DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (2023)

If you want to add some interest to your decor, try one of these DIY lampshade ideas! These projects are easy enough for beginners.

DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (1)

I have an obsession with lamps. It’s always been that when since I first moved into my own apartment and started buying my own decor.

I’ve got quite a few lamps, and I learned something over the course of my purchases. There IS such a thing as too many lamps. There are only so many ways and in so many rooms that you can light your home. So, sometimes you have to get a little creative.

You might want to buy a new lamp, but you might also want to re-do one in your collection. And you don’t even have to change the base to get a totally new look. And that’s why I’m excited to share these DIY lampshade ideas!

A perfectly acceptable way to makeover a lamp is by adding a new lampshade. Or re-doing the lampshade. Either way, I’ve got tons of options that you’re going to love. I made a list of over 40 below!

Note: my favorite places to buy lampshades are IKEA and Target. I find the best shades there! If you have a suggested place, leave it in the comments for everyone to see. 🙂

Now scroll down to get all the lampshade ideas. Enjoy!

DIY Lampshade Ideas

You're going to love these DIY lampshades! There are great ideas for all rooms in your home, and range from using brand new shades to reusing something.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (2)

How to Cover a Lampshade

Learn how to cover a basic lampshade with fabric and Mod Podge! This is such an easy home decor project.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (3)

Whimsical Mod Podge Paper Lamp Shade

This DIY paper lamp shade is an easy-to-do decoupage project involving cut black paper and your favorite shapes. Get the tutorial here!


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (4)

How to Make a Doily Lamp

Photo Credit:Emmmy Lizzzy

Learn how to make a pendant lamp using doilies and Mod Podge or glue! This is SO easy . . . there are a few steps, but you're going to use a balloon as a mold.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (5)

DIY Floral Lampshade


This floral lampshade is a breeze to make and a fantastic way to utilize fabric without having to use a sewing machine! Instead of using entire pieces to cover the lampshade, you're going to use fabric strips.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (6)

T-Shirt Lampshades


Do you have a favorite t-shirt that you adore, but don't wear? Learn how to make a lampshade out of your beloved shirt using this DIY lampshade idea.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (7)

Covering Pendant Lampshades

Photo Credit:Hammer Like a Gril

I love using book pages on all types of surfaces! That includes a lampshade. Learn how the girls decorated plain white shades from IKEA. You can use Mod Podge or spray adhesive.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (8)

DIY Pom Pom Lampshade

Photo Credit:Trish Flake

I absolutely love pom poms because they look so cute on everything. Lampshades are no exception! Trish is so smart, she even decorated the inside of the shade. Which makes it look great when it lights up!

(Video) How to Make and Decorate a Lamp Shade - DIY Tips and Ideas from Lamps Plus


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (9)

DIY Lampshade Upcycle

Photo Credit:Angela Muir

There was a print on the bottom of this lampshade that Angela wanted to cover up . . . so she did it with fabric! If you'd like to revamp a shade, consider this cute idea.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (10)

DIY Sweater Covered Lampshade


Transform an old sweater into a cute, winter-y lampshade. This is a great upcycle project and it's done in minutes.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (11)

Fruit Bowl Lamp


Must all lampshade ideas involve fabric . . . or an actual shade? I suppose not! Instead of thinking about your project traditionally, maybe you can turn something else into the shade. Something like a fruit bowl!


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (12)

DIY Photo Lamp


If you're short on wall space, you might want to look for other surfaces on which to display pictures. This DIY lampshade is the perfect place! It's way easier to make than you might think.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (13)

Mid Century Inspired Lampshade

Photo Credit:Ashlee Park

This lampshade is decoupaged with some cute paper cut outs, but I also really love the birch wood trim that Ashlee applied. It gives this shade the perfect 60s or 70s vibes.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (14)

Wrapped Yarn Lampshade


What an interesting way to turn a pair of metal lampshades into a work of art! I love that this particular craft turns your lamp into something that provides ambiance and style.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (15)

IKEA Map Lampshade

Photo Credit:Claire Armstrong

Turn a plain drum lampshade into something more stylish with this IKEA lamp hack using maps. Use your favorite maps and have a different one for each room.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (16)

DIY Rattan Style Lamp Upcycle


Make your own rattan style lamp as an upcycle or grab a lamp kit! This DIY came in at $40 - a fraction of the cost of designer versions.


