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Don Juan, a play written by Molière in 1665, tells the story of a young, arrogant, and wealthy nobleman named Don Juan who is known for his womanizing and lack of moral compass. The play follows Don Juan as he embarks on a journey of seduction and manipulation, ultimately leading to his downfall.

At the beginning of the play, Don Juan is introduced as a confident and charming young man who is not afraid to flaunt his wealth and status. He is deeply admired by his servant, Sganarelle, who idolizes him and is constantly trying to impress him. However, Don Juan's true nature is revealed when he meets the young and naive Elvire, whom he seduces and then promptly abandons.

Despite Elvire's heartbreak, Don Juan remains unrepentant and continues to pursue other women, including the married Charlotte and the sheltered young virgin, Lisette. He uses his charm and wit to manipulate and deceive these women, showing no regard for their feelings or the consequences of his actions.

As the play progresses, Don Juan's actions begin to catch up with him. He is confronted by the ghost of the man he killed in a duel, and is later visited by the statue of the man he killed, which comes to life and demands retribution for his death. These supernatural events serve as a warning to Don Juan, but he remains stubborn and refuses to change his ways.

Ultimately, Don Juan's arrogance and lack of morality lead to his downfall. He is killed by the statue of the man he killed, and his servant Sganarelle is left to ponder the consequences of Don Juan's actions.

In conclusion, Molière's Don Juan is a cautionary tale about the dangers of ego, lust, and a lack of moral values. Through the character of Don Juan, Molière presents a critique of the societal values of his time and serves as a reminder of the importance of living a virtuous and honest life.

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Molieres Don Juan, Sample of Essays

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At sixteen, he is a handsome lad much admired by his mother's friends. I could not find the edition of Don Juan--a selection of Moliere's comedies translated in 1739 a Born Jean-Baptiste Poquelin to a prosperous upholsterer and educated at the College of Clermont, he changed his name to Moliere as a strolling actor to spare his father embarrassment. The Oxford Companion to the Theatre fourth edition. Taking up a popular myth, the play stages the adventures of a young nobleman seducing and abusing the women he meets along the way. . Furthermore, the satire constantly though silently assumes as more all positives the qualities of courage, loyalty, generosity and above all, total candor, it merely implies that these virtues are excessively rare, and that the modern world is not constituted to reward to encourage, or even to recognize them when they make their appearance. In 1666, The Doctor Despite Himself , a satire against the official sciences.



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And he accepted this invitation. Finally, the play was performed in the twentieth century in its uncensored version and received favorable critical acclaim. Many instances of these comedic events happen very frequently throughout the play, especially within the dialogue of the characters. Don Juan realizes Sganarelle didn't follow. It is a classical literal adaptation of the medieval Spanish legend of a libertine named Dom Juan. I thought it was hilarious.

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Don Juan

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Pierrot refuses to step aside and tells Don Juan he can't kiss their women. Even though Don Juan likes weddings, it is against Heaven. Molière endues Dom Juan with not only the most common flaws of the society but also with external charisma and some peculiar values. I feel that given Don Juan's power as a character the female side of the story has been grossly misunderstood. It is a play based on the legend of Don Juan which borrows elements from Spanish comedy and Italian theatre. Retrieved 27 November 2007— via theatrehistory. Finally, the statue comes to dinner at Don Juan's house, and they insist on Don Juan coming to his house for dinner.


Dom Juan by Molière (Book Analysis) »

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In gratitude to Dom Juan for saving him from robbers, Dom Carlos persuades his brother, Dom Alonso, to postpone his revenge. Nevertheless, Moliere became an actor and playwright, often noted as one of the most influential masters of Western comedic literature. By not entertaining the thoughts of change or adaptation, the outcome is rather ironic and comic. The court of Louis XIV has made actors more fashionably accepted in society, but they still could not be buried in consecrated ground. This does not stop Don Juan from romancing other women. While they are discussing his plans, Dona Elvira walks toward them. Sagnarelle hides from the danger Don Juan rushes into.


