Path Of Exile Azurite Mine Guide (2023)

the azurite mine is one of the most popular content from path of exile. in this guide, we explain how to best collect voltaxic sulphite, azurite, poe currency and fossils, and find hiding places and what else to know about azurite mine.

with almost every major patch, new content is added to path of exile. with the extension delve the azurite mine has been added. the mine is one of the most popular features in poe and is actually quite easy to understand. nevertheless, there are many secrets in the azurite mine. did you know that there are always a certain number between two hollows, or that we face bosses with certain unique items deeper in the mine? we also tell you in our new guide to the azurite mine where you can find individual fossils.

Path Of Exile Azurite Mine Guide (1)

path of exile azurite mine

the azurite mine is an infinite dungeon that has been added to the path of exile extension delve. we are made aware by niko on the azurite mine. together with the master of the lows, we first build a mine yard. there we can buy poe currency items and azurite upgrades, access our chest, and enter the azurite mine. in the mine itself, we expect a lot of different rewards. the deeper we enter the azurite mine, the better the rewards.

the azurite mine, a vast subterranean network that was forgotten for over 250 years, was plagued by a vicious darkness that sealed the downfall of the eternal empire. niko, an inventor, has developed a machine called the crawler, which is capable of penetrating the darkness and exploring the depths of the mine with the power of voltaic sulfite. but if you stay away too long from the light of the crawler, then your destiny is sealed by the darkness.

unlock azurite mine

the azurite mine will be released during the main story in act 4. there we meet niko, with whom we build our mine warehouse. we reach the mine warehouse via every waypoint by clicking on the candles icon on the right side of the map.

there is a normal waypoint in the mineyard, which is connected to all other waypoints. a little further to the right we find the underground map. this we use to get to the already released cavities of the azurite mine.

niko also stays in the mine warehouse and offers a small selection of fossils for sale. right next to the master is the voltax generator, where we can buy azur upgrades. more on that later in this guide.

finally, we still have our chest and guild chest in our mineyard, so we can quickly drop collected path of exile items from the azurite mine.

voltaxic sulphite & azurite

the azurite mine in poe is divided into infinite areas and checkpoints. we get to these sections with a crawler. the crawler itself will be provided to us free of charge. however, the path from one cavity to another costs voltaxic sulfite. we receive this resource as soon as we find niko in an area or a map. together with him, we reduce each area three times a corresponding number of voltaxic sulfites. the higher the level of the map, the more of this resource we get. on the basis of an icon, the atlas tells us every day where this master can be found. in addition, we have the chance to find him or another master in other cards.

voltaxic sulphite limit

our mine warehouse only has room for a certain amount of voltaxic sulphite. if we collect more sulphite than we want to save, it will be lost. however, the bearing itself can be increased in the voltaic generator for azurite. the size of the camp for sulfite is tied to the entire path of exile account (league and game modes remain separate), but the sulfite is collected separately for each character.


azurite we farm in the azurite mine itself. in which cavity azurite can be found, is betrayed by an icon. the height of the won azurite depends on the depth in the mine, as well as on the number at the icon, which goes from 1-3.

attentive players occasionally also find azure cores as they move from one cavity to another with the crawler. azurite veins, however, are mostly hidden in the dark.


as we move with the crawler in the mine, many enemies attack us. upon the arrival of a new checkpoints, more monsters are waiting for us. the monster level is displayed at the cavities in the subterranean map and increases with the depth of the azurite mine.

however, monsters are not the only danger in the mine. many adventurers die through the darkness. depending on the darkness resistance we suffer little or much damage as long as we are not in the light. initially, the entire mine is shrouded in darkness. each cavity is unlocked using the crawler. after unlocking a new cavity not only the checkpoint itself, but also the way is illuminated there.

