
    3430 Wade Tait
    3431 Ryan K Tucker
    3432 Heather L Wall
    3433 Fred Thompson, MT
    3434 Tighe V Stoyanoff
    3435 Kyle A Miller
    3436 Teresa F Andersen
    3437 Daneil S Theuerer
    3438 Kenneth S Amderson
    3439 Elli N Becker
    3440 Benjamin A Schlamb
    3441 Jeffery D Barker
    3442 Liam T Dillaway
    3443 Mitch Colyer
    3444 Julie A Podany
    3445 Jamison D Bird
    3446 Phil Quigley, MT
    3447 Steven M Reather
    3448 Forrest L Baldwin
    3449 Adam Sanders, CA
    3450 Matt Ball, CA
    3451 Blake Abbott, CA
    3452 Frank Romero, CA
    3453 Greg Neely
    3454 Dylan Johnston, CA
    3455 Geoffrey Gillespie
    3456 Emily Colacino, CA
    3457 James Harlan, CA
    3458 Mike Martinez, AZ
    3459 Corey Correa, CA
    3460 Brant Machado, CA
    3461 Travus Joyner
    3462 Ricky Jones
    3463 Morgan Byde, CA
    3464 Keegan Guillory
    3465 Frank Auza
    3466 Dean Whitney
    3467 Jimmy Riggs
    3468 Perry Breitenstein
    3469 Lyle Jennings
    3470 Ted Sneed, UT
    3471 Danny Walton, UT
    3472 Ryan Evans
    3473 Ben Parker
    3474 Tyler Lair
    3475 Josh Berg, UT
    3476 Kris Paxson, CO
    3477 Paul Givens, CO
    3478 Tom Kenny, CO
    3479 Simon Driskell, CO
    3480 Mark Rosenthal, UT
    3481 Patrick Fleming, AZ
    3482 Thomas Lund, AZ
    3483 Shawn Jaca, UT
    3484 Michelle Petty, AZ
    3485 Corey Wood, AZ
    3486 Clark Olds, AZ
    3487 Jason Ybright, AZ
    3488 Tyler Brown, AZ
    3489 Garrett Carr, AZ
    3490 Micah Fey, AZ
    3491 Cody Cotton, UT
    3492 Brian Williams, AZ
    3493 Jeremy Bradley, AZ
    3494 Jamie Rogers, AZ
    3495 Jeremy Chapman, AZ
    3496 Alan Sypphus, AZ
    3497 Devin Johnson, CA
    3498 Ricky Nerud, AZ
    3499 David Bee, AZ
    3500 Megan Butzin, AZ
    3501 Jerry Empey, AZ
    3502 Justin Bybee, AZ
    3503 Brad Dandurand, AZ
    3504 Michael Dargatz, AZ
    3505 Troy Davis, AZ
    3506 Dustin Mathis, AZ
    3507 Adam Hyatt, AZ
    3508 Seth LaRowe, AZ
    3509 Pace Pectol, AZ
    3510 Luke Seelhoff, AZ
    3511 Todd Calico, AZ
    3512 Ron Sharpe, AZ
    3513 Jon Belton- McCall Smokejumpers
    3514 Jazz Beyuka- McCall Smokejumpers
    3515 Steven Bierman- McCall Smokejumpers
    3516 Brett Bittenbender- McCall Smokejumpers
    3517 Ahjah Boise- McCall Smokejumpers
    3518 Daniel Booth- McCall Smokejumpers
    3519 Joseph Brinkley- McCall Smokejumpers
    3520 Laura Brown- McCall Smokejumpers
    3521 Matt Carroll- McCall Smokejumpers
    3522 Matthew Castellon- McCall Smokejumpers
    3523 Robert Charley- McCall Smokejumpers
    3524 Bennett Childs- McCall Smokejumpers
    3525 Jason Class- McCall Smokejumpers
    3526 Michale Cooper- McCall Smokejumpers
    3527 Brandon Corbitt- McCall Smokejumpers
    3528 Ben Covault- McCall Smokejumpers
    3529 Jeremy Cowie- McCall Smokejumpers
    3530 Samuel Cox- McCall Smokejumpers
    3531 Casey Czinski- McCall Smokejumpers
    3532 Adam Dealaman- McCall Smokejumpers
    3533 Shawn Denowh- McCall Smokejumpers
    3534 Lucas Dixon- McCall Smokejumpers
    3535 Eric Duning- McCall Smokejumpers
    3536 Peter Dutchick- McCall Smokejumpers
    3537 Kyle Esparza- McCall Smokejumpers
    3538 Jason Foreman- McCall Smokejumpers
    3539 Todd Franzen- McCall Smokejumpers
    3540 Kai Friedrichs- McCall Smokejumpers
    3541 Matthew Galyardt- McCall Smokejumpers
    3542 Ryan Garber- McCall Smokejumpers
    3543 Nathan Giles- McCall Smokejumpers
    3544 Steven Gonzalez- McCall Smokejumpers
    3545 Heather Good- McCall Smokejumpers
    3546 Andrew Harris- McCall Smokejumpers
    3547 Christopher Haynes- McCall Smokejumpers
    3548 Jared Hendee- McCall Smokejumpers
    3549 Christopher Henry- McCall Smokejumpers
    3550 Derek Hoban- McCall Smokejumpers
    3551 Matthew Huber- McCall Smokejumpers
    3552 Garrett Hudson- McCall Smokejumpers
    3553 Ramona Hull- McCall Smokejumpers
    3554 Adam Humbach- McCall Smokejumpers
    3555 Matt Ingram- McCall Smokejumpers
    3556 Bronson Kimberling- McCall Smokejumpers
    3557 Linda Kirk- McCall Smokejumpers
    3558 Michael Kolb- McCall Smokejumpers
    3559 Kevin LaBella- McCall Smokejumpers
    3560 Colin Lanigan- McCall Smokejumpers
    3561 Jeremy Loyd- McCall Smokejumpers
    3562 Ryan Lynch- McCall Smokejumpers
    3563 Andre Mascheroni- McCall Smokejumpers
    3564 Dennis McCoy- McCall Smokejumpers
    3565 Eric Messenger- McCall Smokejumpers
    3566 Jake Mikovitz- McCall Smokejumpers
    3567 Luis Moraga- McCall Smokejumpers
    3568 Brent Morrison- McCall Smokejumpers
    3569 Damon Nelson- McCall Smokejumpers
    3570 Christopher Niccoli- McCall Smokejumpers
    3571 James Norvell- McCall Smokejumpers
    3572 Hans Ohme- McCall Smokejumpers
    3573 Tobin Orient- McCall Smokejumpers
    3574 Jon Patton- McCall Smokejumpers
    3575 Ian Quist- McCall Smokejumpers
    3576 Phil Reid- McCall Smokejumpers
    3577 Kevan Richards- McCall Smokejumpers
    3578 Patrick Romportl- McCall Smokejumpers
    3579 Kurtis Ryan- McCall Smokejumpers
    3580 Brent Sawyer- McCall Smokejumpers
    3581 Jarrod Sayer- McCall Smokejumpers
    3582 Jeff Schricker- McCall Smokejumpers
    3583 Keith Suemnick- McCall Smokejumpers
    3584 Matt Summerfield- McCall Smokejumpers
    3585 Ashley Thrasher- McCall Smokejumpers
    3586 Holly Thrash- McCall Smokejumpers
    3587 Clay Yazzie- McCall Smokejumpers
    3588 Donna Tarrant- IMO Jesse James
    3589 Nathan Halstead- First Strike Enviromental
    3590 Sean O’ Grady- First Strike Enviromental
    3591 Kristopher Smith- First Strike Enviromental
    3592 Erick Stahlin, CO
    3593 Kate Leadbetter, ID
    3594 Robert Manwaring- Forest Service T & D
    3595 Sarah Manwaring- City of Murieta
    3596 Nancy Taylor- IHO McCall Smokejumpers
    3597 Ralph Scarpino- Retired State Fire Co
    3598 Ray Kraemer- Retired DNR Forestry, AK
    3599 Steve Rhea- Bruce Young Logging
    3600 Robert Frisk- IMO Michael Lewis
    3601 Paul Ries, NJ -OD
    3602 Cynthia Hogg, AZ
    3603 Jeff Hogg, AZ
    3604 Christopher Irwin, WA
    3605 Kaleb Krogen- Horseshoe Meadows IHC
    3606 Dana Ensminger- IMO all fallen firefighters
    3607 David Herrand- Angeles NF, Retired
    3608 Shaye Edwards, CA
    3609 Joshua Quinn, UT- Wasatch Helitack
    3610 Kevin Quinn, RI
    3611 Robert Nicholson, MI
    3612 Dave Andreas- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3613 John Badaracco- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3614 Loren Bass- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3615 Garet Blake- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3616 Aaron Briner- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3617 Alex Broimand- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3618 Sarah Bumanglag- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3619 Scott Chapman- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3620 Shaun Davis- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3621 Travis Ederer- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3622 Todd Edwards- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3623 Scott Edwards- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3624 Mike Elliott- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3625 Ed Fuentes- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3626 Kurt Mann- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3627 Ryland McCracken- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3628 Glen McLeod- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3629 Leslie Muller- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3630 Mike Nelson- Montecito Firefighter’s Associoation
    3631 Stu Pfister- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3632 Tom Poulos- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3633 Keith Powell- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3634 Pat Purguy- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3635 Jeff Saley- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3636 Evan Skei- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3637 Dana St. Oegger- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3638 Jeff Villarreal- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3639 Rodney Walkup- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3640 Keith Fuggles- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3641 Bob Galbraith- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3642 Al Gregson- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3643 Ben Hauser- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3644 Kurt Hickman- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3645 Drue Holthe- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3646 Kerry Kellogg- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3647 Eric Klemowicz- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3648 Bret Koepke- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3649 Richard Lauritson- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3650 Greg Lopez- Montecito Firefighter’s Association
    3651 Jordan Zeitsoff- Montecito Firefighter’s Association

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    2012 Annual Members (2539 listed)

