How to download Pro Tools (2023)

Before you Download the product:
  • We strongly suggest checking this KB: Pro Tools System Requirements
  • Be aware that the license for your Pro Tools | Ultimate is only good for 30 days and will automatically be deposited to your iLok account. The license will appear as Pro Tools Ultimate Subscription Bundle (2) from the iLok license manager and can be activated either to the iLok cloud or the iLok key.
How to download Pro Tools Ultimate trial:
1. Go to Pro Tools | Ultimate trial pageor
  • Go to and click the Pro Tools from the left panel of the website.
  • From the Pro Tools page, click Pro Tools | Ultimate.
  • From the upper right corner of the same page clickFree trial,to go to the trial page.
2. Now from the trial page, you can now choose if you want to Sign Inor Create an account if you don't have an Avid account yet.

3. After signing in, it should show the iLok account linked to your Avid account.

(Video) How to Install Pro Tools on a Mac M1 Computer

  • If your iLok account is not yet linked with your Avid account, you can simply enter the iLok user ID from the space provided and click Submit.
  • If you don't have an iLok account at all, you can check the box to create one.

Note: Check this article for linking iLok and Avid accounts. How to link your iLok account to your Avid account?


(Video) How to install Avid Pro Tools in 4 easy steps
4. The next page will be asking about your primary DAW and field of expertise. A checkbox is also provided to let us know if you’re a student. Click Email to my download links once done.

5. The final step is to check if you received Your Pro Tools | Ultimate Trial email. If you received the email, click Mac or Windows to start downloading the installers. If not, better check your spam or junk email folders too. You can also resend the email if needed.

(Video) How to install Avid Pro Tools Intro for free

Note: If you can’t resend the email anymore the installers for the Pro Tools | Ultimate trial will also be available for download inside the products page of your Avid account.

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(Video) How to Install Pro Tools on Windows

How to download Pro Tools (1)

For Installation and Activation
1. Here's an article that will help you install the Pro Tool Ultimate Trial. Pro Tools Trial Installation
2.Here’s an article that will help you activate your license to the iLok cloud. How to activate license to the iLok cloud

(Video) Installing Pro Tools Intro


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