FALCONER LYRICS - "Northwind" (2006) album (2022)

1. Northwind

Over rivers and seas
Cross valleys and heaths,
To the edge of the world and back
Our journey did lead.
Father up in the sky
Let the ravens fly,
To soar aside our ship of oak as
Wild oceans we ride.

In the prow I stand
Hungry for dry land.
A homeward hammerheart.

Northwind embrace me
As I face the horizon.
Carry me safe ashore
As you did my brethren of yore.

Through the days and nights
Through triumphant fights,
We have roamed these far away lands with
No peace in sight.
Mother north of old
Let me taste your cold.
Sooth my weary head with visions
That your nature holds.

We're sailing dark waters
Come raven come and be our guide.
We're sons of the north star
So blow wind blow, onwards we will ride.

2. Waltz With The Dead

Tunes of mendacity whispers
Throughout the gloom, like echoes
Of mystery or a lullaby of doom

An illusion of pleasure
An illusion of pain
Yield to the beauty and
Soon you will waltz with the dead

Come yes you and listen to
My melody. Say can you do
Another such sweet harmony

Deep in the mist you can hear him
Softly playing his strings in order
To snatch your soul far away
Deep in the mist you reveal him
A naked shape of peace as he plays
You a song to lure you to stay

Such nimble fingers that play
Upon the fiddle. In shadows they
Linger like the darkest of riddles

Deep in the mist you can hear him,
Hearken not to the sound
From upon his luring strings.
Deep in the mist you reveal him,
The fiddler of the lost and drowned
That slip you a song to sing.

3. Spirit Of The Hawk

You're a spawn of the high cliffs,
Slave to the wind and son to the storm.
Born to a life on the free wings,
Without chains to hold back your heart.

Sweep through the air
Spy for the prey.
Feel your blood pumping
And then speed away.

Spirit of the hawk
Wild and free,
Master of the sky.
Creature of the
Northwind's seed
Flying ever so high.

Beneath a scarlet horizon,
Ascending are the feathers of the wild.
Soar on you king of the welkin,
Still spying down upon the ground.

4. Legend And The Lore

Forgotten and concealed
Are the tales of old.
Yet the spirits of the field
I do behold.
A mist-like shape reveals
The fiddler in his prime,
It's an act through the time.

Under the starlit sky
Shadows come alive.
Chapters of laughter and a sigh,
They do revive.
The mist-like shape entwines
The legend and the lore
Into a conviction unsure.

5. Catch The Shadows

You grasped a pot of gold,
Now it looks like led.
On your path of hunger
The gold lies still ahead.

At the end of the rainbow
Another rainbow starts.

Try to catch the shadows
And run until you fall.
Strain your nerves to follow
The temptations of them all.

The prizes fade with time
As day fades into night.
The state of satisfaction
Is a slowly dying high.

As sun descends in the sky
The hunt is on for the dawn.
Chasing tricks of the day through the night.

The scent of dawn is so sweet
But it is spoiled with each bite.
Losing pace among all of the treats.

6. Tower Of The Queen

From a dark horizon
A harlot once came,
Searching for the right path
To bring her to fame.
Ignorance and falsity:
A perfect symbiosis, for a royalty

Hold on
To your throne of glass.
Let not
Oblivion veil your name.
Stand strong
Against the days that pass.
Fight time
Your empty shell is the
Pillars of your fame.

In the tower of the queen
The joker loses his stage
As she wields the banner
Of vanity for the wage.

Doubles fill the court.
Who's who
In this hollow masquerade.
Take heed
Your reign might be short.
But wait
The crown on your head could be saved
By blood on the blade.

7. Long Gone By

We dwell in a time of
Neither night nor day.
It's like an ever-eve
Of a gloaming light.
Our robes have gone grey
As we sailed to mortal shore.
The journey felt so short
To the gates of evermore.

The paths we used to tread
And the secrets we then told,
No one knows them by now
And we, we are too old.
We linger on hand in hand
Through the dusk-veiled glades.
Recalling our lives
As tomorrow, it fades.

Remember the times
When we ruled, you an I.
Where our Eden lied
In an age long gone by.
Your hair
Was like of a golden
Shiny dye.
Now so grizzled from
An age long gone by.