    1 Dave Hannibal, Grayback Forestry, OR
    2 Kenneth Kempter, CA
    3 Dave Rama-For Our Son
    4 Judy Rama-For Our Son
    5 Martin Maricle, AK
    6 Tim Williams-CAL FIRE/LMU
    7 Ashley M Hutton Powell, WY
    8 Ryan McCollin, UT
    9 Leah Wills, Firestorm W.F.S. Inc.
    10 Jess Wills, Firestorm W.F.S. Inc.
    11 Erik Lint, CA
    12 Jody M Smith, MI
    13 Dustin Langston, CA
    14 Ken Brinkley, In memory of Levi, OR
    15 Kathy Brinkley, In memory of Levi, OR
    16 Patrick Seger, IL
    17 Happy Hoppe, CA
    18 Laura Barney LP
    19 Nancy Bashover, GLFPD, CO
    20 David Bashover, GLFPD, CO
    21 Dick Birger, Kidd’s IMT
    22 In memory of Shane Heath, ID
    22 In memory of Jeff Allen, ID
    23 Bob Kittridge, Kittridge Connection, Inc.
    24 Nancy Kittridge, Kittridge Connection, Inc.
    25 Steve Frye, MT
    26 Stephen Fillmore, Cleveland NF
    27 Steve Parr CA-ENF
    28 Jan Amen, Texas Forest Service
    29 Ken Holmes, NM
    30 Buck Kneifl, WI
    31 Brent Martindale-In Memory of Our Son, Jacob
    32 Kris Martindale-In Memory of Our Son, Jacob
    33 Jack Wilson-In Memory of Our Son, Kevin
    34 Cindy Wilson-In Memory of Our Son, Kevin
    35 In Memory of Carson Douglas Broce
    36 Tyler Brown, TX
    37 Andrea Brown, TX
    38 Shelby Wason, WA
    39 Kelsey Wason, WA
    40 Cameron Wason, WA
    41 Bill Mergel, OR
    42 Clyde Powell, OR
    43 Tomas Liogys, NJ
    44 Sarah Liogys, NJ
    45 Eric Weber, NJ
    46 Todd E. Hoopes, AR
    47 Daniel Beveridge, CO
    48 Richard W. O’Rourke, CA
    49 Reggie E. Day, ID
    50 Annis Keller, ID
    51 David Benton, ID
    52 Kevin D. Quinn (Union Fire District) USFS Wasatch
    53 Jason W Jones, CA
    54 Dr. Mellie Corriel, CA
    55 Stephen Meyers, USFS Retired, Wildlandfire.com
    56 John Saylors, NV
    57 Bud Creath, CA
    58 Dave Ruhl, SD
    59 Alex Miyagishima, CA
    60 Paul Mintier, CO
    61 Casey Warren, Rapid City, SD
    62 Jim Saveland, CO
    63 Mike Matarrese, PNW-IMT3
    64 Susan Weber, ID
    65 Michael Rice, MN
    66 Matt Dillon, USFS, PA
    67 Bob Klindworth, WA
    68 Evan Karp, VT
    69 Flint Cheney, CO
    70 R.E. Morse, NJ Forest-Fire
    71 Richard Putnam, WY
    72 Jerod Delay, WY
    73 Andy Lipp, Rapid City Fire Dept. SD
    74 Gwen Lipp, Black Hills NF, SD
    75 Abby Lipp, daughter of firefighters, SD
    76 Michael Rudolph, NY
    77 Diana Holt, AZ
    78 Mark Shiery, AZ
    79 Rachel Shiery, AZ
    80 Cameron Dingman, UT
    81 Dianna Meachum, ID
    82 Gregg Goodland, CO
    83 Rich Bolton, CA
    84 Tom Lavagnino, OR
    85 Robert Chapman, TN
    86 Arthur Mindlin, NJ
    87 John Houk, NV
    88 Michael Harnois, WI
    89 Ashley Taylor, USFS, Ninemile R.D.
    90 David Arnauckas, CA
    91 Steven Berkson, OR
    92 Vera Pena, Forest Service Dispatch
    93 William Kearney, TN
    94 Dan (Mad Dog) Sullivan
    95 Kristi (Grueny) Sullivan
    96 Galen Roesler
    97 Kyle A. Behrens
    98 Chip Houde-MEX
    99 Gerry Day, Olympia WA
    100 David Haston, So Cal IMT2, CA
    101 Todd Pechota, Rocky Mountain Team B
    102 Richard Sheets, USFS
    103 Kim Valentine, USFS, Oregon
    104 Michael Dudley-Region 4
    105 Vince Carver, FWS, Southeast Region
    106 Irene Rizza, NY
    107 Tamara Saxton, USFWS, MN
    108 Ian M. Halm, NH
    109 Willie Cirone, NJ Forest Fire Service
    110 Sandra Cirone, NJ Forest Fire Service
    111 Greg Emerson, USFS
    112 Jim Strain, In Memory of Trampus Haskvitz
    113 David Thomas, Utah
    114 David Brown, NMSF (Ret,)
    115 Ryan Roche, USFWS
    116 Carrie Landon
    117 Jack Sevelson – Plumas Hotshots
    118 Jesse Estrada, Vista Grande IHC
    119 Fred A Bland
    120 Daniel Moore, Northern Arizona IMT
    121 Tad Morelock, CIIMT5, LACOFD
    122 Linda Austin, Colorado
    123 Jose R. Baeza, El Yunque NF
    124 Steven Savorski, California
    125 Liz Kinney – Retired USFS
    126 Dick Mangan, Blackbull Wildfire
    127 Chris Kirby, UT
    128 Rebecca Kirby, UT
    129 Annabella Kirby, UT
    130 Carson Kirby, UT
    131 Dan Reese, CAL FIRE
    132 Lawrence R. Crane, NM State Forestry
    133 Bob Larsen (Albemarle County)
    134 Keith Hughes Arroyo Seco – 19 LPF
    135 Ali Van Zee
    136 Chuck Cosgrove
    137 Nancy Cosgrove
    138 Janet Hawkins, Virginia
    139 Tony Sandrini, USFS Vista Grande IHC
    140 Larry Edwards, USFS Retired
    141 Russ Langford, Minnesota
    142 Timothy Dunfee, California
    143 Lester Tisino, Kistachie NF
    144 Patti Hirami
    145 Ryan Davidson, Crew Boss/Western Shelter
    146 Roland Giller, Okanogan-Wenatch NF
    147 Brian Shul, Gallery One
    148 Janet Hawkins, Virginia
    149 Tim Murphy, Fire & Aviation, NIFC Director, BLM
    150 Robert Marvin, Florida
    151 In Memory of Matthew John Cannon, BLM AK
    152 Jim McMahill, Iowa
    153 Steven Davis-CA-SNR
    154 Ken Henson, USFS Utah
    155 Carol Henson, Retired FS Utah
    156 Troy Schaus, CO
    157 Devin Yeatman, CO
    158 Kim Kufta, CA
    159 CW Portell, CO
    160 Ray Bennett, NV
    161 John Platt, UT
    162 Zion Wildland Fire Use Module
    163 Rodgers Wright
    164 Michael Spafford
    165 Kat Oropeza
    166 Deb Schweizer, Sequoia & Kings Canyon
    167 Marian Kadota, CA
    168 Gregg Smith, CA
    169 Chuck Gibbs, CA
    170 John Eckwell, CA
    171 In memory of Thomas Haffy, III-NJ Forest Fire
    172 Edward Haffy, New Jersey Forest Service A2D9
    173 Jay Rideout
    174 Steven Lee Chaffin
    175 Susan Lee PHX NIMO in memory of Brian Lee
    176 Daniel Sadlo TNF
    177 Christy Bullard
    178 Harold Gemmell
    179 Alexis Martin
    180 Scott Parsons, CIIMT 4
    181 Quinn MacLeod
    182 Karyn Wood
    183 Bill Macaulay
    184 Tracy Dott, LPF, CA
    185 Ranbir Lally USFS
    186 Kai Friedrichs
    187 Peter Briant
    188 Betty Price
    189 Linda Andrews
    190 Brothers Fire LLC
    191 Bill Gabbert, Wildfire Today
    192 Brian Dompierre
    193 Jeff Edmonds
    194 Kevin Janes, CIIMT #4
    195 Jim Jaquet, ID
    196 Paul Dahlen, CA
    197 Dana Dahlen, CA
    198 David Zuares, ID
    199 Stephen Mizroch, CA
    200 Laura Mayer, OR
    201 Sandra LaFarr, CO
    202 Mark Boche, CO
    203 S Greene, CA
    204 Jason Kjenstad, Engine 22 Shasta Trinity NF
    205 Danny Boatwright, FL
    206 Albert X Kellogg, CIIMT #4
    207 Andrew Barrey, OR
    208 Phyllis Frost, CA
    209 Benjamin Agol, CA
    210 Bill Anderson, CO
    211 Al Case, NV
    212 Josh Haney, ID
    213 Donna Haney, ID
    214 Eydith Haney, ID
    215 Karen Kraus, ID
    216 Bill Mitchell, ID
    217 Mike Meyers, WA
    218 Casey Allen, CA
    219 David Hampton, OR
    220 Gary Handschug, WA
    221 Marc Courson, CA
    222 Paul Roose, MT
    223 Robert E Bell – USFS, South Ops
    224 Dave Baker, Shoreline Fire
    225 Mark Adams Mormon Lake Hotshots
    226 Ray Kingston, Sciacca SW IMT
    227 Daniel Michael
    228 Kale Casey, CO
    229 Joe Mazzeo, MA
    230 Ryan Borgman, SC
    231 George Broyles, ID
    232 Austin McGuire, USFS, Monument Helitack, CO
    233 Mike Wilde, NV
    234 Warner Vanderheuel, MI
    235 Joshua Jaynes, CA
    236 Ben Hobbs, ID
    237 Jess Neville, SC
    238 Bill Arsenault, ID
    239 Rodger Ozburn, Morgantown, WV
    240 J Wade, AZ
    241 Russell Oakes, AR
    242 Lorrie Evans, AZ
    243 Steve Wells, SC
    244 Neda Yarnall, PA
    245 Brit Rosso – NPS
    246 Michael Dietrich, CA
    247 Don Edwards, CA
    248 Kyle Jackson, CA
    249 Guntar Dambro, WY
    250 Reg Phillips, WY
    251 Aline Phillips, WY
    252 Paul Drasil, San Bernardino City Fire Dept
    253 Richard Hughes, UT
    254 Pete Buist, AK
    255 Sandy Cameron, ID
    256 Dick King, ME
    257 Samuel Larry, GA
    258 Nat Whittemore, MA
    259 Nancy Whittemore, MA
    260 Robin Wills, CA
    261 Steve Arney, CA
    262 Scott Vail, CA
    263 John L Ward, CA
    264 Peggy Ewald, NV
    265 Jeff Wenger – SoCal Team 3 / RCFD
    266 Ted Mead, MT
    267 Shawn Woodbury, TX
    268 Belinda McCandliss, CA
    269 Roberto Castillo, CA
    270 Karen Tuscano, MT
    271 Malcolm McFarland Jr, ME
    272 Brian Blatney, Florida Forest Service
    273 Allen Nevel – Oklahoma State
    274 Mike Huber, WY
    275 Carl Nelson, KS
    276 Harold “Gunny” Reynolds, TX
    277 Bill Murphy, MT
    278 Nick Readinger, PA
    279 Aaron Thompson, WY
    280 Travis Hanson, NV
    281 Vickie Wright, CA
    282 Earl Klinefelter, WA
    283 Sarah Doehring, MT
    284 Barbara Nelson, AZ
    285 Michelle Berry, CO
    286 Joan Drnjevic, ID
    287 John Armstrong, CA
    288 Judith Cunningham, CA
    289 Tom Tymon, MT
    290 Steve Douglas, CO
    291 Jake FitzGerald – LNF E-31
    292 Faith Duncan, AK
    293 Dave Kushner, OR
    294 Kathy R Hall, Glenwood & Pedlar KD’s, GWJNF
    295 Michael Klug, NV
    296 Kathleen Kreyns, CA
    297 Wendy McCartney, CA
    298 Alan Colwell, KY
    299 Thomas Green, FL
    300 Rich Hawkins, CA
    301 Lathe Evans, BLM Gila Distric
    302 John P Case, AZ
    303 Doris Jenson, OR
    304 RJ Bennett, Horseshoe Mdw IHC
    305 Mark Pater, Sciacca’s Type I IMT
    306 Mary Lou Koch, CO
    307 Tim Nutley, AR
    308 Zack Farmer, UT
    309 Gary Cornell, UT
    310 Charles Dickson, CA
    311 Jay Wickham, SD
    312 Richard Brinkman, CA
    313 Christopher Luxton, CA
    314 Scott Alvord, CA
    315 Luke Madden, CA
    316 Lynn Eisberg, CA
    317 Stanton Florea – RS Fire Communications
    318 Rita Baysinger, CO
    319 Justin Langford, NV
    320 Jessie Dubuque, OR
    321 Joe Primm, OR
    322 David O’Neil, Manti-Lasal NF
    323 Jason Notz, ID
    324 Katherine Reed, CA
    325 Kevin Neiman, CA
    326 Dennis Carolyn Winkler, OR
    327 Mike Johns, US Attorney’s Office
    328 Patty Eder In Memory of Mike Breeggemann “Bonk”
    329 Louisa Evers, OR
    330 Caleb Merrill, Bonneville IHC Never Forget Caleb Hamm
    331 Kevin Donham, OR
    332 Jack Knight, Firecourse.com
    333 Eric Gottlieb, CA
    334 Mark Oetzmann, ID
    335 Rex Reed, WA
    336 Morgan Thomsen, ID
    337 Phillip Dye, CA-MLPX
    338 Nicholas Bohnstedt, ID
    339 Tom Holley, USFS Ret
    340 Corey Lewis, SD
    341 Kevin Curfman, WA
    342 Kirk VanPatten, CAL FIRE/RMA Team C
    343 Trent Dunn – SHF- WY
    344 Sherry Dunning, ID
    345 Russell Ward, NM
    346 Mark Blankensop, Nevada Division of Forestry
    347 Paul Balfour, WA
    348 Debbie Anderson, CA
    349 Patrick Antrim, OCFA – Retired
    350 Rick Cooper, Weber Fire, Farwest, UT
    351 Paulicia Larsen, CO
    352 Brian Walther, WI
    353 Jack Costello, NorcalT2, LSC, Sac Metro Fire
    354 Bob Allbee, WA
    355 Steven D Ellis, CO
    356 Frank Groome, CO
    357 Vinson Johnson, FS – Retired
    358 John Goss, Arrowhead Hotshots
    359 Sherri Bennett, CIIMT 4 (Team)
    360 David French, NV
    361 Frank Groome, CO
    362 Susan Bissell, CA
    363 Steve Cawsey, IL
    364 Kelly Russell, NM
    365 Linda L Kearns, Sandia Ranger District
    366 Pete Irvine – USFS- Roanoke, VA
    367 Marina Childs, VA
    368 Laurel Simos, ID
    369 Jason McDaniel, TX
    370 Clint Robbins, AZ
    371 Sandra Foss, NH
    372 John Fugitt, TX
    373 Lt Sean P O’Malley FDNY IMT
    374 Leslie Thibeault, MA
    375 Gary Todd, CA
    376 Mark Sturdivant, CA
    377 Larry Thornton, PatRick
    378 Jason Schillinger, CA
    379 Justin Gagnon, CA
    380 Jay Gardner LA County Fire Dozer Operator
    381 Michael Santistevan, ID
    382 Nicholas Strohmeyer, AK
    383 Shane Freeman, UT
    384 Brian Fritzen, OR
    385 Steve Nicholson, MI
    386 Kristie Sterbens, ANF Engine 33
    387 Peter A D’Aquanni, NM
    388 Steve Tome, MN
    389 Eric Krueger, TX
    390 Tom Leuschen, WA
    391 Tom Johnston, ID
    392 Chuck Borg, OR
    393 Craig Konklin, CA
    394 Shane Tosse, CA
    395 Kathi May, WA
    396 Butah Hayes, NV
    397 Brian Hughes, CA
    398 Westley Shook, UT
    399 Bob Eisele, CA
    400 Miss Bee- Proud mom of a WF
    401 Hoss, WY
    402 Gail Nerseth Hill, OR
    403 Dan Kinney, OR
    404 Steve Ellis, Idaho BLM State Director
    405 Kim Parson, CA
    406 Dede Dizney, CA
    407 Peggie Cathie, Proud Mama & Exwife of USFS FF’s
    408 Geo P Becknell Jr, TX
    409 Helen Bjornsen, ID