(Video) Decorative Lampshades

DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (17)

DIY Shabby Chic Rosette Lampshade


You'll need several yards of gauze to make the mini rosettes on this shade. Jennifer made this for her living room, but you can customize it to go with any room in your home!


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (18)

How to Stencil a Lampshade

Photo Credit:Beth Hunter

Lampshades are some of the easiest accessories in your home to customize on-the-cheap! Beth took a previously altered lampshade and stenciled it with paint. You can too!


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (19)

Paint an Artist’s Palette-Inspired Floral Lampshade

Photo Credit:Jennifer Rizzo

In this post, Jennifer show you how to paint an artist’s palette-inspired floral lampshade for a really pretty, room accent inspired by impressionistic and watercolor trends.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (20)

Jute Yarn Lampshade Makeover


Try this Japandi-inspired DIY lampshade makeover made with jute yarn! Nice because you can remove it and do something else when you're changing your decor.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (21)

How to Create a DIY Metal Lampshade


Learn how to create a DIY metal lampshade using a sheet of metal and two embroidery hoops! If you've ever wanted to make a shade from scratch, this is a great project to get you started.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (22)

Sewing Pattern Lampshade

Photo Credit:Jacqui Fink

There was a time that I decoupaged a box with sewing patterns, so I was really excited to see this lamp! Using a sewing pattern on a shade is perfect because the light shines through so nicely.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (23)

West Elm Inspired Globe Pendant Lamp

Photo Credit:Jessica Hill

Jessica was inspired by a globe pendant she saw at West Elm, and decided to make her own version! I love how simple it is and the pattern pattern of the light.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (24)

DIY Chandelier From Wood Beads


Is a chandelier a light shade? I say it is! Wood bead chandeliers are so popular and they are STUNNING, but they can be expensive. Learn how to make a DIY chandelier for a fraction of the price!


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (25)

Easy Crocheted Lampshade


I love that a metal lampshade frame becomes the base of a crocheted shade! This is so pretty, and I love the texture that the yarn provides.

(Video) Beautiful diy chandelier ideas That will light Up Your Home/


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (26)

Faux Florals


Using faux florals to cover a lampshade is something I would picture to be somewhat overwhelming. Turns out I'm completely wrong and it's beautiful! I love these two unique lampshades.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (27)

Decoupage Lampshade

Learn how to decoupage a lampshade with vintage themed magazine pages! This is such an easy project with a cool effect.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (28)

Upcycled Burlap Lamp Shade


Wondered what to do with old lamp shades? Here's an upcycling DIY lampshade makeover with burlap! It's perfectly simple and looks great with a colorful base.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (29)

Capiz Pendant Lamp


It's hard to believe that something so pretty is made from wax paper! This is one of those DIY lampshade ideas that takes some time, but the results are worth it. Put this shade over an existing fixture.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (30)

Beaded Shade


This is a conversation piece for sure! It also lets off the coolest glow when it's completely lit up.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (31)

Make a Stylish DIY Zip Tie Lamp Shade


I know the words "stylish" and "zip tie" don't often go together, but in the case of this DIY lamp shade I think they work mighty fine. This shade turned out very cool, and I guarantee you'll get comments!


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (32)

DIY Ribbon Lampshade


You can personalize lots of basic home accessories with ribbon, and that includes lampshades! Turn a no-frills drum lampshade into an attention-getter with woven satin ribbons.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (33)

Vintage Engraving Inspired Lampshade


If you love vintage wood engraving pictures as much as I do, this DIY could be interesting for you. With a very simple transfer technique you can make an individual sticker from your favorite motif. Then place it inside an IKEA lampshade for instant home decor.



DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (34)

DIY Colorful Painted Lamp Shade


Give an old lampshade a completely new look with minimal cost at all. Grab some acrylic paint and learn how to make a whimsical pattern.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (35)

Tweet Lampshade


Bethany was inspired by an expensive lampshade she saw, and I love how creative she got! This is definitely an interesting fixture that will get compliments. Perfect for a kids' room or nursery.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (36)

Metal Basket Shade


I love it when people get really creative with their DIY lamp shades - including making them from trash cans! Once you cut the opening, the rest is easy.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (37)

Map Lampshade

Learn how to build a lamp of your very own by following this simple tutorial - use maps from your fave places to decorate the shade.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (38)

Gold Leafed Drum Shade

Photo Credit:Cohesive Randomness

If you love glam or want something a little bit more shi-shi in your decor, this is a great lampshade option! You'll paint the outside with black and cover the inside in gold leaf.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (39)

Halloween Inspired Lampshades


Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year! These lampshades are vintage holiday inspired, and I absolutely love the trim. So cute!


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (40)

DIY Oyster Shell Lampshade


Use discarded oyster shells and an upcycled metal frame to create a stunning DIY oyster shell lampshade. Get a splash of coastal decor with this shell decor.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (41)

DIY Twig Lamp Shade

Photo Credit:Gina Luker

Get a step by step on how to make a DIY twig lamp shade. It's such an easy project, and looks great with nature or vintage inspired decor.


DIY Lampshade Ideas to Beautify Your Home (42)

DIY Papercut Lamp


These papercute lampshades were Inspired by Dutch artist Tord Boontje! I'm not sure who that is, but his lampshades are cool. There's a video tutorial to learn how to make them.

(Video) OLD FLOOR LAMP MAKEOVER- simple idea of how to make your lamp look glamorous- Home decor DIY

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What is the rule for lampshades? ›

The shade should be twice as wide as the lamp base, and one third of the total height of the lamp. So for a 6-inch lamp base, the shade should be at least 12 inches wide. And if the total height of the lamp (including the bulb and harp) is 24 inches, the shade should be 8 inches tall.

Can you put peel and stick wallpaper on a lampshade? ›

Use your leftover wallpaper to breathe new life into that damaged, boring or ugly lampshade. This project is perfect for floor lamps, table lamps, and even hanging pendant lamps. Go bold and line the outside of your shade, or line the inside for an understated look.

Can I cover the top of a lampshade with fabric? ›

Spray both the fabric and the shade with the adhesive to ensure the best seal. Roll the shade along the fabric at the same angle that you measured originally. Using your hands, attach the excess fabric on the bottom to the inside of the shade. Use extra spray adhesive on the inside of the shade if needed.

What fabric can I use to cover a lampshade? ›

The general rule of thumb with fabric is that anything goes, as long as it's woven and isn't a stretch fabric, although it's always worth bearing in mind how much light the lampshade will give out, especially when using a thicker fabric such as wool or tweed.

How do you upcycle a plain lampshade? ›

The process is pretty simple: (1) remove the shade from its base (2) cut the fabric to fit the shade, plus a couple extra inches on the top and bottom (3) use spray fabric adhesive to stick the fabric to the shade, smoothing it out as you go (4) trim the top and bottom of the fabric and fold the excess over to the ...

What are the 3 types of lampshades? ›

The three most common types of lamp shade assemblies are: spider, uno and clip on.

Should lamp shades in a room be the same color? ›

Mixing and matching the lighting in your space is a great way to spice up your interior design. Although your lamps don't need to match, one of the best ways to ensure you maintain a cohesive look is to choose lamps—whether table lamps, floor lamps, or bedside lamps—that adhere to the style of the room.

Do lampshades need to match in living room? ›

You don't have to match all the lamps in a room. More precisely, you don't have to have identical lamps. However, if you want a cohesive design, make sure they relate to one another in some way, either through shade color and shape, materials, or similar color schemes.

Does Mod Podge work on lamp shade? ›

Mod Podge perfectly bonds the new fabric to the existing canvas-like lamp shade, but I still feel like I have a brand new lamp! Learn how to make this craft at home below.

Can you put stickers on a lampshade? ›

Some lampshades can be a little tricky to get the stickers to “stick” too so just add a little Mod Podge under and over the sticker to keep it in place.

