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Everybody loves youtube for its amazing features, usefulness and high resolution videos. Youtube videos have become an integral part of our lives. From learning videos to entertainment, from physical sports to gaming, from tech tutorials to full subject courses, from traveling videos to documentaries, youtube has covered each and every part of our everyday life. All you have to do is to search that topic on youtube and you will find hundreds of videos related to that. In today’s world of information youtube has become the largest source of information and it is insanely popular too, because people prefer to watch videos instead of reading books.Watching videos is more interesting and engaging as compared to reading and according to studies it is more easy to remember the information which is displayed through pictures or videos as compared to reading.

In order to access this unlimited source of information, studies and entertainment you need to install its app on your android device or open its website from the web browser.

There are two types of android devices:

Rooted devices

Rooted devices are those devices on which google play services are accessible.

Non-rooted devices

Non-rooted devices are those devices on which google play services are not accessible. They are also known as “degoogled” devices and they require “vanced microg apk” in order to sign in to your google account as an alternative to google play services.

If you are using a rooted device then you can use youtube app without any problem but if you are using a non-rooted device you must need a vanced youtube apk in order to access youtube.The reason is that non-root devices does not have pre-installed google services like, youtube or music etc

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Whereas, you can download and use Youtube vanced apk on both types of devices i.e rooted and non-rooted.

Youtube Vanced Apk is the finer and modified version of youtube which includes premium features of youtube with free access. It is an unimaginable and handy app that enables you to watch and download your desired videos in a fast and cozy way. Through Youtube Vanced Apk You can easily sign in to your youtube account and take premium benefits of youtube like ads blocking, background play, offline videos, dark theme etc.Moreover, Youtube vanced apk has a very smooth interface that makes it easy and fast to use, it provides you videos in higher resolution and you can download a number of videos in seconds.But it should not be confused with the youtube premium as youtube premium is a totally different version of youtube which contains many additional features and requires payment in order to access premium videos.

Youtube Vanced apk 2021

Youtube Vanced apk 2021 (16.14.34) is the second last version of this app, which was released on 26th April, 2021.

Youtube Vanced Apk mirror

Youtube Vanced Apk is also rich in customization of features, as it allows you to:

  • over-rule codec options.
  • Enforce HDR playback or disable 60 fps
  • Keep the video resolution high on every screen
  • Speed adjustment of video
  • Remove comments

Youtube Vanced Apk latest version 17.25.34 | Latest Version | Download Now | ApkModule (1)

Youtube Vanced Apk ios

Unfortunately, youtube vanced apk is not available to use on ios devices, as it is developed only for android devices.

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Youtube Vanced Manager

Youtube vanced manager is an app that was created to discard the complex process of downloading youtube vanced. This app “Youtube vanced manager” is the one stop solution for various problems regarding youtube vanced and many more services.

This app can be used to install updates of youtube and it can also be used in updating “Microg apk”.

Through this app you can:

  • Install youtube vanced and microg apk at super fast speed.
  • Download updates by developers
  • Enjoy clean and smooth interface
  • Receive notifications about youtube vanced
  • Avail great benefits by giving minimum storage resources (5 MB)

Youtube Vanced Chromecast

Youtube vanced can be casted to chromecast or smart Tv in order to enjoy the videos on bigger screens with friends or family.Unfortunately the latest version of youtube vanced is having issues in casting to devices and it cannot block the video ads during the time of casting videos on TV.

According to developers, this issue is due to the Microg app which is essential to use youtube vanced app and they are trying to fix the issue.The good news is: You can use the rooted version of the app which is perfectly fine.You can use the older versions of youtube vanced if you want to cast youtube videos to your tv through chromecast.

Youtube Vanced Root

Youtube vanced root version is developed for the rooted devices or known as “googled” devices, while using youtube vanced root version you have to do the manual settings of replacing youtube vanced with youtube original app. You also have to set youtube vanced as default app to open all links of youtube.That’s why the non-rooted version of youtube vanced is more endorsable.

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Youtube Vanced Apk Github

Github is the most trusted platform to create, ship and keep the softwares as it is the best medium for software development.Github offers you the youtube vanced backup apks which are being updated continuously, here you can open them and download them easily.Moreover, You can access the source code of youtube vanced apk and all versions of youtube vanced apk.

Youtube Vanced Huawei

Youtube vanced is the modded version of youtube which can be used without google services in the android smartphone. So you can sign inYou can use youtube vanced on your Huawei phone, as Huawei phones are android but google services are no longer available. It not only allows you to access youtube on non rooted devices but also gives you the privilege of premium features of youtube with ads blocking and background play.

Youtube Vanced apk download

In order to download Youtube Vanced apk you need to download vanced microg apk first, you can download it from the download button below:

After downloading Vanced microg apk you have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to settings of your android phone
  2. Allow installation of apps from unknown sources
  3. Download Youtube Vanced apk file from link given below:
  4. When file is downloaded, click to install it
  5. Sign in to your google account using Vanced microg apk app

Now, enjoy free and premium access to youtube videos with multiple features.

Youtube Vanced Apk latest version 17.25.34 | Latest Version | Download Now | ApkModule (2)
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Youtube Vanced Update

The latest and updated version (17.12.40) of Youtube vanced apk is now available to download. It was last updated on 1st June, 2022 with plenty of attractive features like:

  • Ads free videos
  • Background play
  • Brightness settings
  • Youtube dislikes visibility
  • No sponsors
  • Themes
  • Accessible on rooted and unrooted devices
  • Repeat videos automatically
  • Highest possible resolution of videos

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Youtube Vanced apk old version

It's normal for latest versions to have troubles after installation especially in older devices, because of incompatibility. Latest versions have some new features which may not work in the older versions of smartphones unless the app developers can fix them to work on older devices all well. You can use an older version if your device is not compatible with the latest version of an app.

That’s the reason: Here you can find all previous versions of Youtube Vanced apk and each of them is completely safe and you can download them without any charges.


Q. Is this Youtube Vanced Apk safe to use?

Yes, it is completely safe to use.

Q. Is there any other version of this app?

Yes, there are many other versions of this app available on Google Play Store. We have only uploaded the latest version of this app.

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Q. Is there any cost involved in downloading this version of the app?

No, there is no cost involved in downloading this version of the app.


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