    410 Dean Rhynes, Retired BDF
    411 Marlene Rhynes, BDF
    412 Alison Rhynes, San Bernardino, CA
    413 Al Crouch, ID
    414 Dave McIlrath USACE Iowa
    415 Karan Bjornsen, ID
    416 Robert Morse, NJ
    417 Judith Nelson, AZ
    418 Kyle Tucker, OR
    419 Matthew Fogarty, NV
    420 Erik “Blank” Blankenship, OR
    421 Roger Dunn, WY
    422 Benjamin Q Morgan NPS- Retired
    423 Mike Antalosky, USFS – Retired
    424 Dave Robinson USFS Fremont NF 1948-’53
    425 Galen Young Corona Fire Dept (Ret)
    426 Kim Olson Fire Chief Calaveras Consolidated
    427 Katherine Dias, CA
    428 Martin Cole, AZ
    429 Terry DeJournett SoCal Team 1
    430 Phil Barton, Sparks Fire Dept NV
    431 Lewis S Brown, NV
    432 Brent Crosland, UT
    433 Debra Estrada, NV
    434 Tim Epp, AK
    435 Gary Day, OR
    436 Laurette Gaylord – HTF, NV
    437 Randy M Johnson, WA
    438 Samuel J Moss, CA
    439 Lauren Baccetti-Eck, CA
    440 Justin Cowger, Laramie, WY
    441 Geri Herbert, ID
    442 Dennis Trentham, TN
    443 Evan Schachtel, IL
    444 Jeff Neil, WA
    445 Kaleb Stromberg, WY
    446 Riva Duncan, National Forests in NC
    447 Kyle Kerstiens, CO
    448 Keith Smith, CA
    449 Steve Prescott, ID
    450 Ben Plumb, AZ
    451 Ray Brugler, PA
    452 Lori Lancaster, proud mom on FF Matt in Jackson WY
    453 Steve Hatting, Baldwin Ranger District HMNF
    454 Brian Elam, NC
    455 Ray Kraemer, AK
    456 Steve Evans, UT
    457 Kevin McPhee, WA
    458 Richard C Ford – Houston Fire Dept Retired
    459 Wally Roth, MI
    460 Carol Roth, MI
    461 Don Smith – LACOFD Retired Camp 14
    462 R Brad Borgiallli, WY
    463 Norman Pope, Cool Mule Inc
    464 Doug Anderson, MN
    465 Lynda Berckefeldt, WSFD
    466 Peter Goetzinger, UT
    467 Dee Burke, NM
    468 Matt Holmes, NH
    469 Shawn M Faiella, ID
    470 Debra Compton, CA
    471 Kristen Arnett, NM
    472 Chris Robinson, In memory of John M Greeno
    473 Ralph Robinson, In memory of John M Greeno
    474 Eddie Johnson, WY
    475 Joe Ferguson, FL
    476 Mark Haines – BLM HPD
    477 Leon Schindell, NV
    478 Virginia Horton, CA
    479 Jeff Buscher, CA
    480 Karen Brent, GA
    481 Kirk Blecha, OR
    482 Patricia Stewart, FL
    483 Gordon Herring, WY
    484 Stephen Smith, ID
    485 Cindy Schroeder, PA
    486 Nick Terrell, CA
    487 John Caffin, GA
    488 Terry Warlick, Modoc IHC
    489 Maria Skinner, CA
    490 Don Baker, TX
    491 Linda Baker, TX
    492 Erik Solberg, AZ
    493 Chip Collins, WY
    494 Tim Sullivan, NY
    495 Roy Cribb, FL
    496 Peggy Cribb, FL
    497 Daniel Srednick – CA- CDD Apple Valley Fire Center
    498 Vickie Hulsizer, CDA River RD, IPNF
    499 Thomas Troutman, OR
    500 Don Moss, OR
    501 Karen Kunzman, OR
    502 Anthony Cabales, NM
    503 Paul Solarz, OR
    504 Juan Bautista, OR
    505 Kevin Carter, FL
    506 Mike Wheelock, OR
    507 Colby Marshall, OR
    508 Winston Nilsson, OR
    509 Dillon Sanders, OR
    510 Barb Bailey, WA
    511 Terri Lumbreras, OR
    512 John Timmermann, MO
    513 David Wergen, OR
    514 Raymond Ospipovich, OR
    515 Jaime Pickering, OR
    516 Mike Sulffridge, OR
    517 Rick Sulffridge, OR
    518 Wes Wickman, OR
    519 Ken Nelson, MRCA Fire
    520 Meg Gallagher, GA
    521 Scott Wilhorn, WI
    522 Bradley Oen, MT
    523 Steve Rhea, OR
    524 Barry Green, AZ
    525 Buck Wickham, AZ
    526 Jack Wilson, ID
    527 Ted Hebrard, Blacktimber Wildland Services
    528 Matt Desimone, WA
    529 Bill Miller, NC
    530 Ginny Emery – In memory of Jim Thrash
    531 Landon Neubauer, MT
    532 Tom Oconnell GSUL CIIMT4
    533 Gilbert Romero, NM
    534 Kyle Jacobsen – BLM & TX Forest Service
    535 Robbie Kiser, VA
    536 Peter Stewart, NM
    537 Jonetta Trued, AZ
    538 Bob Will, USFS Retired
    539 Mark Helm, CA
    540 Rocky Siegel, CA
    541 Donald Carpentar, WY
    542 Mary Guy, In honor of Mr & Mrs Kendall Strand
    543 Jesse Steed, Grand Mtn IHC
    544 Tracy Dunford, UT
    545 Peter Hultine, CA
    546 Carl E Schaefer, CA
    547 Eric Nilson, Utah County Fire
    548 Cindy Wedekind PNW3
    549 Lance Robinson North Zone Fire Shoshone NF
    550 Joan Olveda, CA
    551 Doc Smith, AZ
    552 Kathy Smith, AZ
    553 Jeff Surber, NV
    554 Tricia Christofferson, CIIMT4
    555 Gordy Cox – aka N1957Z
    556 Jesse Thomas, BLM RGD
    557 Jason Woodbury (brother of Shawn Woodbury)
    558 Chris White, CalFire San Diego Unit
    559 Darrell Frost, MAF
    560 Teri Youmans-Frost, MAF
    561 Michael Anderson, AZ
    562 Michael Finney, MN
    563 Linda Finney, MN
    564 Ronal Finney, MN
    565 Margaret Finney, MN
    566 Matthew Schutty – Frazier Rappellers La Grande, OR
    567 Lorenzo Miranda Jr, CA
    568 Amelia Valasek, ID
    569 Jim Ott – Retired USFS/CIIMT1
    570 David Loveland, TN
    571 Bryan Karchut – BKF SD/WY
    572 Chris Wikeen, Chief Training Officer
    573 Steve Plevel, AZ
    574 Buffy Bandley Strawberry Vol Fire Dept
    575 Dennis Yauch of Ironwood Hotshots
    576 Ron Recker BIA Pacific Region
    577 Joanie Lawrence, CO
    578 Marcia Cavin, Tanker 61 Memorial
    579 Jacob Gear, WA
    580 Regis Blutas, In memory of Grandson TJ Marovich
    581 Terry O’Connor, MNA/MNS/IMT
    582 Merrie Paladijczuk, OR
    583 Matt Watson, OR
    584 Michael Johnston, ID
    585 Rich Gorden, FL
    586 Ruth Reiper, NM
    587 Kolleen Beesley, ID
    588 Dr Marilee Coriell, CA
    589 Angela Yemma, BLM
    590 Bill Yemma, BIA
    591 Jerrod Krenkel, CA
    592 Gracie Moore, Pilot
    593 Mark DeGregorio, In honor of all who serve
    594 Michael Czaja, CO
    595 Joe McDonald, CA
    596 Sharon Kleinschmidt, CA
    597 Arthur Kleinschmidt, CA
    598 Mark Jamieson, So Area Red Team – MS
    599 Joan Gallagher, NM
    600 Al Mason, OR
    601 Richard Andersen, WY
    602 Kathleen Sachse, CA
    603 Warren Villa, OR
    604 Melinda McGann, CO
    605 Shirley Blood, In memory of Dick
    606 Andy Verdugo, CA
    607 JB Brashears, CA
    608 Lance Fickas, CA
    609 Miles Bond, CO
    610 Kenny Ellyson
    611 Karl Schlitt, NE
    612 Betty Hartenstine, CA – BDF, Retired
    613 Steven Hartenstine, CA – BDF, Retired
    614 Brad Knowles, CA
    615 Laurie Pillers, ID
    616 Dave Patterson, CA
    617 Michael Nelsen, CA
    618 Alec Lane CA – STF
    619 Richard Diaz, CA
    620 Ben McGinnis, CA
    621 Charles Hixon, CA
    622 John MacLean, DC
    623 Mary Colton, CA
    624 Dimitri Hill, CA
    625 Earl Cordes, OR
    626 Phil Cocker, CIIMT4, CA
    627 Lyle Pope, CA
    628 Karen Patterson, NC
    629 Mike Farmer, MT
    630 Michael Smith, ID
    631 Nancy Sewell, CA
    632 Stuart Guy Coombs, Fish Lake NF E-621
    633 Brandon J Clifford, FMS APBPC
    634 Heather McLean, UT
    635 Steven Teeter, MN
    636 Bob Osborne, MN
    637 Josh Teaney, CO
    638 Sandy Knowles, OR
    639 Ryan Gillian, TN
    640 Bill Crapser, WY
    641 Aaron Schoolcraft, VA
    642 Paul Lowenthal, CA
    643 Mark Mott CIIMT4
    644 Don Tinsley CIIMT4
    645 Craig Carter, CA
    646 Efraim Garcia, Cleveland NF, Ramona Helitack
    647 Kellie Carlsen, OR
    648 Hank Walters AKA Safetyhank
    649 Eric J Rogers, Deputy Chief
    650 Brian Woodbeck – CAL EMA
    651 Cid Morgan, NM
    652 Laurie Beck, CA
    653 Janice Rushworth, Remembering Michael Rushworth
    654 Chris Ditmore, Type One Incident Support Inc
    655 Zoe Ditmore, Type One Incident Support Inc
    656 Lori Kempton, WY
    657 Mike Fisher, TX
    658 Ray Weidenhaft Retired WY State Forestry Div
    659 Dale L Alter, AK
    660 Logan Brown, CA
    661 Marie, In memory of Paul Mitchell, FDNY 9-11-01 WTC
    662 Ben Jacobs, Sequoia and Kings Canyon NP, CA
    663 Michael Boone, Los Padres NF- Retired
    664 Henry Benham, NV
    665 Peter To – USFS
    666 Dean Elsen, MS
    667 Paul Boucher, NM
    668 Sal Bonilla, CA
    669 William Waterbury, NM
    670 Sean Depp, AZ
    671 Carla Berry, CA
    672 Evan Carlos, CA
    673 Dennis Baldridge, CA
    674 Jayleen Lineback, CO
    675 James Payne, Tony Sciacc IMT
    676 Greg Nordyke, AZ
    677 Pat Mann, AZ
    678 Uriel Ortega – Big Bear Hotshots, CA
    679 Jill Carter, In memory of Jeff Allen & Shane Heath
    680 Jim Loach, NE
    681 Dustin Hallam, Los Padres Hotshots
    682 Holly Werner, CA
    683 Dean Hall, Chuchupate Helitack
    684 Shad Sitz, OR
    685 Linden McNeilus, MN
    686 Karen McPeak, In memory of Caleb Hamm
    687 Thomas Todrank, In memory of Caleb Hamm
    688 Richard Rusk, UT
    689 Jeff Kline- BLM West Desert District
    690 Brent Stangeland, CAL Fire
    691 Dennis Stevens, CIIMT3
    692 Karen Hayden, CA
    693 Matt Shaddle, Payette NF
    694 Kevin Moglia, CA
    695 Pat Skaggs, OR
    696 Karen Smith, CO
    697 Evan Jones, CA
    698 Clay Howe, Battalion Chief
    699 Charles Sundt, NM
    700 Phil Street, USFWS – Retired
    701 Bobby Shindelar, USFS
    702 Jill George, NV
    703 Bequi Livingston, NM
    704 Cody Lee, Vandenberg Hot Shots
    705 Robert Lobo, Del Rosa – San Bernardino, CA
    706 Larry Hettinger, Sciacca Type I IMT
    707 Curtis Hummel, LA Co Fire Dept
    708 Kip Redden, WY
    709 Douglas Gericke, CA
    710 Dave Soldavini, USFS – Lake Tahoe Basin
    711 Louise Greathead, NV
    712 Paul Siegel, CA
    713 Casey Judd, ID
    714 Ty Parher, NJ
    715 Ingrid Drieling, ID
    716 Martin O’Toole, CA
    717 Michael Murphy, SoCAL Team 2
    718 Wade DeBraal, OR
    719 Keith Rockow, OR
    720 Gary Brown, ID
    721 Patricia Sullivan, Retired
    722 David Zortman, Tatanka IHC
    723 Dustin Doune, In honor of PFTC Session 3
    724 Zach Becker, Alpine Hotshots
    725 Clinton Goepp Mill Creek Hotshots BDF
    726 Diane Caughlin, Former Arrowhead Hotshot
    727 Chris Niccoli, ID
    728 Crystal Kolden, Moscow, Idaho
    729 Kris Sigona, CA
    730 Meagan Buehler – USFS Black Hills NF, SD
    731 Andrew Stinchfield, OR
    732 Josh Oak, MO
    733 Mark Morales – R8 Type 2 IMT
    734 Nicholas Duvally, CA
    735 Sam Wu, CA
    736 Thomas Decker, CA
    737 Sara Knapp, WA
    738 Matthew Mateo, CO
    739 Travis Thane, CA
    740 Rob Palmer, WA
    741 Janet Palmer, WA
    742 Rick Barton, CO
    743 Bill Woodyard, GA
    744 Mike Whitney, OR
    745 Frank Haines, WY
    746 Nancy Nehl, WY
    747 Alicia Hone, UT
    748 Sylvia Kratzke, In memory of Heather DePaola-Johnny
    749 Leonard Kratzke, In memory of Heather DePaola
    750 Dale L Weir, WA
    751 Steve Esser, SD
    752 Aaron Humphrey, Eldorado Hotshots
    753 Dan Huebner, AZ
    754 Rita Booth, AZ
    755 John Courtright, ID
    756 Mary Courtright, ID
    757 Mike Patten, MT
    758 Jami Larsen, WA
    759 Nathan Kesler, CA
    760 Peter Cecil, Bendigo VIC
    761 Adam Woodbeck, CA
    762 Heather Wonenberg YNP H-551
    763 Paul L Frick, PA
    764 Jeff Webb, TX
    765 Amy Livezey, MT
    766 Mary Anne Sanford, OR
    767 Tony Thaler, CA
    768 Carrie Thaler, CA
    769 Bob Wilken, OR
    770 Lisa Kemper Winnemucca BLM
    771 Michael Allan, CA
    772 Joel Shennum, So CAL IMT #1
    773 Jim Thomas, CDF
    774 Ellen Dunlap, ID
    775 Robert Palmer, WA
    776 John Ray Alford
    777 Robert Raymond Ameche
    778 Aaron J Arledge
    779 Robert Aaron Ashby
    780 Adil M Aslam
    781 Marcos Aviles
    782 Christopher Scott Beery
    783 Don Richard Bell II
    784 Samuel Belote
    785 Tod Raymond Berryman
    786 Shannon T. Black
    787 Jeremy Christen Bower
    788 William Loyd Breuklander
    789 Larry Cay Brister
    790 Todd Douglas Buck
    791 Randy Scott Burdick
    792 Frederick W Burris
    793 Charles Kevin Butler
    794 Fernando M. Calderon
    795 Larry Manzano Cerda
    796 Joseph Chad Cook
    797 Hector Becerra Cruz
    798 Nicholas J. Derby
    799 Sean P. Driscoll
    800 Joseph P Dullam
    801 Peter Duran
    802 William C Elder
    803 Michael Steven Eul
    804 Robert Todd Ewing
    805 Cindy A. Freet
    806 Mike Fuller
    807 Gary R Gallion
    808 Alejandro Garcia
    809 Brandon T Garnsey
    810 Thomas A Glauser
    811 Randall A Globerman
    812 Richard Reginald Gonzales
    813 Cynthia Marie Gordon
    814 Matthew David Eugene Gurrola
    815 Israel T Gutierrez