How long does peel and stick tile last? ›

Peel and stick flooring can last between five and 25 years.

However, their life span ultimately comes down to how well they're installed, how much traffic they receive, and whether they're repeatedly exposed to water.

What goes on top of a lampshade? ›

Finials are decorative caps that fit over shades at the top of a lamp. They help secure the lampshade in place and complete the lamp aesthetics. Finials come in a variety of colors, materials and shapes and are most often used with spider fitters.

What is the purpose of putting holes at the top of a lampshade? ›

The holes near the top of the lampshade allow the heat from the lamp to escape. Hot air, being light, rises from the bulb. Cold air moves in through the holes to take the place of the hot air. This allows the lamp to cool down.

Can I use parchment paper to line a lampshade? ›

Why use parchments for lampshade making? By using a laminated parchment for a lampshade you can create a variety of hard shades, in combination with our rigid frames, with both traditional and modern aesthetics.

How do you make a lampshade look expensive? ›

Step 1: Tape over any areas you don't want painted. Step 2: Spray the lampshade with a thin coat of paint. Step 3: Repeat until fully opaque and glossy. Step 4: Paint the interior of the shade with metallic gold paint.

Can you use a Sharpie on a lampshade? ›

A cheap, plain lampshade can be made instantly brighter with a little Sharpie colouring. Make a bold design in black and colour in with coloured Sharpies.

What is a spider attachment on a lampshade? ›

Spider fittings are the most common type of fitting for table and floor lamps and are used with harps. The harp attaches to the lamp base, and the spider fitting sits on top of the harp and is often secured with a finial that screws onto the top of the harp. Lamps often come with the correct harp included.

Can I paint a lampshade with fabric? ›

Acrylic paint will give your lampshade the most solid looking coat. Fabric paint is similar to acrylic paint, but it will have a less stiff-looking finish since it is designed specifically to soak into fabric easily.

Can I cover lamp with a cloth? ›

Start by laying out your fabric. If there's a wrong (back) side, lay it facing up. Lay your lampshade down on it and make sure there's enough fabric so that you can roll your shade all the way across the fabric from shade seam to shade seam without running out of fabric on the sides.

Can you cover a lampshade with wrapping paper? ›

Begin by laying out your tools, roll your lampshade over the wrapping and wall papers to make sure they're large enough. Next trace your lampshade shape onto the wrapping paper by laying it on it's side and rolling it while running your pen onto the wrapping paper.

Is it OK to paint a lampshade? ›

Painting lampshades is a fun and inexpensive way to update your decor. There are countless lampshade ideas to inspire you. Using paint, you can create a whimsical look for a child's room or a statement piece for a living room.

Can you spray paint inside of lampshade? ›

Is It Safe To Spray Paint A Lamp Shade? Spray paint could be used on almost any piece of fabric. Moreover, it can be safely used to cover existing designs and can be used to lighten or darken the shade of a lamp shade. You just have to cover the metal fittings that you don't want to be painted using painter's tape.

Do you need special fabric to make a lampshade? ›

Not all fabrics are suitable for lampshade making. Woven fabrics such as cottons and linens are best; these will trim neater and will be easier to manipulate.

What material do you use on lampshades? ›

Cotton is a popular lampshade fabric that is easy to clean, and it drapes and gathers well, lending itself to pleated and decorative lampshades. Cotton fabrics come in an almost endless variety, but one of the best choices for lampshades is soft-touch cotton.

What is a Tiffany shade? ›

A Tiffany lamp is a type of lamp with a camed glass shade designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany or colleagues, and made (in originals) in his design studio. The glass in the lampshades is put together with the copper foil technique instead of leaded, the classic technique for stained glass windows.

What is an UNO shade? ›

Uno Lamp Shades

They have an inner ring that slips over the socket and are held in place by the bulb. This design makes it simple to replace the bulb. The installation process doesn't require any tools at all. Once you unscrew the bulb, you can attach the shade in seconds.

What is a Fenchel shade? ›

Fenchel Shades is an American manufacturer of custom lamp shades and also offers custom architectural lighting as well as general lighting solutions to both commercial and residential clients.

