Netflix's Best Korean Dramas (2023)

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dramas or dramas Koreans are quite successful around the world, so much so that there are dozens of them on Netflix. In this article, we will try to share a complete list of Korean dramas and the best ones that we found on the platform.

There are a lot of dramas available on Netflix, but I can't recommend many because I've watched so few. For this reason, I will recommend 7 main dramas and end with one with genre, rating and number of episodes.

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What are Korean dramas?

drama is a Japanese word, but it is also used in Korean dramas exactly to romanize the word Drama. There is no plural for word drama, but I prefer to add a [s] to make more sense in Portuguese sentences.

Drama is practically the same thing as a series or soap opera. The difference is in the way it is displayed on Asian channels. Usually one episode per week is shown just like Japanese anime. The themes are also lighter and more dramatic.

Asian dramas also usually have 13 to 24 episodes like Japanese animations. Generally an Asian drama can address any genre, so I don't agree with the term Asian soap opera, I prefer to categorize it as a series.

We recommend also seeing our list of Japanese dramas available on Netflix.

Netflix's Best Korean Dramas (1)

Why are Korean Dramas the Best?

I personally believe that the dramas are among the best series on netflix. Since Asian culture still has common sense, it doesn't force you to put clichés of sex scenes, cheating, making out or use vulgar language like many American series.

As much as some Korean dramas try to portray adulthood, we can see that their culture as well as Japanese culture has a little more morals, both when it comes to romantic themes and themes of crime and violence.

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I recently heard my mother saying just that, she has recently entered the world of dramas and said that it is much more comfortable to watch than the mind-twisting American series we usually watch.

Another advantage of Asian dramas is that they are usually finished within one season. While American series go on for several seasons inventing unnecessary stories as in the case of the CW channel series.

I also notice that Korean dramas have been more successful than Japanese dramas here in the West. I can't say why, since I have a preference for Japanese culture, I believe that Koreans perform much better than Japanese.

Netflix's Best Korean Dramas (2)

Holo – My First Korean Drama

that was the first drama Korean that I watched, so I believe it should be at the top of the list. I've always had a certain fear of dramas Koreans because of the language which is a big shock for anyone studying Japanese.

Luckily this drama is available in Portuguese and is a topic of interest to me. AI Artificial intelligence, holograms, romance, chases, assassinations, hacking and conspiracies. There are 13 exciting 50-minute episodes from start to finish.

The series tells the story of an AI present in a glasses called Holo that ends up in the hands of a girl who suffers from face blindness. While another organization tries to steal the glasses and its creator tries to keep it safe by testing it.

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first time love

This Korean drama available in Portuguese follows the story of five friends who, for different reasons, end up living together. Throughout the series they will discover friendships, love and experience real-life situations.

The series is known for greatcliffhangers, scenes with great consequences that leave the viewer looking forward to the next episodes. The series so far has a total of two seasons.

Mr. sunshine

One of Netflix's highest-rated original Korean dramas. It is a 24-episode action novel that tells the story of a Korean who is taken to the US in 1871 aboard a warship.

Years later, he returns to Korea as an American soldier and falls in love with a noblewoman who trained to be a sniper. Eugene Choi's return is also marked by the discovery of American plots to colonize Korea.

Misaeng – Incomplete Life

In this 20-episode Slice of Life, Jang Geu-rae dedicated his youth to trying to become a professional gamerbaduk. After failing, even without academic training, he gets a job as an intern at a stock company.

His journey is not an easy one, where he faces accusations of nepotism and incompetence, he will need to prove his worth within the company. But new friendships will also help you to overcome the challenges of the present and the traumas of the past.

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Live – A Police Drama

the dramaliveis a police drama that follows the story of Korean police officers from various divisions showing their roles. Mainly from the point of view of two young people trying to help society, in the midst of injustice, corruption and risks.

The 18-episode Netflix Original Drama earned a good grade according to IMDB for dealing in a complex and well-constructed way with characters and social themes of great relevance to society. One of the favorite dramas of the genre.

Memories of Alhambra

Yoo Jin-woo CEO of an investment company specializing in optical devices, receives an email about an innovative game, he decides to go to Granada, Spain, to meet the game's creator, Jung Se-joo.

There, he discovers that Se-joo is missing, and ends up getting involved, along with the game's creator's sister, in mysterious incidents. This game addresses the topic of virtual reality and games, a very interesting topic for otakus.


Cold prosecutor Hwang Shi-mok teams up with fervent police officer Han Yeo-jin to catch a serial killer. But the corruption that surrounds them is more dangerous than the killer they don't know.

The 16-episode series was a hit with domestic and international viewers, and garnered favorable reviews for its tight plot, gripping sequences, and strong performances.

Netflix's Best Korean Dramas (3)
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Complete list of Korean Dramas on Netflix

The list has all the Korean dramas that Netflix has purchased to air. It may be that some of the dramas below are unavailable due to the end of the contract or the Brazil location. The Ranking is ordered by grade of IMDB.