    816 Philip Alan Hadley
    817 Mark T Haliday
    818 Michael H Hansen
    819 Michael R. Harding
    820 Jesse J. Hopcus
    821 Chrystal Horton
    822 Jon Stephen Jelle
    823 Ian Paul Johnson
    824 Mark Alan Karr
    825 Brian S Kinsley
    826 Lawrence Michael Kohagen
    827 Jason A. Lafferty
    828 Terrence Lee Lamb
    829 Ronald Wayne Lauer
    830 Tanya M Lovelace
    831 Melvin Bruce Lovo
    832 Victor Tony Low
    833 Scott Macone
    834 Allan Scott Mandell
    835 Craig B Matthews
    836 Jason M. May
    837 Michael Britt Mc Daniels
    838 John Kennedy Mc Neil
    839 Anthony M McHale
    840 Ryan C McLemen
    841 Rodney Lewis Megli
    842 Kriss Melbardis
    843 James Robert Mensendiek
    844 Gary Robert Monday
    845 Michael Scott Moore
    846 Chase Morgan
    847 Martin S. Myers
    848 Robert A Myers
    849 Erik T Niemann
    850 Brian Timothy Nix
    851 Eric J Norris
    852 Jack W Nosco
    853 Thomas H. O’Malley Jr.
    854 Ronald Gary Oatman
    855 Gary Dean Oliver
    856 Eduardo G Ornelas
    857 Craig William Pearson
    858 Russell Adam Perkinson
    859 Christopher Peru
    860 Brad Peters
    861 Dan L Petzold
    862 Nicholas Carl Pisciotta
    863 Garrett Prater
    864 James Scott Quirarte
    865 Cary Rake
    866 Darrell Anthony Ralston
    867 Richard J Reese
    868 Brett William Reynolds
    869 William R Reynolds
    870 Anthony Romero
    871 Tony Salas
    872 William John Santino Jr.
    873 Charles Michael Scherrei
    874 Olaf John Schuett
    875 Jeffrey S. Seabrook
    876 Gifford Troy Sears
    877 Keith Lawrence Smith
    878 John Gerald Spykerman
    879 Andrea Leigh Stanley
    880 David B Stevens
    881 Charles A Sullenbarger
    882 Danny Lee Swenson
    883 Troy L Swickard
    884 Steven James Swindle
    885 Robert Bruce Szczepanek
    886 Michael B. Tamez
    887 Gregory Graham Taylor
    888 Carmine J Terracciano
    889 Gregory W. Thaxton
    890 Ronald W Topolinski,
    891 Richard Mark Toukdarian
    892 Michael James Trabbie
    893 Eric J Trejo
    894 Albert H Trevisan
    895 Bertrand Melville Van Auker
    896 Daran George Vanden Bossche
    897 Jerry M Vandermeulen
    898 Samuel R. Villavicencio
    899 Matthew James Ward
    900 Robert S Welsbie
    901 Jeffrey M Whitehouse
    902 Michael Steven Wickham
    903 Joseph E. Williams
    904 Michael Williams
    905 Steven Paul Winter
    906 Scott Wirz
    907 Jeffery A Witt
    908 Gary Thomas Young
    909 Gregorio Geroncio Yzaguirre
    910 Scott Wallace Zeller
    911 Stanley J Ziegler
    912 Dave Zimmermann
    913 Lisa Rynearson, OR
    914 Jeremy Alexander – Price Valley Heli-Rappellers
    915 Doug Jones, USDA Forest Service
    916 Scott McDonald, OR
    917 Stan Sutton, CA
    918 Jennifer A. Ziegler, IN
    919 Tim Chavez, Cal Fire Riverside
    920 Kendra Mayes, NM
    921 Randy Lowenstein, CA
    922 Blake Stewart, SD
    923 Tom Mozer, CO
    924 Amy Skraba, AK
    925 John Thompson, MT
    926 Trevor Johnson, Los Padres IHC
    927 Kayla Clark, WY
    928 Kevin Lindquist, WA
    929 Eric Van Winkle, EVM Companies Inc
    930 Ken Malgren, TX
    931 Robert Laeng, CIIMT4
    932 John Keener, WA
    933 Dan Buckley, NPS
    934 Glen Coley, NC
    935 Brian Watson, WA IMT #2
    936 Jessica Sherwood, NPS
    937 Karen Varney, MA
    938 Rick Lancaster, WY – BTF
    939 David Lowe, WI
    940 Tina Ledger, UT
    941 Andy Tate, SD
    942 David Wilkins, West Yellowstone Smokejumpers
    943 Rita J Simpson, PA
    944 Valerie Gill, ID
    945 Cameron M Balog, CA
    946 Greg Dutton, CA
    947 Terry Tilford, Moab 6313
    948 Jacqueline Harrell, CA
    949 Joe Carvelho, ID
    950 Judy Carvelho, ID
    951 John Bellemore, OH
    952 Marjorie Tilden, In memory of Michael Rushworth
    953 Jim Ulmaniec – Wisconsin DNR
    954 Susan Matthews, FL
    955 Victoria C Smith, CO Div of Emergency Management
    956 Doug Miedtke, MN
    957 Gene Madden, FL
    958 James Farrell, Twin Falls BLM
    959 Dick Smith, ID
    960 Mike Crawley, HTF, Bridgeport District Ranger
    961 Sharon Rose, In memory of my brother, Brian Bruns
    962 Joel Bonnell, NM
    963 Dave Carr – USFS Retired – R10
    964 W Ray Mockli, ID
    965 Leigh Stewart, NM
    966 Ken Kremensky, CA
    967 Chris Church, In Loving Memory of Kirk Smith
    968 Stephaney Church, District Ranger, Boise NF
    969 Paul Woodard, V of K
    970 Kendall Jewett, CA
    971 Andy Hall, Grand Teton National Park (USDI)
    972 Linda Mahoney, CO
    973 Patrick Boy, AZ
    974 Mariah Leuschen, MT
    975 Lewis Bowman, NV Division of Forestry
    976 Melissa Friend, NV Division of Forestry
    977 Kevin Gearlds, NV Division of Forestry
    978 Nicholas Giger, Salmon Heli-Rappellers
    979 Brett Ortland, In memory of My Dad “Robert Ortland”
    980 Richard J Renouf, ID
    981 Garland Shaw, MT
    982 Leigh Ann Evans, In memory of Alan Wyatt, 2002
    983 Samantha Nichols, South Dakota
    984 Donald K Bowen, CA
    985 John A Diffenbaugh, NV
    986 George B Bacon, ID
    987 Barry Brunson, KY
    988 Michael J Bittner, USDA Forest Service
    989 Conor Mcgee, ID
    990 Rich Stanger, Deadwood (SD) Fire Dept
    991 Boo Walker, TX
    992 Janet Humphrey, CA
    993 Paul Kanton, In memory of Chris Kanton
    994 Mary Kanton, In memory of Chris Kanton
    995 James Purswell, Redmond IHC
    996 Alan Kelso, WA
    997 Dale Wine, TN
    998 Matt Boss, PA
    999 Tyler Jones, Laguna Hotshots
    1000 Tate Fischer, ID
    1001 Steve Shaw, Idaho BLM
    1002 Shannon Spies, USFS
    1003 James Smothers, WA
    1004 Ezekiel Ordaz, OR Dept of Forestry
    1005 PJ Vilhauer, CA
    1006 Tessa Chieves, WA
    1007 Lance Roberts, ID
    1008 Rick Gonzalez, TX, In memory of Daddy Joe
    1009 Sara Gonzalez, TX, In memory of Daddy Joe
    1010 Cheryl Molis, ID
    1011 Zack Kephart, GA
    1012 Jim Ramirez, WY
    1013 Sean Snyder, WY
    1014 Paige Boyer, CA
    1015 Eric Q Stroud, PA
    1016 Kris Bruington, Lone Peak IHC
    1017 Preston Ley, Lone Peak IHC
    1018 Ryan LaFontaine, Lone Peak IHC
    1019 Darren O’Loughlin, Lone Peak IHC
    1020 Davis Oatway, Lone Peak IHC
    1021 Nate Moeller, Lone Peak IHC
    1022 Ryan McKissick, Lone Peak IHC
    1023 Kyle Yurkovich, Lone Peak IHC
    1024 Dan Lang, Lone Peak IHC
    1025 Adam Everett, Lone Peak IHC
    1026 Kadell Deason, Lone Peak IHC
    1027 Ryan Hopkins, Lone Peak IHC
    1028 Sergio Lara, Lone Peak IHC
    1029 Zach Beerman, Lone Peak IHC
    1030 Tim Casperson, Lone Peak IHC
    1031 Alex Hicks, Lone Peak IHC
    1032 Matt Mortensen, Lone Peak IHC
    1033 Mike Anthony, Lone Peak IHC
    1034 Matt Mullins, Lone Peak IHC
    1035 Kevin Jimenez, Lone Peak IHC
    1036 Abbey Wilson, Lone Peak IHC
    1037 Carlos Flores Gonzalez, Lone Peak IHC
    1038 Steve Dotson, Lone Peak IHC
    1039 Gary Peck, Lone Peak IHC
    1040 Matt Snider, Lone Peak IHC
    1041 Jeffrey Sussman, NY
    1042 Rick Kempton, ID
    1043 Derrick Morris, GA
    1044 Sandra Morris, GA
    1045 Fran Wilson, UT
    1046 Elizabeth Bunzendahl, KY
    1047 Leanard Garcia, UT
    1048 Joseph Berto, Pilot
    1049 Les Page, Baxter Springs FD
    1050 Duane Vasten, CO
    1051 Don Clark, AZ
    1052 JoEllen Kelly, NFFF
    1053 Raymond J Grimes Jr, NJ
    1054 Michael Kennard, AZ
    1055 Ted Adams, WY
    1056 JoAnn Fites-Kaufman, CA
    1057 L Dean Clark, In memory of Len Dems
    1058 Arlen Armitage, ID
    1059 Kim Lightley, OR
    1060 Rob Maloney, NJ
    1061 Toby Cook, AZ
    1062 Rosi Mulholland, FL
    1063 Paul Sever, ID
    1064 Eric Stayton, CA
    1065 Digby’s Fire Support
    1066 Loni Dunnagan, CIIMT4
    1067 Robert Verdie, CA
    1068 Travis James Owens, WY
    1069 Michael Hoose, CA – STB
    1070 Kace Pherigo, ID
    1071 Jake Martinez, In memory of my “dad” Jerry Martinez
    1072 Randy Anderson, ID
    1073 Joel Pomeroy, OR
    1074 Steven Heminway, Mountaineers Fire Crew LLC
    1075 Jeff Henshaw, USFS -Deschutes NF
    1076 Maximillian Wahlberg, AZ
    1077 Andrew Pohlman, Eagle River FPD
    1078 Brad Weisshaupt, CA
    1079 Michael Strawhun, CA
    1080 Amos Strawhun, CA
    1081 Kathryn Kirkpatrick, CA
    1082 Todd C Breininger, PA
    1083 Amanda Dedrick, Los Padres Dispatch
    1084 Larry Shaw, VA
    1085 Jim Archambeault, WA
    1086 Margrete R Bjornsen, NV
    1087 Clayton Roadhouse, CA
    1088 Honey Dippers, Inc.
    1089 Karen L Hoffman, OR
    1090 Wesley Johnson, WY
    1091 Jason Penwell, WY
    1092 John Garman, WY
    1093 Wesley Keller, PA
    1094 Butch Murphy, Red Rock Fire
    1095 Michelle Surratt, Huson, MT
    1096 Brent Nizell, USFS
    1097 Britt Williams, BLM, Vale, OR
    1098 Troy Kinghorn, USFS
    1099 Randee Olson, USFS
    1100 Janet Paul, USFS
    1101 Ben McGrane, USDA FS
    1102 Theresa Morris, BIA/Warm Springs
    1103 Deana Wall, USFS/Bend Fort Rock RD
    1104 Dana Reid, USDA FS
    1105 Laura Backlund, FS
    1106 Douglas Bright, USDA FS (Retired)
    1107 David Fuller, OR
    1108 Rob Macdonald, Eagle, CO
    1109 Jeanne Houston, CO
    1110 Rachel Cresto, Moab Interagency Fire Center
    1111 Eric Marcus Yarbrough (Yardbird)
    1112 Anthony Perez, Winnemucca BLM
    1113 Branden Fletcher, CA
    1114 Tim Dedrick, ATBM-RAMP-CRWB-ENGB
    1115 Matt Page, KS
    1116 Mark Johnson, USFS – Truckee IHC
    1117 David Schafer AD – FS / BLM
    1118 Holly Conti, DNR
    1119 Mikell Newton, Fremont Winema NF
    1120 Dede Domingos, BLM/FS career retired
    1121 Sherry Watts, Retired Forest Service
    1122 Von L. Gruber, USDA-Forest Service
    1123 Sue Cathey, USDA-FS-ID-PAF
    1124 Lynne Godwin, retired USFS
    1125 Kimberly Jones, USFS
    1126 Sheri Windle, WADNR
    1127 Linda Gingrich, USFS-retired
    1128 Lael Gorman, USFS/COIDC
    1129 Sirena Sams, PDX NIMO
    1130 Kathryn Weiss, CA
    1131 Robert Martin, MT
    1132 Derek Casbon, USFWS Leopold WMD
    1133 McIntyre, WA
    1134 Dave Nish, TC Hotshots
    1135 Bonnie Kalb, NV
    1136 James Meredith, Atlanta NIMO Retired
    1137 Peter Freire, BLM Engine 3621 Cody, WY
    1138 Justin Vernon – Boise NF
    1139 Nick Stelljes, Rincon Fire Crew, SQF
    1140 Karen Feary, UT
    1141 Joseph Chastain, GA
    1142 Brad Amaral, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1143 Darlene Bennett, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1144 Brock Benton, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1145 Shawn Entz, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1146 Tim Fike, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1147 Jerry Funk,Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1148 Spencer Garrett, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1149 Kevin Greene, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1150 Randy Gross, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1151 Helen Henthorn, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1152 Wyatt Howell, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1153 Lisa LaBarbera, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1154 Nicole Long, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1155 Patrick Mason, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1156 Jared McElhannon, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1157 Lance McKinley, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1158 Terry McMahan, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1159 Kevin Menet, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1160 Bruce Niederberger, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1161 Phil Nunnink, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1162 David Ray, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1163 Mark Robertson, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1164 Adam Ross, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1165 Jim Smith, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1166 Pat Sullivan, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1167 Robert Tellam, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1168 Jim Turner, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1169 Dean Weathers, Nevada City Fire District, CA