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with each depth level we get a deduction in the darkness resistance, with each revaluation at the voltaxic generator we get back but 30%. the capping is 75%. although we can have more than 75% dark resistance, it's just not going to hurt us beyond that value.

on the way between one cavity and the other, we move at the same speed as the crawler, because we do not suffer any dark damage anywhere near it. if we are faster than the crawler, it will be faster too. however, it becomes problematic if we can not keep up with it, as we fall into darkness and suffer damage there. if we turn away from the path and go into secret hiding places, the crawler is waiting for us on the main path. attention! the crawler can also be damaged. if he suffers too much damage, the light goes out for a short time.

it is always advisable to bring enough torches. if we do not come with the crawler, or if we want to explore a dark hideout, the torches offer themselves as an alternative.

voltaxic generator

now that we know how to farm in poe azurite and what the darkness is all about, we come to the voltaxic generator. he is standing in the mine warehouse waiting to be used by us. we get the generator azurite upgrades, torches and dynamite for azurite for sale. the height of the updates we see by moving the mouse pointer on the "upgrade" button. while prices for torches and dynamite remain the same, the prices of all revaluations increase with each level. all azurit upgrades affect the entire account. but keep in mind that characters on different leagues and game modes are basically separate.

sulfite capacity

especially at the beginning this is the most important update. our sulfite storage facility is initially very small and we can not collect more sulfite than we have room for. so if you do not always want to run straight to the mine after finding sulfite, you are expanding your camp.

dark resistance

the higher our darkness resistance, the less damage we suffer in the dark. for each depth level, we get a deduction on resistance. if this is too high, we buy this azurite appreciation. players who do not have that much azurite will go to the right or left rather than the deep, so the trigger does not get higher when resisting. the capping of resistance is 75%. a higher resistance no longer brings us any advantage.

light radius

this is the radius of light from our crawler. also with this value we have a deduction with each depth level. the maximum light radius is 150.


torches cost 5 azurite and will not be saved to the account. sometimes we find small and large boxes of torches in the azurite mine.

n maximum

the further we get away from the main path, the more torches we need. it can also happen that we get lost and die without torches. each upgrade increases the maximum by a torch, up to a maximum of 20 torches.

n duration

there are very long dark passageways, so we need several torches to light up. so that the light does not go out on the way back, we increase the duration of the torches. the duration can be updated up to 24 seconds.

n radius

the radius of our torches is actually fine, but is reduced with each depth level, so we occasionally need an update here. even with the torches, the maximum radius of light is 150.


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we need dynamite to destroy brittle walls to get to hiding places and cavities. dynamite costs 20 azurit and will not be saved to the poe account either. we also sometimes find dynamite in small and large boxes and get it for free.

n maximum

for very long connections, it can happen that several brittle walls block the way. we often find dynamite without having room for it. therefore, it is worth the limit to increase to 7.

n damage

increasing the damage is not so important. there are no walls that require this. the increase only causes more damage to nearby enemies. the limit is 250%.

n radius

also the increase of the radius is not so important. here the limit is 150%.


one of the main reasons why we go to the azurit mine are the checkpoints. when unlocking each checkpoint, we get several path of exile items. the great thing about it is that we decide for ourselves what kind of rewards we get. with the help of the icon, we see immediately whether we get poe currency, azurite, gems or jewelry. the deeper we get into the azurite mine, the better the rewards. with each depth level, however, the sulfite costs increase as well. therefore, many players stay at a certain depth level and farm there items and currencies. the mine is not only infinitely in the depth, but also infinitely left and right.

blow up checkpoints

sometimes we see checkpoints on the map that have no connection to other checkpoints. in this case, we are looking for a way to this checkpoint. more specifically, we are looking for a fractured wall, which we blast away with dynamite. once the wall has been blown up, we go back to the last cavity. the underground map will now display a path that we will go along with the crawler.

hidden loot and fractured walls

between two checkpoints we often see paths leading into the darkness. there are mostly treasures, which are guarded by monsters. sometimes these treasures are also blocked by brittle walls. since the treasures are often very worthwhile, we always take along enough dynamite and torches. it does not matter if we look for treasures when unlocking with the crawler, or only after the path has been illuminated by the activation. if you are in a hurry and have enough flares and dynamite, you are looking for loots. but it is safer and more relaxed when, after unlocking the new checkpoint, we walk back and look for loots.

caution: checkpoints always have 1,3 or 4 connections to other checkpoints with very few exceptions. if this is not the case, we can assume that there is a hidden connection there.

bosses & unique items

very rarely we discover special places with portals to certain poe bosses. these bosses leave certain path of exile unique items as prey.