The list is not complete, as new things arrive on the platform daily. The names of the dramas are in English, but can be found on Netflix search.

Responsive Table: Scroll the table to the side with your finger >>
NoteKorean DramaGenreEPS
8.8Mr. Sunshine Netflix OriginalRomance24
8.7MisaengSlice of Life20
8.7Stranger Netflix OriginalCrime16
8.4A Korean Odessey Netflix OriginalRomance20
8.4My Love from the StarRomance21
8.3Hello my Twenties Netflix OriginalRomance26
8.3It's Okay That's LoveRomance16
8.3Live Netflix OriginalCrime18
8.3Prison Playbook Netflix OriginalCrime16
8.3Reply 1997Romance16
8.3Secret GardenRomance20
8.3Strong Girl Bong-SoonRomance16
8.3The Master's SunRomance17
8.2Black Netflix OriginalFantasy18
8.2I Hear Your VoiceRomance18
8.2Oh My GhostRomance16
8.2Something in the Rain Netflix OriginalRomance16
8.2Welcome to WaikikiComedy20
8.149 daysRomance20
8.1Boys Over FlowersRomance25
8.1Dr. romanticDoctor21
8.1Good DoctorRomance20
8.1Suspicious PartnerRomance20
7.9Don't Dare to DreamRomance24
7.9Love in the MoonlightEra18
7.9My Girlfriend Is a GumihoRomance16
7.9Oh My VenusRomance16
7.9Reply 1994Romance21
7.9Rooftop PrinceRomance20
7.9You Are BeautifulRomance16
7.8Beating AgainRomance16
7.8let's eatRomance20
7.8Let's Eat 2Romance18
7.8love rainRomance20
7.8secret affairRomance16
7.8Shining InheritanceRomance28
7.8Who Are YouRomance16
7.7In Need of Romance 3Romance16
7.7Uncontrollably FondRomance20
7.612 Years PromiseRomance26
7.6Gab DongCrime20
7.6Heaven's GardenFamily30
7.6Life Netflix OriginalDoctor16
7.6Man to Man Netflix Originalthriller16
7.6Sassy, Go GoRomance12
7.6The Royal GamblerPeriod24
7.6This is My LoveRomance16
7.6Young PalRomance18
7.5Ms. hammurabiNice16
7.5You're All SurroundedRomance20
7.4Love and MarriageRomance16
7.4Strongest Delivery ManSlice of Life16
7.4YG Future Strategy OfficeComedy8
7.3Beautiful Gong ShimRomance20
7.3Lie to MeRomance16
7.3My Horrible BossRomance16
7.3My Only Love SongRomance20
7.3The Girl Who Sees ScentsRomance16
7.2birth of a beautyRomance21
7.2Hi! School – Love OnRomance20
7.2Part-Time Idolmusical5
7.2secret healerSageuk20
7.2Temperature of LoveRomance20
7.1Moorim SchoolRomance16
6.9K-POP Extreme SurvivalRomance14
6.9white nightsNetflix original20
6.8One More Time Netflix OriginalRomance8
6.7Can we Get MarriedRomance49
6.6Orange MarmaladeRomance12
6.6The MiracleRomance12
6.4I Need Romance 2012Romance16
6.4My RunawayRomance6
8bad guysCrime11
8full houseRomance16
8nice guyRomance20
7Busted Netflix OriginalMystery10
7In Need of RomanceRomance16
6Miss Panda and Mr. hedgehogRomance16

Below I will paste another less complete list with other Dramas and with some names in Portuguese:

  • 12 Years Promise
  • Abyss
  • Age of Youth
  • bad guys
  • Beating Again
  • Beloved Eun-dong
  • Can We Get Married?
  • Chicago Typewriter
  • Cinderella and Four Knights
  • Chronicles of Arthdal
  • Designated Survivor: Korea
  • Hae-Ryung, the historian
  • Heaven's Garden
  • Hi Bye, Mama!
  • Hospital Playlist
  • Itaewon Class
  • K-POP Extreme Survival
  • kingdom
  • Love Alarm
  • man to man
  • Memories of Alhambra
  • Misaeng: The Incomplete
  • Mr. Sunshine: A Ray of Sun
  • Ms Panda and Mr Hedgehog
  • My Country: The New Age
  • My Holo Love
  • My Only Love Song
  • Nightmare Teacher
  • One Spring Night
  • Part-Time Idol
  • 'Cause This Is My First Life
  • landing in love
  • first time love
  • Prison Playbook
  • Cheese in the Trap
  • Reply 1988
  • Reply 1994
  • Reply 1997
  • Romance is a Bonus Book
  • rough
  • secret affair
  • Something in the Rain
  • Stranger
  • The Heirs
  • The Hymn of Death
  • The K2
  • tunnel
  • A Korean Odyssey
  • Vagabond
  • When the Camellia Blooms
  • YG Future Strategy Office


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