    1170 Fred Pavlovic, NM
    1171 Kevin Michalak, CO
    1172 Clayton Hull, BDF-CA
    1173 Jaydena Cabral, BDF-CA
    1174 Carol Honig, Los Alamos, NM
    1175 Michele Mavor, CO
    1176 Tina Carey, CA
    1177 Cristian Lopez, Asst Capt Crew 91 KNP
    1178 Zeph Cunningham – Southern Area Type 1 Red
    1179 J Smith, New Mexico
    1180 Margaret Hangan, AZ
    1181 Rachael J Bouthillette, MN
    1182 Ruben Griego, UT
    1183 Diane Hinz, NC
    1184 Christopher Moore, AK
    1185 Richard Thornburgh, CA
    1186 Eric Goddard, UT
    1187 Kristi Mastrofini, OR
    1188 Robert Conacher, USFS Honor Guard
    1189 Curtis Stanley, USFS Honor Guard
    1190 Paul Lemmon, USFS Honor Guard
    1191 Linda Keydeniers, USFS Honor Guard
    1192 Ryan Lofswold – Snake River Hotshots
    1193 Kermit Johansson, Team 4 – CIIMT4
    1194 David A Blair, CO
    1195 Jay Godson, San Juan IHC
    1196 Lance Martin, San Juan IHC
    1197 Keith Bedonie, San Juan IHC
    1198 Jacob Birdsell, San Juan IHC
    1199 Scott McCreary, San Juan IHC
    1200 Nate Christiansen, San Juan IHC
    1201 Ryan Corman, San Juan IHC
    1202 Scott DeVelder, San Juan IHC
    1203 Martha Schoppe, San Juan IHC
    1204 Zack Freundlich, San Juan IHC
    1205 Ross Schumaker, San Juan IHC
    1206 Lew Sovocool, San Juan IHC
    1207 Cole Inghram, San Juan IHC
    1208 David Draayer, San Juan IHC
    1209 Cheryl Bright, OR
    1210 Dave Killebrew, AZ
    1211 Brian Keating, UT
    1212 Bob Lattin, WA
    1213 Mary Karkora, NV
    1214 Greg Sanders, Southern Area Blue Team
    1215 Joanne Sanders, VA
    1216 Chuck Sweet, SORO Wildland Fire Module
    1217 Nick Jeros, Stanislaus National Forest
    1218 Drew Brown, CO
    1219 Javan Warren, CA
    1220 Thomas Green, UT
    1221 Ramiro Mendoza, OR
    1222 David Douglas
    1223 Josh Parker, Snake River Hotshots
    1224 Nick Myers, MT
    1225 Tracy M Fifarek, CO
    1226 Rebecca Eide, BLM-NV-Carlin
    1227 Ryan Allen, ID
    1228 Cami Lee, UT
    1229 Paul Staley, CA
    1230 Charlotte Viredaz, 6 Rivers Firemom
    1231 John Henshaw, CA
    1232 Brewer Crew, Merlin, OR
    1233 Richard L Roberson, ID
    1234 Brian O’Donnell, Idaho Falls BLM
    1235 Tim Rich, OR
    1236 MaryEllen Arraztoa, CA
    1237 Logan Blankenship, BLM Snake River Hotshots
    1238 Kenneth Bochniak, Snake River IHC
    1239 Brian Bradbury, OR
    1240 Cindy Gross, ID
    1241 Dustin S Murray, Snake River Hotshots
    1242 Dylan Kane, Snake River Hotshots
    1243 Nicki Dennison, UT
    1244 Mike Shaw, ID
    1245 Kim Soper, UT
    1246 Cory Carlson, Prescott NF/Crew2
    1247 George LoCascio III, Ex-Mormon Lake Hotshot
    1248 Jill Williams, Moab, UT Forest Service
    1249 Megan Williams, Moab, UT BLM E-6313
    1250 Dustin L Osborn, NV
    1251 Jennifer Armstrong, CA
    1252 Lindsay Scaggs, Rattlesnake Fire Strike Team
    1253 Suzanne Marie Michalski, MLG MO
    1254 Donna Kreiensieck, ID
    1255 Curtis Palmer, USFS Retired
    1256 Marty Christensen, USFS – Retired
    1257 Mark Swan, CO
    1258 Catherine Hibbard, Southern Area Red Team
    1259 Kathleen Hayden, USFS
    1260 Erin Ringer, Laguna IHC
    1261 Marshall Wallace, WA
    1262 Catherine Zajanc, ID
    1263 Jeffrey Kaufman, CA
    1264 Glen Kinder, KY
    1265 Michael DiCristina, CO
    1266 Steve Nurse -MI in memory of Roger Roth
    1267 Janice D Curtis, ID
    1268 Bryan J Christensen, UT
    1269 Jeff Kaufman, CA
    1270 Kate Zajanc, ID
    1271 Mary Anderson, NV
    1272 Steve Lent, OR
    1273 Industrial Source National Fire Fighter
    1274 Eugene Running Company
    1275 Barry Coulliette, Florida Forest Service
    1276 Thermo Technologies
    1277 Lea Betty, CA
    1278 Jay Harr, USDI-BIA-FT Apache Agency
    1279 James Mason, TNSP Southern Area Type 2 IMT
    1280 Jennifer Whipple, UT
    1281 Holly Sue Kerns, ID
    1282 Linda Chappell, UT
    1283 George Chappell, UT
    1284 Dan Guse, Stanislaus Engine 13
    1285 Charles Gordon Davis, CNF-SCRD
    1286 Bob Orrill, AZ
    1287 Ed Ryan, NV
    1288 Jared Pekuri, NV
    1289 Chris Clervi, CIIMT4, USFS
    1290 Darrin Franco, MN
    1291 Matt Aoki, Los Padres IHC
    1292 Chris Woods, Los Padres IHC
    1293 Chris Ford, Los Padres IHC
    1294 Karin McCollin, proud mom of Ryan, UT
    1295 Brian J Gillespie, ID
    1296 Rose Danaher, IA
    1297 Cass Palmer, FL
    1298 Jason Curry, UT
    1299 Morgan Meserth, Boise IHC
    1300 Andy Rothleutner, WBD – WY BLM
    1301 Mike Haisten, GA
    1302 Megan Macht – SW IMT 1 Sciacca
    1303 Richard Miller, IMT Type 1 (Sciacca)
    1304 Todd Baumer, ID
    1305 Bob Ruth, Chief Oasis Vol. F.D.
    1306 Randy Skelton – Payette NF
    1307 Stan Mitchem, WY
    1308 Dana Peirson, NV
    1309 Vernon Jackson
    1310 Norene Norris, AZ
    1311 Joni M Bruch, WY
    1312 Shannon Myers, MT
    1313 Nancy Moore, NM
    1314 Christian Holm, NM
    1315 Alex Denys, CO
    1316 Tyler Sendrak, Los Padres IHC
    1317 Brian Rhodes, CIIMT4
    1318 Jeff Campbell, Gila IHC
    1319 Brent Sytch, Gila IHC
    1320 Cooper Kittelmann, Gila IHC
    1321 Tyler Clare, Gila IHC
    1322 Michael Head, Gila IHC
    1323 Luke Brehm, Gila IHC
    1324 Terra Steed, Gila IHC
    1325 Ryan Flemke, Gila IHC
    1326 Frank Moll, Gila IHC
    1327 Chance Traub, Gila IHC
    1328 Steve Passmore, Gila IHC
    1329 Matt Bergmann, Gila IHC
    1330 Pete Martin, Gila IHC
    1331 Erin Kimsey, Gila IHC
    1332 Steve Gundersen, Gila IHC
    1333 April Stover, Gila IHC
    1334 Marissa Daniel, Gila IHC
    1335 Arturo Rios, Gila IHC
    1336 Christian Mascho, Gila IHC
    1337 Dave Garrison, CO
    1338 Shawn Whitley, Texas Forest Service
    1339 Jan Kyle, NV
    1340 Jered Walberg, Los Padres IHC
    1341 Don Smith, CIIMT5
    1342 Henry Hasselhan, NJ
    1343 Laurence Sutton, ID
    1344 Cyndie Hogg, Retired USFS & BLM
    1345 Jeff Hogg, Retired USFS Region 3
    1346 Dean H Rasmussen, NE
    1347 Jerry Walker, Johnson Co Fire District #1 Buffalo WY
    1348 Dan Matthews, Prescott IHC
    1349 Chris Mandrick, AZ-COF-WT481
    1350 Jesse Hopwood, Grayback Forestry
    1351 David Easton, CA
    1352 Aaron Anderson, North Cascades NPS
    1353 Nick Schreiner, USFS
    1354 Paul Petersen, NV
    1355 Tami Conner, Apache Sitgreaves NFS
    1356 JayLynn Pell, UT
    1357 Daniel Casto, KY
    1358 Brian Bull, Los Padres IHC
    1359 Gerry Perry, AO USFS
    1360 Judy K Morgan, SW Prescott NF, Sciacca
    1361 Dona Rutherford, SWIMT-Sciacca
    1362 John Barry, OR
    1363 Laura McKeane, In memory of Tanker 11
    1364 Gib Joe Alteha, AZ
    1365 William Wrenn, Los Padres IHC
    1366 Richard Hammer, OR
    1367 Sally Browning, USFS Atlanta NIMO
    1368 Dorothy Douglas, OR
    1369 Kyle A Olsen, CA
    1370 Guy Lewis, USFS Retired
    1371 Lori Jeffrey, NE
    1372 Jane Elaine Marcum, UT
    1373 Jessica Wolf, CO
    1374 Derrick Charpentier, CO
    1375 John Agapito, Los Padres IHC
    1376 Ryan Ross, Los Padres IHC
    1377 B Roberts, Tabiona
    1378 Robert Sweeney, American Fire Support
    1379 Jim Tomaselli, Del Rosa IHC
    1380 Neil Gamboa, Del Rosa IHC
    1381 David Borero, Del Rosa IHC
    1382 Jack Masters, Del Rosa IHC
    1383 Dustin Blair, Del Rosa IHC
    1384 Robert Velasquez, Del Rosa IHC
    1385 Agustin Flores, Del Rosa IHC
    1386 Anthony Mack, Del Rosa IHC
    1387 Heidi Esh, Del Rosa IHC
    1388 Alek Gearhart, Del Rosa IHC
    1389 Sierra Brown, Del Rosa IHC
    1390 Aaron Pittman, Del Rosa IHC
    1391 Matthew Esposito, Del Rosa IHC
    1392 Erik Nelsen, Del Rosa IHC
    1393 Darryl Kuehl, Del Rosa IHC
    1394 Kyle Gordon, Del Rosa IHC
    1395 Felix Cunningham, Del Rosa IHC
    1396 Benjamin Urista, Del Rosa IHC
    1397 Collin Borden, Del Rosa IHC
    1398 Taija Corso, Entiat IHC
    1399 Robert (Bob) Johnson, Entiat IHC
    1400 Matt Clark, Entiat IHC
    1401 Darcy McDaniel, Entiat IHC
    1402 Rebecca Berzof, Entiat IHC
    1403 Patrick Chism, Entiat IHC
    1404 Daniel Pickard, Entiat IHC
    1405 Nick Yoney, Entiat IHC
    1406 Ian Morgan, Entiat IHC
    1407 Jeff Dimke, Entiat IHC
    1408 Winter West, Entiat IHC
    1409 Thane Shetler, Entiat IHC
    1410 Eddie Robledo, Entiat IHC
    1411 Matt Manago, Entiat IHC
    1412 Will Steady, Entiat IHC
    1413 Matt Kennedy, Entiat IHC
    1414 John Peterson, Entiat IHC
    1415 Carolyn Ballard, CA
    1416 Lisa S Hanson, CO
    1417 Kimberly Jarding, NV
    1418 Steve Peterson, Retired CALFIRE
    1419 Bob Houseman, NC
    1420 Joslin, OR
    1421 Bill Moody, WA
    1422 Javier De La Torre, NV
    1423 Carol Carlock, NV
    1424 Karen D Knight, NM
    1425 Tyler Bragington, NV
    1426 Mike Barry Jr
    1427 Trisha Miller, CO
    1428 Ryley McBride, UT
    1429 Brett Brodersen, AZ
    1430 Kristin Garrison, Colorado State Forest Service
    1431 Zack Lyon, UT
    1432 Jerry Hurley, CA
    1433 Ernie Brodersen, AZ
    1434 Savana, UT
    1435 Keith Borghoff, AZ
    1436 Todd Woodward, CA
    1437 Elgin Moore, UT
    1438 Mike White, Descanso, CA
    1439 Gloria White, Descanso, CA
    1440 Brian Paul Reublinger, NV
    1441 Sampson, CO
    1442 Heather Fisher, USFS, Deschutes NF
    1443 MJ Bakke, CA
    1444 John Diebel, Wyoming IHC 74 & 75, MI
    1445 Todd Klimas – Walker, AZ FD
    1446 Kathryn Drach, CA
    1447 Darrel D Howell
    1448 Gary Peterson, Engine 621
    1449 Ben Wheeler, Eagle Lake Handrew
    1450 Matt Weston, Eagle Lake Handrew
    1451 Beau Bishop, Eagle Lake Handrew
    1452 Jason Vance, Eagle Lake Handrew
    1453 Geoff Cook, Eagle Lake Handrew
    1454 Joe Milligan, Eagle Lake Handrew
    1455 Kurt Merino, Eagle Lake Handrew
    1456 Dean Estes, Eagle Lake Handrew
    1457 Matt Moutinho, Eagle Lake Handrew
    1458 Jason Treat, Eagle Lake Handrew
    1459 Robert Brown, Eagle Lake Handrew
    1460 Craig Thomas, Eagle Lake Handrew
    1461 Nathan Parker, Eagle Lake Handrew
    1462 Jeryme Hutchison, Eagle Lake Handrew
    1463 Daron Jackson, Eagle Lake Handrew
    1464 Tiffany Carson, Eagle Lake Handrew
    1465 Lila Eldridge, Eagle Lake Handrew
    1466 David Peek, Eagle Lake Handrew
    1467 Anthony Harding, OR
    1468 Carol Bowen, UT
    1469 Teri Cairns, OR
    1470 Michael McEwen, Snake River IHC
    1471 Nancy Atherton, CO
    1472 Seth Carbonari, MT
    1473 John Richard Pool, CA
    1474 Kerry Brisson – CIIMT #4
    1475 Matthew Eister, CIIMT 4
    1476 Eric Weber, NJ
    1477 Casey Fisher, Prescott Hotshots
    1478 Kaley Fisher, Prescott Hotshots
    1479 Darin Fisher, Prescott Hotshots
    1480 Darcy Budge, OR
    1481 Robert Budge, OR
    1482 Scott McConchie, WY
    1483 Allen Briggs, UT
    1484 Jarret Carle, Vista Grande IHC
    1485 Maria Jackson, SC
    1486 Holly Jackson
    1487 Lilly Allen
    1488 Kristin Gonnoud, ID
    1489 Paul Iannizzotto, FDNY – Engine 55 & IMT PIO
    1490 Jimmy Flanagan, USFS
    1491 Victor Bradford, CO
    1492 Roberta Bradford, CO
    1493 Tim Troxel, SD
    1494 Jerry Strebel, USFS
    1495 Zachary S Cogswell, CA
    1496 John Jensen, NV
    1497 Christopher Rice, Nevada Regs AKA J Balagna
    1498 Jay Balagna, McDermitt Station, Winnemucca BLM
    1499 William Foster, NY
    1500 Jason Martindale, AR
    1501 Scott Biddle, NV
    1502 Daniel Petros, CA
    1503 Krys Nystrom – Fire Service Support LLC
    1504 Aaron Grove, NV
    1505 Thomas Marchant – CIIMT4
    1506 Eric Hagen – Godspeed, Dave Lentz
    1507 Denise Blankenship – CIIMT4
    1508 Peggy Setter, CO
    1509 Ben Krupski, ID
    1510 Tracy McGuff, Angeles National Forest
    1511 Kyle Bates, SQF-E-32
    1512 Dustin Pillor, CA SQF-E32
    1513 C Vereide, R5 USFS, SQF, Lakeshore Engine 32
    1514 Robert Schmidt, CA
    1515 Annalee Woolsey, CA
    1516 Craig Weaver, ID
    1517 Jacqueline Abell, NM
    1518 Christopher Carr, WA
    1519 George Chesley, OR
    1520 Clay Templin, Tonto NF
    1521 Danny Friend, ID
    1522 Eric Davenport, Stanislaus IHC
    1523 Resendiz Doroteo, Stanislaus IHC
    1524 Frank Alvarez, Stanislaus IHC
    1525 Brian Paul, Stanislaus IHC
    1526 Ryan Galloway, Stanislaus IHC
    1527 Jared Personius, Stanislaus IHC
    1528 Martin Andrada, Stanislaus IHC
    1529 Jonathan Wolf, Stanislaus IHC
    1530 Timothy Markin, Stanislaus IHC
    1531 Jameson Kenyon, Stanislaus IHC
    1532 Andrew DeLappe, Stanislaus IHC
    1533 Jesse Gray, Stanislaus IHC
    1534 Jerrod Stefl, Stanislaus IHC
    1535 Brandon Hull, Stanislaus IHC
    1536 Rene Diaz, Stanislaus IHC
    1537 Evan O’Shea, Stanislaus IHC
    1538 Tyler Rollinson, Stanislaus IHC
    1539 Benjamin Garcia, Stanislaus IHC
    1540 Chris Johnstad, Stanislaus IHC
    1541 Juan Andrade, Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    1542 Eddie Lashinski, Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    1543 Kaleb Krogen, Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    1544 Francisco Castellanos, Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    1545 Gabriel Prieto, Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    1546 Guadalupe Basaldua, Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    1547 Marshall Krogen, Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    1548 Peter Lopez, Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    1549 Julio Campos, Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    1550 Luther Earl Larkin Sr, Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    1551 Broc Becker, Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    1552 Ian White, Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    1553 Jeremy Loyd, Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    1554 Joe Gonzales, Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    1555 Tim Murphy, Horseshoe Meadow IHC
    1556 Casey Bedell, Silver State IHC
    1557 Anna Breen, Silver State IHC
    1558 Adam Crichton, Silver State IHC
    1559 Jonathan Kalb, Silver State IHC
    1560 Lane Wagner, Silver State IHC
    1561 Justina Fedorchuk, Silver State IHC
    1562 Chris Ahnlund, Silver State IHC
    1563 Nicholas Callahan, Silver State IHC
    1564 Tom Suwyn, UT
    1565 Yanu Gallimore, OR
    1566 Evan Hamaker, Los Padres IHC
    1567 Hugh Montgomery, Los Padres IHC
    1568 Cameron Timble, Los Padres IHC
    1569 Taylor Higbee, Los Padres IHC