Don Juan Themes

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It is widely accepted that the plot was based on Le Cercle des Femmes of 1656. Dom Juan decides that he will continue to be a douche bag but now he's going to pretend to be a nice guy and hide his true identity. When he offers to take her away with him and tells her, he loves her Charlotte wisely questions his validity. From what you read of how I reacted, you are correct in guessing that I was very much restored to my good humour. Don Juan uses his hypocritical voice to appease him.

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Don Juan by Lord Byron: Summary and Critical Analysis

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Scene Five Sganarelle tells Don Juan he should not have let his father speak to him so derisively while thinking to himself Don Juan's father was justified. After this, he adapted his stage name, Moliere. Don Carlos did not know this offender in person, but hastened to help his brother Don Alonso perfectly knew Don Juan. I think this would have been more enjoyable if the character of Don Juan had not already permeated cultural references, which is how I came to know the story more or less before I'd read it. He is best known for his comedies, such as The Miser, The Imaginary Invalid and The Misanthrope, which used humour to criticise the vices of the society of his time. While he is deceptively loving toward his suitors and anyone he feels he can outwit; he ultimately is fairly rude and full of arrogant pride.



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Many men and women throughout the centuries frequently deal with their own convictions regarding morality and modern conformity. But he stops her first, so they can discuss how she doesn't return the love he has for her. Folklore Fellows Communications FFC no. Then Armand joined with a group of zealots who boycotted Moliere's risque plays. In the end, he is taken into Hell by the living statue of a man he killed in a duel. The censored, verse edition Le Festin de pierre 1677 by Dom Juan or The Feast with the Statue 1665 , by Molière, is documented in the article La scène du pauvre, Paris 1682, dans ses deux états. She can't live without him.

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Don Juan Summary

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The sky gave him a sign in the form of a woman's ghost with a veil, which she uttered menacingly, that he had very little left to appeal to God's mercy. His bold gesture wins her over, despite her previously promising to marry Pierrot, who had recently saved Don Juan and Sganarelle from a shipwreck. Ballet and Modern Dance - Second Edition. The artistic background of the comedy involves not only the dispelling of vices and the classic punishment of evil, particularly Dom Juan. Don Juan, the "Seducer of Seville," originated as a hero-villain of Spanish folk legend, is a famous lover and scoundrel who has made more than a thousand sexual conquests. Pierrot jumps between them again, and Don Juan shoves him even harder.


“Dom Juan or The Feast with the Statue”, analysis of a comedy by Molière

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One example of such exaggeration occurs when Don Juan convinces both Charlotte and Mathurine to marry him, despite asking Charlotte first. Don Juan thinks it was a trick of the light. Prior to Don Luis, rumors were heard that his son repented and decided to start a new life. The famous comedy written by the great French playwright Jean-Baptiste Molière, Don Giovanni a brief summary below was first presented to the Parisian public on February 15, 1665, at the Palais Royal Theater. Similar to the court ballets, both professionally trained dancers and courtiers socialized together at the comédies-ballets - Louis XIV even played the part of an Egyptian in Molière's Le Mariage forcé 1664 and also appeared as Les Amants magnifiques 1670. Six Prose Comedies of Molière. Another favorite moment was when the statue showed up for dinner.


Dom Juan

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The first work that I encountered based on the story of Don Juan was Shaw's Man and Superman, which I read during my Shaw period many years ago one of my favorite playwrights whose works I really need to revisit soon , and I remember this play having a strong impact on me then, particularly the scene with Don Juan Tanner in Hell. He killed the commander before the story began, and he sets Elvire aside for future conquests dishonoring her and her family, which is thrown into disorder. My copy of this book is in Romanian. Don Juan refuses to "tie himself down to the first pretty woman who takes his fancy, and forsake the world for her, and never look at another. Scene Two La Violette, another servant, announces the arrival of Monsieur Dimanche, Don Juan's tailor. Many of the things, if not all of them are very actual for a book way ahead of its time, and it's something logical for a book that is about human nature. In the end, I feel Dom Juan is struck by hell's lightning because of his change of heart.



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All the Light We Cannot See is an up close and personal story of two kids, one a German orphan boy with incredible engineering skills, the other a blind French girl who loves to read and sometimes leaves the safety of her uncle's home where she is cooped up, trying to keep out of the reach of Nazis during world war two ...

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