ahuatotli, the blind

temple of master architect animal 4

temple of master architect animal 4

environment: vaal outpost

minimum depth: 83

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portal: vaal-nexus


doryani's machinarium

cerberus limb

ahkeli's mountain

putembo's valley

uzaza's meadow

kurgal, the blackblooded

temple of master architect animal 4

tomb of the lich animal 4

environment: deep city

minimum depth: 150

portal: sanctum of the depths


command of the pit

ahkeli's valley

putembo's meadow

uzaza's mountain

hale negator

aul, the crystal king

(Video) Guide: Azurite Mine Hidden Paths - Explore New Ways - Path of Exile

temple of master architect animal 4

throne of the crystal king tier 4

environment: primeval ruins

minimum depth: 250

portal: citadel of primeval times


ahkeli's meadow

putembo's mountain

uzaza's valley

aul's uprising

crown of the tyrant

farming fossils

a look at the subterranean map reveals that the mine is divided into different environments (biomes). especially for players who are looking for fossils, this is important. the following table shows where we find the individual fossils, from which stage of the biome emerge and which is the best stage for farming.

biomes often have modifications that we see with the mouse pointer on a cavity. we already know many of these modifications from the maps. but there are some special modifications like the loot of items with higher item levels, which is especially important in deeper regions.

niko, master of the depths

we get to know niko in the fourth poe act. together with him we build the mine warehouse. then he has three more tasks for us, through which we get to know azurite mine a little better. then he offers us a few fossils for sale in the mine warehouse. he also offers decorations for our hiding place. the deeper we get into the mine, the more decorations are unlocked. below is an overview of the individual stages.

level 2 decorations - depth 10

level 3 decorations - depth 20

level 4 decorations - depth 50

level 5 decorations - depth 90

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level 6 decorations - depth 140

level 7 decorations - depth 200


Where can I find azurite in Path of Exile? ›

Azurite Cavity
  1. Mines.
  2. Fungal Caverns.
  3. Petrified Forest.
  4. Abyssal Depths.
  5. Frozen Hollow.
  6. Magma Fissure.
  7. Sulphur Vents.
  8. Vaal Outpost.

Where is the ruined chamber in the Azurite Mine? ›

Ruined Chamber is a type of Azurite Mine (Delve) node that spawns in Vaal Outpost biome.

How do I find a delve boss? ›

Delve Bosses can only spawn in the City biomes named above, and are even more Rare than the cities themselves. There are 3 Delve bosses, and each is related to the biome that they spawn within. The bosses are arranged in difficulty, with Aul being by far the most difficult of the three for most builds.

What is the point of delve Poe? ›

A delve is the exploration of the infinite Azurite Mine dungeon, released in the Delve league. The character guides a Crawler (mine cart) powered by Voltaxic Sulphite through the mines to a checkpoint. Players can start delving from act 4 onwards, when they start encountering Niko, Master of the Depths.

How do you use dynamite Mine in Azurite? ›

Walkthrough. Spend Azurite at the Voltaxic Generator to craft two flares and a dynamite at the Mine Encampment. Talk to Niko the Mad about your dynamite and flares. Find a fractured wall within the Azurite Mine and use dynamite to destroy it.

How do I farm sulphite Poe? ›

There is only one way to get more Sulphite in the game. You need to chance upon some Sulphite deposits in dungeon instances. Each instance has a slight chance of deposits appearing. The amounts are based on the area's level and any quantity bonuses that apply to it, such as the Atlas Region perks.

What depth does Aul spawn? ›

The Crystal King's Throne nodes within the Primeval Ruins biome, inside The Azurite Mine in Delve, at a depth of 171 or beyond [citation needed].

How do you make money in delving Poe? ›

5 Tips to Get you Started and Making Currency with Delve - YouTube

How often do delve bosses Respawn? ›

Delve bosses respawn every 10–15 minutes. The boss will respawn instantly if a player without that delve's achievement approaches, although this does not result in any extra drops for players grinding that boss.

How do you farm fossils in Path of Exile? ›

Path of Exile Delve: Fossil Locations & Farming Guide - YouTube

What is Atlas Poe? ›

The Atlas of Worlds is Path of Exile's end-game map system. The Atlas is a series of linked maps that players can progress through after completing a quest for Officer Kirac. It is explored and discovered by running maps within the Map Device at a player's hideout.

How do you find Ahuatotli the blind? ›

Introduction. Ahuatotli, the Blind is one of the three major bosses found within the Azurite Mines. He is located in The Grand Architect's Temple.

What is a delve in Elder Scrolls Online? ›

Delves are areas of the map represented with a single torch. They are designed to be done solo or with a small group. They contain one mini-boss that needs to be slain in order to obtain the achievement for that dungeon.

How do you use delves in trove? ›



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