    1570 Lucas Grant, Los Padres IHC
    1571 Robert Lopez, Los Padres IHC
    1572 Hector Medrano, Los Padres IHC
    1573 Chris Fourtner, Los Padres IHC
    1574 Justin Shuman, Los Padres IHC
    1575 Adam Benkula, Snake River IHC
    1576 Clay Harvey, CO
    1577 Matt Okrasinski, Snake River IHC
    1578 Jeff Brink, Snake River IHC
    1579 Eddie Guidi, CA
    1580 Greg Hickman, MO
    1581 Adrian Alcantar, CA
    1582 Renee Jack, UT
    1583 Kevin Grant, Valyermo Hotshots
    1584 Nathan Nelms, NV
    1585 Edward Babcock, NY
    1586 Norm Rooker, CO
    1587 Lisa Elenz, ID
    1588 Wes Peebles, NV Rifle Peak Handcrew
    1589 John Gray, CA Rifle Peak Handcrew
    1590 Tyler De La Torre, CA Rifle Peak Handcrew
    1591 Cole Frusteri, NV Rifle Peak Handcrew
    1592 Bryan Collins, CA Rifle Peak Handcrew
    1593 Zac Bray, NV Rifle Peak Handcrew
    1594 Dustin Winter, CA Rifle Peak Handcrew
    1595 Casey Gibson, NV Rifle Peak Handcrew
    1596 John Schreiber, CA Rifle Peak Handcrew
    1597 John T. Huff, CO Rifle Peak Handcrew
    1598 Jarrad Gifford, CA Rifle Peak Handcrew
    1599 Kris Baumgartner, NV Rifle Peak Handcrew
    1600 Pablo Esquivel, CA Rifle Peak Handcrew
    1601 Jacob Pargas, NV Rifle Peak Handcrew
    1602 Gerald Campbell, NV Rifle Peak Handcrew
    1603 Lisa Elenz, ID
    1604 Matt Theis, CA Rifle Peak Handcrew
    1605 Brandon Brito, CA Rifle Peak Handcrew
    1606 Nick Morin, CA Rifle Peak Handcrew
    1607 Dan Bradley, NV Rifle Peak Handcrew
    1608 Gerry Halvorson, NV Rifle Peak Handcrew
    1609 Josh Pargas, NV Rifle Peak Handcrew
    1610 Cody C.C. Olenberger, Springville IHC
    1611 Fabian Loera, Springville IHC
    1612 William W. Wells, Springville IHC
    1613 Victor P. Raya, Springville IHC
    1614 Marco A. Martinez, Springvlle IHC
    1615 Paul Andrew Sobya, Springville IHC
    1616 Matthew L. Schock, Springville IHC
    1617 Scott David Burdette, Springville IHC
    1618 Gilbert Hoffman, Springville IHC
    1619 Neal Ray, Springville IHC
    1620 Brock Moorhead, Springville IHC
    1621 Samuel Quinn, Springville IHC
    1622 Gabriel, S. Santos, Springville IHC
    1623 Gerald Emerson-Gamboa, Springville IHC
    1624 Andrew Cremers, Springville IHC
    1625 Jose M. Caldrea, Jr., Springville IHC
    1626 Matt Thampson, Springville IHC
    1627 Jeremy Bush, Springvlle IHC
    1628 Jay Enns, Springville IHC
    1629 Joaquin Medina, Springville IHC
    1630 Carolyn Higgins, CA
    1631 Debra Pebley, CA
    1632 Alicia I. Sanchez, CA
    1633 Jody Gossner, CA
    1634 Micheal Ferris, OR
    1635 Ismael Sanchez, OR
    1636 Jefferson Gauyan, Klamath IHC
    1637 Walters Eggers, Klamath IHC
    1638 Johnny Clem. Klamath IHC
    1639 Graham Baker, Klamath IHC
    1640 Blaik Ellson, Klamath IHC
    1641 Adrian Graves, Klamath IHC
    1642 Mitchell Goodman, Klamath IHC
    1643 Carrie Bowers, Klamath IHC
    1644 Daniel Beall, Klamath IHC
    1645 Kelly Ryan, Klamath IHC
    1646 Michael Patrick Oleary, Klamath IHC
    1647 Devin & Katherine Parks, Klamath IHC
    1648 Jack Matteson, Klamath IHC
    1649 Breannna R. Truelove, Klamath IHC
    1650 Scott Wickham, Klamath IHC
    1651 Kyle Heck, Klamath IHC
    1652 Ryan Rupert, Klamath IHC
    1653 Clay Davis, Klamath IHC
    1654 Brian Janes, Klamath IHC
    1655 Brian Austin. UT
    1656 Matthew Simmons, CA
    1657 Jerry Hoffman, IL
    1658 Eduardo Vallle, CA
    1659 Dustin Wolfe, CO
    1660 Michael Velasco,CA
    1661 Louis Quezada, CA
    1662 Carlie Falk, UT
    1663 Charles Sharp, CA
    1664 Charles Kott, CA
    1665 Matthew Bacon, CA
    1666 Francisco Carrillo,CA
    1667 Randy Magana, CA
    1668 Jeremy Gottfried, OR
    1669 Deanna Baxman,CA
    1670 Meredith Lund, NH
    1671 Seth Schertenleib, Feather River IHC
    1672 Tommy Molohon, Feather River IHC
    1673 Alex Shipp, Feather River IHC
    1674 David Palacios, Feather River, CA IHC
    1675 Waposta Van Etten, Feather River IHC
    1676 Reuben Brand, Feather River IHC
    1677 Robert Raymond Smith, Feather River IHC
    1678 Lucian Gooden, Feather River IHC
    1679 Andres Moreno, Feather River IHC
    1680 Tory Gwinn, Feather River IHC
    1681 Addison Dwyer, Feather River IHC
    1682 Bobby Davis, Feather River IHC
    1683 Alex Kircher, Feather River IHC
    1684 Shane Bender, Feather River IHC
    1685 Armando Salazar, Feather River IHC
    1686 Jason French, Feather River IHC
    1687 Leland Ratcliff, Feahter River IHC
    1688 Jason Miller, Feather River IHC
    1689 Robert Daniels, Feather River IHC
    1690 Keith Fields,OR
    1691 Kathryn Curl, ID
    1692 Sig Palm, CO
    1693 Christopher Loyd, CA
    1694 Christopher McDonald Pleasant Valley IHC
    1695 Grady Hall, Pleasant Valley IHC
    1696 Chacey Lesmeister, Pleasant Valley IHC
    1697 Steven Johnson, Pleasant Valley IHC
    1698 James Robbins, Pleasant Valley IHC
    1699 Matthew Reymann, Pleasant Valley IHC
    1700 Michael Watson, Pleasant Valley IHC
    1701 Bert Starr, MT.
    1702 Darin Suter, CO Mountain View Fire
    1703 Hal Stevens, UT
    1704 Donald Bergstrand, CO
    1705 Caleb Desmarais, MT Grayback Forestry
    1706 Rocky Gilbert, AZ
    1707 Melanie Roose, ID
    1708 Sara Savage, ID USFS IPNF
    1709 Brandon Borden, CA
    1710 Brian Jenkins, MN USFS
    1711 Mike Bryson,CA Independence Helitack
    1712 John Bates, CO
    1713 Anthony Conte, NC
    1714 James Brogan,CA USFS
    1715 James Mellor, CA USFS
    1716 Anthony Harrell, Ukonom IHC
    1717 Gary Jury, CA
    1718 Jason Shelton WA
    1719 Eric Peterson, MD
    1720 Lisa Zajanc, ID
    1721 Spencer Johnston, ID
    1722 Kevin Kelly, NV
    1723 Ryan Erickson, ID
    1724 James Huston, Laguna IHC
    1725 Angel Preciado, Laguna IHC
    1726 Scott Boller, Laguna IHC
    1727 Maria Mulholland-Coyne, Laguna IHC
    1728 John Daniel Grijalva, Laguna IHC
    1729 Jamie Miller, Laguna IHC
    1730 Luke Tinker, Laguna IHC
    1731 Steven Roman, Laguna IHC
    1732 Branden Gray, Laguna IHC
    1733 Kove Roose, Laguna IHC
    1734 Tyler Jones, Laguna IHC
    1735 John Gomez, Laguna IHC
    1736 Amy Baumer, ID
    1737 Michael Payne, AZ
    1738 James Gray, MI
    1739 Danny Moore, MS
    1740 Jennifer Hinckley, FL
    1741 Michael Wood, MT
    1742 Lazarina Tupuzova, WA
    1743 Mary Christon, ID
    1744 Christopher Rush, CA
    1745 Todd Sexton, UT, Swan Valley Helitack
    1746 Bret Ruby,OR
    1747 Tim Mullins, CA
    1748 Scott Dehnisch,CO
    1749 David Nelson, CA
    1750 Kellie Middlebrook,CA
    1751 Michael DeGrosky, ID Guidance Group, Inc.
    1752 Jason McAhren, CA
    1753 Cindy Nowak, AZ
    1754 Bob Madden, Bend OR Bend Fire & Rescue
    1755 Andrew Johnson, CA
    1756 Kael Donley, CO
    1757 Darlene Hall, Chester, California Incident Management Team 4 (Lifetime)
    1758 Mindy Stevenson, Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    1759 Patricia Eder, Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    1760 Andy Saindon, Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    1761 Charles Meeks, Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    1762 Kat Gonzalez Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    1763 Ryan Gaines, Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    1764 Roger Conroy, Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    1765 Withanee Anderson, Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    1766 Juan Zepeda, Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    1767 Carl Barrett, Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    1768 Jill Hartman, Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    1769 Ann Espinzoa, Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    1770 Lisa Pimental, Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    1771 Janet Mendoza, Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center
    1772 John Fry, PA
    1773 Tom McLeod, ID
    1774 Mitch Burrows, OR
    1775 Brandi Dee, ID Boise IHC
    1776 Tom Stevens, CA
    1777 Andre Ruoti, ID
    1778 Gregg Buckalew, NY
    1779 Megan Penney, WA
    1780 Paul Cerda, Alpine IHC
    1781 Mark Mendonca, Alpine IHC
    1782 James Champ, Alpine IHC
    1783 Shawn Phillips, Alpine IHC
    1784 Zach Becker, Alpine IHC
    1785 Tom Dillon, Alpine IHC
    1786 Will Edwards, Alpine IHC
    1787 Dru Phillips, Alpine IHC
    1788 Gerald Tuzon, Alpine IHC
    1789 Anthony Salomon, Alpine IHC
    1790 John Hussey, Alpine IHC
    1791 Craig Yonkers, Alpine IHC
    1792 Tyler West, Alpine IHC
    1793 William Meginley, Alpine IHC
    1794 John Pavlik, Alpine IHC
    1795 Logan Hollar, Alpine IHC
    1796 Chris Sommers, Alpine IHC
    1797 Christy Harms, Alpine IHC
    1798 Vidal Carrillo, Alpine IHC
    1799 Michael Purdy, CA
    1800 Richard Martin, CA
    1801 Ross Peckinpah, CA California Incident Man. Team 4
    1802 Andre Evans, CA
    1803 Kathryn Furr, NM
    1804 Chris Furr, NM
    1805 David Ellis, OR GFP Enterprise
    1806 Kellin Brown, Bald Mtn. Helitack H-517
    1807 Matt Silliman, Bald Mtn. Helitack H-517
    1808 Matthew Hoholik, Bald Mtn. Helitack H-517
    1809 Nicholas Anzar, Bald Mtn. Helitack H-517
    1810 Aaron Silva, Bald Mtn. Helitack H-517
    1811 Kristy Blackburn, Bald Mtn. Helitack H-517
    1812 Tivona Trambley, Bald Mtn. Helitack H-517
    1813 Matt Muller, Bald Mtn. Helitack H-517
    1814 Bryan Dudley, Bald Mtn. Helitack H-517
    1815 Blaine Coyle, Bald Mtn. Helitack H-517
    1816 Charles Daniel, Bald Mtn. Helitack H-517
    1817 Michael C. Ringleb Jr., Bald Mtn. Helitack H-517
    1818 Mike Brockman, Bald Mtn. Helitack H-517
    1819 David Phillips, Bald Mtn. Helitack H-517
    1820 Pedro Barba, Vista Grande IHC
    1821 Paul Sakamoto, Vista Grande IHC
    1822 Dustin Carle, Vista Grande IHC
    1823 Chris Trembly,Vista Grande IHC
    1824 Josh Mann, Vista Grande IHC
    1825 Joseph Colvin, Vista Grande IHC
    1826 Ryan Quesnel,Vista Grande IHC
    1827 Adriana Harrington, Vista Grande IHC
    1828 Robert Haft, Vista Grande IHC
    1829 Darren Stanford, Vista Grande IHC
    1830 Wendy Soper, UT
    1831 Suzy Walton, CA
    1832 Don Doten, SD
    1833 Tonya Ansel, IA
    1834 Darrell Arellano, CA
    1835 Arturo Rodriguez, CA
    1836 Matthew Richardson, CA
    1837 Kyle Wallace, CA
    1838 Ryan Henninger, CA
    1839 Manuel Villegas, CA
    1840 Jason Johnston, CA
    1841 Shawn Corbin, WA
    1842 Geri Christon, CO
    1843 George Custer, FL
    1844 John Gebhard, ID
    1845 Kathleen Thompson, ID
    1846 Jordan Beakley, TX
    1847 Bill Alleman, MN
    1848 Jim Rich, AZ
    1849 Dustin Uhler, Mt. Taylor IHC
    1850 Karin Hefington, Mt. Taylor IHC
    1851 Cathleen J. Lowe, Mt. Taylor IHC
    1852 John Tenacio, Mt. Taylor IHC
    1853 David Haberl, Mt. Taylor IHC
    1854 Bridget Schwenne, Mt. Taylor IHC
    1855 Taylor Haley, Mt. Taylor IHC
    1856 Matthew C. Rogers, Mt. Taylor IHC
    1857 Gabriel Ramon Zazueta, Mt. Taylor IHC
    1858 Brendan Wyman, Mt. Taylor IHC
    1859 David F. Garcia Jr., Mt. Taylor IHC
    1860 Luke Holden, Mt. Taylor IHC
    1861 Timothy Sherwin, Mt. Taylor IHC
    1862 Jeffrey Whitney, Tempe, AZ
    1863 Dan Carroll, CA – In Memory of Chris Carroll
    1864 Kathy “KC” Caroll, CA – In Memory of Chris Carroll
    1865 Chad Carroll CA – In Memory of Chris Carroll
    1866 Jessica Carroll – In Memory of Chris Carroll
    1867 Katherine “Gram” Wilmarth – In Memory of Chris Carroll
    1868 Jason Waites, ID
    1869 Connie Stickel, CO
    1870 Debbie Mayer, CA
    1871 Clinton Agidisu, ID G.V. Helitack
    1872 Abby Bolt, CA
    1873 Craig Daugherty, NM
    1874 Chris Brown, ID Krassel Helitack
    1875 Caroline Miller, AZ
    1876 Melissa Macho, MN
    1877 Pat Ortland – In Memory of Fire Capt. Bob Ortland
    1878 Brett Suiter, SD
    1879 Elmer Weaver, MN
    1880 James Simon, Mid Plain Handcrew KS
    1881 Linda Naill, NV
    1882 Lucas Hunkler, FL
    1883 Ian Valley, ID
    1884 Tadashi Griffiths, ID
    1885 Robert Drown, AZ
    1886 Rick Hotaling, MT
    1887 Drew Dingmann, ID (Lifetime)
    1888 Wendy Cordeiro, CA
    1889 Owen Johnson, MT
    1890 Valerie Williams, NM
    1891 Daniel Bryant,MS
    1892 Glen Stratton, NY
    1893 Kelley Stratton, NY
    1894 Shirley Sanders, WA
    1895 Gabriela Riddick, Fairmont Fire CO
    1896 Scott Campbell, FMO-Asst. Fire Marshal, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, CO (Lifetime)
    1897 Chris Harvey, UT
    1898 Karl Delange, UT
    1899 Dan & Mary Beth Gosnell, CA
    1900 Dana & Chris Derick, CO
    1901 Ron Sartain, Firestorm Wildland CA
    1902 Stanley Hankins, Firestorm Wildland CA
    1903 Kenneth Bailey, Firestorm Wildland CA
    1904 David Howard, Firestrom Wildland CA
    1905 David “Buck” Seals, NM
    1906 Lawrence Framme, UT
    1907 Andrew Buyers, UT
    1908 Dustin Wolfe, SD
    1909 Lawrence Framme, UT
    1910 Roy Freitas, CA
    1911 Debra Lopez, UT
    1912 Chris Mursu, SD
    1913 Jaime Cochran, ID
    1914 Kevin Cashman, Platte Canyon Fire Dept., CO
    1915 R.B. (Ben) Bristol, ID
    1916 Jesse Nield, ID
    1917 Floyd Galegos, NV
    1918 Ryan Cloud, WA
    1919 Steven Patterson, CA
    1920 Richard Schwegler, CO
    1921 Michael Cunningham, WA
    1922 Eric Levy, CO
    1923 Christian Berninger, UT
    1924 Austin Caitlin, ID
    1925 Cameron Dingman, UT
    1926 Nancy Ross, WI
    1927 Joshua Leines, CA
    1928 Linda Wadleigh, AZ
    1929 Dan Stucki, UT
    1930 Rick Case, MO
    1931 Grant Hayley, Yakima River Division Fire, WA
    1932 Matthew Kilgriff, AK
    1933 Hannah Semock, AK
    1934 Chris K. Ramiskey, Baker River IHC
    1935 Cason McCain, Baker River IHC
    1936 Robert Rendon, Baker River IHC
    1937 Daniel Oldenburg, Baker River IHC
    1938 Bryce Burkholder, Baker River IHC
    1939 Carter Thomas, Baker River IHC
    1940 Paul Rademacher, Baker River IHC
    1941 Katie Campbell, Baker River IHC
    1942 Christopher Mushrush, Baker River IHC
    1943 Gary Chicks, Baker River IHC
    1944 Ashley Thrasher, Baker River IHC
    1945 Eric Love, Baker River IHC
    1946 Trevor Donaldson, Baker River IHC
    1947 Rob Poyner, Baker River IHC
    1948 James Lungren, Baker River IHC
    1949 Josh Etringer, Baker River IHC
    1950 John Segar, ID
    1951 Stephan Fillmore, USFS Cleveland NF, CA
