YouTube Vanced APK Download – App Update, Review & FAQ (2023)

Here in this post, I am going to show you that How to YouTube Vanced Apk download for your Android mobile phone. YouTube Vanced Apk is not the official mobile Application but the Third-Party Application which comes with few extra added features that are not available in the official Application. For like the Official Application have ads and thus not provide accessibility to the Background music play and ad Free experience unless you purchase the Premium subscription.

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What is YouTube Vanced App?

Apart from the features like the Background video play, this Application offers you Togglebale Theme, PIP mode which is available in the Android phones works above the Oreo, Cast Video to repeat in the Loop, Set your preferred video Resolution once and then forgot. The All of Video in this App will play on the Same resolution unless you wish to change the Resolution after that, Swipe Controls and Manage the Brightness as we Can manage in the MX Vido player Application.

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Here the rest of the features of the YouTube Vanced App for Android that you will found useful.

(Video) IMPORTANT YouTube Vanced Update - Gone for Good?

  • If you are a person who does not Like the Advertisement and does not want to get interrupted in any Manner while Watching Video online then this App is for you. It Gives you the Ad-Free YouTube Experience by removing all of the Ads on Video.
  • You can Easily Override the default resolution setting, Pin downed the Custom resolution to Watch video. Once you set the Resolution you will be able to See the Videos in the Same resolution.
  • PIP Features is Available in it. I Know, I know that the Original App also offers the Same but the first thing is most of Other YT third Party app do not have this kind of newest Advanced featured.
  • PIP feature is only accessible if you have the Android Oreo or Higher Android mobile Operating system.
  • Just like any of the Available Audio player. Here we can also set the video on the endless loop by setting it on the repeat mode. Like to watch a video Again and Again, Don’t worry just set it on the Repeat and Enjoy. Now no need to Hit the Play button Again and Again to Play the Same clip.
  • You can Zoom in and Zoom Out the video just by pinching.
  • You can use it as Music player. Who needs the Subscription of Spotify or Such when you can play endlessly on the Background on your Mobile Phone.

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YouTube Vanced Download Apk

If you wish to YouTube Vanced Download Apk in your Smartphone then you can Download by the Following the link that I am going to mention below.

The application is not available on the Google Play store. So if you are interested to Use it then you Have to Download YouTube Vanced apk 2019 on your Mobile phone.

  1. Apk Installation process is fairly easy to Follow. If you ever install the Android Application package from the Third Party Sites before, You can Handle it like the pro.
  2. If you do not install any Android Apk in your Android mobile phone before then make Sure that During the installation from the Unknown sources is enabled.
  3. Allowing the Installation from the unknown sources allows you to install the Android Application Packages other than the Google Play store. If you do not Enable this App, The installation will likely to fell.

Once out Apk installed in the Mobile phone, Then you are Free to use it. If you want to Customize the playlist and Want to get the customized recommedation based on your Choices then you have to Login using your YouTube account.

YouTube Vanced Update – A how to Guide

Vanced App is specially and First designed for the Rooted Android mobile phone and to Work perfectly the original version you need a Rooted mobile phone. If your phone is not Rooted then you can Root your Mobile phone very easily, Depending on your Mobile phone model or Brand.

However, the Developers also decided to Drop the Application for the Non Rooted phones as Well on the XDA forums.

If you YouTube Vanced app download in the Rooted phone then make sure to provide the rooting permission to this Application. If you install the Application in the non rooted Phone then you have not to worry about to give the rooting permission since it is designed to work without it.

(Video) Vanced is discontinued but ReVanced is here - HOW to install

Now comes on the topics on the hand.

How can One YouTube Vanced update to the latest version once they installed the Application on their mobile phone? If you already installed then you may be thingking that how can you update the Already existed app in your Phone to the latest version available.

APK is not Manageable by the Google Play store if you are installing from the Third-party App stores. But if you are installing the Application from the Google play store then you can update the Apps to the Latest version.

Chaces are really high that the Apps will be automatically updated to the latest version on your mobile phone even without any action from your end.

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But those things are for the Apps that we Download from the Google Play store and for the Apps that are not available on the Google Play store the Process does not Apply.

However Worry not, there is also solution for it. If you are Going to Updated to the latest version here is the steps that all you need to Follow –

(Video) YouTube Vanced is NOT DEAD!!!

  • First of all you need to Download the Latest Vanced Update from this Download page. Here you will found the Latest Available Version along withe Release date.
  • The Update will be only patched if the new Apk version is higher then the already availble Vice Apk in your Phone. It maybe Failed to install if you do install the Old version or the Same version that you are already using.
  • Once the Updation process is Complete then you are Ready again to Open the App and Enjoy the seamless video experience on your Phone.

YouTube Vanced Reddit Opinions

YouTube Vanced Reddit Opinions great for this App, Most of the experiance Android users who loved the trying out the mod Apk love this Application.

The Design is not but the Features that This Vanced/ArkTube is highly appreciatable by the Reddit users.

In simple terms, this is Just a YouTube App with few minor tweaks which makes our life a little easier.

My Review

YouTube Premium is the Service which comes close to the service that this App provides. But the Thing is the YouTube Red is not free service but the Paid one. In YouTube Red we have to happy monthly subscription charges to keep up the Features that it provides.

While red is available for limited time free subcription but does not offer completely free the Vanced is a better option for those who did not want to pay any charges. So if you are Android Power users love to try new thing then you should Download YouTube Vanced no Root for your Android Based mobile phones.

FAQ Section

Q:1 If I use YouTube Vanced APK, does it reduces the revenue of the creator?

Ans: The creator of YouTube Video only earns money if you see the Ads. This Application blocks them So yes, If you use this Application then the Creator will not earn any money.

(Video) How To Install YouTube Vanced On An Android Phone & Tablet (2021)

Q:2 What are some awesome modded Android apps like WhatsApp Plus and YouTube Vanced?

Ans- There is lots of Moded Application is Available for Android mobile phones. On CNBDaily.Com we aim to share more and More Application to the Users; So keep following for more updates

Q:2 What can YouTube Vanced do?

Ans- Anything that the Official YouTube App can do, Plus this Also offers YouTube Red features free to Users. Except of course you can not watch the YT originals in it.

Q:3 How do I get YouTube Vanced on my iPhone?

Ans: Application is not yet available for iOS users. So you can not install this App from the Apple’s App Store for your iPhone, iPad or Devices like Apple Tv which works on iOS.

Q:4 Is YouTube Vanced safe?

(Video) Features Difference Between YouTube Vanced And ReVanced 🔥

Ans: As long as you do not download the Apk from nonsecure sites this application is completely secure. Just like any other Available APK.

What’s You think about this YouTube Vanced apk 2019, Micog for YouTube? You can share your reviews, Feedback, opinions in the Comment Section.

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