Can you mix shades of GREY in a room? ›

Do: Use different shades of grey. You may be inclined to use the same shade of grey in a kitchen, living room or whichever room you are decorating. Combining lighter and darker shades of grey is an effective way to bring added depth to a room and ensure it doesn't look too monotonous.

Do lampshades make a room brighter? ›

Lampshades can create a sultry, moody atmosphere, but if you're seeking to brighten up the room then these will have to go. Get rid of any lampshades in your room and opt for exposed light bulbs or ceiling lights. Not only are these trendy but they'll allow for unobstructed light in your room.

How do you mix and match lamps in a living room? ›

Mixing and Matching Lighting Fixture Do's:
  1. Tip 1: Layer Your Types of Light. ...
  2. 2: Create a Focal Point, then Don't Distract from It. ...
  3. 3: Coordinate Across Rooms in an Open Floor Plan. ...
  4. 4: Mix Finishes, Tastefully. ...
  5. 1: Don't Try to Do Too Many Things in One Room. ...
  6. 2: Don't Be Afraid to Try Something New… ...
  7. 3: …

What kind of lamp is best for living room? ›

You should also pay attention to the color temperature of your bulbs—the ideal color range for living room bulbs is between 2700K and 3000K, often called soft white.

How tall should a lamp be next to a sofa? ›

A good rule of thumb for a living room setting is that you will want your lamp shade to sit within eye level, or about 24 - 34 inches tall. That way you'll be able to read your favorite book or work with ease under enough light when seated.

Do you need 2 lamps in the living room? ›

Layered lighting is the foundation of a well-lit living room. Layers create dimension, set a mood, and illuminate the spaces that need it. This means living rooms will need at least two types of lighting.

Can I use plastic for a lampshade? ›

Get away from the easily-breakable glass lampshades and give one of these plastic lamp shades a try. Versatile, hardened plastic is a smart and safe way to shade your lamps, of all sizes. In many styles and colors, there is sure to be a single shade, or set of plastic lamp shades, to meet your needs.

Can you use a mason jar as a light shade? ›

You can use jars to make pendant lights, lamps, chandeliers and lots of other great things. What is this? This jar has a nice blue shade but you can choose any type you want. First you attach the light bulb to the lid.

Are lampshades necessary? ›

Although a lamp shade is usually seen as a decorative element, its main purpose is to diffuse or redirect the light from the bulb for maximum effectiveness and protect your eyes from the bulb's glare. With no shade at all, a bare bulb's light goes out equally in all directions.

How do you attach fabric to a lampshade? ›

Holding the lampshade at the top, spray it with the fabric adhesive on about half the shade from top to bottom.
  1. Line up one of the straight edges of the fabric on the seam of the lamp shade. ...
  2. Lay the fabric down on the lamp shade, turning the shade as you go. ...
  3. Repeat spraying the adhesive on the rest of the lamp shade.
6 Apr 2022

Why do people leave plastic on lampshades? ›

The wrapping simply protects the lampshade from being damaged or soiled before it is sold. It should be removed before use. Otherwise, the plastic could shrink and push the shade out of shape, or the heat of the lightbulb could melt the wrapping onto the shade.

Do lampshades need to be lined? ›

Why does a lampshade need a lining? Lining your lampshade gives it a complete and professional finish, hiding away the binding on the frame and any raw fabric edges.

What is the best shape for a lamp shade? ›

In general, a shade's shape should follow the contour of a lamp. This is not a hard and fast rule, but it holds true in most cases. So, for example, if the base has curves, go with a curved shade shape. If a base is straight, choose a shade with straight edges, even if they're angled.

What kind of paint will stay on a mason jar? ›

I've always used acrylic craft paint to paint mason jars. I know others that have used chalk paint too, but craft paint is much more affordable so I'll stick with it because it works great.

Should all lampshades in a room match? ›

Mixing and matching the lighting in your space is a great way to spice up your interior design. Although your lamps don't need to match, one of the best ways to ensure you maintain a cohesive look is to choose lamps—whether table lamps, floor lamps, or bedside lamps—that adhere to the style of the room.


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