    1952 Amanda Fillmore, CA
    1953 Jace Lunquist, Lewis & Clark IHC
    1954 David McCarville, Lewis & Clark IHC
    1955 Chris Trotter, Lewis & Clark IHC
    1956 Stephen D. Latham, Lewis & Clark IHC
    1957 Greg Normark, Lewis & Clark IHC
    1958 Anthony Magnetti, Lewis & Clark IHC
    1959 Anthony Allabastro, Lewis & Clark IHC
    1960 Nick Ostrom, Lewis & Clark IHC
    1961 Dan Kurth, Lewis & Clark IHC
    1962 Sean McCormick, Lewis & Clark IHC
    1963 Tyson Lucier, Lewis & Clark IHC
    1964 Matt Holmstrom, Lewis & Clark IHC
    1965 Nick Wydra, Lewis & Clark IHC
    1966 Mike Taylor, Lewis & Clark IHC
    1967 Brent Rath, Lewis & Clark IHC
    1968 Gregory Bryce, AK
    1969 Fire Boss, LLC; Jamie Sargent
    1970 Kellie Stover, SD
    1971 Al Stover, SD
    1972 Karla & Rex Lutrell, MT (Lifetime Members)
    1973 Shawn Duggar, Florida FS, FL
    1974 Garth Wagner, Grand Teton Park, WY
    1975 Dave Williams, Lightning Ridge, UT
    1976 Kraig Carroll, Great Basin Type 2 IMT – Ourada
    1977 Brian Milligan, Great Basin Type 2 IMT – Ourada
    1978 Terry Tilford, Great Basin Type 2 IMT – Ourada
    1979 Jesse Bender, Great Basin Type 2 IMT – Ourada
    1980 Shawn Jaca, Great Basin Type 2 IMT – Ourada
    1981 Wes Lathen, Great Basin Type 2 IMT – Ourada
    1982 Dan Washington, Great Basin Type 2 IMT – Ourada
    1983 Summer Church, Tamarack Freestyle Team
    1984 Steve Gerad, Bonneville IHC
    1985 Mason Dickens, Bonneville IHC
    1986 Bruce Hillman, Bonneville IHC
    1987 Douglas Catherine, Bonneville IHC
    1988 Luke Brittan, Bonneville IHC
    1989 James Brumfield, Bonneville IHC
    1990 Christian Berninger, Bonneville IHC
    1991 Henry Gause, BLM NV
    1992 Heath Barker, USFS, NM
    1993 Anthony Rojo, FS/JH Fire/EMS
    1994 Donald Brian Lehoux 1st, ME (Lifetime)
    1995 Casey Eager, Vale IHC
    1996 Neil Dresser, Ukonom IHC
    1997 Fire Dawg Green Inc.- Alan Stovall
    1998 Fire Dawg Green Inc. Brian Stovall
    1999 Fire Dawg Green Inc.- Cody Leventon
    2000 Fire Dawg Green Inc. – Julie Quigly
    2001 Fire Dawg Green Inc. Dustin Leventon
    2002 Fire Dawg Green Inc.
    2003 Fire Dawg Green Inc.
    2004 Fire Dawg Green Inc.
    2005 Fire Dawg Green Inc.
    2006 Fire Dawg Green Inc.
    2007 Steve Gerard, Bonneville IHC
    2008 Danny Walton, Alta Handcrew
    2009 Jeffrey Priebe, Alta Handcrew
    2010 Wade Snyder, Alta Handcrew
    2011 Jesse Trembly, Alta Handcrew
    2012 Michael Cunniff, Alta Handcrew
    2013 Scott Nelson, Alta Handcrew
    2014 Geoff Whatcott, Alta Handcrew
    2015 Dallas McQuillan, Alta Handcrew
    2016 Logan Towsey, Alta Handcrew
    2017 Mario Giacobassi, Alta Handcrew
    2018 R. B. “Rafferty” Ferguson, Alta Handcrew
    2019 Matthew Schutt, Alta Handcrew
    2020 Gavin Young, Alta Handcrew
    2021 Mike Jewett, Alta Handcrew
    2022 Alex Kopelson, Alta Handcrew
    2023 Nick Paraso, Alta Handcrew
    2024 Chace Stilson, Alta Handcrew
    2025 Kenney Cain, Alta Handcrew
    2026 Seth Spain, Alta Handcrew
    2027 James Pummel, Alta Handcrew
    2028 Amy Hunnewell, Alta Handcrew
    2029 Mary K. Sprague (Salyer) – In Memory of Ken Salyer (Lifetime)
    2030 Jack Lavin, ID
    2031 Dave Hessell, CO
    2032 Charles Walker, TX
    2033 James Stone, ID
    2034 Joey Lescher, NV
    2035 Bill Masten, Masten EMS Training, CA
    2036 Abigail Kimbell, OR
    2037 Jim Trenholm, UT
    2038 Steve Solem, MT
    2039 Michael Krueger, MT
    2040 Neil Bauer, Bauer Forest Contracting, OR
    2041 Kristel Johnson, USFS San Bernadino NF, CA
    2042 David Mettam, CA
    2043 Michael Bentley, WY
    2044 Dick Ferrero, OR
    2045 Larry Timchak, MT
    2046 Karla Hawley, VA
    2047 Dick Hodge, ID
    2048 Dave Steinke, CO
    2049 Bill Burbridge, UT
    2050 Bob Nelson, WA
    2051 Stan Tixier, UT
    2052 Jack Capp, CO
    2053 Tom Blunn, MT
    2054 Ben Dodge, CO
    2055 Jim Lawrence, CO
    2056 Jim Caswell, ID
    2057 Jon Skeels, CO
    2058 Skip Underwood, CO
    2059 Kathyn Hardy Ungari, CA
    2060 James Lewis, NC
    2061 Olleki Rappe-Daniels, MT
    2062 Richard Pfilf, NV
    2063 Lynn & Shawn Young, WY
    2064 David Wiggins, UT
    2065 Erika Reed, USFS Garden Valley, ID
    2066 Les Lathen, UT
    2067 Ed & Caryn DeCarlo, NV
    2068 Shawn Walters, Chester Fly Crew
    2069 Brian Rogers, Chester Fly Crew
    2070 Bjorn Burgeson, Chester Fly Crew
    2071 Josh Hutchison, Chester Fly Crew
    2072 Cyrus Galvan, Chester Fly Crew
    2073 Jason Pleau, Chester Fly Crew
    2074 Jenna Peters, Chester Fly Crew
    2075 Crystal Wright, Chester Fly Crew
    2076 Kevin Christy, Chester Fly Crew
    2077 Chris Fenske, Chester Fly Crew
    2078 Asher Hart, Chester Fly Crew
    2079 Chad Lawson, Chester Fly Crew
    2080 Andrew Reuther, Chester Fly Crew
    2081 Eddie Thoroughgood, Chester Fly Crew
    2082 Steven Matheson, Chester Fly Crew
    2083 Mike Yearwood, Chester Fly Crew
    2084 Nathan Williamson, CO
    2085 Cody Wenk, NE
    2086 Joseph Fansler, OR
    2087 Valerie Fansler, OR
    2088 Joel Masi USFS Fulton IHC
    2089 Matthew Dauenhauer, USFS WA
    2090 Pete Gordon, Prescott NF AZ
    2091 Todd Abel, Southwest IMT, Central Yavapai Fire AZ
    2092 James Pettit, Kaibab National Forest, AZ
    2093 Christopher Trudeau, Swan Valley Helitack, ID
    2094 Kyle Stump, Swan Valley Helitack, ID
    2095 Missy Schwarz, Swan Valley Helitack, ID
    2096 Todd Sexton, Swan Valley Helitack, ID
    2097 Nick Miller, Swan Valley Helitack, ID
    2098 Chris Greenstein, Swan Valley Helitack, ID
    2099 Ryan Borgman, Swan Valley Helitack, ID
    2100 Kevin Stock, Swan Valley Helitack, ID
    2101 Bryan Quimby, Swan Valley Helitack, ID
    2102 Richard Sack, Carson IHC, NV
    2103 Nate Draeger, Carson IHC, NV
    2104 Erik Olson, Carson IHC, NV
    2105 Kevin Riggs, Carson IHC, NV
    2106 Matthew Hansvick, Carson IHC, NV
    2107 Lindsay Barrowclough, Carson IHC, NV
    2108 Michael Coltrane, Carson IHC, NV
    2109 Greyson Rennels, Carson IHC, NV
    2110 Steven Bonora, Carson IHC, NV
    2111 Alexander Shier, Carson IHC, NV
    2112 Matthew Baker, Carson IHC, NV
    2113 Henry Hornberger, Carson IHC, NV
    2114 Daniel Hays, Carson IHC, NV
    2115 Antonio Rael, Carson IHC, NV
    2116 Eric Kingston, Carson IHC, NV
    2117 Andrew Erkkila, Carson IHC, NV
    2118 Anna Sharar, Carson IHC, NV
    2119 Jeffrey Lucero, Carson IHC, NV
    2120 Marinha Santos, Carson IHC, NV
    2121 Rene Arellano, Carson IHC, NV
    2122 Asha Stout, Carson IHC, NV
    2123 Fred Brewster, Lassen IHC, CA
    2124 Allen Schultze, Lassen IHC, CA
    2125 Kyle Betty, Lassen IHC, CA
    2126 Mike Wintch, Lassen IHC, CA
    2127 Fernando Estrada, Lassen IHC, CA
    2128 Zane Cuthill, Lassen IHC, CA
    2129 Tristan Dias, Lassen IHC, CA
    2130 Luke Mayne, Lassen IHC, CA
    2131 Brett Matthews, Lassen IHC, CA
    2132 Taylor Butler, Lassen IHC, CA
    2133 Oscar Bautista, Lassen IHC, CA
    2134 Dane Nesbit, Lassen IHC, CA
    2135 Josh Barton, Lassen IHC, CA
    2136 Craig Schneider, Lassen IHC, CA
    2137 Charles Ebert, Lassen IHC, CA
    2138 Nolan Colvin, Lassen IHC, CA
    2139 Stefan Joss, Lassen IHC, CA
    2140 Nick Anderson, Lassen IHC, CA
    2141 Chris Burns, Lassen IHC, CA
    2142 Donald Hundt, Mauricetown Fire Co., NJ
    2143 Nathan Dauenhauer, USFS WA FOC, WA
    2144 Myles Rodriguez, CA
    2145 Will Woods, USFS, WY
    2146 Kurt Edwards, CA
    2147 Martin Ward, Idaho City E-431, ID
    2148 Joseph Martinez, NV
    2149 Ryan Witter, USFS, UT
    2150 Joshua Quinn, USFS, UT
    2151 Kent Weaver, ID
    2152 Richard O’Rourke, CA
    2153 Greg Frick, PA
    2154 Kevin Grant, Valyermo Hotshots
    2155 Mike Delay, Valyermo Hotshots
    2156 Charles Knott, Valyermo Hotshots
    2157 James Gruwell, Valyermo Hotshots
    2158 Andrew McNicoll, Valyermo Hotshots
    2159 Matthew Simmons, Valyermo Hotshots
    2160 Jason Veloz, Valyermo Hotshots
    2161 Miles McKnight, Valyermo Hotshots
    2162 Louis Quezada, Valyermo Hotshots
    2163 Kyle Jackson, Valyermo Hotshots
    2164 Eduardo Valle, Valyermo Hotshots
    2165 Randy Magana, Valyermo Hotshots
    2166 Aaron Galvez, , Valyermo Hotshots
    2167 Frank Carrillo, Valyermo Hotshots
    2168 Charles Sharp, Valyermo Hotshots
    2169 Tyler Loaney, Valyermo Hotshots
    2170 Tyler Brankin, Valyermo Hotshots
    2171 Hady Helmy Mendoza, Valyermo Hotshots
    2172 Matthew Bacon, Valyermo Hotshots
    2173 Pam Sichting, OR
    2174 Anthony Kinnaman, SW Area I IMT, AZ
    2175 Trish Hogervorst, OR
    2176 Logan Joyce, ID
    2177 Justin Spurrier, USFS Juneau Ranger Dist., AK
    2178 Aaron McDowell, Ukonom IHC, CA
    2179 Larry Helsley, USFS, CA
    2180 Jan Fleming, PA
    2181 Jason Westholter, MN
    2182 Joseph Salm, WI
    2183 David Ruhl, SD
    2184 Daniel Reid, Montana DNRC, MT
    2185 Paul Balfour, WA
    2186 Rose Henderson, NV
    2187 Patrick Morgan, ID
    2188 Linda Oneal, WA
    2189 Paul Sever, ID
    2190 Gary Thomas , OR
    2191 Thoma LaDou, CO
    2192 C.W. Portell, Craig IHC, CO
    2193 Tom Evenson, Craig IHC, CO
    2194 Hail Lovell, Craig IHC, CO
    2195 George & Kathleen Wooster, CA
    2196 Christian Wooster, Zephyr Cove, NV
    2197 William, Beebe, AR
    2198 William Levendiz, VA
    2199 Thomas Dunavent, USFS, CA
    2200 Brandon Everett, USFS, UT
    2201 Kathleen Kennedy, KY
    2202 Ben Iverson, USFS, CA
    2203 Denis Moran, UT
    2204 Gerhett Vom Steeg, OR
    2205 Wayne Adkins, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2206 Bryan Bauer, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2207 Spencer Berlier, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2208 Marc Chavez, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2209 Ryan Cyphert, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2210 William Chorba, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2211 Gerald Coats, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2212 Alex Fett, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2213 Anthony Galati, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2214 Zander Hamilton, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2215 Kyle Haney, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2216 Joshua Harding, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2217 Robert Hoag, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2218 Nathaniel James, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2219 Andrew Lancaster, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2220 Heath Marlow, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2221 Zachariah McFadden, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2222 Chris Medford, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2223 Elaine Miller, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2224 Russty Ortiz, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2225 Corbin Palise, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2226 Ray Rainey, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2227 Marcus Ray, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2228 Cody Reich, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2229 Salome Rodriguez, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2230 Mike Smith, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2231 David Thompson, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2232 Lewis Warner, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2233 Lance Watson, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2234 Jerid Williams, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2235 Mathew Hurley, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2236 Jason Spradley, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2237 Daniel Beckman, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2238 Juan Renteria, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2239 James Roles, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2240 Dustin Benedict, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2241 Frank Lancaster, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2242 Harry Winston, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2243 William Townsend Jr, First Strike Environmental, OR
    2244 Erik Lint, CA
    2245 Deanna Lahr, Whitegrass Fire Suppression, MT
    2246 Jonathan Heavy Runner, Whitegrass Fire Suppression, MT
    2247 Harrison Rock Above, Whitegrass Fire Suppression, MT
    2248 Jesse Eagle Speaker, Whitegrass Fire Suppression, MT
    2249 Damion Whitegrass, Whitegrass Fire Suppression, MT
    2250 Sharlie Mountain Chief, Whitegrass Fire Suppression, MT
    2251 William Blackman Jr, Whitegrass Fire Suppression, MT
    2252 Ryan Myers, CA
    2253 Marshall Noel, CA
    2254 James Ott, CA
    2255 Kristy Lund, AZ
    2256 Bradley Washa, BLM, UT
    2257 Amyel Valadez, CA
    2258 Randal Johnson, CO
    2259 Carl Schwope, TX
    2260 Felipe Camacho, TX
    2261 Andrew Hinderliter, TX
    2262 Mary Nicole Gray, TX
    2263 Charles Dear, TX
    2264 Robert Wade, TX
    2265 Jeremy Edwardson, TX
    2266 Larry Weaver, TX
    2267 Mark Elliott, TX
    2268 Jared Burchett, TX
    2269 Andrea Ferrell, TX
    2270 Tim Hamff, TX
    2271 Robert Poenisch, TX
    2272 Chris Balough, TX
    2273 Cody Lambert, TX
    2274 Mary Leathers, TX
    2275 Bodhi Jordan, Alaska State Forestry, AK
    2276 Doreen Blaker, MI
    2277 Michael Rex, CA
    2278 Kevin Thissell, OR
    2279 Sandra Sperry, Zigzag IHC, OR
    2280 Brad Nelson, Zigzag IHC, OR
    2281 Diego Mendiola, Zigzag IHC, OR
    2282 Jacob Klassen, Zigzag IHC, OR
    2283 Tandy Jenkins, CA
    2284 Jeff Locke, Texas Canyon IHC, CA
    2285 Jay McCarrell, Texas Canyon IHC, CA
    2286 Jesus Palencia, Texas Canyon IHC, CA
    2287 Danny Breuklander, Texas Canyon IHC, CA
    2288 Mike Jarnot, Texas Canyon IHC, CA
    2289 Paul Brady, Texas Canyon IHC, CA
    2290 Aldo Menjivar, Texas Canyon IHC, CA
    2291 Larry Medrano, Texas Canyon IHC, CA
    2292 Josh Thomas, Texas Canyon IHC, CA
    2293 Kriss Krosskove, Texas Canyon IHC, CA
    2294 Keith Garcia, Texas Canyon IHC, CA
    2295 Brad Olson, Texas Canyon IHC, CA
    2296 Fred Hernandez, Texas Canyon IHC, CA
    2297 Phillip Matthews, Texas Canyon IHC, CA