8. Perjury And Sanctity

Hold the cross up high into the sky
Far above your head
In sacred decadence.
In pride and honour
You wear the crucifix
As a shield towards
The bitter consequence.

Your sins are not redeemed
By swearing perjury.
Your sense of self-esteem
Has miles to go to sanctity.

See the spiteful and widening cracks
In the bricks of all their
Picture perfect walls.
The hollow grins of their hypocrisy
They rock the basis until,
Until it starts to fall.

Step inside with your commandments,
Bring your holy book.
Show me your divinity.
To me you're just a sheep
With zippers in the back.
Your costume does not fool me

9. Fairyland Fanfare

Far down the path of firelight dreams
In the blue-spun twilight hours.
Along the lane of winding and silk
Towards the winged and sacred bowers.

Alone and aloof
In a fairyland fanfare
Where the warrior child
Can hide away in his lair.

Templar of the immortality
Slays the beast in comfort's shelter.
Climb up the black and sulphurous hill,
And you will find caskets of silver.

Live the legend, live life all alone,
Longing to linger in lore.
Illuminating a lane
That leads you aloft.
You're lost to the lunar lure.
Leave the languish,
Leave lanterns of lorn.
Lend lacking lustre to lies.
Liberate the laces
Of life for the lone
Lest lament yet alights.

Beyond the fields of emerald green
And over the sapphire oceans.
Past ruby skies there lies your salvation:
To live out your true emotions.

10. Himmel Så Trind

Hör vindar som vill fly,
Se korpen i himmel av bly.
Det är frosten som nalkas.

Var björk och lind är nu kal
I skogsråets grånande sal.
Det är frosten som nalkas.

Mot hårda tider det bär,
Trollen dom huttrar och svär.
Det är frosten som nalkas.

Se tranan som nu fly
Mot varmare sydliger sky.
Det är frosten som nalkas.

Över land och hav
Sveper vinterns kalla vind.
Snö, is och en bister kyla
Från en himmel så trind.

Se näckens fingrar så blå,
Hans polska nu långsamt gå.
Det är frosten som nalkas.

Kälen nu stormsteg tar,
Tur att man fjärrvärme har.
Det är frosten som nalkas.

[English translation:]

Sky So Round

Listen to the fleeing winds
See the raven in the sky of lead
It's the frost approaching

Where the birch and linden are now bare
In the greying halls of the Siren of the Woods
It's the frost approaching

Hard times are coming
The trolls are shivering and swearing
It's the frost approaching

See the crane fleeing
Towards a warmer, southern sky
It's the frost approaching

Over land and sea
Sweep the cold winds of Winter
Snow, ice and bitter cold
From a sky so round

See the blue fingers of Näcken*
His reel goes slower
It's the frost approaching

Frost now takes to the ground
We are lucky to have heating
It's the frost approaching

[* an evil water spirit]

11. Blinded

Your wealth and your power
Both increase with every day.
Theory versus practice
As the mould spreads it's way.

Ravens fill the sky
Wolves start to cry
And you shield your eyes.

Behold the throne of satin
Far from where no hope is left.
No royal tidings reach it,
It's like talking to the deaf.

Blinded by gold are the knights.
In spite of all the blinders you can wear,
The rotten stench will still be there.

The castle of your glory,
Embellished under your reign.
The next throne possessor
Must pawn his crown for your vain.

12. Delusion

Grasp your sword so blindly,
Time is in for holy war.
In the sign of a fairy tale
You sacrifice your precious life.

Yield to the nonsense,
Yield to the dogmatic scheme.
Kneel down embrace it,
Indoctrination supreme.

What is your inner holy delusion?
Will stupidity be canonized?
Would the Prophet or the Messiah
Then really welcome you in?

On a mission of evil
By a dreamer sanctified.
None believers shall suffer
For not believing the same lie.

13. Home Of The Knave

Once upon a time
There was a restless king in charge.
What could he contribute
To write some history?
Gold he had plenty of
But plenty could be more
So onwards he marched
On reasons quite obscure.

With a blindfold and sword,
Come deliver us from evil.

Great saviour of all,
So honest and brave.
Your land of the free
Is the home of the knave.

Echoes of crusaders
Were heard across the world
As he fought against
The legions sent from hell.
Shadows of the templars
Are yet again a fact:
Creeds are cast aside
Determination's still intact..