    2298 Nestor Paredes, Texas Canyon IHC, CA
    2299 Tim Mitchell, Texas Canyon IHC, CA
    2300 Ronald Guck, MN DNR Retired, MN
    2301 Adrienne Brammer, TX
    2302 Danny Krutina, UT
    2303 Cynthia Krutina, UT
    2304 Gesse Bullock, TX
    2305 Julie Bell, TX
    2306 Mark Shiery, AZ
    2307 Diana Holt, AZ
    2308 Rachel Shiery, AZ
    2309 Jody Smith, MI
    2310 Jana Peterson, OR
    2311 Leslie Auriemmo, TN
    2312 Bill Miller, CO
    2313 Jose Trujillo, NM
    2314 John Thomas, AK
    2315 Steven Otoupalik, OR
    2316 Corey Noonan, CA
    2317 Joe Gilles, SD
    2318 Peter Hultine, CA
    2319 Kevin Quinn, RI
    2320 Diz Allen, ID
    2321 Bill Allen, ID
    2322 Jeff Allen, In Memory of
    2323 Benjamin Lyons, IN
    2324 Alan Parkin, NV
    2325 Eric Kurtz, CA
    2326 Charlotte Thompson, CO
    2327 Joseph Faruzzi, CA
    2328 Justin Humrichouse, CO
    2329 David Hautamaki, CO
    2330 Bob Roberts, ID
    2331 Kris Paxson, CO
    2332 Simon Driskell, CO
    2333 Paul Guivens, CO
    2334 Kate McConnell, OR
    2335 Frank Romero, Breckenridge IHC, CA
    2336 Matt Ball, Breckenridge IHC, CA
    2337 Corey Correa, Breckenridge IHC, CA
    2338 Matt Berg, Breckenridge IHC, CA
    2339 Jesse Sola, Breckenridge IHC, CA
    2340 Blake Barksdale, Breckenridge IHC, CA
    2341 Matthew Wylie, Breckenridge IHC, CA
    2342 Brant Machado, Breckenridge IHC, CA
    2343 Adam Sanders, Breckenridge IHC, CA
    2344 Michael Utreas, Breckenridge IHC, CA
    2345 Wyler Robinson, Breckenridge IHC, CA
    2346 Emily Colacino, Breckenridge IHC, CA
    2347 Keith Orsaba, Breckenridge IHC, CA
    2348 Greg Neele, Breckenridge IHC, CA
    2349 Dylan Johnston, Breckenridge IHC, CA
    2350 Morgan Byde, Breckenridge IHC, CA
    2351 Rodger Greer, CO
    2352 Ryan Johnson, MN
    2353 Daniel Beveridge, CO
    2354 Brent Martindale, ID
    2355 Kristine Martindale, ID
    2356 Claudia Powell, OR
    2357 Wade Steady, WA
    2358 Autumn Branson, CA
    2359 Kim Soule, UT
    2360 Mike Harvey, CO
    2361 Gene Lonning, WA
    2362 Daniel Crowell, ID
    2363 Emily Gilson, UT
    2364 Robert Kittridge, CO
    2365 Nancy Kittridge, CO
    2366 Paul Roose, MT
    2367 Jenna Roose, MT
    2368 Glenn Batter, CO
    2369 Jason Demas, NC
    2370 Paul Ries, OR
    2371 Beth Melville, CA
    2372 David Zarsky, CO
    2373 Jim Saveland, CO
    2374 Ben Eby, MI
    2375 Dennis Strange, WA
    2376 Paul Mintier, CO
    2377 Willie Almand, Modoc IHC, CA
    2378 Josh Osteen, Modoc IHC, CA
    2379 Mike Dublois, Modoc IHC, CA
    2380 Nick Lee, Modoc IHC, CA
    2381 Amanda Allen, Modoc IHC, CA
    2382 Rich Clay, Modoc IHC, CA
    2383 Wesley Wentworth, Modoc IHC, CA
    2384 Josh Schake, Modoc IHC, CA
    2385 Augustine Rodriguez, Modoc IHC, CA
    2386 Glen Lovelady, Modoc IHC, CA
    2387 Drew Parker, Modoc IHC, CA
    2388 Joshua Lee, Modoc IHC, CA
    2389 James Hogan, Modoc IHC, CA
    2390 Sylvester Ruiz, Modoc IHC, CA
    2391 Chris Rogers, Modoc IHC, CA
    2392 Aaron Jordan, Modoc IHC, CA
    2393 Crosby Menjivar, Modoc IHC, CA
    2394 Eric Gregory, Centennial Forest Fuels Mgmt, WY
    2395 Arlene Gregory, Centennial Forest Fuels Mgmt, WY
    2396 John Ray Alford – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2397 Robert RaymondAmeche – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2398 Aaron J Arledge – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2399 Robert Aaron Ashby – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2400 Adil M Aslam – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2401 Marcos Aviles – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2402 Christopher Scott Beery – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2403 Don Richard Bell II – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2404 Samuel Belote – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2405 Tod Raymond Berryman – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2406 Shannon T. Black – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2407 Jeremy Christen Bower – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2408 William Loyd Breuklander – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2409 Larry Cay Brister – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2410 Todd Douglas Buck – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2411 Randy Scott Burdick – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2412 Frederick W Burris – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2413 Kenton Fredrick Burris – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2414 Charles Kevin Butler – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2415 Fernando M. Calderon – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2416 Larry Manzano Cerda – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2417 Richard G Cervantes – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2418 Joseph Chad Cook – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2419 Aaron Robert Cranage – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2420 Hector Becerra Cruz – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2421 Nicholas J. Derby – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2422 Sean P. Driscoll – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2423 Joseph P Dullam – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2424 Peter Duran – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2425 William C Elder – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2426 Michael Steven Eul – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2427 Robert Todd Ewing – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2428 Cindy A. Freet – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2429 Mike Fuller – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2430 Gary R Gallion – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2431 Alejandro Garcia – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2432 Brandon T Garnsey – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2433 Thomas A Glauser – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2434 Randall A Globerman – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2435 Richard Reginald Gonzales – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2436 Cynthia Marie Gordon – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2437 Matthew David Eugene Gurrola – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2438 Israel T Gutierrez – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2439 Philip Alan Hadley – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2440 Mark T Haliday – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2441 Michael H Hansen – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2442 Michael R. Harding – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2443 Jesse J. Hopcus – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2444 Chrystal Horton – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2445 Jon Stephen Jelle – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2446 Ian Paul Johnson – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2447 Mark Alan Karr – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2448 Brian S Kinsley – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2449 Lawrence Michael Kohagen – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2450 Jason A. Lafferty – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2451 Terrence Lee Lamb – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2452 Ronald Wayne Lauer – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2453 Tanya M Lovelace – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2454 Melvin Bruce Lovo – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2455 Victor Tony Low – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2456 Scott Macone – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2457 Allan Scott Mandell – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2458 Craig B Matthews – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2459 Jason M. May – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2460 Michael Britt Mc Daniels – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2461 John Kennedy Mc Neil – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2462 Anthony M McHale – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2463 Ryan C McLemen – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2464 Rodney Lewis Megli – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2465 Kriss Melbardis – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2466 James Robert Mensendiek – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2467 Gary Robert Monday – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2468 Michael Scott Moore – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2469 Chase Morgan – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2470 Martin S. Myers – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2471 Robert A Myers – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2472 Erik T Niemann – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2473 Brian Timothy Nix – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2474 Eric J Norris – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2475 Jack W Nosco – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2476 Thomas H. O’Malley Jr. – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2477 Ronald Gary Oatman – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2478 Gary Dean Oliver – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2479 John L Oliveros – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2480 Eduardo G Ornelas – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2481 Craig William Pearson – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2482 Russell Adam Perkinson – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2483 Christopher Peru – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2484 Brad Peters – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2485 Dan L Petzold – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2486 Nicholas Carl Pisciotta – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2487 Garrett Prater – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2488 James Scott Quirarte – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2489 Cary Rake – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2490 Darrell Anthony Ralston – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2491 Richard J Reese – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2492 Brett William Reynolds – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2493 William R Reynolds – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2494 Anthony Romero – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2495 Tony Salas – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2496 William John Santino Jr. – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2497 Charles Michael Scherrei – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2498 Olaf John Schuett – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2499 Jeffrey S. Seabrook – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2500 Gifford Troy Sears – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2501 Keith Lawrence Smith – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2502 John Gerald Spykerman – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2503 Andrea Leigh Stanley – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2504 David B Stevens – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2505 Charles A Sullenbarger – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2506 Danny Lee Swenson – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2507 Troy L Swickard – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2508 Steven James Swindle – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2509 Robert Bruce Szczepanek – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2510 Michael B. Tamez – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2511 Gregory Graham Taylor – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2512 Carmine J Terracciano – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2513 Gregory W. Thaxton – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2514 Ronald W Topolinski – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2515 Richard Mark Toukdarian – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2516 Michael James Trabbie – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2517 Eric J Trejo – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2518 Albert H Trevisan – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2519 Bertrand Melville Van Auker – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2520 Daran George Vanden Bossche – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2521 Jerry M Vandermeulen – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2522 Samuel R. Villavicencio – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2523 Matthew James Ward – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2524 Robert S Welsbie – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2525 Jeffrey M Whitehouse – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2526 Michael Steven Wickham – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2527 Joseph E. Williams – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2528 Michael Williams – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2529 Steven Paul Winter – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2530 Scott Wirz – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2531 Jeffery A Witt – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2532 Gary Thomas Young – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2533 Gregorio Geroncio Yzaguirre – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2534 Scott Wallace Zeller – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2535 Stanley J Ziegler – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2536 Dave Zimmermann – Ventura County Professional Firefighters, CA
    2537 Tom Zimmerman, ID
    2538 Bonnie Wood, ID

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