14. Black Tarn


21. Kristallen Den Fina

[Bonus CD track]

[Swedish traditional song. Arranged by Weinerhall]

Kristallen den fina som solen månd skina,
Som stjärnorna blänka i skyn.
Jag vet en flicka i dygden den fina,
En flicka i denna byn.
Min vän, min vän och älskogsblomma!
Ack, om vi kunde tillsammans komma,
Och jag vore vännen din
Och du allra kärestan min!
Du ädela ros och förgyllande skrin.

Kristallen den fina som solen månd skina,
Som stjärnorna blänka i skyn.
Jag vet en flicka i dygden den fina,
En flicka i denna byn.
Min vän, min vän och älskogsblomma!
Ack, om vi kunde tillsammans komma,
Och jag vore vännen din
Och du allra kärestan min!
Du ädela ros och förgyllande skrin.

Och om jag än fore till världenes ände,
Så ropar mitt hjärta till dig.
Och om jag än fore till världenes ände,
Så ropar mitt hjärta till dig,
Till dig, min vän och älskogsblomma!
Ack, om vi kunde tillsammans komma,
Och jag vore vännen din
Och du allra kärestan min!
Du ädela ros och förgyllande skrin.

22. Ridom, Ridom

[Bonus CD track]

[Originally, an Icelandic traditional song. Based on Folkpust, Stockholm´s motiff. Arranged by Weinerhall]

Ridom, ridom, ridom över sanden
Solen sjunker bortom Arnafel.
Mörkret breder skuggor över sanden,
Spöken kommer fram när det blir kväll.
Herren leder gångarn min
ännu är det långt till gård och grind

Räven tjuter, tjuter bakom kullen.
Fåren flyr i fruktan för hans klo.
Men vem ropar, ropar utur mullen.
Bergakungen stiger ur sitt bo.
Fredlös han i lönndom går
Jagar liksom räven vilsna får.

Älvadrottning dansar över sanden.
Rid, ja rid, om livet är dig kärt
Fly den fagra älvadrottning-handen
Ryttarnas själ till fånge hon begär.
Bästa häst jag offra vill
Om jag hinner fram till Kidagil.

23. Liten Vätte

[Bonus CD track]

[Swedish traditional song. Arranged by Weinerhall]

Liten vätte vitte silverglitt,
Stå i åkern din och titt.
Liten vätte, sir du långt lin
Som lyser i ögat ditt?
Sir du långt lin,
Långt som tömmar
Och segt som hår av hin?
Flickan din har blåa drömmar
Och hennes hår är ljust som lin.

Liten vätte vitte silverglitt,
Stå i åkern din och titt.
Sir du långt lin,
Långt som tömmar
Och starkt som en kanna kitt?
Flickan din har blåa ögon,
Silkesduk och knollrigt hår.
Spinna, dunka, slå och väva,
Får du gifta dig i år?

Geting, bi och geting eller spik,
Gamle satan är du lik.
Geting, bi och geting humla,
Din näsa är som en spik.
Stick i sten och stick i backe,
Stick i mull men ej i hull.
Sticker du i flickans nacke
Faller hon i döden kull.

24. Vårvindar Friska

[Bonus CD track]

[Swedish traditional song. Arranged by Nyberg / Weinerhall]

Vårvindar friska, leka och viska
Lunderna kring likt älskande par.
Strömmarna ila, finna ej vila
Förr´n ner i djupet störtvågen far.
Klaga mitt hjärta, klaga och hör,
Vallhornets klang bland klipporna dör.
Strömkarlen spelar,
Sorgerna delar
Vakan kring berg och dal.

Hjärtat vill brista! Ack, när den sista
Gången jag hörde kärlekens röst:
Avskedets plåga, ögonens låga,
Mun emot mun vid klappande bröst.
Fjälldalen stod I blomstrande skrud,
Trasten slog drill på drill för sin brud.
Strömkarlen spelte,
Sorgerna delte
Suckande berg och dal.

Klaga mitt hjärta, klaga och hör,
Vallhornets klang bland klipporna dör.
Strömkarlen spelar,
Sorgerna delar
Vakan kring berg och dal.

Thanks to slinka_kobold for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to jesuscapaemilios for sending tracks ## 21-24 lyrics.
Thanks to yuri666 for sending track #10 English translation.
Thanks to upsilon667 for correcting track #10 